Glee Project Champ Blake Jenner on Bathroom Crying, Parrot Prison and...a Brittana Triangle?

blake jenner gleeHow excited is Blake Jenner about winning Season 2 of Oxygen’s The Glee Project and scoring a seven-episode arc on the Glee mothership? “I feel like doing a million of the Superman jumps that I did right after I found out that I won,” says the 19-year-old Miami native, who moved to Hollywood two years ago this September to live the life of a struggling actor. “A really, really struggling actor,” he adds with a laugh.

But don’t cry for Jenner about his lean years of going to fruitless audition after fruitless audition.”I feel like a lot of people, when they come out to Los Angeles and they get their first [role], they might take it for granted,” he offers. “I’m happy that I know what it’s like to struggle, because then you know how to appreciate everything.”

TVLine caught up with Jenner to talk about his lack of overtly compelling backstory, his hot chemistry with fellow contestant Nellie Veitenheimer, and the moment that he wound up sobbing in a backstage bathroom and avoiding the glare of the Glee Project cameras. Oh, and Jenner also has some thoughts that might strike fear (or LOLs) into the hearts of Brittana fans. Read on for the whole enchillada!

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TVLine | Before we talk about your path to victory, I have to ask: What you were doing before The Glee Project?
I was working at a parrot shop, trying to make ends meet. Before the parrot shop, I had worked at a fast-food restaurant, I worked as a waiter, I worked at a retail store. I was having Ramen for dinner, and then some Chef Boyardee, just fighting to survive, really. Also, I was going to auditions. You think you’ve got something, and you don’t even get a call back.

TVLine | Did you say a parrot shop?
[Laughs] Yeah, it’s really scary. You had to take the parrots by the hand, and you can’t show fear to them or else they’ll try to bite you. It was pretty crazy. In the back, all the parrots are there in cages, so it feels like you’re in Shawshank Redemption, like they’re in a jail. You’re changing their food, their water, and parrots can be really dirty, man. Sometimes it wasn’t too pleasant.

TVLine | So I just spoke with [Glee Project mentor] Robert Ulrich a little while ago, and he shared a story about the first elimination of the season, and how he was unable to go into the bathroom because there was a contestant locked inside, crying, and how it turned out to be you. That surprised me, because you came across as someone who had a pretty good grasp on your emotions, who seemed fairly cool and collected throughout the process.
I had watched all of Season 1, so I knew what was about to come. And it was really tough for me because I had been said no to so many times, and I just really, really wanted it. Every audition I would ever go to, it was about making my dreams come true, but it was also making the dreams come true of Blake when he was a little five-year-old boy. With all of that hitting me, I just got very emotional, and I ran in the bathroom. That’s definitely why you didn’t see it on TV, because I didn’t want to show that. I was just bawling.

TVLine | Having watched Season 1 of The Glee Project, when you first got on the show and found yourself with your 13 fellow contestants, did you ever have back-story anxiety, like maybe your struggle wasn’t as interesting as the person next to you? That can be a big part of the show and the casting process.
Oh yeah. You look at Tyler, or you look at Abraham, or you look at Aylin or Ali or Shanna, and everybody had these very, very compelling stories. Michael and I, we probably seemed to have the most normal, average stories. When it came to the finale, I was really, really, really nervous, just because I was up against two girls that probably have the best, most compelling life stories of everyone in the competition, and here I am, the whitest half-Cuban ever. That’s all that I had. When you look at me, I’d have to tell you what I’ve been through; with Aylin and Ali, you could know some of what they had been through just by looking at them.

TVLine | Early on, during Vulnerability Week, a lot of the contestants talked about their experiences being bullied. You touched on the subject, but can you explain how that was that an issue for you as a kid?
In junior high, I was picked on for being the small skinny kid who enjoyed being in drama. All the drama kids, we were looked at like we were aliens, and people would call us names and say, you know, it’s stupid to be in drama. They would say a lot worse things, to be honest. I’d get pushed, and I was in no position to defend myself because I didn’t have much self-esteem, and I was the smallest kid. It was a hard time, and that’s why it was hard to talk about. And as I said on the show, there was a time when I saw this one kid being beat up, and I couldn’t do anything about it because I didn’t have that confidence. From that moment forward, I’ve wanted to fight against [bullying], and I wanted to be there for people, giving advice and help.

TVLine | I bet those bullies wish they had your hair now.
My hair?

TVLine | Yes, you have a pretty enviable head of hair. How much work goes into that? That doesn’t look like a roll-out-of-bed situation.
[Laughs] I honestly don’t do anything to it. I take my hair, and I just play with it. I’ll just take my hand, I’ll mess with the front, and then I’ll just pat it on the back, and that’s it. I promise you, I don’t use hair spray, I don’t go crazy with products. I just wake up, flip it, and boom, I go bowling.

TVLine | That’s cosmically unfair, but I digress. Okay, so getting back to the competition, you exhibited a lot of chemistry with Nellie during the “Milkshake”/”Moves Like Jagger” mash-up, and especially in your last-chance duet with her. That one — “I’ve Been Waiting for a Girl/Boy Like You” — was almost like a mini-Glee episode right there on the stage. Did you guys talk about getting into character before you did that duet? Because it felt episodic, it felt dramatic, it didn’t feel like just two people singing a song on a stage.
Obviously, Nellie is a very, very pretty girl. We both had a passion for the competition and our friendship. We’re totally good friends, and we can definitely trust each other enough to portray a romance when we need to. For the last-chance performance, we talked about it. We were giving and taking. We were going with each other’s ideas. We definitely wanted to make it like our baby, our performance for Ryan [Murphy]. We wanted it to be a story rather than just a performance. We wanted to engage each other as if it was a scene, make it just like how Glee is. They’ll be singing, but you really see the emotion, and you really see the story behind it, whether it’s Finn and Rachel singing to each other, or Santana and Brittany singing to each other. You see that romance, and you see that love for each other.

TVLine | During Tenacity Week, you guys were faced with a physically brutal video shoot — doing everything in one continuous take — but you had to go first. So no matter how many takes there were, you had to run up and down the bleechers. How exhausted were you from that? Were there moments where you thought, “if we have to do another take, I might not actually get through this”?
Throughout that video shoot, I was fighting with myself to just focus on the positive side. For as long as my body would let me, I thought of it as the first take each time, so that my mind didn’t get too tired. When we were done, everybody was in the room talking, and I was just on the couch. I had never been that tired in my entire life. I was just chugging water and feeling terrible.

TVLine | The first time you ended up in the bottom three giving a solo performance, your competitors were Shanna and Aylin. How freaked out were you, because I think there was a consensus that the three of you were the front-runners in the competition at that point?
Oh, it was weird. Here Aylin was, incredibly talented, with a story that Ryan loved, and Shanna, she was just invincible. Her voice could do anything she wanted it to, and here I was, just this guy. I was really scared because first of all, I got “Losing My Religion.” I knew Aylin and Shanna were going to get to belt and sing high for certain parts, and while “Losing My Religion” is a great song, it’s also mellow. I honestly thought that week I had a good chance of going home. Ryan said that he needed to see something other than the nice-guy exterior. It just seemed like I had to show him so much more, and I felt like with Shanna and Aylin he already knew who they were as people and as [potential] characters.

TVLine | It may have been the only time that you seemed shaken in the competition. When you started that performance, you could see and hear the nerves.
I’m not so trained in singing. I’d never really done a performance of a song by myself in an auditorium in front of people who are judging me. So having Nellie the first time as a duet partner, it was very comforting, and I was focusing on her. [With “Losing My Religion”], I was looking at the mentors and at Ryan, and those were real nerves. I mean, me screwing up my words at the beginning, and breathing heavily, and then forgetting the song title. I cracked up when I saw that on TV, but in the moment, I was like, crap, did you really just forget the song you’re singing?

TVLine | Tell me about Actability Week, where you improvised scenes as a villainous football quarterback dubbed Darth Blake. I thought that was the week that you might have sealed up the competition. Were you excited to get that opportunity? Tell me how you got into the right frame of mind to play this nasty guy.
Obviously, I hate to be mean to anyone. But as an actor, to get to play someone that you’re not? That’s just the best. That’s the juice right there, for acting. I was nervous on the inside just because I wanted to do a good job, and I wanted to portray my character honestly but not push too far. I played the villain in a seventh-grade play in middle school, but this was the real deal.

TVLine | Robert Ulrich told me that you have a background in improvisation, so perhaps that helped prepare you to improvise the dramatic scenes in that challenge?
In Miami, I was studying improv as well as acting. Improv is a great tool to have, just for the comedic timing that you get. When I moved to LA, I started taking classes with The Groundlings, and I loved it. I’m definitely in love with improv and comedy.

TVLine | Is there a funnier side of you that we haven’t gotten to see on The Glee Project?
When I first wanted to be an actor, it was when I saw Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber, so I grew up wanting to be an actor/stand-up comedian. I don’t think a lot of people have really seen my sense of humor. They’ve gotten little flashes of it, like when I won my first homework assignment on the show, and I said [uses funny voice] “oh, I won this, and I won that, and I won this, and I won that.” I think that with Glee, if my character does have a sense of humor, that people will be surprised.

TVLine | Let’s talk about the finale. You went in knowing the judges wanted to see something different from you, something that might set you apart. I was surprised when you chose “I’ll Be” for your last-chance performance. To me, it didn’t really seem unexpected. And then Ryan asked you if throwing your mic from one hand to the other, if that’s what we hadn’t seen before. What did you feel as he said that to you?
When I chose “I’ll Be,” I definitely wanted to show who I was and stay true to that. I’ve loved that song since I was a kid. I listen to it at the gym. I listen to it when I’m in the car. I listen to it all the time. That song is definitely a part of me. The lyrics are, “I’ll be your crying shoulder,” and that’s totally me for all of my friends, my loved ones, my family. Whenever they need me, I will definitely be there for them. When Ryan made that comment, I did, for a second think, “Oh man, maybe he’s not happy with the song.” But then I had the poem.

TVLine | I didn’t see that coming. Tell me the thought process of writing a poem and performing it for your final time in front of the judges.
I’ve written poetry since I was a kid. As the years went on, I got into writing stories and screenplays, but I always, always kept up with poetry as well. It was just a way for me to vent my feelings, because I love being there for everyone, but I never ask for anything in return. And my way to vent is to create poetry, to write a story, or something like that. So poetry means a lot to me, and I wanted to show my poetic side.

TVLine | At what point did you decide to write a poem?
It was the night before. I was thinking “Here it is. Here’s the moment that I’ve been waiting for. I’ve finally got my chance. I’m in the finale. What do I have to do because I’m up against two amazing girls that have really compelling stories?” I just figured, “Let’s show my poetic side. That’s something that [Ryan] hasn’t seen yet because I haven’t had a chance to show him. And if it’s my last moment in front of him, I want to show him everything that I am.”

TVLine | How long did it take you to write it?
I didn’t want to sell it short. I mean, anybody can take a piece of paper and be like, “roses are red and violets are blue” and all that stuff, but I really wanted to show who I was through the poem. So it took me the entire night. I went to bed pretty late, while everybody else around me was asleep. I had my light on by my bed, and I was just writing, making corrections, scratching out lines that I didn’t like, and I was just really perfecting it because I wanted it to display the real me.

TVLine | Before the finale, Ryan Murphy Tweeted “Who will win THE GLEE PROJECT 2? Writing such a great role for the winner! And just wait until you see who they are dating…” Who is it? Will we be surprised?
I know nothing. I saw what Ryan Tweeted, and honestly, I can’t wait to see who I will be dating. Every actor wants to have a romance for the character, wants to have complications, wants to fight for what they believe in with their character. I don’t know who it could be yet. I thought maybe it could be Brittany, since Santana has graduated, and maybe Brittney is lonely in high school. Maybe my character starts getting close with Brittany? But it’s going to be just as much of a surprise to me as it will be to everyone else.

TVLine | That could be great because not only is Heather Morris hilarious, but then if Santana returns home, you could have some confrontations with her. She’s a tough, tough character, so…
Exactly, and my character, he would be legitimately scared for his life. So I say let’s do it. That would be awesome. And also I grew up doing Michael Jackson dances and studying how he was moving, but I’m not as good as Heather or Harry or anybody on the cast. So I’d love to see my character try and keep up with Brittany. It would be funny to watch. Awkward, but funny.

Excited about Blake’s Glee Project win? What kind of character do you want to see him play? Sound off in the comments, and to get up-to-the-minute alerts for when my Q&As post with Glee Project runners-up Aylin and Ali, plus head mentor Robert Ulrich, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Nicole says:

    Nobody comes between me and MY Brittana! Blake, I’m gonna need you to step off there, buddy.

    • CHiddy says:

      Calm down! His story is just a plot device, just as Finchel and Klaine breakup. In real life, poeple break up after high school, so it’s nice to see Brittany having actual storylines.

  2. Not a compliment. says:

    Yeah, no way are they making him gay, he’s like the straightest guy ever.

  3. Alex says:

    “my character, he would be legitimately scared for his life”

    Seriously, his character? The guy should be as well. Man, you don’t even realize what a death wish you have there.

    If something like that happens, I won’t even bother with harrassing the guy, but I have to confess that I will enjoy every single second of the torture he’s gonna endure. With popcorn. And “Heads Will Roll” on repeat.

    This is gonna be fun.

    • Jenna says:

      Um… you scare me.

    • Casey says:

      There won’t be any “torture” involved, unless you consider passive aggressive tweeting torturous. Seriously, I wish Glee fans would realize that no one outside of the fandom thinks you are hardcore or scary in the slightest. You’ll never even get close to him to do anything, so let’s drop the tough dyke act, shall we?

      • Alex says:

        Excuse me? “Tough dyke”? oO
        TVLine, you agree with that kind of stuff being in your comment section?

        1) You don’t know anything about me.
        2) You’re an homophobic moron.
        3) Ever learned the meaning of “tongue-in-cheek”? (obviously not, but you definitely should look it up)

        You need to get laid asap, it’s not healthy to be that pressed.

      • mj151 says:

        whoever uses the phrase tough dyke act” in reference to a passionate fan should not be watching glee or even be on this page as they are missing the point of it entirely. rude as.
        also in regards to blakes character dating brittany it could happen, id be distraught at first but then if they foiund santanna a new girl at her uni things would be settled im sure. but highly doubt hes going to date brittany.

    • Stacey says:

      SHUT UP! Obviously you don’t like Blake but don’t ruin his moment of glory! Blake Jenner is the main reason why I excited for the new season. DON’T TORTURE BLAKE!!!

  4. LC says:

    Blake wants him to start hitting on Brittany and then have Santana confront him and him be scared?

    Ummm that exact same thing happened last year with the last Glee Project winner, Damian. How about NO. Whats up with all the white straight males trying to “save” the females on the show??? Jesus!

    • Adyn says:

      They’re (Blake and Rory) not trying to save them—just trying to have a relationship with them; and why would Murphy repeat verbatim what happened with Rory, Brittany and Santana last season? Just speculation. Besides, Brittany is basically dumb as a stump when it serves her purposes and can turn sly as a fox on the turn of a dime if that’s what the situation calls for. All I can say to Mr. Blake Jenner is good luck with that if he’s saddled with a “redux” of the Britttana saga. Their fans will dig a hole and bury him so deep with shovels full of hate via the internet that he’ll rue the day he ever even thought of auditioning for a part on Glee! Just ask Damian McGinty how that scenario played out. Basically, he got the tar beat out of him verbally by Santana and little miss innocent idiot savant, Brittany, walks away with nary a scratch from the fracas……passive-agressive much? Next thing you know, having served his purpose as a plot device, Mr. McGinty served out the remainder of his term on Glee mute and nailed to a choir room chair; meanwhile his TGP alumni pranced about the Glee set free as a bird, bathed in glory via ACTUAL dialogue (go figure…. thought the writers didn’t write dialogue for TGP actors—-or was that only for one particular actor?!) and big Glee production numbers! Little Mr.’s Samuel Larsen and Alex Newell were granted most favored status don’t you think? The only question is why? Definitely something for Mr. Jenner to worry about—-could it happen to him, too? Now, which Glee treatment do you think Mr. Jenner will get——the crown or the axe?! I’m voting for the crown as the casting director for Glee made an extra special effort to get him on TGP, thereby Glee, and he made absolutely NO effort to hide his adulation of Jenner during the filming of TGP, either. Is the luck of the Irish with him or will he fall down that same deep dark foreboding rabbit hole that McGinty was shoved into never to be seen again? Better find yourself some four-leaf clovers a.s.a.p……..good luck…..and “Jesus” right back at ya’…..:)…..

  5. Amanda says:

    Blake’s character can totally get with Brittany. Remember Santana taught her that it’s not cheating if the plumbing is different. Time for that little thing to bite Santana in the ass.

  6. Miguel says:

    I really want Ryan to bring Nellie back and make her date Blake. He had 2 amazing characters right in from of him, with obvious chemistry and he let it go…

  7. re says:

    This is stupid. I don’t want a Brittana triangle :(

  8. Iya says:

    Ugh there better not be a Brittana triangle. Leave them alone, they’ve already done that with rory. Glee needs to be more creative.

  9. dude says:

    He seems like a really nice guy…but it should have been Aylin. Not over it yet, working my way through therapy.

  10. Demi says:

    I’d rather see him end up as Blaine’s love interest so that they can both eff off to the back of the choir room and pray that their combined lack of skills and charisma doesn’t create a black hole of suck.

  11. lame says:

    Gross…Brittana forever. He’s going to be gay and Blaine’s rebound. Murphy’s tweet made it sound like it was going to be the surprise of the century (sarcastic cough) so this makes way more sense than him actually having a chance of getting in between one of glee’s most popular couples.

  12. Geo says:

    Blake’s character should be a ringer who Sue Sylvester hires to pretend to be a regular member of the Glee Club, but is actually a professional she finds through “industry sources.” And while the other kids have to audition for the lead part in the Senior play, Blake nabs the role because Sue and her judges pre-determine the competition.

  13. Kevin says:

    He should be Blaine’s new interest. Everyone else left in the choirroom deserves better.

  14. Jane says:

    Oh my God, what a great interview. I love him.

  15. Dylan says:

    If he has abs, he could get with Tina. With Mike away, if Jenna wants some screentime and hopes to be the new Rachel, she better prays her character gets with the white straight jock. Or she’ll be wallflower.

  16. Amy says:

    If the romance isn’t with a character he created for Nellie… then meh.

  17. Jett says:

    Creating that cheating bisexual stereotype, with the straight male characters coming between the lesbians relationship is just so overplayed. I’ve seen it happen too many times on TV and it’s just really upsetting. I really hope he doesn’t go after Brittany. It’d be the same thing as last year with Rory and knowing how much Ryan doesn’t care for lesbians on the show they’d be done for good. And Santana would be that lonely asexual lesbian on the show till it ends because for some reason they can’t bring in another lesbian character on the show. Only gay males and more straight characters.

  18. Ann says:

    Every time this guy opens his mouth he sounds like an obnoxious tool. Wow, you spent a WHOLE NIGHT writing a poem?? What an artist!

  19. marie3 says:

    uhm. maybe he has to do with Tike?

  20. Claire says:

    No doubt in my mind that this new character will be gay. Kurt and Blaine will either break up or agree to see other people in Episode 4. Blake’s first episode will be lust at first sight for Blaine and turn into an “Is he or isn’t he?” (like they did with Sam back in Season 2). After he’s welcomed into New Directions it will be revealed that he is gay, but already dating someone–Sebastian. It distinguishes “Finn 2.0” from the first one, reintroduces Sebastian, makes other ND members suspicious that the new guy is some sort of spy (a well they’ve gone to before) and lets Blaine be the hero by eventually saving the new hunk from the clutches of the “criminal chipmunk”.

    • Alex says:

      It would actually be a good plotline. And that’s exactly why it’s never gonna happen. This is Glee we’re talking about. Don’t give too much credit to those “writers”. But you know, somehow you managed to interest me in his sorry self for like 10 seconds. That’s how clever your idea was.

    • Ann says:

      LMAO why on earth do you think Sebastian is coming back?
      They’ll never make Blake gay; they need their straight white male hero.
      This Marley girl seems to be a carbon copy of Rachel; they aren’t afraid of repeating themselves.
      And lol that plot would never happen – do you watch this show? They don’t let that much gayness happen even with the most popular couple (Klaine).

    • Ana says:

      …I’d like that. Can you go and join the writing team on Glee?

  21. yonda says:

    So every ones wondering which pair he’s getting between. Brittana, klaine, tike, sugory? Personally, i think its going to be brittany. But she’s such a bizzare character. i don’t like seeing her in any relrationship. It creeps me out.

  22. Tea says:

    Nice Guy, But stay out of Brittana Relationship… santana, an Brittany are made for each other.. he should go for rachel or a new girl….

  23. Sean C. says:

    What a show with an awful track record of portraying gay girls (and, well, everybody, but them in particular) really needs is for a boy to come between them.

  24. grace2552 says:

    Yeah, I’m also going to vote a big NO on the Brittana thing. Not just because I love Brittana, though I do, mostly it’d just be such a waste of an actual talented actor! Blake has shown that he could carry a real, substantive romantic storyline, and there’s no way he gets that with Brittany. I wish they’d pair him with one of the newbs – start something fresh that we can actually root for!!

  25. Lauren says:

    Man, Glee fans are pure made of crazy. I love the show but some of these comments put this fandom into a whole other level of insanity. No wonder the producers get frustrated so much trying to please our motley lot. Blake, congratuations on joining the madness. Put on your seatbeat because it is going to be a bumpy road.

    • Emily says:

      I concur.

    • Mark says:

      Yeah, the hardcore shippers and Gleeks have taken all of the fun out of the show because there’s never any pleasing them, and they’re the ones filling up comments sections with pointless rants. Ah well, to each their own.

  26. Tina says:

    He could flirt with Sugar. Brittany and Santana are made ​​for each other, are soul-mates. Brittana is the best thing glee, RIB can not ruin the only thing that still works in this show.

  27. LGBTQI RESPECT says:

    Why does the focus for Blake have to be on ‘starting a relationship’? Why does EVERYONE on Glee have to have some kind of romantic relationship?? I will be tuning out immediately if they perpetuate the ‘bisexual leaves her loving and committed lesbian relationship for the big, strong man who can provide what her girlfriend couldn’t’ stereotype. It’s just disgusting and is a tired, rehashed and offensive plot. Furthermore, Brittana have already have the ‘love triangle’ thing TWICE before – with Artie (in season 2) and then Rory (in season 3). Glee really needs to avoid these kind of insulting storylines this year. They had FAR too many last year (see: 3×07 for one giant example). They need to stay on the good side of the LGBTQI community and be respectful if they want to try and rebuild their image of being a cutting-edge, ground-breaking and all inclusive show.

  28. forrestofelvenkind says:

    I don’t want him to date Blaine. But he should definitely give him a piggyback. Just sayin.

  29. Alan says:

    ok i dont actually watch this show but im aware of it enough to know both of them are lesbians so why the hell would they have a love triangle with a guy, that really sends out a bad message to gay and lesbian people. if they wanted a love triangle so bad why not bring in another lesbian. there goes their positive portrayal of gay and lesbian relationships

    • SekaAllTimeLow says:

      Brittney is actually gay only for Santana. She likes boys too.. and Santana is the only girl she ever had feelings for.. so yeah, she could easily (but hopefully not) go for Blake..

  30. Sam says:

    Just bring Nellie back and everything will be fine. >:(

  31. Sophie says:

    This isn’t fair. Santana has been waiting for Brittany for ages and now she’s finally got her. In Season 2 she couldn’t have her because Brittany was with Artie. Ryan Murthy is going to have some very angry fans if he splits up Brittana.

    • Allison says:

      I agree but maybe Blake is just the one crushing on Britney and she still wants to be with santana. and Santana will get in a “fight” with blake. Dont you think thats better?

      • Sophie says:

        That would be a hundred times better. It’s only if Blake starts crushing on Brittany and Brittany actually decides that she likes Blake which then leads to Brittana breaking up that myself and loads of other fans would go on a rampage.

        I don’t mind if Blake has a crush on Brittany, just as long as Brittany doesn’t reciprocate the feelings that Blake has for her. I would actually quite like to see Santana kick Blake’s ass. That would be quite entertaining.

  32. Emma says:

    Omg why is everyone saying that hes gonna get in the way of a present couple?! They are adding more characters you know so why can’t he be half of a new legendary couple? I think Blake is a very talented actor who could definatly make a new glee couple that will become just as iconic as the rest.

  33. Allison says:

    I think Blake should be a tough guy character because he was bullied through middle school. But he has a soft side to him when he is around a certain group of people. I think he should be in competition with “Trouty Mouth” for quarter back and that can cause some tention between the two. And i think he should have some feelings for Britney becasue it is a good twist and it will be very interesting. I think Blaine should start crushing on Blake and that will make Kurt upset. So basically i think Blake will start liking britney but she wont like him back, Blaine will like Blake but Blake wont like him back, and i think a girl character on glee should start having feelings for blake but he wont have feelings for her so its like a love…square? But all in all Blake was the perfect choice for the winner and I think he can be a great character on the show. Maybe Tina can start having feelings for him. Or maybe even Quinn since she isnt really in a relationship with anyone. If she meets him at one of the Glee clubs performances! who knows!!

  34. SekaAllTimeLow says:

    i really hope they don’t mess Brittana up.. Santana would be really ruined, for good. and they shouldn’t destroy Klaine either.. those 2 couples are made for each other, they are soul mates.. they should make him date someone new and if he ever goes gay, he should date Sebastian LOL that would be fun. i know he’s character is bad but i love Grant and i want to see more of him on the show :)

  35. Xandi McMahon says:

    i hope blake doesn’t play a gay guy. OF COURSE nothing against gay people but they already have a lot on glee and it would be nice to have like 1 just normal boy character now that finn is gone.

  36. Emma says:

    I think all the couples on glee are great just the way they are! Well except for the fact that Finchel broke up but I love them all! Adding a new couple would be great! Oh and why is everyone saying he’s gonna come in between Santitney?! Come on we all know Ryan murphy is always throwing curve balls so do you really think he’s just gonna take what Blake says and be like “ok you wanna date Britney?! Ok then if that’s what you would prefere I’ll get right on it!” come people? Of anything that’s gonna make him wanna do that storyline less!

  37. lily says:

    omg chill out, you all complain that Brittana get no storyline, guess what? being constantly happy is not realistic, every couple has their ups and down so why not potray that on tv. i for one hope it’s a Brittana tirangle, because that way we will get an actual storyline. we all know they are endgame so bring the angst i say, much perfer that to limited background glances.

  38. Ashleigh says:

    He should OBVIOUSLY be the famous person who is sue’s baby daddy. :P

  39. frida says:

    Every interviewer has asked him for his relationship with Nellie..its pretty obvious everyone can feel their chemistry except for Ryan I guess..

  40. Emma says:

    Even Ryan Murphy does annoying with some of his choices it always ends up for the best so us geeks just have to learn to trust his judgment more then we are right now.

  41. Celeste says:

    These comments are making my day; they are too funny. :)

    I love all the current couples, mostly Klaine, but some dram wouldn’t be too bad.

    Plus, these comments are way tooo crazy; I’m pretty sure something is wrong with us Gleeks.

  42. Krysten says:

    Honestlg they need to be more creative. And I hope they give more screen time to him than they did to Damian/Rory. Also I am not homophobic at all. (Of course not because glee is my favorite show!) But not everyone who sings and or dances and enjoys theater has to be gay.and he shouldnt mess with Brittana or Blaine. Plus theres new girls coming on the show. Create new storylines!!!

  43. Steevie says:

    I want Nellie to come back as Puck’s younger sister, and she can be all badass. Blake should be a complete sweetheart and break he tough shell, thus them getting together. I think it’d be cute. I mean, Santana’s pretty cool, but she fell for Brittany faster than Brittany fell for her. I think if Blake went head over heels for badass Nellie, she could treat him like complete crap/like he doesn’t exist until he break down her tough wall. Although, since Nellie didn’t win, my hopes have been crushed. I think it’d be a new storyline…

  44. BSC says:

    I think you haven’t heard. Rachel will be dating someone new! I think if they just make Blake your typical guy-next-door Rachel will totally fall for him…… And make that new guy jealous. Hmm……..

  45. Shelby says:

    Maybe it’ll be Blake and Rachel. She could meet him at NYADA or an audition or something.

  46. GleekFan says:

    Plot Twist : Blake’s character is the father of Sue Sylvester’s ‘child’. *gasp* lol.

  47. cassie says:

    bring back BLELLIE!!!!! i think nellie should come in and play blakes girlfriend!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. dsdsdsd says:

    I would love to see Blake’s character with Blaine (after he and Kurt break up of course)

  49. Lindsey says:

    I think Nellie should’ve got on the show as well with Blake….I like the Brittney/Blake but I couldn’t imagine Santanna without her…I don’t know I’m so glad that Blake won though!

  50. Stacey says:

    I don’t want Blake to play some kind of football quarter back cuz we’ve already seen it and giving him that role would be very stereotypical. Just because he’s buff and very good looking doesn’t mean he plays football… even though he does… but still! I like the Brittney-Blake thing a little… I can’t come up with anything better. But I hope he’s not too minor. Like Damien wasn’t a very major character. I’m really excited for the new season mostly because of him. LOVE BLAKE JENNER!!!

    • Adyn says:

      Don’t worry….Blake will get PLENTY(!) of screen time and will have a great character written for him as he was Robert Ulrich’s (the casting director for Glee and mentor and judge for TGP2) favorite contender on TGP (Ulrich “fan-girled” all over him from episode one ’til the finale)—–same with Ryan Murphy! It was embarrassingly obvious Jenner was going to win from day one. Frankly, he was a ringer, in my humble opinion, as he was brought in by the casting director through quote, unquote “industry channels” (as well as several other TGP contenders on both seasons 1 and 2!) The guy was on a sitcom for Pete’s sake (name of the show escapes me at the moment.) He was NO ingenue and most certainly NOT an unknown brought in off the street like the producers at TGP would like you to think he was. The whole show was a fairy tale. There was nothing real about the “reality” show…..surprised?…..Not me. After all of the extraordinary effort Ulrich and Murphy and associates put forth to showcase him, do you actually think they will give him the Damian McGinty treatment? Not a chance in h***! He’ll be showcased big (!!!) time just like Alex Newell has been and will be all this coming season because they are both Murphy and Ulrich’s little “golden” children. Why they turned on Damian McGinty like rabid skunks, though, I’ll NEVER know. What they did TO(!!!!) him and didn’t do FOR(!!) him was hard to swallow at times—-just wanted to go up to Mr.’s Murphy, Brennan, Falchuk, Ulrich, etc. and give them ALL! a couple of good swift kick(s!!!) in the shin; and, then give them a HUGE! lesson in humility and common sense, followed up by a big old wave of the magic wand of anti-stupidity over their clearly very empty heads! They’ve been warped by living in the land of “Hollyweird” way too long….no longer know the difference between right and wrong, left or right, up or down….They’re sooooo busy trying to redefine what “normal” is that they no longer KNOW what normal is. (And, for those of you who are seeing red right now and are preparing to come at me with nostrils flaring ready to do battle, I’m NOT talking about gay/lesbian/transgender/cross-dressing/etc. issues……) In short, Blake ain’t got no reason to sing the blues ‘cuz he’s got an “in” with the people that count behind the magic curtain at Glee. He’ll be ‘a singin’ and ‘a dancin’ and ‘a actin’ long after the cows have come home—-and won’t most assuredly EVER find himself tap dancin’ off that magical cliff at the end of the proverbial rainbow that Mr. Flanagan found himself free fallin’ from clutchin’ his last few pitiful four leaf clovers…..lotta’ good those did him… much for the luck ‘o the Irish…..:(…..diatribe over…..and out…..bringbackmyroryplease…..