White Collar Taps CSI: Miami's Emily Procter as Peter and Neal's New Boss

Emily ProcterWhite Collar‘s Peter and Neal, meet your new taskmistress.

CSI: Miami alumna Emily Procter is joining the USA Network hit as the New York White Collar Division’s new head, TVGuide.com reports.

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The actress will appear in two Season 4 episodes as Assistant Special Agent in Charge Amanda Callaway, who is described as ambitious and pragmatic. Far from a pushover, she’s brought in to keep partners-in-crime-solving Peter and Neal in line.

Procter starred on CSI: Miami for 10 years before CBS pulled the plug on the procedural this past May. She is also known for playing Deputy White House Counsel Ainsley Hayes on The West Wing.

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  1. NoOceanInKansas says:

    Not excited about this. Never cared much for her.

    • MGL says:

      Totally Agree!

    • Templar says:

      ITA and in what universe would she get promoted to this position? Not in the FBI as I know it.

    • Erika Carolyn Young says:

      I love this woman Emily Procter. She is not stuck up . She is a very classy Southern Woman who caresabout her fans and is very devoted to helping others. Don’t judge until you truly know her. Its funny how so many people can say negative things about people they don’t know. But yet you all are losers!!! Stop Hating and start be ing productive. LOSERS ARE ALWAYS TALKING NEGATIVE!!

      • SomniPapi says:

        Thats all true. People shouldnt judge people when they dont know them! at least not in a serious way, i would understand if they were saying things about her on Comedy Central, but most of the people on here judging, i think are just jealous or dont like something about themselves

    • Erika Carolyn Young says:

      Who cares about what you Hater/losers think. You all hate yourselves. Emily Procter is the BEST!! BEAUTIFUL! A DAMN Good Actress. And she has her own Interior Desing Busines and a Gorgeous Model. So you all can kiss her and my Ass! Grow up and love yourselves!!

    • Jean Gould says:

      I don’t think she is a good actress in anything I’ve seen her in. I think she hurt CSI M. She must be a VIP in Hollywood ‘s relative or friend.

    • Jean Gould says:

      I don’t think she is a good actress in anything I’ve seen her in. I think she hurt CSI M. She must be a VIP in Hollywood ‘s relative or friend. I think I will stop watching White Collar if she is on it.

  2. Kris says:

    I always had a problem with her on CSI Miami. Did not care for her character as Miss Goody Two Shoes. Her voice drove me up the wall. Sorry. Always hoped they would have knocked her off!

  3. Pam says:

    Glad she is only in 2 episodes. Did not like her on CSI Miami. Her voice is annoying and her acting is worse than David Carouso;s.

    • Templar says:

      Wow! She must really suck!

    • Robin Sasser says:

      I don’t see you up there doing any better quit bashing Emily she has a heart of gold, that is more than I can say for you! WE are both from NC and you don’t bash Southern Women!!

    • SomniPapi says:

      What a surprise, your a female. Jealous much? I would looovvveee to see what you look like in real life, what you sound like in real life, how you ACT like in real life, and generally what you do in real life, to see if your just jealous or mean what you say.

  4. JC says:

    I don’t believe that Emily Procter is more than one female person. She is a CSI: Miami alumna not alumnae. See: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/Alumnae?s=t

  5. wordsmith says:

    Can we just forget her time on CSI now and go back to calling her “The West Wing’s Emily Procter”?

  6. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    I guess I am not alone in thinking her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. I’m sure she will be fine on the show but it’s not like they need to add yet another character. I would like to see Jeff Bridge’s character back honestly.

  7. chris says:

    I’m excited to see her back on the small screen! Loved her in CSI Miami and can’t wait to see her dealing with Neal and Peter. Hope she stays on for the long haul here,

  8. Kris says:

    YES Anne, she is what bothered me about CSI Miami!!

  9. Emily says:

    What happened to Hughes?

  10. I don’t watch White Collar, but I’m happy Emily’s already got another job. Calleigh was always my faborite CSI:Miami character and she made me endure ten years of Caruso! Hopefully, she’ll be in a new show soon :)

  11. A says:

    What’s gonna happen to Hughes??

  12. Ella says:

    Ooh, cool but what about Hughes?!

  13. Amy says:

    Loved her on West Wing. The episode introducing her character is one of my favorites and all of the episodes she was in lead me to believe there was bigger plans for the character had she not left for CSI: Miami. Plus she came back to do a crowd shot with no lines for Leo’s funeral.

  14. nitemar says:

    I had no problem with her on CSI-Miami, but with Horatio…the good thing was he only had two lines and 15 seconds on every episode. I will watch White Collar now. When does it start? :)

  15. Way to go, Emily! I enjoyed her work on CSI: Miami and liked her portrayal as a gun specialist and other things…

    Yeah, I wonder what’s going to happen to Hughes…

  16. Jessica says:

    Dang! White Collar is one of my favorite showe. The last thing I want to see is Procter. I stopped watching CSI Miami because of her. :-( Oh well. Movin’ on to find something else to watch.

    • Erika Carolyn Young says:

      Emily Procter is the only Damn Reason I am going to watch “White Collar” as for her accent. Her accent is Beautiful like she is. All you broke down losers. Can go to hell. While you all HATERS are talking negative about Beautiful Emily Procter. She has more to offer and she is living a dream life. You Haters wish you had. Emily Procter is more than just an Actress. She is an Entreprenuer/Model and above all. A Beautiful Mother. Perhaps she can come help design some of you haters homes, apts. Because haters usually live like Trash!! So therefore. The issue is not Emily Procter. The Issue is that You Haters, Hate yourselves. Get a real life. Stop wishing to be and stop being jealous! Plus Emily Procter is the main reason along with David Caruso. The show lasted 10 years. You Haters couldn’t get a show at all.LOL

  17. Miles says:

    Yeah, if you hated her on the crapheap that was CSI: Miami, go check out her West Wing episodes she was in. That could change your mind. :)

  18. sarah says:

    I liked her on WW, and I watched an episode of csi and she was very annoying…I think she was around the horrible actor who played Horatio too long….

  19. jill says:

    LOVED her on The West Wing, and will forever hate CSI: Miami for stealing her away, not to mention the fact that it was a horrible show. Hopefully White Collar does Emily justice like TWW did; I think she’s really charming.

  20. rusty says:

    emily was shooting a gun in practice range or just shining a torch at things.
    not really true csi.
    she and the other women always looked like they stepped out of dynasty or dallas.
    in the earlier episodes she was naturally pretty.

  21. amanda says:

    haters haters HATERS… STFU! yall r so redic..IM a southern belle, yall must talk like idiots if u got ur panties in a bunch over someones southern accent.

    & for the person tht said they loved WC but will find “something else”now… SHES IN *2* EPISODES… GROW UP!

  22. Erin says:

    I cannot wait for these episodes! I’m dissapointed to hear so many people are unhappy about this :( I think Emily is an amazing actress and woman. Can’t wait (:

  23. What bothered me about CSI MIami was David Caruso, who said every line in that bitten-off, choppy way and had about 2 expressions, Grim & Not-So-Grim…He always sounded like he thought he was Jack Lord (original “Hawaii Five-O”), but without the pretty eyes or the sexiness…
    What is it about the women who come on “White Collar”?? Every new actress that comes on (Kate, Alex. Sara) gets the nasty, bitchy old cat treatment…You all sound like a bunch of trailer trash with fat asses, bad breath & funky armpits…You need to go drink your saucers of milk now & sheath your claws…Do you all think that Matt & Tim will take one look at you and expire from love?? I got news for ya, nobody wants a mean-spirited, jealous, shrew-y old bag!!!

  24. samIam says:

    Barf! She is as annoying, if not more so, than she was in CSI-Miami and West Wing. Mozzi and Neal’s hot babe girfriends are about the only thing worth watching on the show

  25. Sarah says:

    Horrible acting. I haven’t seen this actress in anything else, but my I immediate reaction is that I can’t follow this show with her awful acting. I can’t even finish watching one of my favorite shows because she is so distracting. Please write her out and choose someone else.

  26. kathy says:

    Can’t agree with this choice. Stopped watching CSI MIAMI because of her character.. wonder if this will happen here and she will ruin this show also?

  27. csi says:

    Her voice is so annoying. .. Her voice makes me vomit…

  28. Izzy says:

    I love white collar but I am not thrilled by the addition of Emily Procter. I can’t stand her voice, she has an annoying high pitch and it sounds like she holds back her exhale during speaking. Maybe she thinks it’s cute or it is how she really talks I don’t know. But I can’t stand it so thankfully it’s only 4 episodes.