Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Private Practice, Gossip Girl, Vamp Diaries, HIMYM, Horror Story and More

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Question: Will Addison choose Sam or Jake on Private Practice? —Krissy
Ausiello: We won’t find out until the very end of the season premiere. “We pick up three months later with her decision having been clearly made, but we don’t know what that is until the end of the episode,” reveals Jake’s portrayer, Benjamin Bratt. “You see Sam Bennett without clothes in one bedroom and you see [Jake] waking in another bedroom and you don’t [immediately] know where these characters are.” Addison isn’t the only one character dealt a curveball in the Sept. 25 opener. “Everybody has a huge, huge revelation in that episode or [receives] information that’s life-changing,” previews leading lady Kate Walsh. “It’s really good.”

Question: Every week I make the same the request and I’m hoping this will be the week it’s granted. Do you have any Private Practice scoop on Charlotte and Cooper? —Kriti
Ausiello: Yep. Apparently, they’ll be unrecognizable when Season 6 starts up. “You’ve never seen them like you’re going to see them this season,” promises KaDee Strickland, before adding with a laugh, “and you’ve seen them a lot of different ways and positions, honey, so this is all new.” Elaborates co-star Paul Adelstein: “They have a son now so everything that happens to them or everything they want to do in their lives, they have this residual and major effect on this child. I don’t think they’ve really maybe thought that one through.” Bonus scoop: I can exclusively confirm that the title of the season premiere is “Aftershock.”

Question: Got any Suits scoop? —Sara
Ausiello: Don’t thank me yet. Sarah Rafferty, who plays Donna, says this of next week’s summer finale: “It’s a bit of a cliffhanger. It appears that Mike’s character is going a little bit off the rails.” OK, now you can thank me.

Question: Any spoilers on HIMYM? Pretty please with my cherry on top! —Valeria
Ausiello: Eww… That’s disgusting, Val. You kiss your cat with that mouth? In the HIMYM opener, Ted drives Victoria back to her wedding ceremony and demands she leave a “Dear John” note for her jilted fiancé (played by Reno 911!‘s Thomas Lennon). “It’s their first project as a couple again,” Ashley Williams (aka Victoria) told us at the 8th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival in Hollywood. “What does the note say? And how do you get it in there without anyone seeing you?” Williams, who is booked for at least five Season 8 episodes, calls her Mother of a comeback “the biggest thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m not kidding. It’s the nicest set and the most relaxed, amazing schedule… And I love working with Josh [Radnor]. He’s one of he most kindest, supportive, creative people. We have a really good time together.”

Question: David Ury tweeted, “Just found out I’ll be shooting 2 episodes of Raising Hope this month.” Do you have any information about his role? —Ms. H.
Ausiello: The onetime Spooge is playing a local celebrity dubbed Easter Joe.

Question: Anything on the final episodes of Damages? —Meagan
Ausiello: Patty and Ellen are forced to spend some seriously tense alone time with each other in next week’s episode when an epic snowstorm strands them in a New England airport with nothing but their painful memories and a bottle of cheap wine. It all leads to a spectacular scene I have been personally waiting three seasons to witness. In related news, I’m choosing to believe Ellen is faking her death in that flash forward sequence. Who’s with me?!

Question: Absolutely loved the Grimm premiere. Any scoop on how long Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio will be sticking around as Nick’s mom? —Dan
Ausiello: She says goodbye to her son next week, but I suspect that’s not the last we will see of her. Bonus scoop: The episode concludes with a surprising liplock and an even more surprising car theft.

Question: What will the status of Kalinda and Alicia’s friendship be on The Good Wife this season? I’ve really missed that dynamic. —Rose
Ausiello: Don’t be surprised if Kalinda avoids Alicia like the plague at the start of the season. “The difficult thing is that Kalinda promised to be honest with Alicia no matter what,” reminds exec producer Robert King. “And she’s in this situation now with her husband that makes her have difficulty with that pledge, because so much of it she doesn’t want to be honest about.” Alicia, meanwhile, will start palling around with a new lawyer, played by Amanda Peet — although fellow EP Michelle King insists “fans need not be concerned” that she’s replacing Kalinda. Explains Robert: “We wanted to see someone that Alicia had a friendship with that was in the law like her and see how difficult it would be having a relationship with someone that you might compete against.”

Question: Is Amy Brenneman going to be on Castle? This photo of her chair on the set suggests that she is. —Dana
Ausiello: Actually, the photo merely suggests that both Private Practice and Castle are neighbors on the same lot and her chair was mistakenly left there when they shared the same soundstage. Mystery solved!

Question: I think it’s time you confirm which popular couple is getting married this fall. You’ve been dragging this out long enough. —Sheila
Ausiello: OMG, I almost forgot — I have another hint for you! The female half of the duo gets married and thrown in jail in the same episode — but not necessarily in that order.

Question: Vampire Diaries scoop. Hit me. —Joel
Ausiello: Julie Plec is resurrecting original flavor Damon this season. “This year, Damon is the Damon of Season 1, minus the posturing and posing,” she promises. “He just is. He is who he is. He’s got attitude. He’s always right. He’s rarely wrong. He might do the wrong thing, but he’s always the one who’s like, “I told you guys. You should have listened to me.” So this year is going to be very much about, ‘You don’t like me. You want to judge me. You don’t like who I am, how I do things? Well, screw you.’ It’s going to be a great shift for him… He’s still going to be the Damon we know and love — he’s still going to be kicking ass and taking names. But he just has this devil may care attitude about it. He’s just not going to change for anybody anymore. He did that. That’s over. That’s so last year.”

Question: Can I have some info on the last season of 30 Rock? –Leah
Ausiello: The premiere will lampoon two TV institutions — the game show and the crime procedural. That’s all I got.

Question: Blair has been wearing a ring on a necklace in all the Gossip Girl location pictures this season. Any idea why? —Kayla
Ausiello: I’m guessing it’s a symbol of the special pact she makes with Chuck in the premiere, but I could be wrong. (In case you’re wondering, said agreement involves them getting their personal crap together before committing to each other for good.)

Question: Gossip Girl fan here asking for scoop about anything Serena. What’s she up to when the season starts? —Raina
Ausiello: She’s shagging dating this dude. Bonus scoop: Rufus is dating shagging [spoiler].

Question: Any intel on Zachary Quinto’s character on the second season of American Horror Story? Is he a patient? —Jordan
Ausiello: Negatory. He’s a doctor in the asylum — and a sane one at that! Asked to compare his new alter ego to his Season 1 character of Chad, Quinto says, “He’s much more grounded and in control.”

Question: Any Parenthood scoop about TV’s most underrated couple, Crosby and Jasmine? I hope producers won’t backburner them now that they’re married. —Joan
Ausiello: Not a chance. In fact, showrunner Jason Katims is spinning them off into their own relationship procedural-within-the-show. “We’re going to be playing more fun closed-ended stories for them,” he explains. “How to they deal with money? We have an episode early on where they [argue] over how to make plans. Are they going to schedule things? Are they going to play it by ear? They grapple with the fact that they have two very different styles of living, and it’s going to be fun to watch them navigate those waters.”

Question: How exactly does Sam’s new girlfriend enter the picture on Supernatural? —Lanie
Ausiello: It’s a “very, very, very random circumstance that brings him into contact with her,” hints new showrunner Jeremy Carver. “It’s not a very cute meet.”

Question: I recently discovered Downton Abbey, and I have to say my favorite relationship on the show is the one between Lady Mary and Anna. Will we see more of that in Season 3? —Cheri
Ausiello: Their friendship “deepens” in the new season, according to Emmy nominee Joanne Froggatt (Anna). “They’re both more grown up,” she shares. “Anna is a married lady now and Mary’s engaged to Matthew, so they’re both coming of age into their adult womanhood. Obviously their lives are completely different and they live within the constraints of this world, but they [remain] connected.” Asked if Anna will serve as a bridesmaid at Mary’s wedding to Matthew, Froggatt chooses her words very carefully. “I couldn’t tell you if Lady Mary gets married,” she replies, “so I couldn’t tell you if Anna is a bridesmaid.”

Question: Is Josh Cooke returning to Dexter this season? —Chrissy?
Ausiello: Yep, although I’m not sure how long he’ll be sticking around. His tech wiz comes perilously close to activating Dex’s dark passenger in the premiere.

END QUOTE | “I think Schmidt would be really excited because this is ammunition to use on the ladies. He would literally get a tattoo on his forehead: Nominated for an Emmy – what’s up?!” —New Girl Emmy nominee Max Greenfield on how his alter ego would react to getting a nomination

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  1. Oh man, if Downton goes cheap soap oprea and jerks us around more on this whole Mary Matthew issue I’m going to get irritated. The entire world has just been shaken to it’s foundations and this is one of the most difficult periods of adjustment for the English aristocracy and Julien Fellows is beating a will they/ won’t they plot line to death?? Come on! Man up, marry them and move on.

    • *Opera, not oprea. oops

    • kate says:

      agree. I like Mary & Matthew. Just do it and move on to something else for them.

    • Goku says:

      It went cheap soap opera about one season ago. I guess it can’t go worse.

      • ben says:

        It’s been a soap opera since the start. What, a foreign diplomat dying in Mary’s bed wasn’t soap opera? But cheap, it has never been.

        • That was kind of my point too. I understand when this went from a couple season special to a full out serial that it was going to be a slight soap opera but it doesn’t have to go to pointless cheap drama. It’s not like Julian Fellowes doesn’t have a plethora of material to work with in this time period and with this family. Stop using the easy pandering story lines and get to some substance.

    • Shaun says:

      They already played the game with Bates….just get er done!!

    • Jenna587 says:

      I swear I remember Julian Fellowes making a comment at one point that not to fear, they WOULD get married, he didn’t want to go the soap opera route, but maybe that’s changed since then (it was back in March or so).

    • Brenna says:

      I agree!! It would be awesome to see them work together as a power couple than complaining about each other

    • laylagalise says:

      I guess Im the only one who doesn’t really care for Mary and her pairing with Matthew…

      • O'Brien's Ringlet Bangs says:

        For me, it’s not about whether I like the pairing or not, I’m just ready for new storylines with them.

    • Guess says:

      I think its about time Mary and Matthew would marry, a long engagement? Yay! Will they, won’t they? Nay

  2. Jarrod says:

    “Everybody has a huge, huge revelation in that episode or [receives] information that’s life-changing” – My guess is that Shonda kills of Pete in jail. Regardless of how much Pete was a douche last season, his character would not deserve to die, but hey! Only Shonda could pull that move.

  3. Kelly says:

    Cool. Thanks for the scoops.

  4. Willa says:

    Thanks for the Chuck and Blair scoop. Despite the bitter tone I’m rather happy with it! lol!

  5. Silly says:

    Yeah! I love Damon from season 1 <3

  6. Emteem says:

    It’s a random circumstance is not actually a hint.

  7. DL says:

    Love the Max Greenfield quote! Thanks as always for all the scoop, Aus!

  8. Keren says:

    Surprising liplock on Grimm? Isn’t it the one that was being set up in the premiere between ___ and ___? To me the show was clearly indicating that he would to kiss her to wake her up (like Sleeping Beauty), but maybe I’m wrong.

    • I’m thinking Monroe will have to kiss Juliette to wake her up, since Nick won’t be able to make it to the hospital in time. Too bad, I read “liplock” and GRIMM and I keep hoping Monroe and Rosalee will just get to it :/ I’m the less shipper you’ll ever meet — I’m so annoyed by shipping. They’re like one of the two couples in the whole world of television I wish would get together!

  9. J says:

    Considering I was wishing a stake through Damon’s heart every time he did, well, anything in season one, I’m personally not encouraged by the return of the infuriating villain/d-bag Damon. Give me a little more season two antihero Damon.

  10. it is not that the GG spoilers are not good it is that they never tell me something i want to hear….BTW (spoiler) the person Rufus is “Dating” is Ivy Dickens i saw the call sheets

  11. sarah says:

    Thanks for the spoiler about Chuck and Blair!. I’m so happy with this new info!!

  12. ScrubsGuy says:

    re: Suits. I thought that Season 2 was supposed to be 16 episodes, but we only got 10 this summer, which is even less than Season 1. What happened to those back 6?

  13. Leigh says:

    CHUCK AND BLAIR ALL THE WAY!!!! CB=DESTINY=ENDGAME!!! Btw, we already knew that info. but thanks anyway.

  14. Saint Alicia says:

    “Don’t be surprised if Kalinda avoids Alicia like the plague at the start of the season.”
    I swear, it’s like now that tptb know people love Kalinda and Alicia there will always be some obstacle and their relationship will never be like the good ol’ days.
    Why can’t we have nice things?!

  15. M. says:

    So I’m wondering if the popular couple getting married is Bones and Booth and Boones ends up in the slammer — hopefully briefly — for taking off in last season’s finale….

  16. MJ says:

    Super excited for Quinto to be regularly on my TV!! And a Doctor no less! Bring on season 2.

  17. EmmaCat says:

    I’m guessing the ones getting married in fall will be Brennan and Booth, then she gets jailed for doing a runner from the previous season’s finale!

  18. Brenna says:

    It would make sense if booth and bones got married then legally he’d be entitled to know everything and be with her plus then he wouldn’t have to testify right?

  19. Viv says:

    No way is Ellen dead on Damages. The end of this show will be she and Patty standing on the dock and staring wistfully at each other. That can’t happen if Ellen is dead.

  20. Will says:

    Rufus hooking up with Ivy has to be the most disgusting, most ridiculous storyline on Gossip Girl. How can he possibly stoop to that level, especially with Ivy of all people…? The writers aren’t even putting any effort into repairing the damages they caused in S5. They’re beyond incompetent.

  21. Maria says:

    I couldn’t care less about Serena screwing yet another guest star. Just make her and Nate endgame already… Make it happen writers! Do something right for a change.

  22. Lucy says:

    Nick’s Mom Rocks! Grimm was AMAZING! Can’t wait for next week!

  23. Jennifer says:

    I’m thinking based on Grimm previews, Juliet in “coma” and Jessica Tuck’s Sleeping Beauty line to Renard in season premiere, that for whatever reason, Renard’s going to have to kiss Juliet to wake her because that is only way to get whatever potion Jessica’s character created from ingredients she got from Rosalie into Juliet’s system to make it work. If I’m right I would literally pay to be Juliet for that scene!

    • I’ve been thinking Monroe. I don’t think Rosalee has bothered to get the ingredients to Adalind’s mom for her to make the potion, so, I think Monroe and Rosalee are the ones who have it, but Nick won’t make it to the hospital in time, so, it’ll have to be Monroe.

      • AleciaT says:

        There is a promo that shows renard kissing Juliet. I can’t find it anywhere but they showed it after the 10pm pacific time slot. I watched at 7 and 10 :) Also Nick gets arrested.

        • Mikael says:

          Hmm… I wonder if that will have any effect on Juliet when she wakes up. We’ve already seen her forgetting memories of Nick. I wonder if her feelings for him will have changed, or if she just won’t remember him telling her the truth about the Grimm world.

        • OMG, the official promo shows Monroe and Rosalee kissing. For all I care, the world can end RIGHT THEN! My life will be complete <3 I just can't believe it. I never even imagined they'd go there this soon, but my eyes aren't playing tricks! I'm thinking it'll be one of those episodes there'll be a lot of kissing! I am so psyched I could cry!

  24. polly says:

    Thanks for the Supernatural spoiler! Now, how about some love for big brother Dean- any news about what’s coming his way?

  25. Maria says:

    Love the Chuck and Blair spoiler, although we guessed as much ourselves already… I just hope this pact of theirs involves some sexy business, because it’s been notably lacking from GG for the last year or so.

    • MSC says:

      I had pretty much the same reaction. It’s kind of already what we know for Chuck and Blair. They seem to be interacting a ton so some sexy times should follow :)

  26. Maria. says:

    So glad Chuck and Blair are doing it right this time. I want them to get married in the finale,,,when Serena is there too. Everything has to be perfect.

  27. Marie says:

    Sam’s story this season sounds like it’s gonna be dull as hell to slog through this year. I can’t believe they aborted a cool storyline with him last season to give us this “normal” snoozefest. No one watches a show called Supernatural for normal.

  28. Mark says:

    Am I the only one who picked up on ‘the most kindest’, being quite possibly the worst English ever?

  29. Dilys says:

    Thanks for the Supernatural scoop though I’m really only waiting/reading/hoping for my info on Cas. Though I do know his storyline I would love to hear more!

  30. Hunter says:

    So the Couple getting married? I’d Bet on Bones and Booth

  31. Caro says:

    *SIGH* Finally a showrunner that manages to write beyond the relationship hookup of any couple! Good to hear that Crosby and Jasmine will deal with relationship stuff like money and living arrangements. Too many writers can’t seem to write about that but end up making a solid couple either boring or break up instead of making them live their married life and deal with ordinary relationship stuff! HAPPY!

  32. Fran says:

    Hmm, I’d like some of Season 1 Damon- but not the crazy no remorse part of him. I don’t want him to turn back into a jerk. Anything’s better than the way he was in Season 3 though… pining after a girl who just doesn’t want him enough. I’d really like to see him with a new love interest and NOT Elena again.

    • Mikael says:

      I was hoping that Phoebe Tonkin would be Damon’s new love interest because she was basically the female Damon on TSC, and I think they’d have major chemistry, but sadly it seems she’s being used to wedge Caroline/Tyler apart.

  33. Jeanine says:

    So excited about how the writers will FINALLY be exploring Sam’s human side. Seven seasons of being the show’s supernatural plot device is enough- I want to find out more about the real Sammy Winchester!

  34. Nicole says:

    i hope its Addisam in the premiere of Private Practice.

  35. Shannon Quinn says:

    I’m saying it now…I think the blind item is…Booth & Brennan (Bones). Maybe a long shot but considering she’s wanted for murder right now it could be possible. And, I was right from the beginning that Michael’s finale blind item was Castle and Beckett, So, who’s betting with me??

    • Shannon Quinn says:

      Oh man, I just saw his first post and it said “primetime soap” to which Bones is not! Oh DAMN!

      • CJ says:

        It was also confirmed to be on The CW. I think it will be on 90210 but I don’t watch that show so I’m not sure who it’d be specifically.

  36. sophia says:

    can’t wait for chuck and blair!!!!!.Rufus and Ivy? it’s disgusting, she “dated” his son right? wtf?.Anyway i don’t care i only care about chuck and blair.

  37. Sonia says:

    I barf when I hear about Chuck and Blair….. and Rufus and Ivy???’ WTF??

  38. cynthia says:

    I hope for addison and sam!!!!!I love them
    I hope chuck and blair are really together now after all the monstruosity the writers have done in season 5 (blouis wedding, baby sl, pact with god, this disgusting dan and blair thing ugh they still make me wanna puke)they are lucky they still have fans who cares about this show.

  39. Marco says:

    Not with you AT ALL, sorry Ausiello but to reveal Ellen faked her death (and why would she do that anyway) would be a cheap trick.

  40. Madeline says:

    Sam hits Amelia’s dog…luckily Amelia is a vet…that spoiler has been out for awhile now.

    And it actually sounds pretty terrible. Too cheesy (and contrived) for my tastes.

  41. nightmagic says:

    i just hope Damon isnt pure evil i dont mind him rogue but he was there for elena last season and ended up becoming everyones punching bag and got no recognition at all .He should have got the respect he deserved !!!!