The Glee Project Recap: Vanishing Acts

glee project blake michaelGlee Project watchers who raged against the special twist of Season 1’s finale — not one, but two winners scored seven-episode arcs, and a pair of runners-up snagged two-episode gigs — can stop planning a campaign of strongly worded Tweets to @MrRPMurphy. That’s because the penultimate episode of Season 2 found the show’s executive producer and his fellow judges swinging the axe, then swinging it again, thereby trimming the field from five down to three final contenders.

This week’s theme, “Actability,” finally asked the question that’s been hanging in the air for the last nine weeks: Are any of these kids ready to share a scene with Lea Michele or Chris Colfer or Dot-Marie Jones? (Yes, that’s me hoping that Coach Beiste — and her Emmy-nominated portrayer — stay in the mix in Season 4.) “If you can’t act, then you shouldn’t be on Glee,” Ali plainly declared, forgetting for a second that The Glee Project‘s Season 1 co-champ was Damian McGinty. (Uh-huh, I went there.)

The homework assignment turned out to be a pretty amusing affair when Dianna Agron stopped by with giant flashcards that contained the emotions the contestants needed to convey during a performance of “Addicted to Love.” Michael’s spontaneous attempt at “determined” involved some intense eye-squinting, Aylin’s “anxious” read more like “depressed,” and Lily was typically cheesy playing “scared.” Only Ali and Blake stood out in a positive way, but Dianna chose Michael (perhaps as a consolation prize for the kid who’d never won a homework assignment, yet still outlasted Shanna).

The video shoot found the contenders filming a movie trailer that wove in their rendition of Pink’s “Perfect” along with some improvised dramatic scenes. (Why they needed to tackle yet another song, and not actually memorize and deliver pre-written dialogue, remains a mystery to me.) Ali and Lily got the lesser subplot, and then the latter gal chewed up so much scenery that Ali wasn’t left with so much as a toothpick to grab onto. Still, while Lily didn’t give her scenemate much room to jump into the improvisation, I agreed with Ryan Murphy that Ali should’ve fought harder to make an impression.

Blake, meanwhile, channeled enough rage to fuel at least an eighth of a Hulk transformation, earning him the name “Darth Blake” among the mentors. His scene as an obnoxious high school quarterback berating his pregnant Muslim girlfriend Aylin crackled with tension, though I thought Aylin was just as effective using almost no words at all. The mentors seemed equally impressed with a showdown between romantic rivals Blake and Michael, but I had to fight off an urge to giggle when Michael turned up the volume to try to compete with Blake, and ended up looking as tough as a Lhasa Apso threatening a Doberman over a chew toy. Michael was a little better in his final scene with Aylin, but her tears as her character drove off to an unhappy future was the most subtle piece of acting in the entire episode. His was more “Adriiiaaaannn!”

Despite Aylin and Blake’s superior performances in the video, they were assigned last-chance performances along with all three of their rivals. In other words, no one would be safe heading into the finale, and to up the stakes, Mr. Murphy brought in five Glee writers to help with the decisionmaking process:

* Lily at least made good use of the stage on “Son of a Preacher Man,” but I found it interesting that Glee creator Ian Brennan found her performance a bit “cloying.” To me, there’s too often a whiff of “can you believe how good I am?” when Lily’s on stage that trumps any other emotion she’s trying to convey.

* Like most of Michael’s vocal performances, his Finn Hudson-esque spin on “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” was adequate and not very surprising, although I have to admit I wasn’t expecting him to break out a patented Mariah hand. I wondered as I watched if Michael’s sheepish smile at the end of the performance might save him, or if the judges would base the final cuts on talent, not oh-em-gee adorbs-ness.

* Ali’s “Here’s to Us” was far and away her best vocal this season, powerful without being melodramatic, and 40 percent less shrill than usual, too. I liked the way she bounched her wheelchair to punctuate her emotions, and I can’t lie and say I wasn’t intrigued by Mr. Brennan’s inspiration to write her as “a promiscuous bitch.”

* Blake’s acting skills and general charisma generally trump his singing voice, but I neverheless appreciated the corny/humorous dance steps he incorporated in his cover of “I’m Still Standing.” To be honest, it would’ve been daft for the judges to send home the season’s most accomplished thespian on “Actability” week, even if his last-chance number wasn’t best in show.

* There was a raggedy richness in Aylin’s cover of “Fighter” that, to my mind, proved she’s truly the triple threat of the competition. When she did that low-high-low run on the final note, she pretty much punched her ticket to the next round. Thank goodness she didn’t get ousted, as I feared she might for a moment when the writers failed to highlight her solo as one of the best of the bunch. Whew.

And so it was Michael and Lilly who were victims of the double boot — a fairly gutsy and unexpected move, but definitely the right one, too. What did you think of this week’s Glee Project? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Jeremy T. says:

    I think the judges nailed it this week. Michael and Lily have been hanging on by a thread for a while now and I think it was obvious who was making it to the finale; I just didn’t know which of those two would be eliminated. When Ryan suggested sending more than one home, I had a good feeling it would end up this way.

    Still pulling for Aylin, she hit it out of the park just as much as Blake in the video and she has a more interesting character to her. Ali’s “promiscuous bitch” idea from Ian was a good one, but I still think she’s just too shrill overall.

    In conclusion, GO AYLIN!

    • aurelia1993 says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Aylin’s been my favorite from week one and she really is a tripple threat. I am also very, very glad Lily finally left. She’s been making too much excuses. And Michael may have been cute and nice, but I don’t understand how he even made it this far.
      As to Blake, his voice isn’t the best, but it is very refreshing to actually have a VERY good actor with previous experience in the finale.
      And lastly, Ali, I just never liked her. So here’s to hoping she doesn’t win.

      • annieanne says:

        I’ve always had a feeling there’s a LOT of outtake footage of Ryan et al discussing what a nightmare Lily would be to direct. She really does seem to believe she knows better than the professionals.
        I was betting going in to the episode that it would be Michael gone if only one person was cut and Michael + Lily if it was two.
        Right now I’d say Aylin has the edge.

      • angelstorm says:

        My sentiments exactly . . . Aylin all the way !
        Lily – was always a little too grating for me. . . I couldn’t get on board with her and Ali’s voice is too squeaky/nasaly (sorry). As for Blake yeah sure he can act – but sometimes for me it seems like he goes over the top. Plus he really can’t harmonize ! I always thought the best voices were Shanna and Aylin.

  2. Taylor says:

    I honestly didn’t expect them to ACTUALLY go through with a double elimination despite bringing it up once again in the episode. I think they made the right choices though. Arguably, the right 3 people are in the finale. They are overall good dancers, singers, and actors. I could see all 3 on the show, but I’m kind of hoping Ali pulls through. Her personality screams Glee :)

  3. noa says:

    finally! cuts that make sense… i’d be ok with either Blake or Aylin winning at this point.

    • TheBeach says:

      I agree. Ryan seems really intrigued by the idea of a muslim character on the show and commented about Blake that no matter how good he is, do they need another jock on the show. So that seems to tilt the table in Aylin’s direction but who knows what goes on inside Ryan’s mind. I think either or both would be worthy additions to the cast…and probably both would be better than Damian or Samuel.

  4. Lim says:

    Well, I certainly found it ironic and laughable that Dianna A. was chosen to “teach” the wannabe Gleeks about acting, but never mind that as it is easy to see that Aylin or Blake will win. I did, however, look down on all the writers who have written Glee into the ground and wonder why they don’t just do normal casting calls. .for actual actors/singers. Ryan Murphy seems determined to “discover” another Lea Michele but lighting doesn’t strike in the same place twice.

    • noa says:

      also, Lea Michele was working for years before Glee. it’s not like he pulled her out of high school all of a sudden to become a “real actor”. she WAS able to just gen an audition. i don’t think TGP is actually about Glee, as much as it’s about making a reality show based on this concept. it’s actually not such a bad show if you ignore the part where they win a part on an actual TV show… L)

  5. Ruby says:

    I haven’t been a fan of Michael all the way through, but he got me in this ep. I completely disagree with your assessment of his acting; in fact, I thought he was better than Blake, who has been my favorite (along with Aylin) all along. So I was surprised that I was bummed when they booted Michael. I still don’t know what they see in Ali…she seems like a WONDERFUL person, but I find her very Disney Princess-y and not a very good actress. Glad they fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally eliminated Lily. I don’t like anyone who is too full of themselves, and she seemed like she’d be a real pain to work with on set.
    My bet is on Aylin. Ryan seems to adore her, and I think it’d be great to see a Muslim on a show that bajillions of people watch. We need some education on the subject. Hopefully the writers treat the subject with respect and don’t just turn her into a stereotype.

    • Ann says:

      That would be great…but Aylin isn’t a traditional Muslim. She just uses that as a way to get through the rounds. What she really is is an American pretending to be Muslim. Geez, even in her voice over, she was saying she prayed to God…blah blah. I’ve never heard a Muslim say they pray to God, but to Allah (I know Allah is God, but I’ve never heard them refer to Allah by “God”). Besides, I have no doubt that the writers of Glee would just create a caricature of what they think Muslims are. I’m on TEAM BLAKE! I don’t care that he’s not ethnic like Aylin, but he can act and sing…and if the writers have any talent, they’d be able to writer for someone like that.

      • djm says:

        Sorry Ann, I disagree. Blake is boring – and that writer last night summed him up perfectly. Sure, he’s cute and he has charisma, but there is nothing compelling about him as a person, actor, or performer. Oh, and that Bieber “do” is a complete DON’T – it’s time he got rid of it.

        • Kavyn says:

          I agree about Blake. Just like many complain about Ali, I see the exact same issues with Blake. He lacks personality, his voice is very bland and definitely not unique. All he seems to have going for him is that he’s consistent and he’s attractive, but that’s it really. Actability was the first time I saw anything different out of him, but at the same time you could argue it’s the first time the judges actually focused on him and not just said “Well Blake is perfect as usual.”

      • Nick says:

        Can’t she be BOTH American and Muslim? ….Sheeesh

        • Ann says:

          Sorry, I didn’t mean it that way. Just saying that she is very Americanized. She seems to be an average American teenager who doesn’t respect her traditional roots as she has pointed out several times throughout the show…I don’t want to see another character like that on tv. The Muslims I know tend to be more conservative and traditional and respect their faith and their parents. Aylin doesn’t seem to be that way…and knowing how Ryan Murphy and company thinks that anyone who is conservative is a monster, I don’t think they would do a Muslim character justice and would probably treat Islam as too conservative which would probably end up infuriating lots of them. I’m more worried about how the writers would handle such a character, because I have no faith in them…seeing as how my beloved Glee has been on a downward spiral the past couple of years.

          • kavyn says:

            Personally I don’t think they would base her storyline on her culture. It’s too cliché and they’re most likely going to screw it up. Just like they said they could see Ali be a ‘promiscuous bitch who happens to be on a wheelchair,’ I’d imagine they’d do the same with Aylin (ie She’s something else who happens to be Muslim).

      • Deniz says:

        I’m Turkish so let me give you some insight on this. Turkey isn’t a traditional muslim country. although in recent years the religion started to take the center stage slowly, still, the country is secular and most the majority of women are modern like Aylin although she has an amazing personality which is unique. Turkey as a country is not more traditional and close minded than say, middle America… So I doubt she has as much pressure from her family as she claims she does… I’m guessing she played it up for the show a bit, which is smart. When the news af her as a finalist on Glee Project came out in the newspapers here, she got immense support, she was not shunned. I’m bummed she didn’t win but Blake seems to deserve it too.

  6. Ruby says:

    Also, how nice is it to watch a show where EVERYONE is considered…fat, thin, disabled, gay, straight, different races and cultures of people…it’s awesome. I never thought I’d see a show where someone like Blake may not win because he’s too perfect. We need more of that in the world, and say what you will about Glee, but I think they’ve done a great job of making EVERYONE feel included. As it should be.

  7. I wish we could see more of the acting scenes, but since they had all 5 sing they needed the time for that.

  8. Brandon says:

    The right 3 were picked for the finale
    I liked micheal he just couldnt put it together enough to get to the finale and lily wasnt a big fan of because of here attitude it was frustrating cause everyone else had good attitudes but with lily it was just to much of her being brassy but she is talented wont deny that . But I am fine with whoever wins but I am rooting for aylin or ali but like I said who ever wins deserves it

  9. Daniel says:

    I dont get all the hype about blake. I really dont. If you take away his good looks I think his talent is acting, but his singing and able to take direction in music videos is mediocre. Aylin has to win this. Either aylin or ali. THEY inspire me. Theres no doubt in my mind they would only pick blake for another football member on the glee team or eye candy. Aylin is so interesting and DESERVES this more than him.

  10. Russ says:

    I want Aylin to win, but i think its going to be Blake.

  11. Aga says:

    i still can’t belive that Nellie isn’t in the finale. I loved her with Blake. And i don’t understand why beeing normal is a bad thing – most of us are. now i root for Blake and Aylin

  12. Faith says:

    As a young girl i believe Ali should definitely win.

  13. Faith says:

    i believe Ali should definitely win.

  14. Shawn says:

    glee needs to be fun and funny again like season 1 so to go that route I’d pick Ali as the winner. Have her and Artie meet over the summer and make her into a crazy stalker who changes schools to try and be with him. Have Artie get upset when everyone thinks he should date Ali just because they are both disabled and have Tina poInt out that he only liked her when he thought she had a disability her stutter. this story line would allow for them to either give her the boot after her 7 episodes by just having her transfer back to her old school or if they wanna keep then easy to do so. the character that Blake would play needs to come from a better crop of actors/singers to get the new Finn and I could see them just butchering a Muslim character. Ryan keeps saying he wants one but what will he do with her character. she isn’t a collectible that you just have for the sake of it.

  15. Marianne says:

    I’m going to miss Mr. “oh-em-gee adorbs-ness”. I think Michael is a good actor, and liked him better in the video than Blake. I understand he might not have been as good to write for, but is Blake? Is he, as Ryan said, a “misfit”? No. I will root for Aylin.

  16. rachel says:

    aylin will win. fact of the matter. We have a person in a wheelchair on Glee- Artie, and we have the popular jock- Finn, so we don’t realistically need blake or ali.

    • TheBeach says:

      But do we still have Finn the likable jock since he has graduated and (maybe) enlisted? They could bring him back as an assistant coach for Bieste but they could still use a handsome student jock to give Sam some competition.

  17. erin says:

    I think Aylin will win it all with supporting roles still going to Ali/Blake. This year more than last, I think there should be multiple winners and that any of the final three (PLUS SHANNA) are deserving of 7 episode arcs. I could have done with out Damian, adorable as he was, and Lindsay last season. Alex was a pleasant surprise and Sam was expectedly solid.

  18. Amy says:

    I don’t tust those writers for a second to write a Muslim character after the first couple of eps. We’d get the ‘terrorist’ bullying, then here come the glee club recruiters. I want Blake to win because he’s the best actor by far. Those writers should do their JOB and actually
    write a part for an actor.

  19. Anon says:

    I hope Blake wins, he’s been consistent from day one in all areas and he is a triple threat in my mind. Ali tends to be too much, but at least she can act. I genuinely feel like the only reason Aylin is here is because Ryan Murphy has his heart set on a Muslim character (lik last year’s I want a Christian mantra for Samuel and Cameron – who happened to be talented to boot). Well, go out casting and find a talented portrayer because Aylin is basically stealing Santana’s character and coasting through on her ethnicity and belief system.

  20. greysfan says:

    FINALLY! It took them till the penultimate episode but the final 3 is the ones i was expecting from the get go except i was saying Shanna instead of Ali but thats ok because its NOT Lily or Michael. I really hope Aylin wins. She has been the most consistent and seriously i couldn’t stand another Finn Hudson in the cast if you ask me. If they are after someone who hasn’t appeared in Glee yet then Aylin is the ultimate choice. They already have Artie in the wheelchair and like i said i don’t want another Finn Hudson. Should be a good finale coming up.

  21. Kobe Busia says:

    Last night’s episode was truly incredible, although I found it pretty odd that Dianna Agron was chosen as this week’s guest mentor because there are better actors than her on Glee but that’s far from the issue this week. So Michael wins the homework assignment and may I just say, even though I couldn’t stand his presence and felt that he should’ve been gone weeks ago, he’s still improving. The trailer for a movie/video shoot was actually really good and each of the contenders gave really solid acting performances, especially Blake, Aylin and Michael. By a surprise twist of fate, the contenders all had to do a last chance performance not only for Zach, Nikki, Robert and Ryan, but also 6 other writers from Glee and the last chance performances were solid and mind-blowing. In the end, there was a double elimination and both Lily and Michael were sent home, leaving Blake, Ali and Aylin to proceed to the finale. Before the episode even came on, I was honestly afraid they were gonna send Aylin home just for the sake of having 2 guys and 2 girls in the finale, but on the other hand I was getting sick of both Lily and Michael, and I hoped either one of them wouldn’t make it, but I’m relieved to know that they both were eliminated because I couldn’t stand those 2 for different reasons; Lily because of her attitude and Michael because of his insufficient growth throughout the competition. As for the finale, I saw the promo and I’m really glad to see the previously eliminated contestants come back to witness the finale but let’s get real here; I’ve always been team Blake and I feel that he’s got real star power, it’s true that there’s no particular vulnerability about him but the camera just loves him. However, if he doesn’t win, I’m all for Ali because she does really well and she’s so cute and kinda sexy, not in the same way as Aylin who is just like a firecracker, I honestly could see all 3 of them being on Glee, part of me wants all 3 of them to win but Ryan said there will only be 1 winner this time around so it’s his choice not ours. Even though I’m still team Blake, I still feel that this finale is gonna be so intense and the decision-making will be even more difficult than last year.

  22. Scout says:

    **Hm… I liked crazy Blake in the trailer. He can really act. But if they are looking for the interesting backstory or character – he’s kind of boring. He is a mediocre singer. I am glad he is in the final, but I am annoyed that they have been touting him as the winner since the beginning. I don’t think he’s the best choice, but I wouldn’t be bother if he wins.

    **At first, I found Ali’s hyper-perkiness incredibly annoying, but I think she was at her best last night. It was also the first time I really heard the beauty in her voice. I have grown to like her – and I would love to see her as “promiscuous bitch” – totally counter to her actually personality. And she is totally gorgeous – so it could work.

    **Aylin is just so interesting to me. She got ballz and talent aplenty. Her acting was off-the-charts in the trailer. I don’t necessarily like her all that much, but I would watch her any day. I hope she wins.

    This is a talented final 3 and I can see any of these folks winning.

    I do feel the the choices for the for acting and the final songs were rigged. In that, the contestants they liked got assignments/songs that played to their *VERY* obvious strengths. Both Lily and Michael got awful songs choices, as such Michael sounded awful and Lily oversang a song that could have been a really cool, sexy statement.

    I was disappointed that Lily had to go. She was a great actress and singer. The reason she is so confident is because she is “that” good. I am so tired of the insecure among us attempting to dictate how confident people should behave…. God forbid a woman, let alone one that is not a size 2, have any confidence. How dare she.

    • Crystal says:

      Thank you for your comment about Lily. She was no more confident that Aylin or Blake. She would have made a tremendous addition to the show. I personally have no interest in a dumbed-down, probably shallow storyline about a Muslim student, although I think Aylin’s voice is terrific.

  23. Janice says:

    I think Aylin is going to win since Ryan already appears to have written her part. I think Blake is more talented.

    • Ann says:

      I think the choice will be between the two of them. It sounded that way during the eliminations last night when they were discussing to choose someone who they thought could be a superstar or someone who would have an interesting story to tell.

  24. Kyle says:

    Ali totally reminds me of Nicole Ritchie. In her looks..

  25. Jenn says:

    How can anyone root for Aylin? She is a whore and looks like Franklin, the cartoon turtle. Please let Blake or Ali win!

  26. SpeckyGit says:

    triple threat is acting – singing – dancing.

  27. Matt says:

    I was honestly a little disappointed. I totally agree that Blake and Ali should have made it, but I disagree about Aylin. I get that Ryan like her because she is Muslim and he finds that interesting, but personally she totally rubs me the wrong way. She is totally a less compelling Santana who happens to be Muslim. I don’t get how that one writer last night said that he wouldn’t compare her to another character, because she is so obviously like Santana.

    Personally, I would have preferred Michael. He has improved so much over the last couple of weeks and they finally found him a great song for his voice when they did Addicted to Love. I know people are going to disagree because they think he’s bland or what not, but honestly, I like him alot better than I like Aylin or Lily.

    Next week, I’ll be happy so long as Aylin does not win.

  28. Shawn says:

    as much as they need to fill the ranks in new directions Blake if he wins would be perfect as an accomplice to sebastian. He could totally play the arrogant douche and with his looks and lack of flaws he would make a perfect warbler

  29. tjoyla says:

    Jeez Sleaze, do you have puppies and kittens in your basement to torture? A Damian dig? Really? Rewatch Sam and Alex’s acting and try not to cringe. With the Glee Project, Murphy and Co. have an implied contract with (at least) the viewers to help these kids succeed. This year’s group seems a little more together and I agree that Ryan seems to favor Aylin for her background. But he forgets to ask if viewers want to watch that character. Once or twice maybe, but he needs to refocus on the show’s core (singing, some dancing, and oh yeah, fun) that got people to watch in the first place. When I read and watch the news, things are bleak and a TV show, no matter how hard it tries, isn’t going to make a big difference. Glad you’re trying Ryan, but bring back the fun.

  30. LAR says:

    I was ok with who went home this week. Even though I thought Lily’s acting was better, I just can’t see them doing anything with her character they haven’t already done for Mercedes. Thank goodness Michael went home!! He was “adorable” and all, but just not up to par with the rest. As for the remaining three, these are the roles I see for them:

    Ali: I agree with the writers that she could be the promiscuous bitch. Since she is in a wheelchair like Artie, I could see him thinking they would have a connection because of that, but her being way more popular and liked by the boys and totally shunning him.

    Blake: He is a good actor and could possibly take Finn’s role. But hopefully, the writers will come up with something better for him.

    Aylin: Her character will interest me the most. Like Ryan said, they have done sexuality and weight and disability on this show, but never really religion. Yes, I know Puck and Rachel are Jewish, but it is used in a positive light. I would like to see Aylin’s real life story cross over into Glee, because I’m sure her parents are not going to approve when they see the Glee Project (if they are as conservative as the show makes them out to be).

  31. Jacqi says:

    The final 3 have been my favorites for awhile now. I hope they are all win. :) I was okay with all 4 winning last year.

  32. Random says:

    I find it hard to believe any of these people are Glee fans when they don’t know songs that were on Glee. And then Ali goes and messes up basically EVERY line of her song.

    Anyway I hope Blake wins. Yes he doesn’t have his own story but he can act whatever part you give him over Aylin and Ali. And everything Aylin does revolves around the fact that she is Turkish Muslim, even though the evidence of that is completely absent from her. Just because that’s what her family is doesn’t mean she is. She is more a typical American girl than anything else. But I still am routing for her over Ali. I just never got why they liked her so much. Her singing voice it’s too pitchy and nasally for me.

    Whatever Ryan and Co. want to do the least we can hope for is that however wins actually is given a storyline this year.

  33. Kathy says:

    Not in this episode, Ryan asked Aylin: Was she ready for the backlash if they cast her in Glee? She said, yes. Then last night, Ryan emphasized it with the rest of the writers: do we cast someone who story is interesting like Aylin or do we cast a superstar? Blake, although mad he was performing for writers, is the best of the three.

  34. Kalee says:

    Ever since Shanna got unceremoniously booted off, I’m rooting for Ali or Blake. Aylin is very talented and charismatic, but did you guys know that she’s a Muslim girl and that she’s a Muslim girl who has a conservative family and that she’s a Muslim girl whose family might be embarrassed to watch this season and that she’s a Muslim girl who can really put a new voice on the show as she says to Ryan Murphy and Co.? I totally didn’t know she was a Muslim…

    This intrigued me regarding Ali: “I can’t lie and say I wasn’t intrigued by Mr. Brennan’s inspiration to write her as “a promiscuous bitch.”

    This seems to match the spoiler description of Rachel’s new roommate.

  35. Lisa says:

    “To me, there’s too often a whiff of “can you believe how good I am?” when Lily’s on stage that trumps any other emotion she’s trying to convey.” – This could also be said about Lea Michele.

    • Jo March says:

      But Lea Michele is actually good; that’s the difference. (Actually, she’s great; Lily’s just full of herself).

  36. Spencer says:

    I’m so happy they actually had an episode all about how even though you’re a great singer, this is still an acting job… It really irritates me when shows like this only care about your voice and not any other talents. Although, I think Darren Criss could take some ‘actability’ lessons….

  37. GUEST says:

    I have a spoiler alert, ALI STOKER IS THE WINNER

    • Ryan says:

      That’s odd, since there’s no one name Ali Stoker in the competition. There is an “Ali Stroker.” Perhaps you mean her in your fake, not-well-warned spoiler alert.

  38. Samantha says:

    I was surprised now bummed I was at Michael getting cut. He and Nelly had my favorite (singing) voices of all the contestants. I guess I just have trouble getting out of the Idol-watching mindset? Anyway, we’ll get to see everybody next week, and hopefully the top 3 will get to pick their final songs again. They really should just put all 3 on the show, I know I wouldn’t complain.

  39. Maxine says:

    I’m just going to forgo the analysis and make a succinct comment: The Glee Project is far and away one of the best reality TV shows I have ever seen. It is based upon anxieties and identities that everyone can relate to, the mentors/judges are genuine and congenial, the cast is beyond likable and demonstrates authentic camaraderie week after week. Think about it: is there any other reality show you’ve watched in which you are this excited to see the entire cast return? This is a feel-good type of reality show that I wish occurred more often. I don’t really care that much about Glee, but GP is truly special.

  40. Vetle says:

    For the show, I really want Aylin to win. I think she would make the best individual character, but I think Blake will win. Either way, I am happy. This is like the season 8 finale of American Idol. I like all of them, and would be glad to see any of them win. Honestly. I wouldn’t mind seeing Lily win either, had she made the cut. The only one I didn’t care for was Michael. In the beginning I thought Blake was kiiinda boring, but he is so likeable, and he can tap into a lot of stuff while acting. Ali is just pure joy. She is Glee. I want all three of them on the show, really. =)

    Had NELLIE been in the finale though, I totally would go with her. Her and Aylin = my top top faves.

  41. Dale says:

    It was great to see the multi-talented Michael Hitchcock (United States of Tara; Best in Show) put on his writer cap and be one of the selecting scribes for the Glee Project finalists. He wrote on the “Big Brother” Glee episode this year featuring Matt Bomer.

  42. cookielove says:

    I just have to say I am dazzled by all these kids….so much talent, so different….I really liked ALL the kids this season. This last group were just fantastic……I wish we could have a new Glee with these kids in the cast…I’m kind of tired of the old bunch! Lily and Michael, don’t ever give up! You are SO gifted!

  43. SB says:

    I went from hoping Michael was cut to rooting for him this episode! Though he Sid great in the video. Then I thought back to last season and realized the ones that annoyed me during GP actually worked best in the show (Lindsay and Alex–though Alex acting needed work) so I went to hoping both Michael and Lily made it through. I have a feeling Aylin will win, but now hoping for a Blake upset …or a change of heart and have multiple winners. Just no Ali for me her voice is still shrill and grating.

  44. Hey says:

    Where is Shanna?

  45. KenBud says:

    The Glee Project really screwed up last year giving those 4 finalists parts in the show. The Top 3 this year are far-and-away better than any of the Top 4 last year. I can see all three on Glee this year.

    Shanna even commented in a TV Guide interview how smart Aylin was to play the Muslim idea over and over. Shanna said she never expected to win if she had to go up against Aylin, because of Aylin’s unique character idea.

    LOVE the idea of making Blake a Warbler ……. #imteamali #butitsaylinstolose.

    • Jillian says:

      Instead of using confusing hashtags that merge too many words together, YOU COULD JUST SAY THOSE THINGS NORMALLY.

  46. Mara says:

    i am so happy Lily and Michael are gone. finally!
    it’s hard because i think all three characters from ali, blake and aylin are really interesting, can’t they all win?! They would be a helluva lot more interesting on the show than the other three winners from last year!
    I like aylin’s storyline, i do not like her that much. She doesn’t feel genuine enough. I loved the moment with the headscarf, that one was one of the few genuine moments i’ve seen from her.
    ali, i do not like her that much either, but I am really intrigued by her potential character. I also love how she uses her wheelchair so cleverly and shows how it is not important.
    Blake I like the best personality wise. He is the star for sure (now that Nellie is gone), and I am always the most engaged when he is acting out of everyone. Like when he was doing his American psycho thing i was kind of scared through the screen haha.
    I wish they all could win! (of course Nellie should be the real winner imo) but I secretly want Blake to win, just because he can act like no other. I would love to see Blake terrorize all the glee characters, that would def spice things up.

  47. Nicole says:

    My family and I watch religiously, and we all agree that we’d rather stop watching Glee than have to watch Ali. She’s quite possibly one of the MOST annoying people ever.
    We were rooting for Shanna, Blake & Nellie.

  48. Tim says:

    All three are talented, but…Ali reminds me of Rachel too much. Mind you Rachel/Lea is great, but they don’t need another one of her on the show. Blake is too generic and hasn’t in my view shown much personality or pizzazz. On the other hand, Aylin is strong yet vulnerable and with a unique background, so I think she’s the best fit.

  49. Lindsay says:

    I don’t get why the writers need someone to inspire them, do you job and write a new and original character. A good actor, like Blake, could transform into a completely different character. We all saw how “inspire me to write for you” worked out last season, with god awful and unlikeable characters, like Damian, Sam, Alex and Lindsay. Such boring and obvious story lines. Why can’t the writers make Blake abused or an orphan living in foster care. What about kids like that who watch this show? Blake is the best actor there, and he could make a storyline like that amazing. I like Aylin as well, but I feel that they’d just choose her because they are too lazy and not talented enough to come up with a real storyline.

    • Shawn says:

      i agree that it is a bit ridiculous that they have to inspire a character especially since if they came in for a regular casting call they would be auditioning for an exact role already written

  50. Jules says:

    what the hell is up with these kids and not knowing robert palmer or elton john?