Ratings: Olympics Hit (a High) Low, Plus the Latest on Newsroom, Breaking Bad and Animals

NBC’s (admittedly critiqued) coverage of the Olympics in London — which to date has been regularly trumping the Beijing 2008 numbers and hitting highs for a non-U.S. summer games — delivered an inevitable low on Monday night.

Drawing 26 million total viewers and an 8.1 demo rating, NBC’s coverage was down 18 and 24 percent week-to-week and off 4 percent from the comparable night in Beijing (which is not a Murray Head song).

That said, I reiterate: NBC averaged 33.6 million viewers through the Games’ first 10 nights (through Sunday), so to quote Vivian Ward: Big. Huge.

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Elsewhere on Monday, ABC’s Bachelor Pad hit series lows of 3.38 mil/1.0, while The Glass House tied its own lows, with 1.64 mil and a 0.6.

RECAP | Bachelor Pad: Sex, Fug and Rocky Road

Lastly, bring you up to speed on some Sunday cable fare, per the good fellas at TVByTheNumbers.com: Army Wives‘ 100th episode was flat at 2.82 mil/0.9, The Newsroom‘s arguably best episode to date (1.76 mil/0.8) ticked up a tenth in the demo, Breaking Bad (2.3 mil/1.2) gained a tenth and Political Animals (1.8 mil/0.4) grabbed a few extra eyeballs.

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  1. KBC says:

    Suffering from a bit of Olympic fatigue, especially when they seem to always show gymnastics in the last hour of coverage…watched the replay of the USWNT’s win over Canada instead. Amazing match!

  2. LOL says:

    The Olympics seem to be front-loaded with many of the big events already finished. Last night was the first night I didn’t tune in.

  3. anon says:

    The swimming ended on Saturday and there was only one women’s gymnastics event on Monday, so it’s not surprising the ratings fell. Those are probably the most popular Olympic sports in terms of tv viewing

  4. E says:

    I have to admit that I’m confused about how they are covering the evenings. Has the individual events for gymnastics always been strung out this long over this many nights? I’m old enough that I’ve seen a LOT of Olympics, but this seems to be more difficult than normal. With 4 hours of coverage and only 1 event, it’s easy to get distracted or give up because you have to work in the morning.

    I know NBC has to make their money and all, but getting the midnight thing seems like overkill, especially when everything is on delay anyway.

    It seems a shame that with all these channels and hours, we’ve still managed to miss things and aren’t sure if it’s us or that they just aren’t showing them. My spouse loves the field events in Track & Field but damn if we can find them. (We don’t watch online).

    I had to delete the NBC Apps I had because they ended up spoiling an event for us.

    I wish there was a clearly labeled SPOILER FREE app or website. Heck, I got spoiled by the 60 Minutes website on Sunday night?!

  5. hannibal says:

    They should have rebroadcast USA v Canda women’s soccer match.

  6. Poppy says:

    Two of the biggest Olympic sports, Swimming and Gymnastics have ended. Not surprising that the ratings are down. I don’t really see much of a draw for a lot of the other sports. Closing ceremonies will probably draw a big number.

    • Sha says:

      In my case, it’s true. Those two sports are the reasons why I watch the Olympics. Now that Phelps and the Fab Five have ended their runs, everything else is just a casual tuning in for me

  7. Tony S says:

    The last 2 episodes of the Newsroom have been pretty awesome. HBO and Sorkin are giving us great TV.

  8. Lisa says:

    I have to agree with some of the posters. My favorite events have pretty much ended and I’m exhausted from staying up til midnight every night…and that’s to see events that we all know the results. It’s ridiculous but I remember that they did it when our own Olympics on US soil were tape delayed. Really???? With gymnastics over tonight, I’m about to get my life back and start watching stuff off of my DVR!

  9. The Mf'n Batman says:

    I hate watching tape delayed sports. Chances are high the results will be spoiler and once they are I have no desire to watch it. I also don’t want to tie up my prime time Tv viewing every night for two weeks watching my sports. If NBC has to delay showing events the least they can do is tell us what time events will start and what channel. I won’t watch online and I’ve missed a lot of events after getting frustrated and just giving up.

  10. Mína says:

    I’ve taken to watching the Olympics events I enjoy the day after. NBC has no clear and sensible schedule and it’s been exhausting trying to keep up when everything I love about the Olympics gets packed into the final hour. Some of us have early mornings.

    That said, glad to see Breaking Bad & Political Animals gain some viewers.

  11. mia says:

    Political Animals was heartbreaking this week and it was so beautifully done. Sebastian Stan did some remarkable work.
    Here’s hoping for a renewal!!

  12. mia says:

    All the Canadians threw their tv’s out in a rage at the ridiculous reffing at the ladies soccer game.
    Simply fantastic game played by both sides (and I hope it brings more fans to women’s professional sports in the future), but the ref made some horrific calls that Canada won’t soon forget.

    • Sha says:

      That ref was completely throwing the game in favour of the US. Christine Sinclair single-handedly made 3 brilliant goals, us team won by penalty kicks.

  13. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I keep watching less and less Olympics as we get closer to the end. Not because events I want to see are done, but because the freaking spoilers from media outlets that just manage to find me whether I’m looking for them or not (most blame here goes to MSN whenever I need to log on to use Messenger with their stupid popup news window) kills all desire to see the event. The only suspense I have at this point is, to quote Stephen Colbert, “Did the cameras catch all the action? Will my cable go out?” In fairness, my cable did go out one night and that was pretty suspenseful! Is this seriously how the Olympics are going to be from here on out til the end of time? With it being an international event and with time zone changes, I can’t imagine there will be too many opportunities for networks to air events live in the future. I think there’s always going to be some kind of tape delay going on.

  14. Vi says:

    I have watched more of the olympics this year but as far as I am concerned NBC just doesn’t do a good job. Most people work and staying up til midnight is not happening for me or for a lot of people. I have been very discouraged. I did try to stay up for the award ceremony for Phelps last medal but gave up and recorded it. I am glad I did because I didn’t see they showed it on TV. I was also watching USA mens beach volleyball last night. I saw the first game and it went to commercial. Then when they came back from commercial they didn’t go right back to the game. I switched the channel and never went back. NBC is basically killing their own ratings. I also saw that an exec at NBC had said that since people were watching, then they must be happy with NBC. But its not like we can change the channel to CBS or ABC to watch, is it?

  15. kiks says:

    Any news on a Political Animals renewal as of yet? The limited run is almost ending? hoping for another season

  16. Jacob says:

    Love the Vivian Ward shout out!!! Ha!

  17. Norman says:

    Did you really just reference Pretty Woman?! LoL
    Love it!
    …I’ve gotta go shopping now.

  18. forwarddad says:

    So sick of volleyball …..

  19. Frederic says:

    NBC handling of the Olympics has been terrible… Thank God I found a great channel on Direct TV and I can enjoy suspenseful basketball both women and mens USA teams, and also enjoy soccer as well.
    Evetytime I have tuned into NBC its the same.. swimming, gymnastics,, more swimming and nothing else. Give the games back to ABC…

  20. Harry says:

    Sunday’s episode of Political Animals was by far the best one yet, but I do think it is a case of too little too late. Probably a first for USA Network, the scheduling could have been better on a weekday instead on Sunday with no lead whatsoever.