Sons of Anarchy Exclusive First Look: Ashley Tisdale Gets a Lift From [Spoiler]

Ashley Tisdale‘s in for the ride of her life on Sons of Anarchy this fall, and we’ve got your exclusive first look at the former Disney starlet’s provocative role on FX’s biker drama.

VIDEO | Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Sneak Peek

The ex-Hellcat plays Emma Jean, a high-priced escort who complicates SAMCRO’s life in at least two episodes of the show’s fifth season (bowing Sept. 11).

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From the looks of the following image, the club’s new leader, Jax, will take a hands-on role in dealing with this latest distraction. Let’s hope for Tara’s sake it’s not too hands-on.

Ashley Tisdale Sons of Anarchy

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  1. Josh says:

    I think both Charlie and Maggie are great actors, but I just don’t see ANY chemistry between Jax and Tara at all. I hope Ashley spices it up a bit somehow….? Idk, lol.

  2. cassandra says:

    wtf tara and jax as been threw hell and now this really

    • Joshua says:

      The show wouldn’t be were it is now without Tara trying to replace her would be the biggest mistake the show could make and plus they are PERFECT together she is what brings the good out of him and what is helping the club see the truth of the club and how they lost there true perpose which is protecting the town of Charming and its gone in the ways of GREED rather than sticking to their true roots!!!

  3. Kat says:

    When did Jax age like 10 years?

  4. KathyM says:

    Are you kidding? Tara and Jax are awesome together!

  5. Stef says:

    who cares Jax is still so fine.. ugh i would run away with him in a heart beat..

  6. MissLovinTheFAIL says:

    Another bimbo joins the cast to play yet another skanky character. *yawn*

  7. Brittany says:

    Wow seriously. There are some people that fit in with the show and some people that will just completely ruin it. I already have a feeling my favorite tv show is going to be completely ruined with that blonde Ashely chich in it. Y’all could of picked better.

  8. erin says:

    i hope theyre not ruining my favorite show!!

  9. Valarie says:

    Setiously? Repeat of season 3 with the porn slut!!??? Been there, done that move on to something we haven’t seen.

  10. Angie says:

    Ashley on SOA??? WHAT A JOKE!!

  11. Sammy says:

    It doesn’t say she’s with him, it’s just a picture. She could be a long lost sister or cousin. Who knows, but Sutter seems to know how to write and tell stories pretty well, I don’t doubt this season will deliver!

  12. Tatum says:

    I hope Tara gets killed off!

    • Ashley says:

      yes! so that jax could spend the last half of s5 to s7 just beating women after sleeping with them! that’s a much better show right? angry jax is the best!

    • Tara and Jax are opposites. Opposites attract. Like a magnet. Turn them the wrong way and they repel. Perfect couple. With a few children involved and you add another element. This could take them to a new Irish Republic episode. With a spy twist to boot.

  13. Alyssa says:

    Omg I can’t stand her she needs to go back to Disney! But I deff can’t wait till September one more month woot woot lol <3 Jax tellier <3

  14. JD says:

    I just hope Jimmy Smits isn’t the bane of yet another TV series!

  15. Jayme says:

    I’ve never watched SOA but I’m surely going to watch Ashley’s episodes. Girl can show us all what shes made of.

  16. brandy says:

    I like it anything to throw jax off of his new position! I want clay on that chair! And idgaf! :)

  17. Cat says:

    Jax is so different from when he was in green street lol hmmm

  18. Isabelle says:

    It looks like she’s scared and Jax is helping her, I’m not Tara fan but I really dont see this new girl being a problem. Also Jax is looking sexy as heck, I cant wait for his hair to keep growing out

  19. maria says:

    Yikes!!!! Cant wait!!!

  20. Celeste says:

    Sutter isn’t stupid. He wouldn’t have brought her to the show if she wasn’t gonna do a good job. And I don’t think jax will cheat with her or anything. It’s been done, sutter doesn’t repeat. Have faith. The show will prevail.

  21. katy says:

    I HATE who Clay has ended up being, can’t wait to see Jax run it w. Tara at his side and I hope the rest of the club finds out all the stuff Clay did including killing Piney! & Ashley doesn’t fit in w. This series she’s very high school musical. Guess we’ll see

  22. soadan says:

    Jazz and tarantula are awesome together and who cares about Ashley tisdale shes in two episodes it won’t make or break the show.. kurt sutter is a master mind when it comes the storyline to soa….

  23. Megan says:

    Tara has given up everything including her hand for a dude that looks like a billy goat. Just cause ashley is a disney actress doesnt mean she sucks i mean look at…. Well… Um…. Wait yeah it does

  24. Nick says:

    she’s only gonna be in 2 episodes, 1&3. i don’t think she’ll be that much of a problem.

  25. Vicky says:

    Give her a chance guys! Jeez, Sutter has been really good at involving the right people in the show. Have some faith in him (and forgive him for the yawn fest of season 3 )

  26. michelle says:

    i think sutter will definitely deliver,and i dont think ashley is there for jax to sleep with,but im sure sutter has a good reason for her in this,and i frigin cant wait!!!!! love soa!!!!!!!!

  27. azalea says:

    Does anyone no where I can watch season 4???????

  28. Brian says:

    Sounds like to me she is going to be another “croweater” or patch whore however you want to say it! Jax & Tara will make it just fine!! She just needs to stay away from Jax!!! Or tara will rip her head off

  29. Joe says:

    I was a little like wtf when I first heard about Ashley joining the cast. I’ve never watched anything she’s been in, all I know is she’s from Disney. Just because someone comes from Disney doesn’t mean they won’t be great actors elsewhere. Think about all the roles all the characters from SOA have been in prior to SOA…would those characters have “fit in” to SOA? Not hardly. So, I say give the girl a chance, you never know, she might prove to be one hell of an actress.

  30. Ruby says:

    Let’s hope it’s only 2 episodes. I can’t imagine what Sutter is thinking.

  31. Gregg says:

    The actress playing Tara is horrible as an actress in this role. Its the only thing I don’t like about SOA.

  32. Amber says:

    Looks like Taras becoming Gemma version 2.0. She didnt let a blond tramp run her off the first time… Now harder than before do you really think she’ll let a blond tramp come between her and Jax this time??? I think not!

  33. Minuteman says:

    She isn’t going to ruin the show. She has a script to follow. She is here to be either a scooter tramp, porn star, or dancer, then again, maybe she is Sac’s sister and just wants to get his stuff back. Sutter has talent. Seen many Disney girls grow up and be great or lousy. She has to build her resume.

  34. matt says:

    It doesn’t matter who is in the show its still goin to kick ass. Beat show on TV other then justified.

  35. Sandra says:

    I met Charlie in Fargo, ND when he came to support a bar opening in June, he’s still sexy as all hell!!

  36. James says:

    If most if you would have read up on the upcoming season, you would know Tisdale is only in it for one episode

  37. Nostradamus says:

    Hey, here’s an idea, how about everybody STFU, with all the predictions…..This show has SOOO many twists and turns, ya never really know what’s going to happen.

  38. megan says:

    As Charlie said at Comic Con… This is more of a business relationship. He said its not romantic or anything like that, so please stop making people mad.

  39. Rosey says:

    Oh..how I love bad boys!! Make Jax the dirties, sexiest, hottest bad boy on TV! Leave love for the fairytales!!

  40. Ashley “Disney” Tisdale is a horrible actress. Why is she on the show? Send her back to Disney. What makes her think she can act. Perhaps, her rhinoplasty and her blonde hair. I love Tara and Jax. I hope there isn’t too much strain between them. They belong together. I mean really, another bobble headed bleach blonde bimbo.Give it a rest.

  41. nikki says:

    As long as Jax, Tara and their boys are fine, I don’t care if they cast Justin Bieber as the leader of a rival club

  42. Dientjie says:

    I think Miss Deisney needs to end up like Miss Porn Pu55y Ima – – – OUT! To those of you who have a prob with Jax and Tara together : Wake up! They make the show what it is, they have loads of chemistry and are perfect together….. Counting the days till the next season :-)

  43. Mrs. A says:

    People are so mean. Ashley has played a bimbo very well, but by all accounts is a kick ass little actress and a smart woman. I’m sure they released this pic to stir the pot, not to actually hint that Jax would cheat. He won’t, he loves Tara too much. Maybe she is Tig’s other daughter or something :), either way, I’m sure she will fit in perfectly, I’m excited to see her play a real(ish) person and not a Disney character!

  44. Mr. S says:

    It’s actually stupid labeling Ashley as “Disney”. Her career didn’t start with Disney and it won’t end there. Give her a chance to move on. How do you know she can’t pull off this role? All the roles she’s done so far – and I’ve seen them all – Disney or not, she did them very well and she’s always getting praised by critics. She’s trying something new here, give her a chance!

  45. dena williams says:

    i love jax n tara together they r most of the reason y i kept watchin the show now i cant wait till season 5

  46. G says:

    Ashley Tisdale is a great actress!

  47. mr cisney says:

    U guys are crazy Disney produces talent name one that doesn’t hold up soa is amazing. A Disney girl is playing a hooker if anything it is controversial food to draw in bigger audience!

  48. killer bee says:

    she looks like she’s wearing a vest…

  49. J says:

    It baffles me, that in a show about an outlaw motorcycle, people expect there to be all sweet, nice characters, that are always happy and are upstanding people in the community.. =/

  50. Kim says:

    I get why people are so quick to trash a Disney actress, as they obviously don’t think she has any range. But why don’t you wait to watch the episodes to see how she does? Kurt hasn’t failed us yet. Plus, I think one Ryan Hurst got his big break in a Disney movie and everyone seems to love Opie.