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Vampire Diaries Boss Julie Plec Previews Season 4's Love Triangles: 'It's Not the End of Delena'

Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley Nina Dobrev Ian SomerhalderThere’ll be a lot of change ahead as Elena starts her bloodsucking journey in The Vampire Diaries‘ upcoming Season 4. But if there’s one thing you can rely on to stay the same, it’s that matters of the heart are always complicated in Mystic Falls.

Below, executive producer Julie Plec gives TVLine a status report on two of the show’s biggest love triangles — Stefan/Elena/Damon and Tyler/Caroline/Klaus — and a possible new one involving Jeremy.

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THE STEFAN/ELENA/DAMON OF IT ALL | Elena’s transition into a vampire – and the remembrance of all the memories Damon erased – will have big consequences for her relationships with both Salvatores. “All these things that she’s experienced with Damon and with Stefan will have different context for her as she’s becoming this new person,” previews Plec. “This circumstance, which is pretty horrific, is going to make them all care about each other even more deeply and argue even more intensely and fracture even more greatly and love as deeply as possible.”

Although Damon is back to his Season 1 ways, “it’s certainly not the end of Delena, as anyone might be afraid,” insists Plec. “In fact, in a way, it’s the beginning of the beginning.” But just because Elena now remembers Damon’s confession of love and that she met him first doesn’t mean she’ll be regretting her decision to stick with Stefan. “I wouldn’t want her to be so fickle,” says the EP.  However, the regained knowledge will “imbed itself in her brain a little bit. As she continues to look at herself and her relationship and friendship with Damon, it’s all those new pieces of information that will be important along the way.”

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Vampire Diaries Michael Trevino Candice AccolaTWO HYBRIDS AND A VAMPIRE | You may have heard that clothes will fly when Tyler and Caroline reunite. But will the hybrid actually be himself during the happy embrace, or will Klaus still be in possession of him? “You’ll just have to wait and see,” Plec replies coyly. “I definitely think that Klaus is going to unwittingly provide a little bit of mistaken identity hijinks in the first episode back.” Meanwhile, a fresh face who has “a history” with Tyler will arrive. “We’ll start to understand that this is a friend of his, who’s been very important to him in the past,” teases Plec. So should Caroline and Tyler fans be worried? “Any time a hot, new girl comes to town, somebody’s got to be worried about something. But Tyler and Caroline have a really solid bond, a really solid relationship. So it takes somebody really special to get in the way of that.”

JEREMY, BONNIE…AND APRIL? | Could Grace Phipps’ Mystic Falls returnee, April, who shares a history with Jeremy and Elena, provide something more than friendship for the younger Gilbert? “We didn’t bring her in to be a love interest for anybody,” says Plec. “But we’re certainly open to seeing where the chemistry flies.” Meanwhile, Jer and his ex Bonnie “are very bonded to each other. In spite of having found a piece of closure in their relationship, they will continue to be drawn to each other emotionally. Whether it’s romantically or not, I can’t really say.”

The Vampire Diaries returns to The CW on Thursday, Oct. 11 at 8/7c.

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  1. Jamie says:

    Oh god, please, please PLEASE don’t let Klaus try and take advantage of Caroline while he’s in Tyler’s body. That’s disgusting.

    • Manie says:

      AMEN to that… I don’t know how ANYONE can thing this is a good plot… It’s both awful and disgusting… What is wrong with TVD and trying to play the “rape is romantic and beautiful” card?!
      I find it disturbing how characters are being portrayed in TVD and on top of that how the story (which already have the main triangle) needs more of that, the plot in S3 did nothing but taking a step forward and two steps back. I was hoping S4 would be able to got back to TVD roots(S1-S2) as having an actual storyline that doesn’t revolves around the love triangle, but not, instead we are getting 3-4 love triangle… How can people still find that interesting?!
      No instead we’ll get more pointless love triangles, with no stories and Caroline falling for her “rapist” congrats TVD for making young girls thinking that Klaus sleeping with Caroline while she thinks it’s Tyler is okay. What a good way to set a good example…

      • Brit says:

        Plec already confirmed in a recent interview that Klaus does not go that far with Caroline and that it is more comedic that predatory and for us Klaroline fans not to worry. That “its over before it begins”

      • arianaa says:

        Umm… Shutup & dont be a haterr .

        • Tim J says:

          Come on people it is Vampires not Little house, let there be a little suduction not too much, just enough to keep on edge, I havent read everyones comments but has anyone thought that the red eyes we see is not Elena it could be Katherine. klaus want to keep Elena alive for his blood line to create more hybrids.

    • Jasmine says:

      Theirs comment is not completely directed t you but …. Do people with only negative comments post on this site? I’ve just discovered it today and have been on 4 different topics allll with comments of people complaining and being complete asses. Why comment? Idk even know why I commented. It just
      Bothered me.

      • iShivi says:

        Sadly, on the internet where users have the privilege to comment anonymously brings out the haters and nay-Sayers and it makes it seem like the negatives out ways the positives.

      • Mystery Solved says:

        In my experience, the negative comments are only a The Vampire Diaries news problem. Surely the last shred of “Team Wars” born out of the Twillight frenzy, it’s also the reason why I think this show is plagued with forced love triangles.

      • Angela says:

        There are people who post pleasant replies on here. Most people are mature and civil.
        But yeah, unfortunately there’s always going to be those out there who spend their days insulting someone or saying nasty, immature things about something someone likes. Best to try and ignore them as much you can. I hope you’re able to start coming across the more pleasant comments at some point, I know how annoying it can be when you go to read an article about something you like and have to wade through all that mess and rudeness just to have a conversation with other fans.

    • Brit says:

      He doesn’t…the writes already confirmed in another interview that he won’t go that fair with her and that it will be more comedic than predatory.

      • Susan says:

        Even if it doesn’t go as far as full-on sex, it’s still gross and icky. It’s also a violation of TYLER, whose body Klaus is wearing like a suit. It’s not comedic, it’s not funny, period.

        • Eliza says:

          Agreed. Full on sex would be awful but any sexual contact is bad and creepy. There’s no way, I’ll find this comedic even if all they do is make out.

          • Brit says:

            Well Plec told us Klaroline fans not to worry and that he won’t go that far and won’t do anything to hurt her.

    • Charlie says:

      Yeah, tbh i think that would be wrong, but it has been confirmed that thats not going to happen, so you dont need to worry about that!
      Also what annoys me more than the show is everyone getting there knickers in a twist because there sick of the love triangles! yes it has been going on for 2-3 season but who cares julie plec is not a wizard or anything crazy like that! she can’t possibly make everyone love the show okay?!
      Yes i was a bit disappointed when i heard that Delena wasn’t over, because i am a stelena fan and i always will be! I love the show, and i will carry on watching the show no matter what, because it does keep you on the edge of your seat and stuff! So if people font like the show anymore than that there problem you dont need to turn it in to hate and have a bit of banter over it. sorry, just my opinion:/

    • lorna says:

      Bring back my Alaric. I hated what they did to his character. He was my fave.

    • nightmagic says:

      i feel the same way !!! but im hoping Caroline will be one step ahead of him and realize something is wrong

  2. Thomas says:

    What is she even talking about? She must be high on her own delusions.

    • D says:

      I don’t quite know. Julie Plec writes like a 15-year old who has a crush on Ian, Paul and Joseph, and doesn’t really care about making a quality show. They should get rid of her, because we don’t want to see Gossip Vampire Girl next season. Where’s Kevin BTW?

  3. Kelly says:

    Julie Plec is the ” Mitt Romney ” of tv show runners . She panders to EVERYBODY !

    • Nini says:

      That made me laugh! Too funny because you’re so right. She tells people what they want to hear to try and keep us hooked but then she pulls the rug out.

      • Mary says:

        I never thought of her neverending love triangles that way but now that you’ve mentioned it… I want Damon to find someone better than Elena and just move on.

        • Corey says:

          people are complaining about new love triangles but yet alot are ship jumpers everytime they see something new.alot wanted Matt & Caroline’s relationship to end so her & Tyler could get together.then when that happened,people saw something between her & Klaus causing alot of them to quit on Forwood and want Klaroline to happen.I’m guessing if something happens between them and someone new comes into their lives,people are gonna quit on them and be into the new couple ship.I’m always gonna be a Forwood shipper

    • Whatever says:

      HILAROUS and true !

  4. Sam says:

    Why is Klaus still alive? Joesph Morgan is great and all, but enough is enough, the plot needs to move forward and Klaus needs to die for good.

    • Anon says:

      THANK YOU! Joseph Morgan is a FANTASTIC actor and Klaus is a FANTASTIC character, but as Season 3 went along, the writers just continuously took this amazing character they introduced late in Season 2 and started driving him to the ground. Plus, practically nothing happened in Season 3 as it was all about “Killing Klaus” and that never happened. Which made the overall plot of Season 3 sort of pointless.
      Plus, by the sound of things, there’s very little purpose for Klaus anymore, and it seems like all the writers are doing now is spinning his character in nonsense and just ruining him along the way. I miss SCARY NON-EMOTIONAL KLAUS! Not this petty guy who’s lived for over 1000 years and is chasing after a teenage girl. What is up with that?
      Let Klaus go, let Joseph move onto bigger and better projects now, and let’s get a new plot and big bad villain stirring! C’mon TVD, you’re better than this. Not to mention, we all want Katherine back! At least a majority of fans do.

      • Sam says:

        YES! THIS SO MUCH!
        Not one can deny that Joseph Morgan is awesome, Klaus is portrayed perfectly because of him, but Klaus has ceased to have a point. People try to compare his situation with Damon’s (which is stupid anyway because there’s already one character like that on the show, why have another?) but Klaus was always supposed to be this bad, larger than life villain. If you rewatch season 2, you especially see this. The episode we first heard of him, they tell us that he massacred an entire family to spite a teenage girl for not wanting to be sacrificed on an alter… and then chase her for 500+ years. He was always supposed to be more than all the other vampires, go further, be more brutal, more vengeful, more malicious, ect. So where are they going with this? Villains have to die eventually or they stop being frightening and kill the drama, not add to it.
        They’ve made no attempts to redeem him, they have him go back on his word (to the Salvatores, to his family) repeatedly, they show him scoff at his own brother’s death but they won’t let him die? Enough is enough, Klaus’ presence has become static; they give him layers but no growth. And everyone else is dragged down with him because it forces them to enter the “kill Klaus” plot because he doesn’t change. Every time they stop (3×10, 3×21), he does something again to reboot it. It’s just repetitive at this point.
        Besides, Klaus took away screen time from other characters like Jeremy and Bonnie and hurt the plotline of Caroline’s (I have no issue with Klaroline but her plotline became about love/relationships which bothered me because Klaus forced a triangle- it was like tug of war between Tyler and Klaus, all I loved about season 2 Caroline got swept up with it.) And it keeps Katherine away as well.

        • Brit says:

          I really don’t think Klaus is going anywhere considering the fact that he created the bloodline…so…keep dreaming. And no one is purely evil. if he just stayed evil like in season 2, that would of been repetitive and boring..so many people loved that we learned that Klaus’ reasons behind everything was because he was lonely and the way he was treated by his father and that he just wanted a family…how could u not like a character like that? personally i think he is way more dynamic than Damon or Stefan.

      • Tim J says:

        Aman, What is up with Katherine, i would like to see her face when she see’s Elena her being a vampire and all.

        • Corey says:

          They keep on saying that Katherine won’t be back until Klaus is gone which sucks because not only is she my favorite character,but Stelena vs Delena bored me to death after she left

  5. Chasity says:

    I’m really sick of all these triangles. Not interested in this new chick coming in to mess with Tyler/Caroline.

    • Guess says:

      Like anyone cares about any of this annoying love triangles anymore. Its bad enough they force Caroline & Tyler into one, they keep making those up as if the wouldn’t have ruined every character from Alaric to Elena.

    • osie says:

      we don’t know if the new girl hayley will come in to mess with tyler/caroline.i think klaus might use hayley as a means to break them up,possibly without the new girl’s knowledge.

  6. Susan says:

    WTF, so this chick who has “a history” with Tyler that WE HAVE CONVENIENTLY NEVER HEARD ABOUT BEFORE, breezes into town and will most likely break up my favorite ship just so they can stick Caroline with Klaus. Like, if they have to break up Tyler/Caroline, do they have to do it in such a ridiculously contrived and insulting way?


    • Leah says:

      I think it might possibly be the werewolf from season 2 that he went out of town with- can’t remember her name. She was the friend of Uncle Mason’s.

  7. Louise Marie says:

    DELENA!!!! I’m so happy they’re getting back to that. It’s something I missed in the book, the tension is there and for a while they’re kind of dating, but she’s always too wrapped up in Stefan. Okay, I am a Damon-fan, partially because Ian Somerhalder is so hot! But, I’m also a fan because of this whole bad boy act, but you just know there’s something else and something deeper. Stefan is so obvious and boring. Bring on the Damon-charm!!

    • charlene says:

      I love dalena, too. Ian is beautiful, and his character showing his vulnerability has made him even more gorgeous. I don’t want him to go back to the season 1 character. I want him and elena to just be in love, and no more stelana (sorry stelana fans). I want to see stephan still in the show, but not such an impact for elena anymore.

  8. AnnClau says:

    Why do all relationships in that show turn into triangles? There’s too much of it.

  9. Moe says:

    For Delena to not be over yet, means they have to have STARTED, and Plec is too dang scared of them to actually allow them to start anything. So instead, she keeps acting like she is going somewhere with them, and actually doing nothing. I’m really tired of her lies, and I refuse to watch the show right now. I don’t have a problem with them NOT doing them, but I sure as heck have a problem with her lying to the fans and then never producing anything on the show. It’s insulting.

    • giorgia says:

      VERY EXCELLENT POINT. Im so tired of her lies, IT’S NOT A TRIANGLE. She turned the show in this “EPIC SE” and Damon pining over Elena which is very annoying. Plus i don’t care about the plot anymore, it’s boring. Every character lost something on the way. I have no intention to keep watching this mess. Call me if something significant will happen.

    • Corey says:

      they’re just delaying the relationship.look at Smallville for example.do you know how many fans like me were tired of waiting for the writers to get Lois & Clark together instead of having him & Lana getting back together almost every season?people wanted it to happen since season 4 and it didn’t happen until season 9.

  10. harnonymos says:

    omg! Y z all dis happening. Y d love triangle. Its getyn me rili sick. Y cnt elena jst quit d pretence and get over stefan. Facing d main fact dat she z totally in luv wit damon. I am sick of d love triangle. And i dnt rili undastand y old klaus wnt leave caroline alone. I tot he waz MEAN AND NT SOFT!! Y has he changd nw?..i am rili anxious to watch TVD4.

  11. Diala says:

    Too many love triangles, kinda excited but yet disappointed.

  12. CB says:

    This show is turning into a geometry lesson.

  13. April says:

    I stuck with TVD for 3 seasons because I was waiting for the show to turn into what it was promoted to be. You know, a TRIANGLE between 2 brothers and a girl. But since season 1 it’s been about epic S/E love while Damon looks like a wimp pinning over a woman who always chooses his brother and has basicly done nothing but make him feel lousy and I’m backing out of season 4. Season 3 was a pretty good Delena season so I had hope for the finale, but was let down. And Plec’s acting like it’s going to happen but never does and obvious bias towards S/E does not help. I truely hope everyone who tunes in enjoys season 4.

  14. Christy Guerrero says:

    I disagree,,I think Julie Plec is brillant and I love the triangles,and look foward to Caroline and Klaus!(can’t wait).Keep up the great work:-P

  15. Donyell says:

    Oh look Bonnie is the only girl without a love interest. Again. This show really sucks. Such a horrible message it sends.

    • Kerri says:

      Did you read the article? She has a love interest: Jeremy. Just because she doesn’t have a love triangle doesn’t mean they’re sending a message. Jeremy doesn’t officially have a love triangle (the April thing is speculation,) Matt doesn’t have a love triangle, Katherine doesn’t have a love triangle, Rebekah doesn’t have one, Klaus doesn’t have one, and Damon has spent 3 seasons not being loved by anyone.
      Unrequited love is a given in this show, so Bonnie having a little of that is no surprise. Besides, Kat Graham wanted to delve more into the witch stuff and asked to not have her storyline center on love interest(s).

      • Manie says:

        A fan asked on twitter to JP about why she “ruined” Jeremy/Bonnie and she replied “Because they were consequences” and Steven R McQueen asked many times JP and said in interview that he wished for his character to get back with Bonnie and JP made it pretty clear that it WOULDN’T happen, so for me, this is a tease. Also Kat G is know for being one of the only cast member that DOESN’T mingle with the writers job. She did mentioned in interview that she was glad her character was more than her love interest, but that’s it. She didn’t asked for anything.

        And I won’t go into the other character, just say that for Damon Rose and Andi Star were not nobody

    • Sarah says:

      I actually like that. Bonnie is an independent girl and probably the most mentally strong one. She doesn’t need a man.

    • Guess says:

      @ Kerry: Jeremy is not a love interest, he’s just a stand-in for Damon. It would be like Game of Thrones would’ve adapted Danenerys with a stand-in for Drogo instead of the actual Khal, a stand-in for Gendry or Jaqen instead of the actual men in Arya’s life or a stand-in for Jaime insted of Brienne of Tarth’s actual kingslayer. It completely misses the point of the story

  16. Brandy says:

    I have to agree with Anon about getting rid of Klaus and everyone about the triangle_the only one I want to see is Stefan/Damon/Elena.Theyve had Matt pining over Elena even while with Caroline,Caroline/Matt/Tyler, Bonnie/Jeremy/Anna, Jeremy/Vicky/Tyler, now Jeremy/April/? & Tyler/Caroline/Klaus , thats too many.

  17. dude says:

    I know that the triangle will always play a role in the show but does it have to right now? Can’t we let Elena be happy with her choice for a while before she second guesses it and runs to Damon? It just seems like this triangle has been drug out for far too long.

    • Kara says:

      I agree, let this triangle of doom take a back seat for awhile. Stefan and Elena deserve to have a moment together after being torn apart last season.

      • Kerri says:

        Stefan and Elena will definitely have more than a moment. I think all this is really saying is not that she’s going to run after Damon or anything but that the changes she’s undergoing and her emotional turmoil from turning into a vampire will manifest in her relationships with the Salvatores. Damon, but also Stefan.
        Besides, Plec confirmed post-S3 that Stefan and Elena will be together for a while. They’re going to have plenty of moments.

        • charlene says:

          damon would have never left her in the car to drown. That was a really weird moment; why would he do that? If you had your teenager and a friendly acquaintance drowning, who would you save? Even if you wanted to comply with your teenagers wishes to save the other, would anyone in their right mind actually do it? What was up with that?

  18. Patricia says:

    So basically Damon is going to be all over Elena again she’ll throw him a bone once on awhile but she’ll always be with Stefan. Just give Damon a new love interest ugh

    • Nini says:

      He does need a new love interest. He should tell Elena “frankly my dear I don’t give a damn” like Rhet Butler. The bone that will be thrown to him will be her manipulative way of getting fans to watch until the end like she did last season. Nothing of substance will happen with Delena because that’s not who Julie wants. It will always be Stefan, boring boring Stefan. Since we know this can’t we move on to something worthy of our super hot bad boy vamp?

    • Jocelyn says:

      ugh no he doesn’t need a new love interest! what he needs is to elena to wake up and realize that the one she really wants, is DAMON. I just really hope they end up together, their love is so beautiful.

  19. Mr. M says:

    OK, I love this show but this needs to stop, the love triangles just get messy and work poorly. The writers need to grow some balls and just STOP PANDERING TO EVERYBODY!

  20. Kara says:

    I don’t understand why any fan of Elena would like to see her with Damon at this point in the show. It makes no sense for her character. Give the girl a break and let’s enjoy the fact that she’s finally getting a story line outside of the triangle (hopefully).

    I think Delena fans need to take a step back and look at the show as a whole. Why would you want Elena to get with Damon when she obviously is still in love with Stefan? I’d rather see Stefan and Elena work out if they can find a way back to one other before she starts anything with Damon. The back and forth is just grating and ruins her character. There are names for girls that treat men like that, and I don’t think that’s what the show is going for with Elena.

    Damon and Elena might have an interesting future relationship, but now is not the time. But I will agree until the show goes there, JP should stop teasing. It’s unprofessional and just frustrates everyone all the way around.

    And to those who complain and threaten to stop watching the show, good riddance. And just so you know, no one cares.

    • nina says:

      im an Elena fan first i don’t want her playing with both brothers and i don’t want her running back to Damon. This is why SHE SHOULD PICK HERSELF in the finale because she was not ready to choose. Im glad she finally have a storyline on her own but this show was promoted as a love triangle and after 3years we are practically on the same place. DE fans has a right to be pissed.
      She should stop playing with us, this is what is irritating!

      • Kara says:

        You call yourself an Elena fan first and then go on to say how the show hasn’t catered enough to what you want. Okay then, contradict yourself much?
        Do you really want Elena to go there with Damon before her character is emotionally committed to him? When she is obviously atm much more emotionally committed to Stefan (remember, Damon’s brother?) Do you think so little of her?
        But I agree, JP needs to stop pandering, it is irritating for everyone.

        • nina says:

          im not. Pay more attention to my words. She should have pick herself because the triangle is not ‘over’ and she will be struggling with both brothers again. I don’t want that.
          Im tired because this show was promoted as a love triangle and nothing happened, we’re on the place. With Elena stuck with Stefan, Damon stuck with her and Stefan stuck with her. It’s boring as hell. Im looking forward to see Vamp!Elena but that’s it.

    • Kerri says:

      I think you’re looking at only one side. Obviously Elena loves Stefan but her feelings for Damon can’t be ignored. I’m a huge fan of her character which is why I want her to be honest with herself. Even in the finale, she only talked about her feelings for Stefan when making the choice. She’s crying on the phone while letting Damon go and she never says anything more that “I care about you.” The girl is like the messiah of TVD, she cares about everyone and everything. We all know that there’s more to it than that, you don’t feel like you’re being consumed by someone who you just care about.
      As an Elena fan, I just want her to be honest! I swear, the amount of “I don’t know what I feel/what I want”‘s last season were absurd. I thought going into the finale that that would change but it actually didn’t. Superficially, her choosing Stefan should have been an indication that she knew what she wanted but she didn’t deal with her feelings, or even give them a name, for Damon at all. “I never unfell for him” “he came into my life at a time…” These are quotes that show her devotion to Stefan, her reasoning, but they fail in every way to really solve the real questions everyone was asking. Who does she love more? What are her feelings for Damon? Elena is a very loyal person so I always knew that she’d stick by Stefan and that she wouldn’t just get over him but she needs to acknowledge her feelings for Damon before I will think she should just be with Stefan and Damon should get a new love interest. Her words scream denial which just means the triangle’s not over. There was a need for a choice for a reason, she has significant feelings for Damon. It’s not out of character for Elena (who is an overburdened 18 year old with a lot of conflicting emotions) to still rely/lean on Damon after season 3. She’s lost so many people and she trusts and looks to Damon in a lot of things so to expect that to change just because she’s with Stefan is more out of character.
      If she loves Stefan more, if she knows that he’s not just a “right now” choice, then great! Get Damon a new love interest and have him move on and have Elena be with Stefan. As long as she denies her feelings for Damon, the triangle’s going to continue .

      • Kara says:

        I think you are reading way too much into Julie Plec’s writing, giving her way too much credit.

        Elena is not in denial I wouldn’t say (if she was the make out seen at the motel would have never happened). I think she’s just being realistic about the situation before her. She has explored her attraction to Damon, and it seems to me it wasn’t more important than her love for Stefan. She did make a choice in the moment, and it was an important moment for her.

        I think that point was driven home in the season finale to anyone who was paying attention, Elena cares deeply for her loved ones. Of course she is going to choose the one who respects that and takes it to heart. ie the whole sacrificing herself, asking Stefan save Matt before he could save her. Damon would have let him die to save her, and Elena never would have been able to live with that, or forgiven him for it.

        But I take your point, we’re still about half way through the series and obviously JP has more planned for Damon and Elena, and Stefan and Elena, each relationship will each evolve. But I hope it will be more about Elena’s character evolving first and fore most. The triangle should be pushed into the background for awhile. That’s just my two cents.

    • Louise Marie says:

      Because it is obvious that Elena also has feelings for Damon! It is like “Rose” said. Elena and Stefan are soulmates and their love is deep and pure, but with Damon it would be different. Elena makes Damon a better person, and Damon challenges her, surprises her, he makers her question her life, her beliefs.

  21. steph says:

    Personally, i like the love triangles, after all it is baisically the entire plot of the series. Also i am an aggressive klaroline shipper and i would be really pissed if caroline and klaus did it while he was in tylers body. But i wouldnt mind too much if they broke up. I also hope that elena will finally come to her senses and end up with damon, after all, he wasnt the one who let her die hence turning her into a vampire, the very thing she didnt want…
    Anddd i dont want Jeremy to be with some April chick. You cant just bring some random character out of nowhere that the viewers know nothing about to have a serious relationship with a protagonist of the show. I personally think jeremy and bonnie belong together. They are so perfect for each other because they have so much in common and they have gone through so much together.
    Julie plec is loosing her marbles a bit. I think theyre milking certain things to keep the series going and they are giving shippers false hope to keep them watching. Like why have a klaus and caroline flirtationship if nothing was to come of it? Just leave it out…
    But im so pathetic as to still be excited for season 4

    • Julia says:

      Stefan let Elena die? Turning her into a vampire? DElusional.

      I do not like Damon and Elena like at all, and even I can think of better reasons to justify them.

    • Brit says:

      I am an agressive Klaroline shipper too which is why i am happy that i read an interview by Plec the other day saying that Klaus will not have sex with Caroline in Tyler’s body at all and for us Klaroline fans not to worry.

      Also, i am so sick of people wishing Klaus would just die…umm hello i really don’t think he is going anywhere now that he is the bloodline of everyone and the writers just started this whole Klaroline ship. Klaus is my favorite character…i think he is the most dynamic and personally i think the ratings would drop if they killed off Klaus and the Originals..they are what held the show together in season 3. And its stupid that people rather have Katherine back than keep Klaus…i loved Katherine but Klaus such a better character than her..

  22. Nini says:

    It can’t be the end of Delena when it’s never been allowed to start. I’m not sure how she sees that they’ve made progress or will make progress when she keeps having Elena revert back to Stefan constantly. Honestly if I were Damon even if she she ever did claim to want me and be in love with me I wouldn’t believe her. What will happen here is she’ll be “confused” briefly about her feelings for Damon because her emotions are heightened so she’ll tease him again but in the end tell him nope she just wanted Stefan after all. It’s not progression is yo-yoing and it’s mean. Let Damon at least regain his dignity and keep it. There are plenty of other storylines to play with.

  23. maggie says:

    Matt needs a love interest and a good storyline… he never does anything

    • Captain T says:

      Completely agree. Poor Matt! None of his relationships have ever worked out, and his sister died…and his Mum is useless… GIVE ZACH ROERIG A DECENT STORYLINE. kthxbai

    • Tim J says:

      I agree 100% maggie, I like Matt he has had a lot of heartbreak with Elena and Vickie his sister dying, He us a good Guy, they need to up his roll on the show, he needs to have a special power or something, he does not need to be the only normal teenager

      • Louise Marie says:

        I disagree. It’s like in the books: as the story goes along, he remains the American golden boy, the star athlete and everybody’s friend. And that is exactly his strength. He is reliable, and the best friend.He is the one normal guy and therefore gets to deal with a lot more: he is the only one who does not have an edge or an advantage in the struggle against everything they encounter. He is just a very sweet, reliable guy and that is why he fits in the show. Though, it would be awesome if he turned out to be some kind of Superman-guy, because everybody would want it for him ^^

    • Corey says:

      Matt needs to get together with Rebekah

      • Tim J says:

        I have thought of the same thing, but i dont think it will happen, his roll on the show is boring, i know he is the nice guy he needs to do something, He still Loves Elena maybe she will love him back, and leave the two brothers now that she is a vampire. (or is she)

    • Corey says:

      Matt has Rebekah as a love interest but his love for her is gonna turn into hate……at least for now

  24. Ally says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Bonnie and Damon will get together? Everytime they have a scene together they seem to detest each other so much but I detect some subtle intent on the writers part to build a relationship between them.

    • Kerry says:

      No,you´re not the only one,but I think they are endgame… good things need time. I love the Bonnie and Damon scenes,they are like cat and dog and both have a very strong personality. I´m looking forward to their relationship,it will be explosive!

      • Louise Marie says:

        In the books, they also explore this kind of relationship between Bonnie and Damon. Bonnie being the witch character and Damon the big bad vampire (there are a lot of differences between the book and the show – as you probably know). Bonnie has less of a strong personality and deals with a lot of issues, and she likes Damon as her saviour. He also takes a liking to her, but in the end realizes he loves Elena and doesn’t want to string Bonnie along. Bonnie also realizes that it can never work between her and Damon, mostly because of Elena.
        So, I doubt that they can make it work in the series. Yes, there is a lot of energy between them, but I don’t think it will be very believable to match these two characters up together. Damon is very stubborn and only has “romantic” feelings for Elena, so I think he is know acting up and trying to hide everything from Elena. She choosing Stefan, and refusing to fess up to her feelings about him will send him in a downward spiral that only she can break (I think).
        And the writers have shown that Bonnie has indeed a very strong personality and belief-system. And she would have to deny everything she (and her grandmother) stood for to go with Damon, so I doubt this will happen. Plus, there’s still the whole Jeremy-Bonnie ordeal. I mean, she brought him back from the dead – how do you top that?

        • Texas45 says:

          I love Elena, Caroline, Stefan, Damon, Tyler, Matt and Jeremy and would love to see Bonnie and Damon get together because I think that would make the show more interesting. I hated to see Alaric leave. Elena, Damon and Stefan with this love triangle is getting a bit old. I know in the books Bonnie and Damon doesn’t really work, due to his love for Elena, but we had the whole Katherine and two bothers loving her for over 145 years now with Elena (doopleganger/vampire) the same brothers loving her until probably the show ends. Seems a bit like “True Blood” storyline to me. Bill and bad vampire Eric can’t seem to stop loving the same woman. I know this is a supernatural show, but how long does one have to be in love and not move on?

          I would love to see Bonnie with Matt or Damon…sorry Demon, Stefan and Elan fans – just my opinion. Bonnie is so sweet and beautiful and I think she can bring out Damon’s softer side. We’ve had Damon in love with Katherine and Elena for almost 150 years shouldn’t we give him someone that is sweet and beautiful to love him? Matt is a good guy so this would make since for him to be with a good sensitive woman like Bonnie. I know Kat doesn’t want her character centered around a love triangle and the writers should/can be creative not to let this happen.

          Don’t ge me wrong, I am not hating on any of the characters because I love them all, but I’m so sick of every guy on this show obesssing over Caroline and Elena when there is another sweet girl that deserves some love and attention as well. This is another reason why I stop watching “True Blood” because I was sick of the love triangle and every season was to save Sookie.

          Whatever the writers do with Season 4 I’m sure there are going to be some of us that are not going to be satisfied because we are all human beings and we are never satisfied.

          I apologize if I hurt anyone’s feelings.

      • Tim J says:

        Then we will really see how Elena fills about Damon, when he is with her best friend, I like the idea Bonnie and Damon, thanks Ally and Kerry

  25. As much as I love the characters of Stefan, Caroline, and Tyler, I am so over the triangle. I think it’s time that I move on from TVD…

  26. britany says:

    I don’t get the hatred comments. If you are so fed up of the triangles, stop watching the show! They have to move forward with the show rather than going back in time!! What Julie Plec have commented on here is not foreign to any of us. All of these things are expected as per s3 endings. So haters go to hell and don’t complain plz!

    • Manie says:

      It’s not hatred it’s critique over a series that people love/loved and that has been going down since S2… People have been complaining so much this season compared to the other ones, and yes people do stop watching (look at the ratings) The thing is, what people complain about here are reflected in the ratings. “Fangirls” wanted more DE everyone thought it was the most popular thing, well apparently, no. The episode with the worst rating was the episode where Damon and Elena kissed during that roadtrip.
      People want TVD to go back to its glorious days, meaning at a time where the only triangle was D/E/S and that the TVD was about Stefan telling his story, but above everything, TVD was more than love triangles, and repetitive plotlines and OOC character. People complains because they want things to change for the better. And I won’t say sorry for saying that I want a show that I love to get better.
      And on a side note, I dropped S3 for a while because I thought it was bad last season. And I assure you, if S4 is just as bad, I will stop watching all together and won’t complain anymore and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. But I still have hope that something will change, sadly the more spoilers we get and the more discourage I get. I don’t want to watch another season of Brunette!Elena and Blond!Elena(aka Caroline, aka Book!Elena) misadventures. TVD is a supernatural show not a soap opera.

      • Reward says:

        T O T A L L Y A G R E E.

      • Kenny says:

        Thank you for this comment,100% agree!!

      • britany says:

        Ratings vary despite what episodes they show. And I agree the show has been losing its charm in s3 but as you can see with the ending they are going move forward with the books. (I haven’t read them so I can comment on that) DE scenes were interesting only in s1, its kind of psycological, when the guy can’t get the girl, the act is appealing, as soon as they meet up, we find it boring and it happenes in everyother tV drama and movies. The fact there are more DE fans than SE proves their chemistry is ore appealing to audiance. The part abt Tyler/Klaus we can’t speculate anuthing abt it…I guess we’ll have to wait and see… And I for one am looking forward to it.

        • britany says:

          Mind my spelling and grammar errors. Typo becuz I’m using my new phone and still not used to the keypad yet.

  27. Reward says:

    First of all: I want Katherine back because her absence, in S3, was absolutly drammatic. She is a brillant character and Julie Plec doesn’t know all her potential.
    Second: Stop with all these triangles (Delena, Stelena, Klaroline, Boremy … ). Really: STOP! I think that S3 was awful for 2 reasons:
    1) Too love and too little action
    2) Klaus. I think JM is a great actor but his character had to die.

    In S4 I want more blood and more action and, above all, I want the plot makes sense. I’m gonna watch first 6 episodes. If Julie Plec doesn’t remedy the mistakes of season 3, I’ll stop watching the show.
    Damn it! IMO If I have to watch love and traingle … I watch a soap opera.

    And I repeat: I want Katherine back and Klaus need to die.

    • Corey says:

      I know.After Katherine left,it wasn’t the same.I thought season 3 was gonna be the best season(although mostly due to Tyler & Caroline getting together),but the second part of the show was mostly just about Klaus starting to get neutered and Elena not being able to pick between Stefan & Damon along with the fact that she couldn’t say “yes” whenever she was asked if she had feelings for Damon

  28. Anon says:

    After watching some You Tube videos of Stefan and Caroline I now ship Steroline but I don’t know if that will ever really happen

  29. Jess says:

    Seriously? Can’t they bring anything new? It’s getting boring …

  30. michelle says:

    Why do they keep going on with love triangles I want more action like in season 1 and 2 watching those seasons was great I couldn’t wait to watch the next episode with season 3 it was annoying Stefan is better as the good guy and Damon as the bad guy just leave Elena and Stefan together they fit and bring Katherine back and a new villain to mix things up

  31. Brit says:

    I seriously can’t believe that most of you want Klaus dead, he is seriously in my opinion the best thing that happened ( him and the Originals) I got so bored of Stefan and Damon and the drama with Elena that Klaus was the only think i liked about the show. We have still barely even touched his story and the Originals…and so what if he isn’t pure evil…who is? I love that Klaus has some humanity in him and that he is really hurting inside because everything he is been too…that makes him a dimensional character. if he was just evil, he would be so boring. and Caroline is one of the best things for him on the show cuz is shows a new side to him but he is still badass! So I’m ashamed that everyone wanted Klaus dead..he is one of my favorite characters because there are so many levels to him.

  32. Helenna says:

    I really want fore damon and elena to be together because she will remeber that damon compelde here to forget that they met before stefan saved elena in the car krash!

  33. luli says:

    When is kevin coming back????

  34. francy says:

    i love JP for create a show like the vampire diaries and i really enjoy it! but she need to stop with all these triangles because they’re boring now.
    i really love forwood and i’m tired to see them mess up,they are happy together,tyler and caroline really love each other, why JP have always ruin them? i hope that this girl haley doesn’t create too many problems for forwood,because they’ve already have enough,but i’d love see caroline a little jealous of tyler!
    i don’t understand what klaus will do in tyler’s body, because JP two day ago has confirmed that klas will not have sex with caroline in tyler’s body while she thinks it’s tyler,so i hope that when “clothes will fly”will be already the true tyler really want tyler back because the only thought that klas is in his body and does wherever he wants(thing that is very gross and wrong)makes me very upset.
    I do not want klaus die because I think he’s a very interesting character and joseph morgan is great actor, I just want that he stays away from caroline and tyler and let them live their love

  35. nightmagic says:

    its so disappointing Damon is going back to season ones Damon .i hope they dont make him a punching bag again but i also would hate him pure evil ..Last season he was there for Elena every step of the way .He stood by her rescued her and he got no acknowledgement at all !!! one kiss didnt justify so much anger from elena especially after everything he did to help her For me that season was ruined because of that and the hope given to delena when they werent going to follow through with it .what a let down .I have lost alot of faith in this show i can only hope season 4 will be better .i love season 1 and 2 so much !!! and only a up to ep 11 of season 3 .

  36. Leonie says:

    I would love for Elena and Damon (Delena) to get together in this season, the whole erasing her memory should show her how much he obviously cared for her and how he somewhat controlled himself in regards to her relationship with stefan. He saved her so many times last season and it is kind of a let down that DELENA might not happen now, its lead up to her and Damon so why not let it happen?
    Tyler and Caroline are the best couple though so please dont let Klaus take advantage of her. Nothing like that has really happened previously in the past three seasons so it would kind of ruin the whole basis behind the show.
    Cant wait for the next season by the way but please dont ruin my favourite show guyss :)

  37. gracie says:

    i think with the elena/stefan/and damon its going to be very interesting seeing them together helping her out with this vampire stuff… also caroline is going to be stefan sort of wingman in a sense that lexi was to him a really good friend…. klaus/tyler /caroline story line i think that or hope goes like this klaus in tyler body is only going to kiss caroline she may want to do something more but he is only going to kiss her… caroline is going to know the change of tyler discovering that is klaus and she will get mad…. tyler when he gets his own body back is going to be a little confused why caroline its a little upset…then with this new girl coming back to mystic falls caroline will get a little jealous and klaus will be there for her even thou she is mad at him… that the way that klaus is going to be near her or try to get near her…. for bonnie/Jeremy the new girl will have an impact on there friendship… bonnie has a new friend the boy that lives with her mother… we just have to see season 4 cant wait!!!!!

  38. Thana says:

    Why it’s all about Stelena?? They are boring , with out any passionate or chemistry un like Delena. Damon suffered the last three seasons so so SO many times and also we ( Delena fans ) . Let season four be the season of Delena and it’s okay to see Stelena for a little while. Let Stefan gets a new love interest , I really believe that he can love someone else other than Elena but Damon I don’t think that he able to do it and I’m not saying this because I’m a Delena shipper but it seems obvious to me. It really breaks me up the fact that Damon always comes in the second place after Stefan ALWAYS. This season Damon needs to come in the first place JP must understand this and do something about it. Elena needs to know that she chose the WRONG brother this season sooner than later. I believe that Delena will be the endgame, it’s obvious even if she chose Stefan that doesn’t mean it is the end of Delena like Julie said . Anyone agree with me ( Delena shippers)

    • Ellen says:

      Stelena is not boring. You need to rewatch season 1 & 2 because they have amazing chemistry. I disagree, I think Damon could love someone else. I think he still loves Katherine, he only turned his attention toward Elena when he found out Katherine could care less. It’s Damon fault that he keeps coming in 2nd place to Stefan, he should stop going after his brother’s girl. Elena did not make the wrong choice. In my opinion there should never have been a choice in the season 3 finale. Damon knew she loved Stefan. All I ever seen between Elena and Damon is friendship/brotherly love.

    • Nicole says:

      I also think that they should give Delena a shot because if Elena was really in love with Stephan she would have never fell for Damon. Therefore she should be with Damon. Because she obviously isnt in love with Stephan anymore she just doesn’t wanna admit that to herself. And she doesn’t wanna admit that she is falling for Damon because she will feel guilty. I think it’s messed up how Damon changed everything for her but she still picks Ste

  39. Karen says:

    I completely agree with you. I think that for the writers to take us for the ride that they did for three seasons only to have them never happen is just too cruel. I just want to see them together. I will go another season in hopes that they will finally give us something. It won’t be the end game or the end series. They can break up and get back together. Just give us something. Let us see them together for a minute and have Elena choose him over Stefan. He went through too much with her last year to have been left to die alone.

    • nightmagic says:

      i agree completely its exactly how i feel to .to be given that hope when there really was none was a complete let down .

  40. S says:

    Also, who cares if Elena is Damon’s brother’s girl?! All is fair in love and war. He wants her, he fights for her. You have to let your feelings out. Or else you are just some useless lump of a person

  41. S says:

    Who the hell cares if Elena is Damon’s brother’s girl? If you want something, fight for it and don’t give up. All is fair in love and war. You have to let your feelings out, otherwise youre just some useless lump of a person

  42. S says:

    TVD was based on love triangles you impertinent bitches. If you don’t like it, get out! If you wanna watch something non-sexual or plot-full then go watch something like Hannah Montana. I love the love triangles. Damon doesn’t need to find someone better, it’s what keeps it exciting!! It’s what it’s about ,,|,, tvd is amazing as is #YOUGOJULIEPLEC

  43. V says:

    I agree but I think the other love triangles should vanish but they should keep damon Elena Stefan

  44. Heather says:

    I am a definite Klaroline shipper. But after all the things that Klaus has done, its obvious that Klaus and Caroline can never have a actual relationship, though I am excited to see how Caroline’s feelings toward Klaus develop.

  45. Me gusta el lado Vampiro de Elena, Muy encantadora como lo es Stefan ;)

  46. Aubrey Artz says:

    The books were all about the SE/DE love triangles with bits of other characters on the side. The show is totally not the same in plot line (thank god for that, Elena turning into a supernatural-goddess- glowing being who could fly would be too strange) but the whole Elena having crazy feelings for Damon is there, but her ultimate-tops everything-love, the regardless-of- Damon-feelings love that Elena has for Stefan is there too.

    But come on, people need to get over it. I LOVE! this show believe me but even if they drag this show out for another 5 years and Elena and Damon have a whole season of feelings, love and passion, and then another with Stefan, or one with both combined she WILL NEVER choose either one b/c she’s selfish and cant let go of either one, and neither one will let the other brother have her for himself.

    Because thats the whole premise of the books & show. So enjoy it while it happens but no matter if your a Die-hard Delena or a Stelena fan your SOL my friends. It’ll most likely ever be THAT easy and it’ll drive you crazy wishing otherwise.

  47. Nicole says:

    Honestly I think they should give Delena a real shot for a relationship. I mean I like stelena, but it’s old news and making the show less intresting. But I’m curious what would happen between the love triangle if Delena was official.

  48. Linda Marie says:

    I was starting to get bored with the TVD in S2. I always want to know the how’s and the why’s and Julie Plec and the rest gave that to me in S3 with the back story of the Originals. It opened up a whole world of possibilities with story lines instead of keeping with just Elena and her angst and only life in Mystic Falls (boring.) Klaus stirs the plot each eps and keeps our boring vamps from having me nod off. TVD started to feel like 90210 only with vamps. Thank God Elena is now a vamp cause I got tired of the entire group coming to her rescue and everyone else (usually Bonnie) facing the fallout. Never shipped anyone till Klaus looked at Caroline because he didn’t look at her like a f*** buddy. He looked at her like she could end his constant need for approval, love and companionship and he’d look no further. just my view no hate for others who see it different.

  49. Cassie Q says:

    In my considered, and sadly I must say it is a VERY considered (far too many ‘work’ hours have been spent in the dedication of such consideration) opinion, the love triangles that left us on edge at the close of Season 3 aren’t going to go very far at least in the first brushes with Season 4. For one thing, we wouldn’t respect these characters if they weren’t multidimensional and at least somewhat decent, most specifically, Elena. I don’t see her jumping into anyone’s arms.. or at least any one person’s arms more than any others. We’ve already heard that she’s going to be really dependent in the beginning of the season. Obviously, she’s wading through the wreckage of what were once her unformed dreams of a future life. We know she hasn’t really thought life post-Mystic Falls High through, because she’d know that if she wanted an even quasi- normal life she’d never have that with a vampire… as Damon succinctly put it, they can’t have kids (“but we sure love to try”… *sigh*). So now we’re going to see her bereft of hope and I don’t think that’s going to leave a whole lot of room for romance. I think we’ll see the bonds of friendship forged deeper than ever between her and Damon as he’s really the only Salvatore who will understand her struggles. Stefan might be able to be there for her if he didn’t have the bloodsucking equivalent to ‘roid rage. So there, we might get an embrace, or a romantic dialogue exchange, but keep dreaming (and I will… especially the hot scene in ‘Heart of Darkness’ … Dear Julie Plec, it’s me, Margaret.. please send us a steamy Delena scene) if you expect any more than that before 2013. As for Jeremy- Bonnie… I think Bonnie is going to be too caught up in her magic troubles to have time to think about romance. And I’m glad for it. Quite frankly, I didn’t feel like the bond between those two characters was realistic. Jeremy very savagely wants normalcy, and it makes him hard to like as a viewer, let alone as a witch. Unless Bonnie, loses her magic… which I suppose could happen?

    Finally, Klaus-Caroline-Tyler (Matt?). Honestly I’m at a loss for how they’ll play this out. I really like Klaus as a character. I totally disagree with everyone on here who criticizes his expansion beyond Vampire to End All Vampires. He has fantastic chemistry with the other characters and Joseph Morgan is bewitching to watch alternating between betrayed outrage, remorseless killer, spurned child, and insecure admirer. I, for one, am very excited about the prospects of Caroline and Klaus. It won’t happen quickly, or easily, but I definitely see (and reasonably so given some of the teasers in S3) that Caroline is tempted by the forbidden fruits that Klaus dangles before her. As for the reasons that Klaus would find her tempting. I must admit, I find it it a bit far fetched to truly believe this newly minted she-vamp is the one to snare his heart.. but then again, Klaus has spent the last thousand years running from his father, this is the first chance he’s had to really stop being Mr. Vicious and allow himself to care about other people, care about developing relationships.

    I think the writing team has their work cut out for them.. and unlike my peers I’m not going to take this opportunity to bemoan the fact that my particular hook on the show (Damon & Elena.. come, on like it isn’t everyones?) hasn’t unfolded the way I’d necessarily have wanted to see it happen. But I can appreciate the fact that these characters can’t just be puppets for the plot the fans want most at that moment. They are characters.. they have to evolve and devolve according to the personalities that are already established. And for the poster who wrote that Julie Plec writes like a fifteen year old who has a crush on Ian, Paul, and Joseph… first, takes one to know one… and second, (and here I’ll play the indignant child) you’re wrong! No but really, back that up.. if you really thought that way, why are you watching the show? Also, of Damon, Elena, and Stefan, the most interesting character isn’t Elena. She’s the character us normies are supposed to relate to, so yeah, she’s just not as dynamic as Damon or Stefan. As for Klaus.. uh… he’s an awesome character, and pretty much every fan of the show agrees he’s a joy to watch, so.. explain to me again, why she wouldn’t spend some time on him? There, now that I’ve spent twenty minutes rambling on in a post no one will read….

    I end with this… Ms. Plec and the rest of the writing team, I commend you on an entertaining show… and if you should ever need and extra writer :D you’d have a freakishly enthusiastic one in me!

  50. I love the last bit about reading it out loud. That tip works for not just articles, but all forms of writing, I would think. Cheers!