TV's Ultimate Bad Boy? It's Either White Collar's Neal Caffrey or Vampire Diaries' Damon Salvatore!

Two men enter, one man leaves. That’s the brutal reality of the final round in TV’s Ultimate Bad Boy Bracket Tournament, where Damon Salvatore of The Vampire Diaries will fight for supremacy against Neal Caffrey of White Collar.

It wasn’t an easy road to the Bad Boys finale for either of these characters. To make it to the end of the tourney, Neal had to vanquish Patrick Jane of The Mentalist, Harvey Specter of Suits, Logan Echolls of Veronica Mars, and in an intensely close Quarterfinal bout, Supernatural‘s Dean Winchster. Finally, he edged past Gossip Girl‘s Chuck Bass by winning 52.1% of the Semifinal vote.

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On the other side of the bracket, Damon swept to early round wins over Russel Edgington and Eric Northman of True Blood, as well as Cole Turner of Charmed. After that, he took out Raylan Givens of Justified, and then Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Spike, snagging 52.4% of the vote.

Despite their noble journeys over the past month, only one of these fellas can reign victorious in our single-elimination tourney. So make sure the right choice is made by heading down to our poll to vote for your favorite (Finals voting will be open for 72 hours), and then hit the comments to justify your picks.

If you’re wondering what criteria we used to pick our players, we cast our net rather wide — including fellas who are dark and a little bit dangerous, truly good guys with naughty, maybe even promiscuous streaks, and actual evildoers who are nevertheless tough to root against.

And if you’re interested in the match-ups that preceded our Finals, CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE 64-PLAYER BRACKET (then click again for a zoomed-in view) — and sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV. Now ready, set, vote!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Pati D says:

    I still can’t believe Damon beat out Spike.

    • Evelyn says:

      Same. I don’t even watch White Collar but I’m voting for Neal lol

      • Reward says:

        Ditto lol

        • Mal says:

          I don’t know about Spike (never watched Buffy…) but I’m voting for Neal; just because I cannot stand the teen army of Damon fans who only care about his looks. They’re as bad as the Bieber and One Direction fans on Twitter, constantly flooding up the trending topics. Ugh.

          • purple says:

            i strongly disagree with your statement. we voted for damon is not just because of his looks. he is completely a bad-ass vampire throughout season 1. and i think he is good in acting bad. think it in another way, people might think ure just like those fans who go for matt boomer’s look too. since you didnt even watch his series.

          • Austin says:

            People are entitled to like actors or music artists for whatever reason they want and if that’s looks so be it. Yeah, maybe it’s not the best reason, but it’s not nearly as bad as voting for someone just to spite other people

          • Sim says:

            Ok i am not voting because I love the both of them and I can’t just pick one. I totally disagree with on the fact that people only love home for his looks. I don’t just love him cuz of his looks but the fact that in his free time he is trying to make a difference in the world. He is not one of those snobe stars he actually will stop and take pics with his fans. Matt bomer is hot too but he is also willing to stand up for what he believes in and has an amazing voice.

          • Mal says:

            Let me clarify my comment. I watch TVD and just don’t like the way a certain segment of the fandom overlook qualities which go beyond Damon being just a bad boy, qualities like compelling girls to sleep with him, which I consider tantamount to rape. I don’t think he’s so much a bad boy as he is utterly morally reprehensible. There’s a difference for me. Whereas Neal’s a criminal with an eye for the ladies, but still essentially “good” at heart.

          • karen paul says:

            how dare you slag off Damon yes he is very hot but he is a very great actor and he is my kind of guy ok and Damon is a 1000 times better than that Neal ok so you better not slg off Damon ever a gain ok

          • lol i picked damon cause he is a bad ass character and kills people lol how can that other guy compete.

          • Ash says:

            Very true . Cldnt agree more

          • lily says:

            He is definitely HOTT but i voted for him because he is a true bad boy and EXCELLENT actor. He deserves to win.

          • You´re wrong,the appearance is only one plus.Look how he plays , that sometimes your body faces.And I´m not a teenager.Marcela.

          • Powell says:

            There’s a hell of alot more to Ian Somerhalder than his looks alone! You don’t know his fan base. It’s not even just teens but grown women too! And he also happens to be incredibly talented. How miserable are you to comment on and vote against something you don’t even care about just for spite. Go find something you ARE interested in besides spending time bashing others. Be positive. (Like IAN says)

          • Randall says:

            Mal, no offense, but you’re totally pathetic. I’m voting Damon because he’s definitely a great actor, I have even watched White Collar before, I’m a guy and I definitely am NOT voting Damon because of his looks. And you bringing in the fact about rape is hilarious, you’re not even downing Damon at all, you’re downing his actor, apparently he plays his character well considering you are trying to downgrade him with that, thanks for the compliment, but you’re ignorant.

          • Mal says:

            Actually, Randall, I quite like Ian Somerhalder, I think he’s a decent actor and I follow him on Twitter and he seems like a great guy. I just don’t like Damon, and don’t think there’s anything especially likeable about Damon the character. Unlike you (as well as the illiterates who replied to me), I can differentiate between a character and the actor they’re played by.

            In fact I’m struggling to even understand your post. How is me bringing up Damon (THE CHARACTER) raping several characters downing the ACTOR? Are you some kind of idiot? (Don’t answer that, it’s obvious you are.)

            I don’t see what’s so *hilarious* about bringing up Damon (THE CHARACTER) being a rapist. Is it not a valid criticism of a CHARACTER? You seem to be suggesting rape is okay. What the hell is wrong with you, Randall?

          • Aimee says:

            I am an almost 30 year odl fan of the Vampire Diaries (I am a wife and a mother of two). I am certainly not a teen and Frankly, the way Damon looks is not so much my thing (though I love Ian as an actor and a person). I ADORE DAMON SALVATORE and I am an avid Delena fan to the very end. I think Damon is character that shows growth and he isn’t boring. I didn’t vote in the Spike/Damon debate because I couldnt make up my mind.

            Why am I commenting because I get really sick and tired of seeing these “twilight generation”comments. Go back and watch Buffy (you said you didn’t watch.) Spike is quite bit like Damon (ok, yeah Spike is cooler cause he is more of a bad ass) but they have very similar characteristics and that was way before your supposed “twilight generation”. And by the way I have not listened to ONE Justin Bieber song and I don’t even know what one direction is…Also, what is trending, Im too old for twitter…

          • Shannon Maguire says:

            that is such a stupid thing to say :/ have you ever even watched ian acting????????? just because he has a fanbase that loves and supports him there’s no reason for you to just be against him:/

          • Kat says:

            Wow, voting against a character just because he won on another round. Who is the shallow child/teen now?

          • Laura says:

            I very strongly disagree with you there. I’m voting for Damon/Ian because he is an AMAZING actor. not because of his looks. he puts in real emotion into every episode of TVD no matter whether it’s anger, love, pain etc. For me it’s always going to be personality before looks, no matter who it is. And Ian has a great personality. And in many ways so does Damon.

          • cherie18 says:

            completely disagree. Damon won because he is a bad ass vampire and the portrayal of the character by Ian is fantastic. He is a great Actor that brings so much emotions to the Screen. Also Ian has a wide range of fans in all different age groups and that is why he is so popular,. He got also nominate for people’s choice awards and that is not on army of teens. I have loved Ian since his portrayal of the character Boone in lost .

    • It actually kind of depresses me that people would choose Damon over Spike. Lol.

      • Josh says:

        It depresses me that Neal is losing to Damon. I’m sorry since when did abusive, controlling assholes become “hot”..The Twilight generation disturbs me.

        • Sara says:

          It isn’t just the Twilight generation. I mean if you really think about it. You never said whether you liked Spike or not and wanted him to beat Damon but if you did, don’t you remember when he tries to rape Buffy? Not to mention the numerous times he tries to kill her lol. Sorry, it just bothers me that Damon seems to get a lot of hate when Spike had his moments too.

          Either way though. That’s why I’m glad Chuck didn’t get into the finals. I think Spike and Damon get a bit more leniency on the abusive thing because well, they’re actually kind of evil through no fault of their own.

          • DJ Doena says:

            That rape plot was totally bogus if you honestly think about it.

            Just consider the whole of season six and the kind of sex life Spuffy had and exactly how she initiated sex a couple of times (house in ruins anyone?) and if you are fair, then there’s no way Spike could have actually known that she wasn’t in the mood anymore.

            You can’t setup a couple based on violence that she’s initiating and then one day blame him when he goes on about it a bit rougher.

            This was one of Whedon’s fake-outs I totally did not like, just like the failed Xanya wedding for the sake of drama.

          • Austin says:

            I’m actually replying to DJ Doena but it doesnt have a little reply button next to their usernname. Anyway, if i remember correctly, she was screaming “no” which, regardless of the nature of the relationship, still means it’s rape. Consent for violent sex once or even a million times doesnt mean consent for every time.

          • Josh says:

            That’s why I said I can’t believe he’s beating Neal. I stopped liking Spike midway through season 5 so he didn’t get my vote.

            But there is a difference between Spike and Damon, a difference which made Buffy better and makes Vampire Diaries a frustrating mess of characterization. Vampires don’t have souls on Buffy, so there actions make sense. Damon has a soul but is just a mess of emotions, which makes him a psychopath, who use should be killed by a vampire hunter…Spike was a soulless demon when he tried to rape Buffy? What about when Damon abused Caroline? Andie? Elena? He was just a whiny brat who didn’t gt his way….It’s why I can’t really root for the vampires. They’re ticking time bombs!

        • LAN says:

          About spike losing over damon…ok that was too much… but about damon vs neal…seriously? damon isn’t abusive, yes kind of controlling at times but he always has a good reason to be, and deffinately not an asshole. neal is a good character but he shouldn’t even be considered as a badboy. he is mostly winning bexause of those who avenge spike

          • Josh says:

            I also agree with Austin..There relationship might been messed up but Buffy said no. Spike tried to rape her…But that doesn’t make Damon better. They’re both scum. Go Neal! Bad boy who actually treats women right.

          • Nita says:

            Yeah, I agree – Neal over Damon is ludicrous. Voting him #1 just to spite Damon fans is wrong and not what this contest is all about. C’mon people – you don’t even watch his show but you’re voting for Neal? That shouldn’t even be allowed. I love Neal Caffrey on White Collar, and I do watch, but he is NOT evil. He is a thief, nothing more, and rather charming. I don’t even understand why he was picked for this competition in the first place. Sure, it’s all in good fun, but pitching vamp against vamp is tough when you are dealing with Spike and Damon. I LOVED Spike on Buffy, esp. when he came skidding into town in a car with blacked-out windows, then fell out of the car door drunk! He was very, very good at being bad, but when he fell for Buffy, he tried so hard to change for her, that he softened up, and tried to make amends for everything he did wrong. Damon, on the other hand, is similar at being great at playing a bad boy vamp, and boy can he give a pure cold, nasty look. But when he quickly grabbed Elena’s brother and snapped his neck, just because he was mad at her, that to me, cinched him being a badder boy than even Spike. That was just pure evil for no other reason than evil itself. He has since softened up to Elena, after his bro went darkside, and he has tried to protect her, but deep down, Damon is still a very bad boy, he just wants Elena. By the way, I read the Vampire Diaries original set of 4 books way back in the early 90’s, long before it was ever considered for a TV show. The books were so good that I kept them and re-read them twice so far, so that is what made me want to watch the show. At 53 yrs. old, I’m far from being part of any “teen-army”, but I can certainly appreciate a truly evil bad boy, and if it’s Damon against Neal, Damon should win, hands down. Please don’t vote if you haven’t watched both shows and don’t know anything about the characters, because that is what this poll should be based on – having the knowledge to truly vote in the evilest guy left standing. Sorry, I loved him too, but Spike is out of the running now and that can not be changed. And Neal has also beat out some people that were much more evil than him, that he, by all rights, shouldn’t have beat in the first place. Neal is not really a bad boy at all. So, based on the last two standing, by all rights it should be Damon as the baddest bad boy.

          • wow says:

            damon freaking raped caroline that is ABUSE, which is bad so i voted for damon because this contest is a bad boy contest. neal is the better character, but damon is the badder.

          • Michael says:

            Oh dear. If you add up all of Damon’s evil deeds and call them “kind of controlling at times”, I’m very frightened for you in your future choice of mates.

        • rai says:

          It disturbs you because IT IS revolting.

        • Twilight generation? Wth? Ha the reason he is hot is cause he is essentially a good guy abusive the story wouldnt work if damon wouldnt be damon he has to be the bad one.

        • lily says:

          Ummm maybey because it just character. It’s part of being a bad ass. You have to live with who you get to act. He is excellent at acting and deserves to win. Enough said.

      • Michael says:

        Why? We are many years removed from BTVS. Damon Salvatore and The Vampire Diaries are still fresh on everyone’s minds. The fact that Spike came close to beating Damon just goes to show how enduring the characters are from Buffyverse. And, without Spike and the cult popularity of shows like Buffy and Angel, there would have been no room on TV for Damon Salvatore.

        There’s no reason to whine about the fact that Damon may have won because Ian Somerhalder is ridiculously hot. Spike will always be the ultimate bad boy and vampire for me but Damon isn’t such a terrible alternative.

        • Nita says:

          Replying to Michael about no room on TV for Damon and the VP Diaries. Actually, Buffy & Spike are not why shows like Damon’s are on TV now. Vamp interest was dying off back then, which is why there was no more Angel, and then no more Buffy, and they also canceled Moonlight, a great show about a vamp detective. Show’s like Damon’s (Ian’s) are on now, because, with the beginning of the Twilight Movies, and the remake of Fright Night, not to mention HBO’s True Blood, vamps were hot stuff once again, and the renewed interest in them caused more vamp shows to get approval. (Being Human anyone?) Also, The Vampire Diaries started out as a book series that began in the early 1990’s. The books were really great, I kept them and have read them 3 times so far. In the books Elena was blond, so I don’t know what happened there, but regardless of that, those books and those stories existed nearly 2 decades ago. They landed on the TV screen (finally) because right now vamps are hot – vamps = $$$!

    • Manie says:

      I think every single Spike fan are voting for Neal… I’m sorry but cult character getting beaten by Damon Salvatore?! No way! I’m 100% behind Neal on that one… Anyway it’s Matt Bomer, fantastic actor!

      • Sara says:

        I’m not. I voted for Spike but I’m happy with Damon too. I love his character in the show and in the book. As far as vampires go these days, Damon is one of the best current ones around. *Please note that I did say CURRENT lol!*

    • Keren says:

      Oh no! and now Damon is beating Neal!

      • Hasmik says:

        I like them both, but don’t consider Neal a bad boy, so GO DAMON!

        • Nita says:

          Oh hell Yeah! Go Damon!

          • Hasmik says:

            Thank you! You know, I keep reading the comments and don’t understand where all that hate comes from. I mean let’s imagine Neal wins, so what! We, all Damon fans (scratch that, voters for Damon), are going to flood the internet with hate-messages like “I can’t believe those stupid Nael and Spike fans went that low and ruined the fair competition. So the end of the world!”? I feel sick even imagining any of TVD fans doing that! Ugh!

          • Ana says:

            ….but they DO do that.

          • Hasmik says:

            Really? I read a bit disappointed comments from a few TVD fans, but nothing THAT insulting, or insulting the other contestant that way. I’m not arguing, maybe I haven’t read all the comments.

          • Ana says:

            When you get big, cultish fandoms like this, that’s the usually reaction. Any show/actor/character that beats out their show in something is automatically the devil and their fans are the problem with the world.

            I used to be part of a pretty major one (that a lot of people have a problem with) and left the fan interactions altogether, just because it was all drama all the time. And they get MEAN.

          • Hasmik says:

            Sorry to hear that. One question only: Why do people need to say those nasty things to each other online? To get rid of the negative energy in them? Then why don’t they just do sports or martial arts, or dance like crazy to some rock music? That helps!

          • Ana says:

            Lol, I know! I write and do theatre, and it helps so much. Honestly, I don’t know why people get so nasty about it. It’s always baffled me. Like with the war(s) between all the SciFi shows. Can’t we just all love the genre together?

          • Hasmik says:

            That is great! Ana, you’re my new favorite :D Look at us (I mean read our messages): we’re actually having a nice conversation and even looking for solutions for some specific problem. Isn’t that normal? I hope to read such normal conversations between others too. Hope dies last? :D

    • Stranger says:

      It should be a tweens and an actual bad boys categories, the kid’s show are going to turn this into a joke

    • karen paul says:

      well it is cos Damon is more hotter than Spike and is much greatter than Spike ever was and Damon is my kind of guy very sexy

      • DB says:

        Spike > Damon. Sorry, but Spike as a character had so many layers and literally fought for his soul while still retaining his bad boy persona. Damon in season 1 mightve become the new Spike but all he does now is whine about not having Elena.

    • jenna says:

      I know that’s just messed up. As for badboy, Damon Season 1 was bad. But, Season 2 and 3, sorry he’s spent more time crying or complaining he loves elena more than being bad. Love Damon, just not season 2 and 3 Damon.

      • Elwina says:

        First, Damon ist the best bad ass!!!!!!Second, he had never behaved as a namby-pamby!!!He always acts as a real man.Third, Damon has enough time to become a real villaine again!!!!
        I am sure he will do it!I love Damon in all seasons!His character is the most interesting even he shows his human side.It surprises greatly.
        So go DAMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • cherie18 says:

        Damon even in season 2 and three was still a bad ass and never lost that bad boy edge and converted to it as needed. yes he showed some of his humanity because he fell in love with Elena, and therefore didn’t shut out his feeling completely, but he said to Alaric of course i do, that is why i’m so much fun (sarcastically) to be around. That didn’t make him any less dangerous , especially when it came to protecting the People he loves. i love all of Damon, the good and the bad that are in constant conflict with each other.

    • Steph Fidis says:

      um i can. spike was a pussy compared to damon.

  2. John says:

    Avenging Spike here. Go Neal!

  3. rod says:

    Caffrey all the way !!!!

  4. Nathan says:


  5. Jason says:

    Damon. Duh.

  6. Randall says:

    Damon all the way! And people who are avenging spike, that’s pathetic and cruel..

  7. lcm27 says:

    I call this fraud, I’m sure the Vampire Diaries fangirls voted over and over. Spike is the ULTIMATE BAD BOY.

    • Damon is so annoying. Spike was (and is) awesome.

    • Lila says:

      You could only vote once. -___-

      • Kris says:

        Eh, that’s not true. Maybe they do a better job of blocking some than others, but I could vote over and over if I want. Thing is, I’m not super young, or super obsessed, so I don’t want.

        • Well, you’re obviously in one of those categories if you took the time to stop in and insult others ;) If you weren’t, then you wouldn’t have bothered… Hmmm?

          • Emily says:

            Not really seeing how Kris was insulting. It was a pretty straightforward statement of facts.

          • I came to the defense of a group being insulted. If that’s not to “self-invalidating” for you…where is it anyone’s business to come on a fan-site or opinion poll (which ever you chose) and call someone obsessed or immature. If you’re not a fan, don’t care either way or don’t want to waste your time, then what are they doing here? Either way, don’t troll pages if you’re not interested…ending point, moving on.

          • Emily says:

            Everyone here is interested. Kris voted. I voted. Stop arguing that people who rub you the wrong way must not be fans, or have no right to read, vote fairly and comment on this article. There are people here who are fans that are appalled by the heightened behavior of other fans, and they are allowed to be fed up with the sheer volume and nature of it just as much as these other fans are allowed to do what they do. I said that I didn’t think Kris was entirely wrong or insulting, and you took that as an insult and decided to try to insult me too, with irony that I chose to call you out on, which you took offense to. But, you’re right. Kris did generalize, and it was demeaning. That’s my bad, and I’m sorry. But Kris was also informing the thread that some people can vote more than once, and some people will take advantage of it, which is fact. That’s my point.

          • Kris says:

            Ugh, really? It’s a message board. Sometimes I forget how seriously things are taken here and how badly humor (including poor humor) transcends. Maybe if I had added a smiley face like you did… Anyway, I wasn’t trying to offend anyone. Sorry that you were. Heck, my thought was/is that people are honest and vote only once, so my words didn’t apply to anyone. They were sarcastic and not literal. The point was to respond to the erroneous idea that people COULDN’T vote more than once. As for people being young, I said young NOT immature. You put those words in my mouth. Young people often (don’t want to generalize) don’t have careers, they don’t have families, or any other responsibilities that come with age. If someone was going to “robo-vote”, I think odds are good that it would be a younger person for that reason. As for obsessive, eh… it may have been the wrong word, but I’m not sure it’s entirely the wrong idea, so I better back away slowly from that one. Ultimately, if you want to get insulted over a complete (and let’s be honest here, unimportant to you) stranger’s off-the-cuff remarks, I’m not going to carry that. Finally, I never said I wasn’t interested. I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t, now would I? Moving on and letting go…

        • “super young” or “super obsessed” HUGE generalizations of fans… Not insulting just “straightforward statement of facts” ummmm ok, two peas in a pod, no wonder you don’t recognize the insult… I’ll be the better person and concede ;) ummm, no insult intended! Lol

          • Emily says:

            How could someone choose to vote many, many times and not be considered obsessed? Is that not the definition of obsession? Super young is a bit harsh, although it has some truth to it, since the older you are, the less free time and more responsibilities you probably have. That wasn’t really tactful on Kris’ part. But let’s be real here; just like anyone who uses the phrase “I’m not using this as an excuse” isn’t fooling anyone, saying “I’ll be the better person” is automatically self-invalidating. Two peas in a pod… talk about huge generalizations, not to mention hypocrisy. Perhaps Kris was insulting, but I wouldn’t have bothered defending them if you hadn’t been just as, if not more insulting to them.

          • Grow up! says:

            WTF!! Do you have a guilty conscience?? Kris never said that you or whatever your fanbase is (let me guess… LOL) are super young or super obsessed! he/she only said that to vote over and over again would mean to be super young or super obsessed! What’s your problem? did you vote over and over again that you feel insulted?? well, if you did, then you should feel ashamed and NOT insulted. And if you didn’t, you should learn to read.
            Either way, please grow up!!

          • Tina says:

            Really, EMILY & KRIS…. someone counter acts your comment and you try to crucify? Who’s insulting now? Bitchy much? As for “robo-vote” even an idiot can read that it says the vote is already counted. You CAN’T vote multiple times… You two (Kris & Emily) sound like playground kids afraid someone is going to take their toys away….and Kris, “moving on and letting go” hahaha JOKE ….. I’m sure we’ll see you here again. Ooooh and before you justify MY comment on MY “fan-base” I thoroughly enjoy Neal’s character and I love Matt Bomer but I voted Damon for character bad-ass…so, before YOU think about snapping back with “guilty conscience, self-invalidating, you feel guilty or insulted” as an obvious FELLOW DAMON FAN…..”ugh” ” WTF” you two “grow up.”

          • Ana says:

            Actually, you can vote more than once.

          • The Real Rosanna says:

            FOR THE RECORD… I don’t know who used “RosannaDanaAna” coincidence, ok…but it is MY Twitter Handle… I myself didn’t leave these comments. I’m a bit embarrassed for some of my followers whom saw these comments believing it was me… Everyone is entitled to their opinions however these expressed here are NOT MY OWN… Thanks!

  8. Russ says:

    I’m still pissed Derek Hale wasn’t in the bracket.

    • jason says:

      Who is Derek Hale?

      • ishivi says:

        Go watch Teen Wolf asap!

      • Mikaylah says:

        Watch Teen Wolf. Believe me, I thought it would be a stupid, campy show (it’s on MTV! How could it be good!), but it is SO GOOD.

        • rai says:

          It is, right? So much fun! And not soapy at all -so far- unlike other show/s being discussed here. imho.
          Anyway, many people think the same of CW shows, so they don’t even bother giving them a chance. And I don’t thing shows like Nikita or Supernatural should be considered teenagey -if such a word exists.

          • Mikaylah says:

            Completely agree. TVD has turned really soap-y and I’m debating giving up watching it. It doesn’t help that I hate love triangles. Teen Wolf has been really amazing. There is such depth to the characters and the storylines are amazing. Supernatural and Nikita are my favorite CW shows, and they are much more “grown-up” than TVD, Gossip Girl, 90210, and other shows on the network.

    • astrid says:

      exactly! why could I not vote for him? Is the show considered too new?

  9. janet says:

    Team Damon!<33

  10. Ace says:

    Uh… both, please?

  11. Ugh. Why must Damon also be in these kind of tournaments finals? GO NEAL.

  12. Neither. I don’t think you people know what a bad boy is if this is the best you could do for a final out of all the choices at hand.

  13. Amanda says:

    damon is a bad ass and i love him but come on the true blood vampires are seriously cruel,evil, and what you call BAD BOYS!!!!

  14. Eliza says:

    What’s wrong with people? They’re sad that Spike lost so they want to “avenge” him by voting for a character on a show they don’t even watch? It’s really illogical.

    • Sammy says:

      It’s actually hysterical because all throughout last round the Spike fans kept talking about how immature and juvenile the Damon fans are. So this? Over a tournament that means nothing? Just ignore it, I don’t think a significant portion of the Spike fans are like that.

    • John says:

      What’s wrong with people? They’re bitchy that some people are sad that Spike lost and want to “avenge” him so they show their passive-aggressiveness by writing a snide comment? It’s really illogical.

      And not that it matters, but I was joking in case you couldn’t tell. I do happen to watch White Collar and am Neal all the way. Lesson to be learned: mind your own business.

  15. Mariam says:

    Damon all the way! Ultimate bad boy and I freaking love him <3

  16. alyssa says:

    I understand avenging a character who lost. I’m avenging Angel, who lost to Spike…and Damon took Spike out, so I am voting for Damon.

    Hahaha. I think I just gave myself a headache.
    OH, and Neal beat out Dean, which should never have happened.

    So yes, Damon all the way

    • Claudia says:

      Oh..Dean.. One more reason Damon should definitely win this! It should have been them in the finale(that would have been impossible for me). Now where are all the TVD fans out there? Let’s show everyone how loved Damon is!

  17. Livia says:

    I can’t even vote right now… I’m in love with both of these characters! Why does voting have to be so hard?!

  18. Katie says:

    Watch and love them both but Neal Caffrey gets my vote for this one because Matt Bomer and his perfect acting and his perfect face.

    • Nita says:

      Katie – That’s real nice and all, but that doesn’t make him the baddest bad boy on TV. I like Matt, too, but you seem to be missing the point of the contest. It’s not to vote for who is sexier or more attractive, it’s to vote for the baddest of the bad. With the 2 left standing, Damon is definitely much badder than Neal.

      • Katie says:

        Neal is way more badass than Damon. Damon is a vampire, he doesn’t have a soul and so you can’t really fault him for his actions because it’s what vampires do. Neal on the other hand is human and CHOSE to be a criminal. He doesn’t have to use compulsion to persuade people to do things for him, he uses his bad boy charms. When Damon was human he was the sweeter of the brothers so his bad boy-ism is solely down to his vampirism, which like I said isn’t something he can control. Needless to say whenever you see one of Caffrey’s cons on white collar they’re just amazing and you get to see his true self which is charmingly /bad/. At risk of sounding like a JB fangirl, Neal has swag, like in the episode when he went to kill fowler or when he went to steal the baseball, his crime and bad boy is just a lot more impressive to me. But then opinions are totally subjective so I don’t fault yours and you shouldn’t fault others. Besides it’s about time Matt Bomer got recognised for his portrayal of Neal, I’m bored of Damon and TVD fans winning everything. Now I’ve justified my answer properly you can leave me alone. K? bye.

        • Nita says:

          Katie, you did not need to justify your pick to me. Everyone has an opinion that they are entitled to, and opinions differ. The only reason I commented on your post was because you said you were going with Matt Bomer and his perfect face. I didn’t think the poll was about who was more attractive. That’s all. You are still entitled to your opinion. I happen to like Matt Bomer, too, by the way. I liked him way back when he was on “Tru Calling” as Tru’s boyfriend. I was very excited when he got his own show because I thought he was very worthy of it, and he is doing a great job in White Collar. It is odd, though, how the poll did come down to two very nice looking men.

      • You are totally wrong says:

        Actually, it is you (and some others as well) that miss the point of the contest. Question is: ‘Which Bad Boy do you prefer?’, not ‘Who is the baddest?’
        If it were the latter, I’m sure there were other characters, real bad ones, that deserved to be in the final round instead of both Neil and Damon. This poll is only about which character has more ‘voting’ fans and, as tvd is mostly a teen show that is currently popular, I’m afraid Damon will win even if he doesn’t deserve to, because, apart from his good looks, his character is really plain. I have always found Klaus a more compelling character of that show, but the reason he didn’t make it so far is quite obvious.

  19. Baida says:

    Damn, what a difficult pick. How I wish to vote for both!

  20. Tina says:

    Damon Salvatore for the win <3

  21. Not avenging anyone, just voting NEAL because he is, well, NEAL!

  22. samantha says:

    Voting Neal Caffrey. Matt is the better actor.

    • Nita says:

      Contest is not for best actor – it’s for baddest boy on TV. On that score, Damon wins all the way.

      • Ann says:

        Nita – go crawl back in your hole. Arguing with every single person who voted for Neal over Damon and stated why? Save yourself – and mostly us – a lot of time.

        • Nita says:

          Ann, where have I argued with every single person who voted for Neal? I don’t understand what your beef with me is – you don’t even know me. I have not tried to start arguments; I’ve stated my opinion. I do watch White Collar and I love the character of Neal and Matt Bomer. I also watch Vampire Diaries and I love the character of Damon and Ian Somerholder. I’ve stated my opinion, which everyone is entitled to. In no way whatsoever do I deserve to be told to go “crawl back in my hole.” (Besides the fact that I never crawled out of one.) This is supposed to be a discussion board for a poll, not a wall of hatred. Why can’t people come on here and give their opinions without being told off? THAT is what’s wasting peoples’ time. Why can’t you lighten up? It’s all in good fun you know; that’s the whole purpose of this poll, so why take everything so seriously?

      • Jenna says:

        If the contest was about best actor Matt would win. Neal is more bad ass. Criminals are real. Vampires are not. I dont feel anything bad ass about Ian.

  23. Emily says:

    Neal all the way.

  24. Miranda says:

    I love it tho cause these two are also the top competitors for the role of Christian Grey. My vote goes to Matt Bomer on both counts :)

  25. This is no contest for me…Damon Salvatore Always #1 In My Heart!!! And to All the Spike fans, Stop Hating! I love Spike, too but Love Damon more (smiles)…

  26. Jess says:

    Nobody can beat out damon! he is perfect!!!

  27. Guest says:

    I chose Damon, if only because he’s actually killed people (but still has a lot of good in him); while Neal is “just” a Con man with a heart of gold. They are both great characters though!! As for the Spike vs. Damon debate, both are amazing characters and actually have quite a few similarities (I have all 7 seasons of Buffy, all 5 of Angel, and have watched all 3 seasons of TVD as well). Both are vampires that have embraced the lifestyle and have a lot of emotional baggage that they brought with them that still haunts them. They both fell in love with a human woman who made them want to be “better” men. I’ll admit that Spike has had a bit more badass in his past then Damon but I just found this poll so did not vote in that bracket.

    • Emily says:

      I don’t understand why so many people keep harping on the fact that Neal does not willingly commit murder. Damon is a vampire. A vampire, by definition, kills people. Now, with Twilight and TVD and BtVS, there are many likeable “nice guy” vampires trying to hold on to their humanity, but a vampire killing people is “just” being a vampire. I hate Dean and Supernatural, and I still think that being a demon hunter is more bad ass than being a vampire that kills people. I’d like to see TVD fans dig a little deeper and talk about something besides “Damon kills people and Neal does not.” There’s more to Damon and Neal than that.

      • Stamanah says:

        Damon oozes danger, Neal does not. That’s how I see bad boys: dangerous.

        • I think Neal is a badboy. A bad boy doesn’t have to just be a guy that is dangerous and kills people. I think a bad boy is somebody who doesn’t have to kill. A bad boy, for me, is somebody who doesn’t really follow the rules all the time. Somebody who will choose to do the wrong thing, no matter if the reasons are good or not. Somebody who can be manipulative and lie in order to get what they want.

          And one does not have to kill in order to ooze danger. I mean, of course you think bad boys have to kill in order to be who they are, but I think Neal is a bad boy as well. He does ooze danger, just a different kind of danger, seeing as he is on the FBI’s most wanted list and had to go on the run to escape being captured by Kramer and possibly being put back in jail.

          Damon is a bad boy too, don’t get me wrong, but I had to go with Neal this time. I think anyone who beats Dean Winchester deserves to be in the finals and I’ll be happy even if he doesn’t win, because he’s gotten this far. I would just prefer if he did win.

          • Stamanah says:

            I understand your point, but I don’t think that bad boys have to kill to be considered bad boys. Damon’s actions are always unpredictable, volatile, while Neal’s are not. I watch both shows and love them both, but, to me, Damon fits the category better than Neal. And don’t think I voted because of looks, as I personally think Matt Bomer is much better looking than Ian Somerhalder. If only he wasn’t gay…

      • Kelly says:

        I happen to agree that there is a lot more to both characters than “Damon kills people and Neal doesn’t”, but I just opted to give that reason as the easy first response. Others have more eloquently put the differences in their badboyness (ok not really a word but …), see Jessica Nightflame Desrocher, Stamanah and several others, so I won’t try to re-state it but just know that there is more to my vote than just that. I think Neal is a very charming, charismatic, con man that doesn’t always choose to live by societies rules so he does deserve to be in this contest. Damon is charming, charismatic, impulsive, and sometimes a little insane, but he is confident in who he is and sometimes does bad things even when he doesn’t have to. To be honest, take the vampire part out of the equation and Neal and Damon share a lot of similar characteristics though they are not the same by any means … I think I’ll just go on enjoying both shows and both characters with equal measure. Oh and just in case it’s not clear, I’m the “Guest” responder from just above.

    • Nita says:

      Thank you for stating it so nicely! I agree.

  28. Amanda says:

    My two fav shows! But, I watched white collar first so neal all the way… Its hard to resist cafferys charm :)

  29. I voted for Omar Little. Omar comin y’all

    • Leah says:

      The Wire! I hate to break it to you, though… unless you’re talking about Game of Thrones, you’re not going to find too much of a HBO viewer base here. Not a rabid one, anyway.

  30. Melissa says:

    Don’t care who wins at this point the most badass characters are gone.

  31. Sue says:

    DAMON DAMON DAMON!!!!! He’s awesome and no one could play him better than Ian <3

  32. rainey13 says:

    Bad boy with a tender heart and a killer smile – Neal Caffrey for the win!

  33. TEAM MATT BOMER!!! Neal Caffery has my vote! He may not be a killer but he is a bad boy of the sexiest kind: intelligent, sophisticated and suave! I like Damon & TVD but Neal Caffery steals this one…

  34. Tricia says:

    Ugh. I hate this final two. How it’s not Dean vs Angel is beyond me.

  35. Maryam says:

    DAMON FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!

  36. The Squatch says:

    I decided to go with… Neither. Since I don’t watch either show, it really isn’t fair for me to vote. Personally, I would have preferred Spike but that ship has sailed. Being unfamiliar with these characters I would have no clue who to vote for and can’t see much sense in voting out of some revenge tactic.

  37. Mína says:

    I swear, the avid voters are either 13-year olds or have no memory beyond this past season of tv. This race hurts my television-loving heart. So many bad boys who were more deserving of this meaningless title; it breaks my spirit

  38. Phoebe says:


  39. Cuddy's lawyer says:

    Hugh Laurie isn’t in poll already? Suck,he is the best!

  40. Ally says:

    I’ve never seen White Collar before. That being said, Damon is my man.

  41. Alexandra says:

    Voting for NEAL. Damon (or Ian) has but one facial expression. I admit that his grin looks kinda sexy at first but man,every photo? (not exactly every but like 99%)

  42. Nikki Y. says:


    the end.

  43. Lila. says:

    Caffrey. One of my favourite characters ever, Matt/Neal deserves all the awards.

  44. Susie says:

    For me a bad boy does not mean highest number of kills. If it were that, I think Angel(us) and Ripper Stefan are more deserving of a spot here. Rooting for Neal!

  45. CK says:

    How do I make this decisionnnnn. Wwaaaahhhhhhhhh

  46. Kari says:

    Neal Caffrey FTW!! He’s way better than Damon Salvatore!

  47. Julie says:

    NEAL CAFFREY!!!!!!!!!!

  48. MalinaM says:

    ugh don’t let Damon win -.-