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New Supernatural Boss on Returning to the CW Series and 'Resetting' the Mythology

Supernatural Jared Padalecki Jensen AcklesNew Supernatural showrunner Jeremy Carver is coming back to the homestead with a mission: To make the Winchester brothers less complicated and more mature.

A fan-favorite writer from Seasons 3-5 — he was responsible for such memorable episodes as “A Very Supernatural Christmas,” “In the Beginning,” “Mystery Spot” and “Changing Channels” before leaving to executive produce Syfy’s Being Human — Carver says he had to do “a little bit of catching up” on Dean and Sam’s adventures once he decided to return to the CW series.

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“It was sort of like an ex-girlfriend; every now and then I’d check in,” Carver tells TVLine of the years he missed while working on Being Human.

Although Carver says he was “really, really impressed with the job [executive producers] Sera [Gamble] and Bob [Singer] did over the last two seasons,” he did notice something during his marathon viewing that he felt could be improved upon. “The one thing that struck me [while] watching Season 7 was I felt like the show got a little bit buried under its mythology,” he says of the year that found Dick Roman trying to start a Leviathan takeover of the human population. “It became a little hard to tell exactly what was going on at times. The longtime fans all deserve intricate plot, but it felt a little burdensome.”

Carver says that he hopes to grip viewers by starting Season 8 with something familiar “like a flashback that lifelong fans or early fans will hopefully appreciate the magnitude of, but new fans can also grasp onto.”

“Resetting our mythology was one idea that I tried to bring into [the show],” he adds.

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As for Dean and Sam, their time apart after the elder Winchester disappeared to purgatory, unbeknownst to his brother, will give way to more grown-up versions of the two. For one, Sam decides to take a stab at living a normal life and finds a little romance.

“Part of this season is realizing they didn’t just spend several years together; they really matured in different ways,” explains Carver. “It’s one thing to get in a car with your brother in year one, but eight years later, you’ve both matured and grown. You’re both changing and trying to find out who you are. There’s a lot of that type of exploration for these guys this year.”

Meanwhile, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke – who continues to consult at the CW series, but is spending the bulk of his time on the new NBC drama Revolution – says he has no doubt that the long-running, demon-hunting show is in good hands.

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“I love that Jeremy came back,” Kripke tells TVLine. “He learned the family business, went off, and now has come back to the family business – just like Sam! We’re thrilled to have him back. They’re obviously doing all the work, and I’m just cheering them on from the sidelines mostly as a very proud parent.”

Supernatural returns Wednesday, Oct. 3 at 9/8c.

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  1. rowan77 says:

    I’m so excited for the new season. Lots of Cas, interesting character development and better storytelling. I’m stoked!

    • Eli says:

      I hope somebody remembers that poor third Winchester whom they sent to hell and never went back to get!

      • Robina says:

        Adam who?

        Some closure on Adam, and some repercussions from the Lisa and Ben memory wipe, would be high on my list for the season, but I’m not holding my breath on either.

      • tigersmurfette says:

        yah, but the real adam was dead before the brothers even met him. they knew him for literally minutes before he ran off to zach.

        • Kex says:

          Yeah, but. He is in the worst part of hell for absolutely no reason. He got screwed because he was a Winchester and no we are just supposed to just forgett that he is stuck in eternal torment. That sucks!

    • SPN Fan says:

      I miss Bobby and Rufus

      • rowan77 says:

        I am hoping against hope that Cas brings Bobby back. He is an angel after all, and he has that power. And right now he’s the only angel left (that we know of) of the entire garrison assigned to watch over Heaven and Earth.

        Rufus was always fun. I love that he was in the episode Death’s Door as a sort of guide for Bobby while he was dying.

        • L says:

          Yeah, but with the whole episode and emotions leading to Bobby’s death, it’ll be…sort of weird to bring him back. I’d love to see him again, but it’ll sort of downgrade his death.

    • Taylor says:

      The more Castiel, the better!!

    • I think should take the seasons and turn it into one big 3hr movie on the big screen but with a little twist.just to keep you guessing.

  2. Dilys says:

    I’m so thrilled to see Jeremy Carver’s vision for Supernatural. I’m especially happy that he is hopefully going to give us alot of Cas and continue to repair the bond between Dean and Cas. I love the idea of Sam and Dean maturing and growing and I hope that each member of Team Free Will, Dean, Sam and Cas will have wonderful storylines this year. Welcome back Mr. Carver.

    • Totally agree with your post and btw love your name.

    • Mia says:


    • amanda says:

      agreed! I’m beginning my count down until October now; it’s been a long long LONG time since I’ve been excited about spn and I’m so glad for the change.

    • Ava says:

      Same! Character growth really stagnated last season up until the last episode. Every remaining member of the cast is really important and I can’t wait to see what Carver brings to the table for all of them.

    • Katie says:

      Me too. I love what Carver has said about actual character progression for two grown men (not boys) and most of all love that Cas will be back, the profound bond will hopefully be rebuilt, and Team Free Will will be back in action. And I love how enthusiastic the Js are about it – both of them seemed much happier at this year’s ComicCon than they did last year. And – Misha! So good to have him back. :-)

  3. Stephanie Scott says:

    I’m so excited for the new season! I love all the episodes listed that Carver wrote and Being Human is one of my new favorites. I’d wrongly dismissed most Syfy shows as being cheesy or low budget but Being Human was excellent — I recommend it to so many people.

    • Restless says:

      I agree :D Being Human is awesome. I would not be disappointed at all if Supernatural became a little more like it.

  4. Alex says:

    Yeah, still not looking forward to the destruction of Sam’n’Dean in the name of ‘character development.’ (Is that what they’re calling it?)

    • Ally says:

      I’m with you.

    • FB says:

      Yeah. Me too. Make them normal bros with healthy relationships and erase that “crazy, tangled up” bond that made them huge all over the world, then I don’t really see the appeal anymore.

    • Kris says:

      No, they’re calling it “maturing” now. Two strangers in a car.

      • skepticalinquirer says:

        I think Jared has said many times that he prefers the brothers separate and in conflict.

        • Restless says:

          I prefer this too. It’s more interesting, dramatic and less uncomfortable. (Nothing against Wincest, it’s the codependency that squicks me out.)

    • Me either. Not looking forward to S8 nearly as much as I have past seasons, esp after Carver said that in addition to the flashbacks Sam and Dean will have less screen time together. I can’t figure out how that works with them being the heart of the show like they all keep saying; it seems like a pretty clear contradiction to me :/

      • Has it ever occurred to anyone that maybe the reason they’ll have less screen time together is to allow Jared MORE time with his son?

        • mudd says:

          Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m almost sure that Jared is not the only man who has had to work after having a baby. He’s paid well to do the show so I’m not sure why he should be giving special treatment. Besides, It’s not like Gen isn’t there everyday with the baby. He spends plenty of time with him.

          • Christy says:

            God, people like you – you’re just unbelievable.

          • Jessica says:

            That’s bang out of order. Jared should not be treated like a dickhead if he does want to spend more time with his son. That means he’s a decent person and good father. This is all speculation anyway since nobody really knows but it would be nice if people didn’t hate on the actors.

          • rd says:

            EXCELLENT COMMENT!!!

      • Liv says:

        Less screen time together? What happened to knowing that cutting the scene where “the brothers sit on the Impala and discuss their feelings” would result in hate mail and a lot of it? I’m glad Carver is back because the last two years kind of sucked, (and if Mystery Spot and A Very Supernatural Christmas are anything to judge his level of ‘bromance’ by I’d say we’re in good hands), but the less screen time together thing is going to be a difficult pill to swallow. Oh well, we’ll still have seasons 1-5 of epic “irrational, psychotic, neurodic codependency” to drool over if season 8 turns out to be another dud. Personally, though, I hope they stop making seasons before the Winchesters are so mature and healthy they only see each other for holidays.

    • Aryan Pandey says:

      I m really looking forward to what crowly’s upto and what does he want from Kevin Tran and what happened to mother of all

  5. Chris says:

    Glad I caught this article — I stopped watching SPN last season…but I always loved Carver’s episodes, so for that alone I will tune back in come next season!

  6. Cheryl says:

    Heres hoping Carver can do what kripke and Gamble didn’t have the guts to do and thats wrapping up Castiels storyline for good this time. What they intended to do so in S 7 yet to no surprise caved to that small but very vocal group of fans.
    Lets bring back good storytelling and that excludes stuffing a character that had long past his expiration date in season after season and it excludes having yet a third cringe worthy season finale with Castiel forced in it The finales of Season 6 and 7 were a joke with Castiel the embarassing center piece in each a puffed up God in 6 and them a bumbling idiot in Season 7 What are they going to do in Season 8 my hope is send him packing enough is enough The Angel mythology was exhausted after S 5 according to kripke and it was yet it lingers on keeping the show stagnant and unable to move forward. The shows becoming a fan pandering joke and Supernatural deserves better than that Lets hope Carver thinks so too.

    • CA says:

      Your definition of small but vocal is off — Castiel remains one of the most liked characters on SPN — don’t believe me — check the net for interviews on the just how many SPN fans wanted him back. So try a very large and very loud fanbase calling for his return.

    • Alex says:

      Amen. The pandering to Cas fans is ridiculous, especially because it’s obvious that they do nothing for the ratings, since Cas’s return episode last season was one of the lowest rated. His fans are just loud and convenient for right now, and I wish they would stop getting their way.

      • TJ says:

        There is no pandering–most general fans just like Cas. They are not pandering to the FEW rabid extreme Cas haters online.

        • Madeline says:

          Cas is good in small doses. I don’t think the general SPN viewing population would like to see Cas have the same level of focus on SPN that Sam and Dean do.

          As a supporting character, Cas is great. But he isn’t (and in my opinion, shouldn’t be) a lead.

          • TJ says:

            Yes Cas is a support and great support–he was never a lead even in S4+5. So his use was fine. The level of use if on the S4, S5 would be great–support with a good level of involvement.

          • Why are you even bothering to say this? He never has been a lead. He’s had more attention than he did in season 7, and I hope he gets a lot of attention in season 8, but he’s never been a lead and he’s not going to be.

        • Tina says:

          Most general fans can do with or without Cas. I fine with him as long as he is used properly and in the right doses. No Purgatory Destiel crap and no magic solutions.

      • Hudson says:

        His return was the same night that The Hunger Games premiered. Can you people get a life? Or do you intend to spend the rest of it running around hating Cas?

        • zula says:

          Or maybe fans weren’t interested in seeing yet another episode about the neverending “Sam missing a soul/Sam getting his soul back/Sam’s wall going up/Sam’s wall coming down/Sam’s boring hallucinations/Sam going crazy” storyline and that’s what brought the ratings down.

          • ken says:

            At least it was better than the demon blood storyarc, which was disgusting, and destroyed Sam’s character. Sam used to be the favorite character, until he got addicted to the blood. Now everybody loves Dean more than Sam.

          • Kris says:

            I wish there had been more development of Sam’s hallucinations instead of cramming the whole story into one episode. I didn’t watch it live because I am so sick of the angels being shoved in everywhere. They need to fly off back to heaven now that Lucifer and his storyline is gone.

          • andrea says:

            Totally agree, zula. I DVR’d the episode and only watched the Cas and Dean scenes. Sam should have a storyline but these past two years have been OTT ridiculous. Glad to hear Carver is giving Sam a chance to explore his humanity for a change. It’s been too long since that’s happened on the show.

          • Tina says:

            @zula You’d wish honey! The episode was advertised as very Cas heavy, people were even wondering if Sam was gonna be in it at all! Try again!

          • zula says:

            @tina I don’t have to try again. Since the episode was split 50/50 between the 2 characters, logic dictates it was just as likely to have been fan dissatisfaction with the Sam portion as it was with Cas. The promo/preceding epiosde made it very clear it was going to also be about Sam losing his marbles. I read plenty of fans groaning over that fact and saying they weren’t going to watch live.

          • @ken – just throwing in my two cents – I loved the demon blood story arc. It made Sam far more interesting to me. I thought it was fascinating.

          • ken says:

            Well, Idk if I should call satanic stuff interesting, but that’s your opinion, and I respect it. But most fans hated him for doing that. I wasn’t happy with it.

      • I’m not a Castiel minion, but I don’t want to get rid of the character. I have to say I really don’t understand all the hate I read in comments for a fictional tv character. Supernatural is a great show and I really enjoy it but for crying out loud, some of the fans create enough drama to make their own reality show.

      • TouchedByMisha says:

        Let’s see the ratings.
        7E01: 2.01 million,
        7E02: 1.77 million,
        7E03: 1.720 million,
        7E04: 1.607 million,
        7E05: 1.920 million,
        … (1.80~1.70)
        7E16: 1.73 million,
        7E17: 1.63 million,
        7E18: 1.78 million,
        7E19: 1.57 million,
        7E20: 1.61 million,
        7E21: 1.666 million,
        7E22: 1.58 million,
        7E23(finale): 1.560 million

        Only 7.17 episode rating is low? The rating of season 7 was just getting lower. Maybe Cas fans could be measured between 7E01 and 7E02. Cas was back in 7E17, not 7E07. It’s reasonable Cas fans choose another channel. And it was written by Sera Gamble!!!! Doh, Ahhhhhhhh. Joke.

        And, I wonder. Why do you want Cas fans to make high the rating? Cas fans can watch the episode after watching Hunger Games and reading recaps or reviews as they want. If you want to say about ratings, it’s better that you guys do something to raise the ratings. It doesn’t sound good you blame other fans for ratings.

      • Restless says:

        Give me a break. The ratings dropped from 0.7 to 0.6 WOW OMG. Excuse me while I proceed to roll my eyes at you.
        Seriously, a whole tenth of a percentage point is suddenly proof of something? Fine, I’m going to say it means 83% of Supernatural’s audience loves or at least tolerates Castiel. No, I won’t, because I’m not willfully ignorant of ratings like you, Alex. All the other episodes were back to a 0.7 after that. Even though Castiel was in some of those too! WOW.
        Also last season ratings dropped worse from 1.0 to 0.8 in the final two episodes after The Man Who Would Be King. By your logic does that mean fans had zero interest in seeing Sam running around in his own mind?


        Also, comparatively The Borne Again Identity held up well. Fringe fell three tenths from a 1.1 to a 09 rating, and Castiel sure as hell wasn’t on that show, so try again, Alex.

        • Tuscaloosa says:

          A+. This moron pulls that argument out on every article. All the ratings were down that night because of Hunger Games. If it was anything to do with Cas ratings would only have been down for Supernatural.

    • Hudson says:

      And there you are again spewing the same haterade you spew in every article. Cas is well loved by most of the Supernatural audience, barring a tiny group of haters who run to post any time an article is posted and spam all the production staff on twitter. You do not speak for the fandom, you speak only for yourself. And clearly they are not going to send Cas packing. Instead he will be a vital part of the season and the majority of fandom is very happy and excited for the new season.

      • I had a lot of affection for the character of Castiel in the past, but during seasons 6 and 7 I found his presence lacking any real reason. Or rather, it seemed to me that the plot was contrived to include him. If the intention was to build Castiel into the story organically, it is my opinion that the show failed.

        If Castiel’s presence in season 8 is really, truly necessary to the progress of the Winchester’s story, then I’ll welcome him back with open arms. However my taste for Castiel has been bittered by the way he was used the last two years. I don’t hate Cas, I don’t love Cas. I enjoy him when he’s necessary and integral to the forward momentum of the show and two leads and right now I don’t feel that he is anymore.

        • Restless says:

          Considering the show failed to organically include Dean and Sam (in my opinion) in the story last season, I think that’s fair criticism. Stories should come from and be driven by the characters, not the characters being forced into the plot.
          Though I personally don’t care if Castiel is there to progress the Winchester story or not, because I’m more interested in Castiel than I am the Winchesters, haha. Plus all characters should have their own stories. That’s just good writing. They shouldn’t be used as mere plot devices like you’re implying.

      • Kris says:

        Pot, meet kettle.

        • megalion says:

          The whole Castiel argument is a bunch of angry people beating a greasy stain in the road. What used to be a dead horse.

          That goes for both sides.

          • Jellymoff says:

            Thank you. I am so tired to every SPN discussion turning into” I love Castiel!” vs. “Castiel ruined the show!”. Get over it people!

          • Teresse says:

            So true. You get about 4-5 good comments before one of these insects shows up to irellevantly talk about how Cas should be written off the show (Castiel wasn’t even mentioned in this article,) and is confronted by a dozen from the other side. Going to Supernatural forums and articles used to be fun. Now it’s just wank wank wank.

    • Jo1027 says:

      Exacatly, I’m with you and want the angels to be gone for good. That storyline has been done and is over. Stick a fork in it.

    • Oh, not you again. Cas wasn’t even mentioned in this article, you must be pretty obsessed with him to keep bringing him up all the time.

      Also Castiel is an awesome character, and I want him to stay on the show as long as it’s running.

    • Tuscaloosa says:

      LOL. Is that you, Benson35?

    • Mara says:

      That group is anything but small, so get your facts straight. And if you call that group vocal, then what do you call the people whining, hating and complaining on every article anytime they feel someone or something threatens their precious Winchester bond, going so far as to hate on the secondary characters even when they are even’t mentioned? Besides, Castiel was barely in Season 7 and yet, that season sucked, episodes didn’t make sense, relationships were stagnant and so on and so on and so on. But it’s so handy blaming characters and fans you don’t like for everything that doesn’t go your way, isn’t it?

      • Christy says:

        Looks like the Silent Majority must have sent their huge majority of… about 190 people. LOL!

        • oppar says:

          ugly cackling

        • Jessica says:

          The silent majority is so massive a movement their twitter feed, tumblr, and facebook pages died out of actual contribution quickly that they had to resort to copying and pasting random quotes from the internet by the same 30 or so rabid sam fans. If this was a political race the Castiel haters would be the equivalent to a write in vote for mickey mouse.

    • Dot says:

      It’s amazing to me how fans keeping scapegoating Castiel for the show’s writing problems. Whatever problems there are with Castiel’s character, Sam and Dean suffered from the same drawbacks. But no one complains Sam and Dean are redundant or useless or should be removed because they are the main characters.

      But it derails from what actually happened to claim that removing Castiel will fix it. There are things specifically related to Sam and Dean that need a different approach and more attention.

      As for pandering, I’ve seen it often enough–the accusation that it’s “pandering” whenever Castiel–and supporting character fans–get five minutes of anything they want. So what is it when Sam and Dean fans get what they want? Of course there’s a portion of fans who think they’re the only real fans and no one else could possibly love Sam and Dean or care about SPN the way they do, so of course they think anything that’s a variant on exactly what they want is “pandering.”

      • Katie says:

        Amen to all of this. The problems with Sam and Dean’s characterization in S7 are nothing to do with Cas being on the show because he wasn’t there for 80 percent of that season. It’s ludicrous that people keep blaming him, and I don’t see how they can possibly think the brothers’ relationship will improve without other people in their lives. Without those important OCs the writers just fall back on brotherly bickering to create plot tension – as they did in S7. Carver is setting up the possibility of the brothers being partners who are working together because they want to and not because there is no one else. More power to him, and more power to the Js who both deserve better than they were given to do in S7. Both of them seem enthusiastic for what look like new and interesting opportunities, and that’s a good sign.

    • Christy says:

      I don’t quite understand why you’re here. The head of the CW has said Misha will be in a *minimum* of eight episodes. There really isn’t anything you can do about that at this point.

    • Sandy says:

      Hi Cheryl! Fancy seeing you again. Do you hunt every SPN article just to post your Castiel hate? Sounds like a “small but very vocal” behavior to me. ;)

  7. Madeline says:

    I just hope that Sam and Dean growing up doesn’t equal growing apart.

    We keep hearing Sam and Dean won’t have as many scenes together this season…not looking forward to that at all. So much of the magic of SPN is the chemistry between Jared and Jensen, and the relationship between Sam and Dean.

    The show is grounded in the brother relationship. Take that away (as we have seen glimpses of over the past 2 seasons) and the show is weakend. Just my opinion.

    • ken says:

      The writers said their time apart will be expressed on flashbacks

    • Ally says:

      It’s my opinion as well.

    • FB says:

      That’s so true! When Sam&Dean relationship is lacking so is the entire show. Sam&Dean must be the point in which every other thing meet. That’s not to say the show has to be about them only. Other characters are good for them, but as you said “the show is grounded in the brother relationship”, and that’s the unbreakable core of it all. Hope they don’t take it away.

    • Milana says:

      If Sam and Dean won’t have as many scenes together this season then it’s probably because Jared and Jensen asked for more time off – with Jared being a new dad and both of them married that’s pretty understandable. At the end of the day SPN is their job, not their life. That doesn’t mean that the writers will, as you say, take anything away from the brother’s relationship.

    • Eaksoy says:

      Am I the only one watching this show for the supernatural stuff?? I mean I love the brothers but I want to see HOW they deal with the supernatural not constantly cry about each other.

      • Alan says:

        thank you thats the first sensible thing ive read in this entire comments section

      • :D

        On a similar note, I’m not that sussed about the Dean/Cas bond.
        I fell in obsession with a badass warrior of god with a faith crisis. Don’t much care if he and Dean stare at each other or not. I love seeing the point of view bits of his life outside of Dean and Sam about a hundred times more.

      • Jessica says:

        A great many people enjoy the show for the monsters and the fighting. It’s only the only female fandom that wants stuff they can write fan fiction about to have them crying and emoting all the time. Ignore them. They’ve never stopped being 13 apparently.

  8. Mel says:

    Loved Team Free Will, Dean, Sam and Cas. I’m so excited!!! xD

  9. Moe says:

    I’m cautiously looking forward to the new season. I liked what I heard at Comic Con, but Carver has to bring the goods to make up for the way the show has been handled for the past few seasons. The disappointment and disillusionment from this Dean fan is pretty huge. I really hope he doesn’t just drop the Purgatory storyline and really explores it and that Jensen is finally given a meaty, real storyline that he is allowed to carry through all the way.

    Count me in one of the people who is looking forward to more Castiel this season! I hope that he is brought in and used well this season, and that they repair the bond between Dean and Castiel! I love that relationship.

    And I am very happy with hearing that they are exploring the boys grow further apart. Honestly, since season 4 it’s been very clear that Sam prefers a life without his brother. The way they are having him handle Dean’s disappearance just proves that his devotion to his brother is decidedly lacking. So I am really hoping that Carver breaks Dean’s co-dependency on Sam and allows Dean to let go of his brother. Because it’s very disheartening watching Dean be so loyal and caring of someone, who continually turns his back on him and doesn’t give him even a tenth of the loyalty and love that he gives him. I’m really hoping that Carver follows through with this and allows Dean to walk away from his brother, to let go of that need for that love and loyalty from Sam that it’s clear he will never receive.

    So bring it on, Carver! Just don’t let me down.

    • Mia says:

      Please, stop disguising your Destiel fantasies by saying you’re a Dean fan. You’re a Castiel fan, so assume yourself as such.. As a Dean fan myself, I feel insulted. :\

      • TJ says:

        It never ceases to amaze me how a few crazy Cas haters need to slander the majority who like Cas as a member of the Winchester team. Always some extreme haters in fandom.

        • Alex says:

          And you’ve taken it upon yourself to reply to every comment that doesn’t want Cas that you see, to inform us that you disagree. Truly, your obsession is riveting.

          • TJ says:

            Why don’t you say this about your buddy Ally? Or yourself? I’m responding to a few of the haters, not initiating it. I like the whole cast not fixated on hating one member like a few here.

          • Ally says:

            To TJ

            Excuse me? I replied only to ONE comment and it didn’t have anything to do with Castiel. Stop seeing “Castiel hate” where there is none. Thank you.

          • TJ says:

            Ally–I apologize…I wrote the wrong person.

      • Moe says:

        LOL! That’s hilarious! No, I like Castiel, but Dean is by far my absolute favorite. If he wasn’t there, I wouldn’t watch, period.

        But I really find it really adorable how you try and twist my wanting Dean to have a POSITIVE friendship in the form of Castiel as a Dean fan, to me being a closeted Castiel fan who only cares about him! Yea, me thinks you are just one of those classic so called bi bro fans or “Dean” fans who really is a Sam fan in disguise and only cares about Dean or wants Dean if he is All About Sam. Well, TRUE Dean fans want MORE for Dean than just being Sam’s resident whipping boy and caretaker. Hopefully Carver is FINALLY looking at delivering that to us!

        • Mia says:

          Yeah, I’ll pretend I believe you, lol.

          True Dean fans (like me) IMO love it when he has a real storyline (not that joke like last season), but they recognize that Sam is the person more important of Dean’s life, despite of whom he’s friends with. :P

          • skepticalinquirer says:

            Funny, how Dean isn’t the person more important in Sam’s life and that this is presumably OK.

          • Iza says:

            I just need to butt in. Most of Cas fans and/or Dean/Cas shippers know and accept the fact that Sam is the most important person in Dean’s life.

          • Jessica says:

            When will Dean be the most important person in Sam’s life? Do you even care that he never is? I really don’t either way. They are both dysfunctional and psychopathic so to me both of them could love or hate each other and I wouldn’t care as long as they killed monsters doing it but when I see comments like this I wonder why people don’t have any perspective. If you can’t be objective enough to see their relationship is one sided then I can’t even help you.

        • Nathalie says:

          I totally agree with you. Enough of Dean the CARETAKER. It’s disgusting to see his devotion not even returned halfway. I want a storyline for Dean first and foremost. Something that is about Dean for once and not the horrible bias for Sam that Kripke introduced right from the start. Castiel is an integral part of Dean’s character, because he contributes to his development, just like Dean contributes to Castiel’s development. I’d rather watch this than repetitive Amy drama with Sam’nDean.

        • samhasbeentohellandback says:

          Dean can be Castiel’s whipping boy and caretaker. How lovely.

          • Clare says:

            Waves to paddakitty.

          • Perl25 says:

            Man, are we watching the same show? When did that EVER happen, or even hinted at, in canon? You folks are just grasping for anything, don’t you, even improbable OOC speculations?

      • zobothehobo says:

        I’m a destiel shipper and a Dean girl. The Cas fans have made me very irritated in the past with their lack of understanding of Dean’s perspective (see: The Born Again Identity and the hate Dean received from that). However, just because I’m a Destiel fan doesn’t mean I like Cas more. As a Dean fan myself, I feel insulted by your post.

      • Maria says:

        And by that logic we can assume all the people here screeching about the brotherly bond are Wincesters, right?

      • What, do you think Dean fans are only Wincest shippers? From what I’ve seen, a large amount of Dean fans are Destiel shippers. I assume it has to do with Cas staning Dean in show. Not all Castiel fans are Destiel shippers, FYI.

      • Sandy says:

        So one cannot be a Dean fan if he/she is a Dean/Cas fan? Your math must be pretty weak if you can’t see that Dean’s half of that equation.

    • TJ says:

      Sorry meant Cheryl not Ally–who evert time SPN mention…attack one character

    • Tina says:

      If you think Sam doesn’t care for Dean you’ve obviously never payed attention to the show. I guess a Sam hater (or a Dean hater) will never be able to see things as they are. Keep on hating. Jared, Jensen and Carver made sure to tell the fans that they know what the heart of the show is. Did you hear? It’s Sam and Dean TOGETHER! I’m “afraid” Carver will let you down in the end!

      • Tuscaloosa says:

        “Jared, Jensen and Carver made sure to tell the fans that they know what the heart of the show is. Did you hear? It’s Sam and Dean TOGETHER!”

        Poor you! You must have missed the interview YoungHollywood had with the Js at ComicCon? The one in which Jared spoke out about how much he likes supporting characters fleshing out Sam and Dean? And said that to “get something more than just Sam and Dean made them more interesting people.” It’s on YouTube. :-)

      • Jessica says:

        “If you think Sam doesn’t care for Dean you’ve obviously never payed attention to the show.” So much fail in this I don’t know where to start. I’ve watched the show since it premiered with my boyfriend. Both of us think Sam doesn’t want to hunt and only loves Dean out of obligation not choice. We can’t both have independently come to this conclusion because it’s NOT on our screen. The show is obviously doing something poorly if both of us independently of each other come to the same conclusion and they aren’t trying to have us come to it. Maybe the show WANTS us to believe Sam cares for Dean above everybody else but they have to show him do something that proves it. Show me not tell me.

    • I think it’s high time that Dean finds some meaning in his life outside of Sam. Remember the end of “Time for a Wedding” when Sam told Dean that he doesn’t need to look after him anymore and Dean just looked kind of sad and lost? I really want Dean to move on from that.

      However, I don’t know where you get the idea that Sam prefers life without Dean. He was ready to take Dean’s place in Hell. Sam’s issue wasn’t Dean himself. His issue was that he never felt like he was in control of his own life and drinking demon blood gave him a sense of control. It wasn’t that he didn’t love Dean, it was that he was sick of being the kid brother that Dean was responsible for. I think you’ve seriously misinterpreted Sam’s character.

    • Sue says:

      You know I’m definitely excited about the purgatory storyline and hope that they’re going to repair Dean and Castiel’s relationship but I don’t think Dean and Sam need to go separate ways for that to happen?? Sam loves Dean and Dean loves Sam and there’s no changing that. Dean and Sam are soul mates after all and I don’t think it would be in character for either character to stop wanting to live/work together, though I would be happy to see some of that codependency go.

    • samhasbeentohellandback says:

      Moe, go back to THAB where you can indulge in your Sam bashing to the delight of others.

      • Clare says:

        Padakitty, go back to twitter where you can indulge in tweeting hate to Misha Collins to the delight of others.

        • samhasbeentohellandback says:

          I’m not padakitty. I’m just another fan who loves Sam the most. I do not come here to spew hate which is more than I can say about you and your THAB friends with their neverending Sam bashing. Padakitty is not the only Sam fan out there. There are others. Sam has many fans who are sick of the bashing,

          • Clare says:

            Oh yeah, I know them. They’re the same people who show up to bash Cas and Dean on every article that posts. If you can’t take it, then don’t dish it out, honey.

  10. worrynet says:

    Carver is back!! Yes! I am really happy for his back, as someone said, he knows a story. I am not sure about Cas and Bobby(sobbing 10 mins) but I am sure that Carver and Edlund will put the broken story back on the track. :)
    Killing Cas and Bobby is the stupiest thing ever. I really wish to watch Team Free Will members love each other, not argue/shout/suffer. Loving their family, it is the core and basic of Supernatural, isn’t it?

  11. Drew says:

    In real life, brothers grow up and have their own lives. The relationship changes. It doesn’t mean that you grow apart, it just means that your relationship isn’t the end-all-be-all center of your world. It is actually a good thing, or else we would all end up killing our siblings.

    Glad to see the show let that happen.

    • Ally says:

      This is not real life. This is a show which the whole premise was the brothers being each others world. You take that off, it’s not Supernatural anymore. Period.

      • Bonni says:

        I agree with amy. The show is about the two of them. I am glad they are going to grow but I hope not apart.

      • Ashley says:

        Call me crazy, but when I first tuned into the pilot back in 2005, I could’ve sworn the premise of the show was two *estranged brothers* reuniting after several years apart to find their missing father, while killing some monsters along the way.

        • Ally says:

          True, but so many things happened since then. The writers can’t erase that they grew together as a team along the years and that the brotherly bond was formed and turned out to be the strongest part of the show. It was this in my opinion what sustained it, what brought it to its 8th season, not simply “*estranged brothers* reuniting after several years apart to find their missing father, while killing some monsters along the way.”

          • wow201102 says:

            Exactly. The dynamic between the brothers changed as the show progressed. And even more things have happened since then, so their relationship continues to change.

          • Ally says:

            To Wow201102

            …Until they mean not as much for each other anymore? That’s not progress, that’s a change in the canon of the entire show.

          • wow201102 says:

            To Ally,

            That’s just it; no one ever said Sam and Dean wouldn’t mean as much to each other anymore, just that they would discover more about themselves as individuals, including their potential for having lives and relationships outside of each other. It doesn’t mean they will end up completely distant from each other (after all, their time apart here is far less than the time they were apart pre-series, and they never really grew apart when they were separated before S4 or before S6), and it certainly doesn’t mean they will stop caring about each other.

            That is why I don’t understand all this fuss their relationship being destroyed or the “premise” of the show being undermined. As mentioned above, Sam and Dean’s family life started out strained and dysfunctional. They had to work past that distance and their own personal differences to become close again, bringing them into a new phase of their relationship. From the sound of things, I would say that Carver has put them in a position to graduate to a third stage. Even if they have to play a bit of catch up with each other at first, they’ll find their footing again. And they’ll be better people for it.

        • Shabbytiger says:

          Thank you so much for this. I love Sam and Dean’s brotherly dynamic, but am fed up of reading about how the show has always been about them being co-dependant and messed up and only needing each other. It’s not true. They were estranged, Sam clearly had dreams outside the Hunting life, and to me the show has been about them accepting this burden of the Hunting life and their destinies and helping each other do so. Dean needed family and missed his brother. If anything they have grown more dysfunctional as the show has progressed, with their options taken away and the various supernatural hurdles and stakes growing increasingly more demanding on them individually and as a family unit. I am all for a more mature take on their brotherly dynamic, and the spoilers so far give me hope that yes the show will go back to the basics of that relationship-which is how fundamentally the brothers are very different in terms of what they want from life and how they react to the supernatural challenges and the beauty is that they learn to reconcile those differences because they are brothers and stick together.

          Wanting other characters and relationships to be explored does not equate no Sam and Dean interactions.

          I still don’t know why there is this concern that the show will no longer be about Sam and Dean. It always has been and always will be. Season 7 was all about Sam and Dean having no one else.

          Good story and plot should benefit all other aspects of the show and drive character growth and development, something that didn’t seem to happen in Season 7 despite there being plenty of scope and opportunity for it to happen.

          Wouldn’t the brotherly bond only be strengthened by them having other relationships/friendships?

          Sam and Dean have both died for each other. I am at a loss as to how any development on the show could undo that-it can’t IMO and won’t. What is the brotherly relationship that people are so worried about? What do they want that we haven’t already seen during the last 7 years?

      • Drew says:

        If you take two characters and bottle them up and restrict their movement, because the whole show has to be about them being everything to each other, you’re tying the hands of the writers behind their backs. The show can only go so far with the brothers handcuffed together. And doing that just means that you’re worried that the characters and their relationship can’t stand exposure to the outside world. If they’re everything to each other, then they won’t suddenly grow apart just because their worlds expand a little bit.

        This is a really simplistic view of the characters, and one which I’m thankful that the writers don’t share. This isn’t real life, but I’m not interested in watching the Winchesters hold hands and talk about how much they love each other for one hour per week, as though there is no world outside of each other. This isn’t a love story. I’m also not interested in watching characters who make absolutely no progress after eight years. Characters, like real life people, need to grow and expand and change… what does their brotherly relationship mean if you’re worried that it will fall apart if one of them makes a new friend?

        • Ally says:

          Please, don’t oversimplify what I said by saying that I want them “holding hands”, talk about their feelings (seriously? that’s not Supernatural either) or that I don’t want them to have other friends.
          Normally I wouldn’t worry this much. But my worries have to do with what the writers will do to their relationship so, yes, I do worry that they won’t be the same for each other like previous seasons since that’s exactly what Jeremy Carver and Ben Edlund stated that they’re going to do.

          • Drew says:

            Have you ever seen Being Human? And no, the show isn’t a template for what Supernatural should be since it’s a whole different thing, but look at the relationships on the show. Each of the main characters has their own arcs and their own lives, and then you put them in a room together and you can see where the real core and heart of the show is. Nothing about their separate stories ever weakens the bond between those characters.

            There’s nothing wrong with branching out a little.

    • Madeline says:

      Sam and Dean are not your typical brothers. They have been through too much together to be anywhere near normal. To have a relationship like “normal” brothers do.

      How many brothers have gone to hell for one another? Have allowed themselves to be legally dead in order to talk to Death on the off chance to save your brother’s soul?

      I don’t buy that the brothers could every have a “normal” relationship and I don’t believe they could ever truly have their own lives while the other is alive. They are too inter-connected at this point.

      I find SPN fascinating because of this relationship.

      • Moe says:

        The problem with your two mentioned situations (“How many brothers have gone to hell for one another? Have allowed themselves to be legally dead in order to talk to Death on the off chance to save your brother’s soul?”) is that the only person who did that was DEAN. Sam has never put himself out there like that for Dean and now that Dean needs him to try and save him – AGAIN – Sam would rather take off and go hang out with a girlfriend and a new life away from his brother. He saves a DOG but he can’t bother to save his brother, he just walks away (Jared’s words!)? That’s just horrible. The brother relationship is incredibly one sided and it’s time for the show to move on from that. It’s time for Dean to STOP being the dogsboy in this relationship. Sam has shown again and again and AGAIN that he will NEVER return the love and caring and loyalty that Dean has given to him all his life. Hopefully Carver will acknowledge that!

        • V says:

          Umm, Sam jumped into HELL to save Dean and the world. He did that believing that he would never come back. Do you even *watch* this show, or just your Destiel edits?

        • ken says:

          He didn’t search cause he doesn’t have any freaking idea of where Dean could be…how can you search for somebody when there are no clues, no leads to start looking? idiot…pay attention to the details!

          • Ally says:

            You can use as many name calling you want, but this is a weak, weak excuse, Ken. Not knowing where Dean went is NO reason to not look for him. I would understand trying and failing. But not even trying? Nope. It’s out of character for Sam, the character who said when had to confront the memories that could kill him: “You know me, you know why. I can’t leave my brother alone out there”.

          • Fanny says:

            What did Sam say in the first season? People don’t disappear other people just stop looking for them. It’s not that hard to figure out where Dean is. Cas asked Dean where Dick would go in death and he immediately guessed they were in purgatory. How hard is it for Sam himself to ask that same question? Isn’t Sam supposed to be the smart one?

          • ken says:

            I don’t remember Sam saying that…but anyway, Dean did disappeared, and Sam stopped looking but, Sam didn’t stop cause he doesn’t love Dean, he stop cause he doesn’t know what to do. I remember the search the brothers had on the Campbell library, they barely found something about the mother of all, purgatory is something new for hunters, even for Bobby was new. So for Garth, Jody Mills, Misouri etc. would be even newer, by the time the three of them learn something Dean would be already on Earth.

          • ken says:

            And that’s if Sam finds out that Dean’s in Purgatory.

          • Drew says:

            And opening portals to Purgatory hasn’t been shown to be a genius move on the show. Why would Sam try that again, even if he did know where Dean was? That would be stupid.

        • ken says:

          Alright, Ally
          What would you do?
          Where would you start searching?

          • Ally says:

            This isn’t a fair question. I can’t compare myself with Sam and his knowledge, his intelligence, his resources, etc. But since he doesn’t even know if Dean is dead or alive, if he’s on Earth or whatever, some simple search would already make me happy. I can’t lie, I would LOVE if he was the one to save Dean from there. But if it’s not possible, I just wanted him to try… I insist that Sam not doing so is out of character.

          • ken says:

            You don’t know…that’s what I thought.
            Sam might be smart, but again, if you don’t any lead, you don’t have anything. He doesn’t have anybody, bobby is dead, Cass is gone. Jody Mills helped him once but she is not a hunter, so again, he’s alone.

          • Mia says:

            Ken, please, re read my comment.

            Other hunters still exists, you know… Like Garth. Hell, he could at last ask Jody to help him to find a MISSING person.

          • ken says:

            Garth probably doesn’t even know that Leviathans or Purgatory exists…the guy is cool, love his character, but he isn’t that smart to learn things fast. And again, put yourself in Sam’s shoes…we know Dean’s in Purgatory cause we saw it, but Sam didn’t. He doesn’t have any idea where Dean is, and if Sam himself doesn’t know where Dean is, how do you expect Jody Mills or Garth to help, if there’s nothing to start with.

          • Kris says:

            Missouri or another psychic. Going through Dick Roman’s office, researching the bone weapon, finding a way to summon Crowley or another demon or an angel. Sam has always been resourceful. He doesn’t just give up and walk away to smell the flowers. He was dying in a mental hospital and he still made time to help a -stranger-. The character that these spoilers describe is NOT Sam Winchester.

          • oppar says:

            I already posted on this below but there are leads if he made the effort to look. Sam is smart, not only on his feet as a hunter but book smart as well. He has the strength of being able to research, and I mean in the way that some people zone out after read the first tome or can’t pull things together for their reading to make sense.

            Sam has been hunting for 7 years, he was a part of the research on the Leviathans, he knows that is where they go when they die, and he knows Dean killed Dick Roman. Crowley’s response when he asked where Dean was is “That bone… has a bit of a kick.”

            If Dean killed Dick Roman and Dick Roman goes to purgatory when he dies then, if one is spinning their wheels and trying to find any possible idea where their brother could be, it makes sense that at some point Sam would connect the dots that maybe Dean was pulled into purgatory.

            But he had options. The hunter world is vast and if he partnered with Garth and Jody Mills he could search for him below the radar since the whole wanted killers was a thing. He could’ve found Charlie and asked for her help searching databases for any man meeting Dean’s description worldwide at hospitals in case the kick worked like the angel banishing sigil that knocked Cas to Perth. He could’ve gotten Kevin out of hell and together they searched for more god rocks on purgatory. Thanks to 4×15 Sam now knows Tessa and could’ve asked her for help in trying to see if Dean’s soul is still around on Earth.

            I removed a lot of viewer knowledge and only used what was said to Sam and what Sam has been present to hear/learn and I still don’t see how he has no place to start. If Sam had looked he would have reached countless dead ends, but that is not the same as having no leads.

          • For starters, Sam has access to Bobby’s library and the Campbell library. He has probably a genius level IQ–remember the whole free ride to Stanford thing?–and has shown time and time again that he has a knack for research and intuitive thinking, both of which could lead him to Dean being in Purgatory. In addition, both Sheriff Mills and Garth have expressed a willingness to help in the past.

            So tell me again about poor little Sam who’s all alone with nowhere to start? I think it’s blatant character assassination by the writers for Sam to not even try to find his brother.

          • ken says:

            Misouri doesn’t know anything about Purgatory…Cass never told Sam where monsters go when they die….you’re all complaining, but I’m very sure you would give up too.

          • Robina says:


            Cas doesn’t need to tell Sam where monsters go when they die; the alpha vamp laid out the whole “purgatory is where monsters go when they die” thing for them back in s6. I can see Sam not KNOWING that Dean is in purgatory, but he has to at least have it as a possibility, given that Dean vanished in the back-kick of killing a purgatory monster. And Sam certainly didn’t immediately assume that Dean was dead — he was asking Crowley in 7.23 where Dean and Cas were.

        • Kris says:

          I blame the writers for that 100%. Not Sam. They’re gonna destroy the character of Sam this year by taking away every single trait that made him lovable. He found a case when he was dying, he turned his back on heaven because his brother needed him here, but we’re supposed to believe that he just shrugged and walked away when Dean disappeared in front of his eyes? Please. That’s all Carver’s sh!tty “reset”.

          • Ally says:

            Oh yes, Kris, I totally agree with you. That’s why I keep saying it’s out of character of him.

          • ken says:

            Sam hasn’t been lovable since season 4….everybody loves Dean now…I love Dean cause he is funny, but don’t get me wrong, I like Sam’s character too, he cares about everybody, and the world. He’s on his will to give his life to save the world, its just that after the demon blood most fans don’t like him anymore. Dean on the other hand is only capable of giving his life for his brother.

          • Clare says:

            It’s so amusing that ESGs blame the writers for what they’re doing to Sam but the other characters have to own their screw-ups.

          • Robina says:

            @ clare

            There’s a difference between screw ups that arise out of the characters’ established flaws and reactions and screw ups (or, for that matter, good and beautiful deeds) that don’t seem to mesh with a character’s established qualities or usual reactions.

            I blame Dean for what he did when he wiped Lisa and Ben’s memory because the way he got tripped up by his own guilt issues and a mistaken view of how he should protect people made sense for me with his character. On the other hand, his drive for vengeance in s7 I tend to blame on bad writing, because that was never a quality of Dean’s at other points when he lost people, and I didn’t see that the writing gave a convincing explanation for why he suddenly went in that direction after Bobby’s death (not to mention that the whole thread then went nowhere in the general arc collapse of the end of the season, but that’s a separate issue).

            Likewise, I blame Sam for letting his anger and control issues lead him into demon blood addiction, because that works with established, ongoing issues with Sam. But, while I don’t really believe that Sam is actually going to just shrug and walk away from the lab, I will blame the writers rather than Sam for it if he does, since it is at odds with his reactions as early as Faith and as recently as Time After Time, and it’s hard to see any rationale for such a sudden change.

        • Tina says:

          Not that you will understand anyway, since your hate is blinding you, but Sam had tried over and over to make a deal and take Dean’s place in hell. He jumped into the pit to correct his mistake. In the season 6 finale he sacrificed his sanity to go out there and help his brother. Remember his words? “You know me, you know why. I’m not leaving my brother alone out there”
          As for season 8 why don’t you wait and see first if Sam didn’t search for Dean or if he just gave up after a point?
          Carver acknowledges very well what Sean means to Sam and what Sam means to Dean. It’s just you the one who refuses to see the facts. Do you really enjoy watching this show when you hate so much one of the two main characters?

          • Annie says:

            Isn’t it ironic that one of the very first things Sam did after he said “You know me, you know why, I’m not leaving my brother out there alone” was leave his barely mobile brother alone in the cabin in the woods with no transportation and something chasing them and then cut off all contact with Dean so he could go chase and bond with a brain eating serial killer.

            Sam will help a stranger, but his own brother, not so much. Now Sam is leaving Dean in purgatory because searching for him is hard.

            While Sam may not be close to Jody Mills from what we’ve seen of her character I really don’t see her saying no if Sam asked for help. Jody is a cop. Part of a cops job is to try and track down missing people when they may have nothing to go on. She might be able to give him some suggestions on where to start and how to look for clues.

            They need to back up Sam’s words with actions if the show wants me to believe them. Because right now, I’m questioning if Sam said those words because he thinks his brother was too weak to get the job done, not because he wanted to fight at his side because I haven’t seen that since season 3.

          • Tuscaloosa says:

            “since your hate is blinding you,”

            LOL. Because of course it’s fine to hate Cas but not fine to hate Saint Sam. Hypocrite.

          • @Annie …WTF? That is a radical re-interpretation of “The Girl Next Door”. Sam’s original plan was to kill Amy. Because she was HIS unfinished business. And Dean was a big boy, he could look after himself. You’re just looking for any reason to hate on Sam, aren’t you?

        • Oh for crying out loud. Sam was ready to take Dean’s place in Hell, but he was denied the opportunity. He was broken after Dean died. Which is how Ruby was able to get to him in the first place.

          It makes sense for Sam to try to move on this time. Because the last couple of times he and Dean tried to do anything and everything to bring each other back they ended up starting the apocalypse. And after everything that Dean has said about “the natural order” in season 7, and even what Dean said to Samuel in season 6 about learning from their mistakes (that was DEAN calling his deal to bring Sam back a MISTAKE), and Bobby’s last words “when it’s your time, go,” – it makes sense that Sam would think that Dean wouldn’t want him to screw with the natural order any more to bring him back.

          Also, based on reading other things that Jared has said in the past, I don’t think he always chooses the best words and phrases to communicate his point.

      • Drew says:

        Are you really interested in watching a show like this if there is absolutely no growth to the characters? If they stay in the car, living like twenty-year-olds, driving around and eating junk food, doing waitresses in every stop, well into their sixties, you think that sounds like an awesome show?

        I’m not interested in watching some 1980’s action series which resets every week. If the characters don’t progress as the years go on, why would I bother watching anything past season 1? I’d get the gist of it by then, right? If nothing changes, then I’d pretty much know all that I needed to know after one or two years.

    • Morgana says:

      I couldn’t agree with this comment more, and I think it felt forced to have Sam and Dean stuck together as both actors have clearly matured and grown older. I think the show can still feel like Supernatural, and it can still have the brothers working together and hunting together, but at the same time let them have some independence from each other. Let them have other friends and relationships to flesh them out otherwise the show will grow stale just as it was starting to become in season 3 before the angels were introduced and as it became again in season 7 when they stupidly stripped away all the beloved support characters for most of the show.

      • Drew says:

        I get why it’s a scary concept. When you get older, siblings begin to move on to their own lives and you have to wonder what that means to the relationship. It’s scary. But then you realize that it doesn’t change that bond. Even if you’re across the country from each other (which I doubt Sam and Dean would be), you have that connection. Then you factor kids into the picture and the family bond gets about a hundred times stronger.

        I say, give Sam or Dean a family. Show the uncertainty of it. Give them a kid and watch how that focuses everything. It’s not the end of the show, or the core of what the show is. It is an exploration of what that core relationship means as their lives go on. Things change. It’s a part of life. I don’t want the characters to go from being awesome to being pathetic, just so nothing ever has to change. Nobody wanted to see Ponch and Jon riding around on their motorcycles, hitting on the ladies once they got old and grew beer bellies. At some point, it becomes creepy.

        • Mia says:


          Dean or Sam having a family and kids? Yeah, no.

          • Drew says:

            Why not? It would certainly change the dynamic of the show. It would give them a seemingly impossible mission which so many hunters have failed at in the past. Why would be so bad about giving them a family again? Does the Winchester line really end with Sam and Dean?

      • Clare says:

        This. I find it frankly creepy that these people want the brothers ~together forever, and not loving anyone except each other.

      • Cimorene says:

        I think you’re wrong. The whole premise of the show is the relationship between the brothers. Take that away and add couple interactions, and you’re left with…Buffy.

        • How is Buffy an insult?

          “Oh, I’m going to bash your show by saying it’s like this other Emmy award winning epic tale that’s considered one of the greatest series of all time.”
          “Uh… thank you?”

          And newsflash: Supernatural isn’t the only show on TV with brothers who work together.

        • Clare says:

          Buffy! Man I would be thrilled if S8 of Supernatural was even a fraction as good as Buffy used to be. With Carver and Edlund, and the more ensemble feel it looks like we’re getting it might actually get there.

  12. Ally says:

    Jeremy Carver ‘mission’ is to downgrade Sam and Dean brotherly bond to mere “normal siblings”. It’s NOT the Supernatural the fans love. It’s NOT why or how it conquered 8 seasons.

    You will fail, Carver, big time. What you’re doing will destroy the show. Tell that to Mark Pedowitz, too. Don’t say no one warned you.

    • Alex says:


    • kate says:

      thanks for that, miss cleo.

      • Moe says:

        LOL!!! I know people who are actually going to try the show now because of Carver’s changes. But yea, it’s going to tank the show *rolls eyes*

        • Ally says:

          Really? That’s… Good for them, I guess? I’ve been hearing the opposite, so I guess we’ll have to see the ratings when they come out. No roll eying needed. :\

          • Freyja says:

            I heard from a friend, who heard from his sister, who heard from her best friend that the show is gonna tank because she heard it through the grapevine, and you know it has to be true since I heard it…

            No one knows what’s gonna happen…

      • Ally says:

        I… Don’t understand your reference? Sorry…

      • Kate says:

        lmao. Standing ovation for that one. I’m actually hoping that most of the negative, supporting character hating jerks will stop watching the show, because they are by far the most obnoxious people in the fandom. And since those of us with our reality goggles on know that they are not that numerous, it really would not matter one bit to the shows ratings. Seriously, every article I go to it’s always the same like ten screen names that pop up to start moaning about how they need to kill Castiel, or Sam and Dean need to spend every episode glued at the hip while gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes, or any new love interest for Sam or Dean is automatically horrible even though we haven’t seen a single minute of footage, blah, blah, blah.

    • Lana says:

      Would be nice to see some of the stuff that made us fall in love with the show back then, if they even remember what was it.
      Sometimes it feels a completely different -and often mediocre- series that lacks the soul early seasons had but uses the same names for its lead characters.

      • Ally says:

        My opinion is that they remember and they aren’t stupid, they know fans like to see the brothers caring one for another. They just don’t want to do it, God knows why. Well, so be it, then. It’s just sad that it feels like they’re destroying the show I love(d?) and I can’t do nothing to stop it, you know?

      • Personally, I fell in love with the show in season 4. The first three seasons were just something to kill time watching on DVD. But the mytharc, and the tension between Sam and Dean in season 4 were what really roped me in.

    • ken says:

      Give it a chance, and don’t take things too serious…the writers and actors work hard to entertain us, you just disgrace them. Shame on you….you are always complaining about everything, you shouldn’t cause I know for sure that any of you don’t even know what storyarc would you choose to start a script. Just enjoy the show, and don’t complain…its a just a show.

      • Ally says:

        Thanks for shamming me while you’re here doing the same.

        I’m not disgracing anyone or anything, I just wished the show would continue focusing on what always was – the brotherly relationship. And, since Jensen and Jared say pretty much the same regarding what the show is about, I don’t really think he would be upset by my comments.

        • ken says:

          I think they actually would be upset, if you keep saying their show sucks.

        • Tuscaloosa says:

          “since Jensen and Jared say pretty much the same regarding what the show is about, I don’t really think he would be upset by my comments.”

          You must have missed the interview YoungHollywood had with the Js at ComicCon? The one in which Jared spoke out about how much he likes supporting characters fleshing out Sam and Dean? And said that to “get something more than just Sam and Dean made them more interesting people.” It’s on YouTube.

        • Perl25 says:

          “I’m not disgracing anyone or anything, I just wished the show would continue to stay exactly the same after 8 seasons, focusing on what always was – the brotherly relationship – and nothing else to complicate the story. Who wants a show to evolve? Every season should be like the first.”

          Fix’d that for ya.

  13. ken says:

    I like the part that said that after seven years of experience, goods and bads the boys had grow and be more mature every year. Especially Sam, after messing up on season 4, I appreciate that Carver wants to prove that he has grow, especially by not going crazy, like when Dean descended into hell. I’m really excited to explore the “happy” normal life with Amelia, I hope she doesn’t turn out to be a demon…I also can’t wait what happened to Dean in Purgatory.

    • kate says:

      wow, a normal comment that doesn’t express rabid, bizarre hatred for castiel or hating that sam and dean aren’t completely codependent. good for you, man, good for you.

    • Mickey says:

      Haha, I’m hoping she does turn out to be a demon, or something, anything relating to the supernatural world, hunter, psychic, whatever. I just don’t want her to be useless, only there to be pretty, be the love interest, and be protected by the guys. I want her to have a proactive role to play, to have a purpose of her own to be on the show, and not just as an accessory to a male character. I like my female characters to be like Jody and Charlie–they have skills of their own they can bring to the fight against evil. If they’re a romantic interest on top of that, fine. But if they’re only there for romance, one) I don’t like useless female characters and two) I’m not into romance. I’m into zombies getting their head blown off, and Jody is awesome at that.

      • ken says:

        I just think that after seven years Sam deserves a girl that doesn’t turn out to be a monster. He deserves a human girlfriend, even if she dies at the end of season 8, or Sam has leave her for good, like Dean and Lisa. I’d like Sam to have a happy normal year like Dean had with Lisa and Ben.

      • oppar says:

        I agree. Personally I think it would work better if Amelia worked outside of the hunter world yet was capable enough to function alongside it. Much like Jody Mills and Charlie. That way she can remain relevant and not so opposite of everything that Sam and Dean live. That’s when you end up with characters like Lisa who is like a sore thumb with a matching sore pinky in the form of Ben.

        If what I’ve read is true she is a vet. So she could lend a science mind/curiosity for things like mutations of animal like beasts, like werewolves or non-humanoid monsters. Her being a vet allows them to fall back into a human side of framing he supernatural.

        Or be a perfect connection for them to stop by for easy, yet beyond their skill, patches after bad hunts. Think a cut that needs a better stitch job than either of them can do after running from the law on a lost fight between them and Sleipnir (lol idk it just popped in my head).

        • ken says:

          I agree, I want her to be human, and would like her to help the brothers on a hunt. At least one or two.

        • Kate says:

          I agree with this comment 100%. I hope that she is like that, a kind of tough capable person who can kind of coexist with normal reality and Sam and Dean’s hunter reality. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with her character.

        • Kex says:

          I absolutely agree. I really hope that they give her time to develop as a character and give her an interesting personality so we can get invested in her. I the problem with Lisa was not only that she was opposite everything that Sam and Dean is (even if that certainly was the case), but that she was never really her own. Everything she ever did was to show something about Dean and that is not a good way to build a character. I do have some faith in Carver so I think he can do it. And I do hope he uses Jody and Charlie in season 8, because they are fantastic!

      • From what I’ve read so far, it sounds like Amelia’s entire purpose is to emotionally heal Sam, which is a little disappointing. Because I prefer supporting characters with arcs of their own. But I’ll wait and see what they actually do with the character.

    • Drew says:


    • “Especially Sam, after messing up on season 4, I appreciate that Carver wants to prove that he has grow, especially by not going crazy, like when Dean descended into hell.”

      YES! I agree with this so much!

  14. Al says:

    I miss you, Kripke… So much. The hell they’re doing to your baby, man…. :'(

    • Lol, I know right?! Damn.

    • kate says:

      kripke isn’t some kind of infallible god. he wrote some pretty lame episodes in there, including the season 06 finale.

      • Lana says:

        season 6 finale was as good as the mess of the rest of season 6 allowed.
        Nobody does miracles.

        • kate says:

          please. if kripke was all everyone makes him out to be, he’d never write anything terrible now matter how terrible anything else is. the episode itself was lame. the penultimate was better. and sera gamble wrote that one.

      • Kate. Please let me hug you for a while. I also think season 6 finale is (extremely) lame. I think season 6 finale is the start of season 7 mess. Kripke ignored the efforts of other writers on previous episodes.
        And full of nonsense. No reason to stab God!Cas – why did he? He just said he is the God. Is it reason to kill???? Even behind? Our boys are coward such like that? No need to break Sam’s wall for preventing Dean. Cas saved Lisa for Dean just before, and he could make them sleep for three days or more. Period.
        Let me hug you more.

    • It’s strange how much I enjoy Supernatural, considering how much side-eye I tend to give Kripke over things he says about the show. He’s the one who started the show’s habit of mistreating supporting characters and decided that female characters can only be love interests or adversaries. I can’t watch his episode commentary because it starts off inane and meatless, and then he just says something that pisses me off, and I have to stop watching it.

  15. Mickey says:

    Seeing as Cas will be in “at least 8 episodes” which almost certainly won’t be more than half, could we just call it a good compromise and stop fighting? Everybody gets half of what they want.

  16. yellowhighlighter says:

    I hope Carver doesn’t treat his family like Sam does, which is to abandon his brother every chance he gets. I do hope Carver views family a lot different from how Sam does, and apparently it’s ok in Kripke’s mind for the younger brother to treat his older like crap, even when that older sibling gave up everything for the younger one. Please Carver, don’t be like Sam.

    Also Kripke forgets that the only reason Sam is back in the family business is because of Dean.

    I hope in this season, Dean isn’t going to be attached to Sam at the hip, that Sam learns some kind of family responsibility, or who knows, maybe he’ll even learn to like Dean, though that’s doubtful.

    I hope Cas will be back in full force and the bond between Dean and Cas is re-established. It would make the show better, knowing Dean is finally with someone who cares about him.

    For those crying for the brotherly bond, when was the last time Sam really showed he even wanted to be with Dean? Season 2? Cause that’s the last time I remember Sam treating Dean with any kind of emotion. After that, it was all about Sam and his love for himself.

    Until I see that Sam cares for Dean, I mean really cares for him, I’d rather see Dean with other characters, especially Cas.

    Sam has his new love interest, and even Padalecki would rather the guys be apart, so hey, let’s give Padalecki what he wants, as usual, but this time, I’m hoping it will be a plus for Dean fans by having Dean interact with Cas, Benny, and other more interesting characters.

    • Mickey says:

      I am really sick of fans like you. I have to stay off the internet. I’m sick of all the character bashing. Grow up. Realize just because you’re in love with one character doesn’t mean you have to trash another character.

    • Moe says:

      Great post!!

    • Lana says:

      Hey there, be more transparent, won’t you.
      Sam has been there for Dean a lot of times (or have you just skipped the episodes that are not of your interest?), and Dean has been for Sam. And both did bad things to each other.
      Not to say, I think Sam is a very interesting character.
      Tsk. Haters.

      • kate says:

        seriously. I don’t have any problem with people preferring one brother over the other (I don’t, but to each his own), but this endless whining about Sam vs. Dean storylines is REALLY annoying.

    • ken says:

      I think that jumping into Lucifer’s cage to save the world and your brother its not leaving your brother. For thousandth time, Sam isn’t searching for Dean cause he doesn’t have any f***ing idea of where he is..how can you search for your brother when there’s no clue or no lead to start with…idiot…

      • oppar says:

        Not to invalidate your opinion on this, but I find it hard to believe that a former almost Standford Law student and now 7 year seasoned hunter would not have any leads when 1. Dean disappeared while killing Dick Roman 2. Crowley said the weapon had a “kick” when Sam asked where Dean was 3. Cas is also gone so the kick is obviously strong enough work on an angel so a human is no problem 4. there is only ONE place where Dick Roman would be “kicked” to when he died…

        Now, I’m not saying that in the frenzied moments after the final fight he would immediately think, “Oh crap, Dean is in purgatory!” because even Dean didn’t know what was happening, but I find this line of reasoning that he didn’t look cause he had no leads to be flimsy at best.

        Dean is supposedly gone for a long time. If Sam was even trying at all he would’ve connected the dots at some point. Because if he isn’t on Earth, isn’t in heaven, and he isn’t in hell …. then what other non-Earthly dimension connected to the fight they last had could he possibly be in. I don’t know maybe purgatory. The place the Leviathans come from and where he knows all monsters go to die.

        I’m not bashing Sam at all but come on. He could’ve done a locating spell to find if Dean was on Earth. He could’ve prayed for Inias or researched a way to commune with the Harvelles (since in season 7 they implied that Ellen spoke through the museum guide to Dean in 7×07) to see if Dean was in heaven. If he had tried to get Kevin from Crowley he would’ve been able to see if Dean was in hell. I didn’t even tap into the possibilities of him trying to find the non-christian gods/goddess to aid in his search. Kali even owes Sam and Dean a debt of sorts.

        It makes much more sense to argue that Sam figured out that Dean was in purgatory and since the ritual to open the door is both incredibly difficult and not one that can ensure he would get Dean (and Cas if you please) out and ONLY him (them) out that he gave up. Since as Bobby said, “One drop got through, and it was Eve.” So, he moved on as there was literally nothing he could do that wouldn’t be exactly what Cas did. Cause even if by some miracle Sam opens the door to purgatory, it’s not like it will open right in front of Dean and Sam can be all “lol get in the car loser. We’re going home.”

    • Are you one person with multiple accounts who just came here to hate on Sam? Or maybe your goal is to make Castiel fans look bad?

      I don’t even know what to say to you, except that you’re ignoring explicit canon with regards to Sam’s motivations and his feelings towards Dean. Go away, learn some media comprehension skills, re-watch the show, and then maybe come back.

    • samhasbeentohellandback says:

      When was the last time Cas showed he wanted to be with Dean or Sam? When was the last time Cas treated Dean to any kind of emotion?

      Until I see Castiel really cares about Sam, I’d rather Castiel just stays in the background where he belongs.

      • I don’t understand how you can believe he’s shown no remorse, no emotion, no care towards Sam and Dean?
        1) He was so remorseful over Sam that he took Sam’s psychic pain into his own mind, where he could have been locked indefinitely (immortal, remember? Unable to die and escape the pain) in catatonic agony. His last words were, “If I never get to say it again, I’m sorry I ever did this to you.”
        2) He gladly continues to ‘bleed for the Winchesters’ in whatever way he’s able. Even though he’s deathly afraid to return to combat, in case he ruins everything again, he jumps into the fight as soon as Dean forgives him.
        3) All through the 6th season, he was constantly saying he’d rather ‘be here’ with the brothers than fighting a war. He stood and watched Dean rake leaves, because he couldn’t bring himself to ask Dean to sacrifice the life he’d built. He thought he was going to die releasing the souls back into Purgatory, and he wanted his last words to be ‘I’m sorry, Dean.’ His last promise to Dean before walking into the lake was that he would redeem himself to Dean.
        4) He keeps coming back. He’s a powerful being, who now has no ties. He could have gone anywhere and done anything. Instead, he chose to come back, and back, and back again to the Winchesters — bringing them fresh food so the Leviathans couldn’t dope them up with chemicals, taking a break from bee-keeping to answer Dean’s calls (unfortunately naked), facing off with Leviathans (that he knew could kill angels) — etc.
        Since the first, Castiel has showed that he cares. It’s what got him in so much trouble, remember? Angels aren’t supposed to care — but for some reason, Cas /does/.

        • oppar says:

          Yeah, I don’t get that poster either. Castiel has a lot of flaws as a character, but not caring about the Winchesters or showing emotions towards them isn’t one of them. It’s actually one of the corner stones of his character since they are the only humans, and Bobby as well, that he’s ever been shown any care for at all.

          Hell, the very core of the problems he made for himself in season 6 came from him caring too much and not realizing that removing Dean’s agency by not coming to him made things worse for him not better. His arc that season tied very closely into him caring and not knowing what to do with these brand new emotions he was feeling. Because before everything was tied into his angelic self. His pride came in his work and his work came from God.

          The very first choices he makes play into the fact that he cared about humanity, most directly Dean. And I’m not delving into Dean/Cas territory I’m talking about stated canon that he started to fall apart because he cared for Dean (and extended scenes of the episode 4×16 had him including Sam in there as well) and he continued to rebel against heaven’s wishes for the Winchesters because they are his friends.

          If he didn’t care about Dean then he wouldn’t have been practically begging him to let him redeem himself. His last words before he returned the souls and later when he took on the damage he caused to Sam from breaking the wall was “I’m sorry”.

          • sammy1986 says:

            Which choices were those? Just curious, because it was established later that all he did at the beginning was follow heaven’s orders..so which point in the show were you talking about?

          • oppar says:

            @sammy1986: The very first choices he made, just like I said. Meaning from the moments he backhandedly gave Dean the tip to get Chuck in the same room as Sam and Lillith even though he was going against the prophet’s word, when he tried to tell Dean what heaven’s plans really were by coming to Dean in a dream, and more importantly from the moment he came back with the knife to take Dean from the green room. So basically from 4×18 and definitely from the final act of 4×22.

            Prior to that he was heaven’s solider doing his duty. Even if he may have started to take a liking to the human(s) in his charge, he still functioned under heaven’s orders as he was created to do. But it bears weight, for me, that the moment he starts crumbling under his doubts the very next episode he is in Castiel is going against heaven’s word then trying to subvert its will altogether by telling Dean the truth in the one after that.

            The bulk of his actions before even 4×18 were pretty much by the books, him following heaven’s will. But you start to see that strict adherence to his orders start to slacken even before that with him being demoted and the difference in how he tries to handle getting Dean to torture Alastair. Which before 4×18 seemed like a manipulation, but in context of the season overall implies, to me, that he was starting to choose to do things different than how heaven expected him to because he cared enough to want to help Dean outside of what he was ordered to do.

          • sammy1986 says:

            About Cas coming in Dean’s dream i don’t remember that episode so rewatch is in order for me…I thought that he transported Dean because he knew what heaven was doing was wrong and he wanted to set that right..I always thought Cas truly did things for Dean in Season 5 (or starting from) .
            I always thought they wanted to get Chuck in the Same room because it furthered heaven’s (and hell’s) plan to keep the charade going that killing Lilith was necessary then but actually it was after 65th seal that it was necessary that she died..i.e i thought it was part of the misleading plan that Azazel had started. But thanks for your clarification.

          • sammy1986 says:

            …..so rewatch is in order for me to comment ,sorry for the mistake.

          • oppar says:

            @sammy1986: Both heaven and hell had plan’s that went against what Dean was told, no doubt. But the crux, for me as I watched it, was that Castiel was just as unaware of those plans as Dean and Sam were until 4×20 when he came to Dean.

            The way he did was presented in a way that lead me to believe that Castiel was coming to Dean under great duress. He was disheveled, frantic, nervous, and all around so rattled that Dean noticed that something was wrong. Then the fact that angels came to get him and he fought against them leads me to believe that his words were true when he said that “they don’t tell me much” in 4×16. That he had functioned under the idea that orders from heaven are always just and unquestionable, since they come from god, until then (as he said in defense of smiting a whole town in 4×07). So, with all that in mind my understanding of 4×18 is that was his first choice that worked against his expressed orders.

            That it was that action that lead to them saying, “Hey, stop doing that because we aren’t really trying to stop this. So just do as you’re told.” I mean Cas was a ranked solider,yes, but no where near the level of Zachariah who was in on the plan from the beginning. So, for me, seeing Castiel with Zachariah, and so submissive to him, lead me to believe that it was he who got Castiel “back in line” since he was the one who threatened Chuck when he wanted to warn Dean and Sam after his vision in 4×18 after Castiel helps Dean. Which leads me to believe that Castiel’s action threw a wrench in the order of things but not the ultimate outcome. All roads leading to the same end and all. So, for me, Cas wasn’t put with Dean as a charade but more as a distraction. Because as long as Dean is working with Castiel… he isn’t actively working against them. It was a manipulation that backfired on them because Castiel ended up working with DEAN instead of the other way around.

            As for the green room, it is true that Castiel thought what heaven was doing was wrong, yes. But, the reasons for that are at the same time both wide reaching, in that he truly did love humans as he saw them all as his beloved father’s creations. Yet at the same time close to home, in that the biggest reason for him making that choice is what Dean said to him. Now, I’m not blaming Dean for Cas’ choices. What I’m saying is that Dean’s words held weight with Cas. Greater weight than millions of years of devoted service and faith in heaven’s will. Because, he cared. At some point his general sense of affection for humans became personal as he had a real connection to a very specific one. Dean.

            Later in season 5-7 it broadened to include Sam and Bobby as well into people he was connected to, as you see with Sam in 5×13 and 5×21 were he supports Sam’s plan of saying yes and him coming to Bobby’s when wounded in 6×18.

            I’d love to hear your thoughts if you rewatch so feel free to respond if you’d like.

          • sammy1986 says:

            I have not yet rewatched because first i have to download that episode as i lost some of the downloaded episodes…but about the Castiel situation i thought Castiel knew about the plan but simply did not know it was wrong or rather did not doubt it as he had blind faith in the heavenly host.For me the head of the pin was the episode in which he aggressively doubted and the very end of the season where he became sure and the result of that was demonstrated in season 5. Also i never thought the heavenly host were focusing on whether Castiel will work for Dean or not because they were overconfident (lots of times even in season 5 and well their downfall because of that was beautiful)

          • oppar says:

            @sammy1986: Oh, now that’s an interesting way of viewing it. Maybe I’ll rewatch as well keeping that idea of 4×16 being when Castiel starts to fight against the plan in mind. This adds a whole other layer to his character as it makes him falling back under the thumb of the host a much more painful story for me. hhmmmmm…..

            That’s it. Gonna gets some popcorn and rewatch season 4 today, LOL.

    • Shakira says:

      You realize Sam is a *fictional* character right? And that Carver is the one writing this *fictional* character? So when you say “I hope Carver doesn’t treat his family like Sam does” that makes no sense. Sam will treat his family in whichever way Carver, as head writer, decides Sam treats his family. Carver is writing how Sam treats his family, so that comes from Carver, not from Sam, who does not exist because he is *fictional.* I don’t like the sound of Sam apparently having stopped looking for Dean either, but rather than trash Sam and laud Carver, I am actually rational enough to realize that it is Carver who is at fault here, not the fictional character that Carver is writing. Furthermore, Sam has proven he would go to any length to get Dean back, both when he went to Hell and when the Trickster killed him, and how completely destroyed he was without Dean. So Carver is actually writing Sam out of character. Rebelling against his father when he was a teenager and going to college while his brother is hale and hearty is one thing. That’s what pretty much every 18-year-old does. But Dean in Purgatory is like when Dean went to Hell or when the Trickster killed him, and Sam reacted very differently, he was willing to do anything, he even tried to trade places with Dean. This is also not like when Sam takes off in a huff for a couple of days. They both have their ways of letting off steam: Dean punches Sam in the face and Sam walks away for a couple of days. Dean vents his emotions with his fists, Sam with his feet. This is also not like when Sam was manipulated by a demon and high on demon blood. They have all made this mistake, paved the way to Hell with good intentions. You have evidently forgiven Cas for opening the door to purgatory and going on a bloody rampage as “God,” and Dean for breaking the first seal and torturing countless souls in Hell, so it would be a double standard to hold it against Sam. So the spoiler about Sam having given up on Dean is out of character, and if that is the way it plays out, it is Carver’s fault for writing the fictional character that way.

  17. kate says:

    I read the comments on SPN stories here and it makes me remember, every single time, why I hate the SPN fandom. Lunatics.

    This season should be fun. I’m wary of love interests (they’re usually poorly done) but hey, flashbacks mean she’ll already be gone (has Sam killed her with his death dick? lol). It’ll be good to see how the guys mature and how it affects their work. I look forward to the purgatory storyline. I think season 08 will be fun.

    • Mickey says:

      Parts of the fandom are really great. There are a lot of kind, funny, smart people out there. What this fandom has done for charity alone is amazing. The lunatics do not represent the majority, but yeah, they can certainly ruin the fun for the rest of us.

    • Mia says:

      Then don’t read the comments, duh. And just so you know, you’re as lunatic as the rest of us.

      • kate says:

        nope. I’m not crying endlessly because “Dean’s story was stolen and Sam is more loved!” or “BOOHOO IT’S NOT THE EXACT SAME AS SEASON 01!” or “OMG CASTIEL IS ON THE SCREEN GET HIM OFFFFFF!”

        • Mia says:

          No… You’re here making fun of them. You’re very normal. *Rolls eyes* Crazy kate.

          • kate says:

            yeah, because the internet is for fun, not wangst. although anyone wanting to have an actual back-and-forth about supernatural without endless amounts of wangst (which I sometimes want) is not fun.

          • kate says:

            but I can see by your comments that you are one of those weird Dean fans, so I’m sorry I hurt your feelings by pointing out your lunacy.

    • The worst parts of the fandom do tend to come out in the comment sections of articles.

  18. Morgana says:

    Oh such a wonderful contrast! Whenever I’d read a Gamble interview, I would get so frustrated at her tone and answers that I’d want to throw things. However, with Carver I really like everything he says. I’m sure season 8 won’t be perfect, but I definitely feel like it’s shaping up to be far more enjoyable than the mess that was season 6 was, and the boring dreck that was season 7.
    I’m particularly excited to see what Carver can do with my favorite character, Castiel. I feel like Gamble mishandled his character these past two seasons. I find it odd that some say he has reached his expiration date because Castiel isn’t a carton of milk that can go bad. There’s so much rich potential to explore that I don’t think they have even begun to scratch the surface with the angel mythology. Just because Gamble didn’t know what to do with the character in seasons 6 and 7 and made some questionable choices with him, doesn’t mean that Carver won’t be able to utilize him better. I sincerely hope that will be the case.
    I definitely want to see Sam and Dean get better story arcs too. Season 7 especially was lacking terribly there. Sam’s hallucinations were mostly ignored before they were wrapped up, and Dean’s depression and drinking had pay off. Bobby’s death and then subsequent return as a ghost was pointless and anticlimactic.
    Carver sure has his work cut out for him!

    • Morgana says:

      Oops, I meant Dean’s depression and drinking had NO pay off.

    • Agreed!

      Although, personally, I like the fact that Castiel screwed up and went “dark” in season 6. I liked it a lot better than the comic-relief!Cas of season 5. I thought Sam’s arc was weird and mishandled in season 6, but other than that, I don’t have a problem with it. My problems with the show started when they had Levia!Cas walk into the river instead of having him as the villain for the season. After that, the pacing of the show went downhill, and the stakes felt a lot lower. And as glad as I am that Cas came back, I have serious issues with how they handled his return (amnesia? Really?). And I still don’t quite know how to feel about Castiel-with-mental-issues

      • oppar says:

        I agree though I’d have to say that I enjoyed the comedic relief of season 5 as, if it had actually been explored, it would have made his descent into the dark side that much more sad. They had an amazing concept of an angel falling slowly into evil and they blew it.

        The comedic element of season 5 would’ve been so much sadder upon rewatching as in season 6 Cas was slowly isolating himself from everyone he cared about to the point of murder. So him being so “fish out of water” and the butt of the joke among the humans in his life puts a more human spin on his fall.

        I’m not putting a woobie spin on his actions but lamenting the fact that they had a perfect parallel and football field full of possible connections to past Sam and Dean emotional arc with that route. Self-induced isolation played a big part in some of the choices Sam made and Dean’s self hate functions to isolate him as well. And here you have Castiel isolating himself and being the black sheep of sorts for having emotions, rebelling, and fighting for free will. And yet not wanting the responsibility of it all and hating himself for what his actions has turned him into, then using pride to lie to himself about how far off the rails he has gone… and they just drop it. They do nothing with all that. A story arc that would’ve been both deep in the mytharc and emotional arcs for Sam and Dean because the “villain” is a friend this time.

  19. I love Cas, Sam, Dean and Crowley! Looking forward to seeing LOTS of all of them this season….and I’m still hoping some of our other old faves come back!

  20. Jane says:

    If Sam and Dean aren’t tv’s ultimate brothers, then SPN is not SPN anymore, but some lame and predictable, empty partners show about nothing. Thanks to the angels, SPN already stopped being a horror show and turned into a fake lite version of Buffy or Charmed. And it got really bad in season 7, when we were allegedly moving on from that. As soon as Castiel is brought back, demons show up for no reason, he fixes everything in 5 minutes, he ruins Sam’s only storyline, and he leaves Dean gawking around halplessly. Lames times a million. Unutterably lame. And none of his episodes did anything for the ratings, nothing at all. He may as well as never been there for all the difference he made, despite all the relentless pimping of him by the CW and SPN’s producers. He made no difference at all to the show, except to ruin the writing. And I can do without that, thanks. However, I know we’re stuck with Castiel, so I’m just going to ignore him as best as I can next season. No one has the balls to do what’s necessary, so I’ll just pretend he’s not there.

    As long as Sam and Dean really, truly talk to each other like real brothers, and don’t avoid real drama for stupid lies and hiding things for no reason all season long (SPN makes the mistake of drawing those lines out way, way, way too long for it’s own good), then I will accept them having real, true *quality time* together when they work cases. The problem last season was that they got along fine but talked about *nothing* all season long – nothing! That’s garbage for a show with this many seasons. Sam and Dean should be closer than ever, not farther apart, after all they’ve been through.

    Oh, and Sam’s Cage storyline was 100% blown off for the last 2 seasons. If flashbacks work for Purgatory this season, then I want Cage flashbacks for Sam in season 9 and on and on. Sam died to save the world and suffered 180 years of torture, and it was treated like a damn joke by the entire writing staff. They have a LOT to make up for with the Sam fans. And Dean was a pod person last season as well. So neither brother got treated well. The character writing should be this show’s strong point, but it’s actually this show’s biggest weakness, because they don’t take what they’re doing seriously. Or they take it seriously but have NO way to execute their ideas in a good way.

    Sam loves Dean as much as Dean loves Sam. Period. Sam accepted his memories of Soulless Sam and Hell Sam just to get back to Dean so Dean would not be alone. Sam jumped into the Pit of Hell, possibly forever, because of Dean and because it was the right thing to do. Sam’s been supporting Dean emotionally at least since Faith in season 1. Sam is completely worthy of Dean just as Dean is completely worthy of Sam. I can see that despite Sam not being given a real, solid point of view on the show ever, a disappointment I’ve lived with for most of this show’s existence.

    It sounds like Jeremy Carver politely understands some of the flaws in the show for the past few seasons (and some of these flaws began in season 5, frankly). Let’s hope he can tighten up the writing and the characterization for this show finally. I’m looking forward to Sam finally being treated like a person who suffers and feels, without being cast as a villain for being different.

    • I thought the angels were amazing and epic and I adore everything about them.

      A lot of things about the show have become less scary. Witches, for example. Angels have the potential to be plenty threatening (Zachariah, anyone? Uriel? Lucifer?). So I don’t think the show becoming less scary has anything to do with that.

      I don’t think the writers actually had any idea of where they were going with Sam’s condition anyways. Besides, the hallucinations were never going to be much of an arc for Sam, because it didn’t go to who he is as person, or to any of his needs or drives. His demon blood addiction came from his desire to be in control of his own life, and was tied to his “destiny”. The hallucinations were just stuff happening to him. His hallucination arc was resolved not by Cas, but when he said that he was at peace with his suffering. Sam’s mental condition was an element of Castiel’s story. It was the result of Cas’ actions, and something that Cas actively had to atone for.

      I really feel like Sam’s character has been left to languish these past two seasons, so I’m excited that we’re going to get to see some real growth and development on his part.

      The whole problem with Sam and Dean in season 7 WAS that they were getting along. There was no tension in their relationship. They talked about the Amy thing, they talked about Bobby dying, but other than that, what were they supposed to have talked about? I’m glad that there’s going to be some tension in their relationship when they get back together this season.

    • none says:

      Agree with the angels they ruined the show I don’t see how a lot of people prefer season 4 and 5 which is the worst season to me over 1 and 2. I didn’t think season 7 was that bad I prefer it over 4-6 that’s for damn sure and the main villains weren’t great watching repeated episodes of season 1 and 2 just make me wish the later seasons had the spark of the earlier seasons I hope this is the last season supernatural overstayed its welcome.

  21. Deborah Margarella says:

    I’m glad that Jeremy Carver is at helm, I loved his episodes – him and Edlund have written my favorite episodes hands down, so I’m really excited to see what he does with S8. I also love Castiel, Sam, and Dean… so I can’t wait to see what stories he does for them. #TeamFreeWill #SaveCastiel

  22. cutiepie says:

    And of course Kripke has to mention Sam – why am I not surprised? Reading this article just reinforced why I’m thrilled we finally have a fair showrunner without a biased agenda. No more Kripke living vicariously through his avatar, no more Gamble showering Sam with the best storylines. This time around, both brothers are getting interesting stories and character development. And Cas is back! I can’t wait until October 3rd!

  23. Jill says:

    I’m looking forward to what Carver brings to Supernatural, but he does have his work cut out. Sera Gamble had some big issues to deal with in her time with the series and Carver will have the same. Castiel is a problem, though a good one to have. He’s a wonderful character with an interesting relationship to Dean. But he’s also a character born of a different arc and he doesn’t fit well into the story now that the Apocalypse has been averted. He’s too powerful. What to do?

    Sera tried reducing his power by making him insane, but that is a short term solution. I suspect Carver will deal with the problem of Castiel’s power by keeping him in Purgatory and using the character in flashbacks. But he’ll still have to decide what to do about an angel on Dean’s shoulder in the long term.

    I doubt very much he will downgrade Sam’s story and replace him with Castiel in the Impala. Sam and Dean are the heart of the show. I both am intrigued by the “maturing” of the boys he describes and puzzled that he thinks Sam and Dean could ever have normal relationships or that anyone but themselves could really understand what either has gone through. Amelia may be wonderfully empatheic and full of life experiences, but she can’t possibly understand going to Hell or alliances with demons.

    I very much hope Carver has in mind for as a sign of maturity for Sam and Dean to finally share some emotions they’ve bottled up for years, rather than looking to other people.

    • niamh says:

      Thank you! It’s nice to see a reasoned and well thought out comment.

      Expressed perfectly the reservations I have about Castiel as a character and the impulse to explore the brothers emotionally with strangers rather than with each other.

    • kate says:

      this is a really great post.

    • This was well-said. :)
      I hope they don’t keep Cas in Purgatory forever. Misha had a hope for Cas’ character arc that I liked, where Cas finally became fully mortal and hunted with the brothers (both of them). I’d love to see that happen.
      I definitely think there will be more emotional honesty between the brothers this season. I think that was one of the main points brought up recently, was they were trained (by John) to be dishonest with each other, and that they have to overcome that. I think the people they meet this year will probably act as catalysts to that purpose. :)
      I’m pretty excited, man. Pretty excited.

  24. V says:

    Ehh, too much Cas talk (I think TPTB have forgotten Kripke’s vision of him as a supporting character), but I’m withholding judgment till this season airs. I hope the show is even better under Carver, tho I will miss Sera Gambles’ writing immensely. I just hope TPTB remember which fans stuck with them no matter what.

    • Dot says:

      “I just hope TPTB remember which fans stuck with them no matter what.”

      What fans are you referring to there? Forgive me if I’ve misunderstood you–do you mean the Sam and Dean fans who ever since the season 7 finale have been tweeting vitriol to tptb and their Castiel hate, and who are threatening on every platform to flounce from SPN and stop watching?

      When Castiel fans got angry at tptb when the character was disposed of before the opening credits of 7.02, Sam and Dean fans accused them of being disloyal and not true fans but the fact is most of them kept watching, because they love SPN as a whole and they love Sam and Dean even though they were heartbroken over what happened to Castiel.

      • Dilys says:

        Thank you Dot. I know I was one of those Cas fans who was heartbroken over 7X2 but I watched the entire lame season 7 (which has been nominated for most ludricrous plotline over at the Tubey awards) even really dreadful episodes like Time for a Wedding. I watched and never threatened to flounce. Whereas Cas haters seem to flounce every two seconds or else spend all their time saying they are dumping the show. I really wish they would since their hate is what gives fandom a bad name.

        I love all of Team Free Will. Dean, Sam and Cas. As most Cas fans do.

      • Katie says:

        It will never not cease to amuse me that when Cas fans threatened to flounce they apparently were doing it because they weren’t true fans. But the brothers-only fans currently threatening to flounce claim they are doing it because they *are* true fans.

  25. skepticalinquirer says:

    Oh, ughh, Kripke. Can’t you shut up about Sam for once?

    I hope that Carver doesn’t pull a Kripke and isn’t all “Sam, Sam, Sam I am!” Come on, Carver, Dean deserves better than to be thrown under the bus again.

    And enough of the whole “heart of the show” when you already have Sam heartlessly ditching Dean in Purgatory and already getting busy with a substitute. After Ruby, Amy and Amelia, I say that Dean has the full right to have someone else in his life.

    • Carrie says:

      Who says Sam has heartlessly ditched Dean in purgatory? We haven’t even seen the first episode of the season yet. It sounds like Sam had no idea where Dean was and it would make sense for him to try to move on with his life, since that’s what he asked Dean to do at the end of the 5th season. Sam has always wanted to just live a normal life w/o demon hunting, and how many times can these brothers go to the ends of the earth trying to save each other? With Cas and Bobby also gone, this would be Sam’s chance to escape the demon hunting lifestyle. Though I like both brothers, I say all of this as someone who considers herself a Dean girl. I wouldn’t blame Sam for moving on.

      • skepticalinquirer says:

        Uh, huh, right. I always feel as if there are two different set of rules and expectations going on. So far it’s been Dean saving Sam and Sam not returning the favor. I find it’s funny that you express boredom when it’s Sam’s turn to reciprocate and he doesn’t.

        If it’s healthier for Dean to leave Sam, you would be OK because Dean has the right to look for his own happiness? Because after all that, I as a Dean fan wouldn’t mind Dean moving on from Sam.

        • Tina says:

          If I remember correctly you were among the fans who complained (at SpoilerTV) about the spoilers for episode “Defending your life” that implied that Sam would defend Dean (and probably save him). You were whining that Dean is not allowed to save himself or do anything by himself. So, which one is it? Has or hasn’t Sam ever tried to save Dean? The answer is yes and you know it but you just chose to ignore it.

          • skepticalinquirer says:

            (shrugs) That was a pretty weak defense on Sam’s part. When he’s asked about blaming Dean for pulling him back in, the first thing out of his mouth is “it’s complicated.” Wow, I feel the love. He’s the last guy I want as my attorney.

            Also, I kind of expect Sam to go a bit further for his brother than he does for a person in peril. Especially when Dean did go the extra mile for HIM. Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it’s only supposed to go one way.

            You can’t keep pimping Sam as Mr. Empathy and the superduper brain of the brothers if he can’t be bothered and can’t figure out where his brother is.

            And actually I’m thrilled Dean got out without Sam’s help because that gives Dean some stature as a hunter (but I can still mock the hell out of Sam for not helping in the same way I can praise a guy who got out of the wilderness alive but eye roll at the ranger who didn’t bother looking for him). I just wish there was a guarantee that he’d have more to do that was central to the main story of the season.

        • samhasbeentohellandback says:

          If Sam had rescued damsel Dean from purgatory, you would be the first to cry foul. You don’t want that, no way.
          If Sam had gone to purgatory and Dean got on with his life with Lisa, you would be the first to cheer about how healthy it was for Dean.
          If Castiel had put Dean into a coma and Sam is still BFF with Castiel, you would cry foul.
          So don’t talk about different rules.

        • Some people simply understand where hypothetically Sam might have reached the end of his resources and his rope. He was in a pretty fragile state already, and now he’s absolutely alone in the world with no leads and no friends. I bet he looked for Dean for as long as he could. I bet he never expected to meet Amelia, become friends, become lovers, and gradually slip out of the hunter life. But if it happens, it’s understandable. And look, he’s back in the seat with Dean as soon as the season starts. Doesn’t that say something? Also, Dean and Sam come from different places. Dean was raised, since four years old, to believe his ultimate goal in life was to look out for Sammy, keep him safe. By doing this, he allowed Sam to grow up as a (relatively) ‘normal’ kid. As Bobby says, kids are supposed to be ungrateful. But as Sam grew, matured, forgave, and came to respect Dean as a person, instead of just an older brother, he ended up returning the feeling. So I personally find it hard to believe that a) Sam gave up without a fight and b) that Dean would want him to destroy himself looking for him. Dean /wants/ Sam to have that life Sam always said he wanted. He worked so hard to make sure Sam was protected from the things that made Dean into a man that hates himself. He wanted Sam to marry Jess, he wanted him to succeed. To find happiness. Even if, yes, he also wants to keep him in his every day life (oh, man. The typical familial conundrum). So it’s not a /different set of rules/ so much, as it is /different people/. I’m not going to be upset until I see how it plays out. :)

          • Rain says:

            Wow, I’ve been reading through all these comments getting angrier and angrier at all the hate. Now I come to this post and I want to hug you! This is exactly how I see Sam and Dean! Thank you!

    • Ally says:

      I’m one of the people talking about the “heart of the show”.

      They’re starting the season already in the wrong because, like I said in a previous comment, this Sam who just didn’t try to look for Dean doesn’t look like the same Sam who jumped into the Pit to save him. Nor look like the same Sam that confronted and absorbed his memories of Hell that could literally kill him just to go back to be with Dean. So, if anything, it’s Sam they’re throwing under the bus with this OOC behavior.

      And Sam living “happy” is totally against the whole canon, summed up with Dean’s line about them keeping each other ‘human’. Carver is definitely changing that, which it’s an absurd, in my opinion. This change in the dynamic of the show, the brothers relationship not being the treated as the heart of the show is a huge mistake, at last for me and some long-time viewers that I know.

      • skepticalinquirer says:

        The whole brotherly love idea is a myth. I know you don’t want to see it but the way Sam left for college and refused to give up Ruby is a real big part of Sam as well. Sam jumped into the Pit to redeem himself and Kripke wanted to make sure it was Sam who was the big hero whose feat could never matched especially not by the brother Sam considers dumb, sloppy and needy and burdensome.

    • Sam’s important too, in equal measure. I’m happy to hear about him. But I really think Dean will get a great story this season, too. It sounds from all the spoilers going around that all three (Cas, Dean, and Sam) will have really great, tightly-wound plot arcs, as individuals and as a team. :)

  26. Ema says:

    Hey Michael, Dean has a storyline too. DEAN changed too. I love the way the only storyline you mention is Sam’s “domestic” storyline. LOTS of us are interested in the Purgatory storyline as well. Some of you TV writers need to remember this show has TWO leads and stop only talking Sam whenever question time comes up.

    • skepticalinquirer says:

      I totally agree with you. All this refusal to talk about Dean turns me off watching S8, it doesn’t make me more interested in the Sam part of S8. I’d really appreciate it whenever articles about the show are written that Dean is mentioned as well.

    • It’s possible that they just don’t want to give too much away. Dean’s role (and Cas’ role, which has also been remarked on surprisingly little) is very complicated, wrapped up as it is in Purgatory and Benny and who knows what else. They probably don’t want to spoil the build up. :) That’s all.

  27. Kay says:

    Thanks for this interview. Above all, Carver sounds like a highly intelligent showrunner, planning a good, balanced season, instead of what was doled out for the past two seasons. I hope this impression is proved right come October. I miss the days when Supernatural was good – Seasons 1 – most of 5.

  28. Cimorene says:

    As long as Sam and Dean are working together, having some brotherly bonding moments as they fight the supernatural, I’ll be happy. I hope that Castiel won’t become a focus, but will instead remain an occasional guest star, when it helps tell the story.

    I watch the show because I love the family feel of siblings that would do anything for each other. That’s the way I feel about my siblings, and I hope that’s the way they feel about me. I hope that Jeremy Carver remembers that, at its core, Supernatural is the story of two brothers against the world. Not angels, or demons, or romance, or even things that go bump in the night. But Sam and Dean.

    • skepticalinquirer says:

      I think you’re ignoring that Dean had to get himself out of Purgatory. I think it’s sad that it’s just expected that Sam is instantly forgiven, leaving Dean in one of the worst places ever, and that he still gets to be treated as if he’s the best brother ever.

      • Sue says:

        Sam is never instantly forgiven and judging by your anti Sam glasses you wear the least by fans like you.If the positions were reversed and this was Dean and they did the same would you be vocalizing the same sentiments you aim at Sam?.I havent agreed with the writing for Sam for a long time and I dont like the idea that they might not show Sam at least trying to find out what happened to his brother.But the blind belief that Dean hasnt got a brother who loves him and isnt prepared to fight the devil himself for his brother is utterly false.

      • samhasbeentohellandback says:

        I could have sworn Dean getting himself out of purgatory would make Sam haters happy. They’re so afraid Sam would actually succeed in something.

      • Sam is going to do his best, I bet you anything. But he’s got no resources, no leads, and the only way humans know to open purgatory involves killing virgins and releasing monsters into the earth. So he’s in a hard place. Dean gets himself out of Purgatory, with help from the /inside/ because it’s one of the only possible ways anyone /can/ escape Purgatory. It’s going to be shady business, very interesting. But the blame doesn’t fall on Sam, guys. Innocent until proven guilty. Believe the best will happen, maybe wait to judge until the season airs. :)

    • TJ says:

      Cas never really is a focus but he is a regular important support character–much more than an occasional guest star. He makes the show better.

  29. Carrie says:

    I’m really looking forward to the new season, as always. SN is my favorite show and I’m excited to see what Carver has come up with for Season 8. He has written some fantastic episodes in the past, so I’m sure he’ll do a great job as showrunner. I know Sera Gamble decided to leave, but isn’t Robert Singer still an executive producer?

  30. Euan says:

    Flashbacks, OK! Flashback to Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Ruby (Katie Cassidy–not the second one) and, maybe, Bela.

  31. Glad to have Carver back on board. He knows the Winchester story. Yes, I’m glad Castiel is back. Last years SL was well, lacking. They were so immersed in showing how Sam and Dean deal with loss, that frankly, they just got lost. They are such awesome actors that they managed to transcend it. So there I go; cover me in ashes! I am a SPN fan, from start to finish!! But I am also a proud Castiel and Misha Collins fan. Footnote: momentary squee for the Kripke comment. Uhuh! Carver is bona fide, bitches! Cause Eric Kripke says so.

  32. Darcy says:

    I love Supernatural but I am, for the first time ever, disheartened by what I am hearing in all of the spoilers coming out so far. I like Cas and am glad he will be in this season. I have fallen in love with supporting characters in the past so I’m glad there will be some more, but again that’s not why I watch the show. All of this talk about the brothers being more mature in their relationship with each other, learning they can survive without each other, being preoccupied with other people really makes me worried. I’ve enjoyed the show the last few seasons but it has seemed that the only reason they’ve been hunting together is because they had no other choice. I’ve seen casual business acquaintances who seem closer than the boys have been the last few years. Except for a few instances here and there, they really don’t even seem to like each other anymore. They’re stuck side by side because they have to be, not because they want to be. It’s not even enjoyable to watch them in such a forced relationship. The beauty of the show used to be how they were dysfunctionally codependent, willing to die for one another, smiling and laughing once in a while, kicking ass together, and yes even fighting with each other. Now they’re just indifferent to each other. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have other people in their lives but their special relationship, good and bad, is what makes this show what it is. I really miss the “you and me against the world” concept the creators keep insisting the show’s about but not repeatedly and consistently keep from showing. That doesn’t mean I don’t want other characters around sometimes, it just means that I miss the boys being in it together, being friends. The show has showed us they’re brothers, hunting partners, even soulmates. But it hasn’t shown them being friends for at least 3 years. I was really hoping the creators and writers would mend that relationship before focusing on relationships with other people. I’m not usually one of these negative people. I love this show to an admittedly unhealthy degree LOL and I will watch to the end but for the first time ever, I’m not very excited about it. Why is it that the creators have no problem focusing on Sam and Dean’s interactions and relationships with other people but they refuse to do anything but drive the brothers further apart and completely disregard the chemistry that Jared and Jensen have together? They show absolutely no emotion with each other any more and I was hoping that would change. Hello, Cruel World gave us one of the most powerful scenes between the brothers in the entire series so I know it’s still there somewhere. I just wish the writers and creators would remember it. We don’t need stunt casting, over the top story telling, or bigger and better to be loyal to this show and to keep watching. We need the magic of Sam and Dean finishing each others’ sentences, hunting and having each others’ backs like they used to, moving as almost one person, and showing us and each other that they’re more than just burdens to each other. We need the brothers in it together. That’s all. Everything else is just icing. And I love Cas, a lot, and other supporting characters are awesome too. But furthering the divide between Sam and Dean and making other people more important to them than each other is not a way to keep loyal fans loving the show. I sincerely hope they realize that because I think this show has potential to go further but it won’t if they keep ignoring the television gold they have in those two brothers.

  33. Kris says:

    I find it really hard to believe he’s watched seasons 6 & 7 at all, otherwise what’s his excuse for butchering Sam’s character so severely? Really, WTF, Carver?

    • Sue says:

      The show has been butchering Sam since Season 4 so it will never be unsurprising .I never thought they would have him save Dean ; this show has gift of taking something and creating a negative around Sam out of it.

      They want to create a connection between Dean and Benny so Sam having anything to do with getting Dean out was never going to happen .Not trying? is typical of the one sided nature of the brothers relationship .However there will always be those will hate onb Sam because of ideas and agendas developed from the earlier seasons and a ignorance of anything Dean doies in relation.But the writers IMO have encouraged and fed this hate by the way they have at times written Sam.

  34. I’ve had enough of Cas. Time to get rid of him.

  35. Iam going to be honest…I dislike the Castiel character…and I consider myself an old SPN Fan since I ve been seeing the series since the pilot. I hate Destiel crap too and want the series back about the brothers. I will do myself a favor and step away from season 8.

  36. JessK says:

    Carver and Edlund have, between them, written most of my absolute favourite episodes of this series and this all sounds very promising. After two seasons of barely being able to listen to my fellow fans complain about this show, let alone watch it myself, it looks like things may finally be improving. Winchesters who’ve matured into characters I may actually care about again? Lightening up on the (you can say it, Jeremy) ridiculously stupid mythology that plagued S6 and S7? I’m genuinely tempted to give SPN another shot! I just hope Cas will still be around occasionally, he remains a delightful support character.

    The only other change I really want to see is Carver and Edlund remembering that Meg is the demon who kidnapped John Winchester, possessed Sam and menaced Jo out of nothing more than a desire for revenge (a desire that should only have increased after they exorcised her a second time), got Ellen and Jo killed, and supported Lucifer. I love that character, but I can’t quite fathom how the Winchesters could possibly justify allying themselves with her when she’s far worse than Crowley ever was. Please let her get back to doing what she does best – threatening the Winchesters and being evil!

    • Mikael says:

      I just wish they could bring back the original Meg.

    • Robina says:

      I am absolutely with you on the Meg thing. I would like to add that it would be good if there were a lot more awareness in the show that ALL the demons they deal with are possessing innocent human hosts, and that all the angels they deal with (except Anna) are occupying human vessels, with consent that, from what we have seen, can be extremely dubious.

      The fact that the characters have become so blasé about killing or torturing demons without a thought for the people they are possessing is disturbing but understandable in a way: they’re all making choices in some pretty extreme circumstances, and they’ve all lived a life that is damaging and hardening. But the fact that the show has let the audience forget that consideration, or has remembered it only sporadically when it is suddenly convenient to bring it up, that I have a problem with. It would be nice if, say, we got to meet the real owner of Crowley’s body, because I feel like Crowley has been completely elided into “snarky, twisty, entertainingly evil character played by Mark Shepherd” with no awareness that, in the reality of the show’s universe, the body that looks like Mark is stolen property, and Sam’s and original Meg’s and the nurse Sam killed’s experiences leave open the possibility that the real owner is in there, awake, and suffering.

      But that’s a longstanding problem. It’s been there at least since they had Bobby go from the one who reminded Sam and Dean that there was an innocent girl in Meg’s meatsuit to the guy who shot Ruby 1 in the chest just to see if the Colt was working. There’s a lot of selective awareness in the Spn writers.

      • Kex says:

        This so much! I remember that episode in season 6 when Lisa was kidnapped and we where shown a whole room of demons that Sam and Dean had tortured and killed to get information about her whereabouts. I guess it was supposed to be badass but all I could think was “those where people. You could have exorcise and saved them.”
        Then he of course exorcised Lisa to save her.

        That was actually the thing that really pissed me of about the Amy episode. Dean have killed people for persons he loved to. And while I agree that you can murder people even if they are drugdealers I think Dean could show the minimum concideration to check up when the kid would get home so he didn’t kill Amy infront of her own son.

  37. jcpg5530 says:

    casss i back yeah this is a great notice !!!! and i dont care for the anti-castiel person they are so jealous so i so happy for this notice about dean cass relationship i suport you carver =)

  38. Sara says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the brothers’ relationship repaired if it’s done right this time and Dean’s feelings on it aren’t invalidated through the writing and Sam isn’t made to look as the all wise and knowing and “together” one through the writing. If Carver just continues on with Kripke’s and Gambles’ view of the dysfunctional relationship being more Dean’s fault, with Sam sharing little blame in it, than he too can keep it because that’s not the kind of brotherly relationship I’m interested in watching anymore, and I’ll just continue to watch for the interactions Dean has with characters other than Sam-which I’ve been doing(when I’m not skipping episodes), since S5. And I’m not a Casfan. I’m a Deanfan through and through and would just like his feelings and the character, on the whole, to receive more validation through the writing than he’s received since S3.

    And I wish Kripke would keep his character-biased nose out of it now, and hope Carver will follow his own muse and not listen to ANYONE! else and renew the balance in the brothers’ relationship that was done away with halfway through S5,

    • skepticalinquirer says:

      I’m especially sick and tired of Dean being blamed for everything wrong in the relationship so if Carver tries to spin it as Dean’s being unreasonable and Sam can do no wrong then I’m not going to sit down for a season of that. Fallen Idols destroyed the relationship for me because Sam got angry at Dean for not forgiving him fast enough and demanded Dean change to make him happy. If Jeremy Carver cheerfully goes this route, count me out.

      • samhasbeentohellandback says:

        But it’s OK to blame Sam for everything wrong in the relationship. Talk about different rules.

  39. Kelsie says:

    I’m so glad Jeremy Carver came back to Supernatural; and here’s hoping Team Free Will comes back together in the second half of season 8.

  40. Melanie Desi says:

    Mature. I dunno about that. I mean, the Winchesters are heroic for sure, but mature? I really don’t know what he means by that. Is it code for being more — um — normal? Because ‘normal’ isn[‘t why I watch a show called “Supernatural”. Sam & Dean have pretty much been defined by the dysfunction of their relationship. That’s pretty much the whole series. That’s pretty much what captures the imagination about the flawed hero Winchester brothers. So ‘mature’? — I dunno.

    • Probably not ever ‘normal’, lol. After all, Dean at least has decided he can’t do ‘normal’. Maybe it means they learn from their mistakes, and grow past certain grudges? That could be all. Like, Sam’s no longer angry at John, he got to forgive him. That’s maturity, in the show, and it’s kind of neat. :)

  41. LisaM says:

    So Carver was responsible for two TricksterGabriel episodes? I wish he could bring back the character somehow. Really miss Richard Speight. Keep Cas too. If the mix works, use it!

    • Restless says:

      YES. Castiel and Gabriel (and Balthazar, Lucifer and Uriel lmao) are my favorite angels, oh how I long to see them again. :D

    • Cimorene says:

      I’d LOVE to see Gabriel come back from…wherever he is. If the Winchesters are going to have an angel on their shoulder, I’d rather it be Gabriel than Castiel. Or maybe they could alternate.

      • Gabriel is even more super powered than Castiel; I can just imagine the whining now. Bah.
        I loved Gabriel having his own agenda and being a mostly chaotic character. If he comes back, I’d hope it’s not as an ‘angel on their shoulder’ (ditto Cas that role too, though, part of what I don’t like about Castiel’s arcs sometimes is too much Winchester focus which I get plenty of with the brothers and not enough outsider point of view on other cool[er] stuff happening.)

  42. All the negativity gives me a headache! Carver, I’m with you all the way!

  43. Welcome back, Mr. Carver! :D Glad to have you, and looking forward to the new season!

  44. Lina Veustof says:

    I don’t like Jeremy Carver one single bit. He is a no-talent hack who got where he is by doing God only knows what. I fear for S8 of SPN.

  45. Nat says:

    i liked last years season. no Cas.

  46. The Squatch says:

    I like how people are acting like the second that Dean disappears, Sam just kind of looks around the room, shrugs his shoulders and says, “Well, glad he’s gone. Time to get a girlfriend.” then skips off happily. I mean, first of all, can we actually wait and see how everything goes down before we all jump to conclusions and start arguing about things we know nothing about? I’m quite sure they will make it clear that Sam did everything he could think of to find Dean and, after exhausting every possible avenue he could probably come up, had no other choice but to assume Dean was gone and move on.

    Honestly, I believe if the situation were reversed Dean would do the same thing. Oh, wait… he already did last season.

    • The Squatch says:

      Oh… and before people start in about me being a “Sam person” or a “Dean person” or even a “Castiel person”, I can assure you that I am none of the above. I consider myself a “Supernatural person” if anything. I like the show. Period. Some episodes I like Dean more, some I like Sam. Just depends on the situation and how they react to it.

      As for Castiel, I think he should be on the show and does bring an interesting character to the table. I just think he doesn’t need to be in every scene. Or maybe even every episode. Honestly, when he isn’t bat**** crazy, he is too powerful and can probably handle most situations without even needing Sam and Dean. Kind of defeats the purpose of the entire show. If they want him around more, have him permanently lose some of his angel abilities somehow.

      Kind of like what they did with Illyria on Angel, for those who are familiar. She still had powers and abilities, just not at full strength.

      Anyway… yeah.

    • polly says:

      @The Squatch Maybe it’s because that’s how Jared and Edlund make it sound? Every interview from them has been about how losing Dean gave Sam the chance to be happy, happy, happy. Kind of like winning the lottery.

      If they want fans to know Sam actually looked for Dean and was grieving during that year, they really should mention it because it sure isn’t coming across right now.

      • It’s probably just because they’re excited to see Sam able to develop into a different kind of role organically? I know as an actor, Jared must be excited to play the new dynamic, and as a writer, Edlund’s probably excited to write the new dynamic. That’s all. :) It’s kind of cool to see the cast and creators so jazzed up about the show. But I believe they’ll handle it well. The actors seem really happy with what they’ve been told, so it’ll probably be fantastic.

    • Sunset says:

      Uhhm, Dean never stopped looking for Sam. But I do agree with you about what people are saying about Sam. However, I do agree with you about what people are saying about Sam.

      ‘As for whether Dean will be proud of Sam for moving on with his life or frustrated that Sam gave up on finding him, Carver teases, “It’s a little bit of both.”‘

      This qoute was taken from a recent Jeremy Carver interview. “gave up on finding him” tells me that Sam did look for Dean. That counts for something.

  47. Tyanne says:

    I’m getting scared about Season 8

    I don’t want grown up and mature and sad Sam and Dean. I want my Sam and Dean. Period. They are not like everybody else so do not make them grow and mature like everybody else… This is making me really anxious and sad… =’(

  48. Leisha says:

    We’ve seen it before: whenever Sam or Dean try to have a “normal”life, some kind of supernatural creature messes it up. With thousands of demons, vampires etc. knowing your name and having a reason to dislike you – and each of them having their own evil agenda which will eventually affect you – it’s not even possible to sustain a normal life. I mean, sure, they can always introduce love interests that can better handle all this supernatural stuff than other non-hunters, but it WILL eventually kill them; Dean and Sam have gone season to season losing someone they love, which proves that at the end of the day, whether they like it or not, they’ll never be normal, and will just have to stick together and keep of with hunting. They MUST know by now that hunter + love interest = utter disaster. The theme of “hunting is for life” has been re-emphasised through story arcs and the words of SPN characters – it’s clear; once you become a hunter, you DIE a hunter, and probably on the job too. so to suddenly treat the hunting business like Sam and Dean can just quit and walk away would be foolish. Of course, I wouldn’t mind if Jeremy gives Sam a “normal” life but then swiftly takes it away again to prove that point; the only time it seems even remotely sensible to give them a successful normal life would be the final season, just to wrap it up (but even that would be weird).

    And yeah, I’m tired of all thr ass-kissing Sam gets. Dean can be a douche sometimes, but he takes WAY too much crap.

    • Dan says:

      I think its better for them to get normal lives in the end. I just don’t like the idea of a repeat of Swan Song, after watching the brothers die for several times, I think death for both would be stupid…I’m rooting for the brothers separation in the end, and both getting normal lives.

  49. tvdiva says:

    I am glad Jeremy is back, as he wrote some of my favorite episodes. Last season was so dark and bleak and leviathan heavy it was depressing. That and the fact that Bobby and Frank were killed off for no good reason, and Cas was turned into a smiting god/leviathan/lunatic was just a waste. The entire season wasted relationship development. I am gad they will be getting back to it this season.