Exclusive: Revamped Body of Proof Rounds Out Season 3 Cast With Game of Thrones Actor

ABC’s Body of Proof is adding a Dothraki bloodrider to its Season 3 roster.

Game of Thrones alum Elyes Gabel has been cast as smart, cocky Det. Adam Schaeffer on the ABC drama, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Proof showrunners Matthew Gross, Christopher Murphey and Evan Katz first alerted TVLine to the new roles just after series regulars Nicholas Bishop, John Carroll Lynch and Sonja Sohn were let go earlier this summer. Fringe’s Mark Valley filled the first spot: Det. Tommy Sullivan, a onetime love interest of Megan’s who transfers to Philadelphia to win her back.

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The second addition, Gabel’s Adam, “is a guy who thinks that he knows it all,” Gross said at the time. “He’s wise beyond his years, but doesn’t have the experience to back it up. And he might get himself in some trouble along the way for running his mouth off.”

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Gabel shouldn’t have any trouble working alongside Dana Delany’s strong-willed Megan Hunt: After all, the Game of Thrones alum spent a lot of time doing his khaleesi’s bidding as Rakharo, one of Daenerys’ loyal – though ill-fated – servants. He also recently appeared on Showtime’s The Borgias.

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  1. leigh says:

    I love this show but hate they had to sacrifice three characters for a really unnecessary reboot. unnecessary guess we wait and see if it paid off. Personally I hope they bring like Perry’s character back. That two parter was great and would do a lot to boost the ratings.

  2. followmal says:

    Dothraki bloodriders are nice. This is a nice addition.

  3. Derpina says:

    So that’s why they killed off Rakharo…you will be missed, bllod of my blood.

  4. Gemini says:

    I liked this show and all the characters. I don’t think it needed a “reboot” so soon. Wasn’t happy to hear it. Will give it a chance…

  5. Norma says:

    Hope they at least show what happened to Peter and give it closure, otherwise it’s a dumb idea to bring in new people!

  6. nick1372 says:

    All these changes haven’t bothered me, because at least they haven’t gotten rid of Curtis and Ethan. The banter between them and Megan is a key part of the show. Peter, Bud and Sam were important, but replaceable. Plus Peter died…

    This character sounds great! They actually have someone (almost) as smart as Megan! I get the jitters just thinking about it LOL.

  7. Amy says:

    It was make some big changes or cancel the show. Ratings were meh and they agreed to renew it if more exciting actors were added. And I love mark valley

    • ruth says:

      when was peter killed off have i missed a series or some thing when does the new series start

      • Kvivik says:

        People are assuming that Peter died in the end of the season finale when the serial murderer attacked him and Megan was weeping over his body. It was the cliffhanger, does he die or not.
        Since they’ve fired Nick Bishop (the actor who played Peter), it is generally thought that he didn’t survive.

        • Beverley Carnell says:

          No one know if he lives or dies as you said that was the cliff hanger all Mathew Gross will say that you will have to watch the 1st ep of season 3 but i wont be watching they have gone and spoilt it for me with them getting rid of the three actors who made the show .

  8. Norah says:

    I’m pretty sure the showrunners are Matthew Gross and Christopher Murphey. Not Chris Gross. Just FYI. :)

  9. Norah says:

    Oh, and Mark Valley? Yes, please.

  10. Carter says:

    Why would he leave Game of Thrones for this gig? Lame!

    • Lea says:

      Well, he was killed off pretty early on this year’s Game of Thrones, that doesn’t really up his chances to be invited to return in season 3, does it?

    • Linn says:

      I think he actually left GoT to be in World War Z with Brad Pitt, which actually makes a whole lot more sense xD

  11. Linda says:

    Really sad to hear Bishop won’t be back but I will still watch!

  12. Amanda says:

    I kinda like the reboot, if only they could get rid of Jeri Ryan! She kills every series she’s in!!!! But I understand why they had to get rid of Peter, I think in the premise of the show, he was suppose to be a potential love interest for Megan Hunt (like Bones and Brennan), but that would have never worked, because they had a more brother/sister type relationship it’ll be too gross (like George and Izzie). Plus, his character was kinda done for me when they hooked him up with that rocker girl, when it was better if they had put her with Ethan, like they ran out of things to do with him. I always thought the 2 cops were replaceable, cause no medical examiner works with just 2 police officers!

    • Shaun says:

      Too bad Voyager didn’t run long….

    • Beverley Carnell says:

      Actually Peter wasn’t a love interest for Megan he was he sidekick , investigating how and what had happened they were talking about would there be a leasion between Megan and Peter but both said that wasn’t necessary at the moment Peter did the work of two jobs so why he had to go your guess us as good as mine but still wont be watching season 3

  13. gm465271 says:

    Well, the show is dead! With the exception of Boston Legal, every show that Mark Valley joins ends up getting cancelled*. Yes, I am over-generalizing, but his track record is pretty bad: Harry’s Law, Keen Eddie, Human Target, Pasadena…

    Maybe they can give Mary Page Keller a recurring role! LOL!

    • TVDIVA says:

      Yeah look what he did to Fringe! Remember he was in season 1. It takes more than one actor to kill a show. It takes a lack of viewers, poor writing, etc.

  14. greysfan says:

    This is good news but i wish they didn’t bring in Mark Valley. He is horrible if you ask me. I haven’t liked him in anything he has done.

  15. sarah says:

    I liked Peter and can’t stand Mark Valley. This is the second time I’ve had to give up a show because they of him.10 minutes into season 2 of Harry’s Law and I switched off for good. Oh well, it won’t last with him in it – he is the kiss of death to any show.

  16. RAGGEDT says:

    Fringe survived Mark Valley’s prominent role in its first season.

  17. Kat says:

    Wait a minute…what the heck happened to hunky Jamie Bamber as Megan’s boyfriend. They were perfect together. With all these changes I think I’ll be changing the channel!!!

  18. ljd213 says:

    Nothing they’ve done since stupidly dumping three cast members has convinced me to hang around. I was thrilled for the show getting picked up, then they annoyed me with unneeded cast changes. So, I’m gone.

    • nick1372 says:

      The actors who played Bud and Peter chose to quit Get that into your head. Only Sam’s actress was dropped, and after the other two quit. So don’t blame the show.

      • Beverley Carnell says:

        That you are wrong Bud and Peter were let go like Sam there options were not take up in other words they were fired, no Bud Sam or Peter no Body of Proof it will fail i for one will not be watching .

  19. susela says:

    Yay! Now I can watch this show again. There was something about Nicholas Bishop that makes him completely unappealing onscreen, and after I cringed through enough of his scenes I just stopped watching the show. But Mark Valley? Now you’re talking!

  20. Jo Anne says:

    I think I’m probably done with Body of Proof since they took out three of the characters that made it work for me. Body of Proof was one of four shows I ever bothered to turn on and now I’m down to three. If they wanted to make Peter and Megan a couple, it was a perfect set up at the end of the last show – he came back to save her, she saves hm and they realize they’ve been heading in wrong directions – that could have been an under theme for the whole season; however, the producers or whoever makes these decisions, are men and they cannot think except in tired and straight lines. it was a good couple of years, will get the DVD’s so I can enjoy those shows again and blow off the rest of it…

  21. ruth says:

    i loved elyes when he was in casualty on bbc one it will be lovely to see those sexy eyes again

  22. Allie says:

    LOL. The more I hear about the changes to the show the more I am inclined to not watch rather than watch.

  23. emma says:

    When Does Season 3 Start ???

  24. Bill Bruce says:

    Yes I believe it will die. They think they gave it a jolt back to life this way, but I believe it will be flat lining. It was a good show I thought. I VCRed it every week to watch it later. Peter and Megan didn’t have to “get together” to have the tension work. Or get together once and think it wasn’t right? Bud and Sam didn’t have to be their Detective pair each week. Swap them weekly with the new pair of Det. Have Megan’s bf and ex around at times. But I know it comes down to dollars and ratings and not story lines.

  25. Kristin Bowden says:

    When is this show c

  26. Taylor says:

    I really wish Bishop didn’t have to leave… I’ll give mark valley a chance… I just hope that they don’t just leave it as a cliffhanger and actually tell us what happened!!!!

  27. Tom says:

    When does body of proof’s new season start?

  28. Cher says:

    How about bringing Amrita Acharia (Irri – Game of Thrones) on for a guest role, a women from his past. Elyes and Amrita had great chemistry on Game of Thrones!

  29. Sue says:

    Bud was my favorite character. Without him and the others that were let go, I’m gone, too.

  30. TVDIVA says:

    I will miss the three characters who have gone onto other shows, but I am looking forward to the reboot and the new characters. I hope it works well for Body of Proof.

  31. DDD says:

    Mark Valley is going to be great as an ex of Megan’s. The new kid sounds good also. I do miss they had to get rid of the others but that is sometimes how it goes. I do wish them luck in whatever they do careerwise.