The Glee Project Recap: Bad Romanticality

aylin shanna glee project“I’m gonna keep on going toward my dreams with two suitcases in my hands and, like, 20 bucks in my pocket — and I’m gonna make it.” With those inspiring words, the strongest, most consistent contestant on Season 2 of The Glee Project exited the competition in a head-scratching sixth-place finish, and I honestly can’t make any sense of it.

Oh, and if that wasn’t aggravating enough, the season’s two weakest links didn’t even have to sing for their lives, plus Oxygen managed to spoil the results during the final commercial break by airing a carelessly edited promo for next week’s episode. Did I really relegate Michael Phelps to my DVR for this?

[Insert deep cleansing breath here.]

Anyway, this week’s theme was “Romanticality,” and not only was Darren Criss in the house to offer his mentoring skills (cue Aylin and Lily squealing like foolios), but Extreme’s Nuno Bettencourt was on hand to play guitar for a homework assignment centered around the band’s big hit “More Than Words,” the song that — TMI alert! — Glee Project host/judge Robert Ulrich lost his virginity to. I’m not sure any contestant separated him- or herself from the pack with a brilliant effort, but I agreed with Darren that Lily and Aylin were a little more dramatic than they needed to be as an angsty lesbian couple. Blake, meanwhile, scored his first homework win, which was probably overdue, no?

The main video (set to Rihanna’s “We Found Love”) followd three romantic high-school couples sneaking out for some sexytimes during weekend detention. (Side note: Do real schools actually give weekend detention?) You knew Shanna was in trouble the minute she mentioned how she’d never been in the Bottom 3, and how the final video was going to be “the Aylin and Shanna show.” During the 30 seconds of studio time we got to see, vocal coach Nikki Anders had issues with Shanna and Blake, and yet somehow warmed to the nasal quality of Michael’s harmonies, and the borderline unpleasant tone of Ali’s bombastic high notes.

The actual shoot was similarly confusing. Shanna and Aylin got called out for looking like “two girls swing-dancing” instead of two girls in love, but Lily and Michael got praised for what appeared to be, at best, a tenuous connection that sat at the intersection of friends and acquaintances. Plus, it looked to me like Lily was thisclose to laughing in Michael’s face. In the “non-romanticality” moments — bored/impatient kids stuck in a room with Principal Figgins — Shanna stood out as the most charismatic and convincing of the Final 6.

Somehow, though, Shanna and Aylin’s failure to please the mentors on set, and Blake’s problems in the studio, led to three of the season’s four front-runners having to do last-chance performances for Ryan,. In other words, as Mr. Murphy pointed out, they were at risk “for reasons probably not evident in the [final] video.” Shanna, Aylin, and Blake all offered similar outlooks on the Bottom 3: Something between, “Uh-oh. This can’t be good.” and “Hold up: How’d all three of us get put up for elimination?”

But what is done is done. And the last chance performances went as follows:

* Aylin flubbed the lyrics to “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,” which turned out to be her least emotionally captivating solo of the competition. Still, her “Muslim girls need TV roles, too!” speech to Ryan was fairly compelling, even if her response to his question (what would it mean to little Muslim girls to see Aylin on Glee?) was a little self-absorbed. (“It would mean the world to me.” Um, girl, that’s not what he asked!)

* Blake’s cover of “Losing My Religion” was as common as a padlock in a gym locker room, and my scribbled notes during the performance are pretty damning: “terrific mop of hair, impressively flexed forearm.” And yet even though I’ve generally enjoyed Blake’s work this season, and I feel like he’s pretty much earned himself a spot in the finals, I didn’t understand his decision to go all “Hugh Grant hem-haw”/Breathless Mahoney when he got in front of Ryan and the judges. To me, that shtick felt less like real nerves and more like an effort to prove his “genuineness” to the judges.

* Shanna roared through Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” with confidence, control, and a heretofore unseen sexiness. In other words, of the three contenders at risk, she seemed like the only one who was auditioning for a TV role and not merely taking the stage and performing a cover song. Still, Shanna might have been done in by her post-performance admission to the judges that she felt Michael should’ve been in the Bottom 3 instead of herself. I mean, these people hold your fate in their hands, sister, so don’t go out of your way to tell them they don’t know how to do their jobs!

And so it was Shanna who got booted, which means underwhelming Michael and/or cantankerous/irksome Lily will be making it to the finale. What did you think of the result? If Shanna deserved to stay, who should’ve been cut in her place? Sound off in the comments, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. rod says:

    so sad about Shanna, i think Lily is kinda growing in me since her last chance performance last week, i think she could be on of Sue´s new mean girl/cheerio ala Quinn, and she has the best voice of all the girls.

    • hw216 says:

      Lily is growing on me too! Much more than Lindsey last season (although apparently she was vilified in editing).

    • Rock Golf says:

      PEOPLE!!! This competition has nothing to do with the level of talent. They’re all really good.

      The critical question is and always has been who can bring a new kind of character to Glee. Shanna was great as a singer and actor, but pretty blondes are a dime a dozen in TV. She had no pre-formed personality that would inspire Ryan’s muse.

      • Sookie says:

        yes, I was yelling at the screen, “talk about being a crack baby!!” For whatever reason Ryan can not come up with his own storylines.

        • Tiff says:

          This. SO. MUCH. WORD.

          I don’t understand why Ryan has to steal from their lives so much. Can’t he just be inspired by talent?

          I’m frankly shocked by Shanna’s exit, and unbelievably pissed that Michael is moving on. He can’t sing, guys. Move on!

    • Bonnie says:

      she has an awesome voice but that’s not all that counts! her sass is one think and then she crys over so much!
      I think Shanna should have stayed on the show! She hasn’t preformed for Ryan ONCE (not counting this time of course) and she never struggles with attitude problems like lily or in the booth as much as michel. I think one of them should be kicked off not Shanna!

  2. Sarah says:

    I don’t think Shanna deserved to go home but I didn’t want Blake or Aylin to leave either. Worst bottom three ever. I can’t believe Lily has surpassed both Nellie and Shanna. I do not want her on Glee. No. No. NO.

    • Russ says:

      Don’t worry, Lily won’t be on Glee. They just hired two new girls for the glee club and Puck’s younger brother. So they won’t bring on another girl. It’s totally going to be Blake, I can’t see Michael winning it over him.

      • But they also hired two other guys so if anything, Aylin will probably be the winner with Blake (hopefully) as a runner up. I’ll be happy as long as Lily doesn’t make it to final 3. I’m sure she’s a nice girl, but I’m just not into her.

        • dan says:

          One of the guys will be featured at NYADA with Rachel, so the Glee club still needs guys.

          • bamabunny says:

            But as it stands, the current ND lineup is Sam, Blaine, Artie, and Joe v. Brittany, Sugar, and Tina. 4 to 3 ratio. Add Jake and it’s 5 to 3, Unique and it’s 5 to 4 (IF Ryan sticks to Wade/Unique being transgendered, barring a conflict with Will). So the Glee Club needs ONE guy tops. And no one has said the two new girls will be in the Glee Club, not immediately anyway. For all we know they may be Cheerios/Sue’s new minions like Santana and Quinn were Season One.

  3. Hannah says:

    Really sad to see Shanna go, she was one of my favourites after Nellie. Just goes to show that you’re better off being in the bottom 3 more often (providing you don’t go home of course!). I’m getting tired of Aylin milking her heritage, although having a muslim girl on Glee would be a good thing. She definitely knows how the show works though! If Blake goes that’s it for me I think!

    • Lacey says:

      I stopped watching when Nellie was booted off. Shanna was one of my top 3 favorites, so I’m sad to hear that she got booted especially for Michael. Lily is just a brat and should have been sent home already. I also don’t like Aylin and wish she would stop yapping about her heritage. It’s not fair that she gets to stay just because she’s muslim.

      • Hyde says:

        If I had something to Lord over the other contenders I would too. This is a war for a coveted role on a big show, she’s throwing down the gauntlet and reminding Ryan every week why she’d be a good choice. Its Strategic. She’s smart. If Shanna had done the same, she’d be in the top. That’s how Samuel won it last time. He heard Ryan say he wanted a Christian kid with a little edge and he dropped it every time he had a chance. It may be annoying but genius on the part of the contender. Always remind the people you are auditioning for what you can bring to the table.

  4. Jeremy T. says:

    Glad to see I wasn’t the only one pissed off that they spoiled the results with the promo. I said some fairly non-PG-13 words when that aired and almost didn’t bother to finish the episode at that point.

    Aylin is still my top choice to win the whole thing. The boys are too bland (and Michael should have gone home by now, but I guess they need to keep things semi-even in the testosterone department), Ali is a close second but too strident and Lily…HELL no. She just drives me insane. Aylin is unique and interesting, and considering Ryan’s criteria has always been “who can I write an interesting character for,” I think Aylin’s would be the best.

    • T says:

      I wasn’t actually sure who would be cut… until the promo.

    • dan says:

      I read some psuedo-spoilers last week, but they didn’t actually reveal who went home. Then I saw the promo for next week’s episode and I said “wait…they just showed us Blake and Aylin in next week’s episode” so no surprise to me that Shanna went home. I think she is a great singer, but I couldn’t get past her bug eyes (yes, that is shallow but I think she went home b/c Ryan couldn’t figure out what to write for her).

    • jadesong says:

      I am such a fan of Michael!!
      Everyone keeps giving him so much flack. Why? No. His voice is not up to par with Blake or the girls. However, he is a great actor and this is increasingly evident in the preview for next week’s episode. Not to mention the fact that he has movie star good looks. Plus, this week was his best week yet! He has the romance thing down: There is not a teenage girl in the world who wouldn’t get a little turned on by watching him in that video. I think the finale should be Aylin, and the two boys. Alyin because she keeps improving and she’s interesting- abet irritating.
      Blake because he’s sexy as hell and can be the Finn replacement and Michael because he’s swoonworthy and smart.

      • Notgonnagiveyoumynamebiach says:


      • Seanti says:

        Michael was really great this week. His harmonies in the studio made me swoon, and he and Lily were far and away the best of the three pairings, surprisingly. Plus, he’s adorable. And this week Shanna was none of the above.

      • Chrissy says:

        I agree completely! Michael is my favorite although I think Blake is going to win (which I am totally okay with). I did not like Shanna at all this week! She did bad in the homework assignment, studio, AND music video. Michael did great in the studio and the music video and she said that he deserved to be in the bottom. um NO. She was being such a brat this week. I usually don’t mind her, but this week she just rubbed me the wrong way.

        • angrybirds says:

          It’s a competition! On top of that, it’s nearing the final showdown. I thought it was fearless of her to be honest. Also, was it just me who thought it was very unfair that Nellie was put on the bottom 3 on every opportunity, while Michael was safe half the time, and his criticisms were similar to her’s- overthinking and ackwardness?

  5. Chris says:

    Shana screwed up most of the lyrics on her last chance performance. She admitted it. She sounded good, but it wasn’t a great performance.

    • Cheryl says:

      Still better than Aylin’s and Blake’s, and at least she wasn’t silebt like Michael and Aylin when they forgot their own lyrics. Still can’t believe Nellie was eliminated over Lily Mae, and Abraham over Michael! Then again, after the first week, everything just turned sour. Dani over Tyler, Tyler over Charlie, Mario over Charlie (again), using one save elimination at the early stage in the competition, trying to create the most shy contender into a sexy character repeatedly (isn’t Aylin already the self titled flirt of the bunch), and expecting Ali to shoot a basketball with her back to the net. Come on now! Lol

  6. Karrah says:

    Shanna was my favorite. Really it came down to Ryan wanting to write the Muslim girl story for Aylin and Blake being so charismatic that there was no way they’d let him go. Michael should’ve been the one to go. He keeps getting the same comments and really isn’t getting better. I still don’t get what’s so good about Ali, I find her voice obnoxious. And Lily has been my least favorite from the beginning. Now that Shanna is gone I guess I’m rooting for Aylin.

    • djm says:

      Do you really think Blake is that charismatic? Honestly I do not get the appeal – oh, and he needs a new haircut because his look is sooooooooooo stale. I think Aylin should win – she was the major standout to me in the final video this week.

    • Susan says:

      Blake’s problem is he has no charisma at all. He is like Finn, so if that’s what Ryan wants, he has definetly find it.

      • kavyn says:

        I agree, I feel like everyone compliments him because the judges do, but he has literally done NOTHING to blow me away. I loved his performance with Nellie but Nellie was the standout for me, not Blake. He can’t harmonize, he has that same generic smile/facial expression, same hair, same everything. He’s almost robotic and he definitely doesn’t fit the ‘underdog’ that Ryan is looking for. That’s why I thought they were playing up the whole “Michael isn’t as good as Blake” stuff… to set Michael up as the underdog.

        With Nellie gone, I’m team Aylin. Her and Shanna are (were) the only ones left that I feel could do well as a unique character on glee. Lily’s just a nightmare to work with based on her edit, Blake is too generic/unoriginal, Ali’s okay but she doesn’t fit the show at all and doesn’t have a good singing voice, and Michael is so inconsistent, him getting on the show would be exactly like Damian did last year (but I want to see how he acts before I judge, because if he’s a good actor he could do very well on glee).

  7. kavyn says:

    Can’t believe they send home first Nellie, now Shanna. Those were the two girls I was rooting for to make it on the show. I’ll be cheering for Aylin now (I really do like her, but Nellie was always my top runner and Shanna was the one I thought would make it).

    Looks like it’s the Blake show folks. I’m waiting for someone to sign Nellie soon.

  8. Haley says:

    Dudes, Shanna was the best. So bummed.

  9. Gilda says:

    That promo was just brilliant.

  10. txg says:

    FYI…Yes, there are schools still do have detention on Saturdays.

    I can’t believe Michael is still in this game! Surely it would be easier to write a character for Shanna than him! (Or maybe Ryan is hoping to have a deaf mute character that can look cute and doll out the puppy dog eyes…)

    I’m hoping for Ally or Blake

  11. Kalee says:


    So Shanna, the person who keeps impressing everyone, the only one who never got sent to the Bottom 3, the most endearing and talented of the bunch throughout the whole season, gets booted?

    My god, it’s like you have to be in the bottom 3 constantly to be impressing and have actual interactions with Ryan Murphy to get you to the finals. It’s unfathomable how Lily and Michael and I guess Aylin are still there since they’ve all got to charm him and get him actively trying to create a character for them. That’s how Damien inexplicably won last season even though he spent the majority of his time in the bottom. At this point, only Ali and Blake deserve to win and will definitely throw out my TV out the window if Lily/Aylin/Michael win.

    R.I.P. Good Casting Decisions 101

    • anon says:

      This is exactly what happened to Marissa last season. She was never in the bottom 3 and her first time there, she got booted. So disappointing. I really liked Shanna and Nellie too. And I think Lindsey was better than 3 boys he chose – Alex, Damien, and Sam.

  12. Annie says:

    Honestly, I quit caring about who wins after Nellie inexplicably got the boot. I’d rather the winner not be Lily or Aylin, but I wouldn’t be terribly upset if either somehow managed it. At this point, I don’t think any of the contestants are really relatable.

    • Ger says:

      Nellie “inexplicably” got the boot??? It wasn’t inexplicable. Nellie was told almost every episode that she needed more confidence. She NAILED it in Milshake/Moves Like Jagger video, but it took a lot of work to pull it out of her for other videos. They explained that it took more shots to get Nellie’s performance than anyone else and that would never work on a fast-paced show like Glee. I LOVED Nellie’s personality and she was my favorite voice of the girls, but her being cut from the show was not out of nowhere.

      Now, I’ll agree that Shanna’s cut was fairly shocking, but cockiness is NOT attractive — “I don’t get negative feedback” — and I personally was never a fan and had no desire to see her on Glee. The waterworks when she got criticism on sexuality week and then crying this week actually was a huge problem for me. With Nellie I could tell her crying was coming from self-doubt, but Shanna’s was because she can’t take the slightest criticism. If you’re going to bawl everytime you hear criticism then you are definitely not cut out for show business.

      Not having a clear character that they would be on Glee was a problem for both of these girls. Since Season 1 it was always stressed how important it was that the contenders have a clear view of who they would be on the show. Ryan could write any character, but he was looking for people to inspire him. “We” can see clear characters for Shanna and especially for Nellie, but they have to bring it.

      • Monica says:

        your comment was truly great and summed up perfectly my thoughts. thanks ger :)

      • Cheryl says:

        Hm.. I don’t know about that. The only clear message I received from the 1st season was to be yourself. Going into the compettion, the finalist already told their backstory on their audition, so I didn’t understand why the judges expected it broadcast over and over again. RM you kknow their stories and you were inpired by it. That’s why you choose them to be on the show! Therefore shouldn’t their personality and talent, as well as progress, be more of a focus on the deciding factor! Also, I’d really like to know what’s Michael’s and Blake’s inspiring stories are because to me, these two are the least underdogs.

        • Cheryl says:

          Might I just add how the girls always gets the worst editing, of both season. They more likely didn’t show her full answer, which was probably something along the lines of “Michael! Although, I’ve had a terrible week and also deserves to be here.” Shanna was an athlete and girl knows how to be competitive! Besides, everything she said was the truth. If Blake had to be on the bottom 3 for one mistake after being so strong all this time, then it would of only been fair for Michael to be on the bottom for his bad feedback from Darren. That feedback is btw similar to previous negative feedbacks he have received during previous weeks. Also, I honestly couldn’t tell the diferrence how he played things out on the HA and the music video. Pretty similar to me!

  13. Kobe Busia says:

    Ok so tonight’s episode was cool indeed and the duets partnerships were well set up, the video for we found love was nice and I really enjoyed it, especially since Figgins was in it and was funny as usual! I saw the promos before the episode premiered and I was shocked to see that Blake’s kryptonite had finally been discovered with his harmonizing in the studio and I understand that he messed up, but that was a minor setback cause his performance with Ali in the music video more than made up for it so he clearly didn’t deserve to be in the bottom 3 but of course he was which was a complete waste of time in my opinion. I still can’t believe Michael is still around in the competition because he never really improves as an overall performer and he constantly receives negative feedback but the mentors seem to ignore his numerous flaws and keep him around, he doesn’t deserve to be there at all, and worst of all, why did Ryan have to eliminate Shanna? She was the only girl who has never been in the bottom 3, she and Blake were 2 of the strongest contenders and they’ve been blazing through the competition impressively, and the one time Shanna finds herself in the danger zone, she gets eliminated, why? I don’t understand how this could’ve happened, this is exactly what happened to Marissa last season, remember, why does Ryan like doing this?!?!? Also, the selected bottom 3 contenders feels obviously contrived and done incorrectly because it should’ve been Shanna, Aylin, and Michael, not Blake goddammit!!!! This show is somewhat getting on my nerves in the sense that they eliminate people who are really interesting and clearly deserve to stay, for example what happened with Abraham last week. Anyway, next week Michael had better get kicked off because I’m so irritated by his unbearable presence on the show, it’s kinda like Alex from last season but at least Alex has an incredible voice! As for the finale, Blake is clearly and undeniably the obvious winner of this competition.

    PS: No one gives a damn about how there are only 2 guys left in the competition, if 1 of them is a constant disappointment, kick him off!!!!!

  14. Jenn says:

    Yeah, it super sucks. Though, I really think that Ali is going to win. Sure, she has an annoying voice, but the hosts have been drooling over her willingness to do everything for like 3 weeks in a row. They can fix a nasally voice in the recording studio or give her back up parts in the show. lol.
    Personally, Aylin drives me up the freaking wall (I’m sure much of that is how they are editing the show, but I still dislike her). I would have liked to see her go home. She’s always having this huge pity party when she doesn’t win homework assignments, saying incredibly rude and condescending things, and I think the only reason she’s still in this competition is because she has pulled the poor sheltered Muslim girl like 8 times.

    • AFan says:

      I agree with you about Aylin, but I find Lily even more annoying.

    • rachelleet says:

      Haha but she HAS to use the “poor, sheltered Muslim girl” image to stay in the show. They wouldn’t keep her on the show if she was anything but that. Shanna had to keep saying “crack baby” in order to get any attention (even though her talent was incredibly obvi), and that still didn’t work. AAAANDDDD anytime Lily makes it to the bottom she has to talk about her weight and how confident she is, because her talent wouldn’t get her this far. I actually like watching this reality show, but Glee will probs get cancelled after next season, so I wonder what they would do then…

  15. Caz says:

    I loved Shanna, but I knew she wasn’t going to win, because she wasn’t a minority or a hot white guy.

    • betsybug says:

      I look at it this way – she was a young, attractive, blond-haired blue-eyed woman with a strong singing voice. Do you know how MANY of those are here in LA? (Answer: a LOT). These kids are obviously not only competing against one another, but also the amateurs, semi-pros, and experienced actors already here in Hollywood that Robert Ulrich brings to Ryan, too.

  16. jenny s. says:

    shanna is like the jessica sanchez of this season on this show. sucks

    • Marianne says:

      …”like Jessica Sanchez..” (Idol) ….except Jessica was 2nd/runner-up, NOT gone with 5 others remaining, like Shanna. But I get your point.
      ~ Regarding Michael – – I must be one of the few that disagree a bit about him. As far as his vocal quality – – it’s not any more/less nasally than Ali’s, and he’s pretty adorable. Also, I think they like that he can be pretty funny, as an actor. From the beginning, he has sometimes reminded me a bit of Andy Samburg (SNL).

  17. greysfan says:

    Sorry but how does Lily and Michael get put ahead of Shanna? Seriously this competition did it last year and have done it again. Nice going guys. Its the most stupid decision i have seen yet. Why they are you continuing to keep 2 people in this show that should have gone weeks ago is beyond me.

  18. karenb says:

    I like Michael, I really do, And he can sing! I don’t understand why he’s getting the crap-singing edit. It would be more realistic if he was shown struggling with the acting, since he’s never acted before. Strangely, I think he really stands out in the videos.I’m such a sucker, though. I really fell for last season’s show, I never thought for a second that it was scripted. Now I realize the whole show is scripted. Kind of takes the excitement out of the competition.

    That being said, I can’t figure out why he’s made it through since Nicki and the other contestants keep hating on him. I don’t really think it’s his “cute” factor (I don’t really think he’s that cute) is the reason. I liked Abraham’s look and I thought Ryan would totally go for his “story.” Glee is supposed to be about underdogs, but I don’t consider neither Blake nor Michael as underdogs.

    Needless to say, I have no idea how it’s all going to end. I thought Dani was going to win! Then I thought that Mario had it in the bag. I think Blake is too obvious a choice. Then again, I thought Aylin had the most interesting story from the beginning, so maybe she will win.

    I guess we all need to stay tuned.

    PS Breakfast Club, baby!

  19. Anne says:

    I think Shanna was “done in” when she gave her answer for the role she hoped to play on the show. The athletic girl who is involved in everything? I don’t think that would compel Ryan Murphy to write for her. She has a brilliant voice for sure, but not much else about her stands out. Yeah, she is resilient and strong, but I think Ali and Aylin have exemplified those characteristics as well. Also, I never saw her display natural, unforced sex appeal that some of the other contestants possessed. Next, she never showed her sense of humor as prominently as some other contestants. I think Michael’s impersonation of Elvis proved that he could be quirky and humorous when he pleased. Could Shanna? Not from what I can remember. Finally, I can’t ever remember thinking she had believable chemistry with anyone. Maybe she never felt any with the people she was paired with, but out of all the contestants I think she tried the least to find ways to bring that out of her. I think Michael and Lily showed this when they made dinner for each other to get into the role a little more. I think Shanna was a wonderful person and singer, but I don’t think she showed the versatility needed to be on a show. And sure the girl has charisma, but don’t they all?

    • Sookie says:

      I have to agree with a lot of what you said. I think Shanna has a great voice but they all do. The “character” she came up with for Ryan (who inexplicabbly can’t come up with one by himself) was so not Glee and I wondered if she ever watched an episode. You can’t be a sporty girl who is good at everything and be a Gleek. Now if she said she wanted to be Santana’s replacement and be the btchy girl who is plotting against the club I might buy it. However, for whatever reason Ryan is looking for an “underdog” or someone with an interesting background. Like last year he wanted a religious kid and Sam complied when Cameron quit. I am not sure what he wants this year exactly.

  20. Mel31602 says:

    Shanna was my favorite from the beginning as well but the more I think about it, the more I realize that she wasn’t that good of an actress. She did this dead – stare thing a lot. Aylin I thought had by far the best LCP. I thought they might get rid of Blake bc of his lack of vulnerability- I’m not really sure what his role on the show would be either. I’ve enjoyed Lilys LCPs as well but she is getting the villain edit which makes me not like her. I’m on the Aylin bandwagon now even though she doesn’t seem like the nicest person either. L

  21. Mel31602 says:

    Shanna was my favorite from the beginning as well but the more I think about it, the more I realize that she wasn’t that good of an actress. She did this dead – stare thing a lot. Aylin I thought had by far the best LCP. I thought they might get rid of Blake bc of his lack of vulnerability- I’m not really sure what his role on the show would be either. I’ve enjoyed Lilys LCPs as well but she is getting the villain edit which makes me not like her. I’m on the Aylin bandwagon now even though she doesn’t seem like the nicest person either. Love her voice and acting though, and she would be the most interesting character of the remaining contestants.

    Also I had a feeling Shanna wouldn’t win bc she hadn’t gotten much screentime in a while. The show has been playing up the Aylin/Lily rivalry and Blake/Michael friendship which makes me think Ali is gone next week.

  22. Mel31602 says:

    Whoops sorry for the double post!

  23. AFan says:

    I was sorry to see Shanna go. Please let anyone win besides Lily. I cannot stand her!!!

  24. SB says:

    I’m surprised at the dislike for Lily. She has a good voice, she does a good job in the video shoots. As far as her being irritating or likeable – I think that should be taken with a grain of salt – it’s a reality show and someone has to get the irritating edit. They played up so much of the Aylin/Lily ‘fight’ last week and this week they were hanging out talking in the beginning – it’s all perspective. Personally I didn’t see the “aw shucks” personality they showed Shanna having to fit into the show – although I am surprised to see her kicked off instead of Michael.

  25. Jaredd says:

    At this point in the competition, performance and talent are irrelevant except to be used as an excuse to cut somebody. I think at this point as far as abilities go the Ryan and company would be happy with any of them. What it comes down to right now is can they see a compelling storyline for a specific character for the contestant. I think they were right this week. So far as Shanna was concerned she was really talented, but her potential storylines were a little too bland……..

  26. Shanna:( says:

    I want to die! Shanna was my favorite since the beginning!
    I hope win Ali or Blake, even Aylin.

  27. Linda Lee says:

    THINK THIS SEASON SUCKS!! THEY SHOULD HAVE STOPPED AT SEASON 1 & HIRED ALL THE FIRST GROUP OF KIDS!! ALL BETTER, MORE INTERESTING,FUN & SYMPATHETIC FIGURES!! RYAN & rest of “the joke group”!!! always saying want people to be “REAL”, yet they keep hiring new “VERY FAKE” people!!


  28. Andrew says:

    I’m fairly certain Murphy decided several weeks ago that Aylin is The One. After she performed Rihanna’s Take A Bow in Week 6, he called her a possible “game-changer” and has likely been smitten with the idea of a sexy-tough Muslim girl at McKinley ever since.

    Had Cameron not quit in Season 1, I’m also fairly sure have won the whole thing…remember when Ryan went to his dressing room and told him he could stay if he wanted? I’ve become convinced the producers decide these things early on. I never in a million years would have thought Shanna would have ended up in 6th Place, though. Such a shame.

    • dan says:

      I didn’t watch Season 1, but I totally agree that the decision is made early on as to who the best contenders are for creating new characters. In any show that a judging panel or one person decides who goes home (ie: The Apprentice, Next Food Network Star) there is always a disclaimer at the end of each episode saying that the producers and network were involved in the decision-making process. They are trying to make a good reality show that people will watch. Donald Trump and NBC know that they’ll never “hire” certain celebrities for his winner, but he keeps the trainwrecks around for buzz and ratings. Plus they always have to give the audience a “shocking” elimination at some point during the season to make it exciting (Next Food Network Star getting rid of Emily the ’50s cook this past season). I am certain that Ryan and the others have known who the top 2 or 3 contenders are for several weeks and they are eliminating/keeping people to make the show more surprising/entertaining/suspenseful. I suspect that Blake, Aylin and either Ali or Lily have been the top 3 for a few weeks and everybody else is either eliminated or kept in an effort to create a surprising ending.

  29. Ryan has the quirk of wanting the contestants to inspire a character. It’s weird, but they know it’s the gig. You can go up before Ryan ever week, and as long as he gets your character, you should be (kinda) safe — even if you are there for being a horrible human being. I joke with my husband how these people are like dolls with strings on their backs. Pull the string, and they tell you their catch phrase — I’m a tampon-loving Muslim girl! — but it seems to be a solid way to go. Shanna needed to bring up, again, the pathos of being a crack baby.

    Aylin, for the flirty girl, seems to have chemistry with no one.

    • Anne says:

      Aylin is more than the tampon loving Muslim girl. Every week she is in the bottom 3 she turns on the charm and intrigues the judges. She always makes them laugh with her bold quirky statements. Through her upbeat personality, I think she also shows them that she has been and would be a joy to work with in the future. Add all of this to her strong vocals and her acting potential (the girl needs a little coaching), and I think she proves to be a tough competitor. Plus she had plenty of chemistry with Charlie.

      • I’m not saying this is all she is, but commenting that she — and others — have a selling point they want to get across. I didn’t feel chemistry with Charlie, but rather calculation of what gets screen time. I don’t hold that against her, if it is the case.

  30. Frida says:

    Nellie and Shanna beautiful girls with powerful voices!….still can´t believe they´re out

  31. Janice says:

    Sad to see Shanna go, but I think Ryan Murphy favors story over talent in this competition. I think Aylin is going to win, although I’m rooting for Blake. At this point I just want anyone but Lily!

  32. Karina Rose says:

    I’m still mad that f***in’ Damian won last season… he was the worst of the 12 contenders last season (yeah, even worse than Bryce…) But, now that they’ve kicked out Nellie and then Shanna (WTF!?) I hate Ryan Murphy… Lily should’ve gone weeks ago… she’s just a kiss ass… I root for Aylin now (or Blake)… Next Week the Bottom Three should be Lily vs. Michael vs. Ali… and Lily should go home for good… Michael is TOO mainstream… he should leave too…

  33. Maxine says:

    I’m a GP newbie this year (though I’ve since gone back and watched some of GP1) and I definitely think the tendency of us viewers is to fall in love with the individuals and their talent, whereas the goal of show is to discover a character/storyline for the actual show (which could be going any number of directions that us fans are not really privy to at the moment). This difference in purpose/preference definitely explains a lot of the frustrations us viewers have watching our favorites get cut time and time again.

    Personality/talent-wise, those such as Nellie (far and away the most likable individual of GP1 and 2, and probably the best voice), Charlie and Dani were easy for fans to fall for. But Ryan & company, knowing they don’t exactly have room in what could be a very-convoluted show this upcoming year to develop a storyline. It would be much easier to have a good-looking stock character (Blake/Micheal) or one whose storyline writes itself (Aylin, Lily, Aly). That make sense? Probably not..

    All the people on the show are going to get incredible career lifts for having done this, so it is hard to feel bad for them. I cannot wait to see what they go on to do, and they’ll have the flexibility to create their own paths now.

  34. JoMarch says:

    I was stunned at the bottom 3. Michael should have been there; just because he lowered his awfulness this week doesn’t make him a contender. Very disturbing week.

  35. Ger says:

    What I love about Glee Project, and what most people that are watching aren’t taking into account, is that this is NOT a popularity contest. It’s a fight for a job. The people who are hiring this person are working with the contenders and seeing all of their flaws and talents and personalities and choosing based on that… it is not decided based on audience votes. And let’s face it, audience votes are popularity contests for the “cutest boy” or “the girl I relate to”.

    So many brats whining because their favorite has been cut, but at the end of the day these mentors and Ryan are going to have to write and work with the winner(s). Damian was a huge favorite last season on GP1, but look how useless the character of Rohry was. I felt Sam’s role was pointless too, but the 2 runners up really made the absolute most of their screen-time, especially Alex… granted, they got sweet roles. I still would have loved to see how Cameron and Hanna would have done on the show, but I’m not going to cry and say rude things about Ryan or “I’m never watching Glee again” because my favorite was cut. Nellie and Mario were my favorites from the start… they are both gone but I see potential in the remaining contenders (just please not Lily).

  36. Robin says:

    I had a bad feeling that it was going to be Shanna eliminated. :( I wasn’t too happy about that. She has a great voice, and I think the “it” factor that this show kind of requires for people. I also thing Shanna is likable. Aylin has been kind of annoying, as with Lily, who I really wanted to like in the beginning…and I don’t exactly not like her…I just don’t like her as much as I liked Shanna. I really like Nellie too. As far as the boys…am I the only one who they all kind of reminded me of each other?? At least 3 of them did, and two of those are still left. Blake has issues harmonizing…which could be really troublesome on this show…and Micheal has continually had issues in the recording studio. I’m not saying they have to be perfect, but it is a competition and if you have a weakness like those other people can crush you. :/

  37. Linda says:

    My biggest issue is that Ryan wants to be “inspired” by the real life story of a person to basically write about what is ALREADY their life. Most show have writers that write a character and then CAST someone to play that part. My favorite was Nellie, who clearly was more shy and awkward than the others. Ok. She didn’t shine and sparkle in a crowd. Shy kids DON’T shine abd sparkle in crowds. I think it would have been GREAT to have a shy person represented on Glee. But Ryan’s not that creative.

    • Maxine says:

      But this is the issue I have with these types of complaints (while I still somewhat agree): it’s a lot different to cast an actor capable of being shy and also being able to act other roles, allowing the character to grow/develop like we hope all good characters will do. Casting a shy person for a shy role, while authentic and intrinsically pleasing for us viewers, is not the smart move in Ryan’s business. Glee is about representing real people with fictional characters; the job of the actors is to play the fictional part. That is why a reality TV show that leads to a casting spot on a real show creates so much distress with the viewers. Myself included. Nellie is fascinating in every conceivable way, and far and away the person I’d like to get to know better if I had the opportunity. I just understand why she was cut, that’s all.

    • This is how he likes to do this show, and it is his show to do the way he likes. The contestants know this is how he does it. Not like this is his method for other projects, or like he’s not upfront.

    • Sookie says:

      Do you suppose that Ryan uses the same method to cast his other shows? Is Jessica Lange from American Horror Story realy a crazy psychopathic baby stealing murderer in real life? Is that how she inspired him to write her character? Who Knew?

  38. CJ says:

    So sad. She was the BEST singer week after week and it sucks that 1 week in the bottom got her bounced! Hopefully another music show picks her up (Nashville, do you want to cast her as Hayden Panettiere’s younger sister?) PS thanks to Oxygen network for runing the results by showing a clip of next week’s show a minute before the results were announced with Aylin and Blake featured.

  39. Tim says:

    Shanna was the right choice to leave. Great singer, but zero “wow” factor.

  40. purple says:

    It seems staged….Ryan has been interested in the idea of a muslim girl on glee, and therefore is getting rid of the competition so to speak to set her up for the win in the end

  41. chubaker says:

    so bias…. hate shanna>>>

  42. LAR says:

    I think the main reason Shanna went home is because the judges couldn’t see a role for her on Glee. I don’t think they cared what she said about Michael not being in the bottom three. Also, as some commenters have pointed out before, since she had never been in the bottom 3, she was put at a disadvantage rather than advantage, since Ryan had already gotten to know a little about Blake and seen a lot of Aylin. I really liked Shanna and sad to see her go. Blake and Alli for the win!

  43. Singingal says:

    Blake’s little individual part where he was doing girlie voices and said ‘I won that’ was hilarious.
    I didn’t realize he could be so funny! But still I was upset about Shanna.

  44. Cate53 says:

    Shanna was unlucky. With only two guys left, neither of them was going to go – they would NOT want to be left with 4 girls and 1 boy. So despite Michael being by far the weakest, they had to find something to send him through. As someone else commented, this is exactly the same as Marissa last year – strong all the way through, put into the bottom 3 fairly arbitrarily and losing out cos the other 2 have obvious storylines Ryan can see easily. With just one more elimination, I bet one of the other girls will go so they are left with 2 boys and 2 girls. Lily or Aylin to go next week?

    • Kobe Busia says:

      I’m the one who pointed out that what happened to Shanna this season is exactly what happened to Marissa last season and it’s just unfair and poorly judged! Like i previously stated in my comment the bottom 3 should’ve been Shanna, Aylin and Michael, not Blake! Sure Blake messed up on his harmonies, that doesn’t mean he deserved to be in the bottom 3 cause his performance in the video more than made up for it! Blake’s gonna win anyway and Michael just shouldn’t even be around anymore he doesn’t have any wow factor or exceptional talent of any kind. I still don’t care that there are only 2 guys in the running, if 1 of them sucks, send his ass home.

    • Tim says:

      What’s unfair about Ryan wanting to cast a character he can write an interesting storyline around? He doesn’t want his show to suck.

      • S. says:

        Umm…because Ryan should be writing the characters himself, not expecting his cast to do it for him. While the Glee Project is a reality show, Glee isn’t. The characters shouldn’t have to play themselves. They should be looking for a good actor/singer/performer and write that person a compelling character instead of looking for a compelling person and hoping they can perform well (see how well that worked with Damian last season?)

        • purple says:

          Ha! So true. Loved Damian on TGP, but they gave him absolutely horrible material to work with on the show, and isn’t much of an actor to make the really bad writing work. Of who’s left….Aylin is the lazy writers choice, pre-packaged material to work with.

          Though It’d be fun to see a lot of the very talented women from both season’s be the all girls prep school version of the Warblers.

          Next week my prediction: double elimination – Lily & Michael (though wish it’d be Lily & Ali)

        • Tim says:

          That’s not how casting for a TV show works at all. They don’t just say, hey this person is the best actor/singer, cast him! They’re looking for someone with a certain “wow” factor and personality, and who they could write something interesting around.

  45. Maxine says:

    We have to remember that the ultimate “prize” for the GP winner is different than just about every other reality show, in which the outcome directly affects the ultimate “Glee” product for at least a 7-episode arc. Therefore, the person who has “earned it” or “deserves it” doesn’t automatically win in this contest; also, more talented will undoubtedly be sent home in favor of more “write-able.”

    I don’t think anyone is saying Shanna is less talented or compelling as an individual than those who are left, especially since many of the most talented (Charlie/Nellie/etc.) are already gone. It’s about flexibility and write-ability at this point, and Shanna was 6th when it came to that.

    • Tim says:

      Agree about Shanna, talented but completely uninteresting. Plus when a fat girl says she sees herself as the “athletic girl”, you have to wonder.

    • ddutchie88 says:

      It’s also about acting, and Shanna could not act that well imo. Last year’s winners were great singers, but bombed pretty hard on the show because they just were horrible actors (sweet Damien especially). I’m pretty sure Michael is still here because he can actually act and this is not just a singing competition. Plus, he has the cute boy factor (which even I, a big ol’ lesbian, can appreciate).
      I’m rooting for Aylin, who can sing ánd act ánd is a believable underdog. I find Blake just as bland and boring as Shanna. Ali is sweet, but her acting is over the top, which I find very annoying. Lily is growing, but has likability issues.

  46. Tracy Sockalosky says:

    1. If Lily gets casted on the show it will help me cut-down on my glee obsession and free-up some time during the week. Yuck. She is as annoying as a cold sore, and as likeable as Andrea Kremer in her post-swim interviews.

    2. I was genuinely excited to watch Shanna perform every week. She would have been great in the choir room and could actually act. I recognize Mr. Murphy is casting roles but isn’t their something to be said for bringing in kids that resemble average high school kids? Not every character needs to be a political statement to have an impact or evoke emotion.

    3. I liked Shanna’s idea about being an athletic girl character. Why is cheerleading the only sport glee girls participate in on the show? Branch out Murphy!

  47. elissa says:


  48. lol TGP says:

    This s++t is still going on? :O … it would be way more accurate with the spirit of “Glee” if instead of naming episodes with “Romanticality” or “Believability” they called them “Superficiality” or “Mediocrity”… just saying

  49. Angrybirda says:

    The show, both TGP and Glee, is always selling the underdog factor, so you would think that prior to the 14 finalists being chosen, they have already proven they are underdogs. Possibly through their backstory, though I still don’t understand how Michael and Blake’s to be underdogs. I had the same confusion with Damian, who was already famous, last year. If the contestants ‘underdog’ quality are being defined by how they do on the challenges, than that’s pretty lame. Why bother recruiting talented people?

    Anyway, I’m upset that Shanna was eliminated. I think it would’ve been amazing if she won and her story was written into the show. I can really relate to her story about growing up as a ‘crack baby.’

  50. tolu says:

    OMG i was like uber duber shocked when shanna was sent home. Even though i do love blake and aiylin i think she was the best contendor by far and she gave the best bottom three performance. when she had said that michael deserved to be in her place, i agreed, the judges asked her a straight forward answer and she was honest. This whole episode, in my opinion was absurd.