Glee Exclusive: Meet the New Girls!

Becca Tobin Melissa Benoist GleeGlee‘s freshman class is expanding.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Homeland actress Melissa Benoist (pictured, on left) and relative newcomer Becca Tobin are joining the show’s Season 4 cast.

Benoist and Tobin will play new McKinley students Marley and Kitty, respectively. Both roles are recurring.

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The duo join fellow Glee rookies Dean Geyer and Jacob Artist.

Glee launches its fourth season on Thursday, Sept. 13.

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  1. Claudia says:

    Oh! Okay. So the males are regulars, the females, recurring. Good to know!

  2. Jen says:

    Oh cool, two new skinny white chicks. Fascinating.

    • eemi says:

      Yeah, because we’re a show about diversity and underdogs. They totally look like underdogs, and you have never seen pretty skinny white girls on Tv.

    • Kiefer says:

      Because there totally isn’t a fat black chick or anything.

      • Sean C. says:

        There isn’t, in fact. She’s one of the people who are essentially off the show this year (probably with two or three return appearances).

        • sarah says:

          Well its just like ‘that’s so Ravon’. Like what happen? She felloff the side of the earth becasue she was’to fat’ for TV. Like no everyone should have a role and not everyone is a thin stick that looks like there going to be wipped away in a wind storm. Its setting such a bad image to little kids ‘you have to be skinny to be populer’ uh no, u get more people talking behind your backs when ur skinny then when ur fat, they just say it to ur face when ur fat.

    • Josh says:

      Haha remember when this show was about “not beautiful people” but flawed people. A skinny gay kid, a handicapped boy, a large black girl, a not stick thin Asian girl, a Jewish girl with a big nose and horrible clothes…And then slowly the the handicapped boy, the black girl and the Asian girl got phased out, the skinny gay and the big nosed girl got perfect boys and three pretty girls, and a pretty boy over took the show.

      So four we had four beautiful people who look like they just walked off The CW. Ryan Murphy is just the worst.

      • Sean C. says:

        Strictly speaking, the Asian girl wasn’t “phased out”; she had two lines in the pilot, and never really got much more than that.

        • Erin says:

          she had an entire episode in season 3, and she’ll be returning for season 4 as a main character, like she has been for 3 seasons. Get your facts straight. Also, none of those people were phased out, the cast just got bigger. Shouldn’t a show about diversity have a bit of everything? That includes the popular kids.

          • me says:

            Tina is one of the most under-rated characters of the series. I mean who is she? We got a small back story about her shyness in season one and she got half of an episode in season 3. But Mike Chang who was not a main cast member is more developed as a character then she is.

          • Sar says:

            What would be really cool is
            Firing all the cast from glee club, all of them graduating and never appearing on the show again.

            All the glee club new with no appearances from anybody of the old cast.
            Concentrating on the new kids and just them.

      • zaid says:

        Glee is about letting everyone know that the future does get better so it’s pretty obvious that everyone’s going to have it much better when they graduate than they did when the season started.

    • kass says:

      Hahaha right?!

    • Water says:

      Hey, these pictures aren’t taken on the show. They could look completely different. They could have so much problems, or they couldn’t. There still apart of the show, for now, and you can’t change that. So stop complaining.

    • Mo says:

      inb4 one of them is a cutter and the other one is anorexic

    • Ack says:

      This show is supposed to take place in a small town in Ohio. Not exactly the most racially diverse state.

    • nina says:

      well, can you blame the writers? when they hint a story about the blond jock and the large black girl, riot happened. amber riley even received hate tweets. and a story about the other jock and the large white chick, suddenly people are hating on lauren, made up stupid reasons like she can’t dance and sing. now you’re questioning why they picked up more white girls?? smh.

  3. me says:

    ohh great
    More characters

    • Claudia says:

      Correction… More WHITE characters. Just what fans need. The WB welcomes it’s new show, Glee.

      • Georgina says:

        The fact that your making their race an issue clearly indicates that your the one with the racism issue; not Ryan Murphy. There’s plenty of diversity regarding ethnicity, religion and sexuality on the show already, your clearly just looking for something meagre to pick apart and criticise.

        • Ezma says:

          There’s a difference between diversity and tokenism.

        • Mr. M says:

          Oh Georgina, It must be fun to live in your little perfect world…

        • Matt says:

          First of all, Georgina is absolutely right. The show is about diversity and you assuming that will be gone is willfully ignorant. The show built itself on diversity and there is no way they are going to burn that bridge.
          Also what was said about where it is supposed to take place is also true. If they made it more ethnically diverse, that would be awesome, but would not fit in to the setting, if anything because not only would the school be mostly Caucasian, but lets face it, so would just about any Glee club.
          Thirdly, of the 4 people mentioned, you didn’t think to look at the pictures of the guys, did you? Because if you did, you would have noticed one was black, which is strange because people keep saying “oh no, more white people”.
          And lastly, and this was stated before, we have no idea what type of characters these actors and actresses are playing. They could be gay, bi, muslim, hardcore Christian, they could have Downs syndrome, they could be playing a horribly scarred burn victim, we don’t know.. So to say there is a lack of diversity in the upcoming season is laughable when in reality, you just don’t know..

        • Toni says:

          Really? Plenty of diversity? Lima, Ohio has 26% of the population identify as African-American, but the 3 black people that have currently been showcased and the 1 who is joining now is totally fair, right? I guess you could say that there were some black women on the Cheerios, but they disappeared after Season 1 and then it became a total white-wash with the extras.

          And with religion? There’s Christian, Jewish and atheist. Wow, so culturally diverse. Particularly since the Jewish people have been used as a punchline more than anything and haven’t shown pretty much any of their beliefs (Puck and Rachel celebrating Christmas is soooo Jewish).

          Sexuality is such a great topic to pick also, because you know, all of the gay couples get to actively discuss their relationship and the ramifications of it together in private all the time. Oh, you mean only Klaine does that? Oh you mean that they don’t really show affection apart from in the background whereas Finchel are constantly hooking up center-screen? Yes, sure, I totally believe the writers when they say Kurt is afraid of PDA but I’m pretty sure Santana and Brittany don’t care any more, I mean, Santana has been outed nationwide. And the fact that there’s only heterosexual, homosexual and bi-corn… what? Bisexuality has been attacked a few times on the show as being indecisive and the one character that could possibly be bi or pansexual has been used as a punchline. So diverse.

          You didn’t state this one but also for those pointing out Amber Riley’s size and how that adds to the diversity… Glee has had 3 fat characters, they’ve each received food related plot lines. Mercedes was desexualised until the end of Season 2, and Beiste had never been kissed (then when she gets a relationship, it’s abusive and while characters attempt to “support” her, they make jokes about her size). Their only saving grace was Zizes and they ended up turning her into a joke and then booting her off the show.

          Excuse me while I go watch Pretty Little Liars which somehow manages to be as diverse as Glee without stating so, even though it’s a story about PRETTY, LITTLE, LIARS. And the gay people get screen time where they get to interact (Brittana is fantastic, but Brittany was silent through the entire last season)

        • dashiequinn says:

          There is some diversity, but the whole main plot seems to revolve around a straight, white, attractive couple. We see enough of that on tv already. There’s a disproportionally large amount of gay white men on the show (thanks to the show’s gay white creator), and only ONE black person (discounting “Unique”). One half of the only lesbian couple on the show is the unrealistically stupid comic relief character, and they weren’t even allowed to kiss until very late in the show.
          Glee is now the Rachel and Finn/Gay male drama show.
          I just hope that season 4 becomes more diverse, and at the moment it seems like it might do just that.

    • Phil says:

      Actually, that’s what they should do. Degrassi works that way. We can’t follow Rachel and Kurt forever!

      • Claudia says:

        You’re right but let’s never compare Glee with Degrassi. Degrassi is a well written, cohesive show. And then we have Glee. I know that and I still can’t quit. And it’s because of the cast, not the show.

        • Ally says:

          Glee could learn a lot from Degrassi. Degrassi has figured out how to portray reality better and how to phase out characters well. The current Degrassi has been on since 2001 and there’s a good reason for that.

          • LP says:

            Because its Canadian and Canadians write more realistic and better than Ryan, Brad and Ian could ever dream.

        • dude says:

          Degrassi is well written? I’m from Toronto and I want to die laughing. Degrassi hasn’t been well written for five years.

          • Sarah says:

            Omgosh as a fellow Ontarian I agree! Degrassi is laughable. I remember when we had to watch it in school as part of our lazy counsellor/teacher’s class as she wanted to spend her time in the hall flirting with one of the male teachers instead of actually teaching. Back then it wasn’t too bad but I wouldn’t dare watch it now. I like Glee much better even if it isn’t terribly realistic. But isn’t that the point of entertaining television?!?! I honestly never noticed or cared about who was or who wasn’t represented. I was more interested in the music and the relationships between everyone. I like to see what they bring to the show. Black, white, brown, disabled, big, small, popular or not, bi, gay or straight. I don’t care. Bring it all.

    • Kalleb says:

      Omg. SHUT UP! New Direction’s need more members. THEY HAVE TO CAST MORE PEOPLE. You guys are completely stupid. I mean, why the hell do you think they are casting people? Gleeks are insane these days.

      • sm says:

        Yes to the above. Glee fans have gone overboard with the criticism of Glee. No one will ever be happy with what ever the producers choose for the show. The New Directions lost many to graduation and they need more people. They will seek out like season 1. Gleeks, please, get real it is a show where recurring characters will be introduced from time to time. It is embarrassing to admit I’m a Gleek because of all the hate and banter for the show when it hasn’t even aired. People just snap at quick decisions and pass judgement on Glee that it WILL be crap when (you haven’t seen a script or Oh Yeah It isn’t on yet). Give your bitterness a break, it is very tiring to those who want good things from and for the show. There are things that I don’t care for at times, but it is a show and I accept it as fiction and let the other crap flush away. Life is really a better place to be when there is happiness. If you don’t like an episode that is just being filmed and you haven’t seen it, but yet you are compelled to be so bitter toward the show to expel unearned wrath just for insignificant grievances, you let immaturity get a hold of you. Glee is tolerance, something that many Glees do not possess or intend to exhibit self control of their vicious verbal outbreaks.

        • Adam says:

          Don’t forget once the 5 new seniors graduate then the newbies will have to replace them too.

        • I’m not upset by the new characters. In fact, I’m thrilled that we finally get two GIRLS hired for once (literally, has Ryan hired any female teenagers last season? Besides Lindsay only because of the Glee Project). The problem is that Ryan has basically stated that he’ll be jumping from Rachel’s life to everyone else in Ohio. Which most likely means these new characters will either get nothing to do or they’ll be props for Rachel, Kurt or the discussion of sexuality. I’m just worried that they’ll write these new characters horribly, especially with them jumping around from Ohio to New York.

          That, and Ryan Murphy is well known for writing men as the Higher Power (besides Rachel…at times) and women as their props. Remember in the finale, when Kurt dedicated a song to the boys, even though he’s barely performed and hung out with them?

          • Thainan says:

            Ryan did hire Vanessa last season. Even though she didn’t sing much more than backing vocal and few lines, I hope she will get better at singing as the show develops.

        • Lovin Lea says:

          I totally agree!! I love Glee and can’t wait for season 4, but am soooo tired of the haters, especially the ones who claim to be Gleeks! I love Lea and Cory and can’t wait to see where their story lines will go….(Hopefully together), but I also love the rest of the cast. Just because you may have your favorites doesn’t mean you should be tearing down the rest of the cast! Everyone is always upset if their favs don’t get the screen time as someone else, but I do think they do their best to spread the time around. That might not be in every episode, but then the next might have more screen time for another character. Can’t we accept all the characters …at least until we have met them! Non-Gleeks who look at the way people complain about one or another characters think that Glee is not a good show and if people keep doing this it hurts ratings. I want to keep Glee around for the long haul!! You can have your favorites, everyone does, but please don’t rip the other characters to make your favs look better. (It doesn’t work that way!)
          Practice what Glee has taught you! Acceptance and tolerance!!

  4. Che says:

    What the hell happened with the diversity of the show????? Jesus.

  5. Danny E says:

    I’m still hoping that Dave Karofsky will be back for season 4 :(

    • l says:

      no thank you keep that psa mess away

    • Hanna says:

      Ditto. i get that new characters are needed to fill the choir room (but really, where the hell is the diversity?). But that doesn’t mean abandon the characters who you haven’t given any resolution to in order to give some trite plot lines to new people. ( And we all know the plotlines for both of these characters will involve boys, since the vast majority of storylines for the females on this show must involve their romantic relationships.)

    • kyle says:

      Yep, I’m waiting to see what happened after Dave left the hospital. (Did he even graduate?)

    • Deanna says:

      Karofsky was one of my favorite characters. So sad that he gets no resolution. It’s just one of the reasons I won’t be watching glee season 4.

      • Kalleb says:

        Really? He wasn’t even a MAIN CHARACTER. He was a “Flavor” as Ryan puts it to Kurt’s story-lines. Not watching because of a Guest star? WOW! Stupidity…

      • humm, says:

        I get being attached to a minor character (I explode whenever Elijah shows up on The Vampire Diaries) but the main characters need their stories told. I’m losing Mike, Puck, Quinn, and Mercedes, who I’ve been watching from the start. If they brought back Karofsky and left their stories open, just no.

  6. Kitty says:

    Shut the front door. There’s almost NEVER a character with my name.

    Glee infuriates me most of the time, but I’m totally excited about a character named Kitty. Please be a good character, please be a good character…..

    Oh, wait. It’s a Ryan Murphy female character. *sigh* My good name is going to be tarnished.

    • Steven says:

      There was Kitty from Brothers and Sisters. She was a good character.

    • Becca says:

      There was a kitty on that 70s show. :)

    • Kitty Ain't A Cat says:

      I have an evil plan where everyone starts realising how great the name Kitty is then they start naming there kids that!! All the Kitty’s in the World the join forces and take over the place! If your name is Kitty come join…joking!!
      Plus it’s such a great name and some people are like that’s not even believable as name! Well the Kitty’s will show them!! But I really hope this Kitty is a good one but I think she is supposed to be like the new Quinn or Something!!

  7. giffi says:

    They’re cute.

  8. Ava says:

    I wish the show just followed the regulars we’ve already known and loved for three years instead of cutting them for the most part and bringing in loads of new people. I know ND needs to go on but meh

  9. liv says:

    newsflash ryan : nobody cares! we just want kurt.

  10. Andrew says:

    To those complaining about the lack of diversity, you’d think this is something Murphy & Co. would be aware of. Perhaps..,and this is both wishful thinking and a big maybe…perhaps this indicates Aylin is the winner of Glee Project?

  11. Kalleb says:

    People need to calm down. These 2 new roles were announced a long time ago. Just casting and character names have just come out today. And Dean is a GUEST STAR people, he even said so. Jacob is a Regular because he is getting his own story. You guys get so angry for no reason. Grow up.

    • blair says:

      it’s the glee fandom you’re talking about, they get angry over pretty much everything
      they’re like uncontrolled newborn sharks or something

  12. Kiera says:

    I don’t know what Glee is doing, but I don’t like it. The show is going to be lacking in diversity on the show this new season.
    I don’t know if it could even be called Glee anymore when half the show is going to take place in New York with Rachel, which I think is rather dumb. Let the characters grow up and move on.
    Glee needs to step up its game or step down.

    • Kalleb says:

      They can’t. If they do, those fans who want to see them grow up will get angry. It would be a lose/lose situation. People need to understand their trying their best. FOX doesn’t want that spin-off.. so what else could they do?

  13. tom white says:

    Everyone is like what’s happend to diversity there could be more comming so don’t prejudge the new cast before we have even seen them!

  14. Julie says:

    Those are freshman…? They look like they are 30 years old. Compare these two to Zach and Cody in their 3rd season. That’s what freshman really look like.

    • Deanna says:

      Like that’s surprising for glee? Half of the cast (or more than half, actually) is in their mid-twenties. Or older.

      • Kalleb says:

        They can’t really cast teens because of labor laws. Glee needs to shoot episodes for almost 16 hours. If they cut that to 7 or 8 (Like Zach and Cody(WHICH WAS A DISNEY SHOW) ) they will be shooting episodes for 2 weeks when they shoot episodes now for 1 week.

  15. Shawen says:

    Well I wonder who’ll be gay. This show is all about trying to push the gay agenda. Get over it already.

  16. alesia says:

    We need another mercedes!!!!!!!!!

  17. Wes says:

    Its a shame that so many people only notice the new characters race, and then automatically assume the show has no diversity. Im sure that the new characters all have unique back stories, personalities, and are from different walks of life. One thing GLEE has taught me is not to judge someone until you know them.

    • Tess says:

      There will continue to be racism when people continue to focus on the color of people’s skin…

    • holly says:

      Agreed! Everyone needs to chill out about “diversity”.
      1) It’s a TV SHOW
      2) It’s set in the Middle of Nowhere, Ohio – how much diversity do you think there really would be at that high school?
      3) If you never cast white people for fear of being “racist”…isn’t that being racist?

      Either watch it or don’t, but stop freaking out about new cast members being white. Big deal.

    • blair says:

      so, correct me if i’m wrong, but there’s a lot of latinos who actually ARE PALE/WHITE and that doesn’t mean they AREN’T latinos (or any other race, or mixed, etc), people ARE judging characters ONLY based on the color of their skin instead of waiting to see what these characters are going to be or where they’re going to be from. how about the glee fandom sits down for a second and waits for these characters to have a least a backstory or anything and THEN they can whine about diversity.

  18. Ima says:

    To the people complaining about lack of diversity & it being more WHITE characters, think about where they live. As Mercedes pointed out once before, there aren’t that many black people that even GO to that school. The casting is just trying to stay consistent to their environment.

    • Sean C. says:

      Glee doesn’t try to be “consistent” with anything. They’re casting white people because the producers want to (as an aside, the real world Lima is 25% black).

      • j90 says:

        Lima is 25% black. I’m 21 and I grew up next to Lima my whole life so far and have friends that go to Shawnee High School. In which the high school in the show is actually based off of. Hence, the red and black school colors and the fact I have several friends who went to Shawnee High School who were there when glee first started out. Shawnee High School, like my high school, is primarily white, compared to Lima Senior. They are just staying to true to life in Lima, OH. I love the diversity that they do bring to it though. I wish I had a few more diverse cultures in my high school.

    • Mary Bee says:

      Agree. The think that bothers me is not exactly them being white, but they being stereotypically pretty. I just wish they casted people who don’t fit so much into society standards of beauty.

  19. alex says:

    Y’all need to relax. Why don’t you guys just wait for the show to start before you start judging up a storm? Ya’ll need to be reminded also that this show is based in OHIO! Go there and tell me how much diversity there is.

  20. S.J. says:

    Why cast good-looking actors when you have all the amazing people already on TGP? I’d prefer they wrote roles for more than one TGP contender instead of casting new people. Especially when girls on TGP are pretty but still different from what we’re used to see on television.
    I’m getting sick of Glee and its double standards, I’m just watching season 4 because of Chris Colfer.

    • Kalleb says:

      Those TGP contenders are not trained. Did you see S3? Damian was terrible at Acting. Alex looked bored. And Samuel basically got nothing and his acting was a little off. But he actually took lessons. They need people on Glee who have gone through acting skills. So get over it. :D

  21. sallina haro says:

    Why must people complain? There are so many different opinions people are thinking so why bother trying to make a point. You all know you guys are still going to watch Glee.

  22. Rick says:

    Having white girls be a lack of diversity is like saying another black girl would automatically be another mercedes or another Asian be the same as those already there. I’m sure these girls will be unique from all the others and have their own problems.

  23. Christy says:

    Keep in mind that those are their HEADSHOTS, it doesn’t mean they will look picture perfect on the show. Tina is pretty and they made her goth. Quinn is pretty and they made me a colorful haired outcast.
    Gleeks are supposed to have the mindset of giving EVERYONE a chance: pretty, short, fat, black, white…yet you guys are being judgmental before you’ve even seen these girls in an episode.

    Spread love, not hate.

    • Kalleb says:

      This! I seriously love your comment. What happened to the “Real Gleeks”? I mean seriously, it’s all “Hate on The Show We Love” now…. At least there are still positive Gleeks out there. :D

  24. ria says:

    I kinda wanted charlie to win tgp but since he didn’t team aylin allll the way!!!!

  25. toyin says:

    Yea yea…big deal…still love glee though :)

  26. fhgak says:

    Seriously guys calm down! It’s just a show and God! can’t u all stop complaining??!!We are the glee fandom so we are supposed to be more acceptive

  27. damion says:

    This is ridiculous I jus wanna see quinn I love her so much..and blain and suga motha..lol

  28. Ian says:

    Maybe they make Puck’s brother gay?

    But yeah, for girls, you’d think they’d want to get a really strong soul singer type to replace Mercedes. Are they thinking about the voices with these castings? Alex Newell better not be coming back. And these new girls, well, with Tina, there’s some diversity, but these 2 are near identical save the hair colors. They could be very different though, but they’re only recurring anyway.

    Come September, Glee’s going to be like a totally different show.

    • dramaticimpulse says:

      I would assume the fact that they are nearly identical except for their hair color would be a part of the story–twins, perhaps? One pro-glee, one anti-glee?

  29. Elfert says:

    You people seem to want diversity. Why do they have to all be fat, black, gay or have some obvious physical ailment to make you happy? Can’t we just have normal people on the show. I mean seriously, if McKinley had TOO much diversity, nobody would watch it. Maybe the new skinny chick has anorexia or something. Maybe her whole family are drug addicts, mafia, homophobes, pedofiles….who the f* cares. So far, they have kept you watching, eh? Peace.

    • Kalleb says:

      This! Thank you for this comment Elfert!

    • Kelsey says:

      THIS! <3

      Seriously, diversity is in the characters, not the color of their skin or their size. i.e., Sam — stereotypical white boy from first glance, but he had an incredibly interesting backstory! Same with Karofsky! People need to just calm down and either love the show and stop complaining, or quit watching. Clearly, most of these people only watched the show for the main characters that graduated … Which is weird since so many people seem to hate Rachel …

    • B says:

      ‘Fat, black, gay, or disabled’ and ‘normal’ are NOT mutually exclusive. Just putting that out there.

    • Water says:

      This has to be my favorite comment out here.

  30. Angela says:

    Just like many of you, I’m not happy to let Kurt and Rachel and the other Seniors go but it has to happen. I understand the diversity concerns but look at who they are replacing…Ryan Murphy found the perfect mix of characters, maybe he doesn’t want to make too many changes in dynamic. I’m looking forward to seeing who wins TGP and I will give the next season a fair shot. Any true Gleek would!!

  31. Annie says:

    I’m losing interest in Glee because it’s not about underdogs anymore. It’s about cool, talented, confident people now. They eliminated Nellie from TGP because she wasn’t confident enough. Since when are legit underdogs confident in themselves…

    • blair says:

      nellie was very one dimentional when it came to acting tho
      annie r u ok

      • Not really. Lily is more one dimensional than her and she’s still there. Nellie could act. She felt uncomfortable and said so, but she got the job done.

        But yeah, Ryan, for some weird reason, doesn’t seem to write shy, quiet and meek characters. Tina used to be, but he screwed that up. For once, I’d actually like a reserved introvert character that comes out of their shell when they perform. There are people out there like that. Maybe one of these new girls can be that person.


  32. Tina says:

    awesome, more white people. great job representing diversity Glee.

    • Kalleb says:

      STFU with this diversity crap. Glee can’t always cast fat, gay, ugly, black, indian, etc etc… all the time. Stop judging before the season even airs. You don’t even know their back stories yet your sitting here talking about diversity. Please.

  33. Kelsey says:

    Personally, I’m super excited to see what will happen with these new characters! The creators have done a great job steadily introducing characters so far, let’s hope they keep it up. Because it’s the beginning of a school year, it could be easy to bring in a few characters at once. Especially since one boy is Pucks brother, and the other guy will be a mentor (or something of the like) to Rachel. Hopefully they’ll develop Joe and Rory a bit more — I was skeptical about Samuel’s acting, to be honest, but he has moved on from a one trick pony to actually being a developing actor! And Harmony may move to the New Directions, for all we know, as well as Wade/Unique (that’s more likely), so hey! We’ve got a pretty good cast!

    To all you nay-sayers out there, remember, this show started out as a bunch of misfits, and now it’s still that. A show doesn’t have to be filled with every ethnicity to be diverse. It’s always been the characters and the personalities, not the races and ethnicities. Although I love that diversity too, they ARE in Ohio. Ohio isn’t the most diverse of states. One thing Ryan really strives for is being diverse, but being realistic (though he doesn’t always succeed, he has done a fantastic job) is also a really important aspect of the show, so adding three African Americans or three kids in wheelchairs or a blind kid or four asians, or two muslims or two mexicans, whatever, isn’t necessarily “realistic”. Sure, there are other races in the show, in Ohio, in the school, but they are minorities in that area, and thus will be under-represented. It just sounds like another thing to nitpick because you’re mad that the originals won’t be there anymore. They couldn’t be in high school forever. Cory Monteith (Finn) is almost thirty. THIRTY. He shouldn’t be playing an eighteen year old. They all know that. Chris Colfer (Kurt) is twenty-one, and he thinks he shouldn’t be playing a teenager, even though he’s the most realistic.

    Now, that that’s said, be happy that one of the very original members, Tina, is still there! And Artie! Isn’t it better that they add new characters gradually as they’ve been trying to do through TGP and just casting than just next year, throw in twelve new people? After this “year”, Blaine, Brittany (hopefully), Artie, and Tina will all graduate, for sure.

    Last note, I do hope Karofsky is involved again! I love his story line. I will always remember that moment when he kissed Kurt. My family and I rewinded that part three times, going WHAT! every single time. And I cried when he almost committed suicide. Ho hum. We shall see! Hopefully Ryan, Robert, Zach, and Nikki can get these newbies to fill the big empty shoes!

    • Kalleb says:

      Love the comment. <3 But I should tell you that Rory isn't returning.. well in the first half. They don't know if he'll return in the 2nd half though. Damian started a recording studio in Ireland and wants to pursue music. :)

    • TJ says:

      I agree with most of what you said. What bothers me now is that every character is a super-model. As for Ryan Murphy trying to be “realistic,” I honestly have doubts that he’s ever seen students in a real high school……I think it would be more realistic to cast more “average” looking Muslims, Latinos, Asians, etc than it is for him to cast dozens of exceptionally pretty white people. I would love for him to cast men that /don’t/ have six-pack abs. If you google-image search the two guys listed in this story, the first pages of pictures are them posing shirtless. Out of the guys currently in Glee, EVERY one of them doubled as a jock- even Kurt and Artie were on the football team. Realism???

  34. lisa says:

    oh gmon guys. don’t be so narrow minded. Diversity is more than the colour of your skin.. just because people appear to be little white rich girls doesn’t mean they are diverse or interesting and haven’t experienced adversity. Have you learnt nothing from quinns character, britney.. I could go on. Besides some of the other white girls have moved on so they need to fill the spaces. Like with like. makes sense

  35. Adrianna says:

    Were is the latin representative on this show weres the flava what the hello has happened to glee no big girls no color wow yes problem

    • Kalleb says:

      Are you serious? No Latin? No big girls? No color? That is truly sad. You Gleeks have seemed to lost touch in what the show is about. And fyi, Santana might not be in ND’s, but she’s still on the show. So their is your Latin. Diversity isn’t always about big girls or black people btw. It’s also about people’s stories and how they go through daily life. So sad to see people making comments like this.

  36. celia says:

    They dont look at all like underdogs! they look like the possible new cheerleaders, who knows… i just hope ryan doesnt ruin glee! And I agree, i mean he HAS to let go of Rachel! He already gave her enough spotlight!

    • Kalleb says:

      Yes, but if he lets go of ANY of the seniors, all hell would break lose. That’s what the spin-off was meant to be, but FOX didn’t want the spin-off. So he has to try to incorporate this idea into the show… Rachel will not leave Glee, Kurt will not leave Glee, Santana will not leave Glee, and Finn will not leave Glee. The only uncertain people are Mark, Dianna, Amber, and Harry. The first 3 are making names for themselves now(album, 2 movies, and broadway/album in the order of their names)

  37. Amanda says:

    Jesus, you don’t even know what kind of characters they’ll play yet. Chill! They might be great.

  38. mark says:

    I love that ryan murphy and company are bringing in new characters. its a good idea to cast more people in the choir room and see what stories lie ahead for them. This season is no doubt like a reboot for glee, but I’m stoked to see where they go with this show within a show premise. So all of you complaining about the diversity and glee being past its prime, give the season a chance you can’t judge the show when you haven’t even seen the first episode of season 4 yet!

  39. Kim says:

    Stop adding more ppl!!!! The writers will never learn!!

    • Kalleb says:

      HELLO, there are 6 spots needed in ND’s. Meaning, casting is needed. So stfu if you don’t know what’s going on.

  40. lili says:

    calm down everyone, we don’t really know anything about who their playing, one of them could have had a very successful sex change or be a pyro, just because their don’t look it doesn’t mean their not underdogs

  41. TJ says:

    Great. Four new super-model characters. I’m seriously sick of every guy on the show (except Finn and Kurt) having perfect six pack abs, and the girls being nothing less than runway models (except Mercedes, but even she is a beautiful woman). Even on the Glee Project, the “coaches” keep orgasming over Blake, the perfect jock- and whenever a different contender shows /any/ sign of actually being an underdog, Ryan Murphy decides to give them the boot because being an underdog in real life means being weak. When this show started, I absolutely loved watching it because I could relate to the characters, and the six original members of New Directions actually seemed like “underdogs.” Now Ryan just stretches back-stories as far as he can to make the pretty popular characters /seem/ like underdogs…but in the end, they still win prom queen, they still get full-rides to Ivy league schools, their legs completely rehabilitate within a month, and they still end up with the boy/girlfriend of their dreams.

    I would LOVE for Ryan Murphy to step foot into a /real/ high school glee club. To have him compare his “underdogs” with /real/ underdogs.
    But maybe I’m judging preemptively and these characters will surprise me……eh

    • blair says:


  42. charla says:

    So much for diversity!!!

  43. Bobby says:

    Lmao at the people giving statistics on race from the actual Lima, Ohio… There is no actual Lima, Ohio! You’re trying to sound smart and now you just look stupid. Lima, Ohio is a completely fictional place.

    • j90 says:

      I grew up 20 minutes from Lima, OH. I still go there often. It had the only mall within a 45 minute drive from my small town of Celina, OH. You’re the one who looks stupid. Ever heard of Google Maps? haha

  44. Akary says:

    I love new characters if they are in the background (like mike britany and santana S1)

    glee not have time for make storyline for everybody… are to many characters right now.

  45. Caitline says:

    Yes.This is jusT what the show needs,more skinny,pretty and white girls.I know that New Directions need more characters,but why isn’t there any diversity?All the girls left in ND are white,except for Tina who is Asian.And all of the girls are skinny.No one is African/Latin/European or anything,none of them are average weight let alone “bigger” like Mercedes.At the moment there is not a single girl left in McKinley who I can relate to.I just hope that who ever else comes along to fill the empty places in ND really brings something new to table.
    Despite the new girls coming aren’t bringing any diversity I still hope that their characters are well written.Season 3 of Glee was so epic that it left high hopes for this season.

  46. Liv says:

    Meh! Nobody special.

  47. mia says:

    Yay! More thin beautiful white girls. I got really excited when Lauren was on the show….finally a fat girl like me on tv. And then Murphy got rid of her….and I stopped watching

    • blair says:

      they got rid of her because her character arc and her personality over all was horrible
      thin, big, black, white, purple, green, she was still awful

  48. English Rose says:

    So many have made comments about them being white , now if im correct by the end of the last season there were two asians, a black girl, a hispanic girl & the irish boy . . . . if they were all (Im going to use different as non-white) different then would you be happy? No? Im sorry but one thing i hate is shows being so politicaly correct its rediculas . . . . . also this show is fiction, i think some people forget this… i look forward to the new season :)

  49. Tosha says:

    It only makes me sad because I really wish they had some better singers on the show. I really like the Glee project because people actually have to audition. As a musician, I got into the show because of the diversity in talent, not because of race or whatevs. It’s all about the music for me. Actually I refused to watch it at first because of the music. I thought it would be really cheesy but the original cast sold it for me. The covers are really good and the mash ups are so creative that I kinda had to give it a chance.

    If the newcomers up the talent level musically, I’m game. If not, I probably won’t watch anymore…I mean I can appreciate good acting but again, I’m here for the music.