The CW Boss on Staying In Business With SMG and Tom Welling, Saying Goodbye to Gossip Girl

Appearing Monday morning at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour in Beverly Hills, The CW president Mark Pedowitz reflected (again) on Ringer‘s shortcomings (yet offered hope of more Sarah Michelle Gellar goodness to come), previewed the final season of Gossip Girl, outlined the network’s ongoing hunt for a Hunger Games-like series and more.

Speaking to the buzzy Ringer‘s nonetheless poor ratings performance last season, Pedowitz noted that it also disappointed on digital platforms and in the social media space – two other avenues which at times can offer afford a show a second chance. “That said, the fans are still writing me, they want it [back] desperately… Sarah Michelle and I have had many discussions… and the one thing we did come away with is when she is ready she would love to come back to The CW. We would love to have her … either as an actress or as a producer.”

Similarly, Pedowitz told TVLine that The CW is game to again offer Tom Welling a home, as a producer. Welling pitched the network as recently as this past spring, and Pedowitz hopes to hear from the Smallville alum again this coming development season.

Other topics covered in the Pedowitz panel:

* Gossip Girl, which is entering its final, 10-episode season, might wrap things up with a retrospective special à la One Tree Hill‘s own send-off. “I’m a big believer in retrospectives and a big believer in allowing the audience to say farewell to their shows,” the network boss said. “It’s important for us on this side of the fence to give a satisfactory ending.” Would the GG cast tape talking-head segments for any such special? “I hope so,” answered Pedowitz. “It would not be as good of a retrospective special [without them], would it?”

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* As evidenced by The CW’s consideration of a pilot based on The Selection young adult novel series (which is now being rejiggered after not passing muster this spring) and new buzz that the network may seek to adapt the 2000 Japanese cult film Battle Royale, some sort of small-screen-friendly variation on The Hunger Games is in demand. Speaking to Battle Royale‘s edgy themes – teens killing teens, especially in the post-Aurora climate – Pedowitz said, “We’re not planning to do anything we can’t get on the air.”

* The L.A. Complex, unlike Ringer, is performing well on digital platforms and in the social media space, and as such will air its full second season then be considered for more. Breaking Pointe, which also fell short in audience, is technically “under consideration” for a Season 2.

* On giving Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog a network broadcast (though admittedly a slightly edited one, airing Oct. 9), Pedowitz said he initiated that discussion — and in fact first made a grab for the viral video hit back when he was at ABC. “And hopefully if Joss [Whedon] does [a sequel], we’ll get a crack at it.”

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  1. W says:

    I want more Sarah Michelle Gellar!

    • Mary says:

      I want more Tom Welling!

    • megalion says:

      Noooooo. No more SMG. Already enough divas to
      Contend with on TV.

      Didn’t even have the decency to tell her own cast-mates that she had decided to hang up her Buffy stake, thus ending the show. Alyson Hannigan reported finding out she was out of a job via Variety (who’s got the last laugh now SMG?)

      Also remember that she made David boreanaz dance attendance on her after hours clubbing even though he was still married.

      I’ve seen several of her movies, all bad. Outside of Buffy she appears to have no talent. Much like her husband. Perfect match, self-involved and self absorbed.

      • grind that axe baby says:

        “Didn’t even have the decency to tell her own cast-mates that she had decided to hang up her Buffy stake…”
        Clutch the pearls harder meg. Oh wait, the rest of your post makes it clear. I am so sorry SMG peed in your corn flakes that one time. Get over it.

  2. W says:

    How about some James Marsters, too?

  3. Maria says:

    Really hope GG gets a retrospective. There are a lot of loyal fans who’d love to watch it.

  4. Melly says:

    Disappointed things seem so quiet on the GG front. The OTH final season seemed like one huge event from when they started filming to the end. Not sure if its the stars , the network or Fake Empire but there is certainly a “we were forced to do it” quality to all discussion about the final Gossip Girl season.

  5. AA says:

    I’m actually shocked at the lack of promotion for the final season of Gossip Girl. Yeah, it’s only 10 episodes, but it’s the LAST SEASON of a show that (pre-Safran as showrunner) used to be awesome! Come on, CW, what gives?

  6. TV Gord says:

    Yes to more Sarah Michelle Geller, but Ringer was a mess. Surely, they can find something good for her. I’m not expecting Buffy good, but I’d be happy with..good.

  7. pablitam89 says:

    Why The CW is still not talking about “The Secret Circle”?? They haven’t given a clear reason for its cancellation yet -,-

    • ArcaneW says:

      They had to cancel either The Secret Circle or Nikita. The Secret Circle had slightly better ratings than Nikita but I think the network decided that quality was more important than quantity in this scenario. I’m not saying TSS wasn’t good, it was great fun and had a lot of potential, but Nikita is consistently amazing and most critics love it.

      I would’ve rather had both shows back this year, but since The CW wanted Beaty and the Beast(don’t know why, that show looks awful) this was the only solution. Honestly, I’m just glad Nikita survived.

      • dude says:

        The problem was Nikita was pulling only slightly worse ratings than TSC on Fridays without a lead-in. The Secret Circle was pulling terrible ratings on Thursdays behind their best lead-in. It didn’t have a chance.

    • JC says:

      Pedowitz did talk about the Secret Circle at the TCAs. It just didn’t make the cut for this TVLine article. One of the quotes I saw was “Not enough good-looking men. Not enough sense of humor.” when he was asked why it failed.

  8. Quar jackson says:

    I wanted to know about the decision not to bring back The Secret Circle.

  9. Andrea says:

    I agree that Ringer was a mess, but it was the good kind of mess. I miss it.

  10. DCC says:

    What about The Secret Circle? It performed better than both Ringer (show that I loved too) and LA Complex in, I could say, every platform. If there was a show that deserved a second chance, it was TSC.

    • Rrrrrr says:

      Maybe because it failed to reproduce even half of its lead-in’s audience? Maybe because it was poorly received by critics, and because no matter how hard they tried, the writers seemed to never break the threshold, and it often felt like the show was just struggling to move on to the next poorly-conceived, convoluted plot point?

  11. Clay says:

    Sounds like he’s working hard to keep the network together. I hope viewers bounce back this year. It’s unfortunate that since people aren’t watching the television the way they used to, that really good shows had to suffer for it.

  12. portiaslegacy says:

    I just want to thank them for assuring me that The LA Complex will air the remainder of its second season and might get a third. I love this show and am grateful it has support.

  13. tracey says:

    what about the secret circle screw SMG her show is boring!!

  14. shuayb says:


  15. Christian says:

    But with The Next airing a live show and Dr. Horrible in Oct. 2 and 9 respectively in L.A. Complex’s timeslot, that doesn’t leave room for episodes 12 and 13. What gives?

  16. Josh says:

    You know instead of the hunt for a Hunger Games like series, you’d think they’d try this quaint think the WB use to do…original and innovative programing.

    • Summer says:

      Pfft. Please. They went after the Twi-hards with Vampire Diaries. You think they wouldn’t do this?

      • Jay says:

        I hate nasty comments like that. I am not a “twi-hard”- in fact I think those books are absolutely ridiculous. But I really enjoy the Vampire Diaries. I think it’s a good show and completely different from the other vampire shows on TV. So you don’t like it- that’s no reason to make judgemental comments.

  17. Laura says:

    I want Tom Welling on my television……please. I miss Tom Welling!

  18. Margot says:

    Yes I want Tom Welling on CW as an actor and producer , He is a fantastic actor!

  19. Deedee says:

    Tom Welling needs to be IN FRONT of the camera, not behind it producing!
    This is causing his fans such anguish! #allmycries

  20. Brit says:

    Definitely going to miss RInger, but it wasn’t that great (minus SMG) so I’m glad she’ll be doing something else with the CW. I really liked Breaking Pointe. The dancing and the drama made it interesting, and I’m not even a reality tv show fan.

  21. Ale says:

    Of course they would want Tom Welling back this man and his show practically carried the CW network!

  22. manganxet says:

    Please, SMG in The Vampire Diaries xD

  23. Ethy says:

    “Would the GG cast tape talking-head segments for any such special? ” When i read this i suddenly thought of Gilmore Girls, and i remember i was reading about gossip girl, what a disappointment!

  24. JASon says:

    How about a Firefly spinoff starring Adam Baldwin as Jayne and Summer Glau as River?

  25. JASon says:

    Or isn’t it finally time for The Faith Spinoff starring Eliza Dushku? Hasn’t Eliza failed on enough shows to finally agree to the Faith spinoff she should have done in 2000?

  26. Brandy says:

    MP & GG cast don’t care so I wouldn’t count a GG retrospective.He wants to get rid of all that’s good about the CW & DOs legacy as fast as he can(the young girls, rich white girl shows are the only thing good about the CW).SMG & Freddie take turns working -hes working nowand she’s having another baby plus the fact the network cancelled her show so I’d be surprised if she works at CW-or if they can afford her(her salary of $90-$125,000 per episode of Ringer was part of why it was cancelled along with bad ratings.MP dosent know how to run a network 1.he plays faces with shows(ex. SPN moving to Wed. From Fri. Nights, shipping ANTM which in the fall along with VD was CWs highest rated shows off to Fri. 2. He renews shows with ratings so bad they shouldn’t ve been renewed(ex.Nikita,LaComplex,GG-I will say here I’m a Breaking Pointe fan happy it’s “being considered for renewal technically”& a huge GG fan who’s happy we get a final season to wrap up ).Nikita was the lowest rated scripted show on CW after Ringer was over, had 7 0.4s & is costing CW $10-$20 loss on the show which dosent typically repeat well, dosent DVr well or do well in w18/34 or a 18-34& it’s ratings aren’t going to better next season, in fact they’ll be worse as happens with shows as they age & a lot of viewers,myself included weren’t happy with the quality and writing of season two.LaComplex & Breaking Pointe z& Catalina never got a million viewers a episode so but were/could be renewed so its no wonder people think CWs a joke.GG( love it but) went below a million viewers four or five times but it was renewed, CW is not to dig itself out of the ratings with these shows.Nikita was renewed cause MP is a fan not cause it should been. Also, picking up shows like Arrow, Cult, Batmoile special, Beauty &Beast, Oh Sit, Dr. horrible sing along( just the thought of these are bad and the previews are awful for Arrow,B&B,Oh Sit,The Next.I doubt Oh Sit or The Next will do well or last long.

    • Taylor says:

      Wow! I agree with you 100%! Mark Pedowitz is the worst president of a network ever! Like you said, he renews shows based on if he was a fan, not real things like ratings and good story! The only show I even find appealing of “his” new shows is Arrow and that’s only because I am a Katie Cassidy fan! I really hope he gets fired because all he is trying to do is ruin Dawn Ostroff’s legacy and her shows that made The CW what it was. I actually looked forward to a new president, but I can’t believe I was such an idiot! MP, I hope you are reading this because you are getting a big screw you from me!

      • Brandy says:

        Thanks!im looking forward to Carrie Diaries,Emily Owens though.

      • zan says:

        “ruin Dawn Ostroff’s legacy and her shows that made The CW what it was”

        Are you serious? Dawn Ostroff is the one who ran the CW into the ground the 5 years she was in charge. All the legacy she left behind was ruining the ratings! none of her shows actually did great ratings wise (other than The Vampire Diaries). and most of them were terrible story wise. But you’re right, “her” shows made the CW what it was… a disgrace.

        “he renews shows based on if he was a fan, not real things like ratings and good story!”

        Okay, he renewed Nikita because of “good story” and renewed The Vampire Diaries because of good ratings -_- happy? lol

        Now, we’ll have to see if MP can clean up the mess she made… I doubt anyone can fix it, but I sure hope he can.

        • couldn’t agree more with you, Ostroff was the one who screwed the network, her “legacy” is a shame. I am happy GG is finally ending after 6 seasons, which the last two aired were horrible seasons btw, and I’m hoping 90210 ends next year because is just a mess. TSC was awful and Mark did right in canceling it. I was hoping for no more rich girls drama shows but with the Carrie Diaries coming up I think it won’t be possible. well, let’s hope it flops.

        • Taylor says:

          Okay, first of all, I’d like to say I think you are being completely rude. I may have been dramatic in my opinion, but that does not give you the right to criticize me. If you didn’t like what I had to say, you could’ve simply scrolled past. But no, you chose to break down each part of MY OPINION and criticize.

          • get thicker skin says:

            Why do you get to criticize someone in your post but you are all wounded when someone does it to you. At least zan used reality to criticize you instead of absolutely ridiculous and uninformed assumptions.

          • Taylor says:

            How on Earth am I being critical? All I said was I think he is being rude. It was MY OPINION and I’ll say that to you as well since apparently people have forgotten others can have those. I don’t think I criticized anything he has said about it, I simply said he didn’t have to be rude. Stay out of things that aren’t your business. Thanks.

      • Mikael says:

        I could be wrong, but isn’t Ostroff the one who ruined Veronica Mars when it went to CW? They took a great show with great plots and turned it into a mystery-of-the-week show with emphasis on teen soap breaking up/reuniting all the time. And then cancelled it. She wanted every show to be Gossip Girl. I think Pedowitz is trying to turn CW into a legitimate network.

    • zan says:

      MP hardly had any say last season, all those shows were planned out when Dawn was still President. This is the year that MP’s going to have to prove himself. saying that Arrow looks bad along with Dr. Horrible Sing Along only proves you have no idea what your talking about. Arrow is one of the most anticipated new series of the year.

      SMG probably won’t have been able to even film Ringer if it was renewed. She’ll probably have her child in the fall (just a guess, since he would probably waited till after her 1st trimester to reveal her pregnancy to the world) She seems to be a very devoted mother and didn’t work for about 2 years after having her daughter, so i think she might be will to produce a series instead of starting in one in a few years.

      ANTM might have done well in the fall cycle, but it failed miserable in the spring. they need to give the newer shows a chance on a weeknight, frankly, having ANTM sit on the Wed. 8pm time slot only made it harder to find a good show it pair it off with, no show could be well after it.

      Moving SPN to Wed. and pairing it with Arrow is a no brainier. on Fridays, SPN was up against other genre shows, but on Wed, it’ll be much easier for the show to do well.

      Nikita is actually a good show, season 2 was great and they moved along the plot forward really well. Supposedly it does well over seas, but i’m not sure how much of an impact that has on renewal.
      The renewal of Nikita & GG are not just about the ratings, it also has to do with syndication possibilities & other platforms (for GG & Nikita) and since the CW is owned by WB, that play a big factor in what shows they renew (shows produced by WB) plus, the LA complex is a Canadian produced show that the CW gets at a really cheep price.

      and just like the economy, the CW ratings won’t be fixed easily. There’s going to be a very long road a head of them to get it back on track. I’m not sure if it will even happen, but it seems like MP is trying.

    • Marco says:

      Since Dawn Ostroff basically ran The CW into the ground with her obsession with soaps with bad grrls and her burning hathred for anything without at least two love triangles, I really think her ‘legacy’ can’t be ruined enough.

  27. seattlejohn449 says:

    I missed the second half of the season and am really hoping it comes out on dvd…it was a soapy mess but reminded me of a 40’s B-movie and I really enjoyed it

  28. Susan says:

    Tom Welling has to go back to acting because He has charisma and charm .I miss TOM ! Tom Welling is CW.

  29. Mary says:

    Yes I want Tom Welling!

  30. Guest says:

    No!! Gossip Girl 10 episode is not enought!! Stuipd!

  31. janice says:

    LA Complex!!! I hope it gets a season 3!!! It’s such a good choice!

  32. GG says:

    I’m kind of annoyed that GG is only gonna be 10 episodes long but I’m kind of happy it’s gonna be over cuz I’m expecting a happy chair ending. But honestly the only reason GG started losing viewers was because the writing got bad because they replaced what’s his face. I feel like the CW doesn’t even care about its actually good shows.

  33. spotteddog says:

    Welling and Rosenbaum, as a pair of actors who were huge in a superhero show but now can’t get work as actors because they were typecast. The twist – Welling was the villian and Rosey was the hero.

    • WellingFan says:

      Are you an insider? Didn’t think so. BTW, Tom has been taking a long break and deservedly so. What is that last sentence supposed to mean?

      I really wouldn’t want Tom back at the CW. I don’t care who’s in charge!

      • spotteddog says:

        I am not an insider (and I’m feeling really bad about that…), but this was just a thought for a new show, not necessarily on the CW. The last sentence was a plot twist in said story idea – Tom was the villian in the imaginary show that he was on with Rosey, and Rosey was the hero.

        Reallty that difficult?

  34. mia says:

    I agree that Ringer was a mess and everything about it was bad….but I really enjoyed it. I loved the campy-crappiness of it.
    I’m still beyond irritated that they ended the series/season that way. Huge cliffhanger, giving the fans what we wanted (Bridget confessing to Andrew) only to have no closure.
    Seriously, a tv-movie to tie up everything would be fantastic and would honour the fans who stuck with it.

  35. 4real says:

    I really don’t give a cr*p about “typecast” nonsense. Hollywood casting directors better start giving me Tom Welling on my screen, or there will be hell to pay! Hero, villain, clothed or not. Whatever. I need his charisma and hotness, front and center back on my screen!

    • Karlie says:

      If we can’t get Tom Welling back on the CW, I say that White Collar’s Neal Caffrey should suddenly have a long lost brother show up. TV’s all around the country would melt from the hotness.

    • spotteddog says:

      Please read my comment above – I am not saying TW was or is typecast, I was trying to explain a thought for a new show starring TW and MR, who I thought had great chemistry. I also would like to see TW back on TV in some capacity, preferably acting. But probably not on the CW (sinking ship, anyone?)

  36. SMH says:

    People keep talking about the Gossip Girl’s cast’s attitude problem, but the cast has bigger things to worry about now! The show is ending and they need to worry about finding other work now! How is that dissing the fans?! Seems like some fans have the attitude problem!

    • zan says:

      They don’t need to worry about finding work. Most of the cast have been getting A LOT more film roles. they’re ready to move on and not be tied down my a time consuming tv series.

  37. MSC says:

    I hope Gossipgirl ends on a good note. Last season was terrible so I hope they can rectify that and write a decent send off for fans (and I want a Chuck and Blair wedding )

  38. lauren says:

    oh gossip girl, i’m sure anything they do in this last season will be terrible. and i used to love gg!

  39. Nola says:

    We want Tom Welling as an actor because is a good and beautiful actor! We miss TOM !

  40. W says:

    I can’t believe people actually watch Gossip Girl.

    • F-U-W says:

      says the moron troll whos never watched it and automatically thinks its bad because ummmm it has “girl” in the title

      god youre smart XD

  41. rosy says:

    I want TOM WELLING and Cassidy Freeman because are great couple with great sexual attraction. I MISS TOM!

  42. Karma Shtupde says:

    Tom Welling, anytime, anywhere, for anything!!! That’s all I have to say.

  43. Marly says:

    Tom Welling forever. I love Tom actor !

  44. kavyn says:

    I would watch the hell out of that Battle Royale inspired concept… assuming they aren’t talking about The Selection. Battle Royale is an amazing movie!

  45. Marybeth Mason says:

    I want Tom Welling back on tv more as an actor then producer I would very much like to see his face on tv he is a good actor and should be able to show his talent again on tv

  46. Joanie says:

    I like to see more of Tom Welling in front of the Camera’s