True Blood Recap: The Vampire Who Killed Sookie and Jason’s Parents Was…

True Blood Season 5 Episode 8… and still is a mystery.

In Sunday’s Stephen Moyer-directed True Blood, Claude and what looked like a fairy girl group took the Stackhouses to the site of their folks’ murder so that ol’ jazz hands could sync up with her mom’s memory and see the face of her attacker. But, though the clairvoyant waitress did manage to flash back and observe what transpired from her mom’s POV – and surprisingly from the blood-sucker’s as well – we still couldn’t be sure whodunit. (Kinda looked like Russell, though, didn’t it?) Among the other goings-on in the action-packed hour:

SAM I AM (AND SO IS SHE) | While Sam was busy turning into a cobra to get intel out of the redneck he tackled outside Luna’s hospital room, Luna herself was accidentally shifting into her boyfriend, giving Sam Trammell probably the wildest, funniest scenes he’s ever gotten to play on the show and certainly the wildest, funniest scenes he’s ever gotten to play opposite himself. (Best part: Luna-as-Sam walking… well, exactly the way Luna-as-Luna would. Priceless.)

VIDEO | True Blood Boss Alan Ball Lightly Spoils Season Finale

I’LL DRINK TO THAT! | Salome bullied Bill into feeding on a human while sober by asking him why he hadn’t saved his children from death by making them vampires. (In a flashback, we even saw that his dying daughter was more than willing!) Later, he shocked Eric by suggesting at a Council meeting that the best way to do away with the mainstreamers was to do away with Tru Blood: Destroy the factories where the synthetic blood is produced, he argued, and even the mainstreamers would be forced to drink the real thing.

’TIL DEATH DO THEM PART? | To welcome No-Longer-Emo Hoyt to the fold, the rednecks kidnapped Jessica so that he could shoot her with a wooden bullet. Instead, being the good guy that we all know he is, he set her free. Unfortunately, there seems likely to be more heartache ahead for him: When Andy, Sam and Luna-as-Sam showed up to rescue the redhead, Luna-as-Sam smelled a big human woman… and Cheetos. Hoyt’s mama, maybe?

IT’S A DOG BEAT DOG WORLD | In the middle of some particularly animalistic sex, Alcide and Rikki became boyfriend and girlfriend. Kind of. Later, though Alcide decided against competing with JD to become packmaster when he learned they’d be hunting a human, the V junky went after their prey, anyway. Determined to save the would-be victim, Alcide got the stuffing beaten out of him, and, had Martha not intervened, might have wound up in that big dog park in the sky.

VIDEO | Joe Manganiello Breaks Down Alcide and Sookie’s Infamous ‘Sex Scene’

ALL FIRED UP | Lafayette had barely made it home in one piece from his disastrous brujo misadventure when Arlene and Holly were badgering him to play medium and convince Terry that the spirit of the Iraqi woman he killed had elected to forgive, forget and lift her curse. Alas, when the post-traumatically-stressed soldier’s victim took possession of Lafayette’s body, she didn’t say “bygones,” she said she’d only lift the curse if Terry murdered Patrick or Patrick, Terry.

ETC., ETC. | Though Pam intervened when Tara publicly threatened a former high school nemesis at Fangtasia, she privately gave the bitch to her progeny as a present. On Godric’s orders, Eric appealed to Nora’s saner side, only to discover that she no longer possessed a saner side. (Duh.) And in case you couldn’t have guessed, no, Sookie did not lightning-bolt away all her magic. Jason talked her out of doing so, even mentioning that, had she not been “different,” she never would have met Bill. (Foreshadowing?)

So, what did you think of the episode – and of Moyer as a director? (Big, big thumbs-up from our end.) And, were there such a thing as an instant Emmy, wouldn’t you award one to Trammell for his performance tonight? Your thoughts, please, in the comments section below.

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  1. ggny says:

    and delete to True Blood on my DVR Series Manager. This show is horrible now

    • Ivan Lind says:

      i disagree i think its there best season yet

      • Russ says:

        I don’t. There doesn’t seem to be a main plot that involves a bunch of the characters, everyone is somewhat separated and going into their own story. To me its making the season feel off kilter, but we have four episodes left so we’ll see.

        • Lauren Lee says:

          I couldn’t have worded this better myself!! You are absolutely right! I just said to my sister last night, “I can’t believe True Blood is already over and it had just gotten better (well, better than it was at the beginning of Season 5 if that’s even possible…)

    • Rrrrrr says:

      I thought last weeks ep was so bad, I was going to stop watching. But this weeks was a vast improvement. I wouldn’t dare say this is the best season, however.

    • Butter says:

      Agree! I really tried to keep watching this show out of loyalty to the characters I have come to love but I really couldn’t stand it anymore! Now I just read the recaps just to know what’s happening.

      • me says:

        Still trying to watch it out of loyalty, but now I just forward everything Salome and Nora as well as Terry and Luna, pretty much half of the show.
        Please kill off Salome and Nora already. So sick and tired of their non stop talking.

        • Christine says:

          I concur. I haven’t really hated any TB character until those two women. Can they just die already?

          • icywinter2 says:

            I agree, Salome and Nora are so annoying. I hate Salome after she got Roman killed. He was trying to prevent all the out of control crap that just happened.

        • Tatjana says:

          Salome and Nora, bad casting very bad casting and annoying and boring episode and I am true and tolerant TB fan

    • Kim says:

      That is what I am saying. Even if I hadn’t read the books, this show has no redeeming quality at all. I don’t care about even one of the characters anymore. They are all stupid and weak.

    • Melissa says:


  2. Cyn says:

    “And, were there such a thing as an instant Emmy, wouldn’t you award one to Trammell for his performance tonight? Your thoughts, please, in the comments section below.”

    Holy hell, no. His portrayal of Luna as him was absolutely horrible.

    • TJCrinc says:

      i thought his Luna-Walk was impressive : ) Though watching a guy walk like a girl is always impressive. It takes balls. hahaha.

  3. Carrie says:

    I thought Moyer did an amazing job. Those Sam/Sam scenes had to be crazy hard to direct and Sam did a wonderful job too!

    Also, kinda loving Bill the evil genius. It’s a fantastic plan.

    • Marce says:

      I’m loving Bill’s evil genius too, although Bill is sneaky, I’m not sure if this is a front or he really turned the tables. If he still believes in mainstreaming he is planning how to take down the Authority.

      • holly says:

        I think Bill is to young a vampire to hold his own in a group so old as the authority. He is swinging with the flow to stay alive,( I hope)

  4. grimdreaper says:

    Any episode with Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare) is a good episode.

  5. Maria G says:

    I just went to church during the Alcide/Rikki scene, thanking the Lord for Joe Manganiello’s butt. I was hands in the air and going, GOD IS REAL! (Thank you, Sherri Shepard for that comment last season on DWTS!) My cats were not amused.

  6. BJohnson says:

    Pam’s line when she gifted that chick to Tara was great! This was a great episode, kudos to Moyer. Rikki said maybe, I know details details but next week looks great with Russell running to find new werewolves with STEVE! I love him and Russell’s chit chat during the meeting. This season is moving better than last season I think. Sam and Sam/Luna was hilarious!

  7. Ruby says:

    Joe Manganiello is shockingly…unsexy in sex scenes. He moves around too much like he’s posing or something. It’s really off-putting.

    Glad Eric wasn’t Sookie’s parents’ murderer…I half expected that out of Ball.

    • AN says:

      I don’t say this often because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you are wrong. :)

    • BabyFirefly says:

      Maybe that’s what I didn’t like about the scene? I have been waiting for a sex scene with Alcide, and i was definitely underwhelmed.

  8. morrow2910 says:

    Love the episode, don’t love the season at all. Last week was the first glimmer of hope. I haven’t liked the Eric/Bill bromance;thankfully that seems to be ending. Alcide, Pam, Tara and Sam storylines have been interesting, but Lafayette has been wasted. The faerie stuff has promise. I think Stephen Moyer should direct more. Pace was much better on this episode.

  9. amanda says:

    Just curious–if Sookie could channel her mom, why couldn’t claude channel claudine to try and figure out who the vampire was?

  10. Javier says:

    I think “The Vampire Who Killed Sookie and Jason’s Parents” is that guy on the authority with a disfigured face. He kept talking about eating babies and kids.

    • icywinter2 says:

      No, the guy in the authority was Dieter. The vampire who killed Sookie and Jason’s parents went by another name.

  11. S says:

    I just loved Sam tonight and thought he did an amazing job when he had to play Luna and it was so funny lol. The whole episode was great however one thing that has been standing out to me this season is how one character will talk to either Bill/Sookie about their ‘love’ and its really making me sick. They also act as if Sookie/Eric never even existed imo and I get it AB you have a hard on for Sookeh/Beel and if you want them back just do it already this is sickening and I don’t need to see Jason of all characters get destroyed for this disgusting couple

    • melior says:

      Wondering the same thing. It’s obvious that Moyer has more and more clout in this show and despite actors’s comments their respective opinions and ideas are taken up by the writers (see: the love triangle with Eric and Bill, Stephen said it was their idea). So I’m delving in disappointment as Stephen makes this show about himself and viewers are just expected to ‘forget’ about the compelling story Eric and Sookie had throughout 4 season. Total bs! They should just make a reality tv show about Stephen and Anna. That would at least be more credible.

  12. Rob says:

    There are just too many unnecessary subplots. The whole Terry being chased by the revenge smoke monster is horrible. I hope they kill each other and just end the storyline. Lafayette has gone from one of the best characters to a drag. Don’t care about the whole rednecks trying to kill shape shifters thing. They should just stick to about two or three good storylines and kill all the filler crap.

  13. Loved seeing Sam and Alcide’s butts. Sam as Luna was funny, loved the walk! Best line of the night, for me, was Jason’s after getting zapped by Sookie saying it’s ok as he was hit in the head, lol!! I’m not fond of the Sanguinista storyline and really hoping Bill is faking. I think Eric still has a tiny bit of that softer side to him ever since his amnesia last season. Can’t wait to see Bill reunite with Sookie as it shows in the promo. I only hope it doesn’t disappoint. My biggest concern is a random one. Although I love both the books and the series, I hope that random black guy in the pack who cheered on Alcide does not end up being Quinn. I have my heart set on him being played by Dwayne Johnson or Vin Diesel! :)

    • ashley says:

      I believe that at Comic-Con, Alan Ball said he doesn’t have any plans to introduce Quinn this season (but Hudis, etc. might do so next season, if they want). Just FYI!

    • I’m guessing Quinn will not be introduced until next season, when they are dealing with the ramifications of a packleader doing the bidding of vampires so openly and with such disregard for “were” tradition.

      • Dark Defender says:

        Quinn was a were-tiger, which (were-tigers) will be introduced in the season finale this year. Also he would have no authority involving the were-wolves.. Or their traditions. I say bring on the Faeries, Get Eric & Sookie back together and lets see Mr. Catalaides and his demon nieces!

  14. ashley says:

    this show is so f$%king good.
    Also, I saw Anna’s babies bump.

  15. The problem with the Terry/Patrick storyline is that it seems obvious that Terry won’t be killed, but Patrick likely will be (who’s a guest star vs a series regular). Other than that, the Authority bit and the Alcide/wolf stuff still isn’t working. There’s cool stuff in each, including Bill’s new plan for the Authority, but on the whole these just don’t feel like they’re contributing much to the show.

    Still buying into Sookie, Pam & Tara and – to a certain extent – the moonshine redneck business, if only to discover who the Dragon is.

    • Mikael says:

      I really hope the Dragon isn’t Maxine Fortenberry. The line about smelling a big woman and Cheetos makes me nervous. She’s too comical to be the head of a murderous gang.

  16. S says:

    I’m actually liking the shifter story line but of course I like anything that will show Sam because I love the actor/character. I don’t get why some are still complaining over Terry/Patrick story? they haven’t been on as much as they were in the beginning so that is good but I do agree it seems pretty obvious who will die unless they shock

  17. S says:

    Does anyone think Hoyt might be in danger of getting killed off? I know some feel he’s pointless or hate him now but I still don’t think he needs to be killed off. I think Hoyt is still a good guy obviously cause if he wasn’t he would have killed Jessica.

  18. bob says:

    I’h hoping that Sookie was able to channel the vampire because she’s ingested his blood. *cough* Bill *cough*

    • ashley says:

      ummm this is basically my biggest fear.

    • katrina says:

      Thats what i was thinking also, but could also be russel cause he has had her blood too.

      • ashley says:

        i hope it’s Russell, that’d be fun. (and even though it definitely isn’t, i wish it was Salome, so Sookie could stake that biyatch)

    • Nick says:

      Plus wasn’t the vampire saying ” you are mine” basically saying it was bill

      • Dark Defender says:

        I think warlow is Fae and not a vampire.. But that thenfaeries have been saying vamps killed the Stackhouses, when it was actually a Faery that did it. Thus the connection..

    • Jess402 says:

      I’m thinking though he appears to be a vamp, he’s actually a faery and that’s why she was able to channel him. (It seemed that both Jason and Claude recognized the name even if they said they didn’t.)

  19. True Blood is one of the few shows I don’t actually like but watch when there’s nothing else to do. It’s been like that for… 5 seasons…

  20. Truefan says:

    Like Eric, Bill,Pam, Tara and Russell Edgington. Wish Talburt were back,too.there are just too many story lines. Not interested in Lafayette ‘s or the smoke monster. Alcide is a terrible actor and not very attractive. He looks scuzzy all the time. So does Sam, but somehow he makes it look cute. Also Sam’s an awesome actor.

  21. tvdiva says:

    I thought the vampire that killed Sookie and Jason’s parents was Chris Meloni, because I could swear I saw a picture of him in that outfit. I guess we will know soon enough. I am at a loss for who the dragon is. Is it Maxine (Hoyt’s mother) or the woman with ex sheriff Bud Dearborn? Or is it the coroner’s new lady friend? The best part of the night (besides naked Alcide and Sam’s butt), was Lafayette back to his sassy self on his front porch demanding money from Arlene and Holly for a seance. That was hilarious.

    • Maxine (Hoyt’s mama) was the first person that can to my mind,that fit that discription. I could see her being involved. she’s a hater! lol I still never thought about her being the dragon until you mentioned it. I was thinking it might be the ex-sheriff, given we haven’t seen him since he retired, his appearance along with his standoffish attitude towards Andy’s just dropping by,struck me as suspicious…. Maxine is also a good call, I wouldn’t doubt her involvment, but shes not the sharpest tool. More of a hater/fanatic?? The Sheriff would be more qualifided to be a ring leader, Besides,if it is Maxine that could be the end of her character, she definately adds a twist of comedy at times, she’s a trip! lol Can’t wait to finally find out! So many things I’m dying to finally know!

      • Ouam says:

        It could just be a fea that has used all his power, as they said, you won’t be a fea but they did not say she’ll stay a human.

  22. Was anyone else surprised when the end-credits song wasn’t Gotye? About all the random plotlines – it does give me a little hope that they’re not all throwaway now that a few of them are starting to connect: Jessica/Hoyt/rednecks/shifters and Lafayette/Terry/smoke monster. Anyone else think Alcide should start his own pack, and all the sane weres from the other defect to him? I am surprised that the writers are keeping Bill and Eric away from Sookie so much of this season. Really enjoying Eric being the only sane one in the vampire group (unless Bill has ulterior motives – wouldn’t put it past him), but would love to see him find an ally and start doing something about it – if not Sookie, perhaps Molly (Tina Majorino)?

  23. Martin says:

    Was thinking the same thing about molly, was also thinking that the vampire who killed sookies parents was either bill or russell. Really want someone to kill that bitch salome, and never liked russell so if they are going to get rid of him this season them please do it properly unlike last time, also had a little tiny bit of hope for redemption for nora until that bitch dissed godric, I can see eric staking her in a very emotional scene which will probably be one of skarsgard’s best performed of the season, whether they will wait till the of the season I don’t know. Also how barb lives, not too fused on oenamaeus.

  24. aidagda says:

    I so hope Bill is not “evil” now, I was enjoying way too much the Bill-Eric friendship. It was great, they were fun together.
    Sookie minus the vampires is an improvement. I don´t really care that much for her or her storyline but the whole sibling thing is actually working for me.
    Jessica and Pam/Tara are interesting subplots.
    The whole Sanguinista BS is way too much. Russell is funny flirting with the sad puppy but this crazy Lillith thing has to stop. And Bill cannot be one of them…I am afraid that the Bill-sookie reunion won´t be a nice romantic thing, but a violent event, that will destroy all options for Bill to be friends with her (forget about becoming a couple again) or Eric.

  25. Terry says:

    I hope Lafayette finally brings back the sassy, makeup wearing gay man he was in the first season. Love Tara and Pam… Sam/luna as Sam was funny till she stated barfing. I want the old Eric back, mean and sarcastic with Pam at his side.
    Sookie is getting boring, I hope they make her less whiney. Love the Russel/Steve flirting going on lol we have to find them a name.? Stessel? Alcide nekkid is amazing.. I don’t care if he can act or not… Just put Joe in nekkid every week and I’m happy. I hope they bring it for the last 4 episodes

  26. S says:

    As much as I enjoy the bromance I also miss Eric/Bill hating each other lol… So I don’t mind Bill being the ‘evil’ one. And both vamps have said ‘You are mine’ to Sookie

  27. Mandy says:

    I can’t work out what Bill says right at the end – When Eric asks What are you doing?

  28. Ilyn says:

    I really miss the old days when it was Bill, Sookie, and Eric! It was dysfunctional but it worked for me. They needed something from each other. Now you barely see them in one room together. Everyone can deny it, but we all know it kept us going… Who was sookie going to pick? Now it’s b/s that the writers act as if she only has love for one. When will they show her love for Eric. When will Pam & Eric reunite? I am tired of watching the characters playing apart! Bring them back home & tie in their lives already!

    • Jay says:

      Well, in my opinion- Sookie’s “love” for Eric was extremely rushed last season and didn’t feel authentic. It felt like they just did that storyline to appease the fans of the books. After the way he treated her the previous season, it didn’t make sense that she would suddenly fall for him. So I guess I’m not surprised they haven’t shown it again. But I understand why others feel differently. I will agree that I miss the characters all being apart. Their interaction together was what made the show for me.

      • Rae says:

        this is sookie we are talking about. of course i want her with eric, but her love for both of them was fast. sookie changes men like everyone else changes underwear and i think they are only showing her love for bill this season because the writers are biased and because they are married in real life.

  29. me says:

    And why is so much time given to useless characters like all of the authority/Lilith fandom

  30. Karen says:

    There might be one too many story lines on the show, but I do love it. I’m especially loving the Sookie/Jason stuff. Ryan Kwanten and Anna Paquin play so well off of each other. But one Alcide/whoevershewas sex scene won’t cut it! And can Alcide please drop her, and come knocking on Sookies ddor!?

  31. icywinter2 says:

    For all those who are complaining about how the show sucks, why are you even still watching it?? It’s only going to disappoint you even further, so don’t watch it.. It’s just that simple.

    • iamkessuki23tw says:

      when reading true blood recaps, i too come across several pointless comments that offer no constructive analysis of what the person thought about the episode so i ignore them (usually you can spot the gist of the comment by a quick glance. i personally am a die hard truebie and always want it to do well in terms of ratings and demographic so if these people are contributing to its success, then i can put up with the odd few pointless comments every week and so.

  32. jamie says:

    When Jason said he didn’t give a twirly f**k what happened, it flashed me back to Ryan’s appearance on New Girl. Jess needed to go have a one night stand because she was all “twirly”, her word for horny. Had to smile at that one.

  33. holly says:

    I thoughly enjoyed it and totally agree Trammell gets some of the most fun things to do.. He was fantastic. Yes to the instant Emmy. Moyer did a great job as director, and i hope he gets to do it more frequent. The episode moved to fast and was over before I knew it.. I do wish they would do away with the Terry story soon and Get more into the Sookie story. And I wish they would get Eric out of the Authority basement and back to where he could do some good stuff, like kick Bills Ass and help out Sookie find out who Warlow (? is that right) is/was. He should know he’s been around long enough. Would suck to find out it was actually Eric..

  34. MaryAnn says:

    Hmmm…where to begin?

    –Can’t stand Alcide in sex scenes or when he is butt naked. He just isn’t sexy and it takes up time out of the show. That said, I am actually enjoying his story line of trying to bring some sense back to the pack, and I like seeing the little wolf girl and what is happening with her and her grandma.

    –Is Bill actually turning evil, or does he have a deep-cover type ruse going on to bring down the new vampire fundamentalists? I certainly hope so, since I’m not sure I could continue watching if he really has converted to the humans-as-food point of view. Here’s hoping the season-ender will be the bloody end to ALL of the current vampire authority (except Bill and Eric), and that Sookie is the one to end Russell Edgington. Now THAT would be drama I could get behind!

    –Didn’t care for the Luna-as-Sam betrayal. Frankly, it was too weak and girly. I just couldn’t see Luna in that portrayal. The real Luna is anything but “girly.”

    –I really want to see Terry’s problems with the fire/smoke monster get solved and Arlene and Terry get back together. Both of them deserve some happiness, and at least some of the story lines this season should get resolved in a positive way. That said, my favorite part of this past Sunday’s episode was the scene with Lafayette. His reaction when the fake seance became real was priceless!

    –My final comment? Stephen Moyer is my favorite director of the season, and I hope he will direct more episodes in the future. He has restored the much-needed human and three dimensional touch to the characters that was so sorely needed, and given a more emotional punch to all of the story lines portrayed.

    • MaryAnn says:

      Sorry, typo in the wrong spot. I meant to say “Luna as sam portrayal.” There was no “betrayal” involved.

  35. I’m having very mixed feelings about this season. There doesn’t seem to be any consistency in the flow of storylines. There was so much buildup to finally capturing Russell and then all of a sudden he and Salome are running the Authority. We had Terry and Patrick confronting and running from the Ifrit but now they have time to sit down and talk with her ghost. Lafayette almost gets killed by Don Bartolo and we get almost zero aftermath from that. It’s really all over the place. And as much as I loved Alcide last season and early on this season, I feel like he fits in with the show better when he’s involved with the main storylines, and this werewolf nonsense needs to go. I do love the Tara/Pam relationship, everything about Sam, and the Sookie/Jason scenes because they play really well off each other. Those combined with the seeming return of the “real” Lafayette and the budding Russell/Steve bromance/relationship give me hope that things will get better before the “bloody” finale.

  36. Best season yet of True Blood. I cannot wait for Sunday to get here every week. All of you who say there are too many story lines need to learn how to concentrate and stop being ADD.

    • Michele says:

      I resent that. I have ADD & have no issues following all the story lines.

      Although, to be fair, I did make a comment about confused viewers needing to “grow a brain cell,” so, there you go.

  37. yippity says:

    I didn’t think Stephen Moyer would be good at directing this, but I was pleasantly surprised. He did very well with what he had in hand. And yes, we do realize it’s Bill who killed Sookie’s parents. Claudine called him Willow or sth (isn’t it almost the same as William?). It’s just as obvious as it was that Salome was the traitor.
    And I’m really pissed at Ball with all the disrespect to Christianity and offending real, dead people. Plus, the Salome/Lilith/dead spirits story is bull****.

    • yippity says:

      Oh, and they made a huge mistake losing Chris Meloni so quickly. This is becoming as boring as last year’s witch saga.

    • iamkessuki23tw says:

      you just reminded me about a comment Scott Foley’s character Patrick made to Terry last week. when Terry suggested he would kill himself to ease his own guilt – Patrick replied “suicide is for muslims”. now i understand the Patrick character is a bigot but this was unessasary imo especially during a holy fasting month. it also makes me think that terry will be spared and patrick will be the one sacrifed to bring closure to the Ifrit sub-plot.

      • Michele says:

        How is it unnecessary? I think it was perfect to showcase Patrick’s attitude & beliefs. The characters of True Blood have said offensive things about pretty much every group; why would Muslims be exempt? I live in the south, and, just like in the show, people around me say offensive things about every group, whether it is a group defined by race, creed, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, body size, hair color, you name it! I am not even in the deep south, either, more like mid-Atlantic. Especially since we (yes, me too) elected Obama, the hate has really come out of the woodwork. I think this is one of the most honest things about the show & is often a way too make fun of the bigots, which I always enjoy.

        • yippity says:

          No, I wasn’t talking about that. Usually, when a writer makes his characters offend a group, they do it to raise awareness and cause the exact opposite -from the offenders point of view- effect. I’m pissed at Ball for his own disrespect to real people who existed once and are now dead. How can he mention people from the Holly Bible and make them part of his cheap vampire story? How can he mention a genius like Einstein and make him part of his cheap fairy story? That stuff is offensive by itself. He’s just doing it to make fun of those personalities who did something important for this world. What’s your gift to humanity, Mr Ball? I guess that would be a couple of TV series…

  38. Mikael says:

    I thought the vampire who killed Sookie’s parents looked like Bill. I really hope I’m wrong. I love the Sookie/Jason scenes this year. I feel like they haven’t had bonding time for a while. I hope that once Tara gets the hang of her new life, she and Sookie have an emotional reunion as best friends. I do love Tara/Pam though! I love Alcide, but his own story is boring. The wolves on V plot was done in Season 3; it doesn’t need to be rehashed. And why is he all about Rikki all of a sudden? He was so into Sookie and now it’s like he doesn’t know her. I know Eric glamoured him into being repulsed by her, but Sookie undid that, which is how he remembered JD’s wolves were on V. So what’s up with that? And yes to the “old Lafayette” returning!

  39. Tori says: