Fall TV Preview

How I Met Your Mother: 16 Spoilers (Including Intel on October's Big 'Relationship Bloodbath')

How I Met Your Mother launches its eighth season on Sept. 24 which, by our calculations, is roughly two months from now. To mark the occasion, we present you with 16 spoilers — two for each week you have to wait for fresh episodes — directly from series co-creator Craig Thomas and exec producer/director Pamela Fryman.

TVLINE | Do the Season 9 negotiations change any of your trajectory for Season 8?
CRAIG THOMAS | Yeah. [Laughs] It’s a really interesting situation because there’s a negotiation going on that could extend the show, for sure. But right now, the thing that we know to be true is we have this year and no deal for next year. So we have to proceed as though this could be the last year of HIMYM. Hopefully we will know soon. Basically, we couldn’t possibly know soon enough. But we’d be thrilled to tell either story – either wrap it up this year or to tell another chapter of this story. We don’t know yet which way it’s going to go.

TVLINE | If there is a ninth season, would that be the last season?
THOMAS | Who knows? We can’t guarantee anything. It’s not impossible it could go beyond Season 9.

TVLINE | When Season 8 starts up, where is Victoria and Ted’s relationship headed? She’s coming back for a multi-episode arc
THOMAS | We’re in a funny predicament. [The premiere] begins with three couples we know are doomed: Barney and Quinn – Barney’s going to marry Robin – Victoria we’ve said is not the mother, and Robin has a new love interest that starts off the season too, played by Michael Trucco. But we know Robin’s going to end up marrying Barney. It’s cool to start with everybody coupled up, but it’s like a horror movie. We know all these people camping at Camp Crystal Lake are going to be killed by Jason in a hockey mask. There’s a fun feeling of doom to these three couples. We’re calling October, “Breakup Month.” This is the month where some stuff went crazy in these relationships. … But Victoria is around for a while. I don’t want to say what happens there and how that doesn’t work out, but we look at her very much this season. I think everybody has this in their life – the last door you have to close before you’re actually ready to move forward and meet the person you’re going to spend your life with.

TVLINE | Is Michael Trucco’s character the significant romance you mentioned before?
THOMAS | Yeah, that’s an arc. We said a couple years ago when they had a brief meeting this guy would come back around, and we’re finally at that point in the story.

TVLINE | Are Quinn and Barney in a good place when the season begins?
THOMAS | Yeah, they’re engaged in Episode 1. But we know they’re not going to get married. So it’s kind of an existential storytelling conundrum. We’ve shown everyone a lot of what the end is, and now it’s like, “Tune in for the exciting middle!” But of course, we can also get away with that because there’s also a couple huge surprises coming up about how the series will end.
PAMELA FRYMAN | The first episode of the season is going to be an incredibly exciting way to start. It’s going to give everybody a glimpse [of the future] again. I think everybody’s going to be satisfied.
THOMAS | We jump further forward in that future wedding day. … The glimpses of that future Barney/Robin wedding day have been really important to the story. We blow [everything] out of the water in Episode 1. We jump further into that day and show you more information deeper into that wedding day that I think will blow some people’s minds. It’s really, really exciting.
FRYMAN | It blew mine when I read it.
THOMAS | It’s the day Ted meets the mother. And we jump perilously deep into that day and show you some glimpses of some really huge stuff that’s happening. We jump to the end of that wedding day and show you something crazy.

TVLINE | Barney and Robin are both in relationships this season, but we know they get married. So is there a hint of them growing closer together this year?
THOMAS | Yeah. They couldn’t start further apart. Barney’s engaged to another woman, and Robin is just getting into a relationship with [Michael Trucco’s character]. It’s fun. It’s a fun challenge. We like painting ourselves into impossible corners on How I Met Your Mother. How do you get those two characters together? They’re probably as far apart as they can possibly be. We will tell you that story. There’s going to be some relationship carnage to free them up to do that. It’s a bit of a relationship bloodbath in the first six episodes, and I hope in very entertaining way.

TVLINE | Will Marshall and Lily be separate from the group now that they have this big parenting challenge?
THOMAS | We’re going to tell a story figuring out, “Who’s our babysitter? Who’s our nanny? Who’s going to help us with this?” There’s a cool and meaningful answer to that question that we’ll see Marshall and Lily arrive at in the first few episodes. It will free them up to have at least the occasional beer with the gang. And the gang will consider [the baby] the sixth member of this group. It’s going to be very sweet.

TVLINE | Any chance we’ll get another Robin Sparkles installment?
THOMAS | [Co-creator] Carter [Bays] and I haven’t quite figured this out yet. We’re going to release the How I Met Your Mother soundtrack album! All the original music [on the show] will come out the day of our season premiere [on Sept. 24 on iTunes]. It’s like 20 tracks. It’s really cool. So it got me thinking again about Robin Sparkles.

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  1. Mary says:

    About the only surprising thing to me really is that they’re showing that Barney and Robin get married before Ted even meets the mother, when neither of them have been interested in getting married at all.

    • Chalice93 says:

      It is really getting ridiculous at this point, they have stalled the Mother’s introduction to a point where its become a nuisance. Forcing Victoria down our throat is only affirmation of that fact.

      • Ari says:

        I really hate Victoria. I also really hate that they are having Ted revisit all of his exes over and over again rather than move forward. The show doesn’t have to stop because we meet the mother. She can be a part of this group. I don’t know why it has taken so long in the first place. I honestly don’t care who the mother is but I’m sick of every spoiler article being about her! I

      • JB Smooove says:

        You say “force victoria down our throats” like it’s a bad think. I think she is a very nice looking young woman, I don’t mind seeing her. Besides, I gave up actually caring about the mother after I crammed the first three seasons in 2 weeks. I felt they were going to drag this on till the last 4 eppys of the series.

      • DJ says:

        The show is called “how i met your mother”. Hense what the entire series is about. If they introduced the mother right away, it would kind of defeat the purpose. I love the constant cliff hangers, it keeps me wanting more.

        • Lori DiPiano says:

          I agree that’s the whole basis of the show. It keeps you guessing. The cliffhangers are the best part. I can’t wait for next week. This is an excellent cast that was put together. They blend together so well. Realy loooking forard to the premiere.

          • HS says:

            The continuity in this show from first season to last is outstanding. No show compares in the minutiae. If this show had any other title it wouldn’t be a big deal that we have yet to meet Ted’s “The One.” Enjoy the minor details, let them tell us their story in their own time. So far, so good!

    • JeniLee says:

      Agree Mary. So frustrating. I’m only watching now because i have invested so much damn time in it already. Its just awful

  2. Martin says:

    Thank you so much TV Line for asking the second question, that is something i have been wondering for ages ever since the possibility of a Season 9 came up.

    No one else out there asked that question.

  3. Carrie says:

    Ugh. The idea that they could drag this mother thing out more than another 2 years is mind boggling. I hope in that scenario they would actually have the mother be a character rather than stretching the meeting out until the end of the show. Pretty soon they’ll run out of time based on the year they show when Ted is telling the story.

    • JeniLee says:

      Exactly! Isnt it 2030 when he tells story? Kids are about 16 so born 2014. So ted needs to meet mom get married and preggers this year or this show will have biggest continuity error EVER.

      • CJ says:

        We know from one of the episodes this season that his daughter is born in 2015, so they really better get a move on.

      • …unless, of course, one of the “blow-your-mind” moments we see at the end of the premiere is the revelation that Ted falls in love with a pregnant woman. #horrible

        • JeniLee says:

          LMAO Russ. Don’t give them ridiculous ideas!! SHHH!!!!

        • Anna says:

          Hahaha, that’s brilliant! Maybe Ted finally finds some reality and gives up the fairytales that are holding him back. It would be great if it was someone who was sort of there all along but ted had failed to notice. Or maybe Robyn has a twin sister that lived with her mum but she never knew because Robyn lived with her dad. She was just like Robyn but wants kids and marriage etc. Maybe Aunt Robyn really is Aunt Robyn!

      • Rock Golf says:

        Have you seen Lyndsy Fonseca the girl who played Ted’s daughter in the year 2030? She’s now 25, and looks terrific. She’s old enough that SHE could play the Mother. (Remember, she first saw Ted when he was teaching the wrong class, so she’s about the right age.)

      • Stell21 says:

        Ohhh the series is going to end in 2015 like Marshall told Ted he would be married three years after 2012 when they are suppose to watch the star wars trilogy again!! So the kids are about 15 in 2030. Makes sense now when it’s all put together… Wow she’s going to get pregnant very quickly thereafter.

    • O'Brien says:

      I’ve gotten the impression before that if they got to Season 9, it would sort of be, “What Happened After I Met Your Mother,” which I would be great with, because I feel that I’ve earned the right to know this woman!

  4. Josh says:

    Am I the only one who thinks featuring Victoria is pretty much a waste of time? At this point, I can hardly believe any woman would waste her time with Ted.

  5. Linda says:

    I’m watching a WGN rerun of this show right now, and mourning the loss of the show I used to love so much–a funny, smart show that didn’t jerk its viewers around like an out-of-control mine car ride. All I get from this interview is that we’re in for a lot more being jerked around in season 8, and I’m sick to death of it. Goodbye, HIMYM. I won’t be along for the ride next season.

  6. Javi says:

    Haters gonna hate.
    I love HIMYM and I really don’t mind if the show earns more seasons :)

    • Shannon says:

      THANK YOU!! I don’t get the haters. I don’t even care about the Mother anymore because I love watching these people!! The story isn’t just about Ted anymore it’s about all of them. The Mother is just the cherry on top!!

      • Ari says:

        My feelings exactly! I don’t care about the mother! I love these characters still find the show funny. I always think that HIMYM is better once the DVD is released so you can watch multiple episodes in a row.

      • Liz says:

        Agree. We’ve known this show is not about the mother for a while now. So stop complaining. I can say that producers always tease with the season opener and the pay-off is always Legan wait for it DARY

      • Joseph says:

        I agree 10000000000000% with this statement. I have watched the HIMYM series in order (with sporadic live airings on FX, CW, and WGN) on Netflix at least 4 times, maybe 5, I’ve lost count. I have Milk on right now, so I just started it again recently. It’s such an amazing show, I can (and do) watch it over and over because I love the story, it is really the greatest story ever told, especially for a sitcom. The thought that season 8 could be the last has almost killed me, and I feel a HUGE wait off my shoulders knowing that, contracts and negotiations permitting, the show could be longer. While the title may become wrong if it continues after The Mother is met, as long as Bays and Thomas continue to write such amazing stories, then let the show continue. Let’s watch Ted’s kids grow up a little even, that’s would be awesome to watch. I pray that the cast is willing to sign contracts to keep going though. A lot of shows stop because the cast wants to stop, but having watched behind the scenes things about the show, they all seem to love their job. Also, we NEED more story on the “Robin can’t have kids” storyline, that’s almost killed me. Enough rambling here!

      • Lena says:

        THANK YOU THANK YOU. My EXACT feelings. I’ve never given a damn about the mother’s identity, I just enjoy laughing hysterically at the hilarious adventures of 5 friends in Manhattan.

    • marla says:

      I don’t get the haters either. Relax and enjoy!

    • Leah says:

      Agreed! I’ve always loved HIMYM. Enjoy the journey, people!

      • Kel says:

        Exactly! I love the journey to “how I met your mother”. It’s not called “how I met your mother, asked her out, dated her long term and eventually propsed”.

    • Edward Hill says:


  7. Calla Lilly says:

    This entire season, or at least the first half, is such a waste of time. We already know Barney and Robin end up together (ew) so why would we waste time watching them with other people? And we know Victoria is not the mother so why would we want to watch them together? This entire thing is just so lame.

    • Conor says:

      That’s a dumb thing to say, it’s like saying that the whole 3rd season of the West Wing is pointless because we knew Jed would get re-elected. Or the first half of Deadwood season 1 is pointless as we already knew Wild Bill would be killed.

      The fact is, it’s not all about the overall story. Sure, one of the reasons I watched HIMYM is because I was intrigued by the idea of a ‘love story in reverse’ as they called it, but I watch it now because I find it funny and it always balances good humour with drama. I want to see what happens to all the characters, yes, but I also want to see how that happens.

      • laura says:

        Well I dunno bout the rest of u but wen i watch it im gonna enjoy the ride. Sure we knw barney nd robin end up 2getha and victoria isnt the mother but y arent they.and how. Thats y u watch it. I gave up on the mother and just wanted to watch this enjoyable show. Its gonna b fun

    • AnnClau says:

      Isn’t there a saying that’s something like “it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey?”
      Doesn’t matter that we already know Barney and Robin will end up together, that’s not the point, it’s nice to know and will be interesting to find out how that’ll happen.

      • mbart says:

        what if robin and barney dont end up being together?… maybe the producers want us to think they are then end up not. boom! mind is blown…

    • kasper says:

      if you have such a big problem with the idé of showing robin and ted in another relationships. there could skip to the end of story and say:” well kids, this is have i met you mother” show have ted met her. and thats it of HIMYM..
      is that what you want??

      sorry for my bad english.. i’m from Denmark :P

  8. GeoDiva says:

    So will the show ends when he meets her? Or will we get to see them fall in love, see why she was the one? Just curious……

    • They’ve hinted at both ways, although I believe the prevailing wisdom is that we’ll get a season with the character to see how she integrates into the group without breaking the dynamic.

    • Edward Hill says:

      The Writers should introduce the mother in between season 8 and see their dates progressing and in the series finale Ted Proposes

  9. opulentelixir says:

    I would love this show to be on for another 10 years. But tell us who the mother is already. The diversions are getting so old for real.

  10. Jake says:

    I hope they don’t know about a renewal until later so we can end this chapter about the mother and start another chapter. This past season was too annoying — with the character assassination of robin, ugh.

  11. I read a theory once that the mother is Barney’s sister and that’s why Ted meets her that specific day. I wish you had tackled that question.

    • Sg.Grant says:

      I’ve been saying this for a while now. The mother is Carly, Barney’s half-sister. Thus, calling her “Aunt Robin” and him “Uncle Barney” will be more than just those titles you give to your close friends.

      • Jeremiah says:

        If I’m not mistaken he also calls Lilly and Marshall “Aunt and Uncle” as well. Therefore it isn’t necessarily hinting anything.

      • Edward Hill says:

        Ted refers Lil and Marshall Aunt and Uncle to the kids,it’s because they known each other for a long time,so the StepSister theory may fall apart

      • Malik says:

        Not true because all of my elders are considered uncle or aunt even if they’re not related to us or close friends simply if we know them… It’s a sign of respect

    • Marge says:

      I’ve thought that for a while as well. I mean she could be! In season 6 when Barney meets his dad, he is told that he has a sister who’s off to college and in season 5, Ted goes out with the mother’s roomate, a college student. Plus I think it’s really strange that we got to meet Barney’s entire family but not his sister… We’ll see…

      • Chris says:

        I remember reading somewhere that Ted meets her at Barney and robins wedding, not sure if it was a fan theory or a something the producers said

        • Caroline says:

          THOMAS | We jump further forward in that future wedding day. … The glimpses of that future Barney/Robin wedding day have been really important to the story. We blow [everything] out of the water in Episode 1. We jump further into that day and show you more information deeper into that wedding day that I think will blow some people’s minds. It’s really, really exciting.
          FRYMAN | It blew mine when I read it.
          THOMAS | It’s the day Ted meets the mother. And we jump perilously deep into that day and show you some glimpses of some really huge stuff that’s happening. We jump to the end of that wedding day and show you something crazy.

          You may have just read this very article…

    • Anonymous says:

      Here is something that I have always thought about this theory that I haven’t seen addressed anywhere: The show had an episode in season 4 where Ted runs into Stella which leads to his job teaching at Columbia. It is then strongly emphasized that this job directly leads to his meeting the mother. It seemed that this was Ted’s only connection to the mother. I have always thought that Rachel Bilson’s character would bring the mother to the wedding as her plus one. In the case of Barney’s half-sister, Ted would probably meet her in some other capacity. There wouldn’t be such a significance of getting that job at Columbia.

      • Unless Bilson’s character introduces them at the wedding. Just because both attend the wedding it doesn’t necessarily mean that they would meet without someone to introduce them, right?

        • Anonymous says:

          That is certainly a possibility. My main point is that, if the show follows the premise of that episode, then there must be some kind of cause and effect relationship with getting the job at Columbia and meeting the mother. The two occurences must be related in some way.

          • Agreed. It’s been awhile since I saw it, but wasn’t there something in those episodes about the yellow umbrella?

          • J.S. says:

            The Columbia job serves two purposes. One, it allowed Ted to return the yellow umbrella he got from the mother at a St. Patrick’s party to the mother. That would not have happened had Ted not been working there to meet Rachel Bilson’s character. Also, it allowed the mother to be in the econ class Ted walked into by mistake. Now remember, it rains the day of the wedding. The mother can walk out with the familiar to Ted yellow umbrella. He goes to say something and she says aren’t you that professor…. Instant conversation starter that is imperative on Ted working at Columbia. It can easily be Barney’s sister without Cindy playing any role at the wedding at all.

  12. Rachel says:

    I’m officially super excited now for Season 8 to start. I’m so happy that Craig Thomas confirms the Barney/Robin marriage again. I can’t wait to see the build-up to them getting back together. I hope that the future wedding day flash forwards have to do with Ted and The Mother this time. I want to see more Mother clues leading up to that future wedding day.

  13. DebbieLG says:

    Even though it’s called How I MET Your Mother, I hope they have some episodes after he met their mother. I’ll be ticked if that doesn’t happen. Meanwhile, I still enjoy the show.

    • Hannah says:

      I’m hoping that if they do extend it for a 9th season that’s what they use it for. So Ted meets the Mother at the end of season 8, and then it undergoes a mini reboot into season 9 which deals with after meeting the Mother, and stops the show from getting stale. I love HIMYM and will be sad when it ends, but I’m hoping the possibility of season 8 being the last will result in more consistently good writing and episodes than we’ve seen in some of the previous seasons.

      • That would probably be the best idea. I think they should stop after season 9, just because 9 seasons is more than enough at this point. Have Robin and Barney get married at the end of this season (at this point, I don’t even care that they’ll have a rushed wedding, unless they fastforward the finale into a few months), have the last scene of the season be Ted meeting the Mother) and then have a shorter 9th season, like 13 episodes, of Ted and The Mother getting to know eachother with the series finale being Ted proposing to the Mother and having the epilogue explain what has happened after getting engaged to 2030.

        Because dragging it on just for the sake of ratings is going to kill the show. Yes, the journey is important, but logically, why would these kids want to keep hearing about their dad’s love lives? Unless these last 7 seasons make a point of meeting The Mother, they need to start wrapping it up. Go for the journey, but don’t overextend the journey just because you can. The journey has to be good but if we already know the destination, don’t prolong it for another two or three seasons. This is one of those shows that has a clear ending and shouldn’t go on for too long. Or else the writing and characters start getting stale. Just like what they’re doing with Barney and Robin, just delaying the inevitable. Just let them date for this upcoming season and have them start fresh. Or else they’re going to rush into dating and then marriage for the last couple of episodes if they don’t get renewed for a ninth season.

  14. Babybop says:

    I love this show, and I will continue watching until the end. However, I don’t think giving this show a 9th season (or more than that) is a good idea. Every show needs to end at some time. The last half of last season wasn’t up to par with every other season. I want the show to end before people stop liking it.

  15. Rabbithole says:

    Hasn’t this show always been about the road of meeting the mother, rather then cram her up, say, in Season 3? Personally, I’ve never minded the meeting your mother since the pilot. For the natural course of the story, it didn’t felt right. This show is about how Ted stopped being a romantic douche before he met the woman of her dreams. Besides, we’ll probably see her as a recurrent in season 9.

  16. sam says:

    It’s going to be LEGEN…. wait for it, wait for it, wait for it again, wait for it some more, wait until we go in this direction…. still waiting…..

  17. Johnny weakley says:

    All that I ask is that if it does go to season 9 or further that it doesn’t end with them meeting. At least let it end with her pregnancy or birth or something. I have kept up with this show and grown to love and hate some of these people and if it goes this far make us fall in love with her too. After all. It is what the show is all about.

  18. Gilda says:

    I’d prefer it didnt turn into “How I Already Met Your Mother Last Season But The Ratings Are Ok So Let’s Milk This For A While”. I love the show and don’t want to see it end, but when they inevitiably can’t delay her intro any longer, I hope they decide to go out while they’re (I believe) still strong. It would kind of compromise the whole premise and show they’ve crafted over the years to keep to going after, in my opinion.

  19. Drewer says:

    I wonder if the surprising thing Ted does at Barney’s wedding is propose or elope, with the bride the day he meets her. It wouldn’t surprise me, Heck, he’s said I love you on the first date. I still think the mother is Barney’s once-mentioned, yet never seen sister.

  20. Jordan says:

    What if Ted marries Victoria, but the “mother” they refer to is a birth mother because Victoria can’t have children?

    • Captain says:

      I used to use a similar theory to maintain hope that somehow Ted and Robin would wind up together. The whole her being “Aunt Robin” thing crushed me on that though =/

  21. Ryan says:

    I just love this show, but they should introduce the mother no later than season 8 finale. When looking at the timeline etc it will be weird(children), if mother is introduced in 2014(when season 9 finale should air). Maybe… they should change the name of the show after season 8, when the mother is introduced, to something else, if they get a season 9

  22. Karrah says:

    I don’t know if I’m on board with the theory of the mother being Barney’s half sister. We know that the mother was Cindy’s (Rachel Bilson) roommate. When Ted was dating her wouldn’t Barney have been like oh hey, that’s my sister’s roommate? Just a thought. Also she was in one of the classes that Ted taught. It just doesn’t add up to me for it to be Barney’s sister.

    • Hannah says:

      I don’t know if Barney has ever met his half sister, although it would be strange if he hadn’t. Although just because he had it wouldn’t have meant that he’d know her roommate.

      I think the only way they could end the whole show with Ted meeting the Mother would be if the audience and everyone bar Ted had met her/hung out/had storylines with her first, and then Ted meets her. So if it was Barney’s half sister they could do that, but I think it’s too popular a theory now for them to go with it.

    • Marge says:

      Ted dated Cindy during the 5th season and Barney learned who his father was during the 6th season, after Marshall’s dad passed away so I don’t think Barney could have said anything to Ted. Plus Ted tells us that indeed the mother was in his first classroom, at the beginning of season 5 but he was in the wrong classroom! He was in Eco while he needed to be in Architecture.

  23. katy917 says:

    “We blow [everything] out of the water in Episode 1. We jump further into that day and show you more information deeper into that wedding day that I think will blow some people’s minds. It’s really, really exciting.” – – – Could it be possible that they actually show the mother in episode 1 and then the rest of the season leads up to how they got to that day? Everyone saying how boring/stupid it is to carry on with the Robin/Michael Trucco, Barney/Quinn and Ted/Victoria storylines becuase we know none of them end up together can’t get the point of the show! It’s about the journey, about how certain people and events in your life lead upto more significant people and events being introduced. I’d love it if they showed him meeting the mother, then the rest of the season goes on to show how they all end up in that particular place and time, serendipty or whatever you want to call it in action. However, haters can and will hate, I love this show, even when it’s bad it’s still good for me and I’ll watch it and trust that the writers have some kind of plan. I’ll watch it until it ends, be that after this season or six/ten/twenty more seasons down the line.

  24. soarin829 says:

    Too many haters. I agree. I know it’s cheesy, but it’s the journey that matters, not the destination! Anyway. With that said, I think this should be the final season. NOt because I want it to go away necessarily. But more so because it seems like the right time based on what all they have planned for the season. Also, the further you go on, I think the higher the likelihood that someone will want to drop out of the show and I’d rather end with all of the original cast than for some people to be missing, ya know?
    …Just my two cents.

    • Jake says:

      Too many haters, yet you are kinda hating on the show? I agree that it is the journey but the journey has just become frustrating, it’s almost like a murder story that is never solved and I just don’t want the last episode to be the meeting of the mother, unless the reason we are not seeing the mother is because the mother is already on the show

      • soarin829 says:

        I’m not sure where you’re getting that I was hating on the show. If perhaps it’s because I said I kind of want this to be the final season, that has nothing to do with being a “hater”. It’s more that I think it sounds like a solid storyline and a good one to go out on.

  25. MLO says:

    Eight seasons is enough – in fact, seven would have done it. I don’t look forward to this show anymore – I PVR it and watch it whenever. And I swear I read somewhere about a year ago that the ‘mother’ is actually Barney’s sister. Anyone else recall reading that?

  26. k says:

    I’m so excited, I love himym and as much as I want to know who the mother is, I enjoy every characters’ story, so it’s just nice to watch and enjoy because the comedy is great and storytelling brilliant!

  27. Mstrmike says:

    Multiple folks on here are saying “It’s all about the journey”. That makes sense to some degree, but a journey has a finite ending. With the delaying tactics being employed now the show reminds me more of a child trying to avoid having to go to bed. Just drag it out, ask for a glass of water and avoid getting any closer to resolution. If they continue this Bataan death march of a sitcom into Season Nine, there is a very real chance Ted could wind up engaged to a hospice nurse and his children are being bored silly by a hologram of their late father.
    Not a hater. More a believer in a dignified passage into the aftermarket.

  28. Babar Suhail says:

    I only see 8 question asked by TV Line, not 16.

  29. I just wish Victoria could be the mother. I love her! And I love Ted/Victoria.

  30. Ari says:

    I had to take a second from reading this article to say Michael Frakking TRUCCO is doing a guest spot on HIMYM? Color me excited.

  31. saimcheeda says:

    Finally coming to the mother. I want more story’s for Marshall and Lily!

  32. cas says:

    I actually like Victoria..but since she is not the mother they really are just wasting time. I also like Michael Trucco so I am excited to see him too. But I do not like Barney and Robin together, so maybe they can do something this season to make me like Barney and Robin together. I feel that it is kind of stupid that Barney and Robin always said they didn’t want to be married and now the last season was basically exact opposite of what they said all along.

  33. Ernesto says:

    All you haters can lick ernestos junk

  34. ninjaco says:

    guys barney and robn dated alreaddy there was to much awesomeness there and it didnt work but now they are getting married
    smoooooooth real smoooooooooth

  35. RD says:

    i just read that Jason Segel will step out after season 8 is completed. this changes everything… they cant have a season 9 without Marshall

  36. Mia briggs says:

    I dont mind if the show runs on because for me its the funniest show since friends. I really dont think that they should have bought victoria hate her character. I feel who ever the mother is shes going to have 2 be better than robin and especially prettier than robin otherwise we will all be like noooo and still be stuck on robin and ted.

  37. kortni says:

    Okay, what I wanna know is if the mother isn’t Barney’s sister, then why the heck would Ted meet her at the wedding? I’m just saying. Unless she was just a friend of his sister, that would make sense, but what girl brings another girl to a wedding unless she’s really lonely? They aren’t the weddung crashers! I just can’t wait for the 8th and (crossing my fingers for this) final season!

    • Caroline says:

      I’ve read theories that it’s the photographer. If you look behind the sofa that the kids are sitting on in 2030 there are cameras and stuff there. Could be..

  38. Kevin says:

    Honestly I think when they showed Robin and Barney getting married they started the final, downhill roll of the show. Still, Ted meeting the Mother and her being part of the group would be nice. I bet Ted meets her in the Premiere (maybe she’s a bridesmaid?) and we don’t know who she is until later.

  39. Whos_That_Maven says:

    I always thought the Mother was a maguffin anyways, so I’m not angered by not meeting her till even possibly the last episode. Life’s a journey – it’s how you get there. There are amazing people along the way (and some not-so-much), but the people along the ride with you are what make it a great story. If the series truly ends at the end of the mother story, they’ve accomplished their goal. We learned who the mother is. I won’t be disappointed. Because forever I’ll be able to dream forward… :)

  40. Hippy Chick says:

    I think Barney and Robin are good together but can’t understand why they would get married instead of just cohabiting. I have just seen the episode where Robin thinks the engagement ring in the glass of champagne is Ted’s proposal to her. Why would she react so strongly against it after dating Ted for a year, then say yes to Barney after only a few weeks? Btw does anyone know if series 8 is being shown on same date in the UK? Can’t wait much longer! Lol! :-P

  41. Connor says:

    This show is about how Ted met the mother. Ted goes through this with Victoria and it will probably put him in a closer position to meeting her. Quit saying it’s a waste of time and enjoy the ride. Otherwise just stop watching the show. If I thought of it all as a waste of time I would probably dread watching it and wouldn’t be posting this comment.

  42. MillyLove says:

    I really hope that in the episode where Ted says: “and that’s how I met your mother” there is a knock on the door and robin, Barney, lily, Marshall and Marvin are there. it would be so great to see all of them together in the future.
    Loving every episode of how I met your mother, and to the haters: the show is about all the little things that bring Ted to the mother, but more than that it is a comedy series. calm down and just enjoy the show.
    I’m really glad that Barney and robin end up together, I think they have always had a lot of chemistry. Can’t wait for season 8 and I hope they keep the seasons coming.

  43. Mo says:

    I really hope that the producers decide to have the whole ‘stranger-in-a-crowded-room’ thing when Ted finally meets the mother, it just seems like the right thing for them to do. It’s how they alluded to Robin being the Mother, so why wouldn’t they do that? I’m really at an impass here, I don’t know what the big shock reveal is for the premiere but I think we need some Mother clues, the last two seasons were a little bit low on that.

  44. SB says:

    I hope everybody remembers when ted met Windy the waitress after a long time. He told her that meeting his wife started at a wedding. So i m pretty sure that its going to be Barney’s wedding where he meets the mother

    • jmh1982 says:

      Ted actually tells his kids that he met their mother at that wedding, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they hit it off right away.

  45. marieniz says:

    OMG! Yay! There will a be a soundtrack! #yes! Btw i really dont mind having 2 seasons more i love this awsome show!!! Whoohoo!!! #letsgotothemall!

  46. Cathy says:

    I don’t even think anyone really cares who the mother is anymore.

  47. sooz381 says:

    I’m betting my socks the shocking surprise on Robin and Barney’s wedding day is that Barney now has a child… I’m thinking Quinn will be pregnant when they break up in October, but won’t find out until later. That would be a great tie-in!!

  48. sooz381 says:

    As far as who the mother is and why she’s at the wedding, my latest theory is that the girl Cindy (Rachel Bilson) kissed at the bar and that we find out becomes her wife/partner, is Carly, Barney’s sister, and that they somehow convince Cindy’s roomate, the mother, to tag along for the wedding.

    For a while it didn’t make sense to me because their relationship as roomates seemed kinda iffy (Cindy tells Ted every guy is always falling for her) but once CIndy finds her own love, the tension between them would be gone.

    This would also make more sense than expecting the Mother to be someone either Barney or Robin are very close with, like a bridesmaid, because Ted would have seen her at the reharsal dinner or at least in another occasion prior to the wedding.

    • It makes sense, I’ve been thinking about that too, a lot actually as I’m watching the 6th season over again. I kinda hated the amount of attention barney from the 4th season ahead, but then I thought about this theory, it would make sense why he got so important. And remembering Barney finally met his dad, and he mentions he has a step sister that is going to college, maybe she could be the mom right? Other thing is that, Ted is kinda the best man for both, Ted promised that to Robin.

      The criticism about the tv show is that the characters got dumber or immature with the years instead of the opposite, I liked that friendship dorkiness they had in the first 3 seasons, but now…most of it is lame stuff that well, I can’t relate to. I watch the tv show mostly because I already love the characters and I’ll stick with them to the end, but laughing as I used, is something that doesn’t happen that often anymore, still there are some episodes worth watching, some that remind us that those guys are good friends and they count on each other…the non-canon crap…well I try to ignore it honestly.

  49. Batman says:

    What happens if Victoria is the mother and they just told us she wasn’t so it would suprise the viewers it has happened before with other shows or movies.

  50. CraigZ says:

    The first episode this season is going to show ted meeting several people at the wedding that they dont explain who they are. So they will show the mother but not say it… and it is either the chick he randomly bumps into at the bar in the st patricks day episode for no reason whatsoever… which has been my theory long before it hit youtube… or i honestly buy into the carly theory as well. im confident it will be one of the two.