Castle Season 5: 11 Reader Questions Answered!

Castle Season 5 is still two months away, and it was only this past week that production started on the premiere. Nonetheless, when TVLine visited the popular ABC procedural’s Hollywood soundstage on Wednesday, there was a criminally good amount of intel to be secured, as I spoke to series creator Andrew Marlowe and cast members Stana Katic, Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever.

To kick off our multi-part in-depth look at the new season — which among other things will reveal the aftermath (afterglow?) of the Castle/Beckett coupling, deal with a rather acrimonious break-up and perhaps afford closure on Johanna Beckett’s murder — here are quick answers to some reader questions submitted to our @TVLineNews feed. (Again, there will be much more to come — including but by no means limited to Katic’s allusion to “really wonderful lovemaking” — as Castle‘s Sept. 24 opener draws closer.)

VIDEO | Nathan Fillion Discusses the Castle Hook-Up: ‘They’re In It to Win It’

Q | Will we have a time-jump?
Not really, no. “We’re picking up the morning after” Rick and Kate finally fell into each other’s arms (and his bed), says Marlowe, “and we get to see what that looks like. We see how they both reacted to her coming over and the decisions that she’s made and the situation that they now find themselves in. But as with any great moment you have in a relationship, it can’t last, because real life intrudes.”

Q | What kind of fallout can we expect from Beckett’s resignation?
“The thing about [Captain] Gates and the relationship with Kate,” says Katic, “is that you’ve got two strong women who in a great way really know each other.” As such, the intense emotions that led to Kate’s parting of ways may be tempered by cooler heads. “Gates is very aware of the fact that [Beckett] is a very powerful member of her police force and a valuable person to have on her team,” says Katic. And what’s in it for Kate? “There’s value in working for justice for others until you can fully enact justice for your own,” the actress teases, alluding to Beckett’s new slow-and-steady-wins-the-race mentality about cracking her mom’s murder. “She’s kind of like a cobra lying in wait, and when the moment is right to strike, she will.”

Q | When will Kate be back at the precinct?
It sounds as if Beckett will have her badge back sooner rather than later. “In the first episode she’s not [back on the force],” says Marlowe. “But… there’s not a show if she’s not investigating.”

Q | I’ve heard lots of rumors about Castle and Beckett, but I want to hear about my fave duo, Ryan and Esposito! What’s in store?
For one, a whole lotta bromantic tension that “definitely doesn’t get resolved in this first episode,” says Huertas. “Esposito is a pretty loyal guy, and he and Beckett are like brother and sister, so for Ryan to kind of go behind our backs and show a disloyalty to our team … undermines a trust. It’s going to be quite hard to get back in Esposito’s graces.” Standing up for his own character, Dever says, “The end justifies the means, and Beckett is alive because Ryan told Gates that we were still investigating Beckett’s mother’s murder, and we were able to save her off the ledge.” But with each fella holding his ground, “There’s mending that needs to happen,” Dever says, “and we’re unsure when it’s going to happen or if it’s going to happen.”

Q | Will we see more of Jim Beckett this season?
That is certainly Katic’s hope, to have Scott Paulin (JAG) back as her TV dad, who last surfaced in Season 4’s opener. After all, she offers, “What is better than the comedy between the new boyfriend and the father?” Or taking it a juicy step further, Marlowe proposes a “‘meet the parents’ episode where Jim Beckett and Martha and Castle and Beckett are all together at dinner. What does that look like?”

Q | Will we find out more about Castle’s father this season?
Yes — though Marlowe says there is still “a lot of talking” going on about exactly what that story will involve. As he notes, “It really is delicate territory and we know we have one shot to do it right… We have some ideas, but we have to see how they develop out, and that’s going to take us another month or so.”

Q | Can you tell us more about Jack Coleman’s character on Castle? Will he be in multiple episodes?
Yes, the Heroes alum will appear in multiple episodes as, we originally reported, “a well-liked U.S. senator who finds himself in conflict with Beckett.” Asked to elaborate during my set visit, Marlowe hesitated, only adding: “I can say that Jack Coleman plays somebody who has some knowledge about what may have gone on back in the day with Montgomery, and may have some information as to what actually went on with Kate’s mother’s murder.”

Q | Are any two-parters planned?
Though Castle has a tradition of sorts for uncorking a wowza two-parter every spring, usually fronted by a “name” guest star, Marlowe is iffy on a fourth trip to that well. For one, he says, “Unless a comet’s going to hit the Earth and Castle and Beckett are going to develop super-powers, I’m not sure how you get bigger” than the previous three arcs. So if anything, any next two-parter would be quieter, more personal. “If we do something this year, it’s because we’ve had a really smart, clever idea that we think can really bring something significant to the audience in a new and interesting way.”

Q | Will Maddox (played by Tahmoh Penikett) return, or does he take a well-deserved dirt nap?
The Dragon’s sniper henchman who has vowed to put Beckett “in the ground” will resurface in the first episode, says Marlowe.

Q | When do we get to see Beckett’s bedroom?
You will finally lay eyes on the heretofore-unseen boudoir no later than the season premiere. (And no, her bed is not round. “What is this, Scarface?” Katic quips.)

Q | Will we ever find out if Beckett really does have a tattoo?
Whether viewers are ever made privy to the teased piece if ink remains to be seen, but Marlowe says this much: “I think it’s safe to say that Rick has seen Kate’s tattoo.”

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  1. Laura says:

    OMG I can(t wait for the season premiere! It’s going to be epic

  2. Kate says:

    Yahoo!!!! And I thought I was already excited for the new season…

  3. Mia says:

    My god, am I excited for Castle to come back. And I LOVE the idea of the meet-the-parents dinner.

  4. Leigh says:

    Awesome! So excited for the premier and new season!

  5. maryploppins says:

    WOOT nice spoilers!!

    “It sounds as if Beckett will have her badge back sooner rather than later. ‘In the first episode she’s not [back on the force],’ says Marlowe.”

    I actually really hope they spend at least the entire first ep withOUT her being back on the force, because the one thing that drives me nuts about this show is the formulaic case-of-the-week structure of it every single week. It gets so tedious and boring sometimes. Based on Marlowe’s comment, I’m hoping at least the first ep will break the mold a bit and get a little more dynamic with the storytelling. We’ll see.

    “(And no, her bed is not round. “What is this, Scarface?” Katic quips.)”

    BWAHA why would her bed be round?? That is an odd question but a hilarious answer.

    • Klover says:

      ” ‘(And no, her bed is not round. “What is this, Scarface?” Katic quips.)’

      BWAHA why would her bed be round?? That is an odd question but a hilarious answer.”

      Haha! It was! Oh my God I laughed so hard. Perfect sarcasm to a ridiculous question. Who would ask that, and how did it come up? So strange…but funny thanks to Stana, lol.

  6. Yay! My Jack Coleman question! They are being verrry secretive, I guess this is good!

  7. Melissa says:

    Thank you! This was a great interview, and I cant wait to read the rest of it… right now, two months away from the premiere these things are like air.. they maintain me alive. :-)

  8. Melissa says:

    We’re gonna get to see Beckett’s bedroom in the premiere???? That sounds to me like ‘second round’…

  9. Lizzet says:

    Stana is awesome I hope we can see the scene with the parents in a restaurant!

  10. Beasmom says:

    Is it September yet?!!! Anxiously awaiting the best crime drama on tv. Kudos to Marlowe and the Castle writers for keeping the Castle flame alive in the hearts of Castle Fandom.

  11. Kris says:

    Matt, you are awesome! Thought you weren’t going to post anything til closer to the season premiere.

  12. Donna says:

    I’m confused. What does this mean?
    deal with a rather acrimonious break-up
    Whose break-up?

  13. May says:

    That just made my day. Oh, who am I kidding? It made my entire week.

  14. Donna says:

    Is he referring to Espo and Ryan?

  15. Joy says:

    I’m really looking forward to Castle coming back. Thanks for a great ‘heads up’

  16. patchouli says:

    Nice!! I can’t wait to see the faces when everyone finds out about Castle and Beckett and who is going to look more awkward!! but Im sure Lenie will know on spot! LOL! :)

    • Doris says:

      I have a feeling Caskett is going to keep their romance secret for a while. But I do agree that Lainie will spot it. Lainie is Caskett’s biggest shipper so she’s going to be so excited and probably have a very hard time keeping the news to herself. It reminds me of Friends when Joey guessed that Chandler and Monica were a couple and had to keep it a secret. This will be such a great season, can’t wait! :)

      • Matthew says:

        Well to extend the Friends analogy, then Ryan and Esposito could represent Phoebe and Rachel with Caskett as Chandler and Monica and as Caskett tries to keep their relationship a secret, Ryan and Esposito tease them because they secretly know. And I guess Lanie would be in the Joey role. Then you could have the whole “They don’t know that we know that they know” conversations. :D

      • Debz says:

        Caskett? Ugh… That’s a horrible combo.

        Gonna have to do better than that. Even Katard would be an improvement.

        I’d go with CaBec, maybe. I mean, Nathan and Stana are both Canadian, after all…

  17. Mig991 says:

    I can’t wait for this show to come back. The only thing on tv that is not a sporting event that I ever watch live.

    If AWM sticks to his desire to make this relationship sharp and witty like the Thin Man or His Girl Friday it will be the best season yet.

  18. Audrey says:

    Meet the parents sound like a fabulous idea. Martha can really be interesting to watch.
    As for the two-parter, i dont understand why it would be necessary to tell a story about terrorist bomb and CIA conspiracy in the first place– they both got me rolling my eyes. If anything, those were there for the Caskett moments, which, for me is not enough. The best two-part is during the 2nd season, and that was very personal — which was absolutely fantastic. All in all, sounds like Marlowe knows what he’s doing and it all sounds like fun. Im really excited for season five.

  19. loretta says:

    thanks matt! soooooooohohohoho excited for season five!

  20. Becks says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait for the 24th!!!

  21. youwouldalwayswin says:

    Reblogged this on We won..

  22. Yay! Thank you Matt! Hopefully this’ll hold us until promos and such start leaking out within the next month. I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to the new season :)

    P.S. had you also asked on your Twitter for questions and I missed it? Because I’m sure I had some but didn’t know you wanted questions since I don’t follow the TVLine Twitter (I follow each of the staff. Not sure I need to get the same links from the site’s Twitter :))

  23. Kelsey Tape says:

    Reblogged this on Love. Laugh. Always. and commented:
    Honestly, is it Sept. 24 yet? Can’t believe we made it this far, Castle fans!

  24. Kath says:

    Wow, this has made me really excited for the coming season!

  25. jeeves says:

    I hope they gonna bring back Castle’s writer friends (and friends in general). He used to be such an easy-going friendly person with a lot of weird contacts in all walks of life, and it really added to my enjoyment of the show. Last season he was more all about Beckett like he doesn’t have any friends or interests besides precinct. I understand he’s in love and blah-blah, but really, does it have to take away so much from other aspects of his life? He’s a writer and he’s never shown writing any more, he’s a celebrity, but we don’t see people recognising or interested in him that way any more… And I seriously hope they will think up something for Alexis, some cool storyline and a place in this new life. She’s an awesome character, but last season she was sort of flailing around all over the place, like they didn’t know what to do with her. I love chemistry between Nathan and Molly, they should use it in a non contrived, story-building way, you know. Even if her presence is reduced this season, they need to think up something real for her. Same with Martha.

    • RoadSinger says:

      I heard that Castle will still be playing poker with his writer buddies and that they’re adding Martina Navratilova to the circle. I don’t know if that’s true but it could be fun.

    • sos says:

      i want to marry your whole post and live together in Castle’s loft till death do us part

    • Alan says:

      alexis was flailing around all over the place on purpose, her self confidence was shaken when she didnt get early admission to stanford, that was the whole point they were trying to get across. she finally got herself back on track with the internship under lanie, leading to her choosing a univerity near the end of the season. it was all done intentionally so dont worry they know where they are going with her

    • Xsikal says:

      Agreed wholeheartedly, Jeeves. Too much of last year was wrapped up in the (fairly ham-handed) romantic tension and relationship foibles of Castle and Beckett. I’m hoping that, with them now a couple, the show can return to a more even ensemble feel, and Castle returns to being a well rounded character.

  26. Lydia says:

    “For one, he says, “Unless a comet’s going to hit the Earth and Castle and Beckett are going to develop super-powers, I’m not sure how you get bigger” than the previous three arcs.”

    Oh, thank goodness. The escalating two-parters were really starting to bug me. Beckett and her team are homicide detectives, not the FBI/CIA/DHS all rolled into one! A quieter, more personal two-parter sounds fantastic.

    Also, am I the only one who feels like the characterization that Stana and the writers talk about for Gates never actually makes it onto the screen? On the screen, 95% of the time she’s just there to be strict and dislike Castle. I don’t feel like we know significantly more about her than we did a year ago.

    • I’m with you on Gates. We barely saw her this season even though a year ago I got the impression that she would be around a lot and cause more friction than she did. The most we’ve seen of the two and their relationship was in “Dial M for Mayor” when Gates told Beckett about her family and former partner. Still, whatever it takes to get Beckett back at the precinct.

    • sos says:

      yep. I find that lately A LOT of interesting things on this show are happening mostly in the writers/actors interviews, not on screen

  27. Christin says:

    I absoutly love castle n I’m so excited that caskett are finally together…………………….. I can’t wait 4 season 5. Oooooooooooooooooo its going to b sooooo good

  28. Helen says:

    Thank you Matt.
    “really wonderful lovemaking” muhahah, oh stana, thank you for killing the fandom ;)

  29. Kaddison says:

    Dear God, Matt, where can I worship your statue? I love you for that interview!

  30. casett77 says:

    “really wonderful lovemaking” OMG Stana you killing us can’t wait for season 5

  31. Diana says:

    Thanks for that Matt! But if I have to survived till September I’ll need much more than that ;)

  32. Celina says:

    What about Lanie?!! And Lanie and Espositos relationship?!

    • mary says:

      They never developed their relationship so I could care less what happens to them.

      • Sydney says:

        You couldn’t care less if you want but girl, you are not the only one in the fandom. It’s obvious the writers tried something with them even if we didn’t see them much. They exists, they broke up for a reason, there is a really issue to develop here and Marlowe always does things in a purpose. Lanie and Esposito have some shippers, they’re a part of the fandom and they need an happy ending and some respect, too. You couldn’t care less? fine. Just try to respect the others fans. Castle isn’t only about Caskett after all… thanks God! That’d be boring.

  33. Krithika says:

    Fabulous interview Matt!! Thanks I really needed it!!!

  34. Marine says:

    What about Esplanie???? Please, hope we’ll have some spoilers about them too. They have shippers :) I truly love them…more than Caskett, WAY more ;) So please, spoilers soon on them!!!

    • Jill says:

      I love them too, but MORE THAN CASKETT? I’m pretty sure that’s some sort of blasphemy.

      • Marine says:

        Nope it’s true :) I love Esplanie more than Caskett….I was a Caskett shipper s 1/2/3 well, not a real shipper but I enjoyed them. Then I fell in love with Esplanie, madly and now they’re my fav that’s all ;) hehe yes, people loving esplanie more than Caskett exist :D

      • Celina says:

        She ment that she loves Esplanie more than Caskett. Me too, I also love Esplanie more than Caskett. We really need to see them in S5 and I hope they’ll get together again.
        There are Fans of both so I hope Marlow sees that too and makes all the Fans happy!!

        • Marine says:

          Absolutely! Esplanie needs more screentime….Season 4 was honnestly disappointing for their storylines. For S5 we need : Happy Caskett and Happy Esplanie and Happy Ryan/Jenny :) Glad someone can understand my feeling…thank you Celina :)

          • Celina says:

            Yes, I totally understand you Marine! I also like Caskett and Ryan/Jenny very much but my heart is more for Esplanie, I love both characters very much, and for me this relationship isn’t over yet.
            I also really hope to see more Esposito and Lanie background storylines in Season 5, like about their past and or about their family. Crossing my fingers!:)

      • Siddhartha Ganguly says:

        Agreed 100%. In Castle, Caskett comes first, then the others.

    • Sellina says:

      seriously?? you whatch Castle, and you are more interesting in lanie and espo relationship, which wasn’t relevant and just came out in in one or two episodes then Caskett relationship which is very intense, meaning and the base of the show?
      you must be kidding. you can u be a fan of a show if u dont care about the main story?
      just akward.

  35. Tom says:

    I remain concerned Marlowe is going to spend too much time on the Beckett’s mother’s murder theme. Castle is at it’s best when it’s fun and kind of campy. It’s not a serious police drama (I mean that as a compliment). Give Beckett’s mother’s murder a rest and move on. Other than that, it sounds interesting.

    I’ve never been a fan of season finales where the lead characters quit their jobs, leave town or hover near death (or some combination thereof) because we all know everything will get back to normal — so there isn’t any real suspense. So why keep doing it (other than the obvious shameless ploy for ratings)? But whatever. It will be interesting to see how Marlowe handles the relationship thing. That can be tricky.

  36. MysteryObsessed says:

    Gosh I wish the PTB’s will read this: We want another 2-parter Please!!!!
    They don’t have to top the last one on the “saving the world” epic level… do something personal, like Andrew said. I think that is what everyone wants wayy more. I really really hope they come up with something :-) Fingers crossed

  37. Yesterday's Child says:

    Sorry, Castle can promise me the tiding of the Red Sea, it lost me last year. Big fan of Castle, but last year’s writing was terrible. Actually I was one of the millions or so viewers that the show lost me after DWTS in the fall, and then to darn lazy to change the station when DWTS came back. Know they add the kiss of death with Castle and Beckett getting together, that is desperation writing at this point. For a show that I couldn’t wait for Mondays, has become my biggest disappointment last year.

    • Alan says:

      why do people call it the kiss of death, just because the two of them are together doesnt mean their chemistry is gone. look at chuck post-hook up they were still the same characters interacting with each other nothing changed in their dynamic other than they fought better in tandem. this gives the show a new lease of life because last year the angst was finally starting to wear thin, now they have tons of potential for new stories at their fingertips.

    • Lydia says:

      I think trying to keep them apart for a whole extra year was the kiss of death and what really made the writing suffer in Season 4. I’m hoping that now that they don’t have to contrive obstacles, they will be able to go back to writing the fun, chemistry-filled relationship that Castle and Beckett really should have.

      • Klover says:

        I think the timing was perfect. I’d have loved for them to have gotten together at the end of season two, when Kate tried to open up, but think they did it right. The big thing to recognize is all the work Kate’s put into herself this past year. I think it was very smart character-wise, and also thought it helped build Castle’s character, too. He’s always gotten everything he wanted before he met Kate. The most worthwhile thing he’s had to work hard at and be really patient. They have a really strong foundation now, and it will help them with insecurities later (for Rick – fearing Kate may pull away. For Kate – fearing Rick may bore of her and the day to day’s of relationships and chase tail again.)
        The fun is just now beginning.

        • Lydia says:

          “The big thing to recognize is all the work Kate’s put into herself this past year.”

          I felt like this was mostly a “show, don’t tell” problem. They told us she was working on herself, but what we saw was mostly, as Lanie said, a holding pattern. And at the end of the season, she was all, “*gasp* Do you mean I should tell Castle how I feel?” like she hadn’t been thinking about it or working toward it at all!

          • Klover says:

            Yeah, I agree that the Lanie/Kate conversation was way off. Nothing like what I expected it to be, but I also think that Kate was playing coy with Lanie. She had it all worked out in her head but was trying to get another person’s perspective. Lanie was just further validation. That’s how I saw it, anyway… I was more bothered by the fact that Kate’s silence after the shooting was never brought up. She didn’t just shut out Castle, she shut out Lanie, too, and I had thought it was because she knew Lanie would push her forward, as she always tries to.
            But I do think Kate’s progress was shown alot, not just in “Killshot” but tiny steps all throughout the season. Her sessions, conversations with Castle, etc…

    • maryploppins says:

      I’m not going to try to say that season 4 didn’t have its issues, because it did, but I dunno what the h*ll show you’ve been watching for the past 4 years if you think Castle and Beckett getting together was “desperation writing.” They have quite clearly been moving towards this since day ONE, the pilot episode, and they have never once strayed from that path for the entire 4 seasons. Were you not paying attention? Were you still stuck in a post-DWTS haze during the 10pm hour, still thinking about Jaleel White or Melissa Gilbert or whoever was on that lame show? Continuing to keep Castle and Beckett APART after 4 long years would have been desperation writing (i.e. dragging out the tension longer than any sane human being would ever tolerate in real life).

    • Krithika says:

      blah blah blah….kiss of death?
      Seriously?! I’m sure I speak for majority of the Castle fandom here that THAT kiss was the only thing which actually saved the show and the fanbase. I’m sure majority of the viewers wouldn’t have come back for S5 if the ending would have been them not getting together. If you really couldn’t wait for the show on Mondays you wouldn’t be speaking truckloads of lies like this. And buddy give out your name if you plan on writing comments like this.

    • Lynn says:

      You really may be yesterdays child!! I don’t watch too many series because they are contrived and actually not realistic. Remember these characters are not teenagers but strong mature adults!! This is one of the best written series , with terrific acting ever on TV. I hope they keep it up!! A mature adult relationship we can follow .with lots of dry wit and sexy swordplay.

      • CarlagUK says:

        Totally and utterly agree with Lynn. It is certainly one of the best written series and also has quality acting. It is also well planned and structured. The development of the lead characters over the 4 seasons has been wonderful to watch. Kate’s softening from her seriously focused and somewhat damaged past and Castle acquiring a more serious side to his cavalier and’ devil may care existence’ has strengthened both their characters and opened them both up to the human condition and to each other.

        Having said all this it will be good to get them back to solving crimes and having some fun whilst doing so. Kate mentioned way back in Season 2 that Castle made her difficult job ‘more fun’ , so it will be great to return to that in Season 5.

        As far as their romantic relationship is concerned, nothing is ever guaranteed, but I would not be at all unhappy if it were to last. Looking forward to Season 5.

  38. I’m still hoping Alexis walks in on Kate and Rick that morning.

    • Grace Alexander says:

      I want MARTHA to walk n on them in the morning, LOL!

      • Klover says:

        What the hell? What is the matter with you two?! Not on the first time! It might be funny later on, but geez…
        I think it’s time for Martha to move out. With Alexis hopefully living in a dorm, there’s no reason she shouldn’t have an apartment of her own. We’d still see her alot, but her living alone with her grown son is just awkward.

        • gg says:

          Castle’s “awkward” family situation was a huge part of the show since the beginning, sure it’s bound to change some with time, but not so drastically. Trying to make Caskett into neat little family unit without all the baggage only happens in fanfics LOL. and not the best ones. If the show goes this way, they’ll lose me, I love these quirky things in Castle way more than the procedural or shipper stuff tbh.
          And as an aside, Klover, aren’t you the one who always goes on and on about what a horrible person Nathan Fillion is in like every second post LOL, I would think you’d be the last one to begrudge anyone their little awkward quirks LOL
          Sorry couldn’t help myself:)

          • Klover says:

            Wow, not only did you completely read my post wrong and take it into another stratosphere of crazy, but now I’m a Nathan hater? Of all my many posts that gush loveballs for this show, I’ve made two that reference his weight, which to be fair, many fans do. Doesn’t mean I’m a hater, or that I’m not a great fan of the show. I just know what greatness is and I expect it from him, since he IS.
            You’re the one that just put an ultimatum on what will lose you as a viewer, so as one that talks of judging, maybe you should look in the mirror.

          • gg says:

            heh, sore point? I said sorry anyway. Don’t fret I take no part in these Stana – Nathan “who’s balls are bigger” fan fights. I just remembered reading your comments to some Castle article last week and people freaking out about your meanness to NF. And it wasn’t all about weight, you called him cocky, vain, narcissistic and basically a disgrace to Hollywood LOL And it wasn’t the only time I’ve seen your name in that context, so it stuck with me. By all means, continue LOL

            And as for judging – I have all the right in the world to judge the show I watch, it was kinda made for this LOL. You do it too, all viewers do it. It’s not the same as judging actual live people

          • Klover says:

            I know what comment you’re referring to, and it was just that, one comment, and a vanilla one that you’re making rocky road with all your drama. I love Nathan, end of story, and I don’t speak crazytown, so be gone with yourself.

          • jess14 says:

            Soooo, I got interested reading this and went to the previous castle article linked here and have to say youre weremean there, klover. And besides weight you call him full of himself and other things, i have no way to know if youre being like that all the time, but that was a mean thing to say, and if you think that’s all right and vanilla well, than youre wrong. But if that is your opinion its fine, just admit it and don’t say it’s vanilla and youre a fan

          • cj says:

            holy hell people, get over it. i’ve seen her posts before and she’s a fan, who are you to question someone that states it repeatedly? fans bashing fans because they don’t agree with them is tired. move on. she had an opinion and said it, so what. people have said far worse. i didn’t see anything that was cruel, just an observation as she sees it. didn’t seem mean spirited unless that’s the way YOU took it. aslo, its kinda weird you searching out her posts now. i think its mean that you’re posting things she DIDN’T say. her post wasn’t even that bad! she said both castle and nathan are vain. SO??? what actor isn’t? big shocker there. what a meanie. lol. i don’t see where she said he was a horrible person or even suggested it. you two need to let it go. seriously.

          • Klover says:

            Thanks, CJ.

            @jess14 Nope, I stand by my opinion. Yes, I am a fan. If you had taken as much time reading my several comments in THIS thread, instead of searching out one from another, you’d realize that. I have to say, I think it’s tacky that you and GG brought a conversation from another thread to this one when it had no business here. I think it speaks more of the two of you than it does me. The comment I made (which I will happily take back and eat my words when I see different) was in response to someone else’s comment, and was a theme throughout THAT thread. No one brought the subject up here but the two of you. Why? I don’t get it. I was being nothing but positive.

          • Janie says:

            Girls, girls, you’re both pretty!

            No, but seriously, gg, don’t attack fellow commenters. And putting LOL after every statement doesn’t make them less harsh. Let’s all go back to a friendly place and revel in how much we love this great show, and what we think could make it better.

  39. T Griffith says:

    My favorite show on tv.. Love Castle handsome strong, little quirky.. and Esposito is HOT HOT HOT.. Hope they finish up the story line of her mother though I feel like it is really starting drag out..

  40. sudina says:

    waiting for this season.Thank for this info

  41. i want to see Laney and Esposito get back together and also Alexis in collage..!

  42. heddy says:

    whooee! this is going to be exciting. i really can’t wait! ;) thanks for the heads up :)

  43. Addic7ed says:

    Great spoilers! But what I really want to know is if there’s going to be a season 6. I don’t see much more reasons for Rick to stay around the precinct anymore……he’s running out of excuses and Gates won’t let him stay.

    • Jan says:

      …how about the fact that he helps solve murders? I don’t see that as an “excuse” to be there. Yes, Gates is against him being there, but come on. That’s the premise of the show: writer helps detective catch killers. I hope there’s a sixth season, but it is obviously wayyy to early to tell.

  44. brittany says:

    love the spoilers&Stanas perspective ! Loved season 4 except the limey and headhunters. Some people complain about season 4 not being fun enough ,yet the heavier side was needed to get Kate and Castle together. Kate worked this season on becoming more than her mothers case and towards wanting a relationship with Castle. Castle this season (and in season 3) grew up and stopped being a playboy. Their growth is what makes the love story so amazing. We had to go through a darker season 4 to get to this upcoming season 5 which seems like for the most part after the premire will be back to fun and banter. Oh and Caskett getting together is definetly not the end. As Stana,Marlowe, and Nathan has said this is gonna be written as a beginning not an end. So glad Marlowe isnt going to break them up. Sure there will be struggles as with any relationship but as Nathan said “They’re in it to win it”.

    • Lynn says:

      you have hit the nail on the head!! Season 4 had great writing…gave the actors a chance to show growth in the characters…and some serious dramatic acting!! Now let the games begin!!

  45. yeong says:

    OMG!! The premiere is gonna be awesome!!

  46. Dragonfly says:

    Can we have Xmas episode this season?

  47. Krithika says:

    A personal 2-parter?? How about Rick and Kate finally talking about ALL their issues, then having a family dinner and ending the 1st part with Rick proposing Kate?! Please don’t start with your “too early” or some other piece of nonsense like “kiss of death” or “ring of death”. Honestly “kiss of death”?? How can people even write that??! Back to the topic: It’s been 4 frickin’ years and i would honestly love it if he proposes to her! Sure the marriage can wait but after what the writers put us through this season, we fans truly deserve that.

  48. Francine Saitta says:

    Yes, I agree. For once I would like a show where true love wins and two people stay together…I want the fairy tale. I want happy ever after. Why can’t this be like “The Thin Man” where Nick & Nora are a great team of detectives and their love for each other only makes the story better.

    • Castle fan says:

      Personally, I like the idea of a romance. People go from lip lock to altar shock. How about a little wine and dine? Get to know one another…favorite cereal, theater, roller blading, sparing partner, chess battles, making pizza and eye contact, eye contact, eye contact. I love the idea of Castle finally on his home turf, comfortable in his place with Kate. Making moves w/o apology. Remember…”you know what I want Kate, you know what I really really want…never, ever…call me …kitten.” I love their chemistry and playfulness. LOVE IT! Don’t skip the courtship. It keeps a little distance…they don’t live together, and they have to make the time and effort to find their moments. Nobody writes better than the Castle writers. I’m just gonna sit back and let them do the work, they have done a marvelous job so far w/ characters that make the words truly come alive. Every one of them. I just smile all day Monday. Thank goodness for DVR!

  49. zebra says:

    Are we going to give any advance of the first episode of season five before the premiere?

  50. Mads says:

    I cam already see the ending to season 5.
    Kate: “Castle…..I’m pregnant.”

    • gabe says:

      No.. This is so “bones”.

    • Sellina says:

      in my opinion, season 5 will end , with kate sitting in the bed, looking to a pregnancy test, with a shocked face.

    • maryploppins says:

      Please for the love of god NO. NOOOO no no. Too freaking soon. Plus, nothing kills the fun quicker than a baby, uggh. I mean no offense to people with babies, I’m just sayin’. :-P This ain’t a sitcom like Modern Family that focuses specifically on families, it’s a cop show. I have no interest in watching babies on a cop show.

      That is … unless … the babies WERE the cops … with little teeny police uniforms and stuff, and the show was called “Baby Cops”. O.k. no, I wouldn’t watch that either.