Criminal Minds Exclusive: Scandal's Bellamy Young to Return for Beth's 'Lovely' Send-Off

TVLine has learned that as Bellamy Young embarks on her first season as a series regular on ABC’s Scandal, she will also squeeze at least two more appearances on CBS’ Criminal Minds, where she plays the love interest of Thomas Gibson’s Agent Aaron Hotchner.

Being able to wrap sweet Beth Clemmons’ storyline “is such an incredible gift, because it balances out everything I get to do on Scandal, where I’m very arch — and frequently angry” — as scorned First Lady Mellie Grant, Young tells TVLine.

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Young says her Criminal Minds run, which began last December, was “amazing” in that she had to win over a fan base that, in part, wanted the character of Hotch to pair up with colleague Emily Prentiss (played by Paget Brewster). Some viewers, though, reacted to the storyline by saying, “‘Oh, Hotch is so much happier now!'” the actress related. “‘Beth has come into his life, and we can see his family life and the other sides of him.’

“It’s been nice for them and me to see that glimmer in his eye,” she says of the widower’s new chance at romance, “and see a smile once in a while.”

Though Young says it will be “terrible” to ultimately bid Minds a final farewell, she’s happy to have any chance at some closure.

“I was afraid that I wouldn’t get to say goodbye, so I was so thrilled that [Scandal showrunner] Shonda [Rhimes], bless her heart, let me do a few more shows over [on the CBS procedural],” the Dirty Sexy Money alumna shares. “I just got the [season premiere] script and the storyline is lovely and warm and positive…. I can’t want to see where it goes!”

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Criminal Minds kicks off Season 8 on Wednesday, Sept. 26. Scandal premieres its sophomore run on Thursday, Sept. 27.

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  1. nyangel22 says:

    does this mean they’re not going to kill her off? miracle of miracles.

  2. Michael says:

    In the future, if you are gonna cast a love interest, make sure they can be around for awhile.

  3. I’m genuinely sad about this. I liked Beth, and I liked seeing Hotch happy. :/ But I guess as long as Hotch doesn’t start dating (or they write on a really long tension arc) with the new lady on the team, I’m okay with it. I hope he finds someone that makes him happy soon! He *is* a more pleasant character when he’s happy! :)

    • Hotch is too sexy for just one woman says:

      I did not like Beth but I hated the idea of Hotch and Prentiss even more. Sad that Emily/Paget is gone but thank god I don’t have to deal with any more stupid shipping and clamoring for them to get together. Good riddance.

      • Renee says:

        Well I can promise you it won’t stop people from shipping H/P. I’m so glad Beth is leaving! She made me sick to my stomach. But I can still wish the actress well. Only thing I hate is that I assume Hotch is gonna be hurt but at least he wasn’t in too deep yet.

  4. Saint Alicia says:

    YESSSS Beth is gone! Praise your light, Matt; best CM news in forever.
    Was done with the show after the s7 finale but this is a step in the right direction. Now all they have to do is bring Paget back, then get Hotch/Prentiss together and everything will be perfect. :)

    • And you call yourself a fan? Pffft. Real CM fans are not shippers. You want to ship, go watch The Vampire Diaries or something!

      • Saint Alicia says:

        Here we go with the whole “real fans” BS… and where did I even tout myself a fan? Nevertheless, I’ve stuck with the show 7 seasons, even though the last couple were subpar–that makes me an EXCELLENT fan. I quit because my fav character departed (reasonable decision considering the show’s decline in quality); if they get Paget back I’ll watch again.
        And as far as I’m concerned a Hotch/Prentiss relationship would be reparations for putting up with Seaver, Beth, revealing in the unsub in the first 5 minutes, etc.

        • I had written a really big reply, and it got deleted. But, then, I just really thought of it. Someone that mentions “revealing the unsub” as a bad thing, as if this was a murder mystery type of show, doesn’t deserve a more elaborate answer. You obviously don’t have the maturity, the intelligence nor the right kind of mind for the show if you think this is about a guessing game. It goes far beyond that.

          • Toulouse says:

            ^^ this

            so tired of sharing quality tv with people lacking brain cells. this past season was FAR from subpar – Morgan’s sister, the finale – I mean, there were a LOT of good episodes.

            The best thing about CM is the lack of relationships dragging the show down. anyone who thinks otherwise clearly isn’t on the same page as the producers or the rest of the fans.

    • Hotch is too sexy for just one woman says:

      The best thing that ever happened to CM was Paget wanting to leave the show. Not because I didn’t like her character AS A PROFILER but because I’m sick of the deluded people who think that just because Hotch wore a burgundy tie and Prentiss wore a burgundy shirt, they somehow coordinated that and is a sign of their undying love for each other.

      • uh huh says:

        Thank you.

      • Saint Alicia says:

        Pfft, you didn’t even mention that they both have raven hair and brown eyes! Not very observant, hmm??
        But really, the BEST THING for the show was that a popular and beloved character left because you’re tired of people expressing a (widespread) viewpoint about her and another character?

        • Jessica P. says:

          Hotch/Prentiss shippers aren’t the entire fandom! The idea that the majority of the fandom wants/wanted them together only exists because H/P shippers are one of the loudest and most obnoxious fanbases but loud & obnoxious =/= majority. Yeah, there are tons of H/P stories on the Internet, but it’s the same 15-20 or so crap-ass writers spewing pages and pages of out-of-character BS. The fact that the primary reason you’d even want Prentiss back is so she could “hook up” with Hotch shows you don’t really care about her as a character in her own right. Why don’t you stick to the crappy fanfic and leave watching and commenting on the show to those of us who care about it and the characters regardless of who anyone’s dating!

      • Honestly, though, as a PROFILER, to me, Prentiss has always been the one that I could part with. She doesn’t have a huge, strong personality, she’s not particularly funny, she isn’t fun, she isn’t… anything. I like her, but I don’t love her. When she and JJ left, I really missed JJ, because she has something none of them have: she sees the victims. As I rewatched the whole show, I could see that many, many times, both as a liaison and after she became a profiler, she would see the crime from the victim’s point of view. She is like the heart of the team.

        When there was the whole Seaver fiasco, I thought it was the actress’ fault. I thought they’d gotten an AJ Cook look-alike with the personality of a rock that couldn’t act if her life depended on it. But, then, I’ve been watching Rachel Nichols on Continuum, and the woman is *amazing* in a way that surprised me beyond words. Now, I think she got caught between a messy contractual issue and her character was underwritten and that affected her acting.

        • kendall says:

          I don’t know if we are watching the same show, but for me she was always very protective, caring and great representative of a career woman who didn’t need someone to protect her, love how she and Morgan make fun of Reid. but again, that’s just me.

        • JasPer says:

          Uh, gotta agree with @kendall here. Prentiss was a hoot. JJ used to be enjoyable as a character before she had her transplant and they Frankensteined pieces of the other characters to create the brand new Season Seven Super JJ. Now I wish she’d leave.

          However, “making fun” of anyone is not nice. These characters are close. Teasing is a better word.

          • And I’m disagreeing with you. She’s all that. She never needed anyone to take care of herself. She was strong and all that. She was sarcastic (well, is, she isn’t dead), and, that makesher funny made times. That makes her a really nice person. Still, there’s nothing about Prentiss that clenches my stomach and makes me fall in love with her as a character.

            Sometimes, when I’m watching CM, Rossi is on the screen, and he says something in a way, like only Rossi does, because he’s brilliant, sensible, down-to-earth, ironic, and I just want him to be my best friend, my mentor, I want to be like him when I grow up. Sometimes, JJ is on the screen, and she’s talking to a family member, or one of her team, and the way she comes through as empathic, as a font of support, and you can tell she’s feeling for them, and for herself, too, I just want to hug her. Prentiss has just never evoked that sort of emotion from me. That doesn’t me I won’t miss her. I will. But if Jeannie Tripplehorn’s character is funny, full of life, hasa lot of attitude, in half a season, I’ll be over it and probably glad she left (like when Melina Kanakaredes left CSI:NY — I REALLY want the new character to be like Jo), exactly like I feel that Gideon leaving was the BEST thing to have ever happened to CM because that’s when Rossi came.

          • kenia says:

            I absolutely love Prentiss, there is something so authentic about the character with incredible depth and warmth. She’s humorous, strong-willed, smart and focused, she was definitely one of my favorite female characters on tv, strong but also gentle & caring. She was really good with the victims families as well.

      • Renee says:

        All these people that don’t agree with us need to ask Erica how they felt about each other. Guess what?? We were right

    • uh huh says:

      If you are so into imaginary love relationships, why do you watch a gruesome police procedural like Criminal Minds? Romantic relationships will NEVER be a major part of this show. Never have been, never will be.

      • And that’s the best thing about it. I love it that they show some of them (or at least JJ) can have a happy, healthy relationship outside of work, but they don’t make the show about it, they don’t make endless episode arcs about it, they don’t waste precious air time with “sexual tension”. If I want to see that, I’m going to watch Castle (which they screwed up by making it about a relationship). I want to see their delving into the psychotic mind of the killers. And that’s all.

        • Alan says:

          castle is not all about a relationship, that just happens to be one factor of the show which only becomes an important part in 3, maybe 4, episodes each season. and anyway since it is generally more lighthearted than other cop shows it fits quite well.
          trust me i am not a shipper, i actually really hate shippers, but i do feel it compliments the rest of the storyline while not overpowering the show so i think it works

        • Gretchen says:

          Agree. Criminal Minds does a fantastic job balancing the softer side of the characters with the crime story. Unlike shows such as Bones and Castle and NCIS (all of which I enjoy), that become the standard “will the leads hook up or won’t they” storylines, which are way overdone and predictable and IMO, lazy writing.

          • Bones and Castle were AMAZING show — funny cases, funny secondary characters, up until the point they took too much airtime to make the main characters hook up. And that’s why I love that Criminal Minds doesn’t do that sort of thing. Some shows have managed to have secondary characters get together without taking airtime and it was awesome: CSI:NY did Danny and Lindsay in a beautiful way. CSI:Miami just wasted airtime with Calleigh and Delko.

          • Gretchen says:

            Agreed, Barbie. The main character romantic drama is such a cop-out to me. But then, I am one of the few that cannot stand Booth with Brennan. They are not a match and to me, not believable as a couple. They don’t share beliefs, education, much of anything, their coupling seems very forced.

    • emily says:

      i want emily and hotch!

    • cooper says:

      No way! Not a good thing

  5. Birdie says:

    Sweet? Actually the word “boring” or phrase “devoid of chemistry with Hotch” is a more accurate description. Every Beth episode last season showed significant losses of viewers. Sounds like they realize what a dud the character and storyline Beth/Hotch really are. Good riddance, but if Beth appears in the premiere I’m definitely watching the truly lovely Paget Brewster on SVU!

    • kendall says:

      I’m watching the truly lovely Paget Brewster on SVU!!!!

    • Actually, Beth’s absolutely sweet! Oh, she isn’t a fun, full of joy and has a booming personality, but she’s a completely normal and kind and sweet woman, who shares some interests with Hotch and is super kind with her son. Which is a normal, adult relationship.

      Don’t get me wrong, I like Prentiss. What I don’t get is that people talk about her as if she had this HUGE personality, as if she were fun, funny, as if she had *something*. To me, she’s just a nice, intelligent character whom I will miss next season. But, let’s be frank here, she isn’t running for Miss Personality of the Year, either.

      No one Hotch dates will be Prentiss. That will NEVER happen, the producers have said so many times. Thank Goodness for that, because Criminal Minds is one of the few shows on tv that keeps the romance off the team, which is one of the things I love so much about it.

      So, why don’t people just get over that and actually give a chance to the people who they are gonna date? They won’t date each other. People hated Kevin because he wasn’t Morgan. Same damned story…

    • Nina says:

      LOL you actually think they lost viewers because of some mini insignificant story like Hotch-Beth??? Grow the eff up and go watch Glee as usual.

  6. D says:

    I never liked Beth. The chemistry between Bellamy and Thomas was non-existent and seeing them together was the most boring thing on the show, ever. Also, I always saw her as some kind of a “replacement”, a preparation for something bigger and better. “In another time maybe this still will happen.” I LOVE YOU ERICA MESSER!

    • Dixie says:

      D, I agree with you 100%. Watching Young and Gibson together was actually painful. They had zero on-screen chemistry. Beth-the-Bore made Hotch look weak and submissive. Ms. Young should remain on Scandal where her performance is first rate. If the writers insist on forcing the “personal” aspect on us (YUK), then the sooner Bellamy Young can be cut loose from CM, the writers can bring a woman of more substance (who isn’t obviously “husband hunting”) into Hotch’s life.

  7. ColleenD says:

    Thank you! Erica Messer for finally getting rid of that interloper and that silly tag line of making Hotch smile.

    Prentiss has always been able to make Hotch smile. The writers forced that unnecessary Beth storyline that ruined my season 7 after the horrible season 6. Please Paget please bring Emily back as a recurring character. She is the only true love for Hotch, and the one who’s been there for him throughout. Emily’s the one who truly makes Hotch smile.

    Erica, you’ve been baiting us for some time, now it’s time to make Hotch/Prentiss happen!

    • uh huh says:

      1. PAGET IS GONE. She left the show. HER choice.
      2. Hotch and Prentiss were NEVER “true loves.” Not even close. There is nothing in the show that even HINTED at such a thing. It’s all in your overactive imagination.

    • SamS says:

      Seriously? In what episodes did Emily make Hotch smile? They rarely had any interaction. I just don’t get this comment at all. Not a fan of the Beth storyline but if Prentiss had any chemistry at all it was with Rossi, Morgan and even Reid before Hotch.

      • Jules says:

        I totally agree with this. I’ve never seen the Hotch / Emily fascination. She rarely interacted with him, save for the episode where they both quit, and when they did, it was all business. She had way more chemistry with Morgan. I could’ve seen that happening way before Hotch/ Prentiss.

      • I’m sure Emily made Hotch smile at some point. As did Reid. Rossi. Garcia. JJ. And Morgan. They have SEVEN seasons. If you look through each episode, I bet I can find at least one situation in which each of them have made Hotch smile. Ship’em all?

    • JasPer says:

      Hotch smiled a lot in season 1. Emily joined in season two. Hotch stopped smiling in season 2. Coincidence? I think not.

  8. ER nat says:

    The likelihood of Prentiss coming back is slim to none–unless she has a few guest spots. Paget chose to leave, she has a desire to go back to her comedy roots. She’s actually quite funny. I truly enjoy CM but I’m also eager to see what Paget does next.

  9. aliceT says:

    I don’t understand the whole Hotch/Emily deal. I was surprised, when I looked into the fandom, that so many people liked them together. I thought that they had a subtexty moment maybe once (in early season 5 – after he was attacked?) but didn’t seem to have any deeper bond than with any other team members. Personally I think Prentiss and Morgan would be the most viable relationship. Not that I really desire for them to get together badly. I just thought of them as the closest, watching the show.
    So I was pleased with the whole Beth thing, thought maybe it would get people to stop shipping Hotch/Prentiss so much :P that didn’t happen, haha. I didn’t superbly care for Beth but it is too bad she is leaving…

    • Did you see all the “Jemily” fandoms? It’s CREEPY! Why would people ship JJ and Emily? Jeez! seriously! People should get a grip!

      • SamS says:

        So what’s the big deal? Are you anti lesbian too? People like what they like. It’s no more realistic than Hotch and Prentiss.

        • I’m not anti-lesbian at all. Goodness, no! Callie and Arizona are one of my favorite couples on tv (even though they are Shonda Rhimes). But they way they ship Emily and JJ, that they twist everything, is creepy, because obviously there was never anything to hint at it. It’s like those unsubs who see the person once at a grocery shop, they smile at them, and he thinks she’s in love with him. But, hey, I never said Hotch and Emily *wasn’t* creepy!

    • kenia says:

      Funny how people go crazy over a tv shows!!!!

      LOVE Morgan and Prentiss

    • Jules says:

      yes aliceT! Thank you! Totally agree!

  10. Dana says:

    I’m really sad about it, even if we didn’t see Beth again, it didn’t mean she had to disappear from Hotch’s life. I liked Beth.

  11. Brit says:

    Why in the world would anyone want Hotch and Prentiss together?!? Zero chemistry. I liked the character of Beth because it brought out a different side of Hotch’s personality. But honestly, I get annoyed when they spend significant time on their relationships. I watch Criminal Minds for the psychological aspect in to the criminals, not who’s sleeping with who. There are plenty of other shows for that to be a main storyline.

  12. KK says:

    Glad to see Bellamy/Beth go. Wish Paget/Emily would return.. I’ll still watch CM-except for the premiere, since I’ll be watching Paget on SVU. Truly hope she pops up more SOMEWHERE on tv (preferably on CM!!)

  13. Beth is gone!! YAY! Best news ever!!

  14. Angela says:

    I knew I shouldn’t have read the comments. That’s the way insanity (mine) lies. I’ll just say I’m going to miss Beth. Hotch’s romance with her was one of the best things about season 7 for me. (Why can’t they continue to date off screen? Not as satisfying as seeing them, but the relationship doesn’t require it to exist)

    One thing I’m curious about. Why does anyone think there’s even a remote possibility that Hotch will date the new team mate? There’s NEVER once been anything about the character of Hotch in canon (not fanon) that would make anyone think he’d date a subordinate. And, no one connected with the show hinted that such a thing. But, even TV Guide felt they needed to have Erica Messer make a point of saying no, Hotch wouldn’t date her. Again, why? Even if we ignore the whole subordinate thing, and they completely give him a personality transplant, we don’t even know if she’s his type. You know, since we don’t know anything about her.

    • I was the one who said that. I think I’ve just been traumatize by the way things have been on tv lately. I really, really hope that doesn’t happen, he’d never date anyone on the team, though, to be honest, don’t ask me why, if she’s really, really, really awesome — as I hope she is, Jo Danville (CSI:NY) style — I don’t think I’d be as opposed to Rossi dating her IF they made it as tertiary part of the plot, like with Kevin and Garcia. When he first arrived, JJ did tell Garcia he was the reason there were so many rules against dating fraternizing. But, that’s something we’ll have to wait and see.

      Honestly, I just hope she’s awesome. Fun, funny, full of life. Much, much more life than she did as Barb in Big Love.

  15. Birdie says:

    I see the same 5 people repeating themselves over and over again in their support of Beth. Add Erica Messer and that’s about how many people actually liked her. If Beth was worth keeping around they would have re-cast the part or just mentioned her. Obviously someone smart recognized her for the dud she is and how she made Hotch look dull and boring. And for those who use the argument that the show isn’t about romances then they shouldn’t have bothered showing Beth/Hotch then either. Unless they don’t count as a romance which I would agree: they were the human equivalent to Ambien.

    • Jessica P. says:

      @Birdie There are actually quite a lot of people who liked Beth and her relationship with Hotch. Just because you and all the other rabid shippers are upset that your fictional fantasies won’t become canon doesn’t make your opinion on the matter superior or even the majority. The same 5 people posting the same bile about the character doesn’t equate to the whole fanbase either. And for someone who claims to be so disinterested in it, you sure spent a lot of time making comments on it every single time TVLine did a story on it (you and that harridan Saint Alicia both). Maybe you need that Ambien, since lack of sleep (or something) makes you so deeply unpleasant.

      • Phillymd says:

        Count me with the Birdie crowd! So a lot of people maybe 10 instead of 5. Erica Messer finally woke up and jumped “ship” right after the finale. She finally recognized what she had and decided to quit forcing that insufferable Beth down our throats. She’s been pushing Hotch/Prentiss since the finale. I still don’t trust her though; I’ll just wait and see what happens. But for me, Beth was like a double dose of Ambien. I can’t bring myself to buy S7 DVDs because she’s in them. It really shouldn’t take 2 episodes to get rid of her, 1 would have been enough.

        Relationships don’t hurt a show, bad ones do. If Paget decides to reprise the role of Prentiss, she’ll get more screen time and better dialogue than she ever got as a regular. If Prentiss and Hotch becomes a couple, and Breen Frazier writes the script, the result could be electric! We’d get great acting from a duo with great chemistry scripted by one of the more talented writers.

    • Blue Sunflower says:

      I see the same 5 people repeating themselves over and over again in their non-support of Beth. Add Birdie and that’s about how many people actually hated her. If Beth wasn’t worth keeping around they would have re-cast the part or just not mentioned her. Obviously someone smart recognized her for the treat she is and how she made Hotch look happy and smiling. And for those who use the argument that the show isn’t about romances then they shouldn’t have bothered showing Haley/Hotch then either. Unless they don’t count as a romance which I would agree: they were the human equivalent to Ambien.

    • Dixie says:

      Birdie, you hit the nail on the head. As one who has watched CM from the beginning, I was never so bored as I was in Season 7 when they introduced that dullard, Beth. Every time I saw her face I switched channels, waited a few minutes, and prayed that she would be gone. I have every season of CM on DVD, but refuse to purchase season 7 because of that Beth character. EM and her team of geniuses are making a huge mistake by taking up valuable air time with this character/actress. Beth/Bellamy and Hotch/Thomas have zero chemistry. These “smiles” you are referring to are painfully forced. My cat gets the same look on her face when she is about to cough up a hairball. Come on Erica! Do you read these posts?. I’m not implying that my opinion is the ultimate (no way), but please – the majority of CM fans want Beth to disappear. Let Christmas come early this year and grant the wish to those who keep you employed.

  16. soleil444 says:

    I like Criminal Mind, not the romance between character. The people who said they are “fans” must to shut up and follow the serie if they are a real fans. I said the same thing to the Huddy’s fans on House M.D. Shipper is a stupid thing, but if you like this show it’s good thing.
    Hotch have a private life, his wife was killed, he need to have another chance.

  17. Hege says:

    I liked that Hotch seemed to be happy outside of work. I am really sorry to see Prentiss leaving but it was her choice. I like that CM has some cast changes. A normal workplace also have people coming ang leaving. I didn
    ‘t think CM would work without Gideon but it does. I am looking forward to see Jeannie Tripplehorn on the show. And please no office romance. Ruins shows all the time.

    • Gideon leaving was THE BEST thing that ever happened to CM. Rossi has been my favorite character ever since. I hope the new woman is amazing, and that I can love her in a way I never got to love Prentiss.

  18. Shepherd says:

    Glad Beth will be gone, her intoduction was bungled and she always struck me as creepy/strange. For people praising her and bashing Prentiss; hello, one was a poorly constructed guest character, the other a longtime and valuable member of the team… if anything that speaks volumes about who are the “real fans.”
    As for H/P, since Prentiss is no longer Hotch’s subordinate (and if she/Paget returned it would probably be on a limited basis anwyay), there’s no problem professional guidelines violation and a relationship definitely wouldn’t even be at the forfront of the show.
    Likewise, Hotch smiled plenty of times with Prentiss, probably more than any other regular character on the show, and the people denying that are being just plain disingenuous.
    7×01, after the team reunited in the office at the ep’s conclusion, Hotch was watching and smiling at Prentiss. 7×04, when Hotch and Prentiss are talking on the plane at the end of the ep, they both are smiling freely. 7×12, when Hotch and Prentiss have their first convo on the plane early in the ep, they are both smiling and lighthearted. Then of course there was the finale where they had their “it’s a date” conversation, and again lots of happiness and smiling.
    Those examples are off the top of my head and only from the latest season, but there’s plenty more, so killjoys should watch a little closer (or stop lying, whatever) when they claim Hotch never smiles with Prentiss.

    • sofia says:

      I was gonna write something close to what you wrote but I won’t anymore because you already did. I LOVE YOU!

    • Renee says:

      THANK YOU! I really do not understand how people don’t see how Hotch and Prentiss had chemistry. There are, as you said, even more episodes showing their chemistry. Demonology is a HUGE example. Why would Emily go to Hotch’s office so late at night after being soaked to the bone by the rain? Why not just call him about the case?Why not confide in Garcia instead? Why did Emily keep throwing out her feelings to Hotch? Why did Hotch break the rules for a case that he wasn’t positive even existed? Why did Hotch not give her hell for the complaint the FBI got from a victims spouse? Why did Hotch tell Emily to go home for a few days? Why did Hotch not fire Emily? Why did Hotch continue to keep Emily close to him in following cases? It’s called being in love. Hotch knew she was getting to close to the case and maybe in danger. Hotch and Emily didn’t cross the line only because they knew they couldn’t. Simple.

  19. CMLover says:

    I’m not really a shipper but I tend to love stories where Hotch and Reid are a couple… But that’s just fantasy I don’t think they should ever do relationships between team members this show isn’t a soap opera…
    You know what else I was thinking?? What if they don’t make Hotch and Beth break up?? They can just not show her anymore but still have Hotch talk about her sometimes… I didn’t like Beth as much as Haley but she never really bothered me.
    Who do you think is getting a girlfriend this season? Morgan or Reid??

    • I think they’re making them break up because they’re “wrapping up her story”. I don’t think they’d have to make them break up, she could stay around and no show up on the episodes. JJ is married to Will and he hardly ever shows up.

      Hotch and Reid? Honestly, they probably have a better chemistry than Hotch and Prentiss ;)

      I’d like to see Reid get a girlfriend. It’s about time, right?

  20. Beth barely did anything. I saw nothing from her that would make anyone “sick to their stomach”. I think people just want to hate on her for no reason. It was nice to see some positives in the characters personal lives.

  21. For he genius people who are saying Messer realized Hotch and Prentiss belonged to each other and that’s why she let Bellamy Young go, read the article, especially when Young says she’s glad Shonda Rhimes WILL LET her wrap up her story as Beth. Obviously, it was a contractual problem and she couldn’t play Beth anymore :( Erica Messer is probably pissed off she actually got Hotch a nice, steady romance, and now the actress needs to go and she will have to mess things up for him again.

    • Jenny says:

      For the genius people stalking this post (YOU) and being nasty to everyone that shipped Prentiss and Hotch, they can like whoever they like. I am not a shipper in any way and like that CM is one show that doesn’t bring ships onto the main team BUT I don’t like a rude bully and that’s what you are being.

      • Renee says:

        Thank you very much!!

      • I’m not stalking the post, I just get tvline notifications ’cause I am signed in to wordpress all the time because of my blog. Sorry to burst your bubble. And if you think that’s rude, you have a lot of growing up to do.

      • kendall says:

        Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Jenny. That’s What I Was Going To Say.

        We get it Barbie, you don’t like Prentiss we really get it

    • Dixie says:

      I don’t care why Beth/Bellamy is going, just go and be quick about it. And don’t insult us with any “long distance relationship” crapola. Don’t make us watch Hotch board a plane as he flies off for a weekend with Ms. Clemmons. Not only do we not want to “see” her anymore, we don’t want to “hear about her” either.

  22. Blue Sunflower says:

    Sad to see Beth go. Hope she still comes back. REALLY sad to see the delusionals on here as well, particularly from the anti-Beth and Hotch/Prentiss shippers. I think the cake was taken by the one implying people tuned out in droves because of a character with only 3 to 5 minutes of screentime max in the episodes she appeared in – and who was not promoted in any way to the general audience, thereby 99.99999% of them wouldn’t know if Beth was gonna be on or not in order to make some decision. Someone needs to take a lesson in how ratings actually work and what really affects them.

    It’s really shocking how insane some of the rapid CM “fans” are. Wouldn’t have expected that on a simple procedural as a show like this is.

    • Sticious says:

      THANK YOU. Whether or not ratings were down during the “Beth Episodes” had absolutely nothing to do with her. Saying she ruined the season or made Hotch less likeable is blowing her small guest arc completely out of proportion. She was in a handful of eps and had minimal screen time. From all I could see, she made Hotch happy. Let the man be happy. Erica Messer’s biggest mistake was “feeding” the Hotch/Prentiss rabid shippers with some of her interview comments recently.

  23. Aile says:

    I’m sad about that news. I certainly liked Beth and the Hotch/Beth storyline.
    As far as shippers are concerned, I think some of them completely blew things out of proportion when Beth appeared.
    Like someone else pointed out, I can’t think of a single good reason to dislike Beth as a character. She only appeared for a very short time and was portrayed as a nice and funny woman.
    I don’t want to sound too harsh here, but I think her only ‘crime’ was getting in the way of some shippers’ dreams.
    The sad thing is that Erica Messer didn’t need to put an end to the Hotch/Beth relationship just because we can’t see Beth on screen anymore.
    A part of me still hopes things will work out between them, Hotch certainly needs some happiness in his life.

  24. SarahM says:

    I’m a little confused by Young’s reference to receiving the script for the premiere episode.
    She must be referring to the Scandal script because CM already has it’s first episode in the can.

    Anyway, I’m glad Beth is going. I really disliked the character and hated Hotch and Beth. Yes, I’m a Hotch/Prentiss shipper–and proud of it!

    • Dixie says:

      I’m with you Sarah. Hotch and Beth had zero chemistry. Beth was so saccharin she made my teeth hurt, yet incredibly dull at the same time with that “let’s get the kiss out of the way” routine. I’m glad Bellamy is now a regular on Scandal as she is poorly suited to CM.

  25. CMfan says:

    I’m annoyed with people who say ‘shippers’ aren’t real CM fans. Untrue. I started watching the show for the cases. Over time, I became a shipper of M/G, knowing full-well they won’t get together on the show…but it’s just for fun. Doesn’t mean I’m any less of a fan. People who hate on shippers need to grow up. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and should not have to defend themselves to strangers online. Sheesh.

  26. Blue Sunflower says:

    It’s not the regular shippers who are the problem. It’s the shippers who’ve warped things so much in their minds they insist their ship is canon, EVERYONE agrees with them, and that the show do everything to kowtow to them. It’s a small group, and as shown by some on this blog, completely insane.

    You, by your own admission, realize it’s just for fun and know full-well they won’t get together. That’s the difference. *You* recognize reality.


  27. Roma Kong says:

    When did being a shipper meant you’re not a real fan? I do get that people get annoyed by hardcore shippers that all they see and talk about is their ship. I get annoyed by them too. I think it’s great if you ship people, but attack other people that don’t ship them is plain stupid. But there’s nothing wrong with watching a show and catching on some tension between characters and shipping them. That doesn’t make you less of a fan. I’m a HUGE fan of a bunch of shows and I ship a lot of people. However that doesn’t mean I will stop loving the show if said couple is not canon or anything. I’m a fan of the show first. Then I’m a fan of the characters. And only after that I give myself time to be a shipper. Shipping is just for fun, it adds excitement to my viewing experience.

  28. Mats says:

    A widower? In order to be called a widower, you have to be married at the time of your spouses death. He had an ex-wife makes him an ex-widower. And I think a fan is a fan of a show for whatever reason he weekly stick around. It would be nice if fans could respect fans.

  29. Amber says:

    I admit I am a total weird shipper. I supported Grissom/Sara from the first episode I saw, I even loved the thought of Chloe and Oliver Queen together after the episode they first meet (for all you Smallville fans) and i was so surprised when they actually did end up together (totally satisfied too). But I just never saw Emily/Hotch. And I tried! Practically all the fanfics (yup I’m addicted) shipped them or Reid, but watching the show I just never saw him give her any kind of affection, side smile, knowing look etc, that I could use to understand that ship. Beth was a bitter sweet happy for me, I thought the whole way they met was kind of creepy. But it was getting to be a long time since they wrote anything fun for Hotch. I’m happy the Beth arc is ending, however its sad that he is losing the first relationship since Haley.

  30. Myrthe says:

    I liked Haley, and I like the idea of a love interest for Hotch.. .. then Beth became that love interest and it was a disappointment. To be honest, the only ones on the team I can see Hotch with is Reid or Garcia. And even that is with a LOT of squinting.
    But seriously. Hotch wouldn’t be romantically interested in someone who cheats. Only for that reason alone I don’t like it.

  31. Nina says:

    I’m kinda meh about the whole Hotch-Beth relationship, but I do think that there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s nice to see Hotch happy and have a new relationship. I love how they treat JJ’s marriage that constantly in the background, we don’t have to see the family but we know that they exist. I watch Criminal Minds because it focuses in the procedural theme instead of the soap, like Scandal or Revenge. Although I do watch those two.

  32. cooper says:

    Hotch and beth make a beautiful couple and should be together his ex wife wasn’t very patient with him he was a good husband but that wasn’t good enough beth suoports him all the way

  33. cooper says:

    Im glad haley left she wasnt a very patient wife or supportive a wife is suppose to be that way with your husband at least she had a husband that gad a great job she could of got a dead beat husband hiw ungrateful can you be good ridons!!!!!