SYTYCD Recap: A Super Sweet 16!

Veronica Lake, Charlie Chaplin, Christina Applegate, and the Alvin Ailey all figured prominently in last night’s Top 16 episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Okay, so Veronica Lake wasn’t actually Veronica Lake, but rather Emmy-nominated hostess Cat Deeley dropping cheeky asides about “hot water and towels” to expectant choreographers Tabitha and Napoleon.

Oh, and the Charlie Chaplins were actually our Top 16 dancers in mustachioed drag, part of a Tyce Diorio group number that left me as cold as a meat locker (maybe it’s because I’m generally opposed to routines where I can’t tell one contestant apart from the next).

On the plus side, though, the Lady Applegate (so terrific these days on Up All Night) once again proved a sharp and constructive guest judge, while those Alvin Ailey fellas offered up a stunner of a piece called “The Hunt” that made me downright skittish in the best way possible. If I cover my mouth, do a little rain dance, and/or try to creepy-tango in black-and-red kimono pants later today, blame those dudes, not me, okay?

Anyhow, let’s get down to business:

DANCE OF THE NIGHT | Eliana Girard & Cyrus Spencer I’ve been mesmerized by Eliana since her audition, but watching her transition from music-box ballerina to a manic, booty-dropping hip-hopper provided the episode’s biggest thrill. I wish the judges had pointed out the way that NappyTabs relied on Eliana’s raw talent to infuse the routine with some added technical difficulty, but I suppose that was obvious to anyone with functioning eyes. Cyrus, meanwhile, finally managed to keep pace well enough with Eliana that I didn’t spend half the routine focusing on the chasm of training that’s between ’em. Let’s leave the final word to Mary Murphy: “You’re both on the damn train. Get out of here!”

RUNNER-UP | Witney Carson & Chehon Wespi-Tschopp Oh Stacey Tookey and your love of the big diva ballad! I’ll admit I groaned a little when Witney and Chehon revealed they’d be dancing to Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” but somehow the dancing remained front and center, never getting swallowed up by the strains of the late diva’s most iconic ballad. A lot of the credit goes to Chehon, whose quality of movement was astonishing and whose torso really looks amazing under a blue light. Witney, though, had an amazing night, too. How about that expression during the move where she wound up suspended in the air, her back pressed against Chehon’s? I could honestly see her having a future in movies (if she adds the missing ‘H’ to her first name). Is it just me?

MOST DISAPPOINTING | Janelle Issis & Dareian Kujawa My pre-season rankings had Janelle and Dareian each ranked at No. 3 among the Top 10 guys and girls, but I’m coming to the sad realization that their actual dancing isn’t really living up to expectations. It didn’t help that their cha cha was set to “Call Me Maybe” (srsly?) or that Janelle was in full ballroom regalia while Dareian was in jeans and a lycra v-neck (why, because of the lyric “ripped jeans, skin was showin”?). But ultimately, as Mary Murphy pointed out, there was absolutely no chemistry between the couple, and even worse, their footwork was about as sharp as a down comforter. On the plus side, if Janelle lands in the Bottom 3 (and she should), maybe we’ll get another fierce bellydancing solo?

BETTER THAN THE JUDGES INDICATED | Amelia Lowe & Will Thomas This was one of those cases where I was more impressed with the technical execution of the piece than I was moved by the emotions behind it. Ultimately, though, I think that was more a product of Mandy Moore’s jazz choregraphy and those peculiar suits that reminded me of jaunty playing cards. Will displayed monumental physical strength — especially when he held Amelia upside down and flush to his chest — and I loved the way she turned to liquid when he dipped her. Plus, the duo pulled off some of the best head swivels in SYTYCD history; I was worried one or both of those noggins was gonna pop off before the move was completed.

SPECIAL EFFECTS AWARD FOR BEST LIGHTING, COSTUMES AND MUSIC Lindsay Arnold & Cole Horibe I don’t want to take anything away from the couple — as Christina Applegate pointed out, Lindsay, in particular, spoke so much with just her muscles and her body — but really, they could’ve stumbled around the stage for 90 seconds and I’d still have been stirred by that gorgeous cover of “Wild Horses,” by Lindsay’s exquisite seafoam dress, and yes, by the dramatic lighting that the judges cooed about excessively. Credit where it’s due, though, Lindsay and Cole really brought to life Mandy Moore’s abstract piece about light and dark, and Lindsay’s pirouettes were stunning, to boot.

BIGGEST FALL FROM GRACE| Matthew Kazmierczak & Audrey Case I know I’ve never gotten aboard the Matthew-and-Audrey train despite the judges’ continued love for them, and to be honest, this Salsa routine made me feel a little justified for remaining skeptical about the super pretty couple. Matthew, in particular, brought zero performance quality to the floor; his face registered about as much expression as those blurry polaroids in The Ring. Even worse, though, Matthew and Audrey performed the routine as a series of steps and tricks, without any sort of connectivity or transitions to hold them together. And as Nigel noted, even the tricks — like that tornado spin — were too slow and finished too quickly. Will these kids prove to have enough of a fan base to avoid the Bottom 3? That’s the biggest question looming over the next SYTYCD results night.

PROBABLY AT RISK | Tiffany Maher & George Lawrence II Sometimes I have a hard time dealing with the literalness of NappyTabs’ choreography, and this “babysitters with a crying infant” piece — with its funhouse crib and dressers — definitely fell into that category. Tiffany hit her moves harder than a Mack truck demolishing a ladybug, but George’s inner hip-hopper was a little less on point. Christina’s critique — that the couple’s slower moves needed to be “soupier” was oddly astute, too. If George landed in the Bottom 3 guys after the couple’s exquisite Fox Trot last week, then I’m worried how they’ll fare in this week’s voting, especially with the top-of-show death slot. (Side note: Was anyone else a little surprised by Cat’s comedy misfire at the end? “There’s no movement in the crib. I might have to call social services.” Yikes.)

NOT A BAD EXAMPLE OF A GOOD LAST IMPRESSION Amber Jackson & Brandon Mitchell No, this wasn’t nearly as sexy as “Misty Blue,” but Amber in particular got to show off a dazzling combination of light-footedness and pure strength while dancing to what might be the sexiest song of all time, Aretha Franklin’s “Dr. Feelgood.” Not the worst way to exit the show, if you have to exit the show, y’know?

As for the week’s eliminations, Cat announced that it was George, Dareian, and Brandon in the Bottom 3 Guys, and Eliana (WHAT?), Lindsay, and Amber in the Bottom 3 Girls. When Nigel asked that Dareian and Brandon do solos on the guys’ side, and Eliana and Amber on the girls’ side, you knew Amber was toast. I mean, no way they were getting rid of the ballerina who might be the best all-around dancer of Season 9, right? It didn’t hurt that Eliana’s solo trumped Amber’s in technical skill and evocativeness. The Brandon-Dareian showdown was less of a foregone conclusion, but when the latter dancer infused his with jaw-dropping tricks, while the former did some okay steppin’, Brandon’s fate was sealed. So yep, the Top 14 will resume — after a two week hiatus — sans Brandon and Amber.

Now, as for the next set of results, a few predictions:



What did you think of this week’s SYTYCD? Who was best in show? What did you think of this week’s eliminations? And who will and should be in the Bottom 3 next week? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. still so pissed george was in the bottom! i knew there was no way the judges would let him go but still… WHAT THE HELL?

    • djm says:

      I personally don’t care for George. I mean yeah, his movement is beautiful, but his facial expressions – or should I say LACK of facial expressions – just annoys me. Sorry, but his blank stare makes him look stupid (and by that I mean STUPID – like he doesn’t have a clue at all). As for the rest of the show – sorry, Dareian and the belly dancer weren’t great last night but I think that had WAY more to do with the music than anything else. The real stinking turd of the night belonged to Matthew & Audrey – sorry, but that whole routine looked like a student routine for beginners that just started dancing. It was HORRIBLE and they both deserve to be sent home for stinking up the stage.

      • Liz says:

        I totally agree with your assessment of George. I see him and think he’s good, but Meh.

        • KevyB says:

          I’m there with you! I think I actually agree with almost everything in the recap up there except: I thought Eliana and Cyrus were simply okay. I couldn’t get beyond the atrocious choreography. I always say if NappyTabs has two pieces in a show, one will be awful. Well, I guess last week’s amazing opening number meant BOTH pieces this show would be horrendous! It was better than that baby monstrosity at the top of the show, but still!
          Personally, I thought Lindsay and Cole were the best this week, they had a great routine that was great throughout. Witney and Chehon’s suffered from a bad song choice and the greatness of that routine didn’t start until midway through, when she ran across the stage into that lift. Actually I want to give Lindsay and Cole second to Will and Amelia. I knew that choreography wouldn’t be for everyone, but they were both flawless, the lifts were fantastic, and the extra Mark-style weirdness was some awesome frosting on the cake. Stacey Tookey just speaks to me! But I was willing to give the spot to Lindsay and Cole, since they had the emotion thing nailed, while Will and Amelia were just up there doing a fun, cool dance that wasn’t entirely out of their wheelhouse.
          You know what they SHOULD have done this week? Send home TWO guys and keep all three girls. Dareian and George are just going to be on the bottom again this week and they have no chance of winning this thing, so save those girls, none of whom deserved to be on the bottom this week.

      • juventina010 says:

        Agreed on everything! I don’t get all the love matthew and audrey get. They were the worst couple of the night.
        As for darean and janelle, it was not good but OMG that solo from Darean!!! I hope they get an emotional contemporary routine to show the juges what they can do cause this and last week they weren’t really lucky with the routines or the music.
        Still don’t get how eliana got in the bottom… The next who should go home are matthew or sirius and audrey but I doubt it will be any of them.

      • I totally agree with djm. George is just another blah contemporary dancer to me. I totally don’t understand the judges love affair with him. Tiffany danced circles around him and he totally deserves to be in the bottom. However I doubt he’ll go home as Darian and Matthew had absolute train wrecks in their numbers. I still really want Amelia and Will outside their wheelhouse. They are starting to reek of the Melanie set up of last season and that is going to piss me off big time. They need a waltz, a cha cha, Bollywood or maybe Afro Jazz. No more of this broadway, jazz and contemporary stuff. They are brilliant at it but it’s not fair to the other contestants that they are thrown in the deep end and Amelia and Will are coasting close to home.

      • Chloe says:

        I agree with djm too. Why do the judges love George so much? Did you here what Nigel said when they saved him? He said he didn’t know why George was in the bottom 3. Well i do!

    • Lu says:

      Personally, all of Tiffany and George’s performances have been my favorites… I don’t watch anything but the performances (I just like the dancing not the overt politics parts)– so I wonder if the judges, the editing and the personality parts are making a difference to people. They are adorable and their moves just wow me.

      I thought Eliana and Cyrus didn’t stay in character and lost the harmony a couple times. It was cool just not wow for me. Same with the runners up.

      Also, I really think the choreographers need to use the boys less as props for the girls. I thought George was less of a prop in this and was more equal in the routine. It would be a great shakeup if for a couple rounds they did girl-girl and guy-guy partnering. Now that it is every man for him/herself it shouldn’t matter– in results.

      I do understand about literal routines– or obnoxious props (dental chair!) but I if the dancers can sell me and go for it– I can’t fault them for the choreographer’s misstep.

    • mgh says:

      I totally agree. What were voters thinking? George is easily one of the best dancers even though his routine this week did not live up to his full potential.

  2. John says:

    Personally I thought many of the couples were victims of some bad choreography this week, Sometimes I wish the judges would acknowledge that it was the choreographer’s fault instead of worshipping everything they do and blaming the dancers. It’s like blaming a singer when they are given a crappy song to sing.

    The music for the Salsa dance was so bad I could barely watch the dance. Whoever remixed Beethoven’s 5th into that Latin music did a horrible job, I thought there was a sound problem on the show and they were trying to play two songs at once.

    • Gabe says:

      Exactly! I keep feeling this way about Dariean (sp?) and Janelle, who got screwed by terrible music and weak choreography. AGAIN! What in the hell were Pasha and Christopher Scott thinking?? I would love to see these two when given a good number! The same applies to Audrey and Matthew, who also got screwed by the music and choreography this week.

      And I entirely disagree about Witney and Chehon, I felt that it was just producer manipulation by Nigel after seeing them in the bottom last week he was like “We can give them a Tookey number with great choreography and give them great lighting and a giant diva ballad and praise them for a having a moment, they’ll get more votes this way!!” and I just never connected with them. I just didn’t connect with that dance nearly as much as I did Lindsay and Cole’s

      • juventina010 says:

        Totally agreed. I’d like to see darean and janelle with a travis wall routine than we can judge fairly!
        And see witney or amelia do some hip hop…

        • tiff56 says:

          yeah i totally agree. Instead of having couples pick the routines from a hat or whatever they should assign couples a style that they have never performed before. I totally want to see Cyrus do ballet, contemporary or ballroom. Then he’ll finally be sent home. (I’m still in shock he’s made it this far!)

      • Julia says:

        the way christina applegate felt after witney and chehon’s was the same way i felt after lindsay cole’s and it was TOTALLY because the whitney houston component had my eyes rolling.

    • Sookie says:

      I agree with John. The choreographers always get praised. Well if it was the choreographers that picked the music for those latin dances then they should never choreograph again! I mean I love Pasha but that Beethoven remix did not have the right beat for a salsa and was not sexy and spicy like it should be. It moved too slow so that the dancers had not choice but to move too slow. And that Cha Cha music did not have the 1-2-3 cha cha cha beat it needed either.

    • TheBeach says:

      I totally agree about the Beethoven/salsa mash-up. The staccato violins were so fast that anyone trying to dance to it would look slow. Do the choreographers get to pick the music? If so, terrible choice!

  3. reen says:

    one of the most talented seasons yet. It is so hard to choose between the dancers, especially the girls. I think both the salsa and the cha cha were the worst of the dances this week, which just goes to show you that good technical ballroom skills aren’t easy to come by. And the music for the cha cha just didn’t fit. How can you be a sexy ballroom dancer to such a light and pure pop number like “Call Me Maybe”?? It was nice to see Witney without all of the harsh eye makeup. it helped make her look much more vulnerable as a dancer. Eliana was sublime.

  4. S says:

    I am surprised you didn’t mention Christina Applegate calling out Cyrus Spencer for his “luck of the draw.” Christina all but said what everyone has been thinking, that Cyrus has been very lucky to have pulled dances that have allowed him to pretty much coast through on his skill alone and not to expand much beyond. Her telling him to get his partner to do some bar work with him before next week said a lot.
    I like the guy, but Brandon and may others should be there over Cyrus and even Cyrus said that during the auditions. He could have gone home and taken classes and come back next year a much stronger competitor. Plus lets all be honest, saying he is “the best they have seen in animating” isn’t really true especially when you have the guy from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen that comes and dances each year on the show and is in all of the Step up movies!

    • TheBeach says:

      Eliana was in the bottom 3 and Cyrus was not?? I hope he pulls a ballroom next week.

      • tiff56 says:

        me too. I would switch Eliana for Cyrus any day.

      • kitkitty says:

        Er, he got the jive which he was horrible at, and totally messed Eliana’s pretty good take on it, and the judges couldn’t summon up more than a measly “well, it’s not really your style”. Ah, nothing but his freestyle is his style.

  5. erin says:

    I don’t agree that Lindsay should be Bottom 6… IMO, it should be Amelia. She just seems a little bit too vacant to me. For me, best of the night was Witney & Chehon by a landslide, but I loved Lindsay & Cole, Eliana & Cyrus and Tiffany & George as well.

  6. Katy says:

    I thought Will and Amelia’s routine bore a lot of resemblance to their first NappyTabs so-called “hip-hop” routine. However, I thought both dancers looked out of sync and somewhat imprecise in this one. I like their top 20 routine much better. And I don’t know how they made Amelia look thick in the middle because I don’t think she is.

    That salsa was the slowest, most poorly executed ballroom on the show to date. At least Chehon and Cyrus were required to move faster than a turtle on crutches. Matthew seems almost disinterested in even trying. He’s a great contemporary dancer, but yikes.

    Stacey’s choreography was standard contemporary angst, but it was saved for me by the performances. I wasn’t surprised by Chehon’s strength, but was not expecting Witney to do so well.

  7. Juan says:

    That was a super tough decision, I felt bad that amber was in the bottom and fit sent home as se danced the crap out of her tango last week, but seriously eliana in the bottom is just stupid, eliana is the best and that hip hop proved it

  8. Isabelle says:

    I guess I’m the oddball out but I loved the music for the salsa and had to see it twice just for the song, I love classical and being latin it just hit me in all the right ways. I’m a fan of Matthew but I agree it was pretty awkward.

  9. Kara says:

    I think if the salsa was danced the way it was supposed to be danced the music would have fit much better.

    Sad to see Amber go as she was beautiful in both her solo and routine last night. I wanted to see Brandon do well but he was pretty much a prop in the routine and didn’t really do any dancing. Felt a lot like the Cedric contemporary from season 3.

  10. Mike says:

    I’m now off the Will/Amelia train, and I definitely think Amelia should be in the bottom three rather than Lindsay. Will and Amelia just haven’t shown me enough variety yet, and given the new format for choosing dance styles, we can kind of blame them for that. And Amelia in particular was great for me the first week but a bit of a miss emotionally the last two weeks. Lindsay, on the other hand, really impressed me. I literally forgot she was a ballroom dancer.

    I love Matthew because he’s so pretty, but even I couldn’t vote for him after the trainwreck this week. And they should ban red bodysuits for the rest of the season.

  11. Matt says:

    I’m a big fan of Cyrus and Eliana, as well as Will and Amelia, but I was so, so sad to see Brandon go. I was really beginning to like him more and more as he seemed more versatile than Cyrus. Up until Brandon was announced as the guy going home, I thought it was going to be Dareian because he’s been consistently so-so while Brandon has always been at least thoroughly entertaining.

    Oh well. At least the guy took his ousting in good spirits.

  12. LAM says:

    I happen to like Audrey and Matthew but their salsa was terrible. I think they both should be in the bottom three but not sent home. I think they’re both too good to leave this early in the competition.
    Witney and Chehon were wonderful last night. The softness of their movement was incredible. I watched that performance several times just for the sheer joy of it. I think Cyrus is terrific in what he does and he seems to be a nice guy but I keep wondering–what if he pulls “Waltz” or “Tango”….Eliana, as great as she is (and I agree that she’s the best) can she get him through those dances????

  13. YowzaPowza says:

    I liked all the girls in the bottom three, but I didn’t really understand why they were so automatically keen on keeping Lindsay. I would have eliminated her over the other two. Sad to see Amber go. She was great. That Whitney Houston routine, I mean wow, I think I watched it about six times in the last twelve hours.

  14. Sabrina says:

    We have emotionally removed ourselves from the dancers, we just try to enjoy the performances each week. We also started fast forwarding the judges, they only give canned comments that rarely reflect what we see on TV. That said, the dancing has been pretty fantastic. My one complaint is that they don’t show clips from the dances they are actually eliminated for doing. I think the package for each couple should show what they danced the week before, just a enough that you can say “oh yeah that was terrible” or “wow what an improvement” and I think it would help understand who lands in the bottom. It is hard to see someone give a fantastic performance and go home without being reminded of the horrible dance they did the week before.

    • Ronnie says:

      This is such a great idea

    • Magically Suspicious says:

      This is my biggest complaint about cutting the results show. After a full week, I don’t remember the previous week’s performances. I like your idea, or, at least for the first few weeks when we have more dancers, they could do a highlight reel in place of guest singers or dancers. OR… about cutting out the 15 minutes that Nigel talks about whatever cause he’s pushing at the moment.

    • Faz says:

      The other thing to do — don’t watch the pre-dance package. Watch it afterwards if you have a mind to. Interestingly, if you don’t know the dance is about cancer, abuse, Whitney Houston, or the human lack of ability to create peace and harmony in our lifetime, you will be able to enjoy the dance as dance. Plus you get the interesting experience of trying to figure out just what Mary is crying.

    • If you want to see why people end up in the bottom and can’t remember the prior week’s performances, go to youtube and watch the prior week’s performances, before you watch the current week’s show. Then you will totally clued in.

  15. CAM says:

    I’m with you on the Should Be Bottom 3 for the guys, but think your Will Be… for the girls is my Should Be. I enjoyed Lindsey far more than Tiffany.

    Christina Applegate is one of the few guest judges who is really terrific. So much better than Zoe Deshanel, Katie Holmes and some of the others they have brought in. She and Jesse Tyler Ferguson actually offer great critiques and comments!

  16. Jared says:

    Matthew Kazmierczak is the best dancer on the show. Period.

    • T says:

      matthew is annoying and so is george i hope its a suprise double elimination next week and they both go home

      • juventina010 says:

        George is the best male dancer on the show but i agree he’s biring. As for matthew, he’s good as contemporary but not so much in other styles. And if it wasn’t for his ryan gosling kinda looks he wouldn’t be on the show. Still can’t believe he’s there while daniel got cut

  17. Mike says:

    Next performance show will really determine a lot for some couples. I think we pretty much know what Dareian and Janelle are like as dancers in various styles, but Matthew and Audrey will have to prove that they can dance outside the contemporary/jazz comfort zone. If both couples end up in the bottom, and Matthew and Audrey get something like hip hop or quick step next week and do a bad job of it, I think they’d just be canned, even though now it seems hard to imagine them being sent home.

  18. Justine says:

    Matthew Kazmierczak is the WORST dancer on the show. Period.

  19. Didi says:

    OMG i thought I was the only one that hated Matthew. I think he’s clearly getting by on his looks and how inoffensive he is in every way. Cole, Darien, George, and Chehon are all better dancers than him who have been a little less fortunate in their pairings this season. I thought the Matthew/Audrey routine was terrible. It was SO slow and SO awkward. I wish they went home next show or maybe Amelia who I dislike almost as much as Matthew.

  20. erlm2002 says:

    I totally agree about Cat’s comments about the baby in the crib! I couldn’t believe she said that. After having friends whose baby died of SIDS, I can only imagine how any SIDS parent felt when they watched this… I realize she didn’t mean anything by that and I still love her, but I didn’t appreciate that kind of humor.

    Of course, I also really didn’t care for that routine. It was sort of cute and an original idea, yes, but I agree that it was way too literal. Sometimes I *love* NappyTabs and sometimes I’m not a huge fan.

    Not a fan of Cyrus, but a big fan of Elliana. I thought the salsa and cha cha were almost painful to watch. I loved Will/Amelia and Witney/Chehon and I hope they all do well next week. I also liked Linsey/Cole a lot. I thought it was a great night!

  21. soarin829 says:

    First of all, I don’t get the George love. I really don’t.
    Secondly, I am a Matthew/Audrey fan, but both ballroom routines were sorely lacking this week. And I think it was a combo of the dancers and the choreographers faults (even though Pasha was one of them).
    My favorite routines of the night were Cole/Lindsay, Chehon/Witney, Brandon/Amber, and Cyrus/Eliana.

    • No pro latin dancer would ever dance to the music some idiot selected for this week’s latin numbers. music should inspire the dancers to want to rehearse and get the moves and footwork right. If the music sucks, and the choreo is not really great either, consciously or subconsciously the dancers will not be very motivated and so not do very well.

  22. Kathy Toy says:

    I saw a moment in Cyrus last night that made me think he might surprise in a contemporary routine. I think he’s starting to get the program. The question is, though, will he be able to adapt quickly enough to stay in before personality alone is not enough? Rooting for him all the way on the nice guy card, though, and hopeful that, whatever happens, this will open many doors previously closed to the man. You’ve already won, Cyrus!

    • kitkitty says:

      He won when he made top 20. That and seeing so much time devoted to the Dragon House guys during the auditions and Vegas callbacks pretty much ensures a better future for all of those guys.

      But the public and the judges are sending home dancers who don’t just do ok and might eventually maybe do go later, they’re sending accomplished dancers who do well but don’t benefit from all the, “aw shucks Cyrus, you’re on your way to improving, and you were out of your style, so we’re just going to pat you on the head” attitude.

      Cyrus has already won, but please send him home so we don’t have to watch him assasinate (not in a good way) another genre.

  23. KaLew says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention that Haley Reinhart’s “Free” was the background music for Amber’s goodbye video!

    • Sha says:

      Tha’s who it was! I was racking my brains trying to remember where I heard that song and who the singer was, thanks

  24. forwarddad says:

    Slezak: show off for two weeks – damn Olympics. I may be alone not a fan of Witney. Acts do babyish. Likewise not a fan of Cole, feel he is more of a character actor than a dancer,

    • Eli says:

      Could you perhaps be a fan of proper spelling, grammar and punctuation?

    • Wha???? Cole’s Paso Doble was one of the best ever on SYTYCD. Dentist routine was silly, but this weeks routine with Lindsay was stellar also. I think the judges’ opinions on Cole are more valid than yours by a long shot and they love him and think he’s a great dancer.

  25. Wesley says:

    Wait, did you just say that Lindsay should be in the bottom over Tiffany or Amelia after that incredible contemporary routine? I.. I just… I can’t.

  26. Angie says:

    I was just excited to actually have some GOOD performances last night… after the first few episode flops I was ready to give up on this season of sytycd… BUT after Lindsey and Cole and Witney and Chehon’s dances (WOW) I’m back on track!

    • OMG.. were you half asleep during the first episode???? It has some of the best performances of the season so far: Paso Doble by Cole and Lindsay– stellar! one of the top 2 or 3 ever on SYTYCD. Lyrical hip hop by Amelia and Will: danced and performed to perfection and totally entertaining, as the judges recognized. First episode was the best overall. 2nd not quite as good. This week another overall drop, but a couple of stellar routines and performances and several really good ones along with 2 really bad latin numbers, partly due to crap music to dance to!

  27. Sha says:

    Witney and Chehon had the dance of night for me and have yet to take a wrong step. They’ve certainly had the most diverse routines as well. During the critique for their performance, Mary called Witney “Linsay”, awks.
    I didn’t get the guest routine, just me?
    Eliana also has yet to take a wrong step. Dareian’s solo was stunning

  28. a says:

    amelia does the same thing every week, janelle & dareian were bad 2 weeks in a row, george is boring, and matthew is overrated.

    i only like eliana, cyrus, will, witney, tiffany, and chenon

  29. Chris says:

    Can we just have a law instituted that Call Me Maybe should never be used….ever…especially in a dance, more specifically a ballroom dance.

  30. MA says:

    The problem with the show this year, for me, is that I neither love nor hate anyone. I find most of these dancers (and the choreography they’re getting) to be really bland and boring. No one really stands out much, no one’s grabbed me. I’ve watched this show from the start, and with the exception of that weird fall season, I have had my favorites picked out long before this and I always looked forward to what they’d do every week.
    That said, if forced to choose, I think I like Cole, Witney, and Lindsay. Chehon did pretty well last night. I thought the babysitters were kind of fun. But I could take or leave any of them. I’m counting down until the all-stars show up and I’ll finally have someone I’m excited to see.

  31. MA says:

    Oh! And does anyone know who was singing that cover of “Wild Horses”?

  32. Sienna says:

    Yeah, there was some bad music last night. Both of the ballroom numbers, in particular. But also, I really didn’t like the cover of “Wild Horses”. It was so overwrought; I found it distracting.

    I’m really sad to see Amber go. I would’ve rather seen Tiffany or Audrey sent home. I feel like Lindsay might’ve been sent home if there was still a results show on Thursday. Her hip-hop was pretty bad last week. I was shocked to see Eliana in the bottom three. Cyrus is really dragging her down. I voted for her about 50 times last night, so I hope it doesn’t happen again.

  33. victoria says:

    Was blown away with witney and chehons whitney houston routine, it was the dance of the night. So sad to see amber go, rather of seen lindsey leave then amber or eliana

    • Tori says:

      Personally, i was glad to see Amber go. Sure she was a good dancer, but her personality was SO boring. She didn’t stick out in anyway to me. I’m glad Linsay and Eliana are safe. The show wouldn’t be as good without them

  34. Karen says:

    Still rooting hard for Amelia & Will. I pretty much agree with Slezak on next show’s should-be bottom 6, but I would swap Lindsay with Tiffany – though I do think most of the dancers left are really good

    • Daisy says:

      I agree with you 100 percent! I love Will and Amelia and though their music costuming didn’t do a whole lot for me, I thought they danced really, really well. Nigel was way off base to criticize them for their dancing and not Mandy Moore’s choice of music and some of the choreography. I thought they were perfectly in snyc and executed the dance really well. Will and Amelia are my power couple. I thought their Love Cats routine was awesome and I loved their Sonya routine last week, and thought they were excellent this week too.

      I agree with Slezak’s Bottom 6, but maybe I would swap Tiffany for Lindsay, but based on the performances, Matthew and Audrey and Dareian and Janelle should be in the bottom–the salsa and cha cha routines were the worst, by far, of the show.

      Also I think that Janelle should have been in the bottom 3 this week too after her incredibly lackluster ‘hip-hop’ routine last week–especially since Dareian was in the bottom 3 guys. I mean she’s great in her genre, but she has yet to prove that she’s great in any other at this point.

      • How on earth can you slam Janelle for not being out of her style enough and in the same breath declare that Amelia and Will are a power couple? They haven’t been outside their skill set in a single routine. After they’ve danced a rumba, a waltz, Bollywood or even hiphop and do as good a job on that as they do in their own type of dances (ie. contemporary, jazz and broadway) Then they can be a power couple. As of right now they are just coasting in their own strengths. I’ll tell you why the judges started critiquing their performance (when it was obviously good) it’s because they are BORED with Will and Amelia. It’s the same stuff every week. They are trying to explain why they didn’t like it without realizing that they didn’t like it because it’s just like every other routine they’ve done. That’s why Christina loved it and Mary and Nigel didn’t.

        • You are spouting nonsense IMO. Amelia and Will did a NAPPYTABS lyrical hip hop routine first show. Okay, so it’s not as swaggy as regular hip hop but it’s not classic contemporary either. They have been stellar in all three routines. Nigel’s critique of this week’s performance by them was totally BO-O-O-GUS! Christine had it right. They inhabited the routine and danced it flawlessly. Yes I hope they have to do something radically different soon. The so-called random selection process this year is partly to blame. They have probably gotten low numbers out of the hat and had good choice of routines. But to say they were all the same is also BO-O-O-GUS!

          • Dude, you seriously need to chill. I said they were good at the routine. I don’t think Will and Amelia suck or anything like that. I just said you can’t call them a power couple till they do something as out of their comfort zone as Ballroom, Bollywood or real hip hop. I don’t care who you are that NappyTabs routine was not hip hop. It was jazz and all three judges commented on that. Not just Nigel. If you think that what they did in that routine qualifies as stepping out of their comfort zone then you are the one “spouting nonsense”. If Will and Amelia want to win they need to keep people interested and never challenging themselves is a risk. It could bore people or they could coast to the top like Melanie last season. We’ll see.

  35. mary says:

    I hope that when the “secrets” about the couples were given out that each dancer asked his/her partner about what they were going to say ahead of time because some of the stuff i would not like announced to all of America. Like the the belly button power button thing. That was just disturbing. I couldn’t look at Cryrus the same again. And poor Eliana. I wouldnt like everybody to hear that she killed a bird. Even if it was just an accident.Some of this stuff is meant to just keep quiet.

    • Right on! only in america with stupid producers would such personal stuff be allowed on the air! I blame the blathering egomaniacal brit! Also his critique of Amelia and Will was totally bogus. Christina was right on with hers.

  36. Iloveanimals says:

    I don’t know what some of these coreographers were thinking.It sucked how the juges always blamed the dancers and never the coreographers. It seems like every week the routines get worse. There are less and less routines that i like. This week Eliana and Cryrus performed my favorite routine. I was in complete shock that Eliana was in the bottom 3 girls. And Lindsay too. And George? Come on people! America doesn’t know how to vote!

  37. June says:

    I totally knew ahead of time who was going to be saved in the bottom 6. Of course George and Lindsay because they weren’t asked to dance again. And Amber was obviously trying too much with her solo. Eliana left her in the dust. Brandon. I’m sorry but not a very good solo. It didn’t show any of his skills. Darian definitly had the best solo. It may be the best i’ve ever seen of him. Now if only he could do better partner dancing……………………………….

  38. Nina says:

    I’m sorry but what’s with the red bodysuits? This is like the second time i’ve seen them. They don’t look good on anyone. Oh and another thing. Chachacha to Call Me Maybe? Please. No wonder the judges had bad things to say about that routine.

    • Both music choices for the latin dances this week were total crap! No talented professional latin dancer would choose any of that music to dance to! The music should inspire the performance and help keep the dancers in time with the rhythm. Christine was right. The music was confusing and crap to dance to!

  39. Carmen says:

    I don’t know, I just really don’t like Witney. Yes, she’s a fine dancer but I find her personality grating and her dancing less than enthralling. I would’ve enjoyed the “I Will Always Love You” routine so much better if ANY of the girls performed it (save for Lindsay). Lindsay is way too immature and I honestly can’t believe she stayed in the competition over Amber. Eliana, Amelia, and Audrey are my picks!

  40. Vivi says:

    For right now, Will is my favorite dancer. George and Tiffany are my favorite dance couples. I understand folks are big on personality and whatnot but I feel George brings that in his dancing. And that’s what I’m here for, dancing.

  41. Teecie says:

    So many things to say but I’ll limit my thoughts. If Cyrus wasn’t in the bottom 3 after that HORRIBLE jive he did last week, then he may last for the duration. I like Cyrus as a person, and in his genre he is brilliant, but he is just not versatile enough to deserve to win this. He was great this week, but he should have been brilliant … an animator playing a robot is just not a stretch.
    My biggest complaint is this: how on earth is it fair for one pair of dancers to get a contemporary routine danced to a Whitney Houston power ballad and another couple to get a cha cha danced to a drivelly pop song, a salsa danced to Beethoven, or a lyrical hiphop danced to a stupid song while wearing ridiculous costumes? I believe that one show should be dedicated to Latin Ballroom, another to contemporary/jazz, another to Broadway/Bollywood, another to Hip Hop/Crump etc so at least the playing field is leveled somewhat. Nigel complained that the Hip Hop needs to be harder hitting … welll then he needs to bring other HH choreographers because Napoleon and Tabitha are more into lyrical HH. How about L’il C or Luther Brown?

    • Wow! you said the same thing that I just said below but you said it so much better! I also dont like the current so-called randomness of the dance selection process. The pull your routine out of the hat was so much more fair than the current pull a number out of a hat and then select your routine from the list. That’s not sufficient randomness to be fair in my book.

      • Belle says:

        so what you’re saying is that they pick a number from a hat and that number determines in which order they are going to be selecting their routine? or that the numbers picked each correspond with an already pre-numbered, pre-choreographed routine?

        • The number they draw out of the hat determines the order that they pick the style of the routine. The first person gets to pick from every style available that week… and so on. The choreographers may have a concept or outline of the dance planned in advance but they usually tailor it to whatever dancers choose them.

  42. What the hell is with the music that is used for the latin dance numbers. It is total crap! I doubt if even professional latin dancers would dance well to that music. It has no distinct beat. It totally sucks. Maybe better music would inspire the dancers and give them incentive to practice more. Certainly it would give them more of a feel for the rythyms.
    Forget the latin dance genre unless the producers or whomever comes up with better music!

  43. Booting off two african-americans in one show???? ridiculous! At least it should have been one of the other two and I would have definitely sent Dareien home. BTW this crap about we don’t kick people off, we save people, is total BS of the rankest smelliness. The contestants that aren’t saved are kicked off the show. In past seasons, the blathering egomaniacal brit didn’t pretend that he wasn’t eliminating contestants. I’ve always disliked Nigel and my dislike for him is growing. Yes I’m grateful that he launched this show, but i wish he would fire himself as a judge. Fat chance of that, right. But it would be a better show without him as a judge IMO. His critique of Amelia and Will was totally BO-O-O-GUS! Christina was a better judge of that routine than he and Mary had to fall in line to some extent to avoid trouble with the blathering brit.

    • kitkitty says:

      eh, I think that’s the show’s attempt at spinning the fact that they’re now asking voters to vote one show ahead of schedule, making it so that you might vote for so and so who deserved it last week when you voted, and then they have a crappy week but aren’t in the bottom due to votes from last week. Then the judges still might eliminate someone who has redeemed themselves, and shrug it off because it was “America” that sent them in the bottom and they can only save four contestants a week.