How I Met Your Mother Exclusive: Ashley Williams Set to Return for Season 8 Arc

How I Met Your Mother Ted VictoriaHow I Met Your Mother isn’t ready to close the book on the Ted-Victoria love story just yet.

The CBS comedy is bringing back Ashley Williams (a.k.a. Victoria) for a multi-episode arc in Season 8 premiere, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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In the Season 7 finale, Ted (Josh Radnor) and Victoria admitted they still had feelings for one another just as she was getting ready to tie the knot with another guy. Ted’s conscience got the best of him though and he decided to escort his ex directly to the ceremony. But just as he was about to drop her off, memories of their romance started flooding back and they bypassed the church.

Their little reunion hits a snag in the Sept. 24 opener when Ted discovers that Victoria didn’t bother to leave a Dear John note to her jilted fiancé — prompting him to turn the car around and head back to the church. “The episode shows all of the ramifications of that decision,” exec producer Craig Thomas teased to TVLine last May.

Thoughts? Are you happy Williams will be back for a handful of episodes? Where does she rank on the list of Ted’s great loves? Hit the comments!

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  1. RiseOfGotham says:

    Oh, come on! her story is DONE >:(

  2. JeniLee says:

    Can they go back and fix continuity so she can be the mom? Pleeeeease

  3. I really wish Victoria was the mom but based on the clues/info we know about the mother she isn’t and they keep going back to the same things.

  4. TheDude says:

    She makes good cake.

  5. Andrew says:

    find the mom, and just keep going its funny finding the mom wont stop that

  6. Babybop says:

    I don’t like her character. And considering we already know she isn’t the mom, I feel like this is just a waste of time.

  7. Hannah says:

    I so wish she could’ve been the mother. She’s the only woman I’ve truly enjoyed Ted’s character with. What a shame. But I’ll definitely enjoy this arc while it lasts!

  8. joaopedromillan says:

    oh god, just kill the show already.

  9. Lauren says:

    LOVE her, wish she could be the mother!!!!

  10. Chalice93 says:

    Can they please just stop stalling, just introduce the Mother already.

    • Agree! We want to know who the mom is soon, or at least give us some bigger clues. And introduce some more girlfriends instead of going back to ones we know aren’t the mom!
      Still a huge fan of the show, though, either way!

      • Oh my goodness, this show is not REALLY about finding the mother, it’s about five friends going through their late 20s-30s together and living life. The mother is just a crutch so that it’s a little different from Friends or Seinfeld!

  11. paula says:

    I really love Victoria, she is the perfect mother. I wish she could be the one for Ted, he is actually likable with her. So I don’t mind having her in the show, I really enjoy their chemistry.

    • henry says:

      Exactly my thoughts… I mean, I love Ted and Victoria’s chemistry…. Drum roll is probably the most romantic and funniest episode ever… I wish she’d been the mother and part of me knew that that story wasn’t over… It ended so abruptly and… Oh well, I just love to see Ashley Williams in the show and give a proper closure to their story…

  12. matttucker76 says:

    I always liked Victoria, so I’m happy to see her stick around for a while longer.

  13. florence says:

    why can’t I like or even stand ONE of Ted’s girlfriends? Even Robin, I only came to like her after she dumped him… hope I at least like the mother.

    • LOL, Ted hasn’t had the best choice in dates and GFs! We better like the mother! Then all the bad ones will be for a reason … his “knight in shining armor” or whatever female version of that is lol!

  14. Wendy says:

    While I have loved this show and was glad for last season’s ending, I am saddened to realize TPTB really have no plan…do they?

  15. Jenny says:

    So they will never say ‘I love you’ to each other even though she’ll be on as his girlfriend for several episodes? I don’t buy that. I’ll bet it’s trickier than that. Maybe she’ll be on the show but they won’t be together? They will have to be together for MONTHS without saying the ‘L’ word to each other and c’mon, we know how much of an I-Love-You slut Ted is.

  16. ssquared says:

    How is this news? Wasn’t this a given after the season 7 finale?

    • Not necessarily; circumstances often change quickly in TV shows, even half-hour episodes. However, I swear I remember Thomas and Bays saying something back in May about how she was going to be in multiple episodes in season 8.

    • soarin829 says:

      This is exactly what I was thinking! It never crossed my mind that she wouldn’t be part of the show for a portion of next season. I saw this headline and thought I’d been taken back in time or something…

  17. Alex says:

    Aside from Robin, Victoria would have been the next person I would have liked for Ted… too bad we know she isn’t the mother. I like this show, but it kinda makes it pointless to get excited for their relationship if we already know it isn’t going to work out.

  18. Henry says:

    I like Victoria. I think her relationship with Ted was one of the better “ongoing” relationships he’s had on the show (especially recently). And wasn’t her return, and his almost-back-on-again thing with Robin, meant to be about closing unfinished chapters of his past? Its preparing him for the mother. If you ask me, they’re going in the right direction, and as much as I want to find out who the mother is, I’m more excited about the stories leading up to there (because I don’t want this show to end just yet).

    • treadsofly88 says:

      Agreed! Everyone keeps saying they want to find the mother, and get it over with – but that means we’re hitting the end of the show! While I don’t think that has to be the end, I’d rather that they keep it going without the mother for a few more seasons.

      However, I would like to meet the mother and watch their relationship grow, rather than it just end.

  19. april-ann says:

    I loved Cupcake back in S2 (or was it S1?), and hoped for a long time that she was the mother. After all, it all seemed to fit. She could have been Summer Roberts’ (sorry her real name and character’s name on this show slips my mind), and she could have been in Ted’s first architecture class. Also, she was the only “serious” gf of Ted’s I could even stand. I’ve been questioning for years this guy’s taste in women! Blech! But as romantic as Ted and Cupcake were, they never really were able to make that connection. Plus, she has a problem with the Robin friendship, and I can’t see her coming to terms with that. Especially considering THE mother will have to be a very cool, very special lady, ie. someone who can overlook as well as accept Ted and “Aunt” Robin falling madly in love (and falling into bed) with each other many, many, MANY times over the course of at least seven years!! It really should be someone with no prior history with Ted. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I think Sarah Lancaster should play the mother. She can play romantic which will be necessary, obligatory. She’d be perfect.

  20. Sg.Grant says:

    We all know the mother is Carly. Go ahead and introduce her.

  21. chris says:

    The more I hear about this show, the more frustrated I get. I WANT TED TO MEET HIS WIFE — SHOW THE MOTHER ALREADY — It’s not gonna ruin the show — because i’m sure there are a lot of misadventures that could have happened before they finally said I do. Anyone else out there agree?

  22. Em says:

    Is there any indication that ‘Future Ted’ is still with the children’s mother? Could they be divorced and he’s just telling them the story or something but he’s with someone else (i.e., Victoria) or he’s single? I feel like if they don’t introduce the mother soon, I know I won’t care if it’s just some random they’ve cast for the last season or something, it could be underwhelming…

  23. Josh says:

    I love this show but I think 8 season is enough. The victoria stories and the zoey stuff feel like a stall, everything else has actually felt like it was leading to something. You used to get the sense that everything lead to everything else and that’s why he was telling the story but it seems like they’re spinning their wheels now.

  24. Brady says:

    The show is HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER… not 5 Friends Hang Out in a Bar. Once he meets the mother, it’s over. So of course they’re stalling. That’s the point of the show. “But why would we revisit this if we know she’s not the mother?” We knew from the beginning that Robin was not the mother, and We had Ted chasing her for 2 seasons. He even relapsed recently. It’s not a waste of time… It’s the nature of the show. The point of the show is the journey to the mother. It also makes sense from a storytelling standpoint. They hadn’t successfully resolved their story. She would always be the one that got away if they didn’t revisit it. We had Ted moving forward, and this last season we started moving backwards. The point of this was to wrap up things before meeting the mother. He wrapped up Robin. And who came before Robin? Victoria.

    Also… to the people that say “They should just kill the show already…” The show has been getting the best ratings it’s had since it started. And we know there is an end in sight. I believe the show runners have stated that we have 1… maybe 2 seasons tops.

  25. Jellymoff says:


  26. Alan says:

    victoria is my all time favorite of ted’s girlfriends but she should have stayed back in season 1. we know she isn’t the mother so this is just yet more stalling.
    this and the whole barney-quinn-robin-wedding fake out is really getting on my nerves. just do it already, introduce the mother and give us a full season with ted getting to know her.

    here i can write it for them if they want:
    ted meets barney’s sister carly at his wedding, she thinks he is a pretentious douche, he thinks she is immature. they get forced together several times over the next 5-8 episodes, leading to ted discovering her hidden depths and realising he likes her. however she still hates him so he has to win her around for the next 5 or so episodes. finally she goes on a date with him just to shut him up, he takes her on the best first date ever and she realises she likes him too. they date for the rest of the season, leading to a major milestone for them in the last episode (either she is pregnant or he proposes, doesn’t bother me which one). meanwhile barney and robin struggle to adjust to married life with marshall and lily being their expierenced mentors.

    there you go, not that hard to do

  27. Ethan says:

    Victoria was a great character. Bringing her back means TPTB will ruin her character. It’s obvious they had no plan whatsoever and just try to stretch the show as long as the money keep rolling in.

  28. Waitforit says:

    I love HIMYM. I love Victoria. I don’t know why you all are in such a rush to find out who the mother is. Sure we know Robin will end up with Barney and Ted will meet his wife at Barney’s wedding but isn’t the point of the show watching their journeys to those events? Victoria may not be the mom but she is an important part of why the mom IS the mom. Let’s all stop complaining about the other people this show brings in or keeps for multiple arcs and lets just enjoy the ride.

    • Alan says:

      the complaints are because the journey has gone on long enough and this is just blatant stalling when what we really want to see is ted meeting the mother and falling in love with her, especially considering how recently it seemed as if we were getting close due to things like the next person ted says i love you to is the mother. its just getting a little annoying that after 7 years it still seems like there is no end in sight

      • sam says:

        I don’t think the writers/producers realized that this show would go on this long and I have loved this series but i would feel shortchanged if we didn’t get to see Ted’s journey with his wife or the last scene of this show is and this is how i met your mother.

  29. Daw Johnson says:

    I don’t understand…who would have thought her story was done?

    They blatantly ended up driving off into the sunset together. Unless this was supposed to be the big “Mother reveal,” and it obviously wasn’t, then we need to find out why they break up again.

    Not really a news story–it only would have been newsworthy if it turned out she WASN’T coming back at the beginning of S8

  30. Brianna says:

    I’m so sick of Victoria! She’s boring but then again so is Ted. I love the show but we aren’t getting any clues to who the mother really is. The creators should have named the show “What happened before I met your mother”

  31. I bet if the writers could travel back in time Victoria would be the mother. Maybe they can pull it off somehow. Maybe they’ll luck out and find an equally perfect actress to cast as Ted’s bride. I agree Victoria’s arc is done and I still expect closure to the “side-arc” that was left pending in the last episode.

  32. Lindsey says:

    She was always my favorite, but this is overkill. Seems to be a common theme with HIMYM these days – once they find something good, they use it so much that it gets ruined. I wish season 8 would be the last…

  33. Robert Chang says:

    Can’t the writers / producers show the mother but write the story so that he doesn’t meet Ted until the Season Finale?

  34. Robert Chang says:


  35. Bobbyobbyhobbywonby says:

    After how I met your mother there should be how I met your father from the moms point of view LOL imagine If she’s friends with all the doppelgangers BWHAHAHAHA

  36. Sasha Friese says:

    I think this is the rankings of teds serious girlfriends:

    1. Victoria
    2. Robin
    3. Stella
    4. Zoe

  37. Jennifer says:

    I love Victoria she’s gorgeous and sweet. I hope that after Ted’s wife is revealed they do a spin-off show called “How I Met Your Father” and tell the story of how Ted’s wife meets him and all the ups and downs she goes through trying to find Ted! They could flash back and forth from the story she’s telling to how we watched Ted’s version in HIMYM.

  38. bara says:

    i feel like watching a telenovela

  39. Thomas Newman says:

    i think victoria is the best character and after all of this i hope they carry on that something happens to the mother and he ends up with victoria because she is perfect, a baker, who is sweet, kind, such a great smile and absoltuely stunning. im an 17 year old who would do anything to find someone like the character victoria.

  40. Rahul says:

    Its gotta be victoria..
    1. Ted ve always been saying that he met the kids mother at a wedding.. Didn’t ted n victoria met at stuart’s wedding
    2. Also through their relationship, ted never said ‘i love you’ to victoria… Which means the first time he says ‘i love you’ to her is in future (shown in ‘no pressure’ episode)
    3. They could somehow put her in the econ101 class after she returns from germany

  41. august says:

    why is everyone in such a hurry to reveal the mom? this is twin peaks all over again. you can’t solve the main mystery or there’s nothing left to hold the show together. how i met your mother is doomed the moment they show her so if you’re a fan of the show, trust that the ending will be good and that it will be at the end, not just randomly mid-season.