Exclusive: Glee Adds More Sugar in Season 4

Vanessa Lengies GleeGlee is giving fans some Sugar in Season 4: Vanessa Lengies‘ tart-tongued alter ego is set to return on a recurring basis, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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Lengies, who will appear in the show’s Sept. 13 opener, joined the Fox hit last season and quickly established herself as one of McKinley’s more eccentric and outspoken (not to mention slightly tone deaf) pupils. With a little help from her piano magnate father, she cast herself as the lead singer of the New Directions spin-off choir The Troubletones (she was quickly downgraded to mere backup singer).

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At the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour Monday, Fox president Kevin Reilly said Glee‘s new season will split its focus between McKinley and NYADA, where Lea Michele’s Rachel is enrolled as a freshman. He also acknowledged that several returning vets will only be around part time. “We have a core [group consisting] of some of the returning characters and some of the new ones that we’ll be servicing every week, and then limited deals with some of the other actors, who will be joining here and there through the season,” he explained. “I think it will make for a fun surprise [when they turn up].”

Thoughts? Happy Sugar made the Season 4 cut? Hit the comments!

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  1. Dieu says:

    okay, it’s old news.

  2. Russ says:

    To stand in the background and do absolutely nothing, This show is such a mess. Ryan Murphy needs to stop writing for Television.

  3. JC says:

    As long as she’s not stealing too much screen-time, I really couldn’t care that she’s back. Her character doesn’t add much in my opinion.

  4. Her father was a piano magnate, not a piano magnet. (As far as I know, pianos are not drawn to him by physical forces.)

  5. Dash says:

    I think you mean “piano MAGNATE,” unless her father exerts an irresistible force over pianos. Where’s the copyeditor?

  6. Den says:

    they should’ve just done the spin off and be done with it. i’d rather have a show only about rachel, kurt and santana’s adventures in nyc than go back and forth. it’s gonna be a mess.

    having said that, vanessa lengies is genius and i’m really happy for her, i love sugar.

    • Strepsi says:

      I really did want a Broadway spin off with Rachel, Finn, Kurt and Blaine — and for it to be the exact plotlines of All My Children when Greg, Jenny, Angie and Jesse lived in New York. I still want to see that!

  7. Steve says:

    I feel like every day we are getting multiple posts about Glee that tell us…. absolutely nothing new.

  8. Maris says:

    Just recurring? She should be a regular tbh

  9. JJ says:

    I don’t understand WHYYYYYYY do you read Glee news if you hate this show so much…. and why do you read tvline if you dont like how they write, for that matter. I mean, are you actually retarded or you dont know how to spend your time? if you dont like this, nobody’s forcing you to comment here.

  10. colleen says:

    I believe this first got reported during Comic Con but yea for getting more info! Excited to see more Vanessa!

  11. beej says:

    “We have a core [group consisting] of some of the returning characters and some of the new ones that we’ll be servicing every week…”

    Serviced every week? Guessing they’re not married…

  12. Oops. Got excited then I saw it was on a ‘recurring basis’. Bring the girl in as a regular – she was one of the only entertaining qualities last season.

    Glee, you still haven’t given me a reason to tune in next season.

  13. ChuckieChk says:

    She can sing, so maybe her storyline can be her dad paid for her to get singing lessons over the summer.

  14. lil says:

    She’s annoying….or her character.

  15. I really hope that she gets more screen-time this season, she’s as much part of New Directions as the others. And you have to admit, she IS funny! :D

  16. NellSajtos says:

    Oh God, why?

  17. Ryan says:

    It’s better to hear information from the Fox president. News from Ryan Murphy seems to be inconsistent.

  18. lauren says:

    they brought her back and left rory i mean damian out why???

    • dude says:

      Because she can act and he can’t.

    • momcush says:

      Big mistake. Peolple love him! Almost 500,000 followers on Twitter. Doesn’t that tell you something? If they’d write for him, he’d be great. He’s a crooner, ballads are missing in the Glee world. Great looking, loved, smooth voice. What’s not to like?!

      • Dee says:

        I agree. I also think Rory and Sugar could have been a really cute funny couple if the writers had written for them . Sugar comes off with some zingers which could be totally confusing to Rory. They were so cute in Heart. It was probably the only episode you saw a hint of Damian
        . Ryan said he writes the character based on the person, but Rory was nothing like the Damian we saw in the Glee Project or Celtic Thunder. Since Damian is not returning I can now watch Grey’s

      • Evee says:

        Damian is doing a different job, if you look on his Facebook, he’s doing something with a cruise thing in January. If he had chosen to return, I bet the producers would have kept him.

  19. Hanna says:

    Sugar really didn’t do anything for me, but at least she had some funny moments. (Unlike those Glee Project people.) Her coming back makes sense. But I really want to know when Dave is coming back. Did he graduate last season, or did he have to repeat like britney? You can’t just have a character who’s been around since season 1 try to kill themselves and then never show us how they are doing.

    • Ava says:

      He wasn’t even going to McKinley anymore. He was around for two seasons and moved and then was a little involved in Kurt’s story line in season 3. He isn’t and never was a real core character. It’s not like people like you ever ask how Matt Rutherford is.

  20. Viv says:

    Why are those nobodies from yesterday regulars but she’s only recurring? Sugar was the highlight of season three.

  21. Larry says:

    This isn’t news -we’ve known about this since Comic-con, I believe. Also, is writing this worthy of an article? It could had been tagged on Chord’s offiical upgrade to regular or any of the cast announcements yesterday. There is little news here -I would had preferred if something was said to exactly what Sugar was going to be doing this year on the show.

  22. Allie says:

    Love Vanessa and love Sugar!!!!! She should be a regular!!!

  23. jason says:

    what is the difference between recurring and regular series character? Chord Overstreet was touted as being upgraded to a regular…and now this as recurring…consider the sketchy new format…aren’t all actors, other then Lea Michelle, considered recurring since she is the only one slated to be in every episode?

    • dan says:

      A series “regular” means you have a contract for a certain number of guaranteed episodes and they have to pay you whether they use you or not. A “recurring” character is used only when the writers/producers want that character in the episode and they don’t get paid if they aren’t in the show. A “recurring” actor may also have a guarantee of a certain number of episodes, but it won’t be as many as a “regular” cast member.

    • Jac says:

      In other words Jason, it’s all about the money and really has nothing to do with how frequent or not any one actor is written into the show.

  24. SugarLover! says:

    I’m glad, Vanessa is brilliant! And I actually like Sugar too :) So happy she’s staying on.

  25. Iya says:

    VERY happy. She’s one of the rare good things that happened in season 3.

  26. murley says:

    awesome. i loved her. she was great comic relief and has a lot of potential for interesting and humorous character development.

  27. danielledotcom says:

    I honestly would rather she isn’t on the show. Her character is supposed to be someone with asperbergs and I think it’s a horrible portrayal only showing the stereotypical impulsivity of it. Makes it seem like a joke.

    • danielledotcom says:


    • Mr. M says:

      Self-diagnosed Aspergers… meaning, she doesn’t really have aspergers… that was the point of the joke.

      • hlots11 says:

        Except they only mentioned that in one throw-away line, and for several following episodes just had her saying “Asperger’s”. They appear to have dropped it, but it wasn’t ever funny. I’d buy the “self-diagnosed” part of the joke more if they actually tried to do autism spectrum disorders some justice, but Glee doesn’t really do any serious topic justice, so I won’t hold my breath. The actress is funny, and if they just never mention their unfunny self-diagnosed Asperger’s joke again, the character will be watchable.

  28. Rhonda says:

    Hmmm I’m thinking that if the first episode of season 4 doesn’t make me want to watch it again I’ll be done with glee :-(

  29. Sara says:

    Whateveeeeer they do, I better hear updates on Santana!!

  30. grace cairney says:

    Looking forward to season 4 I want to see more of klaine and their storylines that of course means more darren criss !!! All the characters are great with some really good acting !!! Hard to be a triple threat… all singing dancing and acting wonderful xx

  31. Sophia says:

    I tink it is good that sugar is comming back, you never know when you might need a rich person!

  32. Desiree says:

    Damien (Rory) should be in season 4 and get waaaayyyyyy more screen time..

  33. RFG Distributing says:

    BOOOO! She was SO annoying, but she is super rich so it might come in handy.. *sigh*

  34. Karen says:

    Why don’t they just call it “the Rachel berry” show. There are other people in the cast. All anyone worries about writing on that show is “what else can we do for Rachel”. Damien isn’t coming back this year, that’s not right, he never had a chance always pushed in the background. His voice is so great and all we saw headlining on the glee stage was RACHEL…….the show really is going downhill, it use to be good.

  35. Zoe says:

    Why Glee isn’t broadcast on Indonesian’s TV channel :(
    the season 1 made me wait the next season :(

  36. Kelsey says:

    And I will continue to watch the old glee episodes where all the characters are together at McKinley…

  37. jullie says:

    people if you dont like glee is your problem ok….. stop judging a tv show that a million of people does like or love it ok … im a fan and i enjoy it … if you dont like it why you are even reading or writing about it gosh get a life!!!!

  38. Ella says:

    Eh, don’t care.

  39. Shaun says:

    She’s kinda redundant with Britney there.

  40. Kate says:

    This might actually make me STOP watching “Glee.”That character is so annoying and so superfluous. Give me actors/singers who are talented and fun to watch, please. Give me someone who can actually sing. She’s a train wreck.

    • Dakmart says:

      Vanessa Lengies can sing, and I’m sure you’ll hear a solo or two in Season 4, but self-deluded characters are always funnier. That said, I’m glad she was there — she has a goofy energy the show sorely needed this year.

  41. j says:

    Yeah!! I love Sugar!! She’s so hilarious

  42. Jane Cooper says:

    If I’m really honest I ain’t being funny about the real life Vanessa but tbh, I’m not bothered about her character. I think she’s too boring. I’m gutted that sum of the characters have moved on now. :(

  43. Volcfom says:

    More Sugar, please! Very happy about the news.

  44. I’m glad,she’s a really funny character and needs more screen time.

  45. Debbie says:

    Noooo!! She is so annoying!

  46. acwcutie says:

    Eew! I don’t like her one bit! Bad decision!

  47. Jessica says:

    I love sugar and am very excited to hear this news she just wants to be apart of something special I love how enthusiastic she is and supportive there were only two episode of the entire season in wich she wasn’t supportive the purple piano project where she had self-diagnosed aspergurs and props where she was complaing about making rachaels costume

  48. kristine says:

    hey guys just remember Naya and Heather started as background actresses now look! Santana and Brittany had their own huge storyline last season