Emmys 2012: Who Should Win Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series? Take Our Poll!

emmys 2012 supporting actor comedyIt’s a case of Modern warfare in the 2012 Emmy race for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Indeed, two-thirds of this year’s category contenders — Ed O’Neill, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, 2011 winner 
Ty Burrell and 
2010 winner Eric Stonestreet — hail from ABC’s Wednesday-night sensation Modern Family.

If those four fellas split the vote, it could be good news for a pair of newcomers to the Supporting Actor race. Indeed, Max Greenfield of Fox’s freshman hit New Girl
 and Bill Hader, the beautifully insane flower of the Saturday Night Live cast, will try to wrestle the statuette from Modern Family for the first time since Two and a Half Men‘s Jon Cryer (now competing in the lead actor race) took it home in 2009.

What would you do if you had the power to send one of these fine actors to the podium when the Emmys are handed out in September? Take our poll below to vote for your favorite — TVLine voting closes Sept. 14, so act now! — then hit the comments to justify your pick!

Every day for the next month, we’ll launch another “Who Should Win” Emmy poll, so come back to TVLine.com every day to weigh in on who’s most worthy of TV’s biggest honor, and to stay up to speed on all our races, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jen says:

    why isn’t PSYCH nominated? James Roday and Dule Hill are hystarical on that show

  2. Tricia says:


    (sorry, had to do it).

  3. ed says:

    bill hader deserves it… hes not gonna win but he really should.

    • Michelle says:

      He deserves just for Stefon alone – but I love everything he does.

      • Emma says:

        I was just going to say that! I nominate Stefon to run the red carpet pre-show.

        • tripoli says:

          I too was going to say it. Doubtful he’ll win but it’s nice to see he’s second in the poll. Would be happy with another win for Burrell or a first win for Greenfield.

  4. Slizabeth says:

    I think Modern Family is going to split, and New Girl is going to sneak in for the win.

  5. EASY! I wanted Max Greenfield to win before he was even nominated, granted there shudda been a bunch of other awesome supporting actors with him (Damon Waynas Jnr, James Van Der Beek, Nick Hofferman) I still want Max to win!!!!

  6. VivianaItaly says:

    Max Greenfield did an outstanding job in New Girl, but the subtlety and the sense of proportion of Ty Burrell’s comedic performance is unachievable.

  7. Sock says:

    Max Greenfield all the way (but one of the Modern Family guys will win this category until the show ends in how ever many years).

  8. YowzaPowza says:

    Nick Offerman, obvi.

  9. Ryan says:

    Why do they have four nominees from the same show? Granted, all four are very talented (of the four, my pick is Ty Burrell), but vote-splitting could rob a deserving winner from that group. The top vote-getter from each of the top six shows should be a nominee; that way, the nominees are from different shows, with the best from each show represented so that fans of a show can unite if desired behind one show’s character. Of the whole group, I picked Bill Hader. His Stefon is easily one SNL’s best characters of the last decade.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    These guys are all hilarious but I’ve got to go with Max – he has me in stitches every single episode.

  11. nick1372 says:

    Ed O’Neil. He’s hilarious.

    Why does everyone hate Modern Family? It’s my favorite show ever. Why can’t you people hate Mad Men or The Amazing Race, which also always win their categories.

    • tripoli says:

      If it makes you feel better, I hate Mad Men, and agree that O’Neill is hilarious.

    • Emily says:

      I love Mad Men. And while they always win Best Drama, they never win for acting. So, you win some, you lose some. Meanwhile, Breaking Bad is the rare show that everyone seems to agree is deserving and actually recognized. Everything else is attacked, per the definition of subjectivity.

  12. Maro says:

    Gotta go with Eric for this one. All are great but there are no actors on TV right now that make me laugh as much as Eric (except maybe Billy Gardell but he’s not even nominated for lead actor… Shame on you academy!!!).

  13. Martin says:

    I would like Ed or Jesse to win it, spread the love MF. my favourite, from this list, is Ty cos the Dunphys are the best part of MF in my opinion.

    Ty and Eric have already won so i would like Ed and maybe Sofia Vergara (although sort of want Kathryn Joosten to win for DH final year and nice to remember her and she deserves it because she was fantastic even if the story especially towards the end was more on the dramatic side, but never stopped Chris Colfer) to win this year so spread the love,

  14. cameron says:

    Jim Rash, Donald Glover, Chris Pratt, Nick Offerman, and especially Danny Pudi have all shown that they deserve nominations over any six of these people. I would have been ok with any of them winning. I love Modern Family but the only on here who deserves to be nominated is Ty Burell (he still is not even close to as good as the five above).

    • noa says:

      +1000 to everything you wrote except the Ty comment. he’s my least favorite on MF. i’d give it to either Ed or Jesse from this very undeserving list. well, not “undeserving”- just less than the people you mentioned who should have been nominated.

  15. Charles says:

    Vote splitting isn’t going to happen. Statistically, a part of a bulk actor nominees will win. Even in Drama. (The West Wing, years back)

    Eric Stonestreet and Ty Burrell have won the last two times. Mutiple nominees help each other to win because they have an instant multiple episode submission to prove their outstanding performances.

    What determines the win is who had the most amazong performance out of all the tapes submitted by the actors, in Eric and Ty’s case, they did in the last 2 years.

    • Tess says:

      It does seem that they want to spread the wealth when it comes to Modern Family, which would make me think Ed or Jesse gets it this time and between the two, I think Ed had a better year. I do wonder though if their current contract disputes affect their chances by turning some voters off to all of them, in which case I would think the New Girl guy would be the beneficiary.

  16. KS says:

    Like so many of you, I agree the best supporting male comedic performances this year were not even nominated, but you can’t watch Bill Hader’s work and think he’s not the most deserving of the actual nominees. The guy is amazingly talented.

  17. Quang Tran says:

    The word “vote splitting” should be banned from these discussions. It’s a concept that has proven to be a complete crock for the last two years.

    I also can’t put much weight in these polls, especially after last year’s thread when people kept going on and on about how Colfer was soooo deserving because he was soooo much more talented and becasue he was saving lives.

  18. RD says:

    Even though the last season was their worst-Modern Family is still a class act that deserves any of the nominations they get.I think it’s great that four of the cast were nominated in this category.I would like to see Ed O’Neill or Jesse Ferguson win just to even the field a bit,even though the other two are just fantastic in their roles.The other two nominees don’t do it for me at all-any episode of Modern Family is better than the dreck SNL churn out year after year ,(enough,already!),and New Girl is such a one-note of a show.

  19. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Thought I would be going against the crowd by voting for Bill Hader, but he is holding his own here in this poll, at least for now. I think Ed O’Neill is probably going to win. I thought that even before the backstage drama came out with the Modern Family cast and their contracts. So now that kind of clinches it for me, because I think the Emmy voters might hold it against the 5 cast members who are stopping production. And since Ed is the only member of the cast not part of it…and he would be my second choice to win after Bill Hader anyway, so I’m almost okay with it. Almost. I’m still holding out for those Danny Pudi/Donald Glover/Nick Offerman/Dule Hill/Jason Gann nominations in my head.

    • dan says:

      Ed isn’t involved in the current MF contract dispute because he gets paid more than the other cast members. If they get a raise his contract probably has an automatic raise provision built in (ie: he will always be the highest paid cast member). With that said, Ed deserves the Emmy this year. His performance in the season finale was awesome! He was also great in the voting episode where his former girlfriend was the pollworker. Two great episodes for him to submit (or to chose from).

  20. Lime says:

    I was undecided between Max Greenfield and Bill Hader. They are both the funniest parts of their shows! I do think Nick Offerman should have been nominated, though. He is consistently stellar as the PRex straight man.

  21. Matt says:

    I also thought Nick Offerman should have been nominated, and I also thought he would win it. But, I love to see SNL get love when it’s due, and Bill Hader was just amazing this year. Love Modern Family as well, but hard to choose between the four noms. Of the four, I would say Ed had the best single episode performance when they went to Disney Land.

  22. MK says:

    There are so many other stations that have great comedies, far better than the major network. On TVLand there is a show called The Exes which stars Kristin Johnson, Donald Faison, Wayne Knight and David Alan Basche. All of them are funny. There’s Joey Lawrence and Nick Robinson. They too are deserving. It’s unfortunate that other networks are not recognized by the Emmys much. The only time they were ever acknoweledged was when Betty White was on Hot In Cleveland. I think Betty is amazing. I’ve worked with her on two shows. I love her and she is multi talented. But…if she were not on that show, it would get no notice.

    So my votes go to one of those people on The Exes. That show cracks me up.

  23. MK says:

    Oh…forgot to mention…Joey Lawrence and Nick Robinson are on a show on ABC Family called Melissa and Joey. Cute show.

  24. Annie says:


  25. Out of the people actually nominated, I would pick Ed O’Neill. Max Greenfield in second place.

  26. Alex says:

    None of em, Danny Pudi should be nominated and the frontrunner.

  27. chris says:

    i really wish that New Girl’s jake johnson was also nominated, he is hilarious. I hope max greenfield gets it — just not sure which episode he should submit.

  28. Alexis says:

    More convinced than ever that most people are over Modern Family.

  29. CJ says:

    I’m really unhappy about the nominations this year, particularly in this category. I don’t think Modern Family is deserving of ANY of these nominations, especially FOUR for best supporting actor. Just ridiculous. There are far better, more consistent and hilarious performances out there, especially from the likes of Nick Offerman, Danny Pudi, Jake Johnson, and Neil Flynn (although I’m not sure if he’d be considered lead or supporting). I won’t be watching the Emmys this year.

  30. Danielle H says:

    Stefon is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Bill needs to take this home.

  31. anna says:

    Max Greenfield s2s2

  32. topsyturvy says:

    While Greenfield brought a lot of comic subtly to Schmidt, Burrell need to win for the scene where Phil is tased while holding the “mint” condition baseball card … which quickly becomes trash. Comic gold.

  33. How Neil Patrick Harris isn’t a nominee is beyond me

  34. Soso says:

    Nick Offerman !! Danni Pudi !! Jim Rash !! John Benjamin Hickey !!
    Oh okay… then Ty Burell or Eric Stonestreet.

  35. Hanna says:

    Three years in a row without Pudi. This is a scandal.

  36. valium says:

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