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Glee Scoop: Meet the 'Freshman' Class (Including Love Interest For Rachel, Puck's Younger Bro)

Glee Dean Geyer Jacob ArtistGlee 2.0 is taking shape.

The Fox smash has tapped Aussie actor Dean Geyer (Terra Nova) and Jacob Artist (Blue Lagoon: The Awakening) to join the show’s transitional fourth season, premiering Sept. 13.

Geyer — who played security guard Mark reynolds on Fox’s dino-drama, and also had a long run on the Down Under soap Neighbours — has been cast as Brody Weston, an upperclassman at NYADA who shows an interest in Lea Michele’s Rachel. Meanwhile, back at McKinley, Artist will play Puck’s younger half-brother Jake.

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The news comes as the Fox phenom is undergoing a bit of a reboot ahead of its fourth season, which finds many of the show’s core characters transitioning to post-McKinley life.

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All veteran castmembers are expected back, but in varying capacities. According to reports, Michele is the only Glee thesp set to appear in all episodes produced this season. Additionally, Glee Project alums Samuel Larsen and Alex Newell are expected back on a recurring basis.

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  1. Camila says:

    Hoping there will be no more Finchel!!! NOW I’m frankly excited for season 4!!!

    • LambertIvan says:

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    • kate says:

      never be a fan of finchel i alway wanted puckelbery but a new love instest sound good i so OVER finn i dont like finn

  2. Mike says:

    nope. don’t want a love interest for rachel. sorry. finn or bust.

    • lana says:


    • sarah says:

      OMG how many times must we do the love triangle thing? Yes I don’t mind some Finchel angst but haven’t been there done that?

    • sm says:

      After the tether story line, I just don’t see a real love interest for Rachel. Besides, season1 and 2 were triangles in relationships which were a drag.

      • sara says:

        Groan, NO MORE LOVE TRIANGLES. Enough, STOP. This guy may be eye candy but it is not going to make me miss Cory Monteith less.

        • sam says:

          They enjoy letting Cory Monteith be torn down. I realise reading all this supposed hype that I am over this show, I cannot summon up any enthusiasm. The Finchel break-up scene was the best thing about last season and now we now the two won’t be paired together.

  3. Drew says:

    omg finally a new love interest this season might actually be worth watching

  4. Freckles says:

    He’s god damn cute! Bye bye Finn =P

    • Simoa says:

      You do know that Finn and Rachel’s story isn’t over yet right? So Finn will definitely not be going “bye – bye”

      • Except , you should check out some of the pics of Dean Geyer without his shirt on ,,,
        this guy is a really hot singer song writer , that wanted to act and got cast on Terra Nova , he also has a friggen amazing body ,, why they did not have a few shots with him shirtless was lost on me.

  5. Ale says:

    Casting Alex for this season as well may be the worst mistake Glee has ever made

    • Sara says:

      I agree 100%

    • Michael says:

      I thought that Alex was one of only a few bright spots of a very uneven season.

    • Lauren says:

      I completely agree, I really hoped that “Unique” was gone for good…

    • trev says:

      I just hated him on the Glee Project so much. I think that forever tainted his character on Glee for me.

      • Kris says:

        This. I really wish rmurphy&co would rethink this one (or heck, think at all).

      • sa says:

        AGREED. The three signings were a DISASTER for the show. Elevating people who can’t act to a network show and you wonder why your audience has disappeared? The only talented one appeared merely as a rival and nailed it. I hope this season’s performer is better. Not excited about yet more signings. Everyone will flail over their looks for a while as they did with Sebastian and Blaine but at the root is a wish to see the core cast.

    • sm says:

      Totally agree. Oh dear, I don’t want to relive Unique. Please, not a regular. Rather have Sebatian, he can act. Samual was ok, I guess. Best as a s1 background character.

    • Phil says:

      So Alex is back but Lindsay is not? Something’s wrong with Murphy & Co.

      • sm says:

        Lindsay in on broadway doing Spring Awakening I read somewhere. So she has obligations. I’d much rather Lindsay be a part of the show. Quite frankly, I thought she was the best one.

        • kol says:

          No she isn’t on B-way doing SA. She did SA in a regional theater in LA. She was better than the others but I don’t think she wants glee and they never seemed to keen on her either.

      • Anna says:

        I think it’s more like “Alex is back” and NOT Damian Mc Ginty? He won the first prize. And all he could do was stand in the background. He’s had… What, one song for himself? And not very much. I really hoped he would be there again. I kinda liked Lindsay’s character, I thought she was just as nasty as the real Lindsay… But I don’t like Unique or Alex’s character.

    • Amy says:

      200% in agreement. I didn’t like him on TGP and the Unique character did nothing to redeem him. I won’t be able to watch the show live – fast forward will be necessary.

    • Miki says:

      I absolutely agree with you, I can’t bring myself to watch him. Lindsey should come back or Cameron–even though he didn’t win. I’d love to see him on Glee, seeing him smile would make my day.

  6. Laure says:

    I hope a half brother means Puck will have a large story this year. I think it will be very interesting to see a new guy with an interest in Rachel. I hope they develop this relationship since Rachel/Jesse and Rachel/Puck were never given a chance by the writers.

  7. heather says:

    new boys are hott….huge improvement from finn already

  8. So, winning second and third place in the Glee Project was better than winning first place? lol

  9. Julie says:

    Thanks for the spoilers! I’m glad they’re casting actors who can sing, rather than just singers — that doesn’t work well, IMO (*cough*Charice*cough*).

    I hope that Rachel gets a compelling storyline. I don’t want it all boy-related, no matter WHO the boy is.

    Also, i hope there’s a good explanation for how Puck has a brother we never knew about, when we did know baout his sister in Season1.

    There needs to be more femalles in the choir room, too, but hopefully that will happen during the first part of the season.

    • sm says:

      Totally agree. I just want a good story for Rachel, why does there have to be a love interest all the time. She has problems being accepted in school and her new teacher. Let her fight her way. Agree about no info previously on a so-called half brother. I assume he is a kid from a union with his absent dad. A good reason to be badass. Season 3 finale left the New Directions with only Sugar, Tina and Brittany. There needs to be a lot more fems.
      As for this new guy as a catalyst for Finn and Rachel to reunite I hope this story can be a lot better than the last 2. Finchel on and off 3 or 4 times already. Falchuk said Finn new what an adult love was where Rachel hadn’t yet. Finn letting her go was the adult love. I guess it’s time for Rachel to find out.

  10. Simoa says:

    I think the new character for Rachel doesn’t necessarily mean she will be involved with him. He could just want to get with her. Also he may just serve as a catalyst to get Rachel and Finn back together.

  11. Claudia says:

    Yeeey for a new boy toy for Rachel! Too much Finchel got a bit too boring. And Rachel deserves a better boyfriend. At least a good one. RIB assassinated their favorite white-heterosexual-heroic character last season. Do we need a Puck half brother? Do we need Alex Newell? I think NO. Bring better female characters. Give development and back history to the ones you already have.

    • dude says:

      Yeah because doing an incredibly selfless thing and allowing your girlfriend to go live her dreams is only something a horrible boyfriend would do.

      • Claudia says:

        Finn was a bad boyfriend that pressured Rachel into a marriage when neither of them were ready. And all because of his insecurities. And he’s been an bad boyfriend all along. All three seasons.

        • Rachel says:

          And Rachel only accepted because of her own insecurities and has been a horrible selfish girlfriend since day one. I’ll he glad if Finn won’t be tied to her pathetic needy ass because she will never ever be a good person or worthy of being loved. All she wants is someone to cater to her every whim and not complain that she doesn’t consider their feelings. She’s better off alone so she can’t hurt anyone anymore.

          • please says:

            She hasn’t been a horrible girlfriend. Se builds him up all the time and supports him while he calls her out whenever he can.
            Rachel is the most forgiving persons on this show and she is the only one made to apologize for her flaws.

            What show have you been watching?

        • Kat says:

          Seriously? Ok after season 2 I’d agree with you but the writers let Finn grow SO much last season. He grew into a man. Sure he still isn’t sure of himself but he’s not just a selfish little boy after high school love/lust. He’s all grown up and although he wanted to stay with Rachel, he let her go FOR HER SAKE. Very mature. I was very proud of his character after that.

      • Lol. No. says:

        Making your fiancee think she’s on her way to her wedding when she’s on her way to get broken up with and put on a train when, for better or worse, she had already made her decision about what she wanted to do was not selfless. It was Finn doing what Finn wanted regardless of how Rachel felt about it.

        • Claudia says:


        • Inigo says:

          Presumably you think that she should sever ties with her bad fathers as well. After all, they were in on it with Finn.

          In the eyes of some, Finn can’t win. Rachel defers and stays in Lima – he’s responsible for ruining her ambition. Finn forces her to go to New York (with her father’s consent and contrivance) – he’s doing what he wants. Yep, can’t win. Serves him right for being a straight white boy falling in love with somebody better than him (because the caste system is alive and well).

          • sm says:

            LOL, yep to everything. Finn is really terrible. He forced her to go and follow her dream from when she was a kid. Her destiny. She thought so and so did he. She just put all that aside to stay with Finn. He and her dads felt she needed to persue her dream. They both were too young to marry and each agreed to marry because of their own insecurities. Finn didn’t force her to say yes. Finn knew they were too young and now Rachel needs to grow up to realize that. By the looks of it in her walk through NY, she seemed to becoming happy that she went there.

    • Temperence says:

      And considering that Alex’s Unique was one of the bright spots last season, I’m glad to see he’ll be back. And just as a factual matter, you need 12 kids to compete, so ‘just focus on the ones you have’ is a pointless argument.

      • Claudia says:

        Alex Newell, as a performer is superb but he just can’t act. And we need both. Not everybody can be Lea Michele but, c’mon! I hope this season focuses more on Artie, Tina, Blaine and Sam and less on the new characters.

  12. tracy says:

    wait, is lea actually the only one who’ll be in every episode, or just the only one who’s confirmed to be in every episode?

  13. Iota says:

    When will the glee writers finally realize that we don’t care about new characters.
    It’s obvious that they have no idea what they’re doing

    • Temperence says:

      How’s that? Just because *you* don’t care about new characters doesn’t mean other (or most) don’t. Bring them on!

      • Iota says:

        Most hardcore fans don’t care about new characters. Especially since Glee is not as good as it was in season 1. A lot of people are watching because of the characters they fell in love with.

    • Larry says:

      I have absolutely no problem with new characters. I don’t know what you are talking about. We’ve had Sam, Blaine, Lauren, Joe, Sugar and the departed Rory -and ALL have their fans. To concentrate on the original cast when this show has a rotating Glee club roster makes no sense whatsoever. EVERY television show brings in new people -why aren’t we giving Glee that same priviledge.

      • coln says:

        Blaine has a lot of fans because he’s Kurt’s love interest and because Darren already had a fanbase before Glee. Lauren, Joe and Rory barely have any fans. Sugar has fans because she brings comedy and Vanessa is a great actress.

        • Aj says:

          I agree somewhat with you up until your comment about Rory. Mind you, Damian McGinty, who plays Rory was in Celtic Thunder ever since he was about 13/14. From those 5 or 6 years he’s grown quite a fanbase. Also from last year, on The Glee Project, him, Lindsay, Alex, & Samuel have all gotten their own team. Damian was also 2nd place in the fan favorite, so obviously he has fans.

    • Haley says:

      Hi, I see you’re new to Dean Geyer; actor, dreamboat, Australian Idol finalist and Karate champion.

  14. Marco from Italy. says:

    I really really hope Puck (and maybe Quinn, then Quick?) will have a better storyline. But we have to remember that GLEE is about the choir room, so… ;)

  15. Roojie says:

    give me some mercedes and samcedes pleaseeeeeeee

  16. Spencer says:

    God, this show is going downhill so fast…. Why can’t we just either focus the show completely on Rachel and the other grads, or get rid of them for good forever? I don’t want half and half! Well, I hope you guys have fun watching this train-wreck of a (hopefully) final season.

  17. Lisa says:

    While Dean Geyer is gorgeous, I remember him from being on Neighbours and he wasn’t particularly good. :/

    • Gilda says:

      But I do think he was a bright spot among a fairly annoying teenage group on Terra Nova. So maybe he’s gotten better. Personally, I preferred him to the brother, thats for sure. Although to be fair, some of that was writing and looks, not acting.

    • Sharon says:

      YES! I remember him from Idol and he wasn’t very good then either! (just the hoards of teenage girls who absolutely LOVED him!)

      • sm says:

        See where looks can get you anywhere. I’ve never heard him sing or see him dance so I don’t have a clue. But he better be darn good to be in NYADA where Jesse St James and Kurt were not chosen. If not then the Glee principle of showing the best get in will be a real downer of a story. To me I think he is just a guy who will like Rachel when she is still wondering where she and Finn are as a couple. She might not want anything for a while. But when she does and accepts this guy’s advances, you know Glee, here comes Finn. I just hope that they remember what was told in previous episodes. The story of tethered Finn and Rachel.

        • Haley says:

          He can totally sing. He came third in Australian Idol six years ago, and signed with Sony for a while before working on Neighbours. So yes, he can sing.

          • Erin says:

            Yes, he can sing, but he’s definitely not a skilled actor. He got the job on Neighbours off the back of his looks and leagues of screaming girl fans.

  18. Tinemi says:

    Although I’m a big Finnchel fan I get the idea that we grow up (most of the times) from our highschool sweethearts. And when someone grows up needs to meet new people, do new things. If Finn and Rachel are supposed to be together they need to grow up and become a better couple. I’m happy they are giving Rachel a new oportunity and the chance to grow as a woman, maybe Glee is really going to show how people grow and become adults. Maybe.

    • sm says:

      Well put. Finn was so boyish and insecure to the point of being passive and complacent. No drive or ambition to propell himself to another level. He needs this time to discover what he wants to be not just be Rachel’s boyfriend. Rachel needs this time to delve into school activities and find the drive and ambition of the girl who won’t take no for an answer. She became complacent being Finn’s girlfriend. I think she grew alot with all the kids in the ND helping her find out how to be a friend, then she became one-a good one. Where she showed the others how to dream big and excel with drive, ambition, tenacity, and hard work. They left their high school love relationship behind so they can find what being \grownup is. When they arrive at that destination then they can reunite as adult man and woman.

  19. Ash says:

    More dudes. Yaaaaay. Meanwhile, Santana remains the only lesbian in the world. I mean, at least Rachel’s new dude is hot, but I am so not interested in even more will they, wont they Finchel nonsense.

  20. Bryn says:

    Yeah, a new love interest isn’t shocking and I really don’t care to see Oh well….

  21. Jarrod says:

    Yay! Add more cast members for the final season of Glee instead of focusing on what they’ve got. Seems smart.

  22. mary says:

    I dont know why I think this new character is a new version of Grant Gustin. A Sebastian v.2 not a love interest but to create drama to driven Rachel

  23. LilAngel says:

    I just hope that the show will mainly focus on Rachel (a new love interest is a good point too, and he is handsome!!!).

  24. Jules says:

    Jacob Artist is very attractive. Now I hope his character will be more intelligent than Puck and he’s a good singer.

  25. Katie says:

    Rachel’s new love interest is hot but I fully expect this guy’s character to be assassinated by the end of the season so we can get the same old crappy Finn/Rachel garbage. No matter how badly they write him he can’t be worse than Finn.

    • lindssmart says:

      Basically. Create soulmate for Rachel is Jesse? Have him randomly and very OOC throw eggs at her. Have Finn and Quinn date again and their relationship is surprisingly healthy and works? Have her turn serial-killer-esque and freak out about prom queen.
      Glee writer’s don’t treat other couples that aren’t endgame with respect and that is sad.

  26. greysfan says:

    I’m over them bringing in new guys to the show. What about more females too. I mean a lot of the new characters on Glee last season were male. Where is the new females? Maybe the reason 2 guys have been chosen is because a female or 2 wins the Glee Project?

  27. Rooster says:

    All this news does is make me miss Terra Nova.

  28. Joe H. says:

    wow more cute boys that s really … revolutionary …

  29. Brooke says:

    I really hope Santana and Brittany actually get well thought out storylines this year. Even if it’s not a shared storyline. It will be heartbreaking,but they are both such good actresses and they deserve better than what they were given last season. I am also really tired of the women on this show always having to depend on a man. There is always a new love interest waiting in the wing. I would love to see a storyline focused on a strong woman going after her dreams with no guy to drag her down or trying to change her dreams.

  30. lana says:

    that guy is too hot for rachel, sorry.

  31. Jay says:

    Yum remember Dean from Aussie idol. Great addition.

  32. ggny says:

    more characters that we could care less about taking time from characters we do! Will Glee showrunners ever learn? Focus on the dam characters you have. The show had it worse season and it was because you kept adding characters people didnt care about. And the way you fix it is to ADD MORE? Will someone please fire these guys

  33. O says:

    I don’t care about Puck’s little brother or the Glee project kids (except for Harmony; I liked her). I want to see more of Sebastian (Grant Gustin).

  34. Robin says:

    Yikes for Finn…cause that Dean Geyer guy looks dreamy…. :) Depending on his character I could really like him.

  35. Renee says:

    Poor Dean Geyer. I loved him on Terra Nova.

  36. henny says:

    They’re both so good looking.

  37. gleez says:

    Ship name should be WesBerry or Brochel …
    idk someone think of something better.

    I’m still hoping for some St. Berry next season.

  38. coln says:

    We should count the number of new male characters that have been brought on Glee since season 2 and then count the amount of new female characters.

  39. Kelly says:

    Can’t comment on these 2 new people since I don’t know who they are. But I have had enough of these Glee Project people. They’re not good actors (the winners) and they contribute little to the storylines. Why is Joe coming back? I just want to know when Max Adler will be back on.

    • Aj says:

      I like The Gle Project, don’t get me wrong, but I liked how it was real. Also I agree, I want to see what happens to Dave & everything once he returns from the physic ward (I’m assuming that’s where he would go since he tried to attempt suicide). It was a really sensitive topic yet such a powerful storyline, I didn’t understand how the writers just left it at that. Such a disappointment.

  40. Me says:

    Hope the Glee writers will find other ways to put drama in Glee than love triangles. Their writing and this show used to be one of the most creative and daring shows that have ever existed (Showmance, Preggers in season 1, Grilled Cheesus in season 2, On my way, Props in season 3…).
    I hope they will come back to black humor and they will find a balance between “diva” characters like Rachel and “realistic human being” like Finn. Their interactions are symbolic of the show… and a reminder that we have to accept and learn from people’s differences…
    I hope they won’t add too many new characters, it would be pretty bad for the show (even if people thought the actors are hot… when we should care if they are good actors and performers and that their characters could be interesting!!!)

    • Josey says:

      lol symbolic of the show, when has finn ever learned from anything and accepted people who are different. If you mean realistic human being = douchebag than I agree

  41. Cartwheel says:

    Good Golly that man is HOT. I’m sorry but part of the problem with Finchel for me was Finn was too dumb and not hot enough to be worth all the hassle Rachel put herself through for him. Was it any wonder legions of fans hopped on board her potentially being paired with Puck or Jesse St. James. This guys is even hotter than those two. Damn this means I have to tune into the new season now.

  42. James says:

    I’m glad Rachel is far away from Finn. He’s the only character that I don’t like. I’ve been rewatching the previous seasons, and he’s always mean to her. How they are still together? I don’t know.

    • Misty says:

      Mean to her?? Rachel’s the one who treated him like crap and is in no way deserving of all the ass kissing she gets. This poor guy has no idea that she’ll use him and hurt him just to make herself feel better. Rachel is a bitch and deserves no one.

      • jim says:

        Ha. He manipulated her called her names, never backed her up, never defended her and lied to her.

        She didn’t do anything to him except support him until he treated her like crap half the time. They she worked to get him back. BS she can do way better.

  43. blueb says:

    Puckerman Jr.
    yes please.

  44. carrie says:

    No disrespect to the new people joining the show BUT what I really want to hear about is when I should expect to see my favourite gleeks back on the show. I love Lea,and think she has an amazing voice, but I am also a fan of Mark and Diana’s (tho not Quick), and I want to some news about them. Why is it so difficult for RIB to understand that? Being a devoted Puckleberry shipper this casting makes me sad because I dream of a storyline that brings Puck and Rachel together in NYC but alas I think it will never be a reality, and IMHO they were never given a chance because of Finchel. IDK what to think about season 4, I really want the show to do well, and I will give these new characters a chance, but I’m not exactly hopeful for the future of GLee and that makes me sad :(

  45. Ian says:

    Well, Rachel/Lea’s the star, right? Of course they were going to give her triangle drama. She’s in a perfomance college in NY on her own. And the only one in every episode of the season.
    Just being rational, I guess, even though I hardly care. I want to scream that she’s getting this, when Kurt deserves just as much, and he was the one who didn’t get into NYADA to make for Rachel’s twist; and they can’t be bothered to open up his love life and explore the powerful connection and chemistry he had with Karofsky (which developed organically), and celebrate him as an attractive being, but can be concerned with staying typical as possible piling on man drama for Rachel.
    Unique had some great Vocal Adrenaline performances, but Alex is a terrible actor and vile human being. Please don’t pull him out for more than sectionals/nationals. If ‘she’ transfers to McKinley…I can’t.
    This season is probably going to be too much of a change for the show.

  46. Cody says:

    Yay for a new love interest for Rachel, but I still don’t see the need for Puck’s half-brother. Why not just cast his sister that’s actually been mentioned? And when is Dave coming back? They just left that storyline hanging, yet again.

  47. Erin says:

    So without Finn and Kurt by her side, Rachel of course finds a new boy to use and walk all over. He’ll kiss her ass by telling her how wonderful she is but she’ll never do the same, she’ll stab him in the back and pretend to be the victim, she’ll hurt him on purpose to make herself feel better. Such a wonderful little spoiled brat she is. Everyone deserves better than being stuck with Rachel the bitch in their lives.

    • rewatch says:

      Please what have you been watching. Finn and Kurt are the saints and Rachel always have to apologize for everything that happens. Yeah that stuck up bitch her was willing to deffer her dreams for those two. People need to stop rewriting this show or pay more attention to what is actually going on.

  48. Emma says:

    Rachel doesn’t deserve a new boy, she deserves to be expelled for stalking and bribing her way into the school. Great lesson there. Blow your audition? Be like Rachel and harass your way into a second chance. There’s no consequences when you’re a bitch like Rachel.

  49. Nazinga says:

    I don’t even care these two dudes are hot damn! Not interested in what Rachel storyline will be at all. Show me anybody just no more Rachel/Finchel please. Just let me know when Amber Riley will be featured. But,seriously these two new dudes are hot!

  50. maxx says:

    noooooooo, finn is the only one for rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!