General Hospital Casting News: Kirsten Storms to Return! Jen Lilley Out!

Fan favorite Kirsten Storms is checking back into ABC’s General Hospital.

The much-loved actress, who played Maxie, left the soap last fall for medical reasons and was replaced by Jen Lilley. Lilley will soon exit, reports Soap Opera Digest, and Storms will be back on set by late August — shortly before the soap makes its move to its new time slot at 2 pm EST/1 pm PST.

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On Saturday, Lilley posted a tearful YouTube message to her fans. “Thank you for making my departure from GH easier,” she said. “Even though I’m crying, they’re happy tears. They’re tears of gratitude. You guys have been amazing.”

Storms joined ABC’s last remaining sudser in 2005. She also took part in E!’s Dirty Soap reality show last year.

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  1. Liz says:

    I don’t even watch this show anymore but this makes me really happy! I guess I will always have a special place in my heart for Zenon.

    • nyguy says:

      Hope KS has battled her demons. Caught some of “Dirty Soap” and everyone on it came off looking obnoxious and self-absorbed.

      • Hannah says:

        What do you mean by demons? She has endometriosis, and you make it sound like she has a drug problem. I guess that could be considered a demon, but it’s still a strange way to put an illness. I’m glad she’s managing and feeling well enough to go back to work!

    • Rebecca says:

      Zeedis lapeedis. KS will always be Zenon!

  2. Lucky says:

    So happy to hear this! JL did a great job, but Maxie hasn’t been the same since KS left. I’m so excited she’s coming back. She’s been greatly missed.

  3. Dominique says:

    Glad to hear! Kirsten has always been the real Maxie to me ever since she was cast, and Jen just didn’t do it for me. That and how she treated certain fanbases makes this very good news!

  4. BMS says:

    Jen Lilley did a great job and I will miss her. But I’m glad Kirsten Storms is coming back!

  5. Mackenzie says:

    I too no longer watch the show, but I am happy for Kirsten and also sad to hear about Jen being let go. From what I saw with Jen’s growth of Maxie through clips, it made me like Maxie more. Jen made Maxie her own when she stepped into the role and I hope that Kirsten takes what Jen brought to the character and incorporates that into the character. Jen will be missed on the show. I wish the best for both Kirsten and Jen.

  6. rosa says:

    Don’t care either way neighter actress brought ratings to gh the show still is as worse as its been bring back vets who bring in ratings real gh vets not oltl cross


    • Mackenzie says:

      Rosa, I agree with to there. GH isn’t the same with this OLTL merger and I doubt that it brings in the ratings that the fans and viewers want to see. I believe the show could have survived another year without the merge of OLTL. The merge of GH/OLTL just made the GH worse, in my opinion.

      • TV Gord says:

        Sure, with all the spolied brats bailing on GH out of spite, of course it’s going to fail. You deserve your show’s fate, you short-sighted people.

        • paula harvey says:

          i see change, butt youve gone plum crazy!!!!!!!!!! your showing the new people all the time,,,,, i want to see my jason back ,,,, tracy, monica, edward,sam, sams mom sister, you only show the new bees,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you can take, steven and his mom and girlfriend,, and the newbees, im bored, with yall,,, drew peterson trial, fixing to start, buy!!!!!!!!!!

      • your both wrong!! it brought the ratings up to have oltl crossovers and we miss oltl and amc so thier…pbbttt..

      • I’ve been a big GH fan all my life and I think the writing is the best it has been in years. Bob Guza practically destroyed the show. At least the characters are entertaining now.

      • John J Desola Desola says:

        I do not agree , sorry . The show is doing great. I love the cross over with oltl characters. I just wish they didn’t play with Jason and Sams marriage with John like that. It’s a great way to add more viewers to GH even though you don’t realize it yet, it did add to viewer ship. A lot of oltl viewers who didn’t watch GH now do and if they had brought more characters in more viewers would iof followed. They wouldn’t have to be permanent , just recurring. Oltl was just as good if not better than GH in different ways. They are both great shows and soaps shouldn’t be ending. Enough is enough we are down to only four soaps, we need to do everything we can to keep them on the air.

    • ThreeCheers says:

      Count me in with those who love the OLTL crossover characters, especially Todd. Sonny is such a one-note villain. Todd brings a lot of complexity (and humor) to the show. Also, I think the writing is better than it’s been in years since the arrival of the OLTL team. I actually find myself wondering what’s going to happen next instead of just rolling my eyes at the inevitable!

  7. sasha says:

    Ahhhhh finally. I missed KS so much. She brought a special charm to maxie.

  8. Kira says:

    So happy she’s coming back!!!! JL is a good actress but Maxie just wasn’t the same spunky, manipulative, yet lovable character she is with KS. I still hate that she missed Robin’s exit and Spin telling her off.

  9. paula harvey says:

    cant weight, to see our maxie,,,,, the other girl i hope she lands a good gob, she done good, steping in for maxie, cant weight,,,,

  10. tarasa says:

    I will greatly miss Jen – I was starting to really dislike Maxie (probably not KS fault but rather writing but still). I also love Todd, Starr, and McBain on GH (also vets like Anna and Heather). Dump the mob (sonny/jason angst) and Kate (good actress, horrible story)

    • profesora says:

      Agree completely! This “good is bad,” “bad is good thing” is not only dated but illogical. Both Maxies played good parts. Sorry they moved the time slot. I can’t watch it now.

  11. Heather says:

    Well, the OLTL cross-over brought *me* back to GH. I am a much much bigger GH fan than I ever was of OLTL. Because Viki and Roger Howarth as Todd were the only two people on that show that I liked. Not just liked, ADORED. But I couldn’t sit through the rest of that show just to watch them. So I was thrilled that they took my favorite over-all soap character and put him on my favorite show, which I had gotten totally bored with. The first showdown of Todd vs. Sonny was the best thing I’ve seen in years. I love how absolutely no one scares Todd.

  12. dude says:

    SOOOO HAPPY ABOUT THIS! Jen Lilley did a great job replacing her but Kirsten was, and always will be THE Maxie Jones. So glad she’s back.

  13. Jan says:

    Welcome back Kirsten, and thank you Jen for the amazing job you did filling in for KS. We will miss you Jen but wish you all the very best in the future…we look forward to seeing your bright shinny face in many other endeavors.

  14. Helen says:

    If you are not a GH fan why do you post about GH actors? I will miss Jen enormously as I think she matured the flighty airbrained Maxie of Kirsten Storms!! And GH is a great show made better by the addition of OLTL actors. You negative people need not comment!!

    • Chelsea says:

      Couldn’t agree more Helen! I loved Jen millet and thought she was great with fans (she answeredme several times on twitter) burk also love love love Kirsten!I wish them both the best! And I love the OLTL crossover as well!!! Great job GH!!

    • ThreeCheers says:

      Funny. I had the exact opposite reaction. I thought JL regressed KS’s rather cunning Maxie into a flighty airbrain!

  15. Jen did an okay job as Maxie, but Kirsten is the only true Maxie. She made the character lovable, I was annoyed by Jen’s Maxie. I do hope she finds success though, it’s never easy stepping into someone else’s shoes and she did a pretty good job.

  16. Storms is Maxie to me! JL did a great job and I stilled loved Maxie but she wasn’t my Maxie. I wish a lot of luck, but so happy KS is back as Maxie :D

  17. em says:

    I don’t like Maxie in general so Lilley was wonderful as Maxie IMO. She really had the character down and the change in actresses wasn’t as noticeable and harsh as in other instances. But I will warmly welcome back Kirsten. I used to watch her on DOOL and you can tell that she’s grown a lot as an actress.

  18. Amber says:

    This actually makes me disappointed. Jen filled in wonderfully, and made me more sympathetic to a really selfish character. I’m glad Kirsten dealt with her alcohol problems, but I think Jen should have been allowed to stay.

    • Denise says:

      Where did you hear that it was alcohol problems?

    • Meg says:

      She has endometriosis, she wasn’t in rehab. Stop spreading rumors.

      • Tara says:

        I have endometriosis and didn’t need a year off from work. KS DOES have severe drinking issues and rumor or not I can guarantee you THAT is why she was off the show! I will miss Jen Lilley alot. She’s a better actress and much prettier than that spoiled Storms.

    • Chelsea says:

      How did endometriosis turn into alcohol problems? And how does everyone on here know for sure? Are u all personal friends with Kirsten??

      • Tara says:

        Why don’t you ask her rep how alcohol turned into endometriosis! doesn’t miss work for A YEAR because of endo. You get surgery and it’s gone for a while until it comes back again. Open your eyes! A lot of GH cast past and present has suffered alcohol problems. She has had SEVERAL DUI’s. One doesn’t have to be “her friend” as you put it to find the truth. Are you that naive? :)

        • Chelsea says:

          Ooh we’ve got a rude one here!!! I wasn’t aware that you spoke to her Rep. So sorry!!

          • John J Desola Desola says:

            Yea like this person could really talk to her rep. Like there gonna get through to a rep and like a rep would tell anyone something so personal like an alcohol problem or anything close to it. Wise up and use your brain. Something like that would be kept so confidental and quite even from the press. Any entertainment rags that print it would be printing rumors. The only way to know if it’s true is if it came out of KS mouth herself. Leave it be. Even if it were true there is nothing wrong with it. She is still a great person and talented too.

        • paula harvey says:

          its none of our buisness, just glad shes comeing back,, he whos with out sin, can cast the first stone,,, we dont have to know everything,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

        • ThreeCheers says:

          I don’t know if KS does or doesn’t have alcohol problems, but it’s not like substance abuse issues and endometriosis can’t coexist. They’re not mutually exclusive! Why can’t you imagine that this time the problem was endo? We also don’t know exactly what kind of medical intervention KS had or how long it took her to recover. In a worst-case scenario, some women have to have hysterectomies. That requires a much longer recovery period than less invasive procedures. My understanding is that KS was ready to return to GH by early 2012 but didn’t get the okay from the producers, possibly because JL was right in the middle of a major storyline and handling it well enough.

    • John J Desola Desola says:

      Ahaa what alcohol problem. She was sick. Alcohol was never mentioned. Don’t go asuming or listening to rumors. That’s not nice.
      Kristen I’m so glad your coming back as Maxie. Your Maxie is the true Maxie we all knew and loved to watch be always up to something and spoiled and bratty but love able and warm and caring when you wanted to be , when you let your guard down. I also loved you as Bell Black on Days. You were the best Bell. I missed you so so much. Your replacement never ever filled your shoes. She never was Bell and never had chemistry with Shawn Brady.
      Maybe if you were playing Maxie again when she was with Matt the storyline would of worked out differently since you two have so much chemistry together and so many of us already love the two of you together.
      As far as Jen I am sorry for you because your a great actress who deserves a great role of your own. Hopefully one of the other remaining three soaps see that and scoop you up right away. You will be missed even thou I’m looking forward to seeing KS again.

  19. s says:

    I wish they had not let KS back. She is a diva, medical problems aside. Jen Lilley came in under horrible circumstances and did a wonderful job. She is a great actress and I have grown to like her as Maxie. I am sad to see her go. Maxie is sure to turn back into the spoiled little annoying whiny brat she was before as KS only knows how to play her.

  20. Denise says:

    Sooooo glad KS is coming back, I have really missed her. Maxie’s spark was missing and although JL seems sweet, she just didn’t have chemistry with anyone. KS has chemistry with everyone!

  21. Susan Green says:

    CANNOT WAIT! I’ve had mixed feelings about GH lately but this will get me watching for sure.

  22. Mandie says:


  23. Alex says:

    My Maxie is back, baby!!!!

  24. Jen says:

    Feel like screaming right now. Thank god she’s back!!!

  25. Kristen says:

    I’m so happy KS is back. JL did a great job, but she wasn’t Maxie

  26. Spixiefan says:

    Spixie is back!!!! I missed KS and BA’s chemistry.

  27. Roxy says:

    Kirsten Storms will forever be Maxie Jones. :) I couldn’t be happier.

  28. Tanya says:

    Yay!!!! I can watch Maxie again.

  29. ghospitalfan says:

    I couldn’t be more thrilled #welovekirstenstorms

  30. ghospital12 says:

    Time to celebrate!!!! GH just got loads better.

  31. Laura says:

    Yes. I’ve missed KS’s dynamic with so many of the characters. Her relationships with Sam and Lulu didn’t feel the same, and they completely destroyed Spixie.

  32. Ulrike33 says:

    I am so excited to hear she is coming back. JL did the best she could but KS is Maxie and plays her in a way that no one else can. KS has a way of speaking with her eyes to say something that isn’t even coming out of her mouth and makes me feel happy, sad, or in between for her character. KS’s version of Maxie makes me feel and empathize with her more. Welcome back KS and thank goodness she is feeling better ! Yay !!

  33. Lisa says:

    SO happy Kirsten is finally coming back. Maxie was one of my favorite characters until she left. Jen seems sweet and I wish her the best, but Kirsten is the only Maxie for me.

  34. A.D. says:

    Jen Lilly mad this role hers to allow KS back sucks…not to mention can’t stand KS because she is sooo grating when she talks.

  35. Leanne says:

    Whoo hoo!!! So glad KS is healthy. You’ve been very missed.

  36. ziyal says:

    Yay for KS coming back! She’s the only one who can make Maxie loveable

  37. Pawan says:

    I like KS she is an awesome actress. I couldn’t watch Days of our Lives after She and Jason Cook stopped playing Belle and Shawn. I hope JC ends up on OUAT he wouldbe awesome there. He was boring as the moral Dr. Matt Hunter. However, I don’t want Spixie back together. I want him with Olivia or bring Danelle from One Life to Live on GH and Dani and Spinelli get together.

  38. Nicole says:

    I love the Maxie character. I wish Jen, who plays Maxie currently, was brought on as another character. I really like her. I love Kirsten. I missed her. Two great actresses, one role. I will be looking for Jen. I hope she ends up in another great role.

    Another thing, can’t stand Starr. I don’t like that woman. She really annoys me. I hope someone kills her off. Soon! And they don’t bring her back as a twin. I just saying……

  39. Jodie says:

    Jen did a great job!!!……. But so glad Kirsten is back and healthy!!!!

  40. Kurt says:

    Oh great. Now I’ll have to start watching GH again. Love Kirsten, hate what Ron Carlivati has done to the show.

  41. Frisco 'N' Felicia Fan 4ever says:

    I loved watching Jen Lilley play Maxie while Kirsten Storms got well. It will be good for KS to return and take over Maxie again. I will miss En and wish GH would put her in another role. All the best to Jen. I will admit that at first I didnt like Jen playing Mavie but she grew on me and she made Maxie a lot more fun then Kirsten did. But I can’t wait to see Kirsten again.

  42. ThreeCheers says:

    SO happy to have Kirsten Storms back on the show! I think Jen Lilley finally started to hit her stride in the last couple of months, but Kirsten IS Maxie. I wasn’t even aware of how much subtlety and depth she brought to that role until she wasn’t playing it anymore. I missed her so much! Three cheers for Kirsten!