Emmys 2012: Who Should Win Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series? Take Our Poll!

emmy supporting actress comedy 2012There’s plenty of new blood in the 2012 Emmy race for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Indeed, this year’s list of contenders doesn’t include 50 percent of the 2011 nominees — namely, Glee‘s Jane Lynch, Hot in Cleveland‘s Betty White, and 30 Rock‘s Jane Krakowski.

But who deserves to snag the statuette come Sept. 23? Last year’s winner, Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen is back in the running for the third straight year, as is her costar Sofia Vergara. And of course, this will be Emmy voters’ last chance to honor four-time nominee Kristen Wiig for her work on Saturday Night Live, seeing how the versatile funnylady exited that program in May.

Entering the category for the first time this year is TV vet Mayim Bialik, from The Big Bang Theory, as well as the late 
Kathryn Joosten from Desperate Housewives. (Joosten, who died last month at age 72, scored three prior Emmy nods — with wins in 2005 and 2008 — as Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her work on the ABC soap.) And rounding out this year’s race is Nurse Jackie‘s 
Merritt Wever, the only cable contender in the bunch.

What would you do if you had the power to send one of these fine actresses to the podium when the Emmys are handed out in September? Take our poll below to vote for your favorite — TVLine voting closes Sept. 14, so act now! — then hit the comments to justify your pick!

Every day for the next month, we’ll launch another “Who Should Win” Emmy poll, so come back to TVLine.com every day to weigh in on who’s most worthy of TV’s biggest honor, and to stay up to speed on all our races, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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    • Chris says:

      She definitely deserved it…one of the best comedic performances in a very long time especially this season. All threewomen from Community deserve it more than anyone in this category.

      • anik says:

        I like this post

      • Britta Unfiltered says:


      • Claire says:

        I would agree with everyone in this category being much less deserving than all the Community women, except for Kristen Wiig who has excelled in SNL despite the shotty writing and sketches this season

      • Michael says:

        She(Gillian) deserved a nomination but that doesn’t mean that most of these other talented women did not. Merritt’s Zoey, for me, is one of the sweetest characters on television. Her quirkiness is unparralleled and she always makes me laugh. Julie Bowen’s Claire is a hard character to like and she’s often the straight “man” in scenes. The fact that she is, ultimately, likeable and funny says a lot about Julie Bowen’s abilities as an actress. Sofia just makes me laugh.

        I loved Katherine Joosten on DH but I think that her acting was most notable in the dramatic scenes. Her nomination has little to do with her comedic chops on the show. Kristen Wiig was hilarious in Bridesmaids but I’ve never found her funny on SNL.(Some find KW to be hilarious on SNL…I just never got it.)

        • Snsetblaze says:

          I have to agree with your comments about Katherine Joosten. Though she was a regular cast member, DH was a comedy/drama (her storyline at least was drama) and she should have been nominated in best supporting in drama for this year.

        • Eli says:

          The Emmys are about the acting range and not just about an actor being funny/dramatic or not. Katherine Joosten almost always had comedic and dramatic moments within the same episode on DH i.e. range. But, not just any comedic and dramatic moments, rather brilliantly delivered ones.She was a great actress and could make one laugh and then cry within mere minutes. This, I think, will help her win again. She will be missed.

      • cameron says:

        I dont think anyone would disagree that all three of the women from Community deserve to make it (assuming you know what good tv is). For the past three years Alison Brie has been amazing and this year Gillian Jacobs was even better and had the best season of any comedic actor that I can remember. But also Yvette Nicole Brown is absolutely phenomenal, especially in the Foosball episode, amazing work by her (I feel like she is underrated even by Community standards). Those three should be the only serious contenders in this race if the Emmy voters had any idea what they are doing.

        • tripoli says:

          I’m always more impressed with Brown than I am with Jacobs. She definitely seems to get less recognition for her role in what is a great ensemble cast.

        • Jeff says:

          “…assuming you know what good TV is.” Spoken like a true Community snob. Wake up…Community isn’t that great!

    • Harry says:

      You did not Britta it with this comment!

    • TigerNightmare says:

      Yes, absolutely.

    • Florence says:

      abso-freaking-lutely, she’s the best at being the worst (: love Britta!

    • Ashly says:

      Yes, she definitely deserved it. Her devotion to her character is so beyond anything I’ve seen before. Since she wasn’t listed, I voted for Kathryn Jooster. She was good on Desperate Housewives, but in my mind I will always remember her for her guest appearances on Scrubs and Grey’s Anatomy. Her performances on those two shows were quite heartbreaking.

  1. Gataroo says:

    Sofia vergara!

  2. AJ says:

    Close call but I have to go with Kristen Wiig. Her stellar work on snl over the years deserves to be recognized!

  3. YowzaPowza says:

    Hands down Kristen Wiig.

  4. Randy says:

    Kathyrn Joosten. Even if she hadn’t died last month. I would still want her to win. Mrs. McCluskey was the best.

  5. Sarah22 says:

    I think you mean Jane Lynch.

  6. J says:

    I think having an actual poll would help…

  7. Kaz says:

    Kristen Wiig!!

  8. tvaddict says:

    Of the actual nominees, Sofia Vergara or Mayim Bialik should win.

  9. Emily says:


  10. Still reeling from Casey Wilson and Busy Phillips not being nominated, I know both shows are quirky but they are some of the best supporting actresses on TV atm in comedy! And haven’t they both won the Critics choice awards?

  11. Emily C says:

    Where’s the poll…?

  12. Sam says:

    Merritt Weaver, obvs. Is there even a question?

    • Brooke says:

      She’s definitely the underdog here, and so painfully funny.

    • ChrisGa says:

      In a perfect world, Merritt Wever would’ve already won at least one of these things by now; best thing about Nurse Jackie year in and year out (love Edie Falco, but the character has become disturblingly unlikable in the last couple of seasons).

    • davey says:

      She’s the one lady who makes me laugh the most – the other women (I’ve only seen the Modern Family women) just make me kind of smile – and then usually roll my eyes!

    • Mike says:

      as one of the reply said “In a perfect world”. I believe Merritt should have been nominated since season 1, but she wasn’t, and now she’s against all these amazing ladies, for me this is one of the hardest category to choose a winner. I just hope, that as long nurse jackie is on air, Merritt keep getting at least a nomination.

    • Mike says:

      She is perfection. One of the best, most well-rounded characters on TV. (Which is what they used to say about Edie Falco on Oz).

  13. King says:

    Sofia Vergara!!! Love her and Gloria. Always makes me laugh!

  14. Heelarryous says:

    Where’s the poll? It should b Sophia Vergara hands down. Had a great season! And I’m rooting for Ed O’Neill as well in his category.

  15. Danielle says:

    Julie Bowen deserves it again imo! She was still as fantastic as last year, even with Modern Family’s weakest season yet!

  16. Britta Unfiltered says:

    My heart wanted Merritt Wever, but in the end, I had to vote for Kristen Wiig. Since Julie Bowen won last year and since she won the Critics’ Choice this year, I kind of figure she’s taking the Emmy again. As much as I would love to see Kristen win, Emmy voters don’t really care if someone deserving is up for nomination and it’s their last year to be recognized…even if the person they’re voting for has won before. See Jim Parsons winning his second Emmy in a row over Steve Carrell for example.

  17. Mia says:

    Kristen Wiig deserves to win for several years of great performances. But still, Casey Wilson and Gillian Jacobs were both deprived of well deserved nods.

  18. courtland says:

    Gillian jacobs….other than julie bowen (who i feel should be in the lead category ,along with ty burrell anyway) ,none of these are really deserving of a nomination…especially when Gillian freaking gave out one of the best performances in recent years..yet she (and the incredible casey wilson) get snubbed for …Wiig for one of the least entertaining years of SNL yet, and sophia vergara who’s entertaining but not emmy worthy….ughhh

  19. Soso says:

    Kristen Wiig because She comes in colors evrywhere; She combs her hair Shes like a rainbow ♫♪
    Otherwise Meritt Wever or Sofia Vergara !
    Alison Brie and Casey Wilson are the big snubs here !!

  20. Myaim Bialik should win, but I have a feeling someone from Modern Family will win both of the supporting roles. They only had to nominate most of the cast to pull it off lol.

  21. Jake says:

    I know this is a poll but I hope people realize that winners are determined by the submission of one episode, I think one of the things you should ask is which show each actor should submit

  22. nyla says:

    I threw my vote behind Merritt Weaver because I think she is soooo underrated. But Kristen Wiig has been SNL’s shining light – will love to see her get it, also.

  23. Sam says:

    All these ladies are incredibly talened and they all deserve it but if it was my choice I’d go for Merritt Wever, Zoey is one of the best characters on television, it’s too bad that Nurse Jackie is not as popular as other shows that are not even good.

  24. SJ says:

    Jane Krakowski. Period.

  25. YowzaPowza says:

    Would like to have seen Casey Wilson, Maya Rudolph, and the always under rated and overlooked Kaitlin Olson in this category. The three of these girls, along with Wiig, make me laugh more than the rest.

  26. juliasellers says:

    Eden Sher. That girl acts awkward circles around most of prime time.

  27. Annie to Asian Annie says:

    I simply refuse to acknowledge the authority of your criminal model Emmys. In an alternate world, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, and Yvette Nicole Brown are competing for this Emmy award.

  28. Iching says:

    Kathryn Joosten and it’s not because she died.

  29. Laura E. says:

    There needs to be a “none of the above” option, but with these choices, Kathryn Joosten (because Rashida Jones, Busy Phillips, Aubrey Plaza, and Cheryl Hines were all woefully overlooked).

  30. mia says:

    Mayim is SO funny on Big Bang Theory. That scene with the tiara is alone enough to win her the Emmy.

    • Gilda says:

      That scene was the best all season.

    • KJC says:

      I voted for Mayim for the same reason. It’s a tiara! Put it on me, put it on me, put it on me, put it on me…

    • dan says:

      This is the episode she must submit. I didn’t see all BBT episodes this past season, but I happened to catch this one with the tiara at the end. As the show faded to black I said “that is Mayim Bialik’s Emmy episode.” She may not win, but I’m glad she was nominated and hopefully she’ll submit that episode!

  31. TJ says:

    I’d be completely content with anyone. Except for Mayim Bialik. The Big Bang Theory is the most overrated show on television.

    • elised says:

      THIS. SO MUCH THIS. Except for the BBT part. I like the show. Just can’t stand that Mayim Bialik. Her trying hard acting is annoying as heck. And is it just me or does that VERY married woman have it real bad for Jim Parsons? I’ve stopped reading/watching interviews of her because the way she swoons about him is EMBARRASSING. (Not that anyone can blame her, he IS adorable. Well, IF she wasn’t still nursing her child, that is. Now that’s just creepy and tasteless.)

      • elised says:

        If I may add, I’ve seen Kaley (and men too, for that matter) flirt with Jim Parsons all the time. It’s cute, really. The disgust with Bialik comes from the fact that she’s a very married mother of 2 who, by the way, made her husband be a stay-at-home dad so she can what? Flirt on the job? Goodness, woman.

  32. Amaia says:

    Kathryn Joosten was amazing so I’d be happy if she wins even if, sadly, she can’t go and receive the award but my favourite is not nominated, Jane Krakowsky. She was probably the best in the 6th season of “30 Rock”.

  33. Florence says:

    I honest to God hate Mayim Bialik’s character on The Big Bang Theory.

  34. crazy4wiig says:

    Kristen Wiig by far. She performs at 11:30 on a Saturday night and tons of people including myself stay up just to watch her.

  35. i says:

    Kristen Wiig should win….but since the emmys like to chose other shows…I think the girl from big bang theory will win!

  36. ingmarhappy says:

    My vote goes to Kathryn Joosten, she had a wonderfull 8th season on Desperate. That show did a lot for TV and I think it deserves one award for their final season. And Kathryn deserves it. Plus it makes it bittersweet because she died. Other than her I just hope it isn’t going to anyone from Modern Family, they are so overrated. Mayim would be my second choice. She’s great in Big Bang and I am glad they finally acknowledged the female roles aswell.

  37. sladewilson says:

    Sofia Vergara put in WORK this year. Especially the season finale.

  38. Chloe says:

    Go Mayim!!!

  39. Simon says:

    Are u serious? Mayim shouldn’t even be nominated, especially over Gillian Jacobs! That was the worst of the nominees, that and Jon Cryer! Gross.
    So I vote Katherine or Julie Bowen. She deserves another win, she’s tat good!

  40. Nina says:

    Mayim Bialik. The tiara scene alone is deserving of an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Nobel Prize. And she also had an amazing season, a complete scene stealer!

  41. nick1372 says:

    Sofia Vergara, with Mayim Bialik as a close second.

  42. anna says:

    anyone but Kristen Wiig!

  43. Line says:

    I don’t care what the poll says, Kristen Wiig should win and I think most people know that. She is awesome on SNL and she did an amazing job…people who have seen her send-off know that she means a lot to the show and this will be the last chance for her to get that emmy and I really really hope she will!!!

  44. KS says:

    I love Kristen too, but I hold out on the hope that Mayim will accept her Emmy win while breastfeeding.

  45. As long as it’s not Mayim Bialik I don’t care. Gillian Jacobs isn’t nominated, so give it to anyone but Mayim Bialik

    • Cara M. D. says:

      Mayim Bialik AND Jon Cryer should have their own special Emmy scattegories: OUTSTANDING ANNOYANCES BY AN ACTOR/S.

  46. cjeffery7 says:

    its a toss up for me between wiig and bialik. so hard to decide!!

  47. aayaan says:

    mayim makes me laugh the most. so voting for her.

  48. Pomita says:

    I see that Mayim has got the maximum number of votes on this poll, but the least number of positive comments (and some very nasty ones). Interesting. It just means that we Mayim fans don’t talk, we act. :)