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'Kate Middleton' Joins Grey's Anatomy Season 9

Camilla Luddington Greys Anatomy Season 9British beauty Camilla Luddington, who played Kate Middleton in Lifetime’s William & Kate telepic, is joining Grey’s Anatomy‘s for Season 9, our sister site Deadline reports.

Luddington will play a doctor, yes, in a recurring role that comes with the option to eventually be a series regular.

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The actress’ other TV credits include True Blood — the first of her six episodes as Claudette aired this past Sunday — and Californication.

Grey’s Anatomy‘s season premiere date has yet to be announced by ABC.

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  1. tali says:

    So, what’s wrong with US shows that only add beautiful people to the cast? you actually want me to believe she’s a doctor? *snort*
    I don’t watch GA for the sole reason that everyone looks like a effin model.

    • Jarrod says:

      In all fairness, Katherine Heigl’s, Izzie Stevens was a model before becoming a doctor.

    • Anon says:

      also justin chambers was a model before Grey’s Anatomy

    • daviduter says:

      Are you joking? Beautiful people can’t be smart or doctors? You need to get out more tali. The ratio might not be as high, but hospitals are full of beautiful people.

      Now to Camilla in particular. She has solid acting chops to go along with being easy on the eyes.

    • Ana says:

      Wow. That’s a huge mis-characterization. Although there are some very good looking people on the show, most of them would not fit into the category of super models at all. When was the last time you watched? Kate Walsh fit into that mold but she’s been gone for 5 years. Katherine Heigl’s character actually was a model before becoming a doctor and yet she was never rail thin or looked like a typical model.

  2. Anon says:

    She can never remplace Lexie Gray!

  3. Dominique says:

    Not that I planned on actually continuing with GA after the stunt they pulled with Lexie, but you’d think Shonda would be smarter than to add MORE people to an already huge cast.

    • RaeRae says:

      “after the stunt they pulled with lexie”? are you kidding me? people seriously need to get over it. it was HER CHOICE to leave the show and you guys are making it seem like she was forced out by shonda. she wants to spend time with her children and her family and i respect her decision. it couldn’t have been an easy decision for her to make, but family comes first. if chyler’s decision to leave the show makes you stop watching, then by all means go ahead. because you obviously weren’t a true fan in the first place.

  4. Jarrod says:

    “with the option to eventually be a series regular.” – No. Just no. The cast is finally back down to a decent standard of 12 after the VERY sad departure of Lexie and the PHENOMENAL departure of Teddy. Please, just use what they have!

  5. suprspy79 says:

    @tali…really? You think sandrah o and ellen pompeo are models? Thats only two among others i could name.

    • Jarrod says:

      As gorgeous as Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo are, they’re not exactly what people would call ‘model quality’. I mean, I personally think they’re stunning, but if you were to compare them to Sara Ramirez and Kate Walsh, it wouldn’t exactly be a fair fight.

      • Kat says:

        Sara Ramirez model quality? LOL

        • Captain says:

          Yeah, Sara Ramirez and Kate Walsh are very pretty but they’re not model quality either. The only doctors the show’s had that I would actually consider “model quality” are Chyler Leigh and Katherine Heigl.

          • Vickie says:

            I think everyone on there is pretty with the exception of Meredith . She’s got some funky lip thing going and her eye too . She’s never been Close to model

    • Honney says:

      Lol. Unfortunately.. yes, they’re beautiful, Sandra and Ellen, but i agree with the poster above – model quality would be Izzie or Lexie, and Addison.. not to offend anyone. But I like this show. As a doctor myself, it portrays that there can be really attractive people that are in medicine.

      I remember the show’s storyline involving that cute eyed doctor – how no one took him seriously because he was ‘pretty’. I see a lot of cases of that in my hospital.

  6. R says:

    Enter Alex’s new Love interest! :D

    • Ally says:

      I actually hoped that one doctor who had the premie baby would hook up with Alex. I thought they had chemistry.

    • Samantha says:

      The only way I’d accept this actress to become a series regular is if she’s to become a serious love interest for Alex. He deserves a real love story and it’s long, LONG overdue he get one.

  7. Li says:

    Shonda is making this show a train wreck, we don’t want more doctors… However, lets not lie we’ll be watching in September.

  8. Olivia says:

    Why are they adding to the cast we already don’t get enough story line with the big cast they have so you feel as if you are missing what is going on with them. Stop adding more cast and finally focus on the huge assemble you have now.

  9. nyla says:

    “…that comes with the option to eventually be a series regular.” I thought Shonda said she wasn’t going to add any more regulars to the show? (she’s so full of sh*t)

    I support this casting, and inevitable series regular bump, if this character ends up as a love interest for Alex.
    Love interest for Alex or bust!

    • Mari says:

      I have stopped commenting on the maybe extensions to season regulars….. Arizona is the best, Jessica Capshaw was only suppoed to be in 3 episodes…..

  10. Janie says:

    Does she strike anyone else as a mix of the actors who played lexie and april?

  11. Crys says:

    I read so many comments about GA and how there are too many characters already and I must say I don’t think there are too many characters on Greys or are at least with the many characters the stories interact well with each other and all of the series regulars get decent amount of storyline to themselves that keeps the show moving. I do agree Lexie’s story went no where last season prior to her death but the actress did request leave from the early episodes of the show to spend time with her family. Compare GA to True Blood and you’ll see how too many characters and non-connected story arcs can ruin a television show.

  12. Becks says:

    Seriously? I thought the plan was to focus on the insane number of characters they already have for the last couple of seasons!

  13. Aussie says:

    Recurring people for season 9, most likely regular come season 10 if it gets a pick up. Think the forgotten thing is come end of season 9 more regulars are probably up for contract renewals eg: eric dane, Sara Ramirez, Jess capshaw so who’s to say they are going to stick around, it was only the originals who re-upped end of last season.

  14. Ana says:

    Shonda, once again, proves that everything that she tweets or comes out of her mouth is crap. Several times she insisted that no new cast members would be added and here she is doing just that. She may become Alex’s love interest which would really be stunt casting considering that Justin is over forty and has been looking rough lately and this girl looks way too young for him.

  15. Tiffanyrayshun8 says:


  16. Jenni says:

    Is it me or is she totally Lexie 2.0? That being said, Alex (or Mark, if he lives) needs a new love interest. Far better to give Alex someone new that put him in an April, Jackson love triangle (yuck).

  17. hannah says:

    i hope it’s not a love interest for Alex. Can they please focus on the main characters?

  18. Leigh says:

    I liked it when GREY’S casting had a more interesting look. The last couple years its been all supermodels, which just makes it feel less real and more soapy. And (I ask this as a caucasian person), why are there NO doctors of Indian heritage? That’s just not realistic in today’s hospital culture.

  19. jdj says:

    Ugh,That’s what they did for Jessica capshaw in season 6 they gave her the option to be a regular.. I’m not liking this too much.. Not at all.. Cause now I really feel like she’s gonna Kill off more people,Jcap and Eric Dane haven’t said a word about Az,or mark, neither has anyone else and Nothing has been leaked about their contracts :( No Bueno!

  20. Michael says:

    An article with this headline is how rumors start

  21. Sarabi says:

    No more new characters! Shonda, enough already!

  22. Ally says:

    A few new characters are needed. Right now there’s Mark, Alex, Owen, April, Callie, Arizona, Bailey, Derek, Meredith, Christina, Chief and Avery. Its been seriously hinted at least one other person will bite the dust come the fall and it won’t be Alex, Derek, Meredith or Christina (due to new contracts). I hope Arizona, Callie, Avery and April (yes April) remain safe. I don’t want Christina/Owen together or April/Avery. New blood is needed though rather than just shoving existing characters together. I wonder if Debbie Allen (Avery’s mom) will be back–I think her presence might make things interesting for Avery, April and the Chief.

    • xoxo says:

      the ones that are a sure thing that will be back except the originals are Callie and April. And I agree I don’t really like the whole April and Avery relationship. The best friends falling in love with each other thing is over done.

  23. Linderella says:

    I’m still hoping Katherine Heigl comes back. Alex should be with Izzie. Somehow the newest doc looks like she’s going to console Mark or Owen (yuck!) which is probably a good thing. I’m going to miss Lexie and Teddy (yes, Teddy) but since that boat has sailed the least Shonda Rhimes could do is get Izzie back.

  24. Rr says:

    Seriously…SR is a liar! She tweeted that No New regulars were even being considered… Should have known!!!

  25. Mostow says:

    SG-MW is a teaching hospital. Now that the original interns are officially doctors they should have given more storylines the other interns.

  26. Tholhu says:

    I really want izzie back pls shandra, shouldn’t there b a fight btwn mer and der or something 2 keep the story more interestn am getting bored jo