Glee Exclusive: Season 4 Premiere Title Hints at Major Shift For [Spoiler]

GleeIt may be just three words long but the title of Glee‘s Sept. 13 opener speaks volumes about the Season 4 trajectory of a certain returning character.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that the the Fox hit will kick off its new season this fall with an episode titled, “The New Rachel.”

VIDEO | Glee Cast Talks Season 4

At Comic-Con over the weekend, exec producer Brad Falchuk confirmed that Lea Michele’s newly-single, college-bound character would encounter some growing pains in the Big Apple. “She’s starting fresh,” he previewed, “[with] the challenges of New York and being there alone.”

Making matters worse will be the arrival of special guest star Kate Hudson as her new instructor at NYADA. “[Her teaching philosophy is] one based on negative reinforcement,” teased Falchuk. “Rachel has to get used to that.”

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  1. Mike says:

    I think the title not only alludes to Rachel’s big changes, but also the search for “the new Rachel” for the glee club back at McKinley. They’ll be looking for a preexisting member to attempt to fill her shoes, or they’ll be looking for their next star.

  2. Nicole says:

    So now it actually IS the Rachel Show…

    • Mehdi says:

      And I’m ok with that because Lea Michele is a f**** great actress and she’s the Glee’s lead actress since the pilot.

      • Brittany says:

        People don’t JUST care about Rachel, though. There are a lot of fans who actually dislike her. When we ONLY get Rachel Berry news after we’ve all been asking for news of other characters, it’s off-putting, and it sucks. It’s only serving to make those who dislike Rachel dislike her even more.

        • huj says:

          BS plenty of people care about Rachel. Don’t speak for the fandom.

          • Brittany says:

            I’m not speaking for the entire fandom. I’m just saying that there are plenty of people who don’t actually feel like Rachel is the almighty of the show. Sorry, but a lot of us have been wanting info about other characters. *shrugs* You can keep getting all butthurt about my opinion, though.

          • Summer says:

            Kind of with Brittany here. I liked Rachel in the beginning, but lately…I’m over her, personally.

          • Bee says:

            OMfg learn to read. She said lots of fans. And that’s the truth. Get over it.

          • huj says:

            No one said she was the almighty of the show. And the way it was written to me looks like you were saying no one liked her. If that isn’t what you meant, I am sorry. . I was saying many people do like her and are fine with her having the same screen time as always. Other cast member get storylines too. Some just get arc that make there way into most episodes. I see know reason to change that now.

          • rikerlove\o/ says:

            On a different note, I think Blaine will be the new lead guy. Does anyone agree? Hopefully I’m not starting a NEW argument… o.o

        • huj says:

          We get Rachel news becasue they are keeping the other quiet.

          • Brittany says:

            I sure hope so.

          • sm says:

            You are right. Kurt will soon have a big story with fun in it. Santana will make her way into the mix with her sass. All’s well and will end well. Just wait and see. We might be greatly surprised and will enjoy what will be aired.

        • truth says:

          You said PEOPLE just don’t care. Well many People do care. So speak for yourself.

          • Brittany says:

            I said that there are plenty of people who don’t care, which is the truth. LOL. Honestly… you can keep picking apart the words that I say in order to try to make me look like I’m saying things that I’m not, but it’s not going to work. There ARE plenty of people who don’t like her just as there are plenty of people who don’t like every other character; that’s life. I didn’t say that I don’t like her. I actually do. I just don’t want to ONLY hear about her. Simple as.

          • Gang says:

            Boy do you need a vacation. Lighten the fcck up.

          • aalikane says:

            Actually what Brittany said was “People don’t JUST care about Rachel, though.” Meaning that people care about things other than JUST Rachel. Reread what you get pissed off about before you post… you’ll look a lot less like an idiot because of it.

        • love don't hate says:

          I love Rachel. I think they just want to keep the other stories under raps for awhile.

          • Katie says:

            I totally agree. The resentment against Rachel is stupid.

          • Bee says:

            The resentment towards Rachel isn’t stupid at all. She’s not at all likeable and that’s been evidenced throughout the show. If you like her, fair dos on you, but don’t you /dare/ call my reasons stupid, because they’re eligible as hell.

          • will says:

            I think the resentment is silly. Not everyone is going to get the same amount of screen time. Now Kurt fans don’t like her cause she got in even though she didn’t keep him from Nyada the writers choose to do that.

          • lon says:

            It is fiction and the writer are writing story. Wow folks. Resenting a character come on.

          • zuzu says:

            Sorry but by the comments I don’t see how you can not say the resentment is at least a bit silly.

        • John says:

          Except not. Many People are excited to see Rachel in NY.

          • No more tears says:

            I’m not! The show really sucked last year. Too much drama and little laughs. I love Lea Michele but I watched Glee for the ensemble and it has been missing the last two seasons. And can Finn get his props. After reading this story I’m definitely not watching. After recording every episode and buying each season on Dvd I am out until they bring the magic of season one back. The writers need some medicinal marajuana and a fresh approch-No more tears

        • Jerry says:

          And this is one spoiler .They never have JUST focused on Rachel.

        • samm says:

          People care about Rachel and other but the other will get screen time just like the have the past 3 season. Rachel didn’t get any more last year then before it was just that the season ended on her.

        • plo says:

          It could be read either read actually. Point is Rachel isn’t the only one to get sorties people need to stop exaggerating that point.

        • sm says:

          The problem is not Rachel, blame the writers. I agree with Mehdi, since the pilot Rachel has been the central figure of the New Directions. Even the creators have said so. Glee is a show about a glee club created with Rachel as its central figure with all the others as surrounding characters who interact with her. Rachel’s drive and determination has been a thorn to many of the club but through 3 years they have watched her process and have learned from her. Perseverance, hard work, determination, tolerance, tenacity, and some faith in oneself can make something special by being a part of it. She learned from them about friendship and how to be one. Yes, it is about Rachel. Now that graduation has commenced, I can understand why the producers have limited the expanded cast to few with some returning for (IMO-cameos).

        • Hanri says:

          Well I still like her and want to see her journey. I am not going get upset by one title. They are just being tight lipped on the other storylines for now.

      • angelstorm says:

        Amen to that. If she had left – I certainly wouldn’t bother watching the show any more !

        • Lara says:

          idem, Rachel has always been the center of the show. It’s Lea Michele who always runs for lead actress for every award while everyone else is mentioned as a supporting actor/actress. And I believe a lot of people care about Rachel storyline (not necessarly finchel), especially many of the voices that are not on the internet. I for one would not watch the show if Lea Michele wouldn’t be there. She really is, as Brad Falchuk put it, the soul of the show.

          • Dew says:

            She is, they need a focal point. Others get storyline too. People are acting like she is the only every to do anything

          • Peteyp says:

            She is certainly the face of glee and the writers think the soul of glee. They have focus groups and such.

      • Jay says:

        I am all for Rachel having the lead still.

      • anne says:

        There’s a difference between being a lead, and taking over an ensemble show. I’m sick to death of her, and I feel bad about that.

        • sq says:

          She and other were the led and they tried to make it an ensemble.That is when it started to fall a part. Plus this is just one spoiler and nothing new even. The other will have sorties.

        • Mike says:

          It was never a true ensemble and was never meant to be if you listen to the writers they have always wanted to follow a few people throughout the series.

    • what? says:


    • james says:

      The show has always been about Rachel — i don’t get why (in the words of ann romney) YOU PEOPLE don’t get that. She has always been front and center from the very first episode.

    • joe says:

      Yes I love Rachel. But I am not petty and I know other will have stories too.

    • dani says:

      No it isn’t the Rachel Berry Show, never has been never will be. It is a title of one episode and some old spoiler we have know about for ages.

    • shannon says:

      Yup, because you can totally assume that based on title of an episode alone, with no plot outline or context of any kind. Because this show totally never uses play on words or double meanings in their titles.

      stop jumping to conclusions.

  3. Brittany says:

    Once again, Rachel news. I’m sorry, but Rachel Berry isn’t the end-all, be-all of this show. A lot of people are sitting here waiting for news on OTHER characters, and all we ever get is Rachel or Klaine info. I love them, but come on! What about Puck, Mercedes, Sam, Quinn, Santana, Brittany, Artie, Tina, Mike….?

    • kim says:

      Stop . They may be looking of the new Rachel in the glee club as well as Rachel at school.

      Don’t get mad cause the lead is still the lead.

      • Brittany says:

        This show has been advertised since day one as an “ensemble cast.” Yes, she is the “lead,” but we are continually being fed the same spoiler in different forms about her. A lot of us want to know about other characters. I don’t need to “stop.” It’s my opinion. I don’t need to ask permission to have one.

        • please says:

          No it hasn’t . They set up 3 people in the pilot. They clearly set up lead character. Not my fault you couldn’t see that. They had said they are following Rachel, Finn, Kurt is a main character now since about episode 4.

          • Brittany says:

            LOL. There have been several points in which the writers themselves have called this an “ensemble” cast; they have won awards as an “ensemble” cast. I’m not debating that she is a lead. I’m just saying that not everyone cares to hear about ONLY her or Kurt or Finn every time we get info. A lot of people have actually been asking for info about the other characters. Not my fault you can’t read my words and take them literally. It’s also not my fault that you’re so lost in “Rachel Berry world” that you can’t see the facts for themselves. EVERY SINGLE TIME anyone asks for info about someone else, the questions is twisted into an answer which we are given the exact same info that we are always given about Rachel/Kurt/Finn. It’s annoying when it is done every single time. If YOU were asking about Rachel, and every single time, you got an answer that said “nah, I’m going to give you Mercedes info instead,” you would be pissed. Rachel fans would flip out. If you can’t see that, then you are sitting on a giant double standard. I’m sorry, I don’t hate Rachel; I like Rachel, but I also don’t think that this is exactly fair.

          • Bee says:

            Yep, and guess what? They totally screwed over Kurt’s character for Rachel to look good. She screwed up her NYADA audition and threw a tantrum to get her own way, while Kurt did fantastic, had high praise and yet still didn’t get in? For what reason? Oh wait, for Rachel to look like she’s talented. Lol. I hate Glee and I hate fans like this.

          • Joe says:

            I’m reading these comments and I’m befuddled. You do realize this is a TV show and Rachel doesn’t exist, right? You realize that she didn’t actually bomb her audition and take poor Kurt’s spot in the school, right? There are writers and producers who create this stuff and actors and cameras and lights and craft service where they have individually wrapped licorice on the table usually. I can’t believe some of you get mad at the characters like they are real. They’re not. It’s a TV show.

        • come on says:

          So why get upset if it is the same spoiler. They just don’t want to tell us the other stuff. Don’t pretend Rachel is the lead character of the younger actors. It is obvious.

        • kioko says:

          I don’t agree it clearly had a few lead characters.

        • same old same old says:

          Please they call it an ensemble to keep every one in the cast happy and yes they are a team. But if you paid attention in the beginning they had the leads go to certain events ,promote the show, be put lead categories. It is end it is an ensemble with clear leads even the cast knows that.
          It isn’t a slam to anyone else it is just how it is.

          And I think people do need to stop getting mad each time the same news comes out about Rachel. We will get news on the others but don’t get mad when we hear the same thing about Rachel over and over at least don’t get made at the character.

          • leads says:

            True. I saw once where Amber was like way she didn’t want to switch with Lea cause she didn’t want that much work. She was HAPPY with what she had. Heather said when she did the Brittany episode she ruffianly knew what Lea goes through every week. The cast also said they keep from being bored trying to make Lea screw up cause she has more.
            The cast knows who are the leads. Even in concert they had Lea and Cory do the announcing and the thanking at the end of the show.

            Lea was the first cast, why so they could work the rest of the cast around her.

    • Amy says:

      Because half of those characters will be gone Quinn, Mike, and we aren’t sure if Sam will be back full time or not but Quinn and Mike are gone they might show up once or twice but thats it.

      • Brittany says:

        You don’t know that, lol. We were already told that EVERYONE is coming back. Ryan said that various times. Brad and Ian said it too. You’re making assumptions there.

        • Lara says:

          they also said in some capacity. I am assuming here, and I repeat assuming, that the regular cast will be the 6 of comiccon plus Colfer and Overstreet (plus the teachers obviously), the others will only have a few episodes arch. they said they were going back to basics, focusing on a small number of people this year..

          • Brittany says:

            Accept they’re adding 372467832468 guest stars including Puck’s brother. Hollywood Reporter has an interview with Ryan which is very recent saying that EVERYONE is coming back. If you can link me to where they said that they’re only coming back sometimes, I’d like to see that.

      • sncit says:

        So we will still get to know what is up with them from time to time. They picked the more popular people to return and continue, that’s life.

  4. Why do I have the feeling that all of Rachel’s story will be told in the form of a flashbacks she recounts to her friends after she returns to Lima, having failed in NY?

    • truth says:

      doubtful. Rachel is the show lead she will make it in NY. They want to show success for the glee clubbers by the end.

  5. Phil says:

    I still don’t understand why can’t Glee let her go and focus on the McKinley High kids and the choir room. Wasn’t that the original idea? Following Rachel to NY is kinda absurd and I don’t know if people loves her so much to tune in and watch her singing Barbra Streisand. That’s maybe why Season 3 was the lowest rated until know. Expect a big drop when the XFactor buzz calms down.

    • chris says:

      because that’s a terrible idea — i don’t want to get to know NEW characters, i want to follow the characters that i have grown to love.

    • Jax says:

      Because the kids at McKinley are boring and suck?

    • Gertrude says:

      Unfortunately, their plans were all screwed up by Fox refusing to greenlight a spin-off. Now they’re trying to cram the continuing story of McKinley High (with several new glee club members) and the post-graduation stories of all the seniors, apparently, into one show. What will they do in season 5 when all their original characters have graduated? Keep following all of them and even more McKinley students at the same time?

    • tim says:

      Because the kids in the choir room are very strong characters or actors.

    • AJ says:

      Because this show doesn’t have the balls to do that. It’s a shame, it would keep show much more focussed. Friday Night Lights did this perfectly.

    • Kevin says:

      Though Rachel isn’t exactly my favorite character, I can’t exactly picture Glee without Lea in some capacity. Also Cory, Chris, Naya.

  6. Good thing my expectations at this point are null. Too much damn Rachel!

  7. Coolio Jackson says:

    How many times is this same “brief” non-story going to be touted as a spoiler? This is old news and there is nothing new or spoilerish in the story

  8. Kitty says:

    I’m hoping for blue streaks in her hair, like when she was playing Tina in the body swap. She looked smoking hot like that. (Not that she isn’t already beautiful, I just loved her style in that part of the episode.)

  9. Let the Rachel Berry show begins, they should rename the show !
    Well i don’t want that, they replaced the non spin off by the rachel show, title of the second episode is Finchel is back on i guess ?

  10. Taylor says:

    Sorry but without Lea Michele, Glee would’ve ended a long time ago.

    • Sofia Leão says:

      if you put Naya Rivera or Amber Riley on the spot they will do exactly the same thing that Lea does LOL the difference? Ryan Murphy loves Lea and Rachel Berry and love to put her character on our faces until we puke, and in my opinion? Glee needs something different! i’m tired of glee being the Blaine show or the Rachel show –‘ Lea is an AMAZING and TALENTED actress but we have so much talent in our cast why don’t explore it?
      one great example, Cory is the lead actor of glee and he doesnt get nominated for ANYTHING because they don’t give him a decent storyline, Chris Colfer and even Dot with a lot less screentime can do a better job than our Lead actor, and i dont think that’s normal lol

      • quoteed for truth says:

        The poster is saying since the show focused on Rachel it needed a strong lead to do that. No one is saying the others aren’t talented. Ian the writer and co creator even said if they has not found the right Rachel they would not have continued.

      • stop the lies says:

        Sorry but Amber could not handle the acting, certainly not at first. And sorry but they have explored the other people. Naya had as many songs as Lea did and Amber gets spotlight solos and songs all the time. Stop pretending only Lea gets anything.

      • Ali says:

        I do agree with them partly, because my opinion is that nobody else could have sang DROMP the way she did, with not only her voice but her incredible stage presence as well, and that’s an important moment on Glee for me. That being said, the show really did grow and change in season 2 and I did become more interested in Santana than Rachel, while others became more interested in Kurt and lots of people liked the new kids like Sam and Blaine and Brittany really came into her own (lets not talk about what they did to her in season 3) but at this point, you can take Roots Before Branches and use it as an example about everything that’s wrong with Glee now. The show – and its characters – seem to revolve around Rachel in a way I can’t stand. I enjoy Glee most when it’s an ensemble show. What was season 3 even, besides a clusterf*ck with a Finchel cherry on top.

        • too many people says:

          The least scene was to set up season 4. It was the season finale not the series finale. It lost it way when it tried to be more of an ensemble. It needs a anchor.

          • Chris says:

            Season 3 more of an ensemble? That is what Ali and I are arguing didn’t happen! Season 3 was too much of everything, but what little focus it had, was on a fairly contrived plot involving Finn and Rachel. An ensemble cast can be very successful — I argue the did that in season 2 — but it takes the writers to be committed to that ensemble cast to make it work.

          • jop says:

            But even in season 2 Rachel was involved in nearly all episodes and had a season long arc. Sseason two it wasn’t any more or less balanced. Mercedes didn’t get much. Tina still got nothing. Mike had nothing Quinn was absent the whole first part. What did Puck do anything?

      • Lara says:

        Actually Cory is not the lead actor, but Matt Morrison is (according to the submissions of glee to different awards, such as the emmy). But I disagree with you I think Lea Michele is the heart of glee, noone else would reach the same level as her. I really like her and her character and I don’t think she gets too much screentime, not only that, but since she is the lead actress I believe she doesn’t get enough screentime, enough to win an emmy. The cast is too broad, I like the idea of focusing just on a few characters, such as Rachel, Finn and Kurt and a few seniors back in school. Trying to follow all the character’s storiline will get the show nowhere, better focus on the strongest ones, such as Rachel Berry

        • Jeff says:

          Matt is only in name . Cory’s Finn has storyline that run through almost all the episodes like Rachel do.

      • Laura says:

        Sorry but neither Naya nor Amber would do the same thing that Lea does. Amber is a great singer but weak actress. Naya is a good singer and actress but she isn’t as good as Lea.

        • Erin says:

          And Jenna is better than all of them. Lea is great, but she’s also insanely overrated compared to the rest of the cast

          • BabyFirefly says:

            I actually hope you are right, I didn’t really love Tina’s voice when she was singing in the body swap episode. I’m hoping it was just the song choices and she really can carry the Glee club as the new Rachel.

          • jop says:

            Jenna isn’t as strong of a actress as Lea. She has done nothing to build Tina.

          • grt says:

            Jenna can carry the glee club she can’t carry glee like Lea has. And yes Lea has carried glee and been able to handle long story arc, comedy and drama. Jenna has trouble caring a plot in one episode.

          • Kevin says:

            Anybody saying Jenna has done nothing to further develop Tina – it’s because the writers have given her literally zero material to work with! You can’t compare that to Lea, whose character is given a storyline in just about every episode.

    • kom says:

      It would have never stared according to Ian.

  11. Boring says:

    Just kill Rachel off. I am so sick of her character, and the writers aren’t even trying to hide that they DGAF about anyone else anymore.

    • kurtrmercedesfan says:

      I love Rachel.

    • Ki says:

      Yes Please

    • Lara says:

      I think that if you don’t like Rachel it’s time for you to stop watching the show instead of complaining about the lead character of the show..

      • lol says:

        Stop asking for rationality from this fandom

      • sm says:

        Fandom of Glee has become so splintered into random factions and who can become vitriolic to anyone who disagrees with them to the point of irrational or delusional in some cases. In the case on this article. Pointing blame to a fictional character of a fictional TV show-made for comedy for laughs for our entertainment. Ha Ha! People need to relax and let it be. Glee is what it is. Created by Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuk who have never ask me for my opinion. I’m not butthurt.

    • Jeff says:

      I love Rachel she is the most interesting character.

    • asdfghjkl says:

      she gets hit by a cab in new york LOL obviously kidding I like rachel- in fact I love rachel- but there are other characters in the show and while she is the “lead” in the show, there are much more interesting and relatable plot lines that we want to hear about. She doesn’t even go to McKinley anymore and the show is STILL going to be all about her.

  12. Drew says:

    Anyone else feeling like that spinoff would’ve made so much more sense now

    • Gertrude says:

      IMO Murphy should have stuck to the plan of graduating seniors and rotating new cast members into the show — but should have kept Kurt and Rachel in school for another year to ease the transition. Now he’s just going to have a big mess on his hands.

    • sm says:

      Yes! I believe so many fans were so upset at the news that Kurt, Finn, and Rachel would graduate and be no more. That threw a monkey wrench in their plans of a secret spinoff. So much social media frenzy about this topic that the creators felt they should keep the trio on the boat so if Glee returnees wouldn’t have to keep it afloat by themselves.

  13. Ash says:

    The Rachel Berry Show: Starring Rachel Berry and featuring the vocal stylings of Rachel Berry. Special guest appearances by Rachel Berry and her enormous ego. Watch as your favorites become lifeless props in Rachel Berry’s success story. Tune in this fall!!

    • ha says:

      and they call Rachel a drama queen.

    • Janelle says:

      Sure people like her but the ratings prove not enough. So you Rachel stans can keep telling people to shut up and calm down. Oh they are and they are not watching the show. I give it a couple of months because Glee is canceled or this be their last season. The writers are terrible writers, there is no continuality, they don’t even follow basic writing techniques telling by the cast acting out of character randomly. Rachel may have been the lead character but season 1 made people attached to an ensemble cast.

      • Jeff says:

        You can’t blame Rachel for the ratings.

      • cindy says:

        The rating fell cause of the writing and inconsistency not to mention it wasn’t the new flashy show any more. . Most of the season was no focused on Rachel just the last few episodes did she has her own storyline even.

      • sm says:

        It seems new shows that are quirky, different, unconventional and risque’ usually soar with excellent ratings and soon have a big fan base as did Glee season 1. It’s difficult for shows to maintain that type of success in follow up seasons. Season 2 to some critics and some fan base was great while a great many critics gave the show lower ratings and lots of the general fan base stopped watching it because of its content. Season 3 was meant to reveal diffferent more adult versions of the characters, especially Finn and Rachel. Lots of the story lines were over the top and unbelievable. But that is Glee, stretch beyond the normal.

        As for Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory, comedies, have stayed comedies-hysterically funny comedies. Writing for an ensemble of characters who remain funny and quirky. Consistently. Very deserving of awards at any recent award show IMO.

        Glee changed their format to dramedy which IMO hurt its credibility and limited its ability to remain at the helm of odd but interesting, quirky but hysterical, clean cut to the edge of improper sexual innuendoes. It is NOT Rachel. It is the format that Glee has turned to that the fan base is in an uproar about. The writers have the formula for the season with some interjections throughout the season for fun but they have failed to keep the spark alive to last for any length of time. Season 3 were a few good episodes with some intolerable ones thrown in. To blame a character as written is quite odd to me. She comes alive when the actor breathes life into them. If people don’t like the Rachel character, you are wasting your breathe in your arguements about her, because the writers will still make her central to their story of Glee. Until the show ends. She is the soul of the underdog with talent scenario and will always remain so.

    • Mile says:

      I’m so genuinely excited!!!! Rachel’s going to be awesome this season.

    • asdfghjkl says:

      I’d watch it. *plate of sarcasm dunked in sarcasm with a side of sarcasm*

    • Sofia Leão says:

      gold trololololol xD

    • GLEE stans are crey crey says:

      I love this post. season 4 hasn’t even started and i’m already sick of Rachel. and as a Glee/finchel fan i never thought i’d say that. the Rachel Berry show is NOT a good idea.

  14. chriss says:

    more rachel berry? Im tired if it, every season they focus half their time on her. Glee needs to realize not everyone is a rachel berry, so not everyone cares about her journey. I dont think there was one glee related news that wasnt about her. When talking about kurt, they keep saying, he is going to go to ny because rachel is there and he cant leave her. No kurt needs to go to ny so he can achieve his dream that glee keeps taking away from him, not because of his friend. And they should focus on the actors that actally win awards tbh

    • Ali says:

      But Kurt is her Best Gay and Finn’s Gay Brother, of course he needs to be in New York where they (eventually) both will be. That’s his function on the show. The punching bag/Rachel’s purse/Finchel sidekick.

    • ha says:

      What BS. Half their time don;t rewrite the show.

    • que says:

      So you agree they should focus on Rachel too. Acting Like Lea has gotten no critical acclaim give me a break.

      What difference dees it make how Kurt gets to NYC as long as he gets their and becomes successful. Really some fans are getting really petty with this.

  15. nope says:

    Me and Glee are no longer talking.

    • Inigo says:

      But you and news about Glee still are. Clearly.

      • shannon says:

        I love how people are so sure they know exactly what the episode is about now based off the title alone, when every time this happens, everyone always gets it wrong. Wait til there’s something solid, like a plot description to bitch about before you open your mouths, because you’ll end up making yourselves sound like idiots when you realize you’re wrong.

  16. Ali says:

    When I watched this show in season one, I cared deeply about Rachel and Finchel. At this point, I care about pretty much everyone /but/ Rachel and Finchel. Season two made me feel like it was an ensemble show and I started liking other characters and relationships, enjoying the focus (other relationships actually got multi-episode arcs – shocker) they got. The finale made it clear where Glee is headed, and I don’t like it. If any character gets way too much focus, people are going to complain – even Rachel isn’t immune to this, center of Glee’s universe or not.

    • Chris says:

      I agree with much of what you wrote. Though I think I am in the minority — I actually found Season 2 to be the strongest of the seasons to date and much of that was due to that fact that there was a certain level of balance and the emerging of a strong ensemble cast. They were able to introduce some new characters, such as Coach Beiste and Blaine, and successfully integrate them into the cast. Season 3 seems to be one misstep after another, with the exception of handful of episodes, as they tried to tackle way too much in the form of new characters (Rory, Sugar, etc) and guest stars. I would like to see season 4 be more of a season 2 with greater focus. I fear it will be another too much of everything.

      • Ali says:

        Yes, it’s really all about balance, and I can’t help but think they just threw that idea out the window in season 3, along with Brittany’s character and any idea of what the word “payoff” means. When I watched season 2 I was hooked, wondering if Santana would accept herself and show her love for Brittany publicly and hoping for Kurt and Blaine to get together (I’m worried the best of these couples has come and gone) but this season? What did we get? Kurt’s string of failure, the mess that is Santana’s outing, and a whole lot of contrived Finchel drama. All they have to do is tell compelling stories about these characters over course of the season, is it really that difficult for these writers? They should sit down and watch Game of Thrones and take some tips on character development and storytelling for ensemble casts.

        • Chris says:

          Not to mention the horrid Puck/Shelby storyline, complete lack of character development of Rory, all of a sudden making the Warblers and Sebastian the villains (wasn’t this the no bully group of season 2), and so on. I would have loved to have learned more about Tina and Artie, etc. I am a Kurt and Blaine shipper and suspect that they writers will shoot that couple out of the water as well. I think they could have successfully told those stories and still have turned laser focus on Rachel, etc. The writers had such opportunities as you noted. Instead they kept trying to go for the headliners, instead of solid story writing with great singing.

          • Ali says:

            I think the worst thing about the way they handled Tina was how she only really spoke up in an episode where, in the end, she had to learn that Rachel is the star and a senior and Tina should stop being selfish and just wait her turn! Who cares that Rachel has been shining in competition for three seasons straight, Tina needs to be put in her place, which is clearly with the rest of the peons holding Rachel up high. Yeah I love both Brittana and Klaine, but the writers simply don’t care about either of them enough to bother. Brittany is gonna be into Artie again and Blaine will decide he wants to become a priest, so they call de-sex him 100%. And hey, don’t forget the meta! Of course the episode with Brittany and Santana’s first real focus on them as girlfriends in season 3 had them barely speaking and the show addressing a problem it didn’t even really fix. Typical.

    • no changes says:

      Even season 2 the leads were featured more. This hasn’t changed since day one. Rachel and Finn have season long arc and get bits in every episode. Some main characters such as Kurt and Santana get small arcs. And the supporting characters get focused episode. It has been the same all 3 season and will be the same for season 4.

      • Ali says:

        No. Let’s use Brittany and Santana for an example. In season two they got inportant moments and plots in episodes 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, and 22, all of these moments focusing on and developing not only their characters but their relationship. In season 3 they mostly entered a relationship off screen and Brittany had absolutely nothing to do with Santana’s coming out episode, because clearly Finn needed to be showcased more. Brittany’s grades and what it meant for the both of them individually and as a couple would have been the perfect opportunity to develop the characters further, but it wasn’t touched with the exception of one weak moment in the finale. That’s the difference between season two and three.

        • yeah yeah says:

          Santana got twice as many songs as the year before, she got to take over the Trouble Tones plot, she came out, she had her g-am moment. Please don’t auger Santana didn’t get her time she is one of the main Character but Rachel is the lead female.

          Finn got his time with being lost all season

          I don’t give a damn about the ships. The engagement stuff was dumb.

          • Jac says:

            I think you missed the point of Ali’s post — she isn’t talking about screen time or song time…she is talking about character development.

        • Pri says:

          Except that this person didn’t mention Brittany/Brittana at all. She was talking about Santana and Santana was pretty featured last season, way more than season 1 and 2.

          • saw says:

            Yes Santana was developed a lot in season 2 and 3. Plus Santana will proalby be a big part of seoasns4 so I don’t get that argument either. Of all the character Santana is the one who has increase while other stayed the same or got less even Rachel.

  17. nutja says:

    The new Rachel will probably be equally as annoying as the old one.

  18. James says:

    Oh look, The Rachel Berry Show. Vomit.

  19. Jane says:

    I sincerely hope the first episode is actually just about Rachel and not the Kurt and Finn anchors that have been dragging her into an ocean of suck for the past season. Bring on The New Rachel Berry!

  20. H says:

    Rachel is so annoying will ff all her scenes anyway

  21. filly says:


  22. wendyY says:

    I don’t care about Rachel. Just make Kurt the main character.

    • iolok says:

      He is a main character along with Rachel.

      • wendyY says:

        Then they should get rid of the “along with rachel part” she’s seriously the most irksome female lead in tv history. Nails on a chalkboard levels of horrible.

        • Henni says:

          She is one of my favorite character ever. So there you go.

        • Alex says:

          Some find Kurt annoying. That is why they have several characters.

          • TLOSChris says:

            tHE MAJORITY OF PEOLE find that Chris colfer is the best character on glee actually. More people hate Rachel.

          • Chris says:

            TLOSChris has a point. Kurt emerged as a fan favorite — as did his Dad, Burt. Fans of Glee have a lot of favorite characters. Which is what is fueling much of the Glee season 4 debate.

          • June says:

            I hate Kurt. I mute it when he sings, and cringe when he spots his pablam.

            I wish it really was the Rachel Berry show.

          • mint says:

            Please with this most people crap. You haven’t surveyed most people so just shut it.

          • suz says:

            Rachel emerged as a fan favorite too. Again there is enough for both so why does this fandom always have to fight.

            I like them both and I like when they interact too.

        • Mmmm says:

          Kurt is incredibly annoying though. His storyline totally killed the show and took it from a hilarious show full of heart to a full on boring, gloom fest

          • sm says:

            PSA’s are the bane of Glee IMO. Dramedy turned to TOO serious. Glee stopped being funny to make a statement about x,y,z social issue. This has been the crux to all of the viewers disapproval of Glee and where it has been heading. This has been for me and many I’ve known. Many who watched Glee but ceased to follow it because of its content. IMO, the main reason for its decline.

          • sm says:

            Not Rachel Berry or any other character who a person may not care for.

  23. Katy says:

    OMG, I certainly hope this show is not going to become the Rachel Berry show. If anything, the Emmy noms that came out today should show TPTB that focusing on Rachel so much does nothing for the show. They supposedly wrote last season to get her a nomination and it didn’t happen. Meanwhile, the actor and actress who had previously been nominated (twice each I believe) weren’t nominated. Because they were not given good storylines. At least DMJ got a nod, but I was sorry that Max Adler as well as Lauren Potter didn’t get them for their performances this year. Other than those three, I have to say the writers let everyone else and their chances down.

    • Yikes says:

      Lea already has an Emmy nomination. And if you think this season was writer for her nomination and not Naya and Dianna, none of whom got a nom, then I have a bridge to sell you. SO much stupidity so early in the morning.

    • Jenn says:

      Actually, the Emmy noms came out that way because they hadn’t been focusing much on Rachel. There are too many characters on this show and every one of them was spread too thin. They should concentrate on just a few of the core characters and rebuild the show around them. This will give much more focus to the show.

      • Lara says:

        completly agree. If you look at the lead actors nominated you will realize how much screentime they have compared to Rachel Berry on glee. They really should focus on a smaller number of characters..

      • less is more says:

        So true it worked nice the first season. Rachel Will and Finn had season long arcs. Quinn, Puck, Sue, Kurt has little story arcs. The rest had a focused episodes. Once they tried to give everyone and their brother a storyline they lost focus.

    • don't make stuff up says:

      They did not write last season to get her a Emmy nom, what a load of crap. She got crap story wise except for the last few episode.

  24. Brooke says:

    I get that season 1 was very much focused on Rachel. It seemed that in the past 2 years that they have tried to focus on the other characters as well. Backing Rachel off just a little and making it more of an ensemble show. I like most of the characters,so that’s not the problem. Glee has just created so many great characters and so many devoted fanbases that it doesn’t seem right to go back to a single character focus. (Not that that’s what they are doing) I feel that since the last 5 minutes of season 3 was devoted solely to Rachel that the season 4 opener should focus on those beloved characters that were just left hanging while Rachel sang her way thru the streets of New York.

    • Nancy says:

      The First 13 of Season 1 when the focus was solely on Will, Rachel, Finn and a side of Quinn, Puck and Kurt will always be my favorite part of Glee.

      • Brittany says:

        Yes; when we got a lot of storylines about a LOT of different people and they all somehow tied into one another. That’s what I loved. I don’t like to feel like everything is surrounded by one specific person; like it’s a treat for us to get a storyline about anyone else because everyone is supposed to just be dancing around a specific character. That’s not fair. I loved season 1 because there was a balance.

        • true says:

          It was balances cause it was about less people. It had leads to share stories with the supporting cast. They got to big and couldn’t handle it. So now they are gong back to what work, their leads and some main character.

    • gt says:

      They have never been a single character focus so there would be no way to go back to that.

      And who is to say that we wont see what the others are doing from time to time.

      So many assumptions with so little information.

  25. Lara says:

    It’s just the title of the episode, not the plot, people relax!

    • duh says:

      “At Comic-Con over the weekend, exec producer Brad Falchuk confirmed that Lea Michele’s newly-single, college-bound character would encounter some growing pains in the Big Apple. “She’s starting fresh,” he previewed, ”[with] the challenges of New York and being there alone.”
      Making matters worse will be the arrival of special guest star Kate Hudson as her new instructor at NYADA. “[Her teaching philosophy is] one based on negative reinforcement,” teased Falchuk. “Rachel has to get used to that.””

      ^^^ Direct quote. That looks like a plot to me…

      • Jim says:

        It is one of the plots. Glee has 3 or 4 plots a episodes.

        • duh says:

          Then why can’t we get info about those other plots rather than just this ONE? That’s my only issue. They keep repeating the same stuff over and over again as if that is the only thing that needs to be happening or the only thing that people care about when it’s clear that people care about the other people/plots too.

          • there are more spoilers out there says:

            duh, cause they don’t want to give much away yet. They have to build buzz cause they need viewers.

            No one is saying this it the only thing they care about. We have heard 2 things for Kurt, they have been teasing Finn and the army, they mention seeing how Mercedes gets to LA. We know they are looking to rebuild the club and who will be the new leader. Wemma wedding. Sue’s baby. We know Heather willbe featured in the second epsidoes. Naya was at Comic Con so it seem she willhave a big part.

  26. TLOSChris says:

    Kurt should have gotten into NYADA, and not Rachel.

    • Kia says:

      No only special snowflake Prom Queen Rachel Berry.

      • must be l nice for her. says:

        yeah Rachel has it so good getting dumped, having her mother lie and ignore her, having a boyfriend throw eggs at her and having 3 years of hate thrown at her at school some even by her so called friends.

    • Kurt says:

      They both should have got in. But Kurt will have anew dream and succeed anyway.

      • TLOSChris says:

        No she shouldn’t have gotten in full stop. Rachel blew her audition when she choked. She cheated her way into nyada.

        • joke says:

          She didn’t cheat. They should have skipped the chock stuff all together then. Wow some people need to move on.

          • TLOSChris says:

            She totally pressured tibideaux to go see her and give her special attention. Tina had to drive her while she stalked her. She’s a worm. She couldn’t accept the fat that she screwed up and that Kurt was more proffessional, and pulled off his audition best.

          • what says:

            She didn’t make Tina drive her that was Tina’s idea.

          • what says:

            Wow step back from the Kurt love.

          • frrere says:

            Yeah an 17 year old she did pressure her, she forced muffins on her.

        • Lila says:

          LOL This is ridiculous. The fact that Rachel got in has not to do with the fact that Kurt didn’t; even if Rachel was rejected, Kurt would have been rejected too. It was not a trade… lol

        • duh says:

          Exactly. She threw a fit to get a new audition to get into NYADA – an exception that isn’t made for anyone else for that school. That was ridiculous. Kurt should have gotten in – fair and square. Instead, we were treated to Rachel as Tina praising Rachel and then Rachel annoying some lady until she finally got her way. It was ridiculous.

          • George says:

            She didn’t throw a fir stop rewriting the show. She got the lady to give her another chance and she did, end of story.

        • funny lies says:

          Ha cheated. Don’t make stuff up. Sure for comedy sake they said she called her a bunch but cheated, please.

      • smithy says:

        You are right. I don’t see why some have to keep harping on this. It is over now lets concentrate on Kurt getting a dream and kicking butt.

    • Ash says:

      They both should have gotten in. But that’s Glee for you, snatching failure from the jaws of victory.

      • Erin says:

        Rachel shouldn’t have gotten in. She blew her audition. In real life, that would’ve meant she would’ve been rejected big time. Instead of just handing her yet another thing(like lead in WSS and Prom Queen), they should’ve had her working her butt off in becoming even better and had her kill in another audition next year. But it’s Glee and it’s freaking unrealistic and the girl screwing up will get in anyway.

        • Yikes says:

          When will bitter Kurt stans get a life?

          • George says:

            You can spot them a mile away. Rachel didn’t keep Kurt from NYADA. They want to go another way. The way Chris has wanted him to go forever…fashion most likely.

          • Tin says:

            It really is just pathetic at this point right?

          • Kris says:

            When pathetic Rachel stans do.

          • peace says:

            Please why is this Rachel vs Kurt. How many people really thing Kurt won’t get his dream in the end? Kurt will be a very successful man, I have no doubts about that. He has to struggle to get a new dream and Rachel has to struggle to still make her dream come try, basically starting over.

            Let stop and try to enjoy the show. God it is entertainment not do fodder for fights.

          • Ash says:

            Because the writers made it Rachel vs. Kurt from the very beginning and in every situation it’s been Rachel Victorious. *shrugs* For me, the only silver lining in Kurt having to give up his dreams of performance is that he’ll no longer be in competition with her and maybe he wont be canon fodder for her victories anymore.

          • Kate says:

            As a proud Kurt stan I totally understand why some of us are bitter, we kind of got the rug pulled out from under us in the finale. What I don’t understand is why that bitterness is being directed at Rachel. It was never once even implied that Rachel took Kurt’s spot. There were a very limited number of spots to begin with and it seems much more likely to me that some other male performer got a spot over Kurt. As for Rachel “cheating”, the dean of the school allowed it in the end so I’m pretty sure that makes it admissible. Or better yet, maybe we should just acknowledge that the writers kind of suck and wanted some artificial drama about Rachel getting in or not. Geez, sometimes I feel like I’m just too logical for this fanbase.

          • Marley says:

            They’re actually psychotic lately and don’t understand how it makes them look. it’s sad.

          • head canon doesn't count says:

            Every situation hasn’t pitted Rachel vs Kurt. NYADA was staged that way at all. They were supporting each other for the most part.

        • real says:

          I got a second chance to get my job.

        • dq says:

          Someone is a little too invested in this show.

        • kurt will prevail too says:

          Since when has glee been realistic and why should it be. Thing is in the end Rachel still had to impress the NYADA lady and she did. So Rachel did work it to get in.

  27. Camila says:

    What bothers me is not Rachel, what Bothers me is Rachel being with Finn.

    They are just plain awful for each other and they bring the wors in each other.

    So, seeing Rachel Berry in a setting in which she has to prove her talent and fight for her dreams, is very season 1 for me, ergo… This is going to be good.

    BUT, this is going to be good only if they keep Finn away. Actually, to be honest, I wouldn’t mind if the writers get rid of Finn forever.

  28. zuzu says:

    It is a title. And funny Rachel’s name has never been in a title before so stop exaggerating. These aren’t even new spoilers some thing we have know for a while.

  29. Annie says:

    To the deluded Rachel stans: a whole lot of Glee fans are pretty sick of her. Especially since more and more is about her and Finn and a big part of the rest of the cast just works as upgraded extra’s.
    You keep saying she’s the lead, like you’re talking about New Girl where it’s first and foremost about Zooey Deschanel’s character. But it’s not, Glee is about an ensemble cast. Look at how many regulars there are.They all deserve their spotlight and right now it’s like Rachel has 50% of the spotlight and the rest has to share the other 50%.
    People don’t just care about Rachel. Santana and Kurt for instance have huge fandoms, not to mention the couples they’re involved in. Or what about the fact that the only reason Tina got a solo was because she was Rachel. I care a lot for Tina, she’s one of my favourites and it sucks to see her (or Brittany) a lot of the time not even get lines while she was a regular since day one, just like Rachel.
    They should give all the graduated seniors equal time because I and lot’s of people interrested in ALL of them.
    (Also, Lea said that she would be in every episode. So you can’t really brush it of as ‘oh they just want to keep the other storylines a secret)

    • No Way!!! says:

      Lea really said she would be in every episode?!!! Yes!!!!!!

    • come on now says:

      And other will be in most if not all the episode. Why can’t some figure out they are just teasing one story cause they don’t want to give away mcuh right now.
      And Kurt and Santana have already been noted as having decent roles in season 4. Naya had twice as many song last year and basically tied with Lea. So please stop with only Lea getting anything or even 50% it simply is not true.

    • Bo says:

      They can’t give all the graduates equal time. But they will give them a plot in a episode or two like they always have. Rachel doesn’t get 50% of the screen time and you know it. And we know Kurt has a big storyline and with Naya being at Comic Con it seem she is going to be in the show a lot too.

      Plus this was just a title of the episode the information about Rachel isn’t even new.

    • anna says:

      Glee fans are weirdo… I’m sorry if you picked a background character to worship and now wants it to become the focus of the show. Maybe the show should be about Brad, the piano guy, because… well, ~I like him the most!!!! he’s my fave, I have a crush on the actor who plays him!!~ Oh, spare me. Glee writers should just go back to write the show the way it was supposed to be and stop doing fanservice. Glee fans are never satisfied. They will never be anyway, so focus in quality instead of quantity and it will be ok.

      • lol says:

        lol I love you.

      • Vtr says:

        Bless this post.

      • Jac says:

        Glee fans are merely passionate about their show and their favorite characters, and yeah…will likely never be happy because in their mind, they want certain things to happen. Pick any watercooler TV show and you will find the same. And the only time the writers seemed to bowed to fans desires was having Blaine and Kurt become a couple, since Blaine was originally not written to be anything beyond a mentor. All other focus and story lines are generally from Ryan Murphy. Don’t believe me — check out any interview he has given when talking about Glee.

        PS –RM had plans to give Brad a backstory — to include that Brad actually hates kids.

        • Linds. says:

          There’s passionate and then there’s psychotic. I don’t often comment, but from what I seen the majority of you tend to veer toward psychotic moreso than passionate.

          • Jac says:

            then I’d strongly recommend going to a different board if the fans bother you so much. But more then that — calling anyone psychotic because they choose to comment on a show is just rude and mean.

          • But says:

            Stop being psychotic if you don’t enjoy being called on it. Simple. Comment away, I will comment regarding your comment if I choose. It’s a free country for both of us.

        • fre says:

          A back story that was never seriously to be on screen. It was just a attitude for him.

        • pff says:

          you joking, right? britanny/santana was fanservice, a lot of other scenes e blabla. Yes, a lot of fans of a lot of shows are passionate, but they know the difference between what they want to happen and what actually is, being passionate and being whiny, petty, and bitter are different things

    • fre says:

      Maybe if Jenna had done something with Tina she would have peaked some interest to give her a story. And Heather oh god she mumbles and sorry she totally tuned out this season. I don’t care if she didn’t have lines she should still be doing back ground work.

      The people getting storylines do because they actually can act and act no matter what.

  30. Danielle says:

    i think i would be fine with someone being the central focus of the show if that character was likable, which, to me, Rachel is not. yes, she has great drive and talent, but with ehr personality, thinking that she is the greatest talent ever and deserves to be treated like a star by everyone, and then being surprised when people dont (take her original NYADA audition, for example). when her judge didnt let her have a THIRD try, she stalked and harassed the judge until she came to see her at Nationals. and then, the way she handled the Finn situation was the final straw. at the beginning of season 1, she said she would not let a boy step in the way of her dream. then, in the season 3 finale, when Finn broke up with her and said he wasnt going to NYC with her, she said she would stall her move, not going to NYC unless he was with her. she also said, in the beginning, that she would never stop pursuing her dreams. but, immediately after her failed NYADA audition, she says she is just going to “accept it and settle down to support Finn and his dreams,” giving up on her dreams the second she gets rejected. she is not a good character at all, and, if the show focuses on mostly her next season, i will no longer be watching. i could barely tolerate her (and by extention, Finn) before, and only because the writers at least dedicated 50% of each episode to someone other than the two of them…on most occasions.

    • jjj says:

      I hope you don’t watch it anymore. The less bitter the better. ^_^

    • facts says:

      I find her extremely fun. She is a character not someone you have to deal with. Her voice overs are gold. She is over the top and you never know which way she will go. Will she be that crazy girl or the extremely forgiving, vulnerable girl who just wants to fit in.
      I don’t see her any more or less annoying then any of them. Finn say and does stupid stuff, Brittany is an idiot, Artie can be sexist, Santana is a big bitch, Quinn is nuts. Mercedes can be a big diva, Kurt thinks he is better than everyone else. Why is Rachel held at a different standard, why can’t she had flaws like everyone else? Why does she have to apologize and no one else seems to have too. Geez she was the only ever really punished by the school when others did way worse things.

      Rahel didn’t get any more or less than time or character development than she has the past two season, in fact she proalby got a little less even in song. He own story didn’t come up until the end. The wedding stuff was crap and as much if not more about Finn.

    • BS says:

      Stop pulling ridiculous numbers out of your ass. She does not get 50% of the screen time.

  31. Julie says:

    Rachel Berry is the best part of Glee. I wish the episode was really all about Rachel, but since I’m smart enough to know that no episode of Glee has ever been about a single character, I know there will be other stories told.

    Glee fans are a bunch of whiny, nasty, drama queens. Rachel Berry is a saint compared to you people. You all should be embarrassed about the way you interact and go overboard about a single spoiler.

    Use your brains people and take a Valium so you all CALM DOWN!

    • frank says:

      logic doesn’t work in the glee fandom.

    • AZ says:

      And yet you felt the need to comment too. These boards are designed for fans to interact and debate — exactly what is happening here. There is no harm in that. People who like the show are sharing their views. Maybe you should calm down on your criticism of them.

      • Angela says:

        Debate is fine. But what’s happening in a lot of these discussions isn’t debate. It’s just nasty mudslinging and name calling. And over fictional characters, no less!
        People can talk about wanting to see more or less of a certain character, they can talk about ways to improve the writing or story ideas they like or don’t like. That’s fine. But the fighting and nasty remarks are beyond immature and nuts.

  32. Rachel says:

    There will be no more or less of Rachel as there has been every other season.

    It is a title with old news. This does not mean the whole story shifts to just Rachel.

    I love the drama queens who can’t handle the tv drama queen. Too close to home may be?

  33. Subway says:

    GLEE has the worst fans in the history of televison, I am now convinced. They complain about EVERYTHING. The writers can’t even explore new options for example: pairing different characters up with different and NEW people, fans would cry if Britanna and Klaine broke up, instead of embracing a new chapter in their lives. You seriously want the same people together almost the whole series run? Get real.

    And Glee was NEVER an ensemble cast! Modern Family is an ensemble cast. An ensemble cast has NO lead. Glee does. Lea Michele is the only Emmy nominated actress (besides Jane and Dot) on the show! S1 was the best because it focused on her, Finn and Will. When Glee started to focus on melodramatic characters such as Santana and Kurt, the show went downhill because these characters and the actors can’t be leads! Kurt was a supporting character in S1 so was Santana! Naya Rivera will NEVER be nominated for an Emmy because SHE CAN’T ACT! Stop the buffonery stans.

    • Kimba says:

      Sorry, I had a chuckle at your “Lea Michele is the only Emmy nominated actress (besides Jane and Dot)” You just proved she isn’t. And she’s not even the most acclaimed. She was nominated ONCE. For the first season which is pretty much the only one most people liked her. But Jane, Dot and Chris (actor, not actress, true) have all been nominated multiple times. You can say she’s the lead, but when compared with leads from other shows it’s obvious she doesn’t measure up. Oh and ‘stan’? Really?
      *ring, ring* *ring, ring*
      Hello, pot? This is kettle. You’re black.
      Let’s face it just about everyone here is a stan – including you!

      • Subway says:

        She was nominated ONCE, because S1 was GLEE’S ONLY “ACCLAIMED” season, that was when the writing was good and witty. And please, don’t say anything about S2, because that season can only be described as ‘less bad than S3’. Lea Michele is not that acclaimed? Yet, she is the face of Glee and get’s more press than anyone on the show? Not to mention her talent is undeniable and praised by critics alike? I can go to ten entertainment websites and she will be on the front page OR have multiple articles about her. Can I do the same for Naya, Chris or Amber? Ha. No. And don’t be juvenile and say they have articles about them. Maybe 1 from 2011. When compared to other leads on other shows she dosen’t measure up because she isn’t featured as much as them! That’s the problem. And yes, I just realized this post sounded “stanish” but I’m not, suprisingly. Your response was cool though. Now, um, go have several seats.

        • facts says:

          Um Lea is very acclaimed 1 emmy and 2 gold globe nods. Not to mention being named to 100 most influential people. She has won numerous awards and been nominated for nearly everything she could be.

          Chris is a great actor but got a hot issue to act out. Lea got nominated just for playing a young girl who was just to ambitious for her own girl. She didn’t have a fancy storyline like Chris or Dot.

          Not throwing shade at them they are great but don’t pretend Lea has not been critically acclaimed for her role on glee.

      • lol says:

        She clearly said actress beside Jane and Dot. As far as I can tell, despite his high voice, Chris is not a girl. Neither is Matthew Morrison.

        • Kimba says:

          Do you not read between parentheses? I clearly stated he was an actor, not an actress. And I didn’t include MM because unlike the others he hasn’t been nominated multiple times. Just like Lea. I just had to chuckle at the original remark because the poster qualified it as it was being made. Just lost all impact to make it seem like Lea was better than all the other actress in that she was the only one nominated – oh but wait, except for these other fantastic ladies who were nominated multiple times and one of them actually won. See, it’s funny!

          • Subway says:

            Lol! Lea is a better actress than anyone on Glee–some might say Jane is? Yes, Jane won an Emmy for Sue Sylvester (once or twice?) because she was better than the actresses in that catergory in THAT year but thanks to Julie Bowen and Sophia V, and Glee’s crappy writing of Sue’s character she can forget ever winning again. Lea was NOT better than the actresses in that catergory for that year although she can be nominated WITH them, meaning she is talented enough to be nominated for the LEAD ACTRESS Emmy against heavyweights who’ve been doing it for years, it was Lea’s FIRST uear on televison . Um, will Naya or Dianna ever be nominated for an emmy? LOL! NO! And you know it. Also, would Glee suffer dramatically if Jane/Sue left? No. But it would if Rachel/Lea left and I guarentee you, without Lea, Glee would have been cancelled after the first 13 episodes.

      • xjaz says:

        I think the poster was trying to point out Lea was the only Female “kid” to be nominated. And to say Lea hasn’t gotten acclaim for her acting is nonsense.

    • sm says:

      Here Here! Modern Family ensemble. I must say I do enjoy Naya as Santana, but must admit that her fans are wide and strong. Lea, Amber and Naya all have strong singing voices but each are suited to certain music and not all. Each has her strengths. But as a threat of triple talent, Lea Michele is Glee’s main talent and character. Lea has shown Rachel to be exaggerated with any type of emoting.

      • Mia says:

        Yes, Naya is enjoyable as Santana but her character is tired. She says the same thing over and over in different ways: Finn is fat, Quinn is crazy, and Rachel has a big nose. *yaaawwwwn* She hasn’t been “funny” since mid Season 2. I was unaware Naya had fans outside the Internet? I guarentee you she wouldn’t have that 1% of LOUD fans if she wasn’t a lesbian. (No offense, at all). She and Amber are FANTASTIC singers however, but maybe acting should be. . .left alone. I completly agree about how Lea, Amber and Naya can’t sing everything. Imagine Lea singing anything by a soul/R&B artist not Beyonce per say but artist like Monica or Mary J. Blige, or Amber singing Shania Twain, or Naya singing Celine Dion. LMFAO.

        • al says:

          No singer can sing everything. I agree if they had not made Santana a lesbian she wouldn’t have too mcuh of a fan base. She would be like Amber or Jenna.

      • Weil says:

        I get the sense that she has a dedicated group of internet fans. But I’ve never understood the fuss about Santana. She’s a miserable witch and not even funny to boot. Naya’s never had to stretch anything to play her. And it annoys me when people get accolades just for playing gay. Especially when they’re straight playing gay.

        • sm says:

          I agree on many things. Naya plays Santana very well and I enjoy her portrayal. I’m trying to be very good natured in my discussion. To be honest, I don’t like Santana, especially, s3. Her vitriol rant to Finn or anyone else was just pathetic. Hating herself because she cannot deal with her own issues is not a reason to exhibit hate on any level. Especially, in fun. To make the difference that is OK for Santana or Kurt’s bully(forgot his name) just because they have issues coming to terms with their own sexuality is wrong. That part of season 3 I disliked in every way. Now Glee has made it a big part of the show and is proud of their efforts to portray the issues of same sex feelings and its consequences of those affected by them. That is Glee. That is the format they wanted to tell. Many viewers appreciated that Glee told their story even if it was not of interest to me or other viewers. This is a part of Glee and its appeal to a vast diversity of fans that still carries the show and its fans want to delve into further. That is the point of the matter. Does Glee and its purpose of story telling want to explore those stories or just give a shorter version to its viewers and expound on its main characters? I, certainly, believe Glee has its priorities.
          Santana and her relationship with Britanny is just that-a shorter version. Of which I am happy it is.

  34. mya says:

    WoW! Anyone ever get such a negative opinion of fans of an actor/character that it starts to bleed over into the person themselves? I thought the worst I ever saw were Lautner fans who couldn’t stand anyone having a negative opinion about him, but the Lea/Rachel fans are ranking right up there. Geez, people, some people don’t like her. Get over it. Why not let them express their opinions without insulting them and posting your own positive ones? Sorry, I just don’t like fans biting at each other – but that’s my opinion. LOL!
    To be honest, I am waiting to see what the show has in store for the upcoming season. I sort of wished that they would have done like FNL and graduated the seniors off the show, but Mr Schue is no Coach. So that wasn’t going to happen. This is only based on what little I’ve heard so far, but it sounds as if they are going to be stretched too think trying to keep up with everyone’s stories. It was already that way in Season 3 and now without everyone in one location, I can’t see it getting better. I just hope they change things up somewhat. Sure, we’ve seen Rachel fight for something she wants, but we’ve never seen her really lose. That would be interesting to see. I feel they wrote themselves into a corner with Finn. How can they possibly keep him singing if he’s in the Army or get him out of it? They most interesting would have been Santana struggling and maybe taking night classes, but no, they had her take the safe route she was so against taking at the end of last season. And it looks like they are just going to keep Kurt stuck in his role of never getting his dreams come true. If everything stays the same, they are going to lose a lot of fans.

    • Hypocrite says:

      Yeah I never really used to care about Kurt, but his “stans” have really made me hate him. His singing voice is crap and watching him all season was painful. I’m not at all Rachel’s biggest fan but when he didn’t get into NYADA, my friends and I were actually laughing hysterically. Perfect ending. Made up for so much crap stories and having to sit through his weird faced, self-absorbed, self-pitying, woe is my gay gloom and doom lameness.

    • lol says:

      “Why not let them express their opinions without insulting them and posting your own positive ones?”

      So we can’t disagree or have positive opinions? That’s just hypocrite

      Some people don’t like her. Yeah. That’s their problem. Sucks for them that she’s the lead.

      But some people do like her. And they are allowed to express their opinions too.
      Get over it.

  35. CA says:

    Here is my hope for season 4:
    1. A return to season 1 and 2 feel of fewer characters but sharper storylines
    2. For Glee fans to remember that Glee is fiction and lots of non-real world events and character actions occur in that world that wouldn’t happen in real life
    3. Less big name guest stars and more focus on the regular cast.
    4. For Blaine to have better fashion sense — get that man some socks! For Kurt to have better fashion sense — there is a fine line btw leaning fashion forward and looking ridiculous
    5. For the producers to recognize that if Finn’s dad was in the Army, don’t show a picture of a Marine
    6. For Tina and Artie to get solid storylines
    7. For basic civility on chat rooms and boards when it comes to Glee.
    8. If Kurt and Blaine stay together as a couple — actually show some normal PDA
    9. Give fans true closure on Karovsky
    10. Just a better season 4!!!!

  36. kc says:

    I LOVE this! Glee’s ratings are sinking, the critics are over it, and it’s losing fans and viewers left and right. The fact that Glee will be taking it’s last dying gasps as “The Rachel Berry Show” is priceless. LOL

    • peg says:

      Except it is just the title of one episode. Rachel is hardly the reaosn for the woes of glee. So little appreciation for Rachel and who she got the story rolling in the g first place.

  37. Yikes says:

    lol.. Kurt stans are very, very, very, very, pathetically so really, dedicated in their hate and bitterness. Ironic given the character they stan for. Oh well. Keep on keeping on.

  38. Chica says:

    anyone else find it cray cray that rachel is the star of the show but lea doesn’t make the most money?

    • don says:

      First those numbers are rumor so we don’t know how much anyone makes. But no it is not a surprise she had no tv experience before glee. If rumors are right she started off making the most of the kids and still does. Jane makes the most per episode cause she had the most experience. That is how it works.

  39. Flobot says:

    I figured out why I kind of stopped liking Rachel. She stopped being someone who you had to worry about what was going to happen to them and want to root for her because of that. That’s why I loved her in Season 1. And maybe it’s just because we hadn’t had anything to base the show off of to understand what was going to be the norm. But in season 1 I felt like I didn’t know if she was going to achieve her dreams or find love or anything. Not to mention, she actually lost some songs to Quinn and Tina. Sure she was kind of annoying sometimes, but in spite of that I felt like she was someone to root for. But then Season 2 came and she never lost anything since then, really. It became apparent she was always going to have things go her way and that made me feel like why should I root for someone who is always going to win. I prefer an underdog all the way. But Rachel always wins and just about everyone else has lost something. I think RIB made a big mistake in letting her get into NYADA. They should have stuck with the whole choke idea and had her lose something. Break up with Finn because she needs to focus on her career. Go to New York and struggle to make it. Make her an underdog who we aren’t sure is going to succeed. I think they lost an opportunity here because even though we all have heard she’s going to struggle with Kate Hudson, we all know they are going to give her the win in the end and it’s not interesting to watch when you know what’s going to happen.

    • please says:

      But every win is bittersweet for her. She never gets to win out right she either has to learn a lesson or doesn’t get it the way that makes it saitisfgying. She got Maria and hurt Mercedes. She got NYADA but lost FInn and Kurt. What other win has seh had and empty crown that scared her to death cause she has had it just so great she was afraid blood was about to fall on her? I don’t buy this special snowflake crap. She get what she want cause she goes for it. She also gets smacked down every time someone can think to do it. In Prom Queen she want a party and Kurt and Blaine did too, but only Rachel is slammed for it. Finn also calls her spoiled cause she expressed her feeling for Finn lying (keeping stuff from her) yet again.
      Yeah Rahel just has it so good in high school. Please she had few thing go her way 2 things cause she worked to make it happen.

  40. Rose says:

    Wake me up when the writers get their heads out of Rachel Berry’s ass. Rachel used to be one of my favorite characters, but I am so sick of how the writers have to undermine other characters just to prop Rachel up. It’s honestly disgusting.

    • don says:

      They have done that to all the characters though. They had Rachel be a cheat to prop up Finn. They always make Rachel do questionable thing so someone else can take the high road and be the better person.

  41. j says:

    I love this title!!!

  42. lady says:

    How long before this show is cancelled? Will it make it past mid season?

    • Chris says:

      It was picked up for a full season renewal and it’s timeslot move is designed to increased it’s viewership since it will follow X Factor. Fox isn’t going to cancel this show anytime soon as long and it stays above the 3.0 18-49 demo in the ratings. It’s a misnomer to say that it’s ratings keep falling because once it dropped 30% in total viewership (from 10 mil to 7 mil) in the early part of season 3, it stabilized. But it remained above a 3 in the demo. Besides — Glee continues to be a money maker for the network — advertisers are still coming forward and people are buying the songs and the watercooler buzz continues.


      I hope so! Not only does Glee do really good songs but it has alot of situations that the fans can relate to! The day this Glee gets cancelled I will be VERY upset!!! ;)


    I just want to say that I am most interested to see the reactions of the breakup of rachel and finn! I mean is finn gonna be like crying or is he gonna move on?! I also can’t wait to see Kate Hudson’s role! :)

  44. Ashli says:

    Do people not realize that this show started off about the underdogs fighting for what they wanted? Rachel was THE lead underdog. She was the very bottom of the food chain, nobody liked her. It was a show about her starting a club, getting people to join, and making something of herself.

    But seriously, it’s TV. The fact that SO many people are getting pissed off that they “only release spoilers about Rachel and Klaine” is ridiculious. That might be how it is, but that’s the writers choice. If Ryan and them don’t want something offically released, they say so. They allow certain spoilers to be released. THAT’S IT.

    Now, I love TV and TV shows just as much as these people getting mad, the only differene is that I seem to understand that this is all make believe. That’s it. Fake. Not real.
    So stop b****ing about not getting information about your beloved characters.

    It seems like everyone who says something negative just wants to start an argument with the other fans.

  45. Dawn says:

    All I can say is I hope Blaine becomes the new “go-to” for the glee club! I LOVE to hear him sing!!!!

  46. Hel's says:

    I don’t mean to be rude and have literally been checking this out now. I find it interesting all the passion you guys have but I feel we must be reminded its fiction. I’m a Klaine shipper. I love the relationship during series 3 and how they made it to show that regardless of who you are attracted to, relationships will have the same drama and series 2 when they got together and Blaine says ‘I love you’ with no flare or drama, no cliche song just pure, dreamy emotion and Kurt’s surprise…sigh now if someone would do that to me.

    With regards to Rachel. I loved her character in season 1. She was my fav, I did also develop a soft spot for Kurt but Rachel was my number one even my housemate says the same thing. Now whenever she sings or speaks i have to fast forward (thank god for sky+) or not watch her and just watch the other characters. They have made her basically a very annoying character. Even in the finale of season 3, while i admire her of sacrafice saying she is going to help her friends with their applications she just sounds so contrasending. She has grown in personality I will admit that, she cares for others more and will make the ‘compromise’. But I really do find her annoying now, she’s a great singer and good actress but I am bored of her. She has a story line in every episode, she gets her own way eventually and it becomes the Rachel Barry show.

    Should series 4 start to focus too much on her, I will still watch it, I am a Fan, but I will just use sky+ to fast forward. When I first heard the split between new York and McKinley I was very enthusiastic, but I thought we would have Rachel and Kurt and Santana there while Blaine and Tina etc would be at McKinley. But now if half the show is about Rachel while the other half is split between 10 other characters, I am less enthusiastic but I know Rachel has a big fan base, though Klaine has a huge fan base especially Fanfiction wise and appreciate she is a leading lady so I wish her luck and really hope series 4 doesn’t blow up in there faces. I just want more Klaine time. I suggest if you are unhappy with characters and want new stories read some of the amazing stories written by others and use your imagination on the Fanfiction site you will find a lot of people agree with you and your POV.

  47. Rach says:

    So basically the first episode will start with Rachel being shunned by her classmates because she’s been exposed as the girl who bribed her way into the school and lots of Rachel whining to Kurt through phone calls about her teacher because said teacher isn’t kissing her ass like Schue did, with Rachel being her typical self-centered bitchy self and rubbing Kurt’s rejection in his face with her constant whining(and also whining that Finn is no longer at her beck and call to praise her selfish ass with compliments that she never returns because he’s finally free of her never-ending demands). Enter new boy who’s one of the most popular boys at school who takes an interest in Rachel’s extremely whiney undeserving behind and helps her believe in herself(because Rachel can never and will never do anything for herself) so she impresses “mean” teacher but Rachel never helps the boy with any of his problems because she’ll never think that anyone else’s problems could rival her own ridiculously selfish ones. And that’s what you’ll see on Glee.

  48. Michelle says:

    Am I the only one who wants to know what happened to Karofski after the hospital? will he come back now join the glee club? will Sugar get better? and what happens to the arc with Sugar and Rory? and will we see the warblers again or were they only a 2 season Mcguffin?

    I’ve never been over fond of Rachel that’s my own opinion but I know I’d like to see more of some of the minor characters like Coach Beist, Tina will likely get a chance to shine but may have to share a spotlight with Brittany much like Santana and Mercedes seemed to share the spotlight.

    I’m also a fan of Blaine but with new characters coming in I’m curious too see how that will work out.

    And how often will we see Quin, she’s not the most likable character but I did enjoy her arcs.

    these are just my musing and questions, I mean no offense to those who may be adverse to my opinions but I’d love to hear other speculations. (preferably ones that don’t tangent into character hate)

  49. X-Art Girls says:

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    this blog presents quality based content.

  50. Michelle says:

    No offense but you people are going on and on about nothing!! So what if the writers show Rachel alot she started the glee club she has been in it since the beginning she deserves the screen its wat she works for. And by the way this is just a tv show GET OVER IT!!!!