Emmy Nominations 2012: The 37 Biggest Snubs

Without rage and incredulity, there are no Emmy nominations, a wise philosopher once said*. And while today’s announcement of the 2012 contenders certainly contained some pleasant surprises — hooray for Veep! — there are still enough major snubs to leave one’s jaw paying a visit to one’s kneecaps. Here’s our rundown of the 37 most glaring omissions. (*Or, if he didn’t, he should have!)

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Check out our biggest reasons for ranting against the Emmy machine, then hit the comments with the snubs that left you blind with fury.

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  1. amoeba says:

    omg Glee was not snubbed. They shouldn’t have ever been nominated past season 1. Stop with your blatant hard-on for that show.

    • Rachel says:


    • Sarah El says:

      AGREED. Why anyone would think Glee was snubbed is beyond me. Beyond reason. Just gross.

    • AJ says:

      careful, I suggested this site had an awful bias towards Glee and Girls and the commenters “had no idea what I was talking about.” And here is Glee in their list of snubs. I don’t think it was a snub at all.

      • kirads09 says:

        I will probably get myself in trouble but I have something to say to this. One only needs pay attention to the almost daily articles, number of AA questions answered about it and the other time&space TV Line devotes to Glee. I am not attacking anyone personally, TV Line or the show, but simply making a realistic observation. They do seem overly obsessed with it, while ignoring other programs.

        • B says:

          You’ll get no argument from me. But I have noticed that Glee fans are very vocal, bordering on obsessive, on this and other TV-related websites. I’ve taken to immediately rolling my eyes and moving on when I see the (often whiny) posts.

          To each his own, but I for one will not miss that dreck when it’s finally gone.

      • Michael says:

        Who the eff cares? Is it that difficult for you morons to figure out that we don’t all like the same thing? Slezak loves Glee and thinks that they were snubbed. Who the hell are you to think that your taste in television is the end-all-be-all? I stopped watching the show midway through the first season because I found it grating. I don’t feel the need to whine like a little bitch, though, when someone sings its praises. Get over it and visit another site if it’s bothering you that much.

    • noa says:

      true!!! i was so with them on that list till i saw Glee in there.

    • Sharon says:

      Agreed. However, Dot-Marie’s nomination for Guest Actress was well-deserved.

      • Luminosity says:

        Agree with you on both points!

      • I agree, while I LOVE Glee and can’t get enough of it, it CERTAINLY did NOT deserve a Best Comedy nod. This season was awful, the acting (with D-MJ being the exception), the writing, the lack of continuity with the plots(s) — awful. Agreed with Dot-Marie’s nomination, Jolene, her Mean duet with Puck and simply her facial expressions during her “very special episodes,” if she doesn’t get it I’m going to FREAK OUT! (Although, I would also love to see Martha Plimpton get it only because she was very wrongly omitted for Raising Hope.)

      • Traci says:

        I agree 100% with Dot-Marie. But I also think Max Adler should have gotten a nod for his part in the Glee season this year. His was so very emotional.

        • sm says:

          I love Glee and watch it “Faithfully” but the writing was not good season 3. It was at its best season 1. Hope that Dot Marie wins an Emmy-it would be well deserved. I agree with you about Max Adler. He was overlooked on this year’s noms.

    • RachelA says:

      Glee didn’t deserve a nomination, but Max Adler did for his guest work. I was bummed about that.

      • amoeba says:

        Unfortunately, all the best acting seems to be for the dramatic scenes. Glee is a comedy, nobody in their right mind would vote for their offensive one-liners anymore. This show stopped being funny a long time ago

        • sm says:

          Yes to that. Turning to dramedy with an emphasis on drama really changed Glee not for the better. It’s no where near as funny as it was. IMO, Glee needs to change its title to Drama series. IMO only, the service announcements of x,y,z topics just ruined its charm. As much as I love to watch its characters, the story lines have diminished the quality of the show. But, I’m still watching and root for the characters each week.

      • I totally agree about Max Adler, he def. deserved a guest nom

    • Gigi says:

      Oh My Gosh Yes, that show is not funny, it’s not well written and tries way to hard to be relevant.

    • gleek says:

      I’m a gleek, but I agree with every single word you said. Glee season 3 sucked ass. Max Adler and Dot Marie Jones were the only ones worthy of a nomination

    • so over glee says:

      I’m was a gleek, and I agree with every single word you said. Glee season 3 sucked ass. Max Adler and Dot Marie Jones were the only ones worthy of a nomination

    • Captain says:

      Glee was absolutely snubbed. This season was far better written, acted and more consistent, than any other season. If it was good enough to be nominated last year it DEFINITELY should have been nominated this year. Stifle your hatred for the show.

      • Ale says:

        Oh my god! I thought I was the only one that loved season 3!It was FAR better than the Kurt Hummel melodrama that was last year. This year, everone got a storyline, the continuity was far better, and the performances by the actors were far better than the previous years!

        • MIke says:

          I too loved season 3 of Glee and thought I was the only one. The plot lines this year were so poignant. Glee is often criticized for smacking current day issues such as Gay Marriage, teen suicide, bullying in everyone’s faces. My thought is good. These are issues that need to be addressed and by bringing awareness to our current day issues, we can begin to educate ourselves which in tern can lead to more tolerance and understanding.

    • Emily says:

      Glee, as usual, was clearly only included on the list to elicit outrage and debate.

    • greysfan says:

      Glee didn’t deserve a nomination i will say that but snubbing Lea Michelle? Seriously? That final scene was heartbreaking to say the least.

      • Marina Sabino says:

        A “heartbreaking scene”? But Glee was supposed to be a comedy.

        • greysfan says:

          No Glee is classed as a Musical. Something that the Emmy’s seem to forget in their categories, unlike the globes where they state best comedy or musical. So technically its a hard one.

          • TigerNightmare says:

            I have always felt like Glee is a drama with light comedic elements, but the writers try really hard to force more comedy into storylines. Instead of one or two wisecracking characters–or Chandlers as I call them–3/4 of the characters are ready to make a quick quip while none of them are true to themselves or even have a coherent self to be true to. I am so glad Glee was not nominated and have always felt it never deserved any outside of Jane Lynch for season 1. I will continue to watch it and enjoy its limited appeal, but I will never consider it a good show unless they make someone like Joss Whedon, Jason Katims or Graham Yost showrunner. And even then, I’d still be disgusted by people who buy every album the show puts out. Come on, the originals are almost always better than these covers.

    • bamabunny says:

      I’m a hardcore Gleek and even I didn’t think they deserved one this year. Maybe this will serve as a wake-up call to the damn showrunners.

    • d says:

      Agreed however Max Adler should of been nominated. Yes, his material was not “comedic”, but he brought forth the most powerful and emotional and incredible performance of the entire season.

    • lefty says:

      Glad this is the first post…I was coming to comment only about the inclusion of Glee to this list.

    • AGREED! Especially when they don’t even do original music!

      • RiRi says:

        I dont really think they really deserved one either but i do still like Glee and hopefully it will be better next season :) btw original music has nothing to do with an Emmy nomination, your comment is kinda irrelevant… Awkward

    • Marina Sabino says:

      Agree. Glee was good. Now sucks

    • Alex says:

      Couldn’t agree more. It doesn’t deserve the Golden Globes it always gets nominated for, but that’s because the Hollywood Foreign Press is like, 80 people. It has no place at the Emmy’s, the writing is pretty much fanfiction at this point.

    • J. says:

      The only way Glee got snubbed was Matt Bomer, who was actually funny – something this show hardly ever is. Other than that, I’m glad they lost out, this show is a horrid mess.

      • Deena says:

        THANK YOU!!! I was going to write about Matt Bomer until I saw your post. The guys up for best guest in a comedy do not compare to what he did on Glee. Besides maybe Jimmy Fallon on SNL but that used to be his job so I’m mixed about his nod.

    • Stacy says:

      lol exactly. Glee keeps getting worse and worse. I don’t understand why I still watch it.

    • Juan says:

      I love Glee,
      but I wholeheartedly agree

    • Kate says:

      OMG so agree. I watch Glee bc I love the music, but the plots are terrible. It’s OK to admit that. So glad Dot Marie got a nom, I love her character. Soo glad Lea did NOT get a nom. She’s so irritating.

      No love for Community or Fringe :( Not surprised, just really bummed.

    • Izzie Duquette says:

      Seriously. Glee got “snubbed” and Smash isn’t on your list at all? Weird. I’m glad they got at least sth for the songs and the choreography, but I am SO MAD Megan Hilty didn’t get a nomination. Best thing about this (increasingly deteriorating) show.

    • sm says:

      I love the show but have to agree with you.

    • mister says:

      totally desagree. the show has been growing in quality and variety. i agree that there aren’t any major performances, perhaps chris colfer here and there, naya rivera and heather morris as well, but all together they make a pretty good ensemble. The show is simply good to watch, and totally emmy award nomination deserving.

    • cant argue with that. glee has been woeful since S1 ended and should not have been renewed past season 2. i welcome any snubs that show has.

    • Mary says:

      I am shocked that The walking dead didnt get nominated. At least they showed a few seconds of one of the best shows on TV right now. Cant wait for season 3 in OCTOBER 2012

  2. SNL says:

    CASTLE. CASTLE. CASTLE. Also, Glee and American Idol do not deserve nominations!

    • Beverley Williams says:

      Disgusted that Stana Katic was not nominated in Dramatic Actress category. She is the queen of facial expressions and she nails it every time. What’s a girl gotta do to get a little recognition?

  3. Ava says:

    Wouldn’t it be quicker to make a “10 Most Ridiculously Undeserved Emmy Nominations” slide show?

    • lariet50 says:


    • aleksa says:

      Can I “Like” this?

    • Roma Kong says:

      I’m so mad at Community and Parks and Rec getting snnubed. What??? I just don’t get it. Why has Emmy got against Community anyway? And The Good Wife is the ONLY network show that deserves a spot in the Best Drama category and you don’t find a place for it? Cable shows are great, but JUST cable shows? You have got to be kidding me. Also, Gillian Jacobs, Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, Josh Charles, Martha Plimpton and Courteney Cox! Seriously Emmy? Seriously? Then again, I’m not THAT surprised since the Emmys are probably the awards with the highest rate of snubs and undeserving nominations out there.

  4. Megan says:

    Yep, Parks and Rec was the biggest snub of the century.

    • Kelly says:

      Absolutely agreed. There’s no justification for them not being nominated for Best Comedy. None.

    • amoeba says:

      They had amazing guest actors: Aubrey Plaza, Retta, Nick Offerman… At least the writing got nominated.

      • amoeba says:

        I meant to say they have amazing secondary actors.

      • Rebecca says:

        This! I was just thinking that, of all of their snubs, how could they not include Aubrey Plaza?!?

        • Oh please, Aubrey Plaza just plays Aubrey Plaza in everything she’s in — it’s irritating.

          • Rebecca says:

            As opposed to Mayim, who is completely wooden? Not to mention that the Big Bang Theory is so enamored with the “are these characters secretly gay” (Amy and Raj) storylines that are patronizing and weird, but they can’t help but bring up in almost EVERY episode. Sorry that I think someone who is genuinely funny should have earned more notice. Oh please indeed.

          • Emily says:

            The genuine funniness of Aubrey Plaza is a matter of subjectivity. Mayim Bialik has nothing to do with it. Both are irritating.

          • Rebecca says:

            Mayim does have something to do with it, as she was nominated in the category that Aubrey would have been eligible for. Just the same as people who say that Joel McHale was more worthy of Alec Baldwin’s spot.

          • tripoli says:

            Agree 100%. She has zero range and her quirky, sarcastic, dead pan everything, shtick is so beyond old at this point. She is the only low point in what is otherwise a completely funny and talented cast.

    • kd says:

      I couldn’t agree more

    • Alicia says:

      I’m in anger and denial. P&R is funnier and smarter than all of the nominated comedies combined. Nick Offerman don’t deserve a nod but 4 (!!!) cast members of Modern Family do? Puhleeze…

    • Michael says:

      I’m baffled that 4 of the slots in the comedy writing category went to shows NOT nominated for best show. Is that a knock on the acting? I do think that all the nominees for Comedy were funny but I would have rather seen some emmy love for my favorite show.

  5. No Kristen Bell, House of Lies? For shame, Ausiello. For freakin’ shame.

  6. M says:

    I’m furious about Community and Parks and Rec getting snubbed..again. Jon Cryer over Joel McHale?? That is insane. Also, no Danny Pudi, Nick Offerman or Jim Rash.

    • jen says:

      yes, instead we got the ENTIRE cast of Modern Family. Such an overrated show this year, it was completely hit or miss, where as P&R was firing on all cylinders all season, so was Community

      • RachelA says:

        Yeah, I’ve never understood the excessive love for Modern Family. It’s alright, but there are other better shows that deserve more recognition.

      • julia says:

        i completely agree no one from community and everyone from modern family just makes no sense

      • Alex says:

        I think it’s an age thing. I love Modern Family and Community and Parks and Rec. But I think the Emmy voters skew older-so they like Modern Family better than Community, with it’s ubiquitous pop culture references and inside jokes and theme episodes. I love all that, but my dad doesn’t. Doesn’t mean I don’t still love Modern Family, and the writing is consistently good that the whole cast gets good material, hence all the nominations. I do not understand Girls getting nominated, that show is not funny.

      • Michael says:

        I thought that Modern Family had a weaker season than the previous one but I think that all of the men are worthy of a nomination…they were funny even when the scripts weren’t. I’d rather see the love spread a little more to other shows but I don’t think that a single one of those guys is undeserving.

    • Angela says:

      Agreed! When I saw Jon in the list of nominees instead of Joel, it was a “What the heck” moment!

    • Angela says:

      Seriously. Way to totally Britta this one, Emmys. They don’t get even ONE of the big categories? Really?
      And on another note, in the variety/music/comedy nods, no Craig Ferguson, either. Sigh. At least two other shows I like got nominated for that category, though (“Daily Show” and “Colbert Report”, so there’s something).
      Ergh. Yeah. Just…ergh.

  7. Cleo says:

    John Noble!!

    • amoeba says:

      Agreed. Unfortunately sci-fi shows never get nominations except for visual effects. Battlestar Galactica is an example of a really good drama that never got anything outside the Saturn Awards which are the Emmys for sci-fi.

      • re: Battlestar – that’s what’s absolutely upsetting, because in my opinion Battlestar said more about society/the “why are we here” question than anything else I’ve ever seen

        • Ari says:

          Honest to god, BSG was probably one of the best shows from the 2000-2010 years. It was snubbed because it took place on a spaceship that was on the run from human/robot hybrids.

    • Jen says:

      Agreed. His performances never disappoint!

    • kate says:

      I’ve pretty much given up on a sci-fi/genre show ever getting recognized, especially performance categories. John Noble was amazing in the only season of Fringe I ever saw (season 01). Supernatural had some really great performances earlier on in its run that were never given any credit (even in season 06, I thought Jared Padalecki as soulless Sam Winchester was pretty great). Everyone talks about how awesome Battlestar Galactica was but it never got recognized either. I hear fantastic things about Dr. Who. It’s terrible to be a genre show in Emmyland.

      • Amanda says:

        John Noble was amazing ONLY this season??? Are you kidding me??? The acting skills it takes to play 2 versions of your character… not only that, but to have a truly emotional and heart=felt scene about Peter was pretty outstanding. The talent that man has is absolutely mind blowing. Shame on you for not even recognizing it.

    • As much as I’ve accepted that sci-fi shows are constantly snubbed by the Emmys, this one still hurt. John Noble is just brilliant as Walter/Walternate and ignoring that is shameful.

    • Stacy says:

      He and Anna Torv are BRILLIANT. Shame they’ll likely never be nominated.

  8. I’m sorry but this season of Glee, while saccharine-sweet, was not Emmy-worthy. Community on the other hand… #sixseasonsandanemmy

  9. Mark says:

    Naya Rivera for Glee! Her work in “Mash Off” was fantastic.

  10. Agree with everything except Mariska Hargitay and Glee.

  11. Kristy Kirk says:

    Um, what about True Blood? Not the best past season but exemplary acting on many actors behalf’s and no nominations at all.

  12. C says:

    Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga were snubbed! The Emmys must have some sort of bias against young talent, because they were fantastic in AHS.

    • Alex says:

      I was surprised that neither of them got nominatied. But I think there is more competition in the mini series/movie group this year than ever, with Sherlock AND AHS AND the movies altogether.

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      I am over the moon that Horror Story’s Frances Conroy got a supporting actress nom (Anna Gunn for Breaking Bad as well!) though it seems unfair AHS Dennis O’Hare got a nom instead of Peters or Farmiga as they had more substantial roles and played them beautifully

  13. wingster55 says:

    Yes to Gillian Jacobs, Community, Parks and Nick Offerman. Also Pudi
    Add Vincent Kartheiser, Donald Glover
    Take out McHale.

    • iluvbears says:

      I like most of what you say except about Joel McHale. He is brilliant playing Jeff Winger. Without him, the show would not have the same chemistry that makes it so good.

  14. Reblogged this on criticaditelevisore and commented:
    Damon Wayans was PERFECTION in Happy Endings.
    John Noble has been indescribable in Fringe.

    I have to make a full post about this later this week, but I’m somewhat stunned at how BLAND this year’s nominations were. Four Modern Family noms in supporting actor? That is overkill.


  15. Monica says:

    I agree with most of the upsets (except Glee that I had to abandon halfway through this season) but you’re missing Game of Thrones in the acting categories. At the very least Lena Headey as Cersei should have gotten a nomination. The biggest upset remains The Good Wife which had an excellent season and Carrie Preston in the guest category. Her Elsebeth Tascioni was incredible. I am also bummed about the complete lack of mention for Boss. Kelsey Grammer at the very least deserved a nomination as Tom Kane. He was mesmerizing.

  16. Nick O says:

    No love for Justified? Jeremy Davies got a nomination, but the rest of the cast is superb as well as the show.

    • dvmom says:


    • Emily says:

      Justified had so many acting nominations last year, and all the acting was still pitch perfect this year, so yeah, I’d count that as a snub. I wasn’t holding out hope for the show itself, there were just too many others.

    • falene17 says:

      You are so right!

    • Mydoglikesbeer says:

      Agreed. Timothy absolutely deserved a repeat nod and so did Walton Goggins.

      • Emily says:

        Timothy for the “disarming” scene alone. Can’t imagine anyone else pulling it off with as much cool hilarity and shock as he did. If this happens again next year, Raylan, his Stetson, and his holstered and backup guns are coming for you, Academy.

      • Fab4tune says:

        Could not agree more that Tim & Walton should both have been nominated again but I’m even more shocked that Neal McDonough was not recognized for his demented role as Quarles this past season. He was so incredibly intense & pitch perfect!

  17. Hugh says:

    Glee was not a snub, I’m thrilled that that nonsense won’t win anything.

  18. Mark says:

    And Matt Bomer for his episode on Glee!

  19. pecola says:

    I hate when people talk about snubs without pointing out who they think ought to have been left out of the nominees.

    • AJ says:

      The majority of the Modern Family cast, Girls, Veep, and Lena Dunham for starters.

      • CJ says:


      • Waitingsux says:

        Girls is TERRIBLE! And Lena Dunham’s acting and writing skills leave a lot to be desired…

        I find that show offensive to women my age.

        • Laura says:

          I’m happy I watch the HBO marathon of Girls so I can say, from experience, that it sucks. I can’t believe Parks and Recreation was snubbed, but Lena Dunham and her pretentious show were nominated. And though I love Community, I didn’t think this was its best season. I do, however, think Joel McHale or Allison Brie should have been nominated. There are no words for Jon Cryer being nominated again, but I attended a dinner last year where everyone at the table adored him, so maybe I’m missing something. Even Chevy Chase on Community is more fun to watch than Jon Cryer, so how were Jim Rash, Joel McHale, Donald Glover and Danny Pudi ignored?

        • Ari says:

          I remember when Girls premiered it was pretty much universally panned. Now It’s an Emmy nominee? WTF happened?

        • Alec says:

          The show is far from offensive and while the first episode was potentially a little weak. Lena’s writing developed these characters so organically and beautifully and realistically. The show got better with every episode. As for her acting, she might not be the best ever…but its very brave and a stand alone performance on television. I wasnt a fan of her movie when I saw it at SXSW but she has a wit and really developed.

    • Sam says:

      Girls is bold, challenging television. Sorry genius doesn’t seem to appeal to the people who think The Big Bang Theory is the best thing ever.

      And seriously, you’re “offended”? That’s like saying Mad Men is offensive to people who lived in the sixties. Grow up.

      • Sarah says:

        Please explain what is bold and challenging about slackers getting high and having uncomfortable sex? Please…this show and it’s star/writer/director are SO overrated!

    • De Niro says:

      Exactly. Usually one of the first things I ask when hearing that.

  20. cohenj88 says:

    Martha Plimpton was nominated for The Good Wife. I’m not sure it’s exactly a snub if an actor is nominated for one role and not another one in the same year.

    • molly94mj says:

      yes but its Guest Actress not LEAD actress! the caliber of that award is way down. we wont even see if she loses or wins. they will probably just have the winner on stage and announce them or something

  21. Jhon says:

    Katey Sagal and Emmy Rossum are so underrated amongst the voters!

    • I know!!! I haven’t watched SoA yet but I LOVE Katey and trust my fellow TV watching brethren when they say she’s amazing in it. Emmy Rossum on the other hand is stupendous as Fiona. Just incredible.

  22. courts says:

    Mariska, really? After being nominated roughly a dozen times in a row, it’s time to let others get nominated for better work. Everyone else I agree with though. Except Glee.

    • Maria says:

      Mariska always seemed to be nominated out of habit, nothing else. It IS interesting that none of the guest stars were nominated in the first season since MEloni/Baer left. Times have changed.

  23. Ames says:


  24. Megan says:

    Agreed. Katey, Maggie and Charlie DESERVED a nom for flawless performances on SOA.

  25. m_b says:

    Scott Caan on Hawaii Five-0. I mean, seriously, why is he not on anyone’s radar?

  26. JT says:

    tvline, pls. glee was hardly snubbed. season 3 sucked, plain and simple. frankly, their best shot at actually winning an emmy would have come from the guest actor category had they submitted jeff goldblum for his hiram berry performance. he had me rolling every time he showed up. it was such a disappointment when they didn’t even submit him for consideration.

    parks and rec, though? totally screwed over. i just don’t get how they don’t give the show or the amazing supporting cast the recognition they absolutely deserve. such a quality show and a quality cast.

    • sm says:

      How could I forget the Berry dads? Yeah, Jeff Goldblum as Hiram was spectacular. He was the episode for me. But in all honesty, the episodes with Jeff Goldblum and Matt Bomer were the funniest the show has been in a long while. But the writing of many episodes this past season could have played a big part in these great actors being dismissed by voters. To me, if a show chooses to turn to being more drama then it should change its category to drama series.

  27. Steph says:

    NCIS got snubbed again.

    • m_b says:

      That’s because it’s not better than any of the other shows that actually were nominated. Not by a long shot.

      • If so that it’s not better than the nominated shows, then why are the ratings so high??? Nobody watching it or liking the show???

        • AJ says:

          Do we have to explain this every time there are award nominations? Ratings have nothing to do with quality. If they went solely by ratings Jersey Shore should be taking home fistfuls of Emmy’s lol. Same with American Idol and maybe even Glee. Also, procedural shows don’t get a lot of love anyway.

        • hlots11 says:

          Lowest common denominator = the more trite, clichéd, and predictable a show is, the more people will watch it. Ratings do not equal quality.

  28. Kat says:

    Glee?! You gotta be kidding me! This show is ridiculous!

    But you’re right with every “Sons of Anarchy” mention! :-(

  29. Cathy says:

    Raylan and Quarles -Justified

  30. May says:

    I’m not going to talk about Bones because I know how much Emmy “loves” procedurals.
    But Community, really? they deserved at least one big nomination.

  31. kaa says:

    Someday I would like to see some kind of in-depth investigation of the Emmy nomination process — to answer the question of why network shows get continually snubbed in favor of cable. The quality level on cable is NOT intrinsically higher (they just get to show more boobies, which does not automatically make a show better or more relevant). Yeah, I’d love to know why John Noble in particular gets ridiculously snubbed every year – what the general thinking is among the nominators who don’t vote for him. But, any article about the nomination process in general would be appreciated, not focusing on a particular actor/actress/show. Why do these nominators seem to have such a limited pool of actors and shows that they go to every year? I just don’t understand.

    • Samantha says:

      I so agree! I don’t watch really any of the cable shows that get nominated, but I watch dozens of network shows that get almost zero Emmy love. When someone who watches about 40 shows yearly can’t watch the Emmys because of lack of nominations, then something is going on.

      • Emily says:

        You both just answered your own questions. If you think that cable shows are automatically favored just because they can show nudity masquerading as grittiness, then I suggest you take a second look (or first; Samantha, you said yourself that you don’t watch any of them). You’re right, “more boobies” doesn’t automatically make a show better or more relevant. For one, if you’re a show on basic cable, you can almost never use nudity any more than networks can, unlike with premium channels. You can be a bit more literal as opposed to merely creatively suggestive when it comes to sex, and you can use stronger language (and honestly, the best shows on cable could censor all of their language and it wouldn’t change the quality at all), but again, unless you’re HBO, a good show really doesn’t work it in unless it’s important. For another, Downton Abbey and Sherlock are on PBS, not cable. I absolutely think that John Noble was snubbed, and Anna Torv was for her third season, but that doesn’t automatically disprove the quality of cable. Many cable shows are masterfully intricate, subtle, high-concept and unlike anything else on the air. That is why they are lauded, not because they are allowed to show more skin or swear a lot.

        • mco says:

          While I agree with you, I still think that Cable Show and Network one shouldn’t be in the same category.
          Cable Show are more time, less episode, sometimes more money to do their things and it seems they way more freedom to write what they want. Also, great actors, writers, directors would rather work for cable than for network.
          It’s easier to do a high quality show when people beg to work with you, when you have money to do it and only 12 to 18 episode to write a year and the executive let you do whatever you want.
          Cable and Network shows don’t have the same means to do their job, They shouldn’t be in the same category.

          • Emily says:

            Most, if not all of the nominated dramas were pitched to networks. Networks passed on them. Why? Because networks know that these kinds of shows will not bring in the ratings necessary for a network show. Take Community. Dan Harmon demanded to function like a cable show, and Community continues to die a slow ratings death that is only prolonged by critical acclaim. Any network can choose to spend more or less on a show, regardless of cable or broadcast. Mad Men had major financial/contract issues. And I hear that AMC decided to pass the producing costs of Mad Men on to Lionsgate at the last minute because it couldn’t afford to take the hit if the show failed. It used to be that networks got all the glory. Cable just wised up and got bolder and savvier. They saw a hole in the market and filled it. I fully believe that networks can compete, and that the solution isn’t “make another category so they can all win.”

          • mco says:

            “Most, if not all of the nominated dramas were pitched to networks. Networks passed on them. Why? Because networks know that these kinds of shows will not bring in the ratings necessary for a network show.”

            That’s exactly my point. Without talking about sex and language (that’s crap), how many storylines Mad Men couldn’t touch on network ? Dexter or Breaking Bad couldn’t even exist. I doubt that a network would let Sorkin start The Newsroom with the “America isn’t the greatest country ” speech. I was amazed that CBS let NCIS or Mentalist have their main character killed someone else out of vengeance and not be punished about it. Restriction and censorship isn’t only about sex and langage it’s also about that kind of things you can talk about. On network show, you have to stay a little PC. Not so much on Cable. And it’s easier to create drama, to touch heavy and interesting topics when you aren’t limited like that.

            They needs ratings and couldn’t bring them with the best show on cable. They can’t be bolder or savvier. It isn’t even a “make another category so they can all win”. I am pretty sure that my favorite ones wouldn’t even be nominated (I can acknowledge that lot of show are better than the ones I love, even if I don’t like them or aren’t interested in them). It’s more that it seems more fair to judge things that are the same liberties and capacity.
            It seems to me that to run Cable and Network in the same category is like having a boxing fight between a Flyweight and a Heavyweight

          • Emily says:

            I don’t know, I still don’t think that’s the answer. They are unevenly matched in terms of restrictions, but I think that’s a matter of creativity and not because of fundamental/intrinsic differences. There are a lot of things you can talk about at 10pm, or even 9pm on network. West Wing did just fine. 24 was no less violent than, say, Justified. I don’t know anything about the failed Playboy Club on NBC, but any show on that subject I’d assumed would end up on cable, yet they tried it. Certainly, not every subject can be addressed on network, but saying that makes them fundamentally different from cable doesn’t make sense to me. Lost had many faults, but it was groundbreaking. Just because there aren’t many network shows that can compete with cable right now doesn’t mean that they never can and never will.

    • Tally says:

      I’ll tell you why. Because a lot of what’s on cable IS higher in quality. No, not every cable show is good but there are a fair number of cable shows that are significantly better. Also, most of them are NOT standard cookie cutter procedural shows.

      • kaa says:

        Sorry, but many cable shows ARE overrated — or at least, rated unfairly as being higher in quality than network shows. And yes, the sex and boobies factor does tend to seduce people into thinking the drama is better or “grittier.”

        • Juliet says:

          Even if cable shows are overrated, that doesn’t mean network shows are underrated by default. I just started watching cable this year and it’s so above and beyond what’s airing on the networks, I’ll never look at TV the same again.

        • seattlejohn449 says:

          Southland’s Shawn Hatosy’s shower room buttshots certainly elevated his performance this year though he was just as awards-worthy without the nudity…Southland is one cable show that’s underrated and Regina King and Lucy Liu’s guest role were definitely snubbed

      • John says:

        The Closer and every TNT USA show ARE cookie cutter procedurals.

        • Emily says:

          And they don’t get nominated. The Closer only does for acting, not the show. So what’s your point?

          • John says:

            My point is Cable also has lame scripted shows as well just like Broadcast does. The shows I mentioned are perfect examples as well as Magic City, Boss, Luck, The Walking Dead(Yeah I said it. Walking Dead is lame. Bring it on haters). So stop saying that all cable shows are excellent because they are not always excellent.

          • Emily says:

            Tally said, “No, not every cable show is good but there are a fair number of cable shows that are significantly better.” No one is saying that all cable shows are better than network shows. People are saying that the best of cable is better than the best of network.

    • I completely agree, what is it that makes a show awards worthy, and is it that Cable have more freedom in the nakedness and language area. In that case network should deserve more praise for being able to create brilliant TV with restrictions and censorship!

  32. Jojo says:

    How about the most watched drama in TV? NCIS?

    • Jamie says:

      Just because a lot of people watch it doesn’t mean it’s good. I’m not saying it’s a bad show but it is a standard format procedural with stock “qwerky” characters that we see on a dozen other shows. It is certainly not Emmy worthy.

      • I don’t know. I have yet to see someone like Abby on the other procedurals I watch. And I watch quite a few. I think the only other character like Abby is Garcia on Criminal Minds (which I don’t watch but have heard about). I definitely think that NCIS is the exception to the belief that most watched does not always equal good quality.

  33. Jenny says:

    Fringe and Community, especially John Noble and Danny Pudi.

  34. Samantha says:

    I do not think that Glee and American Idol deserved nominations. The biggest snub for me was Robert Carlyle (Rumplestilskin) on Once Upon a Time. He is INSANELY good.

    • Gilda says:

      Me too. I totally wasn’t expecting him to be nominated with the Emmy bias against fantasy/scifi. But that doesn’t change that fact that he is extremely talented. I feel like his tenure on the show will be very similar to John Noble’s: brilliant and never nominated. Congrats to Game of Thrones for being able to break through the bias, though.

  35. TV Gord says:

    Parenthood. It’s almost a slap in the face that the only nomination it received was Jason Ritter as Guest Actor. I mean, he’s good, but in this amazing cast? For him to be the only nominee is just silly. A friend of mine just brought up a good point. Maybe it’s time to revive the Cable Ace Awards. There are SO many great shows on TV these days, it needs more than one show: one for broadcast networks and one for cable channels.

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      PARENTHOOD is so not me as a person but that show and amazing ensemble of actors just drags me into their world and relationships…thanks for the reminder TV Gord!

    • I completely agree with this! I only watch 2 non-crime dramas: Parenthood and Once Upon A Time. I knew that Parenthood would be more likely to be nominated. I don’t get why the Emmy voters keep ignoring it. Especially Monica Potter after this season. Hopefully there’s next year!

  36. iluvbears says:

    I cannot believe that Modern Family gets four Supporting Actor nominations when there are Danny Pudi, Jim Rash & Donald Glover making magic every week on Community. Don’t get me started on the lack of love for Community & Parks & Rec. It is a shame (and a sham)

  37. R says:

    Sandra Oh?? Seriously? Snubbed AGAIN??

    • RedRobin says:

      Yes!!! I don’t know how much better her acting could get!!!

    • anonymouse1013 says:

      totally agree! Her and KMK’s storyline was painful to watch, but it would have been made somewhat bearable if she got a nom for this. Bummer.

      • Serena says:

        agreed! Her work this year was amazing…,definitely her best yet. And seriously, I’m starting to get really sick of cable shows taking over.. not fair.

    • Hurley says:

      TOTALLY AGREE!!! Seriously, this season’s was her best storyline and best actuation on the series…

  38. Donna says:

    What no Leverage!!! the best show on the air

  39. B says:

    Hugh Laurie should have definitely been nominated!!!

    • RachelA says:

      Agree. While House fizzled out a bit at the end, Hugh Laurie remained amazing through all 8 seasons and he deserved noms all 8 seasons. Also, Robert Sean Leonard deserved a supporting actor nod for his season 8 work.

  40. RedRobin says:

    Mariska Hargitay over Kathy Bates! She definitely deserved it especially since this season was her first without Chris Melloni and the show’s writing was its best since season 8. Also Regina King from Southland gets no love! Finally, Courteney Cox and Damon Wayans Jr could’ve replaced one Modern Family actor/actress each. And no Glee!

  41. AJ says:

    When will Bruce Campbell finally get a nod for Same Axe????????? Ok just kidding. John Noble is by FAR the biggest snub year in and year out, followed by Community and Parks and Rec. The only one I have that is not on the list is Archer. How is that not nominated for outstanding animated series???

  42. Jackie says:

    John Slattery for Mad Men. I know the show got 17 other nods, but it was a banner season for Roger Sterling IMHO.

  43. thefirstmrshummel says:

    I’m glad the entertainment industry is sending the message that Glee has become a train wreck, and should no longer be recognized as anything resmbling quality television. The near shutout (though I’d have prefered to see Max Adler get the guest actor nod, either in addition to or instead of Dot Jones) is a well- deserved slap in the face to a show run by egomaniacs who think that they can pass off crap writing and emabarassing fanbase pandering as something award-worthy.

    • AJ says:

      Where is the like button for comments? I need it for this one. Thumbs up.

    • bamabunny says:

      I think it’s pretty obvious, from looking at the miniseries nominations, that Glee has been dumped by Ryan Murphy for the younger hotter American Horror Story.

      • Alex says:

        Ryan Murphy’s shows collapse after 1 season. Which is why a mini series like AHS suits him much better. He doesn’t have to worry about consistency or continuity, because the entire arc is one season and then done. I’d rather he do American Horror Story and dump Glee. Better yet, make the final season of Glee/American Horror Story and kill those annoying, whiney chirpers off one by one in grotesque fashion. It could be the psychotic break we all know Mr. Schuster is due for.

        • J. says:

          Nah I’d rather Quinn kill everyone, I’ve been waiting for that one since the end of season two.

        • bamabunny says:

          Considering Chris Colfer’s next screenplay takes place in an asylum in the 1930’s, and the next season of AHS also will take place in one, why not split the difference?

        • Deena says:

          Nip/Tuck was good for 2 seasons. Season 2 was actually awesome. Then it all went downhill. So I think your theory pretty much rings true.

    • sm says:

      As much as I love Glee, I totally agree. I love the characters not the show or its writing. I watch it weekly with bells on hoping for a really good episode. Season 2 and 3 became dramatic infused public awareness topics. It is nowhere near as funny as it was. But it has had the last 2 seasons a few moments of great hilarity. It still has a fan base but the novelty of Glee is over. I think with the show is trying to find the right equation to give it a new spark of interest. For me, I hope it works.

  44. Glee? Mariska Hargitay?

    I think we have different definitions of the word “snub”.

  45. enr702 says:

    lol replace Glee with Jon Bernthal from The Walking Dead and you got an alright list.

    • Candy says:


      I agree, the whole show is snubbed, but especially his work in his last episode? Shut up. He already won the Emmy as far as I’m concerned!

  46. LMSO says:

    IMO the single greatest snub is Jason Isaacs for AWAKE. Brilliant work in a show that, despite its flaws, tried something original. Also irked by lack of nominations for Sandra Oh (GREY’S ANATOMY), Morena Baccarin (HOMELAND) and THE GOOD WIFE (both the show and the male actors!). Clearly GA is no longer on the Emmy radar and that’s a shame because Sandra Oh (despite her earlier nominations) deserves that trophy. It’s a crime of Martin Sheen/THE WEST WING proportions.

  47. Tracy says:

    Glee didn’t get snubbed. They didn’t deserve it this year. My biggest snub? Stana Katic.

  48. Marina says:

    How come wasn’t Hugh Laurie nominated?? He deserved this award every season and they stole it from him every season, but now they’ve gone too far… Now I really know the Emmy means absolutely NOTHING but some random choices driven by a clear bias in favour of cable channels and personal interests…

    • cohenj88 says:

      I think it’s more a statement on Houses’ creative direction not being as strong the last couple of seasons, as opposed to anyone not liking Hugh Laurie’s performance. If House was as good of a show as it was during it’s first 5-6 seasons, he would have gotten nominated.

      • Amanda says:

        Ok… then why did Steve Carrell get nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy every year? Granted, he didn’t ever win it (which is a crying shame), but he at least got a nod especially in his last year. Both Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard did a brilliant job in the last 4 episodes of House. It truly made up for the lackluster few seasons. To not get nominated in his last season is truly a slap in the face.

  49. AJ says:

    I’m still bitter about KaDee Strickland not getting nominated LAST YEAR for her phenomenal season 4 arc on Private Practice. Can’t even work up the rage for this year’s snubs.

    (On second thought, yes I can – WHEN ARE THEY GONNA GIVE SONS OF ANARCHY ITS DUE?? One of the best shows on TV, hands down, and always gets overlooked.)

    • Sons of Anarchy definitely should have been nominated! One of the best shows on TV…

    • Michelle says:

      Amen. KaDee was BRILLIANT and her rape storyline was some of the best acting on television in the last few years. I’m still bitter about that snub. Caterina Scorsone (sp?) was also fantastic this year on Private Practice.

    • Heather says:

      KaDee SOOOOO should have gotten a nomination last year (I’m still bitter about that snub too) and I also agree about Catarina Scorsone being deserving this year. Both actresses were amazing and definitely deserved to be part of the Emmy conversation. =(

  50. Glee was a train wreck this year and did not deserve a nod neither did American Idol. Parks and Rec should of been out for comedy series.