Scoop: CBS' Unforgettable Shakes Up Cast for Season 2 -- Who Is Definitely Returning?

It’s a good thing Unforgettable‘s Carrie Wells has that super-memory, because she may need it to remember some of the colleagues who helped her crack cases during Season 1.

Sources confirm for TVLine that the CBS procedural, which in late June was plucked from the cancellation ashes and slotted for a Summer 2013 encore, has dropped three of its series regulars.

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So while Poppy Montgomery, who stars as The Rememberer (aka the show’s original title), Dylan Walsh and mid-season add Jane Curtin have all been signed for Season 2, Michael Gaston (The Mentalist), Kevin Rankin (Justified) and Daya Vaidya — who played Detectives Mike Costello, Roe Saunders and Nina Inara — are no longer a part of the full-time cast.

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Rejiggering a show’s ensemble for its sophomore run is not uncommon, especially as it regards a series that might need to reinvent itself in the name of proving worthy of a last-minute reprieve.

Unforgettable fans, is this cast shake-up a price you’re OK to pay to get Carrie and Al back?

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  1. Sarah says:

    As long as Poppy and Jane are still there I’ll keep watching! Love the show, can’t wait for season 2!

    • Kvivik says:

      Aw come on!!! First Body of Proof dumps most of it’s regulars, now this show is doing it too?
      I was really beginning to like Roe (even though he was a dope for the first episodes).
      I agree that I’ll definitely keep watching if they keep Jane Curtain. She was an awesome addition to the cast in the second half of the season.

  2. TV Gord says:

    Good choices, I think. I’m glad to see them sticking with Jane Curtin. She added a nice spark to the show when she climbed on board. There’s still a lot to learn about her character, too. I’m happy with these decisions.

  3. Sara says:

    No Roe??? I didn’t like Carrie and Al. I like Roe!!!! T_T

  4. courts says:

    That’s too bad. Daya and Michael were definite strong points though Kevin was definitely nothing memorable. Jane Curtin was the best addition and definition improved the show.

  5. Diane says:

    I’m so glad the show is back as well as Poppy, Dylan and Jane!

  6. Jennifer says:

    No longer full time cast? Does that mean they will still be on show but in limited capacity such as “also starring” or as guest star? It kind of sucks for Kevin since Justified which he was so great on, killed him off for this show.

  7. Dave says:

    The shows lame like the people who watch it

  8. That’s too bad about the supporting cast, did like them, but as long as Poppy and Dylan are back I’ll watch!!!

    Also, any word on whether Britt Lower will reprise her recurring role as Tanya the techy?

  9. trista says:

    Oh Darn – I loved ROE and the tech geek. They were so cute.

  10. This is too bad. The number of parallels between this show and Body of Proof are ridiculous! I kind of saw this coming unfortunately..

  11. Ana says:

    Dylan is returning. Too bad. He’s the reason I can’t watch this show. And I really wanted to. Especially because I love Jane Curtin and I haven’t seen her on anything since Third Rock from the Sun. But I can’t watch Dylan without thinking of Nip And Tuck so….too bad…

  12. Velvet says:

    This show is going to tank again.

  13. xsikal says:

    Kevin Rankin was the best part of the show, in my opinion. What a shame.

    • Suncatcher says:

      I totally agree with you! He is an excellent actor who out-acted everyone else on this show! If he isn’t picked up by another program and fast, I would be shocked. Good luck, Kevin!

  14. One thing that really irks me about this show is how blatantly it ripped off the ensemble structure of Body of Proof, and then added a tech girl that is a copy of the girl from NCIS.

  15. Cherish4 says:

    I don’t mind losing the others but I love Roe, why can’t they keep him?

  16. Robin says:

    I think the others added to the cast. Now it is Carrie, the love interest, and a substitute mother figure. Is she incapable of building relationships? No Carrie / roe were finally getting a rhythm. They could have let the other relationships develop now that Al is free and interested. He’s a boss. That’s a problem for the relationship right there.

  17. Jessica says:

    Carrie, Al, and Curtin’s medical examiner are plenty enough to bring me back although I will miss Roe.

  18. Jason says:

    They should’ve gotten rid of Carrie, one the least likeable character ever. She’s a giant *****.

  19. mia says:

    What??? I really liked those 3. It was the supporting cast that really made this show worth watching. Glad they are keeping Jane Curtin though.
    But I would have given up Dylan Walsh…his character is SO boring and that “romance” with Carrie is one of the least inspiring romances on tv right now

  20. Gemini says:

    What is going on with these shows! Body of Proof gets rid of cast members that I liked and now this. The other characters kept it from getting boring…not sure how this is going to work with three main characters. I’ll watch both these shows to check it out…then decide if I continue to watch…

  21. Justin says:

    The supporting cast MADE this show. Good luck getting a Season 3 now, even with Jane Curtin sticking around. She’ll be the only highlight next summer.

  22. dan says:

    Too much. Get rid of Jane.

  23. Jorin Reddish says:

    I forget already… I should say forgot

  24. As long as the show comes back I think its ok. Was very disappointed when I thought it was going to be cancelled. As long as carrie and al are back Im ok.

  25. MaryAnn says:

    With the three most important characters returning, I will keep watching. But I will definitely miss the supporting cast. I really don’st see how they could get anyone that would be as good. All of them appealed to me in their own right.

  26. Esaul says:

    While it’s always unfortunate to see cast members go, I’m glad to see CBS gave Unforgettable a second chance. The ratings were never that bad to deserve the ax. I admit I stopped watching five or so episodes in, but now that it’s renewed I have a reason to purchase the first season.

  27. Renee says:

    Kevin Rankin was the reason I watched. Bye!

  28. bobbie says:

    they could have changed some of the show’s writers, not the cast!

  29. Joe Q. Public says:

    Tough for the regular watchers to see so much of the cast go, but I’m glad Michael Gaston dropped out if it means he can come back on The Mentalist. :)

  30. jj says:

    loved the supporting characters especially roe he was the best part of the cast talented guy.

  31. I’m so happy it made it, but when I heard it was cancelled before the season finale aired I opted not to watch it b/c I didn’t want to have a cliff hanger and then be pissed. Now I’ve gotta find a way to watch it.

  32. Alison says:

    I’m going to miss those three in the cast… at least we got Jane Curtain… and i’m really excited in how they will write a romance between Al and Carrie cuz i loved the flashbacks they showed of their past relationship
    i’m going to miss Roe the most though :/

  33. Sarah says:

    Really pleased to hear this will be coming back and will definitely be watching it but disappointed at the cast shake up as I liked all of the cast, I thought the different personalities added something interesting.

  34. Tempy says:

    I was so happy to hear Unforgettable was back but now i am NOT going to be watching,. I LOVED Roe and Tanya and Roe had some budding chemistry there.

  35. Cogi says:

    I´m so happy that Unforgettable reteurn. But I hope in switzerland they come faster than the last season

  36. Jane says:

    I’am So Glad That Is Unforgettable Is Coming Back I Like Carrie Wells/Al Burns/Jo And Is A Bit Sad That Mike/Roe/Nina Is Not Coming Back On The Show

  37. Gary Kemper says:

    Roe [Kevin Rankin] was an acquired taste. Bring him back.

  38. mollymop10 says:

    What episode is it where Carrie has the flashback about her and al having sex in a car while they are on a steak out years ago? Please answer if you know because its driving me crazy!

  39. Patty A. says:

    The supporting cast was 95% why i watched the show in the first place. Inloved Nina from the start and Roe grew on me. I loved the relationships each were cultivating with Carrie. Al is the most annoying person on the show. He’s incredibly boring and they failed at getting me invested in his character. I also think part of that is because the casting of Dylan is horrible. I don’t think he’s a very good actor, at least not for this character, and I don’t think he has any romantic chemistry with Poppy. They shoul have dumped him and kept everyone else. This show was great and they still cancelled it, now with half the original cast gone, I highly doubt they will be able to keep it afloat for much longer.

  40. i miss the queens team :(( roe and tanyaaaa! hahaha :)))))

  41. Daiana says:

    I am glad the show continues but I loved the love story between Roe and Tanya!

  42. Martha says:

    I’m glad the show is back on, I loved the first season and disappointed when it got canceled..However, not to crazy about the new crew..was happier with the other cast…they belong better in Queens NY…..

  43. Martha says:

    Btw: not themto crazy about the Asian computer geek or even the new boss..get rid of them please…won’t last anymore..watch it get canceled again, this time for good…ain’t watching no more…..

  44. Renata says:

    Que porre isso! Roe era o melhor =/ Eu adorava o resto da galera..
    Pra mim, estragaram o seriado. Deveriam ter jogado o Al no lixo e ficado com o resto.
    Comecei a assistir o primeiro episódio da segunda temporada agora pra ver se realmente era verdade que não teria o resto do elenco e fiquei muito decepcionada!
    Não vou mais assistir, ficou uma merda!

  45. well I was so happy to hear it was back. Just watched episode one of the new season and was so disappointed. the team in season one worked together so well. thats what made the show. I liked Roe Saunders more than any other character. Im not sure I will be watching the rest of this season now. it was flat and soulless. a little unrealistic with all the shiny gadgets and tech. most police dont have all that. it killed it.

  46. Flick says:

    Hands down my favourite crime show! Stoked that it’s back :)

    Just finished watching the whole first season in one day!!

  47. I think dropping the series 1 detectives were a mistake should have continued with them and Poppy and the feisty lady lawyer in episode 3 or 4 who defends a girl who admits to killing someone but does not. The A district attorney too.
    In fact the problems with this show are too many unremarkable procedural plots. No banter funny jokes or quotable lines. When they are good they are delivered so blandly or they are barely audible. God help me for saying this in New York show a complete and glaring lack of diversity. Have you seen the population of New York? Also and this is the deal breaker. There is no sexual chemistry between the leads and sorry but Dylan does not look comfortable. A hint is that there is more heat with Poppy and the ADA. Look at every successful series the leads have to generate heat and bring the viewers with them. TV 101. Thank you for time.

  48. Roberta Feinstein says:

    Very refreshing, in this age of anti-Muslim hatred, to watch the program in which Poppy figures out a theft and not a Muslim terrorist attack. Congratulations to the writers, the actors and the TV station.