The Glee Project Recap: It's Only Fear That Makes You Run

michael glee project elvisMemo to all future Glee Project contestants: When you’re in the Bottom 3 and fighting for your life in the competition, never ever answer a question from Ryan Murphy — be it about your childhood traumas or your feelings on hairless cats or your favorite brand of toilet paper — with a shoulder shrug and a mumbly “I dunno.”

After all, The Glee Project (somewhat inexplicably) doesn’t bother with straightforward acting challenges, so in a sense, your face-to-face interviews are an important opportunity to get into character (you’re playing your heightened self, obviously) and emote, emote, emote! Bonus points if you can squeeze out real tears without hideous facial contortions/unfortunate mascara runs.

Unfortunately, my favorite contestant this season — and the person with the most gorgeous vocals of any Glee Project contestant ever — forgot this important lesson, and her dreams of boarding the mothership went the way of Damian McGinty’s acting skills. (Insert toilet-flushing sound here.) But more on that in a moment.

Things kicked off with guest mentor Grant Gustin, with not nearly enough hair product, announcing the week’s theme of “Theatricality,” and Lily annoyingly screeching and flailing before he’d even gotten the word out of his mouth. “Theatricality is something I embody all the time,” she announced, and let’s be honest, that’s got to make her pretty insufferable to be around.

The homework assignment was the excellent “I Hope I Get It” from A Chorus Line, and the performance gave us more hints about who can act (Blake, Shanna, possibly Ali) and who cannot (Abraham). The winner, though, was Ali, who actually looked like a contender for the first time in the entire competition.

Then it was time for the video shoot — where the contenders had to play grocery store clerks singing the Pussycat Dolls’ “When I Grow Up” and morphing into famous rock-star personas. I had a bad feeling Nellie when she kiddingly complained out loud about the mentors casting her as Britney Spears: I mean, if Robert Ulrich tells you you’re going to be drenched in chum and dangled mere centimeters over a tank of great white sharks, you’re supposed to smile enthusiastically and squeal, “I’ve always wanted a near-death experience!”

In the studio, Michael once again struggled with his vocals — maybe because his speaking voice sounds like someone’s pinching his nose? — while Abraham had a mental meltdown after Nikki asked “Would you consider yourself androgynous when you perform?” Our vocal coach acted surprised by Abraham’s response, but I felt like maybe that was a wee bit disingenuous of her. It seemed to me as though Nikki knew that probing Abraham — who identifies as a straight man — about his effeminate characteristics might spark the kind of emotional response that makes for good TV. Otherwise, why bother to ask at all?

But I digress…the video shoot found Shanna performing in a smelly, slimy Lady Gaga meat dress without any complaint whatsoever (girlfriend is a pro), Michael dressed as Elvis and thrusting his hips with abadon in front of the lettuces (kid can be pretty funny), and Lily crossing the border between camp and ridiculous. Nellie, meanwhile, pretty much sealed her fate when she groaned awkwardly about having to lean seductively into a citrus display. (Side note: Nellie certainly captured “sexy” well in the schoolroom and pool video shoots earlier in the season; anyone else find it odd that she was asked once again to unleash her inner seductress rather than playing a different emotion?)

The judges decided Ali had won the week — she was cute as Katy Perry, I suppose — while giving Michael a last-minute reprieve from the Bottom 3. Here’s how those last-chance performances played out:

Nellie: “I’m The Only One” was perhaps pitched just a tad low for her in the opening verse, but her tone is beyond breathtaking. But her failure to answer Ryan’s questions with any kind of enthusiasm or thoughtfulness only contributed to what he saw as a pattern of indecisiveness and lack of passion. I thought it was telling when she whiffed the question of whether she really wanted to be on Glee, or just be a musician making albums and playing concerts.

Abraham: His dance moves on “Stereo Hearts” were pretty embarrassing, and his vocals weren’t particularly memorable. But his “I am who I am” inspirational response was like candy for the hungry-kid judges. Bottom line: Spouting bon mots like “I let my fear paralyze me” is usually good for another week in the competition, even if he really should’ve been the one to go home.

Lily: The most annoying contestant left this season fell to the ground with excitement when she was assigned Adele’s “Someone Like You,” but as Ryan pointed out, she performed the song quite memorably, as if she was actually in character as a Ms. Lonelyhearts singing to her long, lost love. Still, I almost fell to the ground in shock when Lily started blaming her poor video performance on Zach’s choreography notes and Cyndi Lauper’s lack of icon status. (Me: “How DARE she!?”) Lily’s dramatic monologue about being overlooked as an actress because she’s 240 pounds was fairly stirring, though, and I understood why the judges decided to keep her another week.

And so it was Nellie who got the boot. Here’s hoping, though, that her exposure on the show leads to a record deal full of great material. Paired with the right songs, she could be a singular sensation at radio, and maybe one day they’ll be singing her songs on Glee, y’know?

What did you think of this week’s Glee Project? Were you upset to see Nellie cut? Did you understand the judges logic? And what about the Nikki-Abraham androgyny controversey? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. djm says:

    I love Nellie and I thought they should have sent Lily packing – she’s the least likable contestant and that is all I see when she is “performing”. I thought the same thing with Nellie – they kept making her the “sexy” one and she was clearly uncomfortable with it – so let her try something else. I agree that she didn’t fight hard enough for it, but maybe she just isn’t there yet…

    • Alicia says:

      I think maybe they were trying to get Nellie to get over her fear of being the sexy one. When she finally lets go and goes for it the girl is hot. The camera loves her and her voice is amazing. I’m disappointed they let her go. Lily has talent, but I think she’s too strongly opinionated to take direction. Whenever there’s a problem, it’s never her fault.

      • djm says:

        I thought her performance of “If I Was a Boy” was BRILLIANT – mainly because (to me) it showed the type of character I would write her as – on the outside, a bit androgynous, yet so unaware of her own power. Maybe I am looking to deeply into it, but seriously who could she have said? She’s not Brittany or Christina or Mariah or any other “pop” girl and something tells me she wouldn’t have won any points saying “Patsy Kline”. I just think that if nothing else it shows that Ryan Murphy doesn’t have much vision – oh, and if you watch last night’s video I think it had more shots of Nellie than any other contestant, so she must have been doing something right.

    • Rollin'Stoned says:

      As soon as Nellie said “I don’t know”, I knew she was a gonner. Very disappointed, my favorite face AND voice. What I don’t get, if you are going to be a performer, then you better not show embarrassment about ANYTHING.

      • Bryce says:

        She actually answered both of the questions in a blog she posted last night. She stated that the answer to the first question was none of their business (gotta appreciate her rebellion against this show’s expectations) and that she ended up embracing being Britney, even if it didn’t appear that way in the beginning. Just thought you’d all be interested

  2. Katie says:

    As much as i like nellie, it was her time to go. She just wasnt right for this competition. Did anyone notice how much lily complained about michael this episode. First after the homework assignment and then after he was revealed safe. She probably has it out to get him and poor boy is probably terrified. I dont like abraham’s singing voice but i thought nikki pushed her comments a little too far. Lily should of gotten in more trouble for flat out yelling at the mentors and insulting zach. Maybe they are scared of her too. Aylin is pisses me off as well. She gets way to excited over everything, i find myself screaming shut up a the tv. The only ppl left i dont mind are blake, michael shanna and ali

  3. noa says:

    ugh. please someone sign that girl NOW. such a great singer… i actually really enjoyed Abraham’s LCP. i thought Lily should go. once again, we see that Tyra has better standards on her show. she wouldn’t have taken that crap from a contestant. only blame yourself if you want to stay in the competition longer.

  4. Tom says:

    Nellie was the ONLY reason I watched the show. Her voice puts the others to shame. Sometimes I think they pick the people based on who would be the EASIEST to write for, instead of who has the most talent! I’m done.

    • toastyred says:

      That is completely how they pick the winner. I’m convinced that Damian was only picked to have the episode where Brittney thought he was a leprachaun. I’m sure Samuel would have been cut except he brought up his bible tatoos in his Last Chance Performance.
      I don’t get how they couldn’t see a storyline with Nellie though. Her performances of “Waiting for a Girl/Boy” and “If I were a Boy” were completely heartwrenching. I don’t see how Ryan couldn’t see her potential. I suppose that she would actually need an arc written for her rather than being a caricature described by 1 sentence.

      • rachelleet says:

        Seriously sums up my thoughts exactly. When they asked Nellie what person she wanted to be and she said “I dunno,” I knew she was a goner. BUT, only because Glee caricaturizes everyone on the show. Even in the beginning she was the “indie” girl. Why couldn’t she just be a high school girl? They kept trying to make her super sexy, and while she did good for two video shoots, I think she was finally over it. Arg…I guess I will be rooting for Micheal, Blake, and Shanna now. (Btw…anyone notice a tear in Michael’s eye as she sang Keep Holding On?”)

        • O says:

          Because its called acting and being a character you’re not. Given how many complaints there were last year about not paying enough attention to making sure the winners have the ability to act, this is actually a good thing. If she can’t even act sexy when asked she’s got no business working as an actor on a TV show.

          • annieanne says:

            Agree completely. Girl’s not an actress; she hasn’t been comfortable playing a character since the beginning. She’s a phenomenal singer and I hope she does get a record contract. It’s a mystery why she auditioned for this show. She should’ve gone for American Idol or The Voice.

          • Jenny says:

            But since when has the Glee Project been about being an actor? Everyone who won last season basically played themselves once they got on the show.

          • ddd says:

            um, really? Are we watching the same show? Because I could have sworn I saw that girl acting better than the rest when told she needed to embody sexy. Also, please point out a show to me where the main actors aren’t acting out some version of themselves? So it was unrealistic for them to constantly make her the sexy one when that isn’t who she is, and while acting is becoming something you’re not, people who play that kind of character tend to have aspects of that character in them; ie: Megan Fox, Naya RIvera (sp?), the actress from Modern Family. Also, it is very obvious that this show has nothing to do with acting or dancing talent and is only mildly concerned with singing talent. At the end of the day it is just about whose life is more “moving” to Ryan and essentially who he likes better. In other words they shouldn’t call this show a contest, but rather a longer than usual audition.

            On a different note, I found it odd that they kept putting Nellie in the bottom 3 because she always seemed to be the one focused on in the videos and the chemistry between her and blake was amazing to watch…

    • bob says:

      I’m with you, she was only reason that I kept watching this season. They need to listen to ‘If I Were a Boy” again and figure out that they lost
      their best vocalist ever, and then call her back. This is a boot camp. So train her to act even if she feels uncomfortable. She’s much more talented than they gave her credit for. Bob

    • fol says:

      Nellie was this year’s Damian. Great voice, but incapable of doing anything except stand there & belt. She couldn’t act, she couldn’t dance & she couldn’t even say anything other than “I don’t know” in the last chance. She was lucky to get as far as she did given how utterly boring she was when she wasn’t singing.

      • Ale says:

        Nellie is NOTHING like Damian. Nellie is amazing, Damian is horrendous.

        • Katie says:

          DamIan is very talented. Check out celtic thunder

        • E says:

          Damian can’t dance. Nellie can’t dance. Damian can’t act. Nellie can’t act.

          She also whined non-stop right down to when she was in front of Ryan with the “I don’t knows”. She looked completely pathetic. In that respect she’s even worse than Damian. No one with that sort of attitude survives on TV, and Glee isn’t going to cast someone with the same problems Damian had.

          • Will says:

            Please point out where Nellie could not act in a capacity lesser than her fellow competitors. She was the most successful at acting “sexy” in Sexuality in spite of being herself, she was the best part of the Fearlessness video, and she had no trouble in the finished product with delivering a great on-camera performance in spite of her reservations. I have no reason to believe that she can’t act well. Some (Abraham, Ali) have given that impression, but Nellie did not.

    • PlSherratt says:

      Right? I won’t watch the rest. Can’t stand Lily or Alien! The rest are meh! Done. done

  5. Guest says:

    Lily should have gotten the boot. She has ZERO chance and winning. Plus, she dissed Zac, enough said! Was sorry to see sweet Nellie go! I truly hope she becomes the next Natalie Merchant, or someone like that, since love everything about her. As for Abraham, I totally get why he was upset by Nikki’s comments and SO glad he crushed it in his final chance performance.

  6. Amy says:

    Nellie will be fine. I knew she wasnt going to win when she couldn’t let go of her “fear of looking foolish”. U can’t be that self-conscious and be a good actress. She probably felt like she looked dumb when she tried to be sexy and was always embarassed about it. I say Blake should win this thing with shanna a close second.

  7. Mel31602 says:

    Nellie has a great voice, but this show is about more than that, and she didn’t have the confidence to pull it off. This is especially key in a competition where everyone else has great voices too so she can’t rely on that alone.

    I also liked Abes last performance; it was as good as he’s sounded since he’s been on the show, and I actually liked the dancing about. Though that may be because I was rooting for him to stay since Nikki’s question about androgeny deemed out of line.

    Lily is the one real villain left but she did the best in the video shoot of the three so I thought no way she was going home until she started arguing w the judges. But her last song was solid and her crying monologue pretty much sealed Nellies fate.

    I agree w the poster who said they gave Nellie a sexy role bc they know that’s what she struggles with. She can do it, as she has shown in the past, especially with Blake. She really just needed to get out of her own head but couldn’t do it. On a show like Glee in particular you need to be comfortable in your own skin, since thats kind of the point of the show.

    And Michael, I believe the second to last episode is “Actability” so that will have acting challenges I presume. Better late than never I suppose.

    • Madison says:

      Michael actually gets to the last episode if you bother looking at spoilers or anything so until the episode comes I know you wont be convinced but he can act.

  8. Loveless says:

    The keep let my faves go Maxfield and Danny now Nellie. Im not sure if I wanna watch next week Lilly should have gone home.
    If the wanted Nellie to be Sext team her with Blake they bring it out in each other.

  9. JVC says:

    Disappointed, but not surprised to see Nellie go. She was one of my favs, but she could never come out of her shell. I know they maybe should’ve given her something more than playing sexy, but she could pull it off. I didn’t think abraham was going home simply because there were only 3 guys left. But I am convinced that michael’s days are numbered, i feel like he and blake (who I’m rooting for to win this thing) are too similar only blake can sing and act better. Lily is one i hope goes home next week, or at the very least doesn’t make it to the finale. She’s so annoying and unlikeable, should’ve gone home this week, oh well. As for my final 4 i want it to be Blake, alyin, shanna, and ali.

  10. Larry says:

    The last minute reprieve for Michael is unexpectingly bothering me. Didn’t he get the same treatment last week.? Two times in the bottom four reveal doesn’t look good. In fact, it looks like the mentors are afraid to put him in the bottom three because Ryan might eliminate him. While Abraham got notes in the studio -Michael did too and those notes are the same every time -“he gets into his head”. So Abraham does a last chance performance for letting an androgyny comment bothering him -but Michael gets saved for doing the same thing each week. That doesn’t seem right. It just doesn’t look like Michael is earning his way through this competition.

    • rachelleet says:

      I think they see potential in Michael and not Abraham (for being on the show). Although, last night Abes did better than Michael in the video (he seriously killed it as Bowie)…but I don’t think Abes will be here much longer.

  11. Emily says:

    I’m glad Nellie went home. She needs to become the artist that she is, not join the sinking ship that is Glee.

  12. Mélanie says:

    Nellie was my favorite too. I’m sad she was the not called back this week, but I totally understand why. It’s true she wasn’t more confident or bold than the previous weeks. It seems unfair because Micheal has the same problem repetively, but he got ot be on the called back list. I’m sure it’s only because he is one of the few boys left.
    I think the glee project is not there to look for new great performers. They just are looking for inspiration for new underdog characters. Nellie wasn’t much of an excentric character as they were bringing on the show last season. I think that is why Abraham got to stay. He is an underdog. He has a particular story, like Alex from last season. Even if he doesn’t win, I bet the producers will have an androgynous character next season (and probably a transgene too).
    About this andogynous comment from Nikki, I don’t get what she was expecting from Abraham. NO, it isn’t an easy question. The contestants are still kids (kind of). They are still experiencing life. They don’t have as much “vecu” as the producers have. They are still struggling with who they are and it’s just normal.
    I understand that an androgynous character can be interesting, but seriously I was rooting for Nellie. She is a sweet shy girl with a lack of confidence, but so are most young high school girls. At least, I think that underdog high school girls are like that. They need to figure out who they are and when they figure it out they get confident.
    Personnaly, I don’t like bold people that are talking (or screaming in some case) louder than the other just to get attention. That is what I get from Lily. I so don’t like her. She seems to think she is an underdog just because she is 240 pounds. I’ve got news for you, being fat shouldn’t be a reason why you can get on Glee.
    With Nellie gone, I hope Shanna wins. She has always been professional, this week video shoot proved it to us. And yes Ryan Murphy, not being professional should be a reason to not call back a contestant.

    • Sookie says:

      That is what is so backward about this show. Shanna has not performed for Ryan at all I don’t think and that is because she is so great! He doesn’t get to know her or be “inspired” by her. If I were her I would mess up just so Ryan can get to know me.

    • Veronica says:

      “being fat shouldnt be a reason why you can get on glee”. Hear, hear! Especially because they did the whole fat-girl-diva storyline in season 1 with Mercedes, and touched on it in season 2 with Lauren. Lily needs to leave.

  13. Mara says:

    Nellie was the only one I was rooting for! I agree that she clearly did not articulate herself well at all about wanting to stay, but jeeze, Lily/Ab over Nellie??
    Every week they pushed Nellie to be ‘sexy’, which was unfair. However, even though she said she was uncomfortable, the girl was hot, hot, hot. Nellie was stunning, the camera loves her face.
    Best voice on the show as well. I certainly got more personality/emotion from Nellie than any of the others on the show, with their contrived ‘im the fat sexy girl, im the straight guy who everyone thinks is gay, im a hot Turkish girl’. Nellie was just natural.

  14. Hyde says:

    My money is on Shanna, Blake and Ali as the final 3. With Shanna taking it.

  15. wtfnyc says:

    I really really need Lily (Mae, or whatever) to be gone, like NOW. She mouths off to the mentors, criticizes everybody else, and keeps talking about how she’s the most talented, amazing, trained thing out there. Show, don’t tell, lady. Also, I’m really sick of her “I get overlooked because I’m 240 lbs” schtick. No, you get overlooked because you do not have an nteresting personality and your voice is ordinary.

    • Tom says:

      I agree! LILY should have gone home. She strikes me as the kind of girl who will do anything for attention at a party, and then can’t deal with it, if there is someone who DOESN’T like her. She has rubbed me the wrong way, since day one. I guess while I’m at it, I should go ahead and say that Aylin should have gone home to. She is NOT nearly as sexy, as SHE thinks she is. GROSS

  16. E says:

    I don’t profess to know anything about Lily’s health and weight issues, but if she’s afraid of being pigeon-holed, then there are ways to address it. Last week she said she had no problem with being in a bathing suit because she’d gotten comfortable in her body. She may need to get comfortable in the fact that being obese is somewhat career-limiting just like other superficial things are in hollywood and entertainment. That’s the way it goes.

    It didn’t prevent her from getting on this show, so I’m not sure how much we need to feel pity for her not getting noticed. In fact, on TGP, having a challenge and not being in ‘the beautiful people mold’, works to your advantage.

  17. E says:

    I haven’t been able to watch the whole episode due to On Demand messing up, but I have seen the whole video. Did they chain Nellie to the produce aisle?

    • Sue says:

      Watching that video made me think they were purposely trying to get rid of Nellie. She did the best she could considering her part consisted of dancing in front of fruit. Then for the group number Nellie was conveniently hidden in the very back.

  18. SL says:

    I like Nellie but let’s face it a girl will never win this contest no matter how talented they are. A boy will win this thing, probably Blake or Michael. Ryan Murphy will make sure his show will be run by boys and how all the boys characters are always portray as heroes.

    • Mélanie says:

      I think that they want to find a boy more than a girl on glee project. Micheal has the same problem as Nellie about not being confident enough, but he wasn’t in the bottom three.

  19. B says:

    Am I the only one who finds Ali SO INCREDIBLY ANNOYING

  20. Cate53 says:

    Like most other people here – and generally – I loved Nellie and was rooting for her, but it’s hard to disagree that she kind of deserved to go after her lacklustre interview with Ryan. She’s had her confidence shaken by being in the bottom three so many times and sadly wasn’t able to pick it up. If she’d just gone for it and vamped it up as Brittney, she could have survived.
    While I find Lily really obnoxious, she was right, HOW IS MICHAEL NOT IN THE BOTTOM THREE! He messed up his vocals AGAIN! He’s not a charismatic performer singing, dancing or acting. They clearly were going to send a girl home this week with only 3 boys left, and Michael is cute, but he’s never been a stand out for me.
    Just a thought, the New Directions are seriously lacking outstanding girl singers this year. If I recall correctly, there is Tina, Brittany and Sugar. They NEED some girl power! Ali was cute, but will they want someone more conventional like Shanna or Aylin? With Sam, Artie, Joe (if Samuel returns) if another white dude like Blake or Michael what they need? Abraham is at least a different type, but I am not convinced he can really act.
    Anyway, here’s hoping poor Nellie gets her groove back and pops up somewhere – brilliant voice, shame she wimped out.

    • Vetle says:

      This was only her second time in the bottom three? Third if you count the bottom SIX with Blake though. While she actually escaped the bottom three back then.

      I’m pissed Lily and Abraham stayed over her. :/ I guess I’m rooting for Aylin or Shanna now. I just want to see one of the girls win. I do think Blake will win, but he is a bit dull. Way better than Damian though, so I won’t be mad if he wins!

    • Mélanie says:

      You right about outstanding girls. I think they should bring Marissa from season 1 :D

  21. dilia says:

    blake or shanna DESERVE to win at this point. they bring it every week.
    i think aylin will win and im cool with that too. i bet ryan sees a goldmine in her flirty muslim schtick

  22. SpeckyGit says:

    I’ve been a Nellie fan from the start, but it was time for her to go. She isn’t theatrical. Just isn’t.

  23. Shawn says:

    what I find ironic about nellie going is that she was giving Ryan a perfect story to write for. They kinda gave up on Tina being the introverted girl with a stutter so nellie could have played they shy talented girl to a t. what I have an issue with is that Ryan wants the contestants to give him a story they need to find someone who can actually really act so I’m hoping it’s either Blake shanna or ali. Aylin is a very talented singer but Im not sure if she can play anything other than herself which wouldn’t allow the character to really grow up. and to touch on Nikki’s question to Abraham since when is he androgynous. The guy sounds looks and acts gay but says he’s straight so that his business. they asked him to play a flamboyant character it’s not even like he picked it.

  24. Joe says:

    As a writer/director, Nellie was the breakout star to me. Yes, she was green and needed confidence, but if you work with that girl she would own the show within a season. All you have to do is introduce her as awkward, shy, not sure of herself, but when she sings she transforms and how music and the Glee club brought her out of the shell she started in. You make the scenes and story lines cater to her present strengths while knowing with some time she’s going to be a powerhouse. She had the best voice on the show and could have stolen the show from Lea in time. She was gorgeous. The camera loved her. I’m stunned they let her walk while 1 trick ponies like the Aylene stay. Not sure what the next step is for Nellie, but I wonder if she tries out for Idol or X Factor. She has that “it” they’re always looking for. The girl was the star they found on the show. The next is Blake, but he’s an obvious star but has that quality. Believe it or not, Lilly is actually incredibly talented, although I’m not sure I would want to work with her. Just like Charlie, you don’t need that drama on your set all the time.

  25. SD Lou says:

    I too believe Nellie was the most talented of the lot. Unfortunately she often seemed disinterested in what was happening, bored by the whole thing and angry they kept wanting her to play sexually seductive roles. As for the latter, I believe they kept giving her those roles so she’d break out and prove them wrong. My guess is that if they hadn’t given her a sexually seductive role this week she would have made it through. I felt she was a goner the minute they said she’d be playing Britney. As for the “dunno” answers, she may have said she wanted to win but I believe she had already checked out.

  26. Leo says:

    Urghhh. Nellie is gone. Stop weeping over her and stop bashing Ali or Lily. Like you’re better than them or something? Nellie is talented but she’s seriously bland, boring and so-not-tv-material? The way I see it, good riddance!

  27. Tiff says:

    I loved Nellie, but I thought it was time for her to go home, just on the basis of the whole not-being-excited-about-being-Britney thing. You could really tell that she was the only one who didn’t get into her rock star. Lily was my second-choice, for being such a friggin’ bitch. I loved Abraham’s performance, and I think he’s pretty great.

    I do think it’s too bad about Nellie, though. She has an incredible voice, and I hope she gets signed.

    That said, I kind of thought from the beginning that Shanna would be the winner. with Blake as a close second. It’s telling that neither of them have ever had to do a last chance performance.

  28. angelstorm says:

    This show seriously makes me angry every episode for some reason or another ! I was really hoping Lily would be going home. She’s very very annoying – from her irate yelling at the beginning of the episode with her choreography to her yelling at the end about being overlooked. Enough already !

    I liked Nellie – and I thought there was no way they should be trying to get her to be sexy all the time – what’s their obsession ? Obviously that’s not her thing why are they trying to force it so much ?

    And Nikki – ooooh she’s actually usually the one who makes me mad and she did it again this week ! Why would she scoff at Abraham and tell him about how many icons are androgynous ? That doesn’t change his experiences ! You can’t wipe away a lifetime of experiences with one comment like that – what was she thinking !???

  29. Sookie says:

    As much as everyone hates on Lilly you have to admit she killed that last chance performance! And you have to think if someone asked you to be Cyndi Lauper how would you “act”. She skipped around in the “girls just want to have fun video” and dressed weird. Her most distictive characteristic is her speaking voice and they didn’t have any speaking in the video. And as far as Zach’s comments that she should have incorporated some of the “80’s moves” what does that even mean?? Has it occured to you that Lilly wasn’t even born in the 80’s?

  30. Sookie says:

    And Nikki the so called mentor? She encourages Charlie to act like an idiot then tattles on him calling him unprofessional. She picks up on a weakness of Abrahams then doesn’t understand why he gets upset about it then tattles on him. She tells Michael not to pracitce then tattles on him for not practicing. I wish she would go home!

  31. sheri says:

    Nellie was on the wrong show. I would LOVE to see Nellie on American Idol. Can that still happen?

  32. Kobe Busia says:

    This episode was pretty interesting and cool and fun, Grant Gustin proved to be a great mentor and he’s actually a really nice guy as opposed to his character Sebastian on Glee. Ali wins the homework assignment and the video shoot goes well and it’s rather imaginative and fun to watch. However, I didn’t like NIkki’s comment towards Abraham about whether he considers himself Androgynous or not, it was as if she was trying to ensure that he fails during the video shoot and throw off his concentration and positive streak and break him down in a negative and somewhat hurtful way! 2nd of all, Lily’s attitude is getting annoying and she went as far as cussing Ryan and the mentors out but it’s her talent, ambition, and desire to be on Glee that keeps her moving forward, and even though it’s true, I felt that it was really mean of her to comment on how Michael’s been called back instead of her but I think I know why, and it’s because although Lily’s the stronger performer of the 2, Michael seems to be more aware of his mistakes and isn’t so arrogant and defensive about it. As for Nellie, I’m not really sad that she left because she’s highly insecure, she couldn’t really adapt to the vast majority of the homework assignments(with the exception of sexuality) and weekly themes, and I don’t understand why people like her so much, I’ve read several comments saying how she “Has the best voice out of everyone in the competition”. Of the 3 contestants in the bottom 3, it was only Abraham for whom I wasn’t worried at all, I mean he’s a great guy and I find him talented and interesting, so I hope he makes it further. Ok, here’s what I think will go down throughout the rest of this competition; the final 4 contenders will be Blake, Shannna, Ali and Abraham. Actually the 2nd girl in the competition will be down between Ali and Aylin, but who of those 2 girls do you think deserves to be in the competition more? In the end however, Blake is gonna win this competition because I feel that he’s the most flawless contender on The Glee Project and he has a great voice and he fits right in with the glee cast. Go Blake!

  33. chyann says:

    WHY!!!!! WHY DID NELLIE HAVE TO GO! IM SO FLIPPING SAD NOW!SHE WAS SO GOOD! FIRST DANI, THEN MARIO, NOW NELLIE!!! THIS IS HORRIBLE!! IM MAD AND SAD! I THINK LILY SHOULD HAVE GONE HOME! SHES BEEN IN THE BOTTOM THREE HOW MANY TIMES? Ok I’m calm now excuse me for a moment *turns around and screams at the top of my lungs, then turns back around* I’m good. Ok I am routing for Ali and blake