Fall TV Preview

Terminator's Linda Hamilton Lands a Killer Role on Syfy's Lost Girl

She be back!

Linda Hamilton, who figured into the fourth and final seasons of NBC’s Chuck, is returning to TV with a badass role on Syfy’s supernatural-tinged Lost Girl.

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The Terminator film franchise alum will guest-star in Season 3’s 10th episode as Acacia, “a tough, sexy and ruthless assassin who has enjoyed a storied and deadly career.” As one might surmise — as one always should when it comes to ruthless, legendary assassins! — Acacia’s arrival will spell trouble for Bo and company.

In addition to Chuck, Hamilton’s TV credits include the upcoming miniseries Air Force One Is Down, FX’s Thief mini, Weeds and, of course, the original Beauty and the Beast.

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Reminder: Lost Girl resumes its sophomore run this Friday at 10/9c, in its new time slot. The Season 2 finale airs Sept. 14; Season 3 will premiere sometime in 2013.

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  1. SAM says:

    oooh – sounds fun!

  2. F. says:

    Didn’t Showcase announce that Lost Girl would be premiering in the winter of 2013? https://twitter.com/showcasedotca/status/223420258948628481

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      UPDATE: Season 3 premieres “sometime in 2013” on Syfy. (Season 2 finale airs Sept. 14.) I cannot help you with premiere plans for other countries; I was horrible at geography in high school.

      • F. says:

        Haha alright. I’ve just been confused by the vagueness of “winter 2012”. There are winter months at the beginning and end of a year. Thanks Matt!

        (And I’m just sayin’, if Lost Girl is indeed premiering on different dates on Showcase and SyFy, it should at least premiere in it’s home country first.)

    • oldmaryjane says:

      Season 3 of Lost Girl premiers in Canada on September 1 and I believe will run 22 episodes this season. SyFy will premier Season 3 in January or February and it’s only carrying either 13 or 15 episodes. This is information I read several months ago, so, other than the premier date in Canada, it could have changed.

      • jaz says:

        Well yes, it has changed. There will only be 13 episodes for season 3 and Showcase announced last week that it will start season 3 in winter 2013. Syfy had already stated earlier they would premiere season 3 in january 2013. I would expect both networks to air the episodes around the same time.

  3. V says:

    Love Lost Girl

  4. V says:

    Ooh, new Lost Girl this Friday.

  5. Bree says:

    Like I needed another reason to watch. Can’t wait!!

  6. S says:

    SyFy is still calling this show “New” did I miss something with there being a start of a second season?

  7. leahbh says:

    The episodes are new in the US, they’ve never been on tv here before

  8. Roger says:

    Lost Girl is indeed not on the fall shedule of Showcase

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      As I said above:

      UPDATE: Season 3 premieres “sometime in 2013″ on Syfy. (Season 2 finale airs Sept. 14.)

    • oldmaryjane says:

      Roger, Showcase sent out a news release stating that Lost Girl Season 3 begins September 1 in Canada. Since they’re producing 22 episodes, I don’t see how they can start in the new year because it doesn’t carry it’s new major shows into the summer (there are reruns all the time).

      • rtms says:

        Actually Showcase recently just tweeted that the show is only 13 eps for Season 3 and it starts in January 2013, same as SyFy.

  9. Jaz says:

    So are Syfy getting involved with casting now?

  10. Stephen says:

    Lynda is definitely looking better and better with age so she definitely might encourage me to check this show out!

  11. hasse says:

    Holy cow. Awesome! I’m guessing from the description that she’s fae, which is cool, but I can’t help thinking she would have been a perfect Momma Lauren Lewis.

  12. Vannesa says:

    Can’t wait to see Sarah Connor back in action…and in Toronto no less. ;) :D

  13. tvdiva says:

    Lost Girl Season 1 is on ITUNES now and ready for download. Lost Girl Season 1 DVD US version release date 10/23/12. Lost Girl Season 2 DVD Region 1 (Canada-US) Canadian release date 11/13/12,

  14. Susy says:

    I like this new character already! Lost Girl rocks!

  15. Amanda says:

    Will syfy do a lost girl marathon before the season finale?

  16. Leezack says:

    if the show keeps up with the ratings i see another 22 ep season in there future showcase waited till halfway thru the second season which was originally 13 ep to order an additional 9 ep i see no reason why that would not happen again

  17. Mike says:

    I hope it’s January 2013 and not December 2013, I just can’t wait that long! I wonder why they do that? All the other seasons started in September. Why oh why can’t they be consistent!

  18. brian says:

    Why would they do 22 for season 2 then cut it back to 13 for season 3 ? That doesnt make sense at all..

    • oldmaryjane says:

      ITA with you, Brian. The ratings in Canada for Season 2 were again very high. On Showcase, they made a number of announcements that Season 3 would begin on Sept. 1 and then I read that they would be doing 22 episodes. All of a sudden, I hear January 2013 with 13 episodes. I’m really hoping that SyFy Channel hasn’t been part of this decision-making. The writers and producers have already had to cut back on the cussing and nudity to appease American broadcasting standards. You can tell the big difference between seasons 1 and 2, and it was close to the end of Canada’s season 1 that SyFy decided to pick up the show. And, I think that other than Warehouse 13, SyFy mostly produces 12 or 13 episodes of a show per season. I wish they would put out a real news release stating the changes and why. I don’t get the twittering stuff, so I’d never get information from there/

  19. jj says:

    It’s ridiculous to think syfy has anything to do with what episode amounts and script content. They have no say. Every Time something goes wrong with this show everyone likes to blame the American broadcast requirements instead of the show creators.

  20. anna palmer says:

    I cant wait 4 season 3 cuz i want 2 c anna silk,zoie palmer& ksensia solo the 3 hottest ladys’ in the show includin the leader of the dark fae ebony ” morrigan”

  21. Tambry says:

    Ok after all is said and done, the risqué of the show caught me by surprise the first time Bo and Dyson really got it on. I mean practically hitting every wall in his place before hitting the bed. But now I’ve come to expect it and maybe Bo and Dyson will be bumping each other once again. I love the whole cast, each member is vital in their own right and would be greatly missed if not in future seasons and in full time roles. The idea of only 13 episodes after having tasted 22 seems preposterous to me now. This show is one of my as I refer to it “My Additive Show” and I have only three. My husband always says that he’ll leave me alone to watch my show (cute isn’t he?). I have already gotten other friends addicted as well, so if that’s not a testimonial to the worthiness of the show then I don’t know what is. PS I searched the web like crazy just to be able to buy the DVD in Canada when it released.

  22. Josh says:

    I understand about the whole season 3 coming up in january 2012 but is that the official date because if not someone please look it up because I want to know and is anyone sure about only 13 episodes because I thought it said 21 but just let me know.
    Thanx alot, Josh

    • Chris Knuth says:

      While I am still waiting to hear an official release date for Canada, it did not seem to show up on September 1st as original mentioned. The showcase website is listing repeats for all of September so I am not hold my breath for this month. In addition most episode listing sites I have found are already listing episode titles, but only 13 of them. I agree having 22 in season two and then cutting back to 13 for season 3 seems strange. However I have seen several shows do winter and summer split seasons lately. So there might be hope that the 13 is the winter season, and that a summer season of 13 could happen, however I have seem nothing mentioning that. Finally if SyFy does get there hands into this I foresee trouble as ever since they started this 13 episode crap several good shows died premature deaths as people did not want to wait three quarters of a year for new episodes. I mean a short first season is fine to see it there is interest in the show, but if the ratings warrant a renewal then we should be getting full seasons after that. (Sorry for the rant)

  23. Tammy says:

    What channel is SYFY in Calgary Canada?

  24. Mik Wasiak says:

    Why is season 2 not on iTunes

    • James Collar says:

      I know! I mean everyone tells me “OH, you can watch it on Netflix” and yeah I am but… TAKE MY MONEY PLEASE???? I want to own the series, I love it that much. But, I am done with DVDs, just as much as I am done with VHS tapes.

  25. Teresa Vongphasouk says:

    Cait wait for Lost Girl to come back on TV!!! I love love love that show! One of the best shows on TV. I love the whole cast. What an amazing blend of personalities that really make this show special. Hope this show runs for many seasons! It’s fun, exciting, mysterious with just a touch of naughty. Fabulous!