Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: FNL MVP Gaius Charles Joins Season 9 Cast as [Spoiler]

Grey’s Anatomy‘s ninth season is shaping up to be a real Smash: Friday Night Lights grad Gaius Charles is joining the cast in a recurring role, TVLine has learned exclusively.

The details regarding Charles’ character are still being worked out, but it stands to reason that he will be playing a young doctor at  Seattle Grace — a hospital reeling from at least two major staff departures.

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To say Charles’ TV career is on fire at the moment is an understatement. After spending several years out of the spotlight to focus on college, the actor re-entered the TV scene with back-to-back guest stints on ABC’s short-lived Pan-Am and CBS juggernaut NCIS. Last month, he returned to the football field via a major arc on USA Network’s Necessary Roughness

Charles’ casting continues Grey’s boss Shonda Rhimes’ love affair with Friday Night Lights. Other FNL stars who have passed through Seattle Grace’s hallowed halls include  Kyle Chandler, Jesse Plemmons and Zach Gilford.

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  1. Sara says:

    Why more cast members? Focus on the characters on the show!

    • rhose says:

      I agree…the show is not getting better…it didn’t get better when they had that so-called merger…they need to build and rebuild the characters already on the show..hopefully this fall season doesn’t suck as the last two…it’s getting frustrating..and quite frankly…getting annoying.

    • Jennifer says:

      Because they keep killing a few off each season so they need to replace those lost.

    • I think they need to spice up the characters… Make more humor into the show. :)

      • jane monthr says:

        The show needs to end, chances are this will be the final season. The characters are in their 40’s and in med school? Just wrap it up. Great series but lets stop Ms. Rhimes. The place to be is FX and AMC. The walking dead and American Horror Story has great writing and actors too.

        • ben says:

          I dunno what chances you are talking about – given the ratings are still good and all the originals just signed two season deals… if it was intending to go out while he going was good, after season 10 is a good chance. The chance this next season is the last is virtually nil.

          Plus, if you think they are in medical school then you might have missed the point. They had finished with that before the series began.

        • HeyMe says:

          um…it’s not med school. it’s residency, a 7 year program that comes after med school. and i don’t think those characters are in their 40’s. nice try though.

        • angela says:

          What its the best medical drama that’s out that’s not a dam reality show I say keep it going i love it!!!!!!! Ive been a fan since season 1 and its just as good as Mash and ER

        • Megan says:

          Dont end the show!!! It’s my FAVORITE!!!! Plus how can you not love all the crazy medical emergencies they have? Haha this show never stops being dramatic, I LOVE IT.

      • Miranda Cooper says:

        I agree with you they either need to end the show or start to re-build characters.

    • JAN says:

      i couldnt say it much better. im still not over you killing off lexie. y add more cast members??

  2. Shaun says:

    Not bad….need some new residents and we really need to see some newbies too.

  3. Seriously.. says:

    Does Grey’s Anatomy really need more characters?

  4. Lyndee says:

    Yup looks like Shonda is bringing in a younger group of actors to replace the aging originals like Meredith, Derek, Alex and Cristina. Can’t wait to see the new female actors they bring on board.

    • Shaun says:

      You can’t replace the core,with no Mer and no Lexi Greys would be dead.

    • ben says:

      Meredith, Derek, Alex, Cristina & Bailey remain the heart of the show. The new actors are to keep the show fresh, and it is important to keep some freshness to the show. The reality is in a real workplace that although people don’t die quite as often, they do leave reasonably frequently; having said that, I kind of hope that there are no more cast deaths in the next short while; if they have to leave, let them just leave.

    • Megan says:

      Ummm… no Meredith and Derek, no show I’m afraid. They did everything they could to keep those 2 on board. They aren’t going anywhere.

    • Hollis says:

      You might want to educate yourself GA wise. ABC paid big $ to keep those YOU refer to as “aging originals.” It’s those “aging originals” that keep the show going.

  5. AmandaNJ says:

    He’s fantastic. Glad to have him on the show.

  6. Paulo says:

    I understand that some fans don’t want new characters but I’m really excited about this. Gaius Charles is a great actor and is a great addition to Greys Anotomy. It’s all about Smash.

  7. smash says:

    YAY Gaius! glad to have him back on my TV on another great show. he seems perfect to breathe new life into Grey’s

  8. Kim says:

    I was about done with Grey’s but will be tuning in to see Gaius. First time in a long time I’m excited about something coming up on Grey’s.

  9. Jefff says:

    Some people are gonna die in the premiere. At least thats my opinion (fingers crossed for Arizona!). Shonda likes a lot of characters and the new contracts means to keep the number of characters she needed to cut old cast members and pay new cast members less money.

    • Krissy says:

      The article says that he is recurring, not a cast member. Grey’s always has guest stars so I don’t see why they would need to let anyone go to have him on the show for a few episodes.

    • Arizona and Cali will stay because of their status on the show. They built up to the lesbian couple thing and the wedding and the birth of their baby after the wreck, I don’t think they will have Arizona die. To much new story line to come.

  10. David Torres says:

    Would’ve liked to see gaius with a more prominent role on Necessary Roughness. He could’ve been a “Smash Williams”-type.

  11. cjeffery7 says:

    grey’s has generally done a very good job of sprinkling in new characters very naturally over the years. my only worry is that they will throw too many new faces at us all at once, a la Scrubs, and people will become disenchanted. if greys is on for one or two more years i’d be happy with that. if it transformed into something like ER, and they can do it effectively, i’m happy with that too. though i do gotta say, lexi’s departure just made that ten times more difficult.

    • Olivia says:

      The only comparison you can make between ER and GA is that they’re both medical shows and both have huge casts. The difference is ER show runner and writers knew how to make quality tv from the large cast. Rhimes has nothing but a hot mediocre boring soap opera mess. Nothing about GA (any longer) can hold a candle to ER. Rhimes drank too much of the stupid kool aid. Adding more folks to a cast she can barely manage is just dumb.

      • Kira says:

        I completely agree!!! After re-watching the first couple of seasons I realized how off track GA has gotten. ER was a once in a lifetime show. They managed to keep me invested until the finale, which was so heartfelt. A couple of recurring actors seems ideal. That way there’s new blood but the show is still able to focus on the 12 other cast members left lol

      • cjeffery7 says:

        i dont disagree that it’s a hot soap-opera mess. im just wondering if they are trying to emulate the long term (money making) success of shows like ER, L&O, and NYPD Blue, OR if we’re all just over-thinking this and the show is gonna end in a few years, which would probably be the better option of the two, cause i think you’re right, it’s not a good enough show to pull it off. it’s a guilty pleasure, it’s not a critical darling.

  12. Allie says:

    Ridiculous. Rhimes can barely function writing for the over bloated cast she has. New characters have been totally useless. Kepner is a huge joke and Teddy was so useless she didn’t even last. It’s so pathetic. Noone has meaty storylines or background. Shonda is like a spoiled kid that is never satisfied so just keeps collecting more pets and then ignores the ones she already has. Smh.

  13. i dont like adding more people. i hope she dont thin out the cast and make people leave when she trying to much in the story line, like how omalley was left behind. if it gets to wild i might stop watching greys and find a new soap to watch… even tho i like this so very much.

  14. flourisher says:

    Come on, people. Meredith isn’t going anywhere. Her name is Meredith GREY. She’s the GREY in GREY’s Anatomy. If Meredith and/or Derek leave, the show is done.

  15. Vivianne says:

    Lol, Ausiello is Shonda’s head cheer leader! GA shaping up to be a “smash”? Ok then.

  16. MeMe says:

    I dont really like the way it ended but if you gotta go you gotta go. I think she shoulda just let everyone went to new hospitals. But I’ve learned that sometimes when they kill people that means that person isnt coming back ever. Ithink it was a little unfair but Shonda knows what shes doing and i’m gonna trust her judgement. I’ve been watching since day one and i’ll keep watching til the end.

    • marie says:

      i agree ive an avid GA fan love the show, seen it from day one, was gutted how the last season finished and do wish that everytime it finishes she would stop killing all the good characters off, was so pleased when lexi finally told mark she loved him and then shes dies…bummer.. i say bring back izzy, and looking forward to season 9 dont let us GA fans down

    • Donna says:

      I thought that was a lame story line… a plane crash??? Seriously? I’m afraid the writers are having problems….

  17. tunika says:

    Hey im still vwey pissed rhar they kilked off lexie her and sloan deserves better a happier ending i fell ripped off i wanted my slexie debating if i even want tp watch this season’

  18. Mentorohmom says:

    I am going to miss Lexi!!!

  19. Coco says:

    I never cared for Lexie but she was important to GA unlike several of the newer characters who waste screen time and bring nothing to the table. I know Lexie wanted to leave but killing her off was unnecessary but typical Shonda. In regards to the new cast members addition, it doesn’t surprise me. Shonda doesn’t have the talent or skills to write substantial interesting storylines for her original cast but instead just keeps on bringing new people and scattering the attention. It’s so stupid.

    • JayJay says:

      Ms Rhimes seems to have done a pretty good job of writing to keep the show on for so many years.If you think it’s so stupid how do you seem to know so much about the show?Obviously you’re watching it…

  20. Danielle H says:

    God, Shonda just stop adding cast to this show! Seriously … show some serious storytelling in the shows last couple of seasons with some core characters

  21. Becks says:

    He’s a great actor but it irritates me that they got rid of Kim Raver, who did a great job this season (and who’s character viewers were finally starting to like) only to add another series regular we have to get to know all over again.

  22. Ayana Johnson says:

    Im just ready for the new season. Super sad they killed lexi but never really liked her too much anyway. I can’t wait to see how everyone finds out about the crash its gonna be beautiful!!??

  23. melissa says:

    They need to bring back Izzie…. she needs to come back with Alex’s baby!!!!!!!!

    • wendy says:

      At the very least have a huge custody fight over the frozen embryos, a court battle over child support, visitation and all that divorced parents haggle about when children are involved. That would make for a more interesting story line on GA! However, do not bring Katherine Heigl back to play Izzy-find another actress.

  24. sher says:

    I can’t believed that they killed of Lexi!! She was my favorite character and was mark’s soul mate.

  25. Ramona Bambi says:

    can’t wait for the new season!! When starts, bdw? September?

  26. Mandy says:

    Lexie was one of my favorites but I’m a loyal GA fan so I will continue to watch untill the series ends, which I hope is not anytime soon! The new characters do bring a freshness to the show as long as the originals aren’t forgotten. I would like to see Izzy come back and finally give she and Karev the happy ending they didn’t get the first time.

  27. Janice meyer says:

    Since day 1 Ihave watched the show from beginning. They could have sr Dr Grey stay and teach. The other new Drs could have grown in the story. I just dont want it to leave. To many good programs always end up being kicked off.

  28. Larry says:

    Three words: bring Izzy back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. robin proctor says:

    I’m actually quite excited to see what shonda can come up with… I only wish there could be 8 more seasons of greys anatomy!!! These ppl talking smack about ending the series should be beaten. Did you all produce a series 8 seasons in the running?? What, then, qualifies you to say what should or shouldn’t happen?

  30. Christina says:

    I don’t want to see any of the old ones leave… but… I think it will be nice to see some new people… new drama… new life stories to begin… I’m sorry but I feel that the old crew like Meredith and Derek and Arizona and Kali… everyone has just gotten settled… there is no more drama they are all where they want to be… So I think it is good to keep the old but bring in some new…

    • Dana says:

      I completely agree Christina. I think it would be boring with everyone settled. I’m all for bringing in a new character or two.

  31. ashley says:

    Hoping Grey’s Anatomy is returning soon, i miss them so much… I just love the whole cast, and wish Lexie didn’t have to die, she will be missed very much, she was a great part of the show… I think that a lot of these show’s can go but Grey’s Anatomy isn’t one of them by a long shot… I give it up for the person who made Grey’s Anatomy, and the cast, and everyone else involved them Grey’s Anatomy…

  32. mercedes says:


  33. izz says:

    i’m confused, they killed off lexi and dropped teddy because they’re cutting on costs and now they’re adding more actors. they should have just brought izzy back. and who wants the weird guy from PanAm?

    • dexx says:

      What is to be confused about? Cost cutting doesn’t mean that money won’t be spent at all, it means that less will be spent. The longer that someone is on as how, the more they make. Therefore, bringing in new people to replace others costs less which means “cost cutting.”

  34. Kste says:

    I wish meredith would unexpectedly get pregnant after adopting. I feel like it would being new hope to the show. I also really really hope arizona survives. And owen and cristina need to figure something out. I’m getting tired of the back and fourth, back and forth with those two.

  35. heather says:

    The article 2 people were leaving. Kepner was not accepted back next year. And teddy is leaving there is yyour 2 I know lexie died in the crash. But as a medical professional i can tell u that blood slows and the heart slows when it is cold it is unlikely but possible and just the kind od freak start up that would shock viewers if lexie was just in a deep hypovolemic shock and made it thru. Something to think about

    • Lei says:

      if you really are a medical professional you should know that with a massive hemoneumotorax, a crushed pelvis (where the patient losses half their blood) and a severed arm, there’s no freaking way you could survive if not given first aid in minutes.

  36. Nairda says:

    Lexie is my favourite character and, after omaley’s death, It’s not good. I need Lexie return to the show!!!!

    • jenjosh08 says:

      If u read this then u should hv seen a link that takes u too the interview lexi gave where she said she went to ahonda at beginning of season n decided it was time for her to leave. Shonda didn’t wanna gt rid of her it was lexi decision to leave! Which i think sux really baf n a lil selfish on her part i think as acter she owes us to stay on till show ends or atleast giving her n mark a happy ending cuz mark leaving this season to…she could hv stayed atleast that long

  37. greys4ever11 says:

    I don’t mind new characters as long as they have good storylines. But if you think it will work without Meredith you’re crazy. Especially now that Lexie is gone. I just hope that season 9 will be a lot happier, and stop the direction they’re going in where everyone keeps dying. That’s a great way to thank fans who have been with the show for 8 years! Season 9 needs to be recovering from Lexie’s death and then getting Seattle Grace back to normal, like where they were in seasons 1-7.

  38. Nico says:

    I don’t know why they keep adding new characters. Why don’t they just upgrade the status of their recurring characters–the interns (i.e. Steve Mostow and Morgan Peterson)?

  39. Chantelle Maartens says:

    I don’t think I’ll be watching next season! All of my favorite characters are being killed off! Don’t know if my heart can take more of that. As much of a fan I am, I cannot go through that again, my husband thinks I am nuts cause I get so involved!

  40. Alyssa says:

    Matt Bomer should join the cast! The cast needs more beautiful men whether McSteamy dies or not.

  41. Amanda hunt says:

    I’m in the uk and absolutely love greys, I was sad at Lexie dying and didn’t think it was the respectful end she should have got but I will always watch greys love it and can’t wait for it to start again.i hope that Christina will sort things out though cos she deserves to be happy,the only character I’m not keen on is April,she doesn’t fit sorry

  42. Tracey says:

    I’m in the UK too and absolutely LOVE Greys :) Its a fantastic, interesting, emotional roller coaster of a show. I’ve watched every season and cant wait for its return. I can see the points people have made about new characters, Lexie dying and the core cast stories. I think its always good to bring a little fresh blood to shows, therefore the new guy could be a nice fresh storyline. I too was shocked by Lexie’s death but glad she told Mark how she felt about him. I think the core staff are still extremely important to Greys, eg: Meredith is “Greys” hence her name Meredith Grey! I really feel Christina and Owen need some happiness in their lives now. I think Shonda is an excellent writer and has always given us great dramatic story lines, I can’t wait for the next season it’ll be very interesting to see what happens with Mark after the crash. Here’s to many many more series to come :) :) :)

  43. J. says:

    Everyone is so up in arms about the addition of new characters but nobody said that Gaius or any of the other characters that are currently being cast are slated to become series regulars. Didn’t Shonda herself even say that she wasn’t interested in adding new permanent additions to the cast? These new characters, thus far, are just guest stars, which Grey’s Anatomy has been in the habit of casting since its very first episode on the air. Calm down.

  44. MiMi says:

    All I am saying is, they should stop with Private practice and send Charlotte to Seattle grace!

  45. LadyB says:

    He is such an entertaining actor… great potential addition to the show. It may tempt me to start watching again. :)

  46. Jules says:

    That’s great! Good for him! Definitely watch Season 9 now…love the cast from Friday Night Lights! :)

  47. Vas says:

    I have no problem with bringing in new characters but introduce them to us slowly, not jam them down our throats, and viewers will be more receptive. I’d like to see better writing for ALL the characters. I’m afraid that Scandal is Rhimes’ favorite pet, PP is probably in its last year and she’s got to wrap that up, while Grey’s is left to fend for itself.

  48. Elise says:

    I think he will be a wonderful addition and I hope he becomes a full time cast member. He’s a great actor and will bring something to the show (in my opinion). I understand that there are viewers that want the Meredith/Derek hour but not all of us do. Happy to see some new people hopefully breathe some life back into the show.

  49. Ninna says:

    Please, please hope this guy be the new head of Cardio and steal Cristina from McCheater for ever. So he could fly away and catch a little girl in her 20’s, and I say 20’s to be guaranteed she has an useful womb and be stupid and naive enough to stay at home carrying on his dreams while he is free to do what he wants out of the house. Even go and ace hookers in bars when things become boring at home. After all it is a traditional male right? He has the right to hurt and punish his females when they don’t want the same he does. I’d like to see this new guy with Cristina.

  50. Gwyn says:

    Bring back Izzy and Burke not any new people!!!!!!