Sons of Anarchy @ Comic-Con: Premiere Date Revealed, Prequel Buzz and a Shocking Hook-Up

Sons of AnarchyThe Sons of Anarchy closed out the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con on Sunday afternoon — a guide to TVLine’s in-depth, scoop-filled coverage can be found here —  and in addition to revealing roughly seven minutes of Season 5 footage from FX’s biker drama (including a graphic sex scene between Gemma and — gasp! — not Clay), fans were treated to an array of spoilers.

Review our complete Comic-Con coverage — including recaps of the 20 hottest panels and more than 2 exclusive video Q&As — and read on for highlights from the SOA discussion, which featured talk of a prequel series, teases about King Jax’s journey and much more.

First item of note: Sons of Anarchy Season 5 premieres Tuesday, Sept 11 at 10/9c.

FRESH (AND SEXY!) FOOTAGE | The Con’s final panel of the day kicked off with a sneak peek at Season 5, and here’s a quick recap of what went down: Jax is seen leading the Sons, with his insightful voiceover playing in the background; Tara is taking a seemingly innocent bath — with a gun at her side; Clay is now living alone in a new house and is toting around an oxygen tank; and during a nighttime run with a shipment, the guys are run off the road by Big Bad Damon Pope’s One-Niners and a gunfight ensues. There was also a scene blacked out due to mature content, and this is what it consisted of, per SOA creator Kurt Sutter: “That was my wife [Katey Sagal’s Gemma] getting f–ked from behind by [guest star] Jimmy Smits. So, with that little tease, I’d show up for the premiere.”

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FLASHBACK FUN | Sutter said that while he’s not big on flashbacks within the series, he has had “discussions with the network about doing a prequel of the first nine [Sons members], where we would see the formation of the club.”

Now, here are a few character-specific teases for Season 5:

JAX | “For me this is really the season about Jax (played by Charlie Hunnam) at the head of that table and what kind of leader he will become,” Sutter teased. That arc also consists of “answering the question: Can you be the leader of an outlaw organization and not become Clay? And if you don’t become Clay, are to subject to [being seen as] weak?” By season’s end, “We’ll really see what kind of leader he’ll become.”

GEMMA AND TARA | In Season 5, these two femme fatales will enjoy a “push-and-pull, mother-daughter relationship,” Sutter shared. “It’s not a linear arc; it changes from episode-to-episode.” Added Sagal: “Gemma’s threatened that Tara might be taking over her position.”

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CLAY | “Clay only knows one way, and that is to be on top,” Ron Perlman explained. “He takes a back seat to no one… So, we see him in the beginning of Season 5 and every single thing that he’s worked for in his life has been taken away from him — except his life… But he has to wonder, ‘Why the f–k would you leave me alive? You’ve gotta know I’m coming back.'” Essentially, he said, “I’m getting to play the exact same human being in a completely different set of circumstances.”

TIG | This season, Clay’s former right-hand man is “really off the leash,” Kim Coates teased. “His loyalty to Clay is questionable. He’s totally a wild card now, and the way Kurt has set it up for Tig this year is really, really intense.”

CHIBS | As if there was any question, Tommy Flanagan said that Chibs is “definitely on Jax’s side” now that the prince is King.

OPIE | Sutter shared that Opie’s (Ryan Hurst) Season 5 journey is one of introspection and, ultimately, acceptance. “In essence, the club has to gain his respect back, and at the end of the second episode we’ll begin to see that.”

JUICE | Theo Rossi’s embattled Son will spend the season attempting to figure out “how he’s woven into this new regime” with Jax in charge. “He’s trying to act like everything is OK,” but internally he’s still dealing with the “shame” of his actions last season.

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  1. Carmen says:

    Get it, Gemma! I had a feeling those two would be doing the nasty, but I did not expect a graphic sex scene in the very first 5 minutes of the episode. Awesome! Ps. I hope Phil doesn’t die. I love the guy! Sutter always kills off my favorite supporting characters.

  2. Ari says:

    Can’t wait to see what Tig is up to this year!! Tig has always been my favorite. Even though he is a totally sleazy douche I still love him.

  3. Kevin in CT says:

    Any word on wether Ethat Sobelle will ever orbit into Charming again?

    • Kevin in CT says:

      Sorry, should have been Ehtan :)

    • Ari says:

      This is one loose end that has always bothered me about SOA! Even just a throw away line from someone to tell us that Zobelle got what was coming to him would be fine. I just want resolution to that other than he left town!

  4. Kris says:

    So, I’m guessing we won’t find out that Lincoln Potter is really John Teller this season?

  5. Isabelle says:

    OMG I cannot wait. This sounds so good as always and the idea of a prequel, I’d be there every week watching. It’d be fun to do it on the months SOA is off season and if we can luck out with a hot guy like we did with Jax even better.

  6. June says:

    Jimmy Smits…Ok I can see the lure for Gemma given her treatment from Clay. Tara is my new heroine. Gemma has no one to blame for Tara’s territorial behavior but herself, that’s the twist in this & its brilliant. I am excited about the new Season.

  7. jerzygirl45 says:

    “Clay is now living alone in a new house and is toting around an oxygen tank” Clay is the new Piney – I freakin’ love it!

  8. Megan says:

    You forgot to add what Maggie said about how Tara won’t ever walk away from Jax now. I loved that part :)

  9. Martha says:

    Im loving jax right now but I really don’t want too see clay gone and I hate that Pineys gone

  10. I'mnotwritingmyrealnamehere says:

    Can’t wait for it all expect the whole Tara/Gemma thing. Gemma will always be the number one, and the only one fierce enough to protect her family. Tara has no experience and to be honest is pretty damn dull.
    Really hoping that Tig gets some more time, I love him so much.