Vampire Diaries @ Comic-Con: Elena's Transition, the Original Original Witch and More for Season 4

It was business as usual when the cast and creators of The CW’s Vampire Diaries took the stage at Comic-Con Saturday afternoon: lots of hootin’ and hollerin’ from the crowd, lots of “Stelena” and “Delena” chatter and lots of scoop on Season 4.

Read on for highlights from the panel discussion, which included an update on the newly vampified Elena, talk of MIA Katherine and Alaric and much more.

FRESH FOOTAGE | Production on Season 4 has only just begun, but fans were treated to a (very) brief glimpse at the upcoming run. In one scene, Damon is slamming Matt up against a wall (probably mad that he was saved in the car crash), while in another, the bad(der) Salvatore brother tells Stefan: “Now the world has one more quarterback. Bravo, brother.”

SEASON 4 SCOOP | “Everything just feels so fresh; it feels new,” showrunner Julie Plec told the crowd. “It feels familiar in all the right ways, and it feels different, too. It’s a lot of deep, emotional and twisted stuff.” Season 4 will also delve further into the Wicca backstory –namely, who taught Original witch Esther everything she knows.

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VAMPY WOMAN | “Elena was a badass girl, and now she’s a badass vampire girl and can take care of herself,” Ian Somerhalder discussed. “It’s going to add a really interesting dynamic between [Stefan, Damon and Elena]… and I think they’ll learn a lot together in a really short amount of time.” As for playing the newly turned Elena, Nina Dobrev mused, “How do you make Elena, the vampire, different from her [human] self? It’s going to be difficult, and I think it’s going to [depend on] her experiences… Everything’s going to be heightened and she’s constantly going to be struggling with what she is.”

BACK TO BASICS | Gone are the days of Damon trying to be a better man. “At this point, he’s tried,” Somerhalder shrugged. “He tried to be someone people wanted him to be, but bottom line is, he’s not.” Essentially, the actor shared, Damon will be saying, “I did everything you wanted me to do, and it didn’t work… And if you don’t like it, you can go bleep yourself.”

SOMETHING ABOUT A WOMAN IN UNIFORM…. | Zach Roerig pitched a new romantic interest for his poor lovelorn Matt. “I think that Sheriff Forbes might be a great companion,” he joked.

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KATHERINE THE GRRRREAT | Plec shared that beloved baddie Katherine “will not show her little face until Klaus is no longer a threat.” As for when that might happen… we’ll have to wait and see.

FAMILIAR FACES | Although Matt Davis isn’t currently slated to return to TVD  as the late Alaric (he headlines The CW’s midseason drama Cult), “He definitely, contractually, has permission to appear,” Plec assured. “We certainly don’t like living in a world without Matt Davis in our family. It’s possible [he’ll return], and something we would all like to see. ” Additionally, Torrey DeVitto’s Meredith will be back.

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  1. ishivi says:

    Omg, Klaus needs to go or else we’ll never get to see Katherine again. Why does Julie Plec insist on us not seeing her again until Klaus is either gone. And if it’s until he’s no longer a threat, he’s hardly been a threat most of Season 3 when they softened him him. :\ Just saying, but Katherine >>>>> Klaus. Julie, please stop fangirling over Joseph! He’s an incredible actor, but we want Katherine back! Please. :)

    • pria says:

      Ditto. Katherine only appearing when Klaus is gone isn’t making my like for Klaus any favours.

    • Fabe says:

      YES, thank you! Katherine makes the show way more fun! We need her back like pronto. Katherine can take care of herself anyway; Klaus isn’t a huge threat to her!

    • Elle says:

      Yes!!! Katherine’s absebce in so much of S3 felt so glaringly acute. Bring her back!!!!!

      I did LOVE what Nina said about Katherine and Elijah, though. That is my ULTIMATE TVD wish! Her fire and his ice=hot!

    • Thank you! And if Julie loves Joseph so much, just recast him. In a show like this, it can’t be hard to explain. But seriously, Klaus is not a villain anymore, so stop making him out to be. I’d rather have Katherine as a villain over Klaus any day. Hell, Klaus’ siblings (ok, Elijah and Rebekah) are better villains than Klaus. Sorry Klaus/JM fans, but it’s very true.

  2. amy says:

    Not very excited. i wish Julie would grow a pair and kill off the annoying originals. why are they popular? season 3 was a waste of time if they are still around in s4.. -.- should focus more Matt, Tyler, Caroline and Bonnie. They need a lot more character developement.

    • Leo says:

      I’m seriously considering about dropping TVD. It’s such a huge mess and Klaus is the messiest of them all. Season Three is the worst season. I wish Caroline and Tyler will make their own spin-off then I’ll drop TVD for good.

    • col says:

      totaly agree.

  3. vic says:

    Why was Candice Joseph and Kat not there? the panel sucked. Paul was the only good thing about it..

    • Anon says:

      It’s kinda sad that Nina was the only female cast member there. :\

    • Corey says:

      Candice & Kat have other things to do outside Vampire Diaries and they wanna keep Joseph Morgan return a suprise for those who don’t wanna look up spoilers and wanna just wait until the season premire

  4. Hayley says:

    Elena will still be bland and boring as a vamp. Bring back Katherine.

    • Ari says:

      I can’t believe the entire cast and crew of TVD is deluded and thinks that Elena was a badass and interesting. They really ran that character into the ground this year. I was kind of neutral on her in the first two seasons but the third season made her awful, annoying, whiny, etc etc. etc. Now she’s just going to be a vampire as well as all of those things. Maybe that will make her more tolerable. I doubt it. I hope Damon gets a love interest who is not Elena. He deserves better than her. She has turned him down multiple times, in multiple ways and has always treated him like dirt. Now she’s just going to eternally treat him like dirt. Also, is anyone really interested in who taught Esther magic? Anyone? Bueller?

      • Michael says:

        Yes, a murderous serial killer who has ripped through humanity with little remorse DOES deserve better than Elena who, for all intents and purposes, was a saint of a human being.(Ian is hot. Damon is a deliciously evil character. He, however, does not deserve better.) And, anyone strong enough to overcome the death of her parents, help raise her brother and exist in the world of demons and ghouls is a badass in my book.

      • Corey says:

        I’m not hating on Elena,but I agree that she was annoying during the 3rd season.
        (insert name): Do you have feelings for Damon?
        That happened through so many episodes last year.Damon should be with Katherine who has said she loved him

    • Elle says:

      Oh, absolutely. Katherine>>>>>>>Elena

      I really dislike how the show adds so much exposition about how great Elena is all the time. Makes her unlikeable. Katherine owns her bad – that’s a TRUE badass.

  5. Ian says:

    Yeah, at this point, I’d really just love Bonnie and Matt to really get some focus. Too much to ask though apparently. The Original Original witch storyline will probably have all to do with my girl Bonnie though, so there’s that. As for romance, well, they gave her an easy leftover in Jeremy that didn’t work, and I can’t see her and Damon ever going now even though there’s always been a feisty chemistry there. Damon is too much in love with Elena too after all this time. Gotta love those super-snatch main heroine types. LOL. Bonnie and Matt might be good.
    Kat wasn’t even at the panel (fail) but Zach was, and his character gets so little, he’s joking about hooking up with Sheriff Forbes. I’m not laughing, because it’s not funny. Give the guy something big to do, or write him out. Damn. This show needs to treat it’s humans better.

    • egli says:

      I totally agree with you ;) they try to get more and more new characters, but I dont think that is needed, when they cant make something good and interesting with those, that they already have. I really would like to see a bit more those few people chars in some action. Now they dont know what to do with them, so they send them away or just do not show. So start kill some actors, as it was in first season, when in almost every episode someone died. I really liked those episods.

  6. Phil says:

    Julie Plec damaged the series when KW left to do TSC, The Following or whatever he was into during season 3. She just doesn’t know how to write exciting things for them. Elena is great but Nina portrays her so annoyingly, that it’s like watching K-stew’s emotionless Bella. However, Katherine, Caroline and even Elijah are outstanding but Plec prefers to keep the overrated Klaus into the mix, which is not interesting anymore. I’d rather have Vampire Barbie with Caroline as the lead, than Klaus Diaries.

    • Phil says:

      Plus: who cares about the Original Witch and her origins?

    • Fran says:

      Just had to say- your mention of Bella made me laugh. That character IS an emotionless person. She spends the entire books mooning over a guy and never showing any backbone. She has no personality.

  7. Mick says:

    while tvd 3 wasn’t as great as seasons 1 + 2, tvd 3 wasn’t nearly as bad as people are making it out to be. season 1 was a b+. season 2 was an a. and season 3 was a b-. if you want to see a show that is becoming great watch teen wolf.

  8. Sparky says:

    For the love of all that’s good about this show can they once and for all put Kevin back in charge – the fact that he has this new Fox show with Kevin Bacon probably means that the chances of that happening are slim to none!! KILL THE ORIGINALS – that whole storyline just dragged S3 down!! Move it on and kill Klaus, Esther everyone else except for Elijah and maybe Rebekkah although I’m not sure what role she would have!! A new baddie is long overdue and one that won’t turn good by the end of the season even if it turns out that Caroline has chemistry with him!!

  9. Fabe says:

    Who cares about how Esther learned her magic? She’s dead! Can’t we focus on the present please?

    • Fran says:

      I care! I hate shows that never show WHY things are the way they are… I love seeing the flashbacks. But to each their own I guess.

  10. James says:

    I’m sad about Meredith… She should be more close to Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline. I think they wasted a great book character into a pretty lame series storyline…

  11. darcyewilson says:

    Klaus needs to die, otherwise this show is just going to go down the drain. We need to see the good guys succeed. Introduce a new threat. Klaus had a whole season, now let him go.

  12. murley says:

    please oh please bring Alaric back somehow.

  13. Helani says:

    Hi guys, give Julie so space this is only the begining! As long as Damon is there who cares about Katherine!

  14. Chalice93 says:

    For frak sakes just kill Klaus, he started off great but now is by far the worst character on the show and is dragging everything down.

  15. Reward says:

    We have to wait for Katherine? AGAIN! i have no words. Julie Plec, maybe you dont understand. W E A L L W A N T K A T H E R I N E. DAMN IT!

    • Elle says:


      Does she not understand how much fans love Katherine?

      • Reward says:

        I swear I dont understand why she has linked her presence to Klaus. We all know how many dynamic between these two characters, could there be? Julie Plec, you miss these plots under the nose.
        If the season 3 was bad, it is also for her absence. There is no fun. We all need Petrova’s fire!
        Again: DAMN IT!

        • LLTVD says:

          She’s “linked” to Klaus cuz she’s the 2nd doppelganger who screwed him out of his whole hybrid plan….when she killed herself with Rose’s blood in her system, becoming a vampire, Klaus pretty much vowed to kill her for screwing him!! What I’d like to see in season 4 is the ORIGINAL doppelganger’s story!!! They have mentioned it a couple times (in the flashback when Elijah met Katherine for the first time, he said “I’m sorry, u just remind me of someone”….and in the episode when Stefan and Damon have dinner with Klaus and Elijah) and then we could see ANOTHER side of Nina. I think she did a good job showing the difference between Katherine and Elena….in the season we can see Elena the vamp and we SHOULD see the original doppelganger too!!!! I actually really liked season 3, I dunno why everyone is ragging on it so bad…the originals are a key part of the whole story line and if they kill Klaus off, then Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Tyler, Katherine and now Elena would ALL die, if Klaus really started their bloodline….so if they kill Klaus off (like everyone is saying to do), the show would end cuz EVERYONE would be dead!!!!!!!!!!! And I CANNOT leave a comment without mentioning I LOVE DAMON!!!!!!! He MAKES the show!!! He’s sexy, he’s dangerous yet cares about his loved ones and he is hysterical, with all his great one line-ers!!!

  16. Dominique says:

    Julie seems to understand less and less what we want on this show. I don’t care about the Original Witch and where she got all her mojo from. I don’t care about Klaus, who’s basically been overhyped ever since he joined the show. He was going the be the “Ultimate Bad Guy”, but truth to be told, he’s been a joke this entire season, and now we won’t get Katherine back as long as he is around? I think they should’ve just let Klaus die at the end of last season, because I see no way for him to be a part of this show anymore.

  17. diana says:

    I hope they do something interesting with klaus because I hate all this hate that he’s getting from the fans. And I hate that julie keeps saying that Kat will be back only after he’s not a threat. Well he’s not anymore, everyone thinks he’s dead, she could appear at least untill they find out Klaus is not really dead. Oh, how I loved Klaus and Katherine in the first episodes from season 3. Guess I’ll never have a chance to see a scene between them again.

  18. kateshomesick says:

    I think now is THE chance to develope some meaty storylines for Bonnie, Jeremy and Matt…if they don’t use this moment to do that…I’ll give them another 2 seasons top…and I absolutely loved the show in season 1…

  19. Brandy says:

    I mostly liked season three save for 4_5 episodes.Im a elena fan so I dont get all the elena hate(nina is great)! I do agree with two things everyone else days 1.Bring Katherine back & 2.,Get rid of Klaus(hes not dangerous/,evil anymore and hes in love with Caroline_a gross,wierd pairing.

  20. Brandy says:

    I mostly liked season three save for 4_5 episodes.Im a elena fan so I dont get all the elena hate(nina is great)! I do agree with two things everyone else days 1.Bring Katherine back & 2.,Get rid of Klaus(hes not dangerous/,evil anymore and hes in love with Caroline_a gross,wierd pairing. I cant wait til Oct 11!People who say Elena isnt a badass_ she stabbed Rebekah & Elijah,has learned to fight/use weapons and more than once sacrificed herself/her life to save/,protect those she loves, thats a badass in my book_unlike Klaus who is scared of being alone/unloved and I doubt hed die to save any of his family.

  21. Jay says:

    People need to stop hating on Klaus. He’s the best thing (and the originals) that has ever happened to The Vampire Diaries. Without them it’d still be the boring love triangle with the dry and boring Elena talking about how its always her fault. If Klaus or Joseph Morgan was killed off the show, it’d lose a lot of viewers because everyone I know irl and twitter all love him. I love Katherine as well, but I’d prefer Klaus than her anyday. And seeing as Nina Dobrev will be playing three roles this season, I think we’ll be seeing enough of her already. Lets face it, The Vampire Diaries is now The Klaus Diaries because he’s made it so much more interesting and funny. The sooner you haters accept it, the better. :)

    • Reward says:

      Totally disagree. I accept your opinion, of course, but I remember season 2 – where we met Klaus only in 19th episode – was absolutly AWESOME!
      Klaus was been great in the first 9 episodes. Then, he was looked like a little dog! :S

    • Brandy says:

      I disagree, Klaus was great in season two & beginning of season three but now he’s boring.Also, Klaus & Elijah have been on the show since season two and I think it’s time for them to go-keep Rebekah though.

      • Brandy says:

        Also, I feel Klaus served his purpose -to break the hybrid/sun and moon curse and create hybrids, both of which he’s done.He hasn’t done anything villain like since early season three.

        • Corey says:

          well actually in the episode when Klaus “died”,he did try to drain all of Elena’s blood out of her body until Tyler along with Stefan & Damon saved her

  22. The problem is if Klaus is killed then Damon Stefan Caroline and Tyler die and Katherine and possibly Elena as we don’t know whose blood she has took. so it is risky to kill any original till they know whose the creator of Elena’s bloodline and klaus can’t be killed as everyone else will die.

  23. Moe says:

    Goodness If Klaus goes my cable goes Elena grow a pair of fangs get a new love Damon go get Bad Bonnie find your roots Elijah Yes Yes Yes what are you all about. Who is or Who are the other originals? Love the show n where all the directions it could take so bring the new season on.

  24. Fran says:

    I still think Klaus has potential and the originals storyline does as well. I actually like that the show goes back that far in the vampire world. It’s something different. I do miss seeing Katherine though and wish they’d bring her back. I don’t get all the Elena hate either. She’s been through a lot so that does make her badass in my opinion. Season 3 wasn’t the best but that happens- I’m going to reserve my judgement until I see Season 4.

  25. Mikael says:

    Since Bonnie is terribly reduced to a deus ex machina every episode she’s in, I’m sure there’s a “spell” they could come up that would sever Klaus’ blood ties to them so they could kill him without dying. Seriously, Klaus is hot and everything, but he’s overused. Stop trying to turn him into Buffy’s Spike. It’s been done.

  26. linda says:


  27. linda says:

    I want to see and know more about Bonnie, Matt ,Tyler ,Caroline and Jeremy WE need more character development a lot more character development with these characters , Bonnie’s feeling / Her as a Girl/Her as a Witch,and her Family as witches / Her Family history / her dad . Matt Him as a Boy / Him living on his Own/ His Family / Matt Dad/ Tyler as a Boy/ Him and His Mom/ how did his family get the Werewolf thing .Caroline as a Girl/ her and Her mom / Her with her Aunts and other Family . Jeremy as a Boy / he just lost the last of his Family how does he feel, / Him and Elena as Family/ Him with his talking to Ghosts . WE NEED TO SEE THE FRIENDSHIPS ON THE SHOW AND THE FAMILY THEY HAVE MADE WITH EACH OTHER A LOT MORE

  28. mahogany says:

    i just want to know when does it comes back on

  29. Lily says:

    I don’t get why Caroline should get with Klaus. He draws? Well, Tyler does too. He is rich? Tyler is rich too. He is immortal and will live forever? Well, Tyler will live forever too since he is half vampire now. Klaus keep saying that Caroline will want to leave Mystic Falls… well, Caroline doesn’t need to be with Klaus to see the world. She doesn’t need a man to do things. And it’s not true that Tyler is just a small town boy. Why ruin a couple that makes sense (Caroline and Tyler) for one that doesn’t (Klaus and Caroline)? Why did Klaus even fall fotr Caroline in the first place? He never even had a real conversation with her! It was so sudden.
    Oh, I’m not a fan of Caroline and Tyler so you can’t say that’s why I say this. I love the fact that i don’t really ship anyone in this show (well apart form Damon and Katherine maybe. They seem perfect for each other: Human!Katherine had the same ideas, ideals and beliefs of Human!Damon, both hated to conform to society and yearned freedom. Both had- and still have- great belief in love. Both were very idealistic and at the same time very cynical. Even as Vampires they are the same. . )

    I don’t undestrand why people say that ELENA doesn’t deserve DAMON. Come on, guys I know you love Damon but don’ t be blind to his flaws and faults. It’ s DAMON who doesn’t deserve ELENA not the other way around. He is a murderer, a bit crazy, a sociopathic and a rapist. She isn’t. Why do you think that SHE is the villain? Because she doesn’t want to be with him and choose always Stefan over him? Well, excuse me but she has every right to refuse him if that’s what she wants to do. How many times has Elena forgiven him? He. Killed. Her. Brother. and she forgiven him for that. What more do you want from her? I don’t even LIKE Elena and I think this.