TVLine Items: Is Randy Jackson Leaving Idol, Too? Plus, a Bachelor Blooper Special and More!

You on your way out, dawg?

Following Steven Tyler’s rambling letter of resignation from American Idol Thursday and Jennifer Lopez’s 99-percent confirmation that she’s leaving, too, there is talk that Randy Jackson may not be long for the judges’ podium, either.

Rather than depart the singing competition completely, though, Jackson is rumored to be taking a mentoring role at the show, US Weekly reports. His possible replacement? Pop sensation Mariah Carey, who is allegedly is “in serious talks” with the show. Other floated names include former contestant/pop singer Adam Lambert and The Black Eyed Peas frontwoman Fergie.

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Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• Tosh.0 host Daniel Tosh is reportedly scrubbing all rape references from the pilot of his new animated Comedy Central series, Brickleberry, which is to premiere at Comic-Con Friday night. The patch job, reported by, comes after audiences – and the Internet – took great umbrage at a rape “joke” made during one of the shock comedian’s recent stand-up gigs.

• Mike Fleiss, creator of ABC’s Bachelor/ette franchise, asked the Twitterverse Thursday whether they’d watch a blooper special filled with gaffes and flubs from the dating shows. Apparently, the answer was a resounding yes: “The positive reaction … has not gone unnoticed. ABC wants us to start producing immediately!” he tweeted later that day. No word yet on when the outtakes collection will air.

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Elizabeth Banks is on board for the Family Guy Season 11 premiere, reports. In the Sept. 30 episode, the 30 Rock alum will voice the uber-perfect wife of one of Lois’ old boyfriends. Banks is the third big name, after Johnny Depp and Kellan Lutz, to book a role on the Fox series’ forthcoming season.

• HBO has vampires, AMC has zombies and now Showtime might have its own take on the undead with a Sleep No More,  a new series in development from Hung and The Riches creators Dmitry Lipkin and Collette Burson. Per our sister site, Sleep is set in a town where the dead don’t stay that way.

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• Bill Heck will recur on CBS’ Elementary as Ty, a hot young lawyer in the District Attorney’s office who has history with Lucy Liu’s Joan Watson, reports. In addition to theater work, Heck’s recent TV credits include Person of Interest and Pan Am.

Which TVLine Items have you talking today?

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  1. Simon says:

    Exactly what i’ve been waiting for. Mariah is going to be what christina aguilera is for the voice: BOOBS.

    • Templar says:

      If Mariah is on, I’ll have to mute all of her speeches. Cannot stand that woman. I despised Kara, but would welcome her over Carey.

  2. Emma says:

    I might actually try to watch AI again if Adam Lambert were a judge…

    • TV Gord says:

      Are contestants really going to take the opinions seriously of someone who couldn’t even sell a million albums?

      • Ladyguard says:

        considering most of them won’t sell a million albums either maybe they should listen to someone who is where they will be in a couple of years.

    • JC says:

      Adam Lambert has no credibility he cannot sell records if they want to have an alumni I would suggest Kelly, Carrie or if they are looking for someone in the rock genre Daughtry not Adam. His last album hasn’t even crossed the 200,000 mark :(

      • Ladyguard says:

        Selling records does not guarantee that someone is going to be a good judge. I love Chris Daughtry but he does not have a lot of personality. Kelly didn’t do great on Duets. I’m not sure how Carrie would be but I would think she would have to same problem as what J-Lo had…..not wanting to hurt someone feelings. Adam is talented, articulate and interesting. I think he would be a fantastic judge.

  3. Sam says:

    Yes, please. Adam Lambert would have much better taste in the contestants he praises. I have a feeling Skyler would have won this season had he been at the judging table.

  4. djm says:

    Let’s hope Randy is leaving too – he, J-Lo and Steven were the reasons I stopped watching last season after being a massive Idol fan (and most importantly a CONSUMER of the contestants). Last season I bought 1 single by Elise (that someone suggested to me), but otherwise I did not tune in and I did not purchase anything. And you know what – it was nice having my life back :-)

  5. daviduter says:

    Can’t say I will start watching American Idol again, but chances are much better if Randy Jackson isn’t a judge.

  6. RalphE says:

    YaY! Hallelujah! Get The Wa ,Wa, Wa, outta here!!!! I thought for a moment that Idol might truly be resurrected. But Jackson as a Mentor??? He’s the worst!!! He’s self involved, illiterate, inarticulate, disrespectful and boringly repetitive with the same old crippled vocabulary and geriatric jargon that he deludes himself into believing is HIP. I’m going to say it again- When he’s on the screen it’s either Fast Forward time or mute time(if I’m watching it real time) Good riddance! Is Lythgoe so insecure that he thinks Jackson is the shows only remaining key to viewer retention? I thought he was smarter than that. Get Rid Of Jackson-he’s worthless.

  7. ceebee says:

    2 down…1 to go!!! For you…for Me……

  8. Joe says:

    Jackson needs to GO, dawg.

  9. Spencer says:

    American Idol is still on?

  10. forrest says:

    YES! the good ol’ days are here again with the potential of Ellen Degeneres, Kara DeGuardio and who knows – Nikki Najima (SIC) – Yes folks – it could very easily get worse with the wrong replacements. I’m not holding my breath on anything with Nigel in charge. IMHO. (did he really say Jerry Lewis in a response??)

  11. Former Idol Fan says:

    After Simon left Idol I was pretty much ready to quit watching the show. It had already started to become hard to watch thanks to the incredibly pointless and repetitive ramblings of Randy Jackson and once there was no Simon there to balance his nonsense with actual criticism I thought the time was right to give up my Idol habit. It was only the inclusion Of one of my own rock idols, Steven Tyler, that made me give it another chance. Unfortunately Randy only got worse in his first year of being the ‘senior’ judge, his comments being all the more pointless and his attempts at being funny and even remotely cool failing miserably, to the point of making me cringe on a weekly basis. Like when your dad comes into your room when your friends are there and tries to join in the conversation, y’know? I managed to last out the first Simonless season but last year I couldn’t get beyond the first audition episode.

    American Idol people, if any of you are reading this, I promise to be a loyal viewer again if you will just finally get the ‘Dawg’ off the show and replace him with someone who knows more than three phrases and doesn’t disguise his lack of relevance by mentioning all the actually famous people he has worked with. Get anyone else as a judge, I won’t mind!

    Except Justin Bieber, obviously!

  12. annabelle says:

    If they make Mariah Carey a judge, I won;t watch. She will be just as bad as JLo, worse maybe. I might actually watch again if Adam Lambert is a judge.

  13. Scott says:

    Dawg. Idol is in it to win it if Randys not a judge or mentor. Time for someone different. My fast forward button needs less work.

  14. teatime says:

    A clean sweep of the judge’s table would help revitalize the show.
    The judges need to stop trying to push their chosen ones to the end of the season with over the top praise while giving frowny face critiques to perfectly good performances from their non-favorites. The judges also need to stop telling contestants to stay in their lane! We don’t want to see the same performances every week! Let Jimmy critique based on how he might market them in the future. The judges need to comment on the week’s performance.
    Celebrity judges are great as long as they can give honest feedback based on what they just heard and saw. The most important thing is that the judges, celebrities or not, give honest responses, that they are not overly biased toward a small number of genres, and that there is good chemistry among the judges to make their banter entertaining to listen to.
    Randy as a mentor makes more sense than Randy continuing as a judge IMO.

  15. Volcfom says:

    For the love of all that is good, I hope Randy is done as a judge. But please, no Fergie!

  16. Name That Tune says:

    As long as they make a complete sweep of the judges’ panel, I’m all for it.