Exclusive First Look: Sons of Anarchy's Official Season 5 Poster Underscores Huge Clay/Jax Rift

One glimpse of new key Sons of Anarchy art makes it incredibly clear who’ll be in charge in the forthcoming fifth season. (Hint: It’s not the white-haired guy peering sullenly from afar.)

In the striking poster, newly annointed leader Jax stands in the center of a tight SAMCRO circle while the deposed Clay is forced to look from a distance, without even his hog to comfort him.

VIDEO | Sons of Anarchy Sneak Peek: Will [Spoiler] Push Jax Over the Edge?

“It’s going to be a very, very uneasy partnership,” Charlie Hunnam tells TVLine of the Jax/Clay dynamic. “Jax is keeping him around as a matter of necessity, and when that necessity ends… I don’t know what going to happen.”

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  1. Megan says:

    WOW I LOVE THIS!!!!!

    • Kimberlee says:

      God i love this show!!!Jax’s deserves to be Club President about damn time!!!

      • Polly says:

        This season take Jax’s sneakers off. What outlaw biker ever wear sneakers on his Harley? Come on someone

        • Kathleen says:

          Not even a matter of outlaw bikers in sneakers. It is safer and much more comfortable to have calf high leather boots on when you ride. The leather protects your legs above your ankles. Soles on Sneakers are too soft. My boots have at least 3/4 inch hard rubber on the sole and a steel plate lining the bottom. Ican put my foot down and not worry that a nail or worse is going thru my foot.
          That’s why we wear leather chaps and coats and denim. Safety . Leather and denim doesn’t shred like a set of sweats.

          • Gee I didn’t know being free meant you had to wear a uniform. A lot of riders wear tennies cause the road gets hot. Plus all you non-riders who talk all this safety crap need to know that the sky isn’t falling each time someone goes for a putt.

          • Celeste says:

            Its not a matter of wearing a uniform, its a matter of not burning your ankle on the pipes and not losing your skin when you go down ( its not a matter of if you go down, its when). I am a rider and I don’t ride without my gear. The sky has fallen on me twice and I was so glad I had on my leathers!

          • Chris Cook says:

            I just hope craig is willing to show us the pics of how well his sneakers & denim protected him when he does have a off . Ps am writting this from hospital after a off wouldn’t be here if ihadn’t been wearing the right gear & my foot would of been amputated in the off if i was in sneakers ie my boots & kevlar lined pants saved my leg as stated by another comment its if but when !!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Mark E Fies says:

            No, Leather roll’s up and grips the cement. Want protection from road rash? Invest in Kevlar Riding attire. Cheek chokers are so non-ballucks protecting…Boots are a necessity. Ask my niece…her daddy put her on my HD one day…she still has the scar on the bottom of her foot. And sneaker soles leave a bad mark on the pipes.

          • HAFFHA says:

            3 generation rider only wear a half shell in states that say i have to then it comes off when i hit the border, and chaps, well we all seen the village people right? Only laid the bike down once. Boots and jeans always, leather when its cold. It’s all a matter of choice. But when the old man says your times up it doesn’t matter what your wearing.

        • Tammy Patton says:

          When I ride with my husband I wear the right attire for safety even on hot days! When you ride you have to make sure your safety comes first cause you never know when you will hit the pavement or when another driver(not paying attention) will take you down!! ALWAYS RIDE SAFE AND FEEL FREE!!

        • jaci says:

          you read my mind..and aren’t some those bikes, hondas..gimme a break

        • jman says:

          Lots, especially in northern California. I saw more of the outlaw looking bikers wearing sneakers then leather boots on the redwood run this year.

        • michele says:

          No way! He looks good with sneakers

  2. This is great. Can’t wait for the new season!

  3. LonePalm says:

    Love, love, love this! President Jax – it doesn’t get much better than that!

  4. That is awesome. lol I love that poster!

  5. amenazamenor says:

    Truly awesome.

  6. Ashley says:

    Wow! Enough with the in-your-face symbolism already.

    • bobbie says:

      They do this before every new season, though. It’s not like it’s anything new…or have you just missed all the print adverts, Internet teasers, and TV “what’s going on here?” commercials?

  7. Jules says:

    Love it love it love it Jax as president, awesome l can’t wait for season 5 I’m truly missing u hotties xxx

  8. That is such a cool poster!!!

  9. Devo says:

    Notice how Tara is standing next to Jax’s bike and Gemma is standing next to Clay’s.

  10. bobbie says:

    Gee – I didn’t figure there were that many members of the MC – it always looks like there’s, at the most, 10 or so…they must have called in all the charters, nomads, etc. ;)

  11. Miffy says:

    A foolish show aimed at insecure men with small penises.

    • Yes, my penis is so small, that it’s non-existent — which is why I’m so insecure. The breasts, vayayjay, being named Michelle, and being born a physical and psychological female, does tend to mess with my sense of masculinity.

    • Megan says:

      And you felt the need to reply here because??? Seriously if you don’t like the show then GET OUT.

    • Jose says:

      It’s called a tv show, you don’t have to like it.

    • kerrilyn says:

      I love the comment from Michelle to miffy that name says it all. Can’t wait for the next season. But anyways I can’t wait till the next season starts. Isn’t that Opie next to Gemma???? Hard to tell from my phone.

    • Laura Van Der Westhuizen says:

      Miffy – if you don’t like the show then bugger off. There are plenty SOA fans to go around …… worldwide

    • DustyBones says:

      A little penis envy perhaps Miffy?

    • Tammy Patton says:

      You dont know what your talking about! If you dont have something good to say about the show why comment at all? Seems your the foolish one!! Bikers do alot to help out and most are Vets who fought for your freedom so now whos the small minded one??

    • Dan says:

      Well miffy. It’s really to bad you feel that way. It’s the same thing over and over again. You see there are these funny little buttons on. Oth the tv and the remote that will allow you to actually change the channel of a program or a radio station that you don’t care to watch or listen to. Use them and keep your shallow minded comments to yourself because as you can see nobody cares what you think an IF you have a boyfriend or husband most would agree….we feel bad for him.
      Have a nice day

    • Mez says:

      This program is what we brits call f…ing awesome long may it continue kurt Sutter your a legend.

    • Tammy Patton says:

      I don’t think the asshole who thinks bikers are gangs realizes that most of the bikers fought for her FREEDOM! And. Ikers do so much they ride for children and donate money, they help families who are in need and so much more!! If you don’t like the show then KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT AND LET THE ONES WHO DO ENJOY IT!! Like they said turn the channel and watch something else! But don’t forget that bikers are war heros and vets who did what they could so you can BE FREE!! Do your research before making a stupid comment!!

    • Al says:

      successful troll is successful…

    • James says:

      you must be a woman with no man

    • connie says:

      umm, loser…..

    • Dana says:

      Mine is really small….so small it doesn’t exist….wait a minute…where did it go? Oh, my vagina must have swallowed it.

    • SABRINA says:


  12. A.Rae says:

    I honestly couldn’t love this more, I was hoping they would go back to a true black and white color scheme this year…

  13. Renee' says:

    Fantastic Promo shot. Shows a lot of soul still lives in that club. New blood. Looking very forward to the season start!

  14. Isabelle says:

    I am so excited!!! I cant wait for the new season. It gets better and better.

  15. bruce barnsley says:

    soa is a mad show jaxs is a mad cunt love it hope it never ends

  16. derrel says:

    I dont see opie. Interesting, remember he wasnt at the last meeting at the end of season 4

  17. Karen says:

    Best show ever wish it would come back on

  18. Ashley says:

    YES! YES! YEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!

  19. adam says:

    Word has it that there will only be 7 seasons. Theyre stopping at 7

    • Megan says:

      Kurt has a plan for 7 but as he has said countless times, he wouldn’t be opposed to going more than 7 seasons.

  20. Donna says:

    Can not wait dieing to see this next season…..

  21. Barb says:

    Can’t wait for the season to start I really miss all the shots of Jax’s butt.

  22. tom johnson says:

    This tv searies is the most epic show out their . Me bein a biker I love this show an all the bikes I think kirt sutter is a f$$$$$ guinuss for bringin the biker world to the tv screen. I have season 1 through 3 an will have 4 when comes out, it shows the good an the bad in bein in the mc world. As for me I don’t ride colors but respect thoughs who do an do it right. I can’t wait to see how jax rains the pain this season. O an if me likin the show an ridin harleys says I have a small one well let your girl tell ya diffrent in the mornin. As to soa pls keep the seasons commin

  23. Carol cooper says:

    When are we back on, can’t wait. Love it to bits. Huuuurrrrrrrryyyyyyy on back

  24. I’m really interested in watching what happens with Gemma once Clay looses his power over the club. I have a feeling she will try to keep her own power by holding influence over the president. Will she turn away from Clay…?

  25. roy hooks says:

    Well damn let’s get it started I’m glad jax is running the mc he needs to kill klay as soon as the guns start running

  26. Davon H. says:

    Sooooo many questions unanswered #1 what will become of Opie #2 will Jax inform the club of their unfortunate circumstances #3 will Clay jus sit idlely by knowing how treachourous he is #4 will Gemma be cool wit no longer being the queen of the club #5 will we ever meet the rest of the 1st 9(we kno of 4 but wat about the other 5) #SOA FAN #LOVEIT

    • H.Houston says:

      Not sure if Jax could tell the whole club. Tig tends to be a nuthead when he gets upset so it would almost be a bad idea. BUT if Jax was going to come clean with EVERYTHING – meaning what Clay did in the past, why Clay is still breathing… etc (like he did with Tara) then I can see him telling everyone.

  27. big tom says:

    kinda speaks volumes dont it?

  28. TARA says:

    I hope Gemma leaves clay let’s face it he beat the crap out of her! I love SOA been watching since the beginning. Jax & Tara 4ever! LOL!!!!!

  29. davew.com says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had nothing but black bikes, but a whole club? LOL

  30. NorthernDude says:

    OR…maybe they all circled Jax because Clay said run him over…Emma and Tara have turned on him too but, they just don’t know how to ride?

    Just Kidding!!!! Cannot Wait to See the New Season!!!

  31. kirsten says:

    cant wait

  32. Mikel says:

    Not a better series on tv than soa

  33. This poster was set up in order to show the NEW ranking of the sons, Jax as the president in the center, Chibs to the left of Jax as the Sergent. at arms (left hand man “the left fist that knocks you off balance), Opie at the right of Jax as the VP (the right hand man “the fist that ends you”) and Bobbie is directly behind him(“the hand that steadies and holds you up”) as the Treasurer, Jax’s fathers oldest friend, his biggest supporter and IMHO the clubs “conscience”. Gemma is to the right because like the new VP she has alot of understated power in the club, which is why she sits on the power side of the spectrum, and Tara sits to the left of chibs who is the Sergent at Arms because the duty of the SAA is to protect the club members and family…and Jax’s number one priority which he made clear last season by almost leaving was that his families safety is #1.

    SO STOKED for next season, have never missed an episode! F’in LOVE IT! Also bring back the hot Irish cousin!! =P

  34. Isabel DAy says:

    I Love this time show so much jacks sooo cute

  35. Moira Ross says:

    Can’t wait for the new season to start. Fantastic….something decent to watch.

  36. Ina Sandbrink says:

    Will be so happy when Sept. gets here so I can watch SOA.

  37. Geez says:

    they should have Tig standing off with Clay, you KNOW Tig being Clays right hand man they are going to work together to possibly bring Jax down.

  38. Ac says:

    The writer for this topic is retarded. Clays motorcycle is in the circle surrounding Jax

  39. inga says:

    At the end of the day guys it is only a show albeit a brilliant one. I luv it too and jax is gorgeous but i think the reality of mc gangs is harsh and cruel and let’s not forget that.

  40. Alan says:

    Wow, is it just me or does it look like Clay still has his patches on his vest, which to me would mean he’s still a member and they’re probably sending him into retirement instead of a coffin where he should be after all the scandless stuff he’s done to his “family”. SOA rocks. And to the lady that says clubs are gangs, get a clue lady, quit believing everything you hear and see on the evening news. Clubs are a brotherhood, something you’ll never understand. This is a tv show, nothing more. Clubs are real life, and so much more!

    • hayley says:

      as a lady- i completely understand that a club is not a gang (gangs are for 14 year old)
      a club is a family it has trust and love and loyalties… and every member of that family will be protected no matter what the cost because a club is what a true family is.

      • Kathleen says:

        Way to go Alan and Hayley. Gangs are for 14 yr olds. The real Motorcycle clubs out there are only called gangs by mis/uninformed members of the general public, or members of law enforcement or the news media trying to stir the pot when there is nothing going on. There’s a reporter in phila, on FOX news who must have been scared by a biker as a baby. His personal mission is to take on the biker “GANGS.” He is wasting his time. He should maybe listen to how the clubmenbers speak to each other. Everyone is a brother. Meetings begin with the PLEDGE of ALLEGIENCE, and a moment of silence in respect for losses in the armed forces. Is this how gangs act? I don’t think so. They make donations to the needy. do Santa runs at christmas, and truely care about each other and the community in which they live. Make hospital runs to Vet hospitals to brighten a confined hero’s day. They are family. They are my family. I’m proud to be part of that family.

  41. Opie's #1 Fan says:

    Opie is My Man! Just love his quiet strength, loyalty and sensitivity. No B.S., just a total man!

  42. Lori says:

    I hope Jax’s puts Gemma in her place. She is sneaky and I don’t trust her.Luv the show. SOA for ever.

  43. Jashawa says:

    Forever soa and soa forever

  44. Chrisi says:

    I see Bobby, didn’t Otto put him in jail/prison.

  45. Anthony Jesse Taylor says:

    If you zoom into the picture then on the cuts of each Biker there is a different state/charter on each one. I see Washington and Arizona.

  46. Aaron says:

    Everybody… everybody knows this is Hamlet, meaning Jax is destined to, die, right? Now that he’s the head of the club and killed the usurper as it were, the next step is the poisoned dagger. This show’s probably only got two seasons left. I’m glad for that, I like a tightly focused storyline with a definite ending. Too many TV shows fade away nowadays, I’ll enjoy seeing SoA burn out.

  47. Paco says:

    Hey Jaci….. my Honda V twin is 125 horse power to the wheel. That said, what was with the “snarky” comment about Hondas when people were talking about their riding gear??
    Just asking.

  48. kerri says:

    I absolutely love this show! I don’t understand, why it matters what kind of footwear they are wearing…its about who they are…not what they are wearing.