Ratings: Newsroom Hits High, Good Afternoon America Looks So-So, GMA Tops Tweaked Today

HBO’s The Newsroom is still making headlines, this Sunday hitting a three-week (and thus “all-time”) high in total audience.

The Aaron Sorkin series’ latest tally of 2.2 million total viewers marks a jump of 32 percent from the Sunday prior, and inched past the premiere audience of 2.1 mil.

A few other ratings nuggets from here and there….

* On the topic of Sunday-night cable dramas, TNT’s Falling Skies this week saw an uptick in total audience (from 3.39 million viewers to 3.64) while holding steady at a 1.2 demo rating. A Season 3 pick-up is rumored to be imminent.

RATINGS | The Closer Slips Heading Into the Finish, Perception Is Cable’s No. 2 Series Launch

* ABC’s stop-gap daytime filler Good Afternoon America opened softly on Monday, and fell well shy of the numbers delivered by, if I may rattle the hornet’s nest, the final week of All My Children. According to Marc Berman’s TV Media Insights, GAA premiered to a 1.7 households rating (versus AMC‘s farewell week average of 2.3), a 0.7 with Women 18-49 (vs. 1.1) and a 0.8 among the Women 25-54 set (vs. 1.5). Only in the Women 18-34 demo (0.5 vs. 0.6) did the afternoon newsmag come close to Pine Valley’s finest.

* And speaking of Good [Something] America programs, GMA proper on Monday jussssst barely edged out NBC’s rejiggered Today in total viewers (4.43 mil over 4.1 mil) and in the Adults 25-54 demo (1.68 vs. 1.674, eek), The Hollywood Reporter. if these fast affiliate tallies hold up, it’ll mark GMA’s first Monday win over Today in those measures since February 2006.

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  1. So glad to hear about The Newsroom and Falling Skies. I love both shows, and I’m very excited for FS to get a 3rd season.

  2. Tania says:

    Nice to read about The Newsrooms ratings increase. Matt, have you heard anything about The Glades getting a season 4 renewal?

  3. Ann C. says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s what NBC and the today show deserve for what they did to Ann Curry. Long live “Good Morning America” and the fail of the “today show

  4. tvcon says:

    Proves that it’s decrease was the BET awards.

  5. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Lol. The hornets are now disturbed!
    Good for The Newsroom and their ratings. I root for it. I’m starting to think this is the least favorite of my Sorkin shows that I’ve seen, but I’m still in it for the long haul. Studio 60 felt way more polished and together to me in the beginning of the series than this one is feeling so far. The romance storylines mostly feel a bit klutzy to me right now, and I think that’s something Sorkin has always struggled with a bit in his shows. But I’m hoping the show will eventually with time grow into itself. I think he’s just got to figure out who the characters are a bit better.

  6. april-ann says:

    What corporate network dolt thought that filling that highly coveted seat next to Matt Lauer with a relative unknown (and cookie-cutter dime-a-dozen generic) was actually going to BOOST RATINGS?

    • hr says:

      Thats really unfair; savannah is a seasoned journalist…She was on courtv & wh correspondent & cohosted msnbc show before cohosting 9am…She was being groomed & have liked her more than I thought

  7. Grace says:

    Anyone know how Perception did last night?

  8. reen says:

    I actually really like Savannah in the host position. She has handled herself with grace and class in a difficult situation. She’s not too “bubbly” and she has a comfortable and engaging ease on screen. I think Ann is super in the hard-hitting, hard-news category. I liked her, too, as host; but I think I’m going to like Savannah even better. NBC is still a total douche for the way they handled everything, but I like the Today format and I have enjoyed this last week. I hope people give Savannah a chance.

  9. blingedup says:

    Good. I’m boycotting the Today Show for what they did to fabulous Ann Curry. Although without a Nielsen box, they don’t actually know that I’m boycotting……..but glad to see their ratings dip. Hope they continue to do so.

  10. hr says:


  11. GAA is in One Life to LIve’s timeslot not All My Children so that comparison makes no sense.

    • Amy says:

      It’s down from both All My Children and One Life to Live to that’s something.

    • zzztech says:

      Reprogram your DVR to record anything after General Hospital plays or your channel on your cable box will stay on ABC and make their ratings higher than they should be!

  12. Sue says:

    I love GMA and I love Josh and Lara….BUT, sorry I will not watch anything that takes the time slot where any SOAP should be!!!!!

    • Jenny says:

      Ditto about not watching any SOAP replacement. But it would be almost impossible for GAA to have worse ratings than the Revolution.

  13. Sorkinfan3000 says:

    Though I’m happy for the renewal of Newsroom, I will admit to being disapointed in the overall quality of the presentation. From the harsh picture quality to the clumsy acting in many of the supporting roles, this is the least satisfying of the the 4 Sorkin TV series. Daniels and Waterston are great, and Fonda is an obvious pro, but Emily Mortimer is out of her depth and strugling mightily with the odd blend of drama and relationship humour. Compare her work to that of Felicity Huffman in “sports night”. Any Sorkin show is welcome in the current climate of “reality” and the rediculous, but The Newsroom could use some retooling.

  14. SUSAN says:


  15. Jacquelyne Roberts says:

    So happy you have the handsome, talented actor, Blair Underwood on today!

  16. Jacquelyne Roberts says:

    Please have Ann Curry as a guest! I just love her! The Today show needs a new male host like David Muir! He’s so handsome too!

  17. GMA rocks says:

    Beware GMA… The Olympics are coming, the Olympics are coming…

  18. zzztech says:

    Reprogram your DVR to record anything after General Hospital plays or your channel on your cable box will stay on ABC and make GAA ratings higher than they should be!

  19. frances weiner says:

    If you cancel gh I wil not even watch dancing with the stars. Bring back one life to live so I can watch ABC again. It use to be my favorite channel.

  20. Ann says:

    Is it really fair to compare the first episodes of GAA to the last week of AMC? It is premiering in one of the worst daytime weeks of the year, July is generally down. And of course the AMC ratings were good for it’s last episode. I just don’t really get that comparison. Considering the time of year it is, GAA actually did fairly well.

  21. Irv L says:

    I love good morning America Don’t even think of taking it off

  22. Robin Leslie says:

    GAA is certainly a VAST improvement to that snoozefest, “The Revolution!” Another program that should be canned is “The Chew.” Who wants to watch an hour-long show about cooking & re-decorating with a round-table(multiple hosts)? Doesn’t The Rachel Ray Show already satisfy that genre?

  23. Ana says:

    Gawd GAA is terrible and maybe the worst ABC show they’ve debuted so far. I love Lara but can’t take that much of her, the whole idea is a little stupid. Nobody watches tv during that time slot anyways. OMG The Revolution is terrible too and so is The Chew. I’d say GAA is the biggest pooper though

  24. I. L says:

    Does Lana Spencer forget to take her Ritalin before she goes on the Good morning America show, she rattles on so fast she has to gasp for breath when she finally finishes running her mouth, act’s like she thinks she runs the show, I used to like her when she was back on antique road show . when she was normal

  25. patti says:

    Whats going to happen to GAA in September, GH is moving to 2pm and another show will be on at 3pm so ????