Supernatural Casts Sam's New Love Interest

Supernatural‘s Sam Winchester will have a new honey to help him through whatever fresh (and who knows, maybe literal) Hell Season 8 has in store.

The CW series has cast Liane Balaban in the recurring role of Amelia, who is described as “a tragedy-damaged soul” that “soon reveals herself to be a brave, sweet, smart, sarcastic woman.”

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Balaban’s TV credits include a pair of Alphas episodes (playing a human “Rosetta stone” who knows every language on the planet) and guest-starring gigs on Covert Affairs (as Auggie’s Russian hacker ex-girlfriend) and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Supernatural Season 8 premieres Wednesday, Oct. 3 at 9/8c.

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  1. Jordan says:

    do not want

  2. clay says:

    Shouldn’t that Wednesday instead of Friday?

  3. Jellymoff says:

    Not familiar with her at all, but I wish her the best of luck. There’s going to be a lot of haters . I, for one, am happy to see Sam have some sort of love interest that last more than an episode and hopefully doesn’t die.

    • malikb says:

      I feel the same. It’s time for them to have real romances, but you know the drill, the cray fan girls will automatically hate her with a passion because “Sam and Dean should only be with each” other lol.

      • Madeline says:

        The thing that doesn’t work for me here is that the Lisa storyline proved that real romances can’t work for Sam and Dean. Not with the lives they lead. The show all but yelled this at us when they wrote Lisa and Ben off like they did.

        IF the Sam and Amelia relationship works out for a significant period of time, then what was the whole point of completely erasing Lisa from Dean’s life like the writers did?

        I am all for Sam gettin’ some lovin’, but I don’t see how Sam and Amelia could turn into a “real romance” — yeah let Sam hook up and enjoy some female company, but I don’t see how the show could make me believe that it is something that could actually work out after the Lisa-storyline fiasco.

        • sickandtiredofthesamecrap says:

          Dean’s not allowed to have anything that Sam has, but Sam must have everything Dean has. See seasons 1-7 for stories that were dropped for Dean and then given to Sam.

          • SickAndTiredOfTheSameCrapToo says:

            Oh, for God’s sake, we had the same whining when the first spoilers about Amy came out… How Dean’s story with Lisa was given to Sam with that old friend of his and that was not the case at all…
            But whenever there is a spoiler about Sam, some hater always has to come and whine how “it’s all about Sam”…

        • Me says:

          Good point.

        • Kay says:

          The only thing that the entire Lisa storyline “proved” is that Sera Gamble is either a remarkably poor writer, or had no interest whatsoever in writing a good story for Dean, or both.

          • J says:

            I couldn’t agree more. The whole Lisa storyline could have gone very differently and been much better.

          • Chiana says:

            Agree with you both. Sera took a promising relationship with a strong, empathetic female and turned Lisa into something else entirely. She didn’t seem to think it was possible to create drama from a challenging, mature adult relationship. I would have liked Lisa and her son to be recurring characters. Dean could have intermittently returned home, with all the challenges that presented. Instead of “protecting” Lisa by leaving her, he could have trained her and her son as hunters. Reactive hunters that is, not proactive, so that they could have held their own against targeted attacks. And when her son inevitably would have wanted to become a full-scale hunter himself, Dean could have struggled with wanting something better for him. So much potential there, in the backstories! I would also have liked to see how Lisa and Cas managed to share Dean!

        • Hannah says:

          i also think it didn’t work with Lisa because of Ben. Dean didn’t want to bring a kid into that life, and rightly so! If he had been paired with Jo, who was also a hunter, it may have worked out better. If this new girl is hunter material and can handle what comes with dating a hunter, I don’t see any reason it shouldn’t work out. I mean, unless she dies. Only Sam and Dean can die and come back, of course!

          • ZmaX says:

            Exactly Hannah! It’s not that the boys can’t have a love life, it’s that the girl needs to be able to deal with a hunter’s life. So this new Amelia will most likely be a kick-ass character or at least will turn into one over the course of the season.

          • Madeline says:

            I don’t think Ben really mattered. Lisa was still in danger and she almost died because of the life that Dean leads.

            I think it would a lot different if Amelia were a hunter, but according to spoilers she is a doctor. I can’t see Sam bringing anyone (especially someone he loves) into the hunters life either.

        • Drew says:

          If we said that the Lisa story proves that it can never work for any of them, then every story is closed off after it fails the first attempt… Lisa never should have happened because of Jessica.

          Lisa and Ben didn’t work out because of Dean’s issues, not the life in general. Dean was trying to have two worlds and then run back and forth between them without wanting any blurring of the lines.

          Not only do I think that Sam could and should have a life, but I think that Dean and Lisa could be a story that could be revisited. Learn from the past and move forward.

          I don’t get the notion that they should never have any kind of life or that there is a competition between Sam and Dean when it comes to the writers. All the fangirl stuff is just crazy to me.

          They spent seven years tearing down the Winchesters. Maybe it would be nice to build them back up before the show ends.

          • deb hanley says:

            i also think lisa and ben should be brought back still think there s a chance that ben really is dean s dont think lisa wanted to tell him the truth because she new because of his job he would have to keep on leaving and didnt want ben to get hurt every time he left .also pleased for sam its a long time since he s had anyone special hope it works out for him both the guys are gettin older and its time to grow up a bit form lasting relationships etc. there not robots they have to have another side to there lives as well as the job i hope jeremy carver can sought out the mess sg left behind and make supernatural as good as it ever was i wont stop watchin till the end which i hope isnt after season 8 they should be able to get to s 10 if done properly come on oct hurry up.

        • Emma says:

          The reason the writers got rid of Lisa was because they felt the character was flawed and honestly, the relationship was forced. The relationship between Lisa and Dean was so that Dean wouldn’t be alone after Swan Song (because that’s where they planned to end it) but then they realized it was a mistake from a writer’s perspective and changed it.I like the Sam/Amelia storyline because they both had they’re problems and they were both healing together.

      • Davi says:

        I don’t think it is the ‘cray fan girls’ so much as the fact that the show has a history of writing very poor romances. Yes, there are the fans that just plain hate, but the Lisa romance (and Bela and Jo) was done so very poorly that it was unbelievable. The romance writing had never been never on par with the rest of the show.

        I’m supposed to buy that Dean had three nights of awesome monkey love with Lisa. Who then had a kid he rescued in a few days. And… never saw again for years and this is his great love? Yeah. Uh-huh.

        That and they play the tropes too much. They can write amazing female characters (See Sheriff Mills, Charlie, etc) but the ‘love interests’ get turned into one dimensional ‘bad girls’, cliched damsels in distress or these ‘super’ women who are there to ‘show up’ the Winchester boys.

        And showing up your protagonist with this ‘perfect’ character right off the bat is a sure fired way to make your viewing audience mad. Charlie didn’t show them up because she still had flaws even though she was a computer genius. They write a love interest like her, and I’ll be super stoked.

        But it doesn’t look promising from the character bio.

        • Brooke says:

          Bella was not a romantic interest at ALL.

          • Davi says:

            Sure she was. She was written as a sort of bad girl foil to Dean (and Sam had an erotic dream about her). But fan reaction to her was bad. She was supposed to have the ‘forbidden’ attraction thing going for Dean. Hence the scenes where she ‘objectifies’ him. It was the Spike/Buffy romance of Supernatural that never went anywhere.

        • Ruby says:

          No. It’s the crazy fangirls.

          • Davi says:

            Then I it the crazy fangirls in every show? Because the phenomenon is not Supernatural specific. Much as Supernatural haters and fans like to see themselves as special, hating love interests has become more and more prevalent on other shows as well.

            As I doubt that the viewers have lost their appetite for romance, you have to look at the quality of what is being added.

            For Supernatural specifically they never bother showing why, besides a girl being hot, a man wants to be with her. This is not compelling story telling, and feeds the animosity the viewers feel. Viewers want to identify with a character. And Supernatural can do that with monsters of the week but never a love interest. They feed their own problem.

    • Chrissie says:

      Me three. It’s only the Wincesters who are hating on her but I’m happy to see Sam get someone to love and confide in and I’m really looking forward to seeing Jared’s performance in this storyline. And shirtless Jared! :-)

      • Me says:

        It’s not only the ‘Wincesters’ as you say. There are others who watch this show because there is no romance/teenage crap part of it.

        • Ponygirl says:

          Romance doesn’t always equate to “teenage crap,” moron. The brothers are never going to screw. Get used to it.

      • I don’t ship at all and I don’t want Sam to have a love interest. And I’m a Dean Girl too. I just don’t want romance on the show. That’s not what it’s about for me!

      • Nesta says:

        Please people use proper grammer and spelling. You are not mad, you are angry look it up in Webster. Crazy is not cray. Proof what you write. These are characters. Go with the flow, enjoy the show, and the talent of Jensen and Jared, but stop making it sound like you live and breath the characters of Sam and Dean. I enjoy the program of Supernatural and the amazing talent of Jesen and Jared, but it is fantasy!

    • lea says:

      My thoughts exactly. I really like her so far (she’s so pretty!), and I’ve been hoping Sam could connect with someone other than Dean for a while now. Here’s hoping the writers know better than to listen to misogynistic haters this time! (still bitter about Bela and Ruby, don’t mind me)

    • kelly says:

      I think that lian could make it but well like you said get ready for the haters and I fully change my mind and well I think that she will be great and its all about the chrarecter and who she is playing good luck oh you are so lucky right now to meet jared and jensen :)

  4. Greenerpuddles says:

    Good luck, lady. Sam will never quit Dean.

  5. jharris634 says:

    Never heard of her, but maybe that’s a good thing :-)

  6. Lillian says:

    She played Anna on Alphas? Wow, she cleans up nicely!

    • Alicia says:

      My thoughts exactly! (And I can’t wait for Alphas season 2!)

      For her sake, I hope she has thick skin (as an actress).

      For all of our sakes, I hope the writers and showrunners actually have the skill and desire to make this character and storyline work. That would be a refreshing change for this show.

      • Maria says:

        Yes, I hope she steers clear of articles like this, where the comments are populated by nasty trolls who like to imagine that the brothers are engaged a physical relationship. Just – no.

        • Rain says:

          Just because a person doesn’t want a love interest added to the show, does not automatically mean they want the brothers to be involved in a physical relationship. You need to learn the meaning of an internet troll. It doesn’t mean anyone that disagrees with your view.

  7. Michelle says:

    That character is taking her life in her hands. We all know what happens to people who sleep with Sam Winchester! ;) Let’s hope that she’s better than Lisa.

  8. Maggie says:

    i liked her on covert affairs! she brought out something different in augie!

  9. Kay says:

    Good to see the show expand its cast. An LI for Sam is much needed – Dean can get a bit more time to himself. :)

    “who is described as “a tragedy-damaged soul” that “soon reveals herself to be a brave, sweet, smart, sarcastic woman.””

    Sounds like Sam’s mirror-image and soulmate! ;)

    By the way, any news about Castiel at all? Like, AT ALL?

    • Chrissie says:

      Let’s hope he’s a regular again! I love all the boys working together!

      • Claire says:

        THIS. The show has outgrown the epic love story of Sam and Dean. I hope this actress being cast as a recurring character and Cas coming back as a regular exorcises the bros-only tedium of season 7 for good.

        • Maria says:

          +1 Season 7 proved that the show needs Cas. The heart went out of it when he was written out.

        • Milana says:

          I agree wholeheartedly. At least from the spoilers so far it sounds like Spn is finally trying to expand its cast a little. So far we know about Amelia, a new male recurring monster character, Kevin, Crowley and Cas. They are also thinking about bringing back Charley, Garth and some others, though personally I could do without Garth. Personally as long as Castiel is back and isn’t killed off for the umpteenth time, I’m somewhat happy, but I’m also curious about Amelia.

    • Sara says:

      She sounds like female Dean to me.

  10. Josh says:

    Oh goodie, a a Supernatural love interest because those always turn out so well. Good luck to her. I hope she can afford extra security haha

  11. Inga says:

    Another brunette? Why not a redhead or even a different ethnicity?

    • Yeah – this is the real problem with Supernatural love interests. They ALWAYS have the long dark hair, zero personality (except overly-scripted quips that feel totally unnatural), and that simpering far-off look in their eyes. They need spunky actresses who have presence or something a little different about them, like Jo, who was actually compelling, or a Supernatural version of Lorelai Gilmore/Buffy/Veronica Mars

  12. Jo says:

    Seriously I’m tired of this. Ugh not impressed with this new love interest for Sam.

  13. Katie says:

    I’m a die-hard SPN fan but I really think it’s time for the show to wrap up. It just feels like a big merry go round with the show, I miss the earlier seasons and the longer it keeps going the more craptastic it is. I’m neutral with this casting but does Sam really need a love interest when it’s probably going to lead no where. I dunno what to think, just let SPN go in peace. Hopefully this is the last season.

    • non-hater says:

      Just because you have given up on the show by not even giving it a chance for season 8 doesn’t mean that the show should just end… I hate people like you DUDE give it a chance now that hthey have changed showrunners and I have a feeling that season 8 is going to be great!!! stfu now.

  14. I’m always nervous when they try to bring in love interests for the boys, because it can be very easy to get it wrong. However, I would love to see Sam happy for a change. I feel so bad for Dean though, because as much as I would also love him to have a gal-pal, I feel like it is way less likely for him to get serious with someone and that is sad.

  15. Emma says:

    I don’t know her work, but she looks a bit like Sarah Blake, from season 1, and she was awesome. It’s a shame they aren’t bringing Sarah back, but as they aren’t, I hope Amelia is of a similar type, that being strong and able to take care of herself, but also helping and supporting Sam. God knows he needs someone else, besides just Dean, after everything they’ve both been through!

    • Ella says:

      Why couldn’t they have just brought Sarah back? She was awesome, basically the only love interest I have genuinely liked on this show. Either way, just glad Dean isn’t getting a love interest. His love interest is right there in Purgatory with him.

  16. Madeline says:

    I’m torn.

    I would love to see Sam get some lovin’ (he definitely deserves it) but I don’t want the romance arc to be a hugely significant plot point either. I don’t watch SPN for romance. I have a whole (loonngg) list of other shows I watch for romance and romantic drama. I watch SPN for a show about demons and ghosts and angels and familial bonds. No show out there showcases a sibling relationship like SPN does. It is something so different and I appreciate that. It is actually nice to watch a scripted drama thats focus isn’t on romantic relationships.

    As long as the Sam and Dean relationship remains the core relationship on the show, and the writers don’t use Amelia as an excuse to continually separate Sam and Dean (I don’t want to see the brothers working separate cases), then yeah, bring on Amelia.

  17. jen says:

    she has absolutely fabulous hair, they’re clearly perfect for each other.

  18. Marc says:

    Maybe you people crapping all over the show and its new cast addition should wait until the season actually starts before judging? I could understand if it was Sera Gamble as show runner still (you’ve had two seasons to decide whether or not you like or hate her vision) but it’s not. Jeremy Carver will bring different things to the table and deserves the benefit of the doubt before we deem the show a continued failure. Honestly, since leaving as a writer, I think he’s more than proven that he can succeed at running a show like he’s done with the U.S. version of Being Human. Let’s just relax and take a deep breath here.

  19. I like the actress. Loved her in Alphas. It’s too bad that she will be introduced as a “love interest”, that always raises my hackles regardless of the show. Why not introduce her as a recurring female character, a doctor, and should there be chemistry make them a couple? These pre-packaged ships are hard to sell.

  20. Vanessa says:

    Just curious–Sam having a recurring “serious” love interest while Dean is relegated to fighting for his life in Purgatory kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Anyone else? I dunno–I’m one of those hated people who dislikes love interests on this show so I’m sure a few will call me crazy. But this has nothing whatsoever to do with wincest. I just don’t watch the show for romance (for either brother–I disliked Lisa intensely).

    I’d like to think Sam would focus on getting his brother OUT of Purgatory instead of moving on.

    I have high hopes for Jeremy Carver…but this doesn’t make me particularly happy.

    • Mrs. Peele says:

      I agree. Sam went nuts when Dean was in Hell trying to find a way to get him out – ok he DID have Ruby but she was already introduced and ‘seduced’ him and everything else. Sam has no one left to help him find a way to help Dean – I wouldn’t think that getting a girl friend would be the most appropriate course of action! They better handle this right. I also disliked the entire Lisa/Ben concept which I mentioned in my post below.

    • jen says:

      Dean gets out of purgatory at the beginning of the season, and purgatory’s only gonna be in flashbacks. Amelia’s introduced in episode 3, Dean’ll be out by then.

      • Mrs. Peele says:

        I read that although Dean gets out almost immediately on screen, some time has passed. However many months had actually gone by will also be displayed as flash back so whatever Sam did during that time we will find out in bits and pieces. Amelia may be seen in the third epis or introduced, but Sam may have already met her. I think the article was from Bob Singer.

    • SW says:

      **SPOILERS** We found out a few days ago that Dean isn’t going to be in Purgatory that long. Dean will be getting out of Purgatory in the first episode, and his time in Purgatory will be shown in flashbacks over the season. The big cliffhanger of the season is going to be HOW he got out, not WHEN he’ll get out. So, he’ll be there while Sam is getting to know this new love interest, not fighting for his life in Purgatory.

      • Vanessa says:

        I hadn’t seen those spoilers. So it’ll be a repeat of Dean’s retourn from Hell. I’m a huge die hard fan of the show but doggone it, I feel that the writers waste some golden opportunities for some intense and amazing storytelling.

  21. Mrs. Peele says:

    Unfortunately, women tend to ‘not live’ long on this show as ‘love’ interests or be visible in more than one episode because it would be making it ‘normal’ and we cannot have normal! The theme is always about the brothers and they cannot be saddled with permanent wives, girlfriends etc. I wouldn’t mind seeing this character show up from time to time but definitely not to take anything away from the relationship of Sam and Dean or the story line. Or to have it escalate further, this is NOT what the show is about and never has been. The only ‘family’ is Sam and Dean (and Bobby til he died). I was one of some fans who hated the Lisa/Ben story line and was so happy when it ended. I don’t remember Liane Balaban from those shows you mentioned, but I’m sure she will do fine. She kind of resembles Genevieve! Welcome aboard.

  22. David F. says:

    I’m not one of those nutjobs who freaks out any time a woman is cast on the show. I say as long as the character is in the vein of Ellen and Jo instead of Bela, Ruby, and Lisa… it will be fine.

    To the people complaining that no one cares about Dean: were we even watching the same show? He just had a huge long-term love interest in Lisa. Its Sam’s turn now.

  23. Evyn says:

    Hope they make her interesting, but sadly don´t think she will last…

  24. cas ryan says:

    god im so not interested in this crap particularly if this crap is sams when the hell is dean gonna get a story?? for christ sake

  25. P says:

    I don’t watch Supernatural. Don’t the fans of this show hate it when they bring in a new female love interest for one of the characters?

    • Hana says:

      It’s really sickening.

      I just wish that instead of bending over backwards to please fandom back in season 2, the writers would have, oh, I don’t know, TAKEN THE TIME to flesh out Jo’s character.

      Honestly. I’m pretty sure that if TPTB hadn’t fallen under fandom wank pressure back then, we wouldn’t have the ‘EW GURLZ” problem we have with many of the fans in this fandom.

      It’s just really REALLY sad, and horrible.

      On the note of Amelia- I will hold off any opinions about her until she appears. I’m not exactly ecstatic for a love interest (the show has all but proven they are horrible at writing romance for some reason), but dear God this show needs some more kick-ass girls. If Amelia is an interesting character, then I’m a-okay.

      Also, I’m saying this as a Wincest/Destiel shipper. I don’t understand why some fans have this urge to mix in their ships with the actual canon. And it makes me want to physically vomit whenever I see hate for a female character because “she’s in the way of my ship!”

  26. Nathalie says:

    I no longer watch the show just for sam and Dean and I’m happy he gets a love interest, just like Dean has a friend (Cas). They need other people in their lives, because a return to a season 1-2- dynamic doesn’t work anymore. Sam and Dean are grown ups. No co-dependent brothers, please.

  27. metzy says:

    She’s sexy and little Sammy could need some love! Come one. He had Lucifer inside his head for month so why not a brunette inside his Bed for once…

  28. Nat says:

    supernatural does great when it comes to casting male leads. But the females they cast are as ugly as they come.only exception was Katie Cassidy one more thing the show is about two brothers on a quest. I know its season 8 and we’re dragging it as much as it can go but there should be limits..

    • Hana says:

      …if that’s what you’re looking for in a female character then I feel really sorry for your inability to appreciate character depth.

  29. Melanie Desi says:

    Just not interested in LI’s on SPN. One of the things I’ve always liked about the show is the lack of relationship drama.

  30. Scribe says:

    As a fan from day one, I followed Jensen over from Smallville and have all the DVDs, I have to say on recent reviewing of said box set, the show needs to evolve. Its a great show and one thing Supernatural does better than anyone else is not pander to the teenage angst crap so I think a romance is a good thing. These guys have been in a car together through hell for eight seasons. If these were actual people, we’d think they dysfunctional or just plain nuts for not seeking some sense of normalcy in relationships. I like the whole Lisa and Ben thing, I think a better writer might have made it work. Showing Dean in that light was actually evidence of character growth, Sam turning to someone after all the crap he’s gone through is actually sensible.
    I know there are nutters and yes they are that who think that Wincest (ugh…I abhor the term) is what makes the show run, I know you’re loud and dedicated but please do not speak for the rest of us who enjoy the show, who want to see this characters grow beyond how much hell they can be put through. Its season eight, the boys have grown up and the show needs to start reflecting that on some level because their audience have also changed. There’s no reason why these guys can’t travel the road, have adventures and still have a relationship. Its all in the writing.

  31. kateshomesick says:

    The only love interests that worked on that show were Cassie and Jo- because they had charism and gave Dean the freedom he needed (plus Jo was badass)…everything else: I don’t see it happening

  32. tvaddict says:

    I will support this ONLY IF they can make the story work and it not be a repeat of early season 6.

  33. Dj says:

    This never ends well. She is going to be killed. Anyone that really befriends the brothers always end up dead.

  34. Kat says:

    Can Sam finally have a short haircut in new season? He was soooo hot with short haircut in first seasons. I want to cry when I catch reruns. And then it was growing and growing and growing. And he looks so bad, so stupid, so awful with hair. And I just can’t understand why. How can he look in the mirror and think that he looks good like that? Why he wears it? I will drink champaign if he will looks sexy again with new haircut one day.

  35. Merc says:

    I don’t care what Sam does since I watch the show for Dean but I do miss seeing Dean flirt with women and having some romantic entanglements. I don’t think Dean and Lisa worked because the character of Lisa wasn’t terribly likeable and because she couldn’t handle Dean’s life. I think both boys could have partners if they picked strong independent women who could handle the life and live with the danger. I loved Dean with Jo and would have loved to have seen that relationship develop! I just hope this getting a girlfriend for Sam doesn’t mean that Carver is going to be writing the same type of horrible Sam-centric storylines that Sera Gamble did! I want more Dean! And I want him to be funny, angsty, brave, smart as*, dramatic, romantic, sexy Dean!!!

  36. Dean has Castiel ,which for writers like Robert Singer has become a butt joke. Sam needs a friend…but the way the SPN writers work…she ”Amelia” ,will probrably a Vamp doctor working in a hospital near plenty of blood supplies….like Carver has done in Being Human with the wolfman and vamp.

  37. In this pic with the make-up the actress looks like the girl in SEX IN THE CITY.

  38. Kira says:

    Sam deserves some happiness. I just wish people could wait until the show airs to make their decision. I feel badly for this girl already. I hope she knows what she’s in for.

    • Davi says:

      A paying gig? Even though there are some nut jobs out there that will confuse the actress with the role and hate her, how many really are there compared to the total viewership? Compared to a show with higher ratings? The rest is just publicity (love or hate) for an actress benefitting from a very vocal fan base. Her name gets out there. People know who she is. She ends up benefitting.

  39. Ruby says:

    I’m excited for Sam to have a girlfriend. But I have to wonder if Canada has anything but brunettes. Almost every love interest cast on that show is a brunette. Weird.

    • What’s wrong with brunettes? That is the most common hair color in the world. It makes more sense that every love interest have dark hair than in other shows where all the attractive women are blondes. That’s completely unrealistic.

  40. Winston5 says:

    Wonder how they’ll kill her off. Sam and Dean never seem to keep any ladies around too long. sad…

  41. JDHetherington says:

    I’m fine with this. But I would prefer it if they don’t kill her off. Sam already has a bad track record, how about a relationship that DOESN’T END with his girlfriend turning evil, getting killed, or both?

  42. Luciano Coppini says:

    I really like her i hope she is good. But im happy Sam has a love interest lets see how it will go. I hope the CW doesnt listen to all those fangirls this is a good thing.

  43. zay says:

    Ok when is she going to burn or die or both,?

    How a show with so much misogyny can have a big female fanbase is beyond me. Then again some of them actually perpetuate it.

    • Fans don’t just perpetuate it, they demand it. Whenever a woman is introduced, she must die. The show has made it clear that women can be hunters. Why can’t a woman survive the hunter life along with Dean and Sam? It’s sexist to immediately demand that every female character be burned at the stake when I guarantee you if this was a male love interest then fans would be harping a different tune.

  44. Dara says:

    I really liked her in Alphas. I hope SPN makes her an interesting, well-rounded character, and I can’t wait to meet her.

  45. Mrs. Peele says:

    I guess most fans don’t really understand that this show is not about ‘happiness’ or regular girlfriends or wives on the show. It’s about tragedy and the relationship of the two brothers – that has been the theme of the show since day one. So get over it! Put a woman, full time in the show and it changes its essence. They are not supposed to have a ‘normal’ life and the Lisa/Ben storyline was not written to have a believable meaning. Lisa was for lack of a better word ‘loose’ back in the day, just like Dean. And apparently slept around a lot since she got pregnant immediately after Dean left. He only saw her again as a ‘dying wish’ because he was going to Hell and was milking it. He NEVER stopped to consider that SHE might have a life! Just barged in with a party going on, uninvited, and then doesn’t even ask about a husband when he finds ut she has a kid. Just thinks it’s his. I enjoyed that episode but we NEVER see her character again til s.5 and then all of sudden Dean wants a family and so of course, it’s Lisa who is just hanging around for 13 years waiting on him? Come on how can anyone believe that? She was an afterthought of a weekend affair from 9 years (9 YEARS0 before and then of course, she’s Madonna with Child and Dean never contacts her or ‘dates’ her or anything but of course, she’s the one he HAS to go to! And Sammy telling him to go lead a ‘normal’ life – Dean didn’t tell that to Sam when Dean went to Hell – Sam was the one who WANTED the normal life – what did he tell him? Go and keep hunting! Dean should have gone to his ‘family’ and that was Bobby, not to the arms of a ‘stranger’ because the writers didn’t develop her character to warrant his going to her at the end. A very emotional scene, well played by Jensen but not believable to me and others because of her non development for this ending. I hated it and I was so glad when it ended..

    • Vanessa says:

      Well said. This is pretty much exactly how I feel. The show is supposed to be about two brothers, two hunters, living a life fighting against evil. They’re not supposed to have normal. I understand the odd one-night stands, etc. after all–they’re red-blooded males. But beyond that–adding a woman to the show–at least as a potential love interest–DOES change the essence of the show. Shoving romance at us (to me anyway) makes it into just another teen drama ala The Vampire Diaries. I always felt that Supernatural was a slightly more sophisticated drama in that it could tug at our heartstrings without resorting to the mundane. If I want soap opera, I can find it in many other places. I’d rather not have it here.

      I guess, according to many here, this makes me a misogynist. Oh, well.

      • Rain says:

        Agree completely Vanessa. And regardless of what others on here will say, none of this makes either of us misogynist. We just want a show that doesn’t involve romance.

      • Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. You thought it was so sophisticated which is why so many fans want Dean and Sam together. Incest is so classy!

        • Vanessa says:

          I am not one of those fans that sees, or wants, incest in any way, shape, or form.

        • Mrs. Peele says:

          I don’t go along with the ‘incest’ thing either – the writers are the ones who are always throwing those little phrases or insinuations in some of the episodes. The brothers have never expressed their love for each other except as brothers – maybe they are more attached to each other than you see regular siblings but that is because of their lives. They are better together than apart but each has always enjoyed the company of women. Especially Dean!

  46. non-hater says:

    I hope she can be in a hunter’s life or at least she will turn into one badass character over the course of the season I’d really love that! :D

  47. Sunny says:

    Looking forward to this new development. About time Sam had a real love interest. :)

  48. I’m calling BS on fans claiming that they don’t want a romance on the show because the show isn’t about that. These fans are clearly Wincest lovers who only want Dean to have Sam and Sam to have Dean. The show was never about incest! When people say that Supernatural isn’t about romance, I laugh! Life is about romance. Life has love in it. And Supernatural is about the life of Dean and Sam. Sam’s romance doesn’t have to overtake the entire show. It doesn’t even have to be part of the main storyline. But Sam can have a healthy romantic relationship. There isn’t a Supernatural rule book that says the boys aren’t allowed to love other people. There are plenty of supernatural and science fiction like shows out there that “aren’t about that” either yet still manage to entertain healthy romantic relationships. As for Lisa and Dean, so that relationship didn’t work. That doesn’t mean that the same will happen with Dean’s next relationship or Sam’s upcoming relationship with Amelia. You all just want it to fail because Amelia is a woman and you are all hellbent on Dean and Sam copulating. This all comes from the show pandering to Wincest fans in the earlier seasons as a joke. Their jokes were then taken seriously. Teases about the boys being erotically linked are now seen as canon even though the show basically told us this but never once showed this being true. Not sure about you all but when a show tells instead of shows it’s bad storytelling. In this case, it was no storytelling at all. It was merely fan service. The same goes with the line about Dean and Sam sharing a heaven. That line has been blown out of proportion to mean that Sam and Dean are soulmates. Sorry, but this isn’t the case. Both Sam and Dean will eventually find their real soulmate in a woman they meet outside their dysfunctional and quite force brotherly bond. Fact #1: Dean and Sam would never have anything to do with incest. They are not moral deviants! Fact #2: It is canon that Dean and Sam are not romantically in love with each other. If people want to have their sick little fantasies then keep it in fanfiction and as jokes. But don’t take all that garbage and try to affect the actual storyline.

    • Vanessa says:

      I’m calling BS on your comment. Just because I’m not prone to want to see romance invade this show, that does not mean I’m a wincest fan. I am not. First, I’ve grown bored with many a show that introduces romance and/or unrealized/underlying sexual tension (UST) as a plot device to be titalating or spice things up (for instance, NCIS and their neverending anvil-dropping hinting at romance between Tony and Ziva). Second, a lot of the time, the romance comes out of nowhere or is ridiculous because the characters: (A) despise each other but are suddenly in love, (B) the woman is portrayed as infinitely smarter and better at every single thing in the world, or (C) the woman is soooo fantastic that suddenly the man cannot speak, think, competently do his job, etc. I watch this show because I thoroughly enjoy the brotherly (BROTHERLY) bond and connection. Just as I enjoy that in other “buddy” shows like White Collar and Hawaii Five-0 and the old Emergency and Starsky & Hutch. Introducing romance always seems to take away from that partnership. (Note that I don’t mind Peter being married in White Collar because it’s done right and doesn’t intrude.)

      • Rain says:

        Thank you Vanessa, I agree with everything you said. Especially about Peter and Elizabeth in White Collar!

      • Mrs. Peele says:

        I agree totally as well Vanessa. Besides I had enough with Lisa and Ruby. I don’t want this ‘girlfriend’ to be yet another storyline wedge between the brothers. That would get very old. And she may be one of their famous twists – a ‘red herring’ type deal. Might be more than meets the eye.

    • Mrs. Peele says:

      I disagree with what you are saying. Eric Kripke the creator of the show, and the others have always stated that this was a show concerning family in this case the relationship of two brothers, not through incest which you keep making a point of, but in their bond. Female love interest in a show dedicated to hunting evil where they find it just isn’t how this was to play out. Adding girlfriends, or wives or even children does change the concept of what Kripke originally wrote. Sam tried to leave and was going to marry Jessica. Dean was always after his next ‘fling’. You start adding a regular love interest and there’s a whole lot of different baggage added with it. If you remember ‘Let It Bleed’. I even thought they would bring Lisa/Ben back and have Dick after them to stop Dean since he knew all about them from Cas. It doesn’t matter that Cas wiped their minds, the bad guys still know they mean something to Dean – even though the entire s.7 he never once thought of them with everything going on in the world.

      One definition of soul mate is someone ideally suited for another. It doesn’t mean in a sexual way. In this case Sam and Dean are suited for each other as brothers, hunters, friends and sometimes enemies – you don’t have to go looking for incest all the time. And being in the same Heaven is totally realistic to me and others – all they have is each other, they are ALWAYS together why would you think that they would be separated in the ultimate peace? I’m sure Ellen and Jo are together and they are mother and daughter. Ash was alone because he had no one in his life that was special to him, but he could find others. Pamela appeared to be alone as well. So I’m going with it was right that they should be together in Heaven since they are always together on earth and are loving brothers. I mean Dean went to Hell so his brother could live – He then ‘died’ to speak to Death to get Sam’s soul back. Sam also was devastated when Dean was in Hell and tried to switch places with him and now he’s alone again. These two brothers are different and there is no way of getting around that but it doesn’t mean it’s bad. And having Lisa as the ‘go to’ woman after Sam fell was absurd since her character was NEVER developed enough for that to warrant him going there. And dean could have stayed with her when he found out Sam was alive if he REALLY wanted to – even Lisa said that in ‘you can’t handle the truth’ that as soon as she saw Sam, she knew it was over between her and Dean. So kinda tells something right there. It’s not that it didn’t work out, it should never have happened. But it did make good episodes though.

  49. Liane fan says: