Adam Lambert as American Idol Judge? Four Reasons He'd Be a Great Addition

adam lambert idol judgeSteven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson have yet to finalize deals to return as judges for American Idol‘s upcoming twelfth season, and now it looks as though the show might be looking for a home-grown talent to replace Tweddle-Huh?, Tweedle-Abs, or Tweedle-Yo!

Indeed, Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert has been in talks with the show’s producers about the gig for the last month, according to an E! News report.

Even though, as an Idol recapper, the addition of Lambert would give me one less person to gleefully ridicule/rage against, I still think it’s a pretty genius idea. And here are four reasons why:

HE’S BRASH | Anyone who’s ever read an interview with Lambert or followed him on Twitter knows he’s not afraid to speak his mind. More often than not, in fact, the guy seems to revel in being a provocateur, even when it comes to discussing his musical contemporaries. That fearless, polarizing energy has been conspicuously absent from the Idol panel since Simon Cowell left the show after Season 9, replaced by critiques that are so intentionally vague and/or syrupy that it’s hard to resist the siren call of the mute button. Love him or hate him, it’s unlikely Lambert’s contributions as an Idol judge would be sanitized or boring — and those new tricks might be exactly what the old dog in the reality singing genre needs to combat viewer erosion.

HE’S KNOWLEDGEABLE | Lambert’s monster voice is one of the most formidable in the current pop scene, and unlike, say, J.Lo: Mistress of Auto-Tune, he’s got the technical knowledge to offer instructive, insightful critiques that go beyond telling contestants they were “pitchy.” What’s more, the guy has undeniable showmanship skills, and as an Idol contestant, his choice of songs, outfits, and musical arrangements were among the most varied and daring in Idol history. Honestly, who better to push the Season 12 contestants to color outside the lines and push their creative limits?

HE’S FUNNY | Judging a live talent competition is a tough gig — just ask Nicole Scherzywhatzit or Ellen DeGeneres — but Lambert is well known for his quick wit, puckish demeanor, and outsize charisma. Plus, with his fabulous hair and penchant for outré fashion, he might even give J.Lo a run for her Louboutins. His mastery of the English language, while clearly not a prerequisite for the gig, won’t hurt either, for me for you.

HE’S GAY | Okay, okay, so Lambert’s sexual orientation isn’t actually a job qualification, but perhaps his weekly presence on the show would finally squelch the sense of gay panic — the occasional homophobic banter among the judges and host Ryan Seacrest; the bizarre resistance to ever mentioning personal lives of contestants who are clearly gay or lesbian — that’s pervaded Idol for 11 seasons running.

What do you think of the idea of Lambert as Idol judge? Would his presence on the panel make you more or less likely to tune in? And if he’s being brought in as a replacement, which of the existing judges would you like to see exit? Sound off in the comments, and for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ash Q says:

    yesyesyes. You’re getting my hopes up, Slezak.

    • CarolH says:

      l love love love this idea…I believe this could be the best thing American Idol has ever done besides having him as a contestant…I am an almost 60 year old grandmother and think Adam is the greatest!!!!

      • skilman says:

        Clean sweep. The 3 Judges for next season Adam, Kelly Clarkson (Duets is done), and Melinda Doolittle. Now that would be a perfect panel.

        • Agustin says:


        • Ann says:

          Melinda to replace J Lo would be great! I love her and Slezak’s Idology banter each week… We need to keep Randy, as useless as he is, because we’d need one judge to complain about each week!

          • Mary B says:

            If they can get Kelly Clarkson, she would be great. I only watch duets for her and she gives the best critiques. She is honest but loving. As far as Melinda Doolittle is concerned I would have to say no. She came in third but really has not ignited her career. She is great on idolology but I cannot see her being taken seriously as a judge. Sorry Melinda, I do love you but I wish you would do more with your singing career.

          • elr says:

            Why keep Randy? He is the main reason why I didn’t watch season 11. If (and that’s a BIG IF) we have to keep one of the judges to complain about I would like it to be Stephen.

        • Yes! In addition, this would be great for Adam’s career. Look what it’s done for Maroon 5!

        • CarolH says:

          That would be an awesome combination of judges….agree with you 100%

        • TheBeach says:

          Great choices for a complete judges do-over. This could totally rejuvenate AI.

        • elr says:

          I like how you think.

        • ali427 says:

          That’s the best idea I’ve EVER heard. Period.

        • AMEN Skilman! Adam, Kelly and Melinda would be perfection, and homegrown perfection too. I was a little hesitant when Michael Slezak said he had 4 reasons… I thought “Only Four?” but yes, you have managed to succinctly encapsulate the argument for Adam quite nicely. For me, the real reasons dam should be on the show is he’s contemporary, he’s controversial, he’s a real singer, and he’s exciting. How better to breathe life into that show? Plus, his legions of fans (legions…. I mean minions) would probably even boost the ratings. I know I would tune in just to see Adam. Plus, the exposure (and $) Adam would reap from even one season on AI would be great publicity for his projects, so all in all, a win for Adam, a win for the producers and a win for fans! WIN WIN WIN!

          • Luz says:

            The only Judge I am interested in is Adam Lambert. He is the epitome of all that is good. Nobody can outsing him and he would be a breath of fresh air to Idol. Please do not re hire J. Lopez. She is a has been singer and all she does is shake her booty.

        • Chloe Rueve says:

          Adam would be the BEST addition. It would get me to start watching Idol again.

        • Angela says:

          Excellent idea. I would be fine with this.

      • katieabb50 says:

        I love Adam !! Idol has never been as good after he left. I would love to see him as a judge !!

        • JustMy2Cents says:

          Adam Lambert didn’t “leave” the show… He was on for one season as a contestant and made it till the end. For what reason would he have been back the next season?

          With that said, I think adding him as a judge could add a fresh feel to the show and could be a wonderful idea.

      • Sue G says:

        I so agree with you. I am a 65 year old grandmother who loves Adam & would love to see him as a judge.

      • Cheri Spence says:

        I agree – Adam would be great. He should replace Steve, who is always so vague with his criticism that it ends up soundind like a compliment! Jj Lo loves everyone and never says anything that could be considered constructive criticism. Rand thinks everyone is going to be the next idol but actually throws in criticism ocassionally! There just isn’t anyone who actually helps those kids, except Jimmy!

    • Tarasa says:

      I LOVE this idea as well. I think having somebody who’s been on the other side sit in the judge’s seat is awesome – as long as it’s someone who is comfortable (and quick witted enough) to offer constructive critisim.

    • Sally Caromano says:

      I would so watch again. I think he could very well be the best judge ever. He will bring an honest evaluation without being brutal. And he’s so good to look at.

    • irish1139 says:

      Adam could only make Idol better. I was sick of watching last season. Ho-hum. The same old platitudes. Even the contestants were boring. The show needs judges who are looking outside the box for contestants. The show needs judges with something constructive to tell the contestants. Judges who aren’t afraid, and judges who have knowledge of current music trends, the voice, arrangements, fashion. Who do you know that fits this criteria. I think Adam Lambert does. I might even start watching the show again if Lambert is on. How were the ratings when he appeared as a contestant? If I remember correctly, they were huge. Having Adam Lambert as a judge sounds like an intelligent decision to me.

    • cmacathome says:

      To be honest, I’d rather hear the man make music and perform. I’ve never been to a concert except YouTube (sad, I know), but I think he was born to perform and to serve as a judge for other potentials would only waste his God given talent, and the millions of people waiting to see him live (I’m obviously a women in waiting). I never watched Idol until last year, when Adam returned to sing Aftermath. I didn’t even know who he was until I saw a re-run of him on Oprah, heard him talk, sing and just loved the music and the man in an instant. I think he’s smart, beautiful and a great soul; but he has sooooooo much more to offer than music reviews of up and coming talent. I just want to hear him sing, and serving as an Idol judge would take that away. Sorry if I offended, not my intent, but I just get such a happy high when I listen to him perform; he sings like most of us walk — without thinking, he just does it.

      • cmacathome says:

        My point, (brevity is the sign of genius, I’m obviously not a genius), just don’t put the “Bird in a Gilded Cage”. His purpose is not to save a reality show, he’s a man born to sing. Even my daughter who’s all but nine years old was saying “no, don’t do it” if he does, we (his fans) will not hear him tour and sing. He’s an artist, let him now that the stage is his world.

      • I agree with those who REALIZE that Adam was BORN TO PERFORM! NO “gilded cage” is right! He’s SLAYING in Europe right now fronting QUEEN for God’s sake! His Trespassing album is finally making headway on the charts and his association with Idol is the very reason so many naysayers want to dismiss him! That includes radio! He needs DISTANCE from Idol, not MORE of the association, imo. (Though he definitely would be a much better judge than ANY they’ve ever had!) There. Rant over. (lol)

        • cmacathome says:

          I hope that others see the value in his song; not the Marketing of him. Thanks for your comment. I would hate to loose such a talented performer to the likes of television gone down hill.

        • Lea H. says:

          Being a judge on the show would give Adam a platform to promote his music just like being a contestant had. It makes him more visible nationally. JLo did that and so did Steven Tyler which boosted both of their popularity and their record sales. They both got what they needed from being on Idol and now they are moving on. Adam could sign on for one season and after the May finale start his tour. He wouldn’t miss out on anything and would benefit by launching his career even more.

      • Janice Dodd says:

        Adam has said on a few occasions that he thought it would be great fun to do this very thing. He has the talent for sure. I am sure he can fit his own gigs in between the time the show is off and returns. Plus it would give him the first time in his life a job that allowed him to do other things. He is thinking of maybe doing screen work as well as his solo career. i think it would be a perfect fit. While you are at it…change the other ones as well. if you are keeping one..Keep Ryan, and Randy. The could be the voice of continuity. I think if there was a judge like say him, and Fergie with him, Randy may even be more interesting as well..I say let him choose to do whatever he wants to do. We as his obedient fans will love wherever that takes him..I for one am a fan for life. I watch every show, every interview, everything I can. I cannot get too much of him.. That is one more thing to recommend him. He is never boring.

        • cmacathome says:

          Fear not, I’m sure Adam will not consult me on any of his career choices, he’s the one in charge of his path. I do think people need to remember that the heavy DEMAND fans put on entertainers can be very draining for those in the business. Elvis and MJ are examples of how Iconic personas have been lost due to the burden of being everything to everybody. With that said, time to switch gears and see what’s going on with the Presidential candidates. Swing-states like mine are only of value during election years, so I need to soak it all in while it lasts.

    • Janice Dodd says:

      I have said elsewhere, and will repeat. Adam Adam Adam.. and if possible. Get Justin Timberlake, and Kelly Clarkson. That would be a group with pazazzz…

    • Eva says:

      I totally agree Adam Lambert would be a great judge. He is so talented both in his singing and performing skills. The judge to go should be Jennifer Lopez she isn’t a good enough singer to judge other people.

    • forrest says:

      Adam in for Randy?

      ‘American Idol’ student could become the teacher’

      as reported by the NY post

    • Janice Dodd says:

      Some of the people here are more than one person…I know. It sound wacky, but I keep getting messages from one person, and when I try to reply they are a differnt name, and the same three names keep hooking up with each other. One is hateful against Adam. One is on both sides of the fence. Yes he is ok, but it would ruin his career. And the other one says they would rather have him do it differently. But then by the iend of the post they are ok with it. Either way. They are trying to skew the count. I don’t care how they feel, or how they do it. I am just getting sick of the damned posts being sent to my email. So if this is what is having to be endured…maybe I won’t take the emails any longer…I will let you know.

      I said before, and will say again…..I want him to do what he wants to do.. I will stay a fan for all my life anyhow. Or however he does it. I am just happy that he now has beaten all the naysayers. He has that huge career, that I knew he was capable of having. So the best results that can happen to those hatefilled idiots. Success is the best revenge of all….PPPPtttttttt :

      • Marsaili says:

        If you clicked on the notify me of follow-up comments via email, you are going to get every response to any post you respond to—and if you are having a discussion with someone—or in your case, putting people down left and right–you are going to get their replies via email. if you don’t like it—then stop the emails, don’t blame it on the person responding!

      • Marsaili says:

        Oh and your idea that some of the people here are more than one person is just plain NUTS! Did it ever occur to you that there could be MORE THAN ONE PERSON WITH THE SAME NAME???? And when you reply—you reply to the WHOLE THREAD AND ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE POSTED TO THAT THREAD!! It’s not one person posting as many different people, it’s multiple people posting to the same conversation. If you don’t understand how it works—then don’t bother posting, please.

        • Janice Dodd says:

          I will only say this one more time. I think some of these people are spamming…! In order to skew the pro- con….I know why I get the messages. I asked for them..

          • Marsaili says:

            LOL, you’re nuts–why would anyone bother? Janice, you need to take your conspiracy theories somewhere else, seriously. I don’t think even the staunchest Adam freaks would come up with something like that. I’ve read the threads you are on—all the people on those threads are real people—not spammers. Why don’t you take your theories to the EW boards—they are more suited for that type of craziness.

          • Janice Dodd says:

            I am not nuts. I don’t appreciate being called that either. However; I am not thin skinned so i’ll get over it…Thank you for the follow up messages. I can deal. Probably better than most anyone.. I do not get intemidated by that kind of rhetoric either…so have fun YA’LL

    • janicedodd2 says:

      I think if he takes that job. He should only take it with the idea of only staying for a couple of years. I
      would like to see him have more time to do his own work, and also make some good bank.. He is so very qualified for that job.

  2. Doniel says:

    Im not even a big fan of his and find him slightly annoying, but it is a fantastic idea. Ever since your Idolatry interview with him, I have found Adam to be not only very smart but also extremely eloquent, something the panel desperately needs. Also, with such a daring performer on the panel, the contestants may feel pushed to do something a little risky every week, it could up the ante.

  3. Derby says:

    It would be the best thing that happened to the show’s ratings in ages, that’s for sure. It’d be nice to have a judge that would actually give constructive criticism.

    • E says:

      You think this would be a ratings draw? I was thinking the opposite. While I find Adam funny and charming, I just don’t think he’s got the cred yet does he?. We don’t know what kind of criticism he’d give because he’s not done the job. But what do I care. Since Simon left, I FF thru the judges anyway.

      • LAH says:

        Obviously, cred has nothing to do with sound judgement. Both JLo and Steven Tyler have cred and their critiques were awful.

      • Actually, he has, indeed, done critique on Idol before. He was a mentor one week and he gave the contestants sound advise. He was thoughtful and measured in his suggestions – an excellent mentor – one of the show’s best.

      • Linda says:

        He’s “not done the job”??? He’s been in acting/singing since he was 10. Has had several c.d.’s released, the last two debuting at #3 and #1 on Billboard charts. He was the first ever Idol contestent to launch/headline his own solo tour right after American Idol. (Yep, even Carrie or Kelly didn’t do that). Have you ever HEARD him sing live? Obviously not, because if you did, you would know he has talent, and his willingness to want to help others with arrangements and creativity is commendable. Adam is now touring with Queen and doing an awesome job. QUEEN!

        • E says:

          Relax. I was referring to “the job” of being a judge on Idol. I’m not sure how one can predict what his criticism/critique would be since he’s not had “the job” yet. I was responding directly to Derby who said that it ‘would be nice to have someone that would actually…..’ I don’t anyone (including Adam) would know how he’d be as a judge since it hasn’t happened yet.

        • queenrosered1 says:

          EXACTLY! As far as his ability and credibility to judge, he PERSONALLY has MORE than Cowell, who is NO performer himself! Adam HAS worked in the entertainment industry for over 12 years. (this doesn’t take into account his vocal training and singing/acting experience from age 10!)
          WTH is wrong with people who seem to think he brought zero experience to Idol on Season 8? How far up their butts are their heads?? LOL!
          That said, if he does it at all, I hope he ONLY signs on for ONE season and for MULTIMILLIONS.

      • Michael says:

        Which of the judges do you think brings in the ratings? An argument could be made for J-Lo, I guess. Randy Jackson is universally loathed and most fans of Steven Tyler who would consider watching AI were already watching AI. The other fans wouldn’t be caught dead even thinking about watching it. People watch AI out of habit, for the singers or for the collective. Since Simon left, I don’t really think that anyone is watching it for a judge. I don’t think bringing on Adam will help the ratings all that much but it surely won’t hurt them.

        • elr says:

          The thing is that the current judges panel is driving people away, having a fresh all different judging panel may bring back more of the audience (I know I would tune in).

    • djm says:

      I agree – not only do I adore him, but I think his mentoring week was one of the best in terms of pushing the contestants to take it to the next level. I hope this happens – not only would it be good for the show, but it would be good for him too.

  4. rochelle says:

    While i would love to see him on my tv every week, i would worry about his music career taking a backseat. Also, idol isnt the hippest show around. He might get unwanted backlash of being “washed up” even though he clearly isn’t.

    • Sha says:

      I agree. I like Adam but this sort of thing is what one does when their career is fading or already dead. see: current 3 judges.
      If he chooses to do it though, I will definitely watch and support!

    • marie says:

      Just about what I was thinking too, rochelle; as much as I’d love – LOVE – to see Adam every week and have no doubt at all his critiques would be on point and valuable to the contestants, my first thought was, Hmmm, he CURRENTLY has an active, successful career; is this really a good time for him to delegate a big chunk of his time to appearing on Idol? Still, I suspect he’s be a really great judge, and if he’s seriously considering it, I guess he’s OK with whatever impact it would have on his musical career, so who am I to say he should or shouldn’t do it? I would love to see this happen!

  5. ladyhelix says:

    Adam is passionate and compassionate – the one thing that will be missing without JLo. From his bout as a mentor we could see that he really cared about the contestants, yet he wasn’t afraid to tell them what he thought they needed to do. More importantly he’s authentically positive, energetic, and playful.

  6. Prehinsile digits UP!!!

  7. Bootsy says:

    You know what would be truly amazing? If they made the judging panel all Idol alums. They certainly have enough of them and it’d be unique to the whole singing competition show. Think of Adam, Kelly, Carrie, Daughtry, Fantasia, or especially Melinda Doolittle. I’d tune in every week just to watch them tbh.

    • I didn’t watch Melinda’s season but seeing her on Slezak’s show has been great. She’d make a great vocal coach who gets screen time kind of a Jimmy Iovine role.

    • LAH says:

      I think a panel of Idol alums would be boring. I don’t think most of them would draw in new watchers. I know I wouldn’t tune in tho see Melissa Dolitte, Jordan Sparks of Clay Aikens or Ruben Stoddard, Fantasia, and David Cook. As a contestant, would you really take their advice seriously?

      • Bootsy says:

        Why wouldn’t they? If the goal is to do well on the show to get a recording contract, it’d be stupid to disregard the advice of people who did well and got recording contracts. It’s not like post show success has anything to do with the show as a competition. The contestants can work that out after they’ve gotten the deal. And they’re listening to JLo, who hasn’t sung live in like 20 years; Randy, who doesn’t know how well subtly works; and Steven Tyler, whose vocabulary seems to be stunted and revolve mostly around words similar to beautiful; so yeah, certain past Idol contestants would certainly be a step up from that.

        I’m not advocating just any past contestants, but some of the most successful on the show would be an interesting twist.

        • lovingadam1031 says:

          “Successful” has many definitions and doesn’t always mean financially successful as in Adam Lambert. Also Daughtry has been successful but he and Adam made the same amount of money in income last year so why rate success in monetary terms as some bloggers seem to want to do. Adam is so far above all the other contestants with exception of Kelly as in vocal talent, charisma, stage presence, stage experience and understanding the contestants plight on the show. He is the only one I’d tune in to watch as a judge. Do u agree?

      • If you’re asking if I’d take the advice of a guy who was working in a paint store or selling phone plans, etc..right before auditioning for Idol, then, no.
        But Adam Lambert?? That is a whole other ballgame!
        He has been involved heavily in musical theater since age 10, has appeared in many off-Broadway productions, as well as one as Joshua in The Ten Commandments which was critically panned EXCEPT for Lambert’s performance! He has toured in the European production of “Hair”, entertained aboard a cruise ship, been in the singing cast of “Wicked” as well as the “Zodiac Show” in LA. He has done many gigs at the Upright Caberet in LA (including NYE) etc… as well as various charity performances.
        Of course, by now, he has toured WORLD WIDE (110 concerts on NUMEROUS continents and countries) with his OWN, sold out Glam Nation Tour for his first album (which also garnered him a Grammy Nomination for “Best Male Pop Vocal Performance” for the single, “Whataya Want From Me”) and is currently touring east Europe and the UK for 6 concerts as front-man for Queen!!! (To great acclaim I might add!)
        He is young, but not TOO young (30) Cool even when he’s being a dork.He’s confident but not cocky. Articulate but not snooty. Personable but no butt-kisser.Funny as all get out and always ready with a smile and a shout-out to up and coming artists.
        His sense of fashion and stage presence are second to NONE.(Easy on the eyes as well)
        And his own vocal prowess, to quote Roger Taylor of Queen, “One in a hundred million! Unparallelled” End quote.
        In short, Lambert is PERFECT for the job IF that’s what he wants right now.

        • lovingadam1031 says:

          This is why I follow you on Twitter Rose you know exactly how to tell it like it is and I’m proud to be a Glambert because of people like you. Adam is the best candidate for AI judge then anyone rumored to be in contention. But knowing the past mistakes of producers of the show it won’t happen purely because they don’t want him overshadowing MC.

          • Awwww, Thanks so much for the kind words GF! ILY2!
            But see, this is where Idol’s “theory” for success, their “formula” breaks down. THEY may believe MC is good for the job (obviously since they’re paying her $18 MILLION!) but what they AREN’T really taking into account is her ACTUAL CURRENT VALUE! (ACV, lol) Adam’s ACV is astronomical and his fee wouldn’t be as large (prolly $10 mil. apx.) And with Adam, they get MUCHO BANG for their buck! He has the “IT”, the “WOW!” Factor in spades! If ONLY the powers that be will WAKE UP & smell the ratings! (fingers crossed!) :) <333

  8. Barb says:

    A resounding YES to adding some life to that zzzzz show. I’d probably even watch again.

  9. John Hill says:

    Bring it! I honestly thought this was a joke when I heard it this morning, but I so hope it works out. I doubt he’s stick to any script, and more than any contestant who has gone on to success, I think Adam is known for having integrity. Plus having been on that stage, I think he’d find a way to be honest without it feeling like he’s picking on someone.

  10. C.D. says:

    I swear to god, I was reading an interview of Adam Lambert three weeks ago, and I thought “You know who would make a good Idol judge? LAMBERT.”

    You know what they say about great minds…

    If they go through with it, I think it could be brilliant. He was wonderfully articulate and had great constructive criticism as a Season 9 mentor. And whenever he gives interviews about the Idols, his notes are always spot-on.

    Also: funny. He’s very funny.

    (note his love for Haley Reinhart in Season 10…)

  11. Deb Forman says:

    That would be the best idea yet–Adam is smart, amazingly talented and would definitely be able to guide the contestants. He helped Kris Allen with all of his songs before performing on AI8.

    • Mary says:

      Please, he did not help Kris with all of his songs. If you listen to the interview they bounce ideas off each other. Please give Kris credit, the arrangements on those songs were his. People tend to exaggerate when it comes to Adam.

    • idolfan7 says:

      If anything, according to the judges, Kris helped Adam. Later on they said they also helped each other. But what does that have to do with Adam being qualified to judge a singing competition?

  12. melody says:

    I would look forward to watching Idol again,if Adam was one of the judges.. He’s not only a great singer ,he is a great communicator. He was a really excellent mentor on the show. Adam is just what the doctor ordered for a tired,sickly American Idol, It needs some new fresh talent.

  13. cassie says:

    YES! Adam has already proven himself as a great mentor on Idol and Majors and Minors. Having many years of formal vocal training and the various aspects of stage craft from his theater days, he could actually GIVE HELPFUL, SPECIFIC, ACCURATE FEEDBACK. Adam has addressed the rumor of being an Idol judge, saying if he were asked he would enjoy helping the contestants improve and reach for their dreams. What a novel concept. He would be there for the contestants.

    This sounds like a total win to me.

  14. Love this idea! Great article. These are the key reasons he would be great. I knew I’d tune back in for him.

  15. buffy522 says:

    I watch any and all Adam Lambert anything. He would be great! Polarizing, but fantastic. I would not miss an episode.

  16. Davey says:

    Adam should be a mentor and wait a while to be judge.

    • Sofia says:

      He has already been a mentor on the show.

    • lovingadam1031 says:

      He’s already been a mentor and got rave reviews for his contributions to the contestants S9 not only from the contestants but from the judges namely Kara, Simon, Ellen and Randy.

  17. @Sari_Chile says:

    I haven’t watched Idol since Simon left but I would certainly come back if Adam was one of the judges!!

  18. Rebecca says:

    He was also an excellent mentor when he did that a season or two ago. I think it would be a great thing for him, the contestants and US!

  19. s-k-s says:

    I don’t think he has built the resume up quite enough yet to qualify for a judge’s seat. But if Demi Lovato can be a judge on a similar show, then I guess, maybe yes?

    I kind of like the idea of a rotating seat of ex-Idol contestants who’ve “made it” (both winners and not) – Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, Carrie Underwood, and all the rest. It might be mixed quality of judging but it would bring something different every week, and they could tie the judging to the theme, so that Daughtry would judge rock week, Carrie Underwood country week, etc.

  20. It would be a brilliant choice! Regardless, I hope this “modernization” of the panel means Randy “Yo” will finally be gone!

  21. Fi says:

    I think he’s exactly the kick up the ass the show needs. He understands the contestants, he’s been in the industry long enough to know the ropes and is amazing at giving feedback (see his S9 mentor Idol stint and also Majors and Minors). I hope this rumour is true for AI’s sake!

  22. lisa says:

    YES YES YES – A win/win for all!

  23. C.D. says:

    Also, crucially (given how terrible the judges have been about critiquing women), Lambert has consistently shown support for female contestants (like Allison Iraheta, Haley Reinhart, Crystal Bowersox, Jessica Sanchez etc.) and has absolutely no problem giving them credit for “artistry.”

    • Derby says:

      Excellent point. I got sick of JLo’s mean girl critiques of any contestant that was prettier than her.

      • lovingadam1031 says:

        JLo is a very insecure female who seem to revel in making snide remarks about the female contestants especially Haley Reinhart who was by far the best female contestant in last 3 years. So Adam would only be a great asset to both female and males.

    • Sha says:

      Agree about Adam supporting incredible female artists like Allison, Haley, Crystal, and Jessica. He also seems to be against the typical vanilla WGWGs so maybe he can break the curse as a judge!

      • Mary B says:

        He gave high praise for Phillip Phillips in the end. he wanted a girl to win but thought Phillip also deserved it in the end.

      • Marsaili says:

        Adam really liked Phillip—he isn’t against WGWG at all. Nice of you to speculate, though.

  24. M says:

    If he could balance it with his career I say go for it. I think he’d be a fantastic judge, and I know if I were a contestant I’d appreciate receiving the honest and helpful feedback he’d be sure to give. “It was pitchy, but you looked great” doesn’t help a whit.

  25. JJ says:

    Love the Idea… Adam will do a great job.

  26. Templar says:

    While I would love to see Adam on a weekly basis [Best Idol contestant EVER!], I think his addition to the panel would cost the show it’s huge southern viewer block. The ratings would suffer because the moral [read hypocrite] majority in the flyover states would boycott the show. And I would rather see Adam perform than judge. I would like to see him act in a weekly show like Smash but judging on Idol would not advance his career IMO.

  27. noa says:

    YES to reason #4. HUGE YES. and to everything else you wrote. i really think he would be great.

  28. David says:

    No, no, no, NO! He is not experienced enough to be judging others. AI judges should be only veteran performers or producers. I would like to see Jimmy Iovine move up to the judge’s desk along with two veteran performers. With country being prominent the last two seasons, Shania Twain would be a great addition. Whatever happens, I do hope that Jennifer, Steven and especially Randy are gone.

    • Sofia says:

      Adam was an entertainer before he was on Idol. And he did a world wide sold tour out after his first album, For Your Entertainment. It was fantastic and he had to create all the aspects of putting it on to major success. When he released his second album, Trespassing, it debuted #1 on Billboard. At the moment is is doing a series of concerts in Europe with rock royalty Queen.

    • LAH says:

      Experience isn’t always the answer. Look at how bad JLo and Steven Tyler are as judges. Adam has a lot of knowledge of music, i.e., rock, pop, dance, and disco. He is contantly downloading and listening to music. He had a successful world tour with his 1st pop album. Now doing a mini tour with rock royalty Queen. He executive produced his 2nd pop album, which has recieved great critical acclaim. Why can they’re be a mix of veteran and young?

    • Barb says:

      You’re plans would make AI a bigger snorefest than it already is, by furthering turning it into the Country Idol it has become. If you hadn’t noticed recent wgwg winners have not been helpful in raising ratings. It’s not all the judges fault what a snorefest Idol has become, but they are partially responsible for what voting talent they leave standing in front of America. Idol is in need of judges with vision to select those that have the ‘it’ factor and help guide the in the right direction with choices and engaging an audience. Adam would be perfect for the duties. It also won’t hurt to reel in a hugely devoted fanbase that swore idol nevermore after how s8 went down, and draw in his rapidly growing fanbase that learned of him later and were never part of idol ratings, both of which tune in wherever and whenever Adam pops up, if only to hear him say words because he is so endlessly fascinating.

  29. kelly says:

    I think it would be awesome!

  30. Sea shell says:

    Love the idea..and your well thought out reasons which are spot about a clean sweep of old judges Adam and then maybe MelD..and McPhee or Hilty form Smash…

    • LAH says:

      No to McPhee, she isn’t even a successful pop recording artist. Why would any contestant take her advice seriously?

  31. CB says:

    I cant stand Idol anymore just dont watch and while the tiredness of the format and predetermined WGWG annual winner making it boring the its teh judges that make it unwatchable. EVERY performance is amazing, WHAT is the point of having them? Adam would be perfect, I would watch again but they need to change the voting too and limit it so the middle american moms and tweens dont vote in the cute boy with guitar…..PLEASE

  32. August Sun says:

    I could not have said it better, Michael Slezak. I completely agree with your analysis, and you did not leave any consideration out. I believe Adam Lambert is a perfect pick as an AI judge and it will certainly give his career world-wide coverage, though put a stall on his personal musical endeavors – writing and touring. All in all despite, for a few years, I believe Adam would be a very wise choice for AI. I know I would absolutely not miss one show if he was a judge, and I can’t say that about AI since Season 8!

  33. sundaysilence89 says:

    If this does really happen it will guarantee both my wife & I won’t be watching next season, Don’t like Randy’s sctick but I’ll take it everyday over this over hyped Idol guy. Only person who would make me watch for judging would be if Jimmy Iovine was named a judge, only dude who told it like it was!!

  34. Simon says:

    I’m torn… I think somebody with his personality would be great, but having that personality *and* be an alumni, I don’t see it. Cus the second he sounds just the slightest bit self-confident in his critique, he’s gonna get slammed as ingenuine, pretentious, a know-it-all etc. And whilst I like the guys music, he’s doesn’t seem to have had the out-of-the-box success of other winners, which would make it hard to legitimise his place when the criticism starts pouring in (to say nothing of the fact that, politics or not, he didn’t win his year). I think he’d be great at it if he wasn’t a past contestant, but it’s a terribly dangerous idea. Clearly he can take whatever crap might be thrown his way, but I don’t see what the positives are that would justify his wanting to invite it.

    • Cam says:


      Are you from the UK?

    • Meghan says:

      Adam’s first CD (released post Idol) came very close to going platinum and outsold Kris Allen’s CD. (I have both – both are quite good in very different ways). He also had a #1 album with his second release – something that many Idol winners and runners up have failed to do. I think that is pretty successful, considering that in this day and age, albums just aren’t selling like they used to. Only a few select acts can launch CDs that sell over 100,000 copies in a week. The bar for success has been lowered so it’s unfair to use platinum as a benchmark for success anymore (or maybe even gold, I hate to say).

    • Barb says:

      You evidently cannot see beyond your nose the star power Adam is gaining internationally, so in terms of measuring success you’re going to have to look beyond just US borders.These things take time to continue to build his brand domestically and internationally. He and those promoting him are savvy enough to know how small minded much of America remains. He is continuing to grow a dedicated fanbase domestically despite obstacles, which would take another long-winded spiel, but even here in the US more will continue to wake up one day and take notice one of the most remarkable performers of our generation has been in front of them all along, and they will ask themselves ‘how did I not notice’ ?

  35. mylee says:

    Why don’t you mention about his sexiness and sense for fashion? An important factor to enlive the show, 1st thing ppl want to watch before listening. JLo got it. ST got it (in reverse). Adam might be brass (your word) but very helpful. He’s capable to elevate contestants’s ability. Very good choice of an AI judge. I’ll return to watch AI, along with million other viewers, XFactor gets 2 sexy new judges. Why AI not 3 sexy judges. Adam is one. How about Madonna?

  36. langley63 says:

    As long as it did’nt hurt Adams career I think having him as a judge would be brilliant. He’s outspoken but never nasty or self promoting at anothers expense. The contestants would be well served (as long as the PTB did’nt shakle him). Win, Win!

  37. raftrap says:

    When I first heard the news I have to admit that I wasn’t convinced, but this did it for me, those are all fair points, and Idol recognizing its own star-making abilities by designating one of their own as a judge sounds good, but please just the one, there are many other greats with Adam, but the other two or three judges should come from other places outside the Idol machine (maybe England, maybe Cheryl Cole).

  38. Annie says:

    Adam would be an amazing judge. He’s articulate, he’s knowledgable about the technical aspects of music, he’s a fantastic performer, he’s charismatic and he would care about giving advice/criticism that really helps the contestants.

    However, he is supposed to be going on tour next year to support his album, so I’m not sure how he would juggle his own music career with being a judge. The timing may not be right.

    But if he did get the job, he would immediately make the judging panel way better and the show much more watchable.

  39. Mary B says:

    Yes, yes, yes. I think he will make an amazing judge. He was a great as a mentor. I want all the judges to be changed this year. To me Steve offers nothing of value and forget about JLo. Randy has just been there too long but if any comes back it should be him even though he drives me crazy he is an Idol icon. The other people I think would be great possibilities would be Harry Connick Jr. Shania Twain, or Stevie Nicks who all did great as mentors.

  40. Shannon says:

    YES! That would be such a huge improvement over JLO, Steven and Randy. And as far as him not having enough music industry cred, I mean really? Like JLO has actual credibility? Seriously?

  41. Mamagail48 says:

    Wow, I am a regular viewer of AI have been since season 5. I agree since the loss of Simon Cowell the critiquing has become may I quote “syrupy and downright boring”.Whether we liked Simon or not he told it like it was. Adam was my fav from day 1 and look what he did 4 the ratings that season, skyrocketed. Would he be a good judge, hell yes, he knows his stuff. Will it help AI, hell yes again, they need some new blood besides just “yo dog”:) mind you I love Randy which I think they should keep to keep it mixed up. Adam been there and knows both sides of the coin, can give insight from the contestants point of view as well as judge them from the opposite side. AI needs something to keep the viewers and with Adam in the mix how can they go wrong.

    • E says:

      I agree that the judging panel has lost a lot, post-Simon. I’m just not sure that Adam Lambert changes it dramatically (unless you are just an Adam fan). I wouldn’t expect him to be controversial and/or blunt like Simon. That’s why I’ve enjoyed Jimmy Iovine’s contributions (even if taped) because he said a LOT of what we (in our living room) thought. He was somewhat blunt, but not rude.

    • Janice Dodd says:

      Wow you an I said almost the same thing. In fact when going back through these posts, I thought for a moment that it was my post, until I read your name..

  42. Agustin says:

    Yes , pleeeeease. But get rid of J “I only use Idol to promote my sad music and butt” Lo, Steven “I haven’t been notified yet that I am dead” Tyler and Randy “I am best friend and I have worked with Mariah”, “Stupid as hell” Jackson.

  43. Barb says:

    You’re point on for all the reasons Adam would make a great Idol judge! I know I wouldn’t miss an episode. I’d tune in even those stupid early weeks mixed w horrendous contestants, although I’d like to see that portion of Idol chopped off too. If only one judge has to go, please make it Tweedle-Yo Dog, for me for you.

  44. Karen says:

    I am pro Adam all the way. Love him. As long as he doesn’t get pulled down the Idol machine, and starts complimenting everybody on everything. Me also thinks he would make a great replacement for JImmy ‘doesn’t have a clue’ Iovine. Adam was such a great mentor in Season 10, so he would be great at that too

  45. Mary says:

    Well I am not sure, yes he was a good mentor but that is different then judging on a weekly basis. Sorry to say but I do not think he is experience enough to judge. I think he has a great voice but for some reason he doesn’t seem to be able to go mainstream and I do not believe it is because he is gay. My son comment was his music is 90’s not current. He might pull in some initial viewers, but I believe as you have stated many time Michael, viewers watch for the contestants not the judges. It might help his career like it did JLo, but he is still relatively new and it might hinder more than help. I also am not sure if he is diplomatic enough to judge fairly. Like you said he is brass, but will he be able to be objective to the one’s who are not his favorite?? Some of his previous remarks it is questionable. Well I think they should try him out as a guest judge first. One thing I learn is TPTB will do what they want.

    • LAH says:

      Adam’s 2nd album is getting great critical acclaim, yet he still has a hard time getting radio spins. Your son says it because his music is 90S and not current, yet his latest single was written by Bruno Mars. I bet if Bruno had released the song it would get a lot more spins. Adam is constantly listening to new music every day, he considers himself a music junkee, so I’m sure he know more about mainstream pop music than any of us. AS for being objective his other comments were as a fan watching not as a judge – he didn’t have to be objective.

      • Mary says:

        I have learned that critical acclaim really don’t amount to much in music or in film. People like what they like. I personally like many film and music that the so call critics hated. You might be right Bruno Mars might have received more radio spins I cannot argue that because he is an established writer and singer, that being my point he is not established enough and I think it might hinder his career. I could be wrong. Adam might be a misc junkee, so was Ellen and look how that turned out. It is harder than it looks. I am just saying if Adam wants to be a pop star this might not help him. If his aspirations are different than more power to him.

    • Barb says:

      You don’t think Simon’s disdain for country didn’t ever bleed through, please Mary! He will be as ‘objective’ as anybody possibly could be. You don’t think his being Gay has has anything to do with getting radio play here in the US and helping him further mainstream success? Again, please Mary! All you have to do is take a look at most of the cities adding his music and giving spins. You won’t find much if any middle America and the South playing his music. There was even a large national Christian group working on PD’s to make certain his music never saw the light of day. Yes, while his music has some throw back elements to the 90’s they are mixed and produced to sound fresh for today. Yes, they are not mainstream in the sense they aren’t the generic cookie cutter crap songs that predominates most of what is on radio today. I’m not really sure what your point is other than it seems you just don’t want to see change to the pathetic way music has become stale mainstream.

  46. Pattygale says:

    Last night I about had a stroke reading about the AI possibility, still not my first choice, but the points you made about Adam’s qualifications are right on target. People who don’t “know” him are really missing out because he talks with as much skill as he sings, At the same time he is being humble, tactful, and kind, he is being honest, articulate, and hilarious. He often adjusts his attitude and how he says something to the interviewer. If it is some sweet young girl who is nervous, he’s reassuring and straight forward. If it is a brash veteran, there are no holds barred. That is what they need on Idol, someone who HELPS the contestants see how they can improve without beating them down. I could name 3 contestants, in particular, the last few years who were led down the Primrose Lane by the judges only to come off the show and bomb. They believed they were “ready right NOW dawg!” They believed “best ever on this stage.” No, they weren’t!! From being an Adam fan for the last 3.5 year, yeah, hooked me with BohRap, I have seen both the agony and the ecstasy new performers go through, and they can happen on the same day. Adam gives Ryan a run for his money on the “hardest working man in showbiz” title, yet he knows to make time for a private life, old friends, family, and Sauli.
    Bottom Line: He is perfect for the job, but outside of being able to see him once or twice a week (in addition to the countless hours spent online perusing YouTube, I want his music career to come first. I would sure be nice if radio prog directors in the US would allow that to happen. I sometimes think they have stock options in Autotune. Whoops, Adam tells us to “play nice.”

  47. I’m also torn about this. I love to see Adam on my TV and think he’d do a great job but I want to see him tour with his new music too so I can see him on stage again. He’s definitely the best thing to come out of Idol…aw heck, he’s the best thing PERIOD! Love love love him! Just wants whatever is best for him. He deserves it.

  48. John Berggren says:

    Easily the best idea they’ve had in years.

  49. bjp says:

    what’s happening with your season wrap-up interview with phillip??!!

  50. If you had asked me what I thought of this a year or two ago, I would have said a resounding “no” but now … YES YES YES! After seeing what this type of gig has done for the careers of other musical artists, Adam Lambert has it all … he’s got the smarts, he’s funny, he’s articulate, he’s gorgeous, he’s charismatic, he’s compassionate AND passionate,he knows all about both sides of the ‘biz’, he’s got the best singing chops I’ve ever heard in my life … and he’s very very real! Adam Lambert will make the perfect Idol Judge … GO FOR IT ADAM … GO FOR THE GOLD ….