Homeland Burning Q: Claire Danes Is Pregnant - Will Carrie Be Expecting, Too?

Will CIA agent Carrie Mathison be adding “Terrorist’s Baby Mama” to her increasingly sketchy resumé?

It appears the answer is no.

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On Wednesday, news broke via People.com that Homeland leading lady Claire Danes is expecting her first child with actor-hubby Hugh Dancy — prompting questions about what effect, if any, this would have on the acclaimed Showtime thriller (which is in the latter stages of shooting Season 2). But a rep for the series tells TVLine that “we anticipate no impact” on production.

Homeland‘s second season is set to premiere on Showtime on Sept. 30.

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  1. martina says:

    I really hope it has no impact on the storyline! Congrats, Claire :)

  2. Suz says:

    Doubt they used protection, but then again her drugs may make her unable to conceive so win-win?

  3. aunt_deen says:

    I just hope the baby’s father doesn’t leave her in her third trimester.

    That would suck.

    • Lo says:

      I’m guessing you’re referring to that class-act, Billy Crudup. While I agree it would be just-desserts for Claire Danes, I don’t think even Mary Louise Parker would wish that on her. But it definitely tainted the way I looked at Claire Danes from that point on.

      • aunt_deen says:

        Mary Louise Parker was a class act through that whole nasty business so I agree with you.

      • Tania says:

        I love how people just swallow the gossip that is out there. I remember when that whole story came out years ago. I took it for what it was, tabloid crap. I wasn’t there to witness exactly what occurred, so taking a gossip story as it was reported would be very STUPID on my part. Then again I’m not the target audience right Lo and aunt_deen?

        • aunt_deen says:

          Tawdry, yes. Tailor-made for the tabloids, yes. True, also yes. Or do you believe that Claire Danes had no idea that Billy Crudup wasn’t single? Had no idea that Mary Louise Parker was pregnant? Wake up.

        • Lo says:

          Gossip huh? So MLP being with BC one month and then pregnant and alone while he’s kissing Claire Danes the next month is gossip? Sorry sweetheart, no dice. Tabloid rags reporting on Brangelina breaking up or getting married with no visible proof is gossip. A person being with his pregnant girlfriend one minute then making kissy with someone else less than a month later is just FACT. Not to mention that the story was broken by The New York Post, not some tabloid. So take your name-calling somewhere else because in my opinion, STUPID is defending anyone who would behave so disgustingly as Billy Crudup or Claire Danes.

  4. Singingal says:

    Why are the second and third comments on here so negative? Her ‘drugs’? That her husband might leave her? By all accounts, Claire Danes is a lovely person who is not a drug user. She has been Latisse’s spokesperson, but that has not been linked to infertility. I have never read a bad word said about her! Why can’t you just be happy for her and her husband? I sure am!

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      I believe the person making the “drugs” comment was referring to Claire Danes’ character on Homeland, not to Claire Danes herself. Carrie is bipolar, takes mood stability drugs, and has obsessive, spur-of-the-moment sex with inappropriate men. I love that woman. :)

  5. Singingal says:

    As a side note, if people are going to blame her for that ‘incident’ with B.C, let’s look at who was in a relationship with a pregnant partner. He is just as much to blame- if not more so- than Claire. And she has been with Hugh for way longer and seems genuinely happy.

    • Lo says:

      As to the second comment of drugs, the poster is talking about Danes’ character on Homeland, not the actress. And as for the comment about Billy Crudup: I think any woman who becomes involved with a man who would leave his partner while she was 7 months pregnant is in desperate need of a swift kick in the karma, but like I said, not to that extent. At the very least, her character is called into question. If I found out my new boyfriend had just left his pregnant girlfriend for me, he’d be out the door so fast and I’d be on the phone with her offering all my support. So no, she doesn’t get a pass just because you think she’s nice. And the duration of her relationship with Dancy vs. Crudup is irrelevant, it probably only means she wised up sooner rather than later to what a piece of garbage Crudup really is.

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        Lo and aunt-deen, you guys are taking the intimate relationships of total strangers awfully personally. Who hurt you guys? Who hurt you????? I think you need to look deep into yourselves and ask why the actions of total strangers affect you so deeply, and then go seek therapy for it in a more appropriate forum. Publicly attacking another woman for a situation that is really none of your business is a pretty uncool thing to do to another female, and it’s akin to the bullying that a high school teenage girl would do. As women, we should be looking out for each other, not cattily gossiping and judging each other. Now I tend to stay away from celebrity gossip and tabloid magazines, so I have no idea what happened between Claire, Mary Louise, and Billy, but I do know people make mistakes, sometimes horrible ones, and they quite often regret them deeply. And everyone is capable of making mistakes to the severity you’re making this out to be, so don’t sit there and believe you’re perfect and completely incapable of it, because you’re not. You’re not privy to all the details of what happened. For all you know, maybe it was the best thing that ever happened to Mary Louise Parker. Maybe she wanted out of the relationship and was relieved when it ended. You said yourself she was a class act about the whole thing, so maybe she has forgiven and moved on. If she, the injured party could forgive and forget, why can’t you? The whole thing sounds like a private matter that you don’t really know anything about other than what 3rd parties have told you. Now stop with the judging and arguing and just enjoy the fabulousness that is Homeland!

        • aunt_deen says:

          No one hurt me. I’ve never been in Mary Louise Parker’s shoes and I never WOULD be in Claire Danes’ shoes.

          And I have negative opinions on anyone who does things like this, not just the women. If this were an article about Billy Crudup, I’d be focusing on him.

          As for whether the end of the relationship was the best thing for MLP… maybe it was. That doesn’t negate the fact that both Billy Crudup and Claire Danes behaved selfishly and dishonestly… and it doesn’t negate the fact that Claire then cheated on Billy when she moved on to Hugh. If, a year or two down the road, we hear that she cheated on Hugh and moved on to someone else I will not be surprised in the least.

          Again, I’ll say she’s a good actress but I have very little respect for her as a human being.

        • Britta Unfiltered says:

          Now that I’ve said these things, I thought about it and realized I probably said some not very nice comments about other actresses on this website before, and now I feel bad about it, so I probably have some lessons to learn on this issue myself too. I need to work on my judgmental traits just as you two do.

    • aunt_deen says:

      I don’t exonerate Billy Crudup. Far from it. But this isn’t a discussion of him. I have a low opinion of anyone who would knowingly sleep with a guy who was taken and expectant father to boot.

      And sure, she’s been with Hugh for longer. She started a relationship with him when she was still with Billy.

      Any way you look at it, she has no compunctions about cheating and that says bad things about her sense of basic decency.

      • TigerNightmare says:

        I think far too many people fail to realize that it’s easier to be judgmental than it is to be understanding. It’s easy to label someone as a homewrecking slut or a heartless cad than it is to hear all sides of the story and know what truly motivated their actions. Every situation has a specific context. I know all too well that following your heart is rarely a good idea. People in a relationship grow apart, meet new people and act on those attractions not usually out of spite or loose morals, but out of confusion and loneliness (see Carrie and Brody). There’s so much regret and self-loathing involved to go around that the piousness of strangers is pretty pointless. Why do you care if people you don’t know had a love triangle? Yes, being cheated on sucks. But so does feeling trapped within a relationship to someone who you realize is wrong for you after you’ve gotten engaged, gotten married, gotten pregnant or co-signed a house mortgage or whatever. Or being really attracted to someone physically and/or mentally and being unable to act on it. Something that stood out to me from the so-so film Funny People was the line, “It’s easy not to cheat when no one wants to f— you.” The point is, walk a mile in their shoes. None of us know anything about what really happened and none of us should care.

        • aunt_deen says:

          Understanding? About being in a cheating relationship not once, but twice (that we know of) and in one case with a guy who was expecting a baby? She shows a distinct pattern of dishonesty and selfishness in her personal relationships. And I don’t think calling that kind of behavior exactly what it is is “pious.”

          • TigerNightmare says:

            You’re simplifying a complicated situation by its headline: she cheated. She ended up marrying the guy she left Billy for, according to what’s been said here. So, are you saying she should have stayed with Billy and not married the person she really loved? Who do you think you are? Get a life.

          • aunt_deen says:

            She began her relationship with Hugh before she broke up with Billy. We call that “cheating.”

          • TigerNightmare says:

            Slow, sarcastic claps for you. Congratulations on understanding the concept of cheating.

          • aunt_deen says:

            Sarcasm! I like sarcasm.

            Maybe more people on this board are being sarcastic than I’m aware of. Because there do seem to be a bunch of people who think cheating is some trivial little thing to be dismissed.

          • TigerNightmare says:

            If there’s anyone who thinks cheating is a trivial thing, it’s you and Lo. It’s simply a black and white right and wrong issue to you two and have a fundamental failing to realize that adult relationships are complicated. Is cheating wrong? In short, yes. Is pursuing love wrong? In short, no. But these two situations are often at odds at each other. It’s so much easier to just live in the moment than it is to unravel a relationship brick by brick, prolonged divorces, custody battles, “ownership” of mutual friends and other things full of drama before pursuing a new lover who will probably get away by the time it’s all over with. Doesn’t anyone watch The Good Wife?

          • aunt_deen says:

            Never did I say that love wasn’t complicated. But when someone repeatedly behaves in a dishonest and selfish way, that gives me a low opinion of their character.

  6. nikki says:

    I sincerely hope Claire and Hugh are just as happy Mary Louise Parker and Billy Crudup. Congrats!

  7. Elena says:

    I’m not going to judge Claire Danes’ personal life since this is a tv news site and not a gossip site. But I’m glad that her real life pregnancy won’t affect the storyline on the show. I always get annoyed when writers on a tv show write in real life pregnancies. I think making Carrie pregnant with Brody’s kid would be way too contrived. Congratulations to Claire though:)

  8. Yerxy says:

    Damn, why is everyone being no negative against Clarie? Can’t we all wish her and Hugh good luck? Also, making Carrie pregnant, while an interesting plot twist, would ultimately not work.

    • Tania says:

      Why is everyone being so negative against Claire? Because morons abound. This is why shows like TMZ, and tabloid magazines are still thriving. There’s a target audience out there.

      • aunt_deen says:

        It’s not moronic to recognize dishonest, classless, and hurtful behavior for what it is.

        • ben says:

          It is moronic to come and spout about it on stories which have nothing to do with it. Not to mention just as classless and potentially hurtful.

          • aunt_deen says:

            It’s a story in part about her personal life. I’m commenting on her personal life. If I were attacking her for her looks or something, that would be irrelevant and classless and cruel. (Not that I would do that. I think she’s very pretty.) But the fact that she has a history of dishonesty in her personal relationships? Hurtful? To whom? If Claire Danes reads things like this I’d be surprised. And if she does and it hurts her that other people comment on her own hurtful and dishonest behavior, I am not going to feel bad about that.

      • Lo says:

        The only thing I got from your post was how classless you really are. Only people with nothing to say resort to name-calling the way you have in two posts now. If you don’t like what someone has to say, make an intelligent argument. Calling people stupid or morons is indicative that perhaps I’m not the target audience for such rags. Incidentally, I’ve never been on TMZ or read an issue of a tabloid, but I DO read The New York Post, where the story first broke. But you go ahead and keep calling me a moron, it’s a compelling argument.

  9. Tania says:

    A happily MARRIED couple received the wonderful news that they are going to be first time parents. A joyous occasion indeed. However, by reading some of the comments on here, you wouldn’t know it. What a sad commentary about a certain segment of the human population. Well, I don’t personally know Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy but I do wish them a hearty congratulations and all the best as they enter this new and wonderful journey together.

  10. Ryan says:

    Great news for Claire and her husband. Great news for Homeland and its fans. It’s win-win.

  11. moobear says:

    Personally, if I was MLP, I would be thankful that I learned sooner rather then later what a piece of crap boyfriend BC was, because if a person is going to cheat they’re going to cheat with someone eventually and I would rather it was before I wasted too much time on them, or worse they brought home an STD.

    As for Carrie, I think it would be an awesome twist to be a terrorist baby mama, but I agree after the birth, she couldn’t be crazy uber spy, if she had to get home at a decent hour to relieve the babysitter.

    So congrats Claire and Company and can’t wait for season 2!

  12. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I’m in the minority, I think it would have been interesting to make Carrie pregnant, if only because she would have had these agonizing life altering decisions over whether or not to take her meds, which she shouldn’t be doing if she was with child, and she probably would have had this horrible decision to make over whether or not to keep the baby or give it up for adoption since being a single crazy mom with no support from the daddy would be a near impossible task to do. I could see a storyline where she snaps and has another psychotic break from going off her meds for 9 months and then having to give the baby up…maybe giving it up to Brody and his wife. It certainly would drive her obsession with Brody more intensely! However, I see how the storyline could have made the show a bit soapy, which for Homeland, would be a terrible thing. I’m sure the writers made the best choice for the show. I trust them. They never once let me down the first season.
    Congrats to you and Hugh, Claire Danes! I wish you much joy, happiness, and the ability to ignore judgmental, obsessive freaks who bash you on the internet.

    • aunt_deen says:

      Oh, dear. I think I’ve been labeled.

      Not obsessive. Not a freak. (I don’t think.) But in this case I am totally judgmental. I’ll cop to that one, no problem.

  13. Bob Jones says:

    I have ready everyone’s comments – good points are being made. Unfortunately, I like Claire Danes (and Homeland), I like Billy Crudup (and Watchmen/Mission Impossible) and I lke Mary-Louise Parker (Weeds/Red).

    What happened among them was complicated 9for them) and everyone seems to be alive and well. We should hope that Claire Danes’ baby is healthy; all of this other stuff, while interesting, is not relevant to her pregnancy, and does not detract from the totality of the actor’s work. We are a human :)

  14. Anna says:

    The fact is what she did to Mary Louise Parker was disgusting and deceitful. She knew Billy Crudup had a pregnant girlfriend and she started an affair with him anyway. That makes her just as culpable as he was. She deserves to have someone do the same to her now that she’s pregnant. It’s the only way someone like her will understand what it feels like to be on the receiving end of such appalling behaviour.