Big Brother 14 Cast Features Playboy Playmate, Russell Hantz's Bro and 4 Mystery Returnees

Big Brother fans, here’s your chance to size up the fresh meat new houseguests.

The CBS reality series has unveiled 12 of its cast members for the upcoming 14th cycle. Among the standouts, if for no other reason than their appearance and/or profession and/or reality-TV lineage: Fabio-lookalike Wil, mobile spray-tan entrepreneur Ashley, house-flipper Shane, engineering student Ian, 2006 Playboy Playmate of the Year Kara, and Willie — younger brother of frequent Survivor villain Russell Hantz. The oldest contestant is 42; the youngest, a barely legal 21.

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The remaining four yet-to-be-named houseguests will be familiar faces who’ve had previous success in the house. Those crafty co-habitators will be revealed in the season premiere (airing Thursday, July 12 at 9/8c) and operate on hidden agendas. Until then, take a look at the 12 new roommates, and then hit the comments to lodge your guess at which former faces you’d like to see join them!


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  1. iamtheblurr says:

    Reblogged this on The Curbside Prophet and commented:
    I just had to repost this as I am a very big Big Brother US fan!

  2. YowzaPowza says:

    Awful idea to have four returning houseguests. This show is so stale. When you keep bringing back old cast members because you can’t find someone new, your show is over. This will likely just be a rehash of last week.

    • YowzaPowza says:

      Last season I mean.

      • Nina says:

        the returning houseguest are not playing the game for the 500k, though. So, it won’t be the same as last season.

      • John says:

        agree, they are desperately trying to find everyway to bring back old houseguests because they cannot come up with original twists for new houseguests…. pathetic

      • i agree about them bringing back houseguests. it takes away from the new ones.and what ur saying is the new ones arent interesting enough so u have to bring in returning houseguests. this is why didnt care too much for last season. doesnt make me excited for the new season, but hopefully im wrong. i hate glass house and dont wanna be forced to watch that.

        • Nina says:

          There will be NO veteran domination like last season, since these four are NOT playing for the 500k.

          • YowzaPowza says:

            Than why are they even here? If they’re going to bring back old houseguests I’d rather them play than just sit around and be egotistical and fight over who’s the best player. I’ll give it a chance, but having 4 people come back to play “their own game” is just silly and scatterbrained.

        • Wrstlgirl says:

          It’s like saying the new houseguests aren’t smart enough to play the game so they need mentors. Stupid.

    • John says:

      This. I really wish they’d stop bringing past competitors back.

  3. Cal says:

    If they want to bring back old houseguests so badly, why not do another all-stars season? Bringing back old contestants is a horrible idea, simply because you watch them dominate the house most of the time. I can’t stand it in Survivor and I can’t stand it in BB.

  4. Rolfe says:

    So ready! Won’t judge the cast until premiere. I hear Janelle is back, but I don’t trust BB rumors.

  5. Rob says:

    It’s gonna be Rachel so she can play a third consecutive year.

  6. I wouldn’t mind having past players had Allison Grodner not stepped in last year and so obviously manipulated the outcome of the game to suit Brenchel and JeJo. Remember that last minute Pandora’s Box at the end of the season that kept both Rachel and Jordan in the game by pairing them together in a twist never before seen on BB that made no sense whatsoever?

    • John says:

      Yes… that was so obviously staged. Come on now, we’re not that stupid. Rachel won because the entire show was rigged for her.

    • Captain says:

      The past few seasons the producers’ manipulation has been ridiculous. Winning Big Brother means absolutely nothing except, you were the person the producers wanted to win. If Brendan/Rachel come back this season I am 100% DONE! It would be nice if they brought back Cassi. She never got a fair shot.

  7. Josh says:

    They’re coming back as mentors only. Not playing in the game. Each mentor will have 4 people they’re looking over. Interesting idea and I’m excited to see Janelle come back. I have had enough of Rachel though.

    • John says:

      well there’s 4 mentors and only 12 houseguests… so I guess that’s 3 each

    • YowzaPowza says:

      Awful idea. It’s like four people playing the game rather than the usual 14 or so. I hope this rumor isn’t true. I’d rather they just throw four people back in the mix.

      • tripoli says:

        Agreed. Seems so ridiculous to bring anyone back, let alone to be mentors. Reserving any snarky judgment on the cast until the show airs, but not too excited to see another Hantz on TV.

    • Jason says:

      So Janelle is leaving her new born baby alone all summer????

  8. Wrstlgirl says:

    If it’s any of the four they brought back last season…Jeff, Jordan, Brenden or Rachel, it won’t be on in this house. If they insist on bringing back recycled players at least give us some fresh faces.

  9. Dg says:

    For Pete’s sake! Can CBS please stop going back to the Hantz well? What does that family have on Les Moonves to coerce him into letting them on its shows? If a Hantz shows up on my precious Amazing Race, I’ll lose my mind.

  10. Flippy says:

    The 4 returning are suppose to be Janelle, Dan (season 10 I think), Boggie, and a 4th who most think is Danielle from Season 3. They have confirmed nobody from last season so that takes out Rachel thankfully.

  11. hr says:

    Bb is a clone every year..lame twist..same games..contestant even know what games r coming up cuz theyre the the same

  12. A says:

    If they bring back Rachel and Brendan, I seriously think I will have to boycott this season.

  13. Jeffrey says:

    I’m not suffering through another psycho Hantz piece of trash. I just saved $30 by not subscribing to the live feeds!

  14. Mark says:

    Will is hot. Yay for eye candy.

  15. Lexdy says:

    Rachel better be back this season-

    She IS Big Brother <3

  16. HELLO PEOPLE, obviously a show called Big Brother is manipulated.

  17. Christina says:

    Another Hantz, really…

  18. OMG says:


  19. Bbfan_2012 says:

    Maybe it’s lane or brittney or hayden or ppl from that cast.

  20. Goosie says:

    with all the millions of people in the States, can’t they find a new cast of newbies?

  21. Brunomars says:

    Big brother needs to focus on bringing better looking males like Jeff into the house..obviously they’re too focused on getting attractive women

  22. Kelly says:

    I want Janelle, Will, Boogie, and Danielle haha

  23. Bob Lozano says:

    I can hear it it now — Wil “Fabio” Heuser!! And look at all the “enhanced” talent in the cast!! I’m surprised that Julie Chen hasn’t asked Moonves for a boob job!

  24. Lyle says:

    Kara looks like fun and Wil is hilarious. I was watching some of his youtube videos. Should be a fun season.

  25. L.Garner says:

    I would be more interested if Betty White and 13 of her friends were on the show….Now that woulkd be worth watching …

  26. kenneth matson says:

    I love the show Big Brother 14