Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Revenge, Gossip Girl, Weeds, 90210, Bones, Castle and More!

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Question: Please bestow upon your loyal fans some serious scoop for Revenge, so that us lowly peons can stumble through the summer with the smallest of comforts. —Steven
Ausiello: It looks like Emily will have a new boy toy to play with next season. The show has quietly begun casting Conrad’s MIA son from his first marriage. And from the sounds of it, the smart and sexy heir apparent is going to make half-brother Daniel’s life (both personal and professional) a living hell. Sounds like heaven to me.

Question: Seeing as how Gossip Girl is starting filming very soon, have you got any new info you can share with us? —Danielle
Ausiello: Things are looking up for the drug-addled, friendless basket case that is Serena: I’m hearing she’ll be getting a major new love interest for the sixth and final season — one with the potential to sweep her off her feet and ride her… off into the sunset. What did you think I was going to say?

Question: Any word on The Big C getting renewed for Season 4? —Evan
Ausiello: Right now, it could go either way.

Question: With no Castle appearance at Comic-Con next week, do you think you can give us some scoop to ease our disappointment? Been dying to know something about Season 5! Perhaps the season premiere title? Pretty please! —Cheryl
Ausiello: The title is still TBD, but the plot of the episode isn’t. I hear it’ll mostly revolve around Beckett’s mom.

Question: I must know if Mike is going to be in the final season of Breaking Bad. My heart will shatter into a million pieces if he isn’t. —Ava
Ausiello: Not only is he in it, but he plays a major role in the first two episodes – both of which I’ve seen; they had me (not surprisingly) completely riveted. A few other non-spoilery spoilers about Episodes 1 and 2: Giancarlo Esposito’s Gus may be gone, but his spirit looms large; Walt will literally become a magnet for trouble; and someone we thought was dead isn’t!

Question: Your latest Blind Item about the fall wedding — is it an ABC primetime show? Jacklyn
Ausiello: Sure ain’t. The show in question airs on The CW.

Question: Could you please pass along some Rookie Blue spoilers? —Sara
Ausiello: The bad news: The show won’t be introducing Sam’s troubled family anytime soon. “Meeting one or a couple of Sam’s family [members] would be definitely on our wish list,” says EP Tassie Cameron. “But we have to parse [the storylines] out pretty carefully by season. We felt it was more important to see some of Andy’s history this season than Sam’s.” And with that comes the good news: We’ll finally meet Andy’s MIA mom in this week’s episode when the two bump into each other on a case. “We tried to give the character of the mom an organic way back into Andy’s world and back into [her] life,” explains Cameron. “We try and arc it a little bit over the season. I hope it surprises people.”

Question: I can’t stop thinking about how miserable Booth must feel alone in his house and how much Brennan and Christine are missing him. Please, can you cheer me up with a nice Bones spoiler? —Marina
Ausiello: The season premiere is tentatively titled… “The Future in the Past.” What does it mean?! “It’s a deep, dark secret,” responds exec producer Stephen Nathan as I twirl my mustache and plot a workaround involving Hart Hanson and Comic-Con. Mwahahahahahahaha.

Question: I love a good NCIS scoop or a Good Wife spoiler, but what’s happening with Supernatural? Season 8 writing is underway — could you please wheedle your way into their good graces and get us some Winchester scoop? I’m dyin’ here! —Rowan
Ausiello: Magic Mike standout Cody Horn is joining the cast as Sam’s new love interest. (At least she is in my own personal casting dreamatorium.) As you no doubt have heard, the show is lifting its long-held romance ban and giving Sam a new longish-term girlfriend named Amelia. She’s described as a wary, brave, smart and sarcastic young doctor with a damaged soul. Producers want an actress in her late 20s, so Horn’s probably too old. And with Mike a big fat hit, I’m sure the Rescue Me alumna isn’t looking for a steady TV gig right now. But a boy can dream. Submit your own casting suggestions for Amelia (who is slated to debut in the S8 episode titled “Heartache”) in the comments!

Question: Any Lying Game scoop?! —Georgia
Ausiello: Although it may seem like fans are enduring an epic poem between seasons — even now, Season 2 is only penciled in for “winter” — I can exclusively report that only 10 days will have passed since the events of the freshman finale, which included Alec’s arrest for suspicion of murder and the reveal that Rebecca is the twins’ mother. Adrian Pasdar, who plays Alec (as well as portrays POTUS in USA’s Political Animals, debuting July 15) recently lunched with Lying Game EP Chuck Pratt, and tells us, “It sounds like [Season 2] is going to go in a direction that nobody is going to expect.”

Question: Could you clear up something for your readers? It was previously reported that Darren Criss would be attending Glee‘s Comic-Con panel, but his name  is missing from the official schedule. As far as you know, is Darren scheduled to be part of the panel? —Matt
Ausiello: I can confirm that Darren will definitely be there. And I will definitely be moderating. And it will definitely be standing room only, so get your ass there early. In related news, if you’ve got intelligent burning questions you want asked at the panel, I strongly recommend you send them to Please include “Glee Panel” in the subject line. I have a lot on my plate, and that will speed this process up greatly.

Question: OK, we need the deets about this year’s Aushole Party at Comic-Con. I need to make sure I get in so I can give you a high five for answering my Castle questions this year! —Ivy
Ausiello: The fourth annual soiree will once again take place on Thursday evening. And I’ll once again be sharing details on how to win entry into the private bash via my Twitter feed in the coming days (hint: most likely Friday!) Oh, and did I mention this year we have (very limited edition and extremely cheeky) t-shirts?! Sources confirm to me exclusively that it will be Con’s must-have accessory.

Question: How about you use some of those awesome spy skills and get me some Covert Affairs scope? Particularly on Annie and Auggie.—Elizabeth
Ausiello: Scope as in the mouthwash? Oh, wait — you made a typo. LOL. Everyone point at Elizabeth and laugh about her big slip-up! OK, enough. Don’t overdo it, people. Now you’re just being mean. Here’s your Affairs scope (tee-hee) Lizzy: As a result of the big boom you already know about in the show’s July 10 return, Annie is reassigned and finds herself with a new boss who’s not so by-the-book. Said boss encourages her to trust her gut, which is probably why Annie winds up in the shower with a sexy bad guy at the end of the ep. Auggie, meanwhile, is tasked to do some very behind-the-scenes recon for Arthur.

Question: Do you know if 90210 plans to bump Josh Zuckerman (Max) up to a series regular, because he is the ultimate crush and the only one that has ever been good enough for Naomi. —Danielle
Ausiello: He won’t be a regular but he will be what we call in the biz “strong recurring” — which is sort of like being a regular but with less commitment and (presumably) moolah.

Question: Please give me some scoop on the fate of Dixon on 90210. I’m still in shock! —Sue-Ellen
Ausiello: I’m not saying whether he survives that horrific season-ending car crash, but here’s a tease: This guy plays a big role in the fallout from the accident. Now start decoding that shiz in the comments!

Question: When Tim Scottson ran out of Nancy’s hospital room at the end of the Weeds season premiere, was that the last we’ll see of him? Hope not. Dude tried to kill her!—Kim
Ausiello: If I were you, I’d pay attention to the last few minutes of Episode 2 — someone is definitely on the case.

Question: So, when did MTV start airing good tv shows? First Awkward came along, and now this second season of Teen Wolf is kind of great! Any scoop on either of those? —Omar
Ausiello: Awkward creator Lauren Iungerich has teased before that our favorite mean girl, Sadie, is going to get a love interest. But will this guy be an actual boyfriend or just someone who’s chasing after her? “I’m not going to tell you. It could be neither of those things,” Iungerich replies coyly. “With Sadie, it could also be unrequited, too.” Hmm, after that impromptu kiss, could troublemaker Ricky Schwartz be lusting after Sadie? One option we can rule out: longtime crush Matty. “She got over that in the [season premiere],” confirms Iungerich.

Question: Any Good Wife scoop on Kalinda and Cary? I’m really hoping this is the season they stop being polite and start hitting the sheets. —Troy
Ausiello: That’s probably not going to happen, at least not as long as her control freak husband is around. Speaking of which, rumor has it Kalinda will be a shell of her former self when her ex enters the picture this fall.

Question: Do you have a tidbit on the series finale of Eureka? —Eric
Ausiello: I’ll see your tidbit and raise you an 87-word review, courtesy of TVLine’s Matt Mitovich: “The finale is a real crowd-pleaser, featuring gobs of closure, a storyline moment that allows for a ‘clip reel’ which will make many an eye well up and appearances by all of the usual suspects (plus at least one good surprise). You’ll be subject to at least one fake-out, one dismemberment (sad face), the proffering of a ring box, one teeny-tiny secret revealed and a final twist that is 100-percent Eureka. Oh, and Felicia Day’s Holly reclaims and lays sole ownership in perpetuity to the word ‘adorkable.'”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Kimberly Roots and Vlada Gelman)

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  1. William says:

    I’m crossing my fingers for Nate and Serena to have that happy ending. I don’t see it any other way.

    • Sarah-Ann says:

      I’m hoping for a happy ending for Serena and Nate as well. But don’t think that’s gonna happen, since they screwed that up..

      • William says:

        I feel like NS are the only reasonable option. With Lola’s departure and the assassination of Dan/Serena, Nate’s the only person left to pick up Serena from the slums. I’ll forgive the writers to some degree if they make them endgame!

      • Hannah says:

        Nate will be with Ivy (new and improved), Serena & Dan will both grow up but without a love interest (they’re only 22, if they run in opposite directions they may end up all right), Rufus better not get back with Lily (she literally sucks life out of him), Chair will marry (right after that other wedding that went so well), have kids and all, then 10 years later they’ll kill each other, but in a contrived and unrealistic-surreal way, GG style (minions will be involved).

        P.S.: What ever happened to Dorotha being pregnant? Did I hallucinated that storyline out of bad writing?

        • Maria says:

          Nate being endgame with Ivy would be ridiculous. It would only solidify his terrible taste in women. Hell, I’d rather him be endgame with Vanessa and I hated that relationship.

        • Lo says:

          I hope chair will be the wedding of the fall. There have been rumors. I don’t think Dan and Serena will get together. I do like Serena and Nate though. He may be the only one on the UES that doesn’t hate Serena right now!

        • W says:

          I would be fine if Rufus is gone from the final season, he’s just so boring. I would have said the same for Lily, but I’m very excited for the long awaited Ivy vs Lily showdown.
          I think it’s perfectly fine for all of the major characters, except the main couple we all know is getting back together, to stay single. The O.C. ended that way too.

        • Kristen says:

          I’m all for Nate and Serena being end game. Nate with Ivy is a bit of a stretch, and even though Serena is getting a new love interest, I can’t see her ending with anyone but Nate or Dan. As for Dan, there’s no realistic way that I can see him forgiving her for what she did and choosing to be with her. If so, it’s going to be so contrived and forced. Nate has always been able to see the good in Serena, and forgive her of her mistakes. It has to be them.

    • Captain says:

      Serena made her choice in Season 4. She’s been chasing after Dan since Season 4 so I don’t see her ending up with anyone else. I would count on Nate ending up with a new character or alone as per usual.

      • Lauren says:

        Serena is going to end up with Dan, as sickening as that is.

        • Penny says:

          Ugh, I hope not.

        • Katherine says:

          She won’t. I refuse to believe it. The characters were always at their best when they were apart. Look how happy she was with Nate and Carter. Look how interesting Dan became when he grew close to Blair. Dan and Serena bring out the worst in each other.

      • Bradford says:

        One can hardly take Serena’s choice seriously in S4 as she ended things with Dan to be with Ben. Serena’s inconsistent in terms of what she wants. That being said, the spoiler said that this will be a new love interest for her. I doubt it’ll be Dan given the circumstances of the finale. And I highly doubt that they would introduce a new character this late in the game to be with Serena. That only leaves Nate. Plus it’ll give him something to do than being put on the backburner for his recurring love interest.

      • Katherine says:

        How can Dan and Serena possibly end up together? Did you not watch the Season 5 Finale? It proved exactly how awful they are as a couple. Dan loathes her for turning him against Blair. He said she “disgusts” him. He’s clearly not in love with Serena anymore.

        • J says:

          How can it be Nate as Serena’s “new” love interest? As much as I want to see them back together, I think it will be someone who’s…well…NEW. As if that hasn’t been done before. Meh. So over the tired “Serena has a new man” plot line. Every season has trotted that out at least once, and she always ends up pining for Dan in the end. Nate is much better for her, and he isn’t nearly as boring when he’s with her. Not to mention that when Nate is involved with Serena he suddenly gets the A storyline instead of the C one. I’d love to see Chace Crawford more and Penn Badgley less.

  2. Shaula Dfn says:

    Ausiello, “Heartache” is being filmed first, but it’ll air as the 3rd of the season.

    • Ryan says:

      Wasn’t Amelia the name of Jewel Staite’s character in last season’s Ackles-directed third episode? Or am I remembering things wrong?

      • Linda says:

        It was Amy.

        • Ryan says:

          Close enough. It’s short for Amelia. lol I guess I just found the similarity interesting – not because I think they’re both the same character but just because it’s the third episode of the season and it’s directed by Jensen and it’s got a woman (a love interest for Sam) named Amelia in it.

  3. tvaddict says:

    So the blind item is Blair & Chuck from Gossip Girl I assume. I am so over that show anyway. Cannot wait for The Lying Game. It will be like a year from season 1 finale to season 2 premiere

  4. So the blind item it’s probably about Chuck and Blair…. I don’t know how i feel about it, but hopefully they’ll be able to recover from that terrible season finale in only 13 eps…

    • Emily says:

      I think I’m the same way, maybe? I LOVE Chuck and Blair and want a wedding eventually. But with only 10 episodes left after the heinous tranwreck that was season five, I don’t know if I’ll be satisfied with an immediate CB wedding. At the same time …. BRING IT ON.

      • Ava says:

        I pretty much didn’t watch the last season. As soon as they started having Blair moon after Dan even though she just confessed her love to Chuck and married the Prince Blah, they pretty much lost me. I only came back because they were hinting at a CB reunion. So I watched the finale. If they remedy the last two or so seasons where Blair was a total pushover then I’ll be happy. Blair used to be the kind of character you could root for. more of that, less of the whining I love him and him and him that is usually Serena’s bag.

    • Katherine says:

      Season 5 was shockingly as bad as Seasons 3 and 4. I’ve always loved Chuck and Blair but I grew to love Dan and Blair as well. The writers turned fans against each other and ruined both couples in the process. I do think that Chuck and Blair belong together, but the writers don’t know how to handle long-term relationships in the show.

  5. Summer says:

    So the wedding is most likely Chuck and Blair, then.

  6. Captain Obvious says:

    I think you just gave away your blind item Michael.

  7. Mari says:

    uh, this reminded me that Castle isn’t going to comic con this year. Such a disappointment indeed.

    • Lisa says:

      Nathan will be there as part of the best panel of the weekend so who cares? Just kidding but really Castle is not what I consider Comic-con material, even though I am a HUGE fan of the show. Still trying to figure why Glee is there.

      • Mari says:

        So none of the other primetime tv shows should be there. Comic con is not about only comic books anymore. It’s now a celebration of popular culture. And if you insist that tv shows are not a great fit for comic con, Castle released a comic book about the Derek Storm Novels. There’s your conection.

  8. Mía says:

    Tio Hector Salamanca is still kick…er, drooling. Nothing could kill that machine

  9. Lorelai says:

    Oh my goodness I can’t wait for more Revenge!

  10. i think i know the show on the cw it’s 90210 or Nikita has to be one of those

    • tvaddict says:

      Its gossip girl. 90210 was renewed early and Michael/Nikita didn’t have a romantic reunion in the finale as they have been together steadily through the whole season.

  11. Audrey says:

    When you said Castle’s season premiere revolves around Beckett’s mom, I really want to see a flashback of Beckett and her mom.

  12. JayBone says:

    One suprise in Eureka finale has gotta mean Nathan Stark. Come on it just makes sense.

  13. Emily says:

    Cody Horn a standout? Did I read that right? I think I’m living in the red alt-verse, because in my universe, when she appeared on White Collar, I cringed so much I actually looked her up just to find out who was giving such an appalling performance.

  14. Andrea says:

    Man, I can’t wait for more castle stuff!

  15. Dizzle says:

    I love Felicia Day, but for me Holly’s storyline on Eureka shouldve ended when she died in the simulated world in 5×02. A lot more poignant than stringing it out over the season.

    • Alan says:

      are you kiding? did you not see the excellent work felicia day did on this weeks episode? and fargo has had such an interesting story this year because of it, watching him try to adjust to each new scenario was fascinating. plus it meant he and zane spent more time together leading to him giving zane a huge promotion which he more than deserved.
      and it meant more felicia day, which is always a good thing.

  16. Astrid says:

    I can’t wait for Bones to come back!! I’m so nervous. “The future in the past” seriously what does it mean? OMG OMG OMG <3 <3 <3

    • Atlanta says:

      In only 76 days, we will know. We need the family back together again,…fast.

    • Hyde says:

      Follow David and Hart on twitter, they tweet photos and little hints/spoilers from time to time.

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      Remember, the s7 finale was “The Past in the Present” which means…I really don’t know

    • Rachel says:

      The End in the Beginning/The Beginning in the End, The Past in the Present/The Future in the Past. I feel like HH and SN are going around in circles.

  17. Emily says:

    I was so excited that Shameless was going to Comic Con this year, until I found out yesterday that the Glee panel is in the same room right after it. I have nothing against Glee, but that fanbase is so insane, that room is going to be Glee fans only the entire day. So disappointing!

  18. grace says:

    Still baffled as to why Eureka would waste its last season on a character (Holly) that had no history to the show other than a few eps last season. The actress is annoying, speaking like a machine gun that has sucked in helium.

    I hope the finale allows long time viewers to enjoy the past and not be forced to sit through another time era change, another body change was a computer, was a person was someone who has no business being in the series finale.

    • tp says:

      I feel the same way about Holly. Bad direction even if it wasn’t the series finale. I don’t care about Holly. I ff through her part.

  19. Thilia says:

    Fox was supposed to air 4 episodes of Bones this summer and burn off the rest of Breaking_In. Do they still plan on doing either of those?

  20. kelly says:

    Thanks for the Eureka scoop. I am so excited and oh so very sad the show is ending. Hope Nathan appears and that Jo/Zane end up happily ever after in love. I never got the appeal of Holly but I’ve always preferred Fargo with Claudia of Warehouse 13.

    Supernatural I won’t mind Chyler Leigh popping in as a love interest but she is early 30 I think not late 20s

  21. Butters says:

    This is a question for Mr. Mike Ausiello. Why are you still supporting Glee so much when clearly the show has been a disappointment? All the signs are pointing it to even fail more. Glee once was a fairly good show but clearly is showing signs of lost direction, mismanagement, poor storytelling that makes an after-school special seem like an oscar worthy film and just utter chaos. I seriously want to know what you see in this show that has clearly lost its way. Help me and other readers understand your passion.

  22. LF says:

    Ugh no recurring love interest in Supernatural is ever going to work. Is Carver trying to make it another ensemble Being Human 2?

    The reason SPN is failing the last 2 years is the neglect of the brother’s relationship and the road story. And by neglect, I mean lousy writing. Adding new sex partners, separating the brothers, and pinning one down emotionally to anyone, does exactly what fans hate in the past.

    And what the heck about Dean in purgatory? All the spoilers are about Sam’s “human story” and Singer talked about Dean being out quick and time jumps, and frankly it sucks and wastes the best cliffhanger they’ve had in years.

    • Alex says:

      No recurring love interest is going to work because SPN fans don’t want to share their fictional guys with fictional ladies.

  23. Wendy says:

    Allison Mack is an actress I’ve been wanting to see guest star on Supernatural. Or Emma Caulfield. Both may be too old for Sam’s soon-to-be-dead GF. But Supernatural is notorious for writing misleading info in their casting calls. This so-called Dr Sexy Girfriend is likely another demon bedbuddy that Dean will kill as soon as he gets back from Purgatory. :D

    ps – Would love some Teen Wolf or Falling Skies scoopage soon. Have fun storming SDCC!

    • kate says:

      haha I just posted about how Amelia will probably die before she gets to the point where I don’t like her (unlike Lisa, which I was upset about). I really like how a lot of the romantic interest characters start out but they turn them into these whiny women like they don’t know what else to do with them. But Amelia won’t get to that point because Sam’s Death Dick will kill her.

  24. Willa says:

    Yes for Chuck and Blair. Take that haters!

  25. Allie says:

    Woohoo, Chuck and Blair! :)

  26. shonagh says:

    Im just so glad to see castle scoop back in black and white i hate the lack of information during the hiatus its like someone cuts off my oxygen supply for those couple of months CASTLE is like air to me a necessity -getting back to the actual scoop i hope the revolving around becketts mum is the fact that she opens up to castle completely about her childhood the obviously wonderful relationship they shared and trust him finally with the devastating heartbreak she felt and still feels at her murder, hopefully with all of this taking place as she lies wrapped up in his arms :-)

    • Melissa says:

      awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…. that’d be awesome!! ♥♥ .. and I agree on comparing Castle to air, I feel like I’m dying here, and we’re just half way through the hiatus. :'(

  27. L. E. says:

    CHAIR All The Way!!! CB=DESTINY=ENDGAME & now #CHAIRWedding 2 boot!!! All that’s needed to complete the CHAIRYTALE equation is a #BabyBass by the series finale…BRING IT ON, GG!!

  28. kate says:

    Ugh, I’m not thrilled with a love interest for Sam that’s going to last any more than three episodes. Supernatural can never get them right, and in the end I never end up liking any of them. I really liked Lisa to begin with and then in it’s like they didn’t know what to do with her by the end of season 06 but to have her become this whiny person she never was before. I felt Jo was quite whiny until her final episode in season 05. It’s like they don’t know where to do with women that aren’t strictly platonic. Ironically, the only love interest I ended up liking all the way through was Ruby, and she was just playing Sam the whole time, but she never got weird & needy. Do it like that! But not secretly!evil. It’s Sam who likes Amelia though, so she’ll probably die pretty horribly before she has time to become all whiny and unbearable.

  29. After the GG fail of last season, a CB wedding is the best way to do it. Give us what we want right off the bat and give the show a nice closure. I want Nate and Serena too but for some reason they have had them drift so far apart in the love area, but they were good friends for several seasons. So glad Lola is gone! I want Chace Crawford to get some good writing this season! He needs to have a relationship and not just sleep with the guest stars!

  30. Captain says:

    Do even Chair fans really want to see Blair and Chuck’s blissful married life? It just seems so un-them. I almost feel like Blair/Chuck have to be that series finale reunion because any other way, the aftermath will be boring just like it was in season three, just like it was for Dan/Blair in season five. The journey is always more fun than the destination with Gossip Girl. The only RELATIONSHIP the show did right was Serena/Dan in season one.

    • Allie says:

      If blissful means sexy, then yes. Yes we do.

    • BL says:

      I would agree with you Captain except this is the series finale. I only want to see Chuck and Blair be “normal”. I would perfer a mid-season wedding, but could see it being the finale. As for Serena, I can see her and Nate getting together at the very end and their new beginning being open ended. I am anticipating how they will fix S & B, but I have total faith that they will. I am actually really excited for this season now that we know that there is an end.

    • Katherine says:

      LOL. Season 1 Dan/Serena showed how incompatible they are in a relationship. Season 2 showed it even more. Serena only came alive when she was with Nate and Carter. Dan was too judgmental and they never really understood each other.

  31. Judith says:

    It is a Chuck and Blair WEDDING!!! Chair is back and I couldn’t be happier that we have the whole of season 6 with them together. By starting season 6 with this Josh and Stephanie will be bringing back lots of viewers they lost when they let the show go to the dogs (especially season 5) and I will be one of them. Can’t wait!

    • megan says:

      Oh, I hope it’s a Chuck and Blair wedding. I love this couple but I’ll keep my hopes to a minimum. I just want them together! But I am definitely more hopeful about them and the show with Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage writing it again. Anything is better than last year

  32. Izzy says:

    Did you mean Cody Horn is too young rather than too old for the young doctor role? At 24, she will definitely be way too young to be a General Practitioner (specialist takes a few years so they usually are in their 30s) even if she is child genius, it is still not quite right. Oh wait, what the heck am I talking about, it’s a tv show. Sorry my bad, I was using my brain.

    I am just glad they are giving Sam a girlfriend, even Dean had Lisa and Ben for awhile. Now let’s talk about how they are going to get Dean and Cas out of purgatory…

  33. Quinn says:

    Comic-Con for Lea and Cory: What do you think makes Finchel work as a couple?

    For the whole cast: How do you decide how to portray your character in the smaller background moments when you don’t have any dialogue?

  34. Molly says:

    They should cast Sarah Michelle Gellar as Amelia tbh, because then maybe she won’t die.

    If Serena doesn’t end up with Nate, I want her to get back together with Carter, but unfortunately I don’t think her love interest will be either of them. But I stg if she ends up with Dan, I am going to be so insulted on her behalf.

  35. Mary says:

    Chuck&Blair Wedding!!!! Doing my CHAIR Happy Dance….CB=DESTINY=ENDGAME!!!

  36. DAVID says:

    CHAIR WEDDING!!! SO F@##$iING JAZZED for S6 now & Josh Schwartz and Savage are back at the helm AND writing episodes again. Damn, I am almost GIDDY right now!!! Chuck & Blair PAWN all….SO DESTINED-TO-BE!!!

  37. cj says:

    regarding the blind item being on the CW – well shucks. now i dont give a damn.

  38. Lucy says:

    Thanks for the spoilers…but here we are again. Another TGW season and the only things we know about Cary’s storyline this year are the things that won’t happen between him and Kalinda. Do the writers intend to do something more substantial with Cary’s character this year or we will be subjected to the same messy nothing of season 3?

    • Pat says:

      I’ve given up. After two years of almost nothing now I think they’ll never give Cary’s character a chance to be more than a plot monkey for other characters’ storylines. Now that they’ve brought him back at L&G they can do it easier and that’s all.

  39. Hmmmm says:

    I’m just glad that the blind item isn’t Addison and Sam from private practice. I used to really like them as a couple until the show started depicting Sam in a different light this season.

  40. Switzerland says:

    F#%@ Blair and Chuck. “Chair” is not a fandom. It’s a piece of furniture. And it’s been overused by this point. All of you “Chair” fans must have been BEYOND rabid to the writers for them to do such an about face in the crappy finale. *

    *As a sidenote, I adored Chuck and Blair as a couple up until Season 4. I also adored Dan and Blair as a couple. I even adored how Dan tried to reunite Chuck and Blair before her accident. But either way, let’s be honest here .. that finale was lame. For Blair to leave Dan/break up with him without even TELLING him she was doing it was complete horse$!*#, and it tells me a lot about you rabid fans that probably emailed/mailed death threats in to the writers because you couldn’t handle not having Chuck and Blair be the It couple anymore.

    So, check GG off my list of shows to ever watch again.

    • Allie says:

      LOL. Just because you didn’t see it coming, doesn’t mean it wasn’t the obvious outcome all along. GG didn’t do an “about face” in the finale, Blair was always going to choose Chuck. That was pretty obvious is 5×10… 5×13… 5×17 (doesn’t mean I’m in love with you *at least not right now*). Nothing was changed at the last minute, nobody threatened anyone. You just didn’t get the story they were telling. Don’t blame other fans for your own obtuseness.

    • GGCB says:

      Please, there was no about face in the finale. It was ALWAYS Chuck and Blair and if you needed any more proof, Josh Safran who was the executive producer tweeted from the Gossip Girl’s twitter right before the finale “We knew when we started planning S5 this was where it was going to end…” Look it up, as he said, they knew it ALL ALONG that it would end with Chuck and Blair, you just refused to see it. Don’t hate just because you’re angry. Oh, and, “Dair” is not a fandom, it’s a terrible mispelling of the word dare.

    • Chris says:

      “F#%@ Blair and Chuck. “Chair” is not a fandom. It’s a piece of furniture.” Well it depends on which language you translate the word,for example “chair” in French means “flesh/body” while “dair” in Albanian means “pig”,so here you go…
      About the other stuff you wrote i’m not even gonna bother take them seriously & write you a proper answer

      • CBGGLover says:

        Obviously, a comment from a disgruntled GG viewer has just recently woke up to the fact that they were PLAYED by Safran & Co. for 2 years. It was ALWAYS going to be CHUCK & BLAIR!! They were the endgame from S1 & no one and NOTHING compares to them. The only reason the OOC crapfest dragged on so long was Schwartz & Savage were occupied with other things & could not focus full attention on GG, so Safran was given reign to screw EVERYONE over 2 years!! If Schwartz & Savage had been fully committed to GG during those 2 years, the disaster of S4 & S5 would have never happened like it did….Bank on it! And, Safran’s disastrous reign nearly got GG axed after S5, which only part of the reason he got his walking papers & got “Smashed”!! The show had never been on the brink before S5 despite dwindling ratings & the reason the ratings have dropped is that viewers are FED UP with the games. Which brings us to S6 CHAIR premiere wedding…It’s LONG OVERDUE fan payoff!! The fans have EARNED it & GG owes us BIG TIME. Looks like TPTB are simply recognizing that simple truth!

        • TrustNo1 says:

          This post is as AWESOME & EPIC as Chuck&Blair themselves AND so right on!! Chuck&Blair 4 THE WIN–the plan from jump!

    • Jerry says:

      There was NEVER any ‘about face’ in the GG S5 finale. They knew from the start of the season exactly where they were going to end up. They have told in past interviews that they always have the LAST scene of the new season in mind when they begin planning a new season & work backwards from there.
      And, everyone who has followed GG throughout its series run–even casual viewers–ALWAYS knew it was going to be Chuck & Blair in the end. Their love story has ALWAYS been 1st & foremost…They are GG’s alpha couple. TPTB have only made reference to that fact 1000 times over the series run. They have had a long term game plan for CHAIR since S1 when they became a cult phenomenon in 1X07 & put the show on the map and in pop culture history!!! To think there was ever going to be any other outcome is naive.

      • TrustNo1 says:

        Preach the truth! You gotta love the smell of victory AND vindication! TPTB have said it SO MANY times over the years & a select few chose to ignore/block out what has been made clear from VERY early on: CHUCK&BLAIR was/is/will ALWAYS be ENDGAME!!

    • Emily says:

      Are we really going back to the death threat accusations? It was obvious how season five was going to turn out as soon as 5.10 aired, so I’m not sure why we’re pretending the finale was an out-of-left-field last-minute-change.

  41. dave says:

    i am betting that Kalinda’s husband will pretend to be all nice in the beginning then around sweeps Kalinda will shoot and maybe kill him and Alicia will represent her and the whole truth will come out. Also i think Kalinda stole something from him which angered him even more

  42. Todd says:

    Eureka can only end in one way. Carter & Zoe leaving the town only to pass themselves heading towards the town, as a throwback from the pilot episode.

  43. Tulip says:

    I DON’T WANT EUREKA TO END. I just stumbled upon it about two weeks ago and I am seriously addicted. Like, seriously addicted. I spend my time at work thinking “I want to go home to watch Eureka!” I wish there was a way we could convince SyFy to keep it going!!

  44. Meg says:

    Ugh. I have no wish to see any recurring love interest on SPN. I love this show precisely because, mostly, it has no romance twaddle.This is the last spoiler I wanted to hear. SPN doesn’t need to turn into Being Human 2. Give me the brothers, the demon and ghost hunting and a good splash of brotherly angst. That’s all I need and want to see.

  45. Serenateforever. says:

    tbh, all i want is chair and serena. and death and dan. so dean? dath?

  46. Leigh says:

    CHAIR 4 LIFE—The ENDGAME plan ALL ALONG!!! Justice. CB=DESTINY!!! Cannot wait for S6!!!

  47. Joanna says:

    “The Future in the Past”? Okay, I am going to channel Brennan here and say “I don’t know what that means”. But I am looking forward to finding out this big secret.

    And now to the GG universe where Serena finally gets to have a love interest who is actually interested in her – yay! That girl is overdue to some happiness.

    Speaking of happiness, OMFG CHUCK AND BLAIR ARE TOTALLY GETTING MARRIED!!! I can’t really think what other show the Blind Item could be refer to. Everything points to GG and Chair. Flowers for everyone – my OTP is finally tying the knot. :)

  48. sophia7470 says:

    That does not count as a Bones spoiler, humph.

  49. Wow so GG are ending the show with Chuck and Blair married?? Not in a harsh way but Ive always felt liek the show needed to end on a tragic note, Chuck and serenea are well too messed up to ever get a happy ending and I always though the last season would have Chuck dying and Blair finally growing up Sereena if not dying going off to live somewhere a lot more peaceful and the humphreys becoming Upper East Siders (of course this was what i thought Season 1-3 before the show totally went upside down). I just do not see Chuck and Blair married, they are well too screwed up relationship wise to be happy with each other!