The Glee Project Recap: Adapt It to Win It

glee project shannaThe Glee Project threw some curveballs at its contestants during “Adaptability” week, and now we’re throwing one at you: Your regular recapper Michael Slezak is taking a much-deserved vacation, so instead of his witticisms, you’ve got me. And now, in the spirit of this week’s episode, let’s adapt. (Never fear, he’ll be back next week!)

Things started off with Aylin and Charlie making a promise to start fresh and keep things strictly friendly. The idea was to use the energy and time they spent on snuggling to, you know, maybe focus on the reason they’re here and try to win the competition instead. The plan had differing results for them though. In the homework assignment – individual performances of Alanis Morrisette’s “You Outta Know” – Aylin soared, impressing guest mentor Kevin McHale. (As deserved as Aylin’s win was, anyone else miffed we didn’t see more of Nellie singing a song that seemed perfectly tailored to her voice?) McHale also loved sweet Ali’s transformation during her solo while I just thought she looked angry in a crazy, boil-your-rabbit way. Meanwhile, Blake just seemed to be standing there, a sign of things to come.

Then it came time for the music video challenge. But to keep the contestants on their toes – and give them a taste of Glee‘s fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants production schedule – they weren’t given the song choice until they got into the recording studio. And even when they learned the title – Jessie J’s “Price Tag” – most were still clueless. “I don’t know this song from Adam,” admitted Shanna. Surprisingly, the switcheroo did wonders for many of the hopefuls. Abraham, however, was another story. It seems Abraham does not know Adam either.

In keeping with the adaptability theme, the kids also had to learn choreography on the day of the shoot, but if you ask me, they got off lucky. Those dance steps just looked like a bunch of swaying from side to side. And in the other half of the video, they were sitting! Still, Blake had trouble mastering the so-called moves, while Mario was disappearing during his acting bits. His response: “I am really confused because I am a really good actor. I know my ability.” Stay humble, Mario!

Aylin kept her winning streak going, getting called back first, along with Shanna, Michael and Lily. Then the mentors threw a final and pretty genius adaptability twist at the remaining contenders: There would be no Bottom 3, but rather a Bottom 6, and they’d have to sing duets! Ali and Abraham were woefully mismatched in a cover of Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night.” Ali’s voice seems like it’s better suited for a Broadway musical – Legally Blonde? – than Glee, but Ryan loved her sexy, comedic chops. Once Mario and Charlie got past their issues on how to tackle their number, they actually did a really solid job on Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.” Finally, last week’s “Sexuality” couple Nellie and Blake got themselves a perfect song: Foreigner’s “Waiting For A Girl/Boy Like You.” These two definitely have chemistry. I can totally see a Grease-esque storyline on Glee where Blake’s popular jock brings shy girl Nellie out of her shell. Ryan urged them to be more aggressive, but they both have something, he added.

So the Bottom 3 came down to: Abraham, who was eclipsed by Ali (I forget he’s there most of the time, honestly); Mario, who’s a lackluster thespian; and Charlie, who’s still making Ryan nervous about his ability to be professional. (Staying “in character” as a douche-y rich kid for the entire video shoot, and ultimately making everything about himself, did not pay dividends for Charlie.) In the end, Mario got the boot, but not before making another it’s-not-me-it’s-you excuse, calling the video direction “confusing.”

Not confusing? Ryan’s decision to put the kibosh on Mario’s Glee dreams. And just like that, we’re down to nine contestants.

What did you think of this week’s Glee Project? Did the right contestant go home? Or should Abraham’s less-than-memorable performance have sent him bye-bye? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Emma says:

    Thank god Mario got sent home. A disability should be no excuse to be a jerk to everyone, even if you have a good voice.

    • Adam says:

      Amen to that I couldn’t take his big attitude for another second more on the show.

      • Stacie says:

        So true. I give the guy credit for going out there and being part of a show like this but his superior attitude over everyone, including the directors and mentors was silly.

        I think Charlie is at the end of the line here, he better stay in the background and try to slide for a little or he could be out, his professionalism and over the top attitude is getting ridiculous. I like Ali, but her voice is a little grating, but I do like her attitude and personality. My favorite overall I guess is Aylin and Shanna. I think they are the best actors with the best voices at this point.

        I like that they did duets only because it gave Ryan Murphy a chance to see 6 people at a time. When the mentors keep putting the same 3 in the bottom week after week it doesn’t allow Ryan to see all of these people. Like how he saw Damian McGinty last year. He really got to know him because he was always Bottom 3. Seeing Ryan is a big advantage so this week was great that it gave him a chance to see people like Nellie and Blake who probably wouldn’t have been Bottom 3 initially.

        • Yes, the “Last Chance” performances for the producer of the show are really a flaw in the show’s design. It allows Ryan Murphy, who is obviously motivated in his storytelling by his actors’ backtstories, to fall in love with the less capable performers, which is probably why more powerful performers like Marissa and Hannah were eliminate last year.

          I understand the show needs a way to do eliminations, but they need to fix the formula that got Ryan to fall in love with Alex (5 times in bottom 3) and Damian (4 times in bottom three) at the expense of stronger performers. Much as I liked both in their actual performances on Glee (though Samuel and Damian were not given much to work on).

          It would be much better to have a “Bottom Three” and a “Top 1” performer sing for Ryan each week–with the chance that the “Top 1” could still be cut, so they’re motivated to sell themselves. That way he’d get to know the strongest competitors as well as those who struggle.

          • Ann says:

            I agree. It’s a big flaw. Also, the winner of the homework assignment puts them at an disadvantage because it forces them to do more in the video shoot, making their mistakes more noticeable. I think that if Marissa hadn’t won that last homework assignment in which she was booted off the show, she would not have been eliminated. First, she received bad advice from the “mentor” in which she was told that being hit by a the slurpee of whatever was meant to be defeatist and to look disappointed and defeated whenever she got hit. She took that advice and acted that way in the video, which ultimately caused her to be in the bottom 3. Then, since Ryan hadn’t seen her before to love her as much as he did cross-dressing Alex, she got the boot…this show has may flaws. I had hope it would be fixed this season but the only fix they did to the show was to add Nikki in the decisions on who makes the bottom 3. It’s a minor change, but a good change. Maybe next season will see another minor tweak as well.

        • MIchael says:

          I have to disagree. I did love Hannah and Marissa last year but they were upstaged in the bottom 3 performances by the likes of Damien and Alex. It’s unfortunate but true. Had they been bottom 3s during other weeks, the story may have run a different course. Don’t think for a second that Ryan Murphy doesn’t see what these kids are doing during their video shoots and group numbers. He likes who he likes and that’s not going to change even if you revamp the bottom 3 singoff.

  2. Jacqi says:

    i want to know when charlie is gonna get kicked off. he is in the bottom 3 every week.

    • dramaticimpulse says:

      He’ll probably be cut soon, because he does become meddlesome and unfocused and often has a bit of a blank expression on camera. However, he’s probably been hobbled by Ryan’s direction that being “brave” is not a good choice. Being “brave” is obviously his strength, and often leads to a more compelling performance–if he could just tone down his boundary-pushing in terms of his “bosses” and remain professional.

  3. dilia says:

    Nellie and Blake are flawless

    • Ann says:

      I love Nellie’s voice! It’s so unique and fresh and fits perfectly on Glee. She’s a little quiet but she is showing growth, at least, each week. Blake is bland but cute. He is the best actor in the group since he’s probably got the most experience out of the group too. I can totally see him as a jock on Glee. These two are the only ones standing out in a good way on the Glee Project. I know Murphy said he can only choose one winner this season but I’m hoping he doesn’t stick to that and chooses these two as the winners.

  4. Amanda says:

    I don’t watch, but I’m rooting for Lily from my town!

  5. kavyn says:

    Nellie needs to win this competition.

  6. Allison says:

    Rewatched Nellie and Blake’s performance several times – they were awesome! That was the first time I could see someone actually on the show.

  7. jenn says:

    im glad mario got kicked off, although he has an amazing singing talent, he has a cocky arrogant attitude which makes him difficult to work with. Charlie is definitely starting to get a bit annoying, he trys way too hard, he needs to relax.

    • dramaticimpulse says:

      I’m not sure his singing was that amazing. His “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” last chance performance sounded VERY heavily autotuned, which makes me think that even if he was allowed to do it more than once, he still was under pitch.

  8. Adam says:

    I hope Charlie is the next one to leave I can’t stand his unprofessional attitude anymore

    • Kobe Busia says:

      You are right about Charlie he needs to go I think because he’s becoming extremely difficult for the mentors and even Erik(White the music video director) to work with him.

      • kateshomesick says:

        I guess some of you are forgetting that he has a condition. It’s not full blown autism but still…I think he’s dealing rather well. Other than that I think he is really likeable and versatile and he’s very talented. There’s so much you could do with him…I’d be excited if he won.

        • TeamCharlie4Now says:

          I agree, Kateshomesick. Plus, Charlie cracks me up.

        • Misti says:

          I’m sure this is going to come across as harsh, but: I don’t care. The producers of the show have to work with the cast, and they have to do it in a fast-paced environment. If Charlie can’t fit into that environment, then he can’t do it, and that’s all there is to it. I do *like* Charlie’s personality, and he does crack me up… and I don’t think he should have gone home this week over Mario (who has stayed several weeks past his expiration date), but Charlie really does have a problem with attitude, and regardless of *why* he has that problem, it’s still a problem.

          Regarding Mario: As soon as he said “I don’t understand, because I’m an excellent actor” or whatever it was that came out of his mouth, I literally yelled at the tv (well, computer screen). I was DONE with his arrogance.

        • Linda says:

          Charlie would probably do very well in live theater. He is talented, and a little over the top which is perfect for musical theater. He doesn’t take direction, though and for TV, where time is money, that’s not good

  9. Kobe Busia says:

    I thought tonight’s episode of The Glee Project went really well, although I missed the final video product and it’s true that some contenders struggle. As disappointed as I am to see Mario go home, I understand why; it’s because he does tend to be really cocky and arrogant, but on the other hand I was hoping for Charlie to get kicked off because he’s been in the danger zone twice before and he’s developing a unacceptable attitude on the show. Abraham however, I’m glad he got to stay because even though he sounded really bad, it was his 1st time in the bottom 3 and I doubt something like this will happen to him again for a while, but overall the episode was good and I really like the direction the show is going in. I really thought Mario was gonna win this competition or at least get to the finale, but now that he’s gone, I have a feeling Blake might win the competition!

    Go Glee Project!!!!!!!

  10. Heavenstomurgie says:

    Good recap! Though the minute I heard Mario and Charlie were singing, “Don’t let the sun go down on me” I was looking forward to Michael Slezak’s gnashing of teeth commentary. Seriously, I thought I heard his eyes grinding in a major eye-roll the minute they announced it.

  11. Kalee says:

    When’s the episode where Shanna wins the whole thing going to air?

  12. Vetle says:

    I’m kinda worried about next week, I love Nellie, but it looks like she had a breakdown, and I didn’t spot her in any of the other clips, not even the homework assignment. Hopefully she is not quitting or something. x_x

    I need her to win.

    • dramaticimpulse says:

      If they get too many contestants quitting, they are going to have to rethink their show format and recruit more people with a professional background . . . though Taryn had good reasons for leaving.

    • Gio says:

      She’s not quitting, she appears on the music video. And SPOILER ALERT STOP READING The homework assignment winner is Lily.

  13. Morgen says:

    I hope Mario takes away a lesson that humility and accepting one’s actions go a long way in the entertainment business. He’s got the talent, but I wouldn’t want him in my cast with his current attitude.
    We were rooting for Charlie to go home.

  14. Ck says:

    Having worked with lots of kids on the spectrum, a lot of the things that get Charlie in trouble come from his aspergers. I’m not saying it is an excuse, but it has been interesting to watch it progress.

  15. Evan says:

    Nellie and Blake’s duet was INTOXICATING. Just beautiful. I know they’re only going for one winner, but I think the chemistry between the two of them (also seen in the Sexuality music video) is just too good! With Mario gone, the only really weak link left is Charlie (but that’s more because of his attitude), but everyone left is really good and it’s gonna be hard to see them go. As of right now, I’m thinking Nellie, Blake, and Shanna are good to go all the way, but there could always be some kind of twist. In fact, I really would like to see all three of those competitors make it on the show. As for everyone else, Abraham is good but I don’t know if he’s good enough to go all the way, Ali is a lot of fun but I haven’t really heard her sing all that much, Aylin is really making leaps and bounds and could end up making it to the finals, Lily faced trouble early on but seems to be moving past it, and Michael is making progress but I feel like he’s in direct competition with Blake for essentially what would be the same role, Finn 2.0. It’s gonna start getting good now!! Finally, thank goodness Mario is gone. His personality was grating and I could not take it any longer. I was afraid he would become the Alex of this season, but Alex’s talent was stronger than Mario’s and in the end, it just wasn’t working out. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  16. Dee says:

    Love to see Nellie win and Damian come back . I think they would make an awesome couple on Glee

  17. laylagalise says:

    Charlie is unprofessional, but I agree with Ryan– they way he arranges (for lack of a better word) the songs he sings is amazing. I keep wondering if he is taking his medication while he is on the show. That could be why he so all over the place so much of the time. I think it would be a shame for someone with that kind of a talent, to really make a song his own in a way no one else has, to go home simply because he can’t get his act together and stop acting like an idiot.

  18. Késsia says:

    really nice recap! but I was kind of hopping to see Michael’s fangirling reaction over Nellie’s great singing in the bottom 6, haha

  19. Owen says:

    Oh look, we all love the pretty couple, don’t we? They were SOO good. Didn’t we swoon over Blake and Nellie?? Didn’t they make a great couple? Aren’t they purdy? Cause looks is all GLEE is about…
    Besides Nellie’s amazing vocal ability, there was nothing special about these two, except the confidence the attractive can naturally cultivate (I’m speaking more for Blake here, Nellie is at least a little more interesting. I’m not saying Blake is at all arrogant, he doesn’t need to be)
    I’m not sure what all this “unprofessional” crap that is being thrown at Charlie is about, he’s just a little over exuberant. He isn’t “normal” and “quiet” like the pretty pair so he must be destroyed? Shame on all of you. The kid actually might be able to act, you saw him actively trying to create a character. When has that ever happened on The GLEE Project? How hypocritical of you all to go on week after week and complain about Joe and Damien’s acting ability (hey look, they picked the two cutest guys last year too!) and complain about this sweet young man who is at least trying to create something besides mopey/vacuously energetic looks in a video.
    I would love Charlie to win, but they CAN’T (and really shouldn’t) give it to a boy this year after awarding three guys and only one girl last year. So I hope Charlie’s girlfriend wins, Aylin isn’t conventionally pretty, has a real woman’s body and has beaucoup de talent!

    • Ann says:

      Charlie is unprofessional because when he’s in the studio trying to record a track, he’s too busy making googly eyes at a girl. He can’t take direction properly. The director tells him to do something, he does something else because he doesn’t like that idea. He just goes off on a tangent on his own….and as they pointed out during the video in which he grabbed Mario’s cane while he was walking, what he does can be dangerous to other people. It’s unprofessional because Charlie is a kid who has not yet proven himself and earned enough respect in the acting world to act the way he does. Yes, I know he is somewhat autistic, but if that condition is causing him problems in the competition and he can’t “adapt” to the situation at hand, then he needs to go home. No director, producer, choreographer, singing coach wants to deal with that everyday. They don’t have the patience and I don’t blame them. A person like Charlie can make a 1 hour video shoot turn into an all-day shoot. He’d anger all his co-workers.

      • Well, if the mentors or Ryan couldn’t handle somebody with ADHD and autism, then they should have never put him in the top 14 to begin with. I like Charlie and think he has a lot of talent, but he does have some issues that need to be addressed. But that also doesn’t mean that the mentors have to adjust to Charlie’s needs just like they’ve done for Mario, Ali and even Tyler. Because, so far, the show has only acknowledged Charlie’s disability ONCE. It’s not Charlie’s fault that Ryan and his crew chose Charlie because of his disability without realizing what that would entail. If they had done their research (which it doesn’t look like they have), then they wouldn’t be running into this problem.

    • Sookie says:

      I have to agree with Owen. Charlie is very talented. I agree that he was out of line giving the director advise in the sexuality video but I don’t understand how his getting in to his character this week was unprofessional. And last week when he was flirting with Aylin that obnoxious Nikki encouraged him only to critisize him later. I sincerely hope Charlie wins the whole thing because I find him compelling.

  20. Mary says:

    I have been ready for Charlie to go for the last two weeks. But, he actually is very talented and creative. I also think he uses his intelligence when he approaches his assignments. Charlie just doesn’t seem right for an ensemble show like Glee. While he needs to learn to be professional in all work situations, I’m sure there are other entertainment opportunities where his attributes would be more appropriate.

  21. Samantha says:

    It was Mario’s time to go. I really like Charlie, he’s very entertaining, but I think he’s going to be next. I hope someone sees his talent and snatches him up. Now that Lily (sp?) has toned down her ‘tude I’ve run out of contenders to dislike. Glad we finally got to see a flaw in Blake’s proverbially armor so we could get another performance from him. He and Nellie make the cutest couple. I’m off to search out the individual You Oughta Know performances. They HAVE to have them online somewhere, right?

  22. courtney says:

    i cannot tell you how happy i was that mario FINALLY went home. i don’t think i’ve ever disliked a contestant on the glee project as much as i disliked him. maybe lily. with that being said, i felt like this week really showed who has the potential to win, and who won’t. it’s a shame because as much as i like ally’s personality, i really don’t care for her voice, and i can’t see her winning. same with abraham, seems like a good kid, but his talent doesn’t seem to be on the same level as a lot of the contestants. i think you’ve got shanna, aylin, and nellie in the top, michael, blake, and lily in the middle, and charlie, ally, and abraham in the bottom. i just really hope charlie or lily are the next to go. charlie, as much as i like his voice, i’m just so tired of his antics, and lily, i just cannot stand. she overacts everything, and the only time her acting is good is when her role is something is already is (a bully or a conceited person), or something she thinks she is (a sexpot).

  23. kateshomesick says:

    I would love if they’d take 4 people for the show…Blake and Michael could have an interesting best friend kind of storyline…where they start of being on the same page with everything (maybe math geeks) and then grow apart…Blake maybe gets more interested with football and girls. They could fight over a girl which obviously would have to be Nellie because Blake has great chemistry with her. …and now I recognize that I kind of counted Charlie and Aylin as one person :D. Anyways. I love those too. Charlie could be the crazy creative halfbrother of Finn and Aylin could be Aylin basically. I rarely like people on casting shows because I actually am classically trained (yes, I’m Mario- no I’m not…just kidding) and know my stuff, so most of the time I’m reallly critical and skeptical towards shows like this but these five really have potential which- I’m sure of- Ryan Murphy would ruin with his clicheed view on what TV is supposed to do.

  24. karenb says:

    Charlie is on my last nerve. Someone please make him stop taking! I can’t believe he hasn’t been elumated yet! Doesn’t Ryan listen to his mentors at all? They clearly want the guy gone.

    Nellie and Blake were amazing. Their chemistry, vocals and acting were top notch.

    Glad Michael is getting more screen time. Great voice, his acting is improving and oh yeah Blake, he can dance, lol!

  25. Molly says:

    Charlie is my favorite, but I’m also on the mild end of the spectrum, so I can relate a lot to him not picking up on the cues that he should reign it in. I think to someone who picks up on social cues easily it’s hard to empathize, but I definitely understand what his issues are.

    That said, I think Nellie and Blake will win and be the next Finchel.

  26. Brian says:

    So happy Mario left. He was the most arrogant person I have seen in a while. Charlie does have a condition but it is annoying and I wish he would just stay with the melody sometimes. Nellie is amazing! Perfect voice. Perfect personalty. Perfect for Glee. Ali is over perky. Blake’s cool. He’d be the next Finn on Glee. I could see Michael as like the nerdy guy on Glee who still gets girls or something. I love Shanna too! If not Nellie, then I hope Shanna wins. I loved Abraham at first but he’s sort of fading out of the competition. Aylin is great. I love her energy and she could be great on Glee. Lily’s attitude is annoying. I think she’ll be next. Here is my prediction:
    9: Lily
    8: Charlie
    7: Ali
    6: Abraham
    5: Michael
    4: Aylin
    3: Shanna
    2: Blake
    Nellie Wins!!!

  27. Leosh says:

    This episode was them most exciting, the way they broke the routine of the show was excellent. Mario should have gone with his awful \’Over the rainbow\’ witch was lazy and boring (throughout his performance, I kept hearing jesse st james\’ talking about mercedes in my head). I don\’t get why everyone dislikes Charlie, he\’s the most original of the group! (still have chills from fix you). Aylin was ON TOP this week, she really improves all the time. My prediction for what\’s to come:
    9: Ali; she\’s not that talented a performer + we already had the wheelchair storyline very well written in my opinion with artie.
    8: Abraham; he regained strenght last week, but he was so dull in both the duet and the video. I really like him though, but he\’s nit cut for the competition.
    7:Lily; I couldn\’t stand her until she got her act together. I kind root for her now, but she\’s not my favorite + I think we already got good portrayal of strong, weighted women with Sizes and the Born this way ep.
    6: Michael, He did SO good this week, when he gets out of his head, but he\’s a little bland.
    Top5: Couldn\’t pick, sophie\’s choice, they could all do well in the show
    Charlie, he was like my favorite from the beginning, but he kinda need to restrain himself a bit. (he seems too old for glee)
    Shanna; so sweet, so talented, she wows me every ep.
    Aylin; she was trying too hard at first, but since Naya told her to tune it down a bit, she really gets less and less flawed; and her storyline could be very interesting.
    Blake; I\’d marry him. He\’s gorgeous, but not too much, he\’s boy next door material and he\’s just the more qualificated for the show in my opinion.
    Nellie: she has the best voice, strong but yet somehow fragile. She seems to loosen up since sexuality. She has great chemistry with Michael and Blake (Waiting for…is just epic). I think she\’d be a great addition to the show. And when she turns it on, OMG, like in the Hit me with your best shot/blondie video, she\’s like baywatch hot.

    Except Ali (ugh that duck voice) I basically would be okay with any of them winning. I team Tina next season <3

  28. EC says:

    I’d rather Ali go home next….I can’t believe everyone on the show keeps enjoying her nasal voice and overacting!

  29. Dana says:

    So glad Mario is out.
    My favorites are still Nellie, Aylin, Michael, and Blake, in that order. Butnim concerned that they are setting Nellie up for an early exit. They keep talking about how she doesn’t work well in the group and just blends in (even though three seconds later they talk about how she shines on camera and catches their eye). I see no issues with Nellie in the group dynamic, as she interacts with the others just as well as anyone else. Am I crazy? The other criticisms made sense to me, but Nellie’s did not.
    On another note, Ali has such an annoying singing voice. Imagine hearing that whiny alto piercing through a group number on Glee. Then again, seeing as how Rachel Beeey will still be the star of the show next season (and reportedly the only character in every single episode), it seems we won’t be seeing much of New Directions anyhow (awful director for the show, by the way) so sing on, Ali!

  30. Glad Mario is gone. But really on this show they need to have an acting challenge. Acting is a HUGE part of the show. More so then the singing and dancing I think. I don’t know why they don’t have one.

  31. Bruja says:

    I really like Charlie! I think he is a amazing singer!

  32. Kobe Busia says:

    So by far, this was clearly the most intense and physically demanding and frustrating theme of season 2 and the final cut of the video(which was “Eye of the Tiger”) turned out to be really cool, although it took them 34 takes to finally get it right; it proved to be a great video and it was well done. So this week’s theme was Tenacity and Amber Riley was the guest mentor which wasn’t a bad choice, but it didn’t make a whole lot of sense because last year’s tenacity had Max Adler(Dave Karofsky) and he was throwing slushees in their faces but whatever it was still cool. Once again, Ali won the homework assignment making it her 2nd win(she won last week’s homework assignment as well). The remaining contenders are doing really well but since they’re getting so close to actually being on Glee, their competitive streak is starting to get really fierce. So far the best contenders are Blake, Shanna and Ali, Aylin is doing well and making it far, but her personality kinda makes me go 50/50 about whether she deserves to be there or not, I also like Abraham as he’s very unique and fun to watch, Lily has a great voice but despite her annoying attitude and Michael, I like him as a person, but right now I feel that he’s the worst singer in the competition and obviously shouldn’t be there anymore. So when they’re critiqued by each of the mentors, Blake Shanna and Ali are called back immediately of course while Aylin, Abraham, Lily and Michael are held back to be evaluated as to who should perform for Ryan Murphy tonight and after a thorough evaluation, Aylin is called back while Abraham, Michael and Lily are stuck in the bottom 3 and have to perform for Ryan. Of the 3 Last Chance Performances, Lily’s was the best hands down, Michael’s was really good and Abraham’s was nice, but it was the worst compared to the other 2. I agree with who ended up being in the bottom 3, but in the end it was Abraham who was eventually sent home, even though I was so sure it’d be Michael because he’s had so many struggles and takes the longest to adapt and keep up with everyone else, so I would’ve assumed he’d be gone by now, there are people who are much more talented than Michael, but I guess because after the LCP’s were over, Abraham came back and told Ryan in a clear, bold and somewhat outspoken way by saying how he’s “Not freaking leaving and he will keep fighting until he wins and earns a role on Glee, so I’m thinking maybe that’s the only reason Abraham was eliminated and had he not have done that, he more than likely would’ve stayed in the competition. Lily needs to go but I think that might happen in 2 weeks, and Michael needs to get ready to say goodbye next week because I can’t stand his presence in the competition. What the hell were Ryan and the mentors thinking, Abraham has so much more potential than Michael and he’s a better singer, but hey it is what it is right? Blake is so gonna win this I just know it, he’s the most flawless contender and he’d fit in right away if he were on Gee,.Overall, good episode, cool challenge, good songs, and awesome music video. Sometimes I actually do feel like they don’t care about real and raw talent and that sometimes it does feel like a joke. Abraham had an ankle injury for christ’s sake and they could’ve been more understanding about it. Anyway, can’t wait for next week and please, get rid of MIchael, he sounds pretty good but his singing and acting abilities aren’t exceptional in any way, it makes me wish people like Charlie and Mario were still competing, they may’ve been cocky and unable to take direction, but they were clearly more talented than Michael. Can’t wait for next week’s episode and I hope to see Michael gone, as i just said, he’s not exceptionally great at all.