True Blood Recap: Sex, Lies and Death

Those of you who haven’t already seen Sunday’s episode of True Blood — the fifth season’s fourth, if you’re keeping track — will probably want to heed this ginormous SPOILER ALERT! warning and put off reading this recap until you have. The rest of you, fangs out and dive in!

Apologies in advance: Partaking of this week’s True Blood recap may make you feel like you’re reading an obituaries column. But seriously, they’re dropping like flies on that show! Though Sookie, Tara and (yawn) Nora all lived through their latest brushes with death, Sam’s shifter pals bought the farm, and Roman shrank the council by one. And we learned that, ages ago, Sookie and Jason’s parents were killed by (ruh-roh) vampires! Here’s how it all went down:

MOMMIE DEAREST | No sooner had Pam prevented Tara from completing her tanning-booth transformation into George Hamilton than Eric — unnecessarily violently, it seemed — asked his progeny if she was involved in Russell’s release. (She wasn’t — duh!) Later, after Eric explained that he was done for if he failed to dispatch the former king of Mississippi — and done for even if he succeeded — Pam allowed him to sever their maker/makee ties, thus ensuring that his bloodline would continue through her (and, by extension, Tara).

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DEATH BECOMES HER | When Sookie told Lafayette that she’d told Alcide that they’d bumped off Debbie — whew! — the glamtastic fry cook was so pissed that he went all brujo spooky-headed again. This time, not only did he key his gal pal’s car with his bare hands — kids, don’t try that at home… or anywhere! — he also magically tampered with her accelerator and brakes, almost making her fairy road kill. The day ended pretty well for the clairvoyant, however: She went home, got plastered and made out with Alcide to thank him for lying to Debbie’s parents that Marcus was her killer.

CHILD’S PLAY | Even when threatened with the true death, Nora refused to name names — that is, the names of her “fellow” Sanguinistas. But when Roman threatened her brother, then suddenly she was all [whisper, whisper]. It looked like, at the subsequent council meeting, the Guardian was going to stake Barb from Cougar Town. (Would she have sprayed pinot noir?) In the end, though, it turned out to be the pint-sized Justin Bieber that Nora had accused.

BACK TO THE FUTURE | Escorted by sleazoid Judge Clements to a netherworld disco, Andy was reunited with his fairy lover, Maurella, and Jason learned from his cousin, Hadley — once Queen Sophie-Anne’s girlfriend, now a waitress at this supernatural Studio 54 — that he and Sookie were orphaned by blood-suckers. Oh, and there was also a pretty wicked dance routine — think Showgirls meets Cabaret — that you should for sure look up on YouTube. (How often does True Blood give you a musical number, after all?)

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LOVE AND HUMAN REMAINS | Sam reconnected with his old shifter support group buddies in one scene, and they were dead by the next. (Mayhaps Martha and the pack haven’t really let him off the hook for Marcus’ demise?) Bill and Eric got an eyeful of Sookie’s aforementioned make-out session with Alcide when they showed up at her place to question her about Russell’s unearthing. And, en route to Eller’s bunker in South Dakota with Patrick, Terry suffered another flashback to Iraq, this one revealing just how violent and disturbed the suspected arsonist was. (And, judging from the welcome they receive from him at gunpoint, apparently still is.)

Your thoughts? Are you glad Sookie and Alcide are finally getting together? Or were you rooting for a reunion of Sookie and Eric… or Sookie and Bill? Sound off, as per the norm, below.

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  1. Cari says:

    Of course I want the Eric sookie reunion…but I also know I won’t get that anytime soon. Sigh.

    • icywinter2 says:

      Perhaps next episode.

    • Alrisha says:

      Sookie is became like Elena in TVD, all selfish and breaking other peoples hearts. I don’t know why writers keep doing this. She is going to made Alcides sad very soon. Stop all the hook-up with every single man in the show. Be brave enough to chose one and built a relationship with him. At end Sookie is going to be with Eric, let it be for one.

      • Adora says:

        I didn’t even watch last season because I couldn’t stomach Sookie and Eric. Bottom line is Sookie is Mary Jane and they will probably never have her settle down.

      • Adora says:

        I didn’t even watch the last season because the idea of Sookie with Eric turned my stomach. Sookie is just a Mary Sue so they will probably never pair her up with anyone because every man who sees her falls madly in love with her. Such crap.

    • Kelly says:

      I for one don’t think she should be with any vampire….Eric being least of all.

    • Vampers says:

      I hope we get that when Alan Ball leaves as showrunner. I hope the next one will know to give the people what they want!

  2. icywinter2 says:

    I didn’t see that coming, the guardian killing off Chanceller Drew in that way. Gotta love Meloni he’s really good at doing those intense scenes, I love the scene where his shirtless in bed.

    Glad that Alcide didn’t tell the truth about that it was sookie. I had a feeling that he wouldn’t anyways for some reason.

    What’s the deal with Nora, why are they keeping her around. She’s usless she doesn’t know anything, that’s just me.

  3. WayneInNYC says:

    We didn’t get a new episode in NYC? What gives?

  4. CS07 says:

    Great episode, probably the best of the season so far! Need more Meloni, he’s fantastic!

  5. Kate says:

    I don’t want an Alcide/Sookie hook-up bc she’s just going to break his heart. Loved Eric and Pam tonight, it will be interesting to see her on her own and how that works out. Can’t wait for Bill/Sookie/Eric scenes. This season hasn’t been the same without them.

  6. Haley says:

    Yeah Nora needs to go, haven’t liked her at all.

    • Nicotine says:

      It’s a good thing people like you aren’t writers or studio execs. Don’t like a character? Just kill her off! Nevermind if she’s integral to the story or not, just base it on who gut instinct. Uhhh.

      Sometimes, fans are the worst parts of media…

      • Ruby says:

        I agree with this so much. You sound as fed up as I am.

      • icywinter2 says:

        Fans are entitled to not like a character, it’s our own opinions. So what you don’t agree, others don’t that’s okay, we’re all entitled to have our own opinions about this.

      • Adora says:

        Tara, integral to the story, sorry but that is bull. She wasn’t even in the books and the character has become strident and irritating. I wouldn’t miss her a bit.

  7. Isabelle says:

    I want to keep Nora and have her in scenes with Eric again, he’s already lost Godric, he needs vamp family around to interact with, and I’d like to know the history there. And in a way he’s always gonna lose Sookie too and now with Pam released her focus is gonna be her vamp baby so yeah I want to keep Nora and get her out of torture central and back with Eric again. Its good to see the love she has for him and he needs more of that around. I liked the episode, felt too quick though, our main characters aren’t getting alot of airtime. The past thing with Terry is just dragging on and on, if they were quick short scenes maybe it would be better.

    Loved drunk Sookie and the way she changed the lyrics, want more of her letting loose.

  8. M says:


    Poor Sookie, she needs to get the fairy on ;D

  9. ReBecca says:

    Bill and Eric! Woooohoo! Is anyone else waiting to see what happens with Jesus? It’s like Alan ball just totally forgot about his missing body…>w< And I really wish they'd kill Tara god I hate her!

  10. S says:

    I just love the Pam/Eric scenes and I’m also loving Pam and Tara too. I’m loving vampire Tara and I don’t understand why you haters are still hating? she didn’t even do anything annoying tonight. I actually liked Alcide and Sookie but I think its because they were drinking over all I’m still a fan of Sookie and Eric but its looking like to me any way they are going for her and Bill again …? they are focusing a lot on Bill’s feelings about Sookie unless they are going to let him move on I really don’t know. I wish Sam had more of a story and was shown more but instead they shown Terry and Patrick and don’t get me wrong I like Terry and I’m a fan of Scott F but I’m not feeling this story at all and it doesn’t fit well with this show… over all though I liked the episode.

  11. The Pam/Eric stuff was heartbreaking!!! I am loving Meloni though and the fairy stuff! And the Sookie/Alcide was hot even though I’m a diehard Eric/sookie lover. Also loved the twist with Hadley! Loving this season.

  12. Shaun says:

    Can Sookie be semi-intelligent like in the books please?Too many idiotic lines being tossed around.

  13. Ruby says:

    Too many storylines this year. I don’t know why the (show) writers don’t get that their main draw is the vampires. Everyone I know watches this show for Alexander Skarsgard. As much as I love Terry, some characters should be left in the background and just pop up every now and then to say/do something awesome. Terry, Arlene, LaFayette, Andy, Hollie, etc. And no more faeries. And no more Brujo. And a WAY better storyline for Sam, perhaps something that involves him in the Sookie/Eric/Bill/Vampire world. And we really don’t need to get to know the Authority. They work better as some mysterious scary people that we never meet. I love this show and will be loyal until it’s gone, but they’re way off track right now.

    • Alex says:

      Totally agree. I loved Terry, I liked the short scenes/great lines that family used to get (anything with Felix,”That fire was awesome!”,”He took a vacation to Jesus”) But this story with Patrick, outside Bon Temps, completely unrelated, is really boring.

      And I was all on board for a Bill/Eric, quasi-buddy cop season -even though I actually still love the Sookie drama-but they wanted to do something new, I respect that…except we almost never see them together! All we see are the other Authority people, who, aside from Chris Meloni, are neither interesting nor funny.

      Not that I’m going to stop watching. Crack is crack. But I feel sad when I’m bored during True Blood.

    • Christina says:

      I totally don’t care about the Terry and Sam storylines. They have absolutely no ties to the main storylines and the characters aren’t interesting enough to warrant separate storylines. A large part of True Bloods problems is that it doesn’t have focus. Get some focus!

    • Joanna says:

      Agree with you on everything you said. I hate the fairyland crap the most.

  14. Toulouse says:

    “if you like making love at midnight in a cemetery”

  15. Yanez says:

    Enjoyed the show tonight. It seemed really fast paced. Loved the Pam/Tara scenes. Hoping to see some more Tara/Pam/Eric scenes as the show goes on. Vampires killing Sookies parents is definitely a twist (in the books it was rival fairies). Glad to see they’re following the books with the shifter shooting storyline. Terry’s story seems so out of the loop because his past in Iraq isn’t supernatural, and trying to tie it into something that is doesnt really seem to be working. Look out for Brujo Lafayette!!! He’s got serious anger issues!
    Funny parts of this weeks episode:
    Sookie singing the Pina Colada song (with her own lyrics)
    That judge talking about Andy’s “johnson”
    Erics reaction to the Sookie/Alcide hookup
    Tara mocking Pam’s “as your maker i command you” with Bill

  16. S says:

    ^ I started watching TB for many reasons besides AS but I will say AS(Eric) has become one of the main draws for me. Alex is so good at the role and I love the character Eric and his scenes are usually my favorite. I do agree it should mainly be about the vampires but I’d also add in Sam because he’s been there since the beginning and I like him. I miss Sam not having many scenes with Sookie and the vamps too. I also think Jason is important because he’s Sookie’s brother and well he’s Jason. I disagree about Lafayette because he’s one of my favs and he’s a great character and funny. The only characters that should be side ones are Terry, Arlene, Andy,Hoyt and Holly and maybe even Alcide. I don’t care about the Authority much either even though I am a Chris M fan I feel as though after this story is finished they can all go.. Do we really need them all as regular cast members? we have enough lol

  17. Liz says:

    Well, I want a BILL & SOOKIE reunion, but I must say that drunk Sookie making out with Alcide was fun!

  18. Liz says:

    Oh! And I forgot to mention how sweet the scene between Bill & Jessica was. He did well indeed, she’s great.

    • Lo says:

      That was my favorite scene too, extremely touching. And I remember how he felt about her in the beginning and how obnoxious she was, so they have come a long way from that. I think all the maker/progeny scenes in this ep were fantastic, even the ones with Pam and Tara.

  19. Ava says:

    I don’t usually read TB recaps because I don’t watch TB but I’m glad I did this morning because this: “…the Guardian was going to stake Barb from Cougar Town. (Would she have sprayed pinot noir?)” cracked me up.

  20. Carda says:

    I am convinced that little Bieber wasn’t the true traitor
    it HAS to be Salome, she definitely knows too much and wants Nora to stay shut about it!

    • icywinter2 says:

      I wouldn’t compare Chanceller Drew that overly irriatating beiber brat. One thing is true, Bieber does act like a spoiled nine year old.

      Chanceller drew, probably wasn’t a traitor but Roman never allowed him to finish. He should have ..

  21. J says:

    We still don’t know what happened to Sookie and Jason’s parents. We only know what the Faries told Hadley happened.

  22. Nahuel says:

    Exactly… they never said vampires killed them. I think they’re adding another subplot from the books with what happened to their parents (finally!).

  23. I’m hoping they don’t keep Alcide and Sookie together much longer the guy has been dumped on enough maybe him and Tara could get together Lord knows they could both use some tender love and care. Lets face it Sookie don’t know who she wants.

  24. Em says:

    Kristin Bauer is such a rockstar this season! Episode after episode she keeps stealing the show! She consistently has the best one liners and she has been dominating the emotional scenes this season. I can’t wait to see more of the Pam/Eric/Tara storyline.

    On a side note: I love that they brought Hadley back!

  25. Mitu says:

    I loved the Guardian Scene with the Blood dripping of his face…that was intense…

  26. It feels like it’s only getting more in terms of storylines of different characters and it’s really exhausting. As much as I don’t want to get into the book-series-comparison (because this is TV and supposed/allowed to stand alone), but what on earth are they doing to their characters? And their audience for that matter? Now they’re pulling the fairies out of the hat again, too? I don’t see how they’re gonna bring any of those storylines remotely together, so it looks like – just as it was last season – this one will be all fragmented.

  27. KR says:

    Totally agree with Ruby – they need to focus in on the main characters – the reason why we watch the show in the first place! That is what kept the books so enthralling all the way through the series.

  28. Dark Defender says:

    Looks like Sookie goes along with Eric and Bill next week with Alcide dragging behind her. I just hope they let her get her freak on before they barge in to the house and take her on their mission to find Russell.. I’ve been waitin for some Sookie and Alcide action ever since it became clear AB was never gonna let Sookie and Eric last past a week of Bon Temp time. I just wonder.. Is she going to be the bait for Russell or be used to listen to what others are thinking? Can’t wait for next week! (and now season 6).

  29. Beth says:

    Why are people so obsessed with Sookie and Eric being together? I don’t think she should be with any vampire, least of all him!

    • Fran says:

      I can only think it’s the majority of people who read the books who want Sookie with Eric. I loved the two of them together in the books- but on the show? Last season it made NO sense the way they got together. It was super fast and just wasn’t believable at all after all of the things Eric had done. I also think there are way too many storylines going on. I miss Sookie working at Merlotte’s and the interactions with Sam. I like Terry but his storyline has nothing to do with the rest of the show. Like others said, I’ll keep watching but I just don’t know how they’re going to fix the mess they created.

  30. Irina says:

    I want an Eric & Sookie reunion. Love them!

  31. i for one love eric. but her with the “i dunno what’s going on” eric was not enjoyable. i like their bantering when eric is himself. so in that way i got what i wanted…but i didn’t get what i really wanted….if that makes sense. so i still would like to see them together. i’m so over bill. i’ve been tired of him for a while. i don’t mind alcide and her though. anyone else see magic mike? ;)

  32. Florence says:

    So Alcide is like crazy hot and I totally want them to get it on, plus having Sookie settle down would make the show boring plus Eric was a total idiot when he was with her… I hate his lovey dovey side, the only heartfelt scenes involving Eric I can stomach are the ones with Pam.