Falling Skies Preview: Ben's Bond With the Skitters 'Will Scare the Hell Out of the 2nd Mass'

While most everyone in Falling Skies‘ 2nd Mass is looking sideways at Tom Mason, given his extended stay on the alien invaders’ spaceship, no one has noticed that Ben (played by Connor Jessup) is, for starters, withholding intel from his scouting expeditions.

Nor, more critically, did anyone see Red-Eye perform some sort of “Jedi mind trick” on the middle Mason lad in the wake of the critters’ lethal assault on Jimmy.

Could it be that Ben is a greater, more stealth threat to the 2nd Mass than his father? “Well, that’s what it seems like at this stage,” says showrunner Remi Aubuchon. “Certainly in this moment.”

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Ben himself, though he lives every day with the eeriness that is the remnant extraterrestrial spikes on his back and the crusting skin that is slowly turning him into one of them, seems unsettled by his odd interactions with the aliens as well. (Pay particular note tonight when he stumbles across a lab where the harnesses are farmed.)

“What surprises Ben and what should surprise us and what will eventually scare the hell out of the 2nd Mass is that he is connected in a way with the Skitters that he never, never thought was possible,” previews Aubuchon.

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So while it’s nice to have super-stamina and other cool tricks in his repertoire, especially as those assets help the resistance whittle down the ETs’ numbers, it all comes with one big out-of-this-world “catch.”

“We thought, ‘OK, he’s got this strength and agility, because he had been harnessed,’ but we thought he was free of the connection” he had when that otherworldly slug was attached to his spine, Aubuchon says. “But in that one particular moment [with Red-Eye], it’s pretty clear that he is very connected to them.”

TNT’s Falling Skies airs Sundays at 9/8c. What’s your current theory on Ben’s glowing spikes? Is he being retained as a sleeper agent for the aliens? Or is this all a bit of misdirection, and his connection will prove helpful to the humans?

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  1. Gilda says:

    That kid gives me the creeps. It seems like he’s going to turn into a skitter.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I want to know what’s with the LED lightshow on his back. Seems VERY significant since it lit up when he got grabbed by red skitter.

    • blitz1411 says:

      it is a sign of like skitters or the harnesses nearby and it is interfearing with him and in season 2 I think episode 4 or 5 rick shows up with ben and a rebel skitter and he does the same thing so I think that is why (say if it was of any use to u)

  3. John says:

    They need to renew this show already getting antsy when i read about other shows getting renewed

  4. Bobby says:

    I think red-eye is going to have a close relation to the Masons. I think it’s going to be their Mom.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      IF the harnesses really do turn humans into skitters, then that would be a pretty insanely cool twist.

      I dont feel emotionally connected to Ben, hes a annoying brat, crying his eyes out and all brain washed. I cant tell if its the actor or the part that i dont like. I didnt like the brother last season though cause he was a whiney B**** but now this season i like him cause he steps up and is more of a man.

      This show still has my interest in a pretty big way because in regards to skitters and harnesses and the overlords and all that…im still curious and excited to see how it all turns out (aka what the twists end up being). Though that also means they are running the risk of huge disappointment if they aren’t thoughtful and creative enough with the twists and answers to our questions.

      I was so sad to see Jimmy die, he was such a awesome character, a 13 year old badass who wasnt whiny or anything. However unless it was because the actor wanted out, it was cool that he died cause it showed the writers are okay with killing off characters that have been there since episode 1.

      I dont get Popes hate towards the father, its more than just he was taken by the Aliens, he seems to honestly be jealous and envious of him and how much trust and likability he has with the group.

      Overall though, im watching, im interested, and so far each episode has been a fun experience.

      • blitz1411 says:

        ye like when pope wanted to drop out for a while with some one else I think and they just leave the 2nd mass and season 2 again in episode 6 he comes back injured and dehydrated. also rick left for a while came back for like half an episode and left for good also along with the original cook befor pope

    • AJ says:

      And you are going to be completely wrong since she is dead and they saw her dead body.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Cause aliens CANT have technology to bring a human back to life or anything or put the harness on her while shes basically dead and it revive her…NOOOO of course not. That would mean its Sci FICTION! :)

        • geno says:

          notice how they only harness kids … unless they decided to all of a sudden harness a corpse… or for example the blond girl is still human looking and doesnt have extra arms growing out of her ass so the process is not that fast….

          • blitz1411 says:

            well of corse it isn’t fast it starts with skin and from the spikes and carrys on from there

  5. Michael says:

    Think scitters are a slave race and red eye wants to help them. Be red eye is closely connected family style.

    • michael says:

      something is telling me that the red eyed skitter is bens mum, coz she aint hurting him really, its like they need him for something, or theres a twist and ben is trying to help the skitters ???

  6. Ruby says:

    I really love this show. It’s giving me the fix I’ve been looking for since Battlestar Galactica ended. The kid who plays Ben is phenomenal. You don’t expect actors that young to give such nuanced performances.

  7. gail says:

    Love this show

  8. I don’t know if anyone else read the “Animorphs” books, but the scene in last night’s “Falling Skies” in the facility where the harnesses slid down the chute toward the kids was eerily remiscent to the Yeerk Pool scenes in that book series. Both involved weird, slug-like things that infest people while they’re restrained so they can’t fight back. And one of the purposes of the harnesses is basically the same as the Yeerks: mind control. Just thought it was interesting. Can’t wait to find out why the spikes on Ben’s back glow. This show has gotten so much better in its second season!

    • Peasles says:

      That’s what I was thinking! And I was pretty disturbed…like when Elfangor and Jake had their moral dilemmas about frying Yeerk pools, you know? But then the harnesses started attacking and I felt better about the whole thing.

  9. Kat says:

    I can’t force myself to watch it. Season 1 was such a letdown.And I watched every episode. Because it was summer and there wasn’t too many shows to watch. But it was so bad. I wanted it to be good. But it just wasn’t.

    And sometimes I want to watch season 2. But then I remember how bad it was. And i’m just meh.

    • Peasles says:

      Season 2 has been A LOT better than Season 1 – that is, if you think Season 1 started well but ended poorly, which is how I feel. Unfortunately, this episode was a little lacking, but Ben’s character is getting more interesting with each episode (and frankly, I think the actor is a babe).

    • blitz1411 says:

      watch season 3 that is good

      New alien species

  10. Terry says:

    Here is my theory for what it’s worth: The skitters were another race that the overlords harnessed and enslaved. It seems to me that the skitters that “mother” the newly harnessed kids in a family way (remember them all sleeping together) have an affection for the kids because they have lost their families. So I think Red Eye is sympathetic to the humans and maybe this is the first race they have encountered that he sees could actually defeat the overlords and free his skitter-turned race, too. Red Eye’s communication with Ben is that Ben is going to be the link between the skitters and the humans and turn out to be their leader (ala John Connor) to uprise against the overlords for both their freedom.

    • Peasles says:

      That would be pretty pimp. I definitely agree that the Skitters were harnessed and enslaved – we don’t even know if they looked like Skitters always (you know how Ben is turning all weird). I don’t know if Red Eye will up being basically a good guy, particularly considering that he was the one who killed Jimmy (although Jimmy was actively trying to kill him and the Skitter pushed him, but didn’t necessarily know he’d be impaled by a tree), but I think that would be a great way to go with things.

      • Terry says:

        Don’t know Red Eye could ever be considered a “good guy” but maybe an “ally”. i think Season 2 so far is doing a great job of digging deeper into the STORY and having cool things surprise us – rather than be too touchy-feely all about everyone’s EMOTIONS – there has to be a balanace. That is where Walking Dead got so off track S2. Whatever Red Eye is up to, I am excited to see what happens next (and that it is a decent pay-off).

  11. Sarah says:

    this is a great show! connor jessup is a great actor for ben, and hes very cute. season one was good, but season two is even better! cant wait for tonights episode, homecoming. i love this show so muuchh!!!!

  12. jess says:

    In my opinion, I feel like Ben is turning into one of them (sadly). If u see in season one when he was de-harnessed, his marks left from the harness weren’t as bas when he revealed them in episode 2 of seson 2.

    Personally, I do favor Ben Mason. His character is somewhat complex and has depth. He can be somewhat emotionally unstable at times due to his hatred but so sure of himself. Although he has this mindset that everyone is out to get him which is a bit annoying.

    I would love to findout why his spikes glow. It seems as though, when the de-harnessed one’s spike’s glow, they are able to locate others (Love and Other Acts of Courage) but of course I could be wrong.

    I hope that Hal and Maggie agree to have a relationship. Both are so different yet their peesonailities don’t conflict with eachother.

    And I dunno about you, but I would love to se Maggie shoot Karen’s head off.