Today's Stealth Switcheroo: Savannah Guthrie Replaces Ann Curry With Nary a Peep

It was Savannah Guthrie replacing Ann Curry at Matt Lauer’s side for the opening stretch of NBC’s Today on Friday — a fact you’d only glean from watching, as there was zero mention of a new cohost combo.

The morning program opened with Guthrie and Lauer behind the desk, yet the typical voiceover announcing the cohosts was missing, nor were the news personalities ID’d on-screen. Instead, they simply launched into the first story, on the Colorado wildfires (watch video here).

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Even when Today segued into the 9 o’clock hour typically hosted by Guthrie, there was not even the tiniest of aside made. Instead, she, Lauer and Al Roker led out of a Maroon 5 outdoor concert performance, then after local news and weather, Guthrie was alone leading the first segment of the 9 o’clock run. She later was joined by cohosts Roker and Natalie Morales.

Though Guthrie has been presumed to be Curry’s successor, NBC has yet to make an official announcement. UPDATE: NBC issued a press release on Friday afternoon confirming Guthrie’s new gig. In a statement, Today boss Jim Bell said:

“As soon as Savannah joined NBC News she was a standout, reporting for every franchise in the news division and rising through the ranks. She has a one-of-a-kind combination of sharp wit and approachability, and our viewers value her journalistic skills and legal background just as much as her humor and charm. She can effortlessly go from interviewing the Secretary of State to jumping Olympic-sized hurdles on the Plaza. I’m thrilled to welcome Savannah as our newest co-anchor, and along with Matt, Al and Natalie, we’ve got the best morning team in the business.”

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A tearful Curry closed her 15-year run with the morning program on Thursday by saying, “For all of you who saw me as a groundbreaker, I’m sorry I couldn’t carry the ball to the finish line, but man I did try.”

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  1. cuius says:

    “…as there was zero mention of a new cohosting combo….”

    Apart from every entertainment-based blog and website for the last two weeks. Why should NBC waste effort when the jobs already been done for them

    • m bustillos says:

      The fact that these idiots fired a classy beautiful co host has just cost NBC a large amount of educated respected women who actually appreciate journalism of the highest quality. Ann Curry was not onlly more beautiful and easy to relate to as a good friend you see every morning, She did exceed our expectations of elite journalism and NBC and the indidual responsible for firing her is also responsible for the loss of an important segment of the populaiton-women who stay home and watch the Today show on a regular basis and who are the elite cultured part of the population. Savannah is very unattractive-eye soar compared to Ann Curry-and every time I see her I feel like pulling her lip down over her teeth. I do not understand why the indivdual who chose her did not use his eyes-she obviously has a cleft lip, I would be sympathetic to her because looks aren’t everything but her reprting is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope your ratings go down because of this atrocious mistake!!!!!!!!!!

  2. tim says:

    Why does there have to be an official announcement? i’m sure nbc just doesn’t want to make matters worse or make viewers more aware that Curry was fired. I wonder if the general public knows she was fired or if they think that she just got a different job.

  3. TV Gord says:

    Haha! I tuned in this morning to see how they handled that, and I was waiting for who they named in the introductions. Pretty crafty. ;-) I wonder when they’ll decide enough time has passed and it will no longer be awkward to mention the new Today Show, ahem, “family”. Sooner or later, they’ll have to explain to us “kids” that there’s a younger and hotter mommy now. (Perhaps they can have Newt Gingrich on as a guest to help with that.)

    • Lynda says:

      ^ This!!

    • amanda says:

      I turned in this morning, too just to hear who would be announced when the over voice said, “This is Today, with Matt Lauer and _______”. Nope, nothing. I always have watched the Today Show (until my children became old enough to watch cartoons – now I watch Curious George), but now, when I have the opportunity, I will be watching GMA. I love Ann and have watched her for years. I still remember the little song, “Katie, Matt, Al & Ann – first on your TV. America’s first family. Today on NBC.” Seriously, that’s how long I’ve watch and I was so happy that Ann, who put in the work and was really the most journalistic, got the job. They treated her like crap, so Today loses me as a viewer.

  4. Amanda says:

    I always turned Today at 9:00 because I do not enjoy Guthrie, Morales and Roker. Now that NBC treated Curry so horrifically and then replaced her with Guthrie I have turned away from The Today show for good.

    • holly says:

      I am with you on that. NBC shoots itself in the foot again with women. This network is just pining to lose in every category of network broadcasting.

  5. Ellen says:

    I watch GMA so who cares?

  6. Kel says:

    Officially switching to GMA. NBC’s treatment of Ann is appalling. She may not have been the perfect fit but she wasn’t really given time to figure it out either. Shame on NBC.

  7. CV says:

    Matt Lauer is skeezy and he looked so fake yesterday telling Ann goodbye. I think it would have been worth, whatever NBC paid her to keep quiet, to lean over and slap him. I loved Ann and I am done with Today.

  8. GC says:

    Used to watch CBS, but can’t stand Erica Hill. Switched to Today, now after this, switching to GMA.

  9. Lois says:

    Do not like Guthrie at all.
    Should be Morales who gets the job if they are staying ‘in-house’.

  10. adam says:

    I went to the TODAY SHOW website yesterday to see the “hosts” section where they had bios for everyone involved with the show. I got there by clicking a picture of the hosts at the top of the page. They had already changed Ann to “Anchor at large.” Today that picture is gone and I can’t seem to find any info on hosts except kathy lee and hoda’s separate page. I went back through my browsing history and found the webpage, the information from yesterday is gone about any of them.

  11. joe says:

    They said nothing because nbc handled the situation very badly,no wonder why they are in 4th place

    • clare says:

      My family also, will not watch the today show anymore. Ann was the most compassionate person on the show. I think Ann Curry and Katie Couric should get together, That would be a kick ass show! The ratings started souring way down when Katie couric lef.t Ann had nothing to do with it.

  12. CAM says:

    Ann Curry was the most professional person on the program. What a shame. I hope they lose a ton of viewers.

  13. JS says:

    Horrible way they treated Ann Curry. Just for that I will not be tuning into NBC or The Today Show anytime soon.

  14. Donna says:

    I might agree that Ann is a better fit for more hard hitting journalism than she is as chipper morning host, but wow, NBC, way to handle that about as badly as possible! Ann is one of the classiest professionals on your network and that’s how she gets treated? Of course, after the way they handled Conan’s departure, why I’m surprised I have no idea. Way to learn from your mistakes, NBC…

  15. Samantha Lee says:

    Come on, guys. Let’s give Savannah Guthrie a chance, the way Today gave Ann Curry a chance. Sure, NBC sucks balls and sure, I like Curry a lot and I admire the classy way she handled her exit. She is one of the nicest people in broadcast journalism nowadays. But “nice” alone can’t carry a whole show. Speaking as an erstwhile news anchor, she didn’t have “IT” — that certain je ne sais quoi that separates the Jim Parsons from the Johny Galeckis, the Jennifer Anistons from the Lisa Kudrows of the world. All four actors are damn talented AND seems lovely as a fall day in Central Park, but Jim Parsons can headline a hit Broadway play the way Jennifer Aniston can headline a major motion picture, while Johnny Galecki and Lisa Kudrow are more ensemble actors. Ann Curry couldn’t carry the competitive weight of Today like Couric and Vieira did alongside Lauer — and, the way Guthrie, with her spunk and quick wit (which Curry unfortunately lacked), just might be able to.

  16. erica says:

    Really not surprised by any of it, remember the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno, I mean Conan O’Brien, oh wait, Jay Leno again debacle?! NBC has termination /conflict issues for sure

  17. Samy says:

    NBC is the worst — they never handle these situations well!! First it was the Dave and Jay, then it was Jay and Conan, now this — what a bunch of dopes.

  18. JoshS says:

    In that picture, he’s looking at her like he’s doing her.

  19. cheryl says:

    I like both of these ladies but they are very different. I’ve always like Ann Curry and can’t believe after all the years she has worked there this is how she gets treated. She is very professional and classy and I will miss her. Putting the show’s ratings problems on her back is unfair. I will miss her, not sure what I will be watching now in the morning.

  20. Jason says:

    Everybody likes Ann Curry until she flubs the opening, looks into the wrong camera, hovers over the interviewee like a praying mantis, talks over the cooking segments, or something similar. Ann is great in an investigative report, but in a host setting, she doesn’t fit comfortably. Her professionalism and hard work that’s she has put into the job over 15 years made it difficult to get rid of her without stepping on toes. Nobody walks away from guaranteed money and NBC had decided to make a move.
    Lastly, I don’t appreciate critics and Ann herself alluding to the fact that maybe the viewers didn’t like her because she was asian. I’m asian. I was not a fan of her as the host. Good luck to Ann with the investigative team and don’t jump out of airplanes.

  21. Random Musings says:

    I always watched Today until Ann Curry drOve me away. Now I will return. Ann’s uncomfortable “empathy” was unbearable

  22. Michael says:

    I guess they had to lock Ann into a long term reporting gig; they couldn’t afford losing her to another show in case they were wrong.

    I can only imagine though if she’d gone to GMA:

    “Good morning, good morning, Good Morning, America.”

  23. tlc19 says:

    I like Ann as person (or the person she projected on television – don’t know her personally!) but as a co-host, I always found her a bit awkward in interviews. She just didn’t connect with people, and she just always seemed in a different place. I like Savannah; I think I would like her more in the host chair than Ann.

  24. KLS says:

    I watched GMA this morning for the first time in a long, long time. I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t miss Today at all. I was also happy to see Amy from Weekend Today is now part of the GMA family. I loved Ann Curry and will be happy to watch her in her other new duties.

  25. Tom says:

    Do they have a daytime Emmy category for awkward transitions? The Today show would probably have a lock on that one. This has been an amazing collection of missteps by NBC. There has to be a back story behind all this. It’s hard to imagine NBC (any company really) could be that inept at dealing with a personnel issue.

    I have to say I was getting used to the daily “humiliate Ann” segment. First they did the snarky bottom third graphic (here today, gone tomorrow). Then they hit her in the face with a camera. What was next? Were they going to drop a piano off the roof of 30 Rockefeller Center? Send her out bungee jumping again? Have her do a “behind the target” interview at the Olympic archery trials? It was a reason to pay attention to the Today show. Now I guess it will be back to the daily updates on the Treyvon Martin trial and that silly “professionals” segment. If only Ann could have held out a little bit longer — maybe Martha Stewart could have whipped up an exploding goodbye cake or something.

  26. Yo' says:

    They handled this replacement badly. I thought Ann Curry was uncomfortable as a host, but Savannah Guthrie has such a little girl presence, she also makes me uncomfortable. CBS has the strongest stable of female talent, perhaps because most of the females are not related to former presidents. There are several women on CBS that are excellent, especially those reporting out of the Middle East and WAshington: they earned their jobs. Savannah Guthrie is well educated and is intelligent; she just is not very commanding. Ann Curry was treated very shabbily. It was offensive ot anyone who has ever lost their job; getting fired is one thing, public humiliation quite another.

  27. lar says:

    I’ve always loved Ann Curry, and have followed this story. Ann herself said that she was hurt by the leaks–and the impression that I got from her USA Today interview was that they were in talks to change her focus at NBC before the leak occurred. The leaks made it an unbelievable situation, and whoever initiated this public humiliation deserves to be fired. Ann’s new job sounds perfect for her. I’ve always loved her reporting when she is on the scene and able to craft a news segment. She is a classy lady, and has handled herself well throughout this debacle. Somehow, I think everyone was short-changed by the leaks. Ann wasn’t able to leave in a “promotion” way, and Savannah wasn’t able to enjoy her promotion, either. Savannah Guthrie is excellent. She will excel. It is not her fault. I feel almost as badly for her–she just received an incredible opportunity, and can’t even be visibly excited by it.

  28. HelloGMA! says:

    I watched Today Show to see how things were going…Sad, depressing and hard to watch. Everyone – Matt, Al, and Natalie – did their job as if nothing had happened, which made the show even more sad and ridiculous. Savannah can’t even connect viewers. Simply, it was painful to watch. Today’s Show is now really *pathetic*.

    Today Show hosts and crew always says “we are family”. But after seeing NBC’s cruel farewell of Ann Curry, I feel everytihng they said was fake. If hosts can’t trust each other, how can viewers trust them? Now that Ann left, Matt and producers can’t make any excuse for declinig rating. The bottomline is that Today Show became so cheap, repetative and boaring. On top of that, Ann’s departure revealed ugry reality of Today Show. Seriously, they need to re-shuffle everyting and replace Matt Lauer.

    On the other hand, GMA is really fun to watch and gives me energy i need in the morning. Amy Robach made a good decision. I feel good chemistry between co-hosts and anchors. Now I officially switch to GMA. I will not Today Show anymore.

  29. Personally I don’t care for Matt. He like he is so cold hearted and had a fake goodbye to Ann.

  30. Fann says:

    I will never watch the today show again.

  31. downsidebob says:

    I am glad Savannah got the nod she has class, intelligence, and is so hot that hoda. Broad is a lush and Kathy Lee is a has been now bring Willie. And we have a show

  32. Annie says:

    Alright Already ….. Can we finally PLEEEEZ just rid of AL !!.. so tired of his sick attempts at humor and God he is UGLY !!.. sorry to get so personal but this guy has gotta go …. Sam is so much more pleasing to look at and such a easy casual manner about him …. lets get a “GET RID OF AL” movement going !!!…. and NO it has nothing to do with race, the guy is just so annoying …. just like that Progressive Insurance gal !!..

  33. Pacamax says:

    I will go to GMA no more today show. Now the ratings can be blames on that pooe excuse of a man Matt. Yeah nbc keep him on you will see the ratings go downn. He is old and boring. Ann I will miss you, and we all know they played you. Take it from us thw viewers will do justice and GMA will
    be happy too.

  34. Regina Cooke says:

    Well, Matt you can have Savannah because that’s all you may get. Losing thousands of viewers should boost you up really nicely. At our 4th of July party YOU were NOT AT THE TOP OF OUR NICE THOUGHTS but Ann Curry certainly was. WHAT A WONDERFUL, SINCERE, and LOVED LADY! She deserves SO MUCH MORE in life than to put up with you and your affiliates. GOOD BY TODAY SHOW FOREVER. Hope that FOX could be so fortunate to have Anne visit them! They would for sure be FAIR and SQUARE!

  35. Debbie says:

    Savannah Guthrie is like a Khloe Kardashian, she will never fit in. I never cared for her at all. I believe people are just fed up with Matt’s pompous, no personality, arrogant attitude. Ann Curry seemed the most real, although her clothing choices were hideous. Roker is just plain clueless, hopefully he’s out next

  36. Mandy says:

    Why wasn’t Natalie Morales promoted instead of that Savannah person? What a mess you have made.

    Natalie WAS the only reason I watched that early, but I am finding ABC’s, “The View summer” reruns better than live NBC Today shows.

    I do love Kathie Lee & Hoda. It’s like having coffee with girlfriends in the morning.

    Savannah Guthrie is so awkward in style, presentation and why would you promote her over Morales. Natalie has been with NBC Today show far longer and is far better. Why do you continue with Matt Lauer? He is so yesterday. And, Ryan Seacrest at the Olympics, awful.

    Hopefully, viewership will continue to decline and you will get the message.

  37. Tim says:

    I know that this is an old thread but I must say as a long time Today show viewer as soon as NBC dissed Ann I went over to GMA. I’m not sure if it was Matt or NBC that bassically fired Ann but it was done in very poor taste. And let face it Savannah Guthrie is butt ugly, I can’t stomach her first thing in the morning. Sometimes I think matt should go.