Rizzoli & Isles Rewarded With Season 4 Pickup

Boston bad guys, you’ve been warned: TNT’s lady cop/medical examiner duo Rizzoli & Isles will be back to solve more gruesome murders next year.

The network has ordered a fourth season of the drama, which stars Angie Harmon as tough Det. Jane Rizzoli and Sasha Alexander as the M.E. who’s her refined partner in crime-solving. The summertime series’ next 15-episode outing is scheduled to bow in 2013.

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The current season airs Tuesdays at 9/8c.

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  1. Jiggy says:

    when are they gonna date tho

  2. kate says:

    ha this is great news! quirky and fun show, glad it’ll be back :)

  3. aftvjunkie says:

    WOOT WOOT … im sooo Happy !! Gayzzoli !!!

  4. Linderella says:

    Good news for R&I but I’m looking forward to positive news for Falling Skies!

  5. Kasper F. Nielsen says:

    Hopefully Franklin & Bash will also get picked up for another season – and hopefully for more than 10 measly episodes.

  6. Bri says:

    Am I the only one who is glad that Jane and Mora aren’t dating? They are only close friends, straight friends… they have their own love lives with men. they stay with each other when they are heart broken or madly in love. They are two amazing friends, and it should stay that way.

    • Emily says:

      You are not the only one. In my opinion people usually want the two main characters on shows to couple up (Elliot and Olivia, Hotch and Prentiss) and somethimes chemistry is better when partners are just good friends. I think they act like most best friends.

    • Blakelt says:

      I amm so HAPPPPPPPPPPY they arent dating. I am tried of people say Rizzles likee noooooooooo…..

    • Steve says:

      Maura has to be straight, PLEASE, because someday in my dreams she will fall in love with me. Also, if you read the books, Jane is married with children.

    • m. cockrell says:

      I agree, they confirm that women can be very close without lesbian overtones. Women communicate with each other on a deeper level than men without negating a wonderful relationship with males. Love the show, the intelligence and the overall commitment to friendship, remember, “I”ve got your back!”.

      • Susan says:

        Well I´m gay and to be honest I love the idea, that Jane and Maura will be together, but that would be the end of show, because honestly it is so obvious that they are straight !!! I think, that magic between Jane and Maura is in their friendship. Sorry if there are some mistakes my english is not too good.

    • nana says:

      I agree with you 100%

  7. Ruth Talbert says:

    whit next year i cant wait that long

  8. Fully agree Bri, they already did a comedy lesbian bit when putting off whatshisface, the mechanic guy. It was really funny, but they are best friends, that’s all.
    Also, any chance of a decent theme for this show?
    I get the show is set in Boston, but the jaunty riverdance music just doesn’t fit!

  9. Art Morrissette says:

    My wife and I were eager watchers of this series in the beginning till it deteriorated to junior-high banter. The script tries too hard to be funny and the show suffers from overacting and drama–just like Junior-high. We stopped watching.

    • m. cockrell says:

      You may be correct but I’ve seen all the episodes over a week long period and I’m still delighted with the writers trying to develop the characters without the soapy element. I feel Jane (A Harmon) would have made a great Stephanie Plum character much better than Catherine H. I am looking forward to more in the series with developments of some of the earlier characters.

  10. kay says:

    love the show, Angie and Sasha are teriffic actresses.

  11. Blakelt says:

    Please PleaseI hope JAne Keeps The baby..It would be soo good if the baby wasnt tommy’s or thier farther. Crosses finger plz let Jane keep the baby and adopt it

  12. Lia says:

    Make them as a couple….. please…..please…..

  13. grouch says:

    It has just turned into a “soap opera”kidneys”Ed,parenthood,out of wedlock babies lesbians What else is left ?

  14. Conartisan says:

    I’m here for Bass, there’s not enough Bass.

  15. Kiwi says:

    Love this show, and agree with Conartisan, more of Bass please LOL LOL.

  16. garrette says:

    a quelle date sort l’episode 1 saison 4

    • nancy says:

      Je viens juste de checker sur l’internet, ils disent que le show va commencer a filmer au mois je Janvier, et que c’est apparement un show d’ete, alors on va probablement voir la 4ieme saison au mois de Juin

  17. Dominika says:

    season 4 : Tommy’s gonna die and leave TJ to Jane. She will be with that injured soldier. He won’t do the surgery, they already have a baby TJ. so who cares if his dick works. Lydia is gonna give up the custody over TJ or gonna die, whatever. I wish Jane and Maura were gay though. That’s my fav OTP.

  18. Marie says:

    It’s great the way it is best friends working together having there separate lives but there for each other. No they shouldn’t be gay. Jane is in love with Casey . I like this show with Angle Harmony and Sasha Alexander . I am tired of law and order reruns I’d like to see this as reruns on usa

  19. Nora Robertson says:

    When in 2013 will the new season start? I don’t want to miss a show.

  20. neko kaeru says:

    i am a lesbian who yes is glad that rizzoli and isles are straight i like the relationship that they have which to me feels like siblings not a couple yes i want to see more lesbian couples in tv and movies and i want more shows and films about that but not everything is about that and in this case i feel that the chemistry is right and does not need to be changed in any way i love this show for what it is a good buddy/ cop show so to all fellow lesbians i say this although we need more content for us this show is not it so just enjoy it for the good show it is and put aside the they should be a couple thoughts

    • Susan says:

      I agree with you but still idea of Jane or Maura with some man feels not good for me but I totally understand that every show that have two female main characters can not be allways lesbian even if it disapointing for some of fans.
      PS : Sorry for mistakes I still need to get better in my english

    • diana castillo says:

      I agree with you completely until read all these comments I never even thought of these two as a gay couple, in fact anyone who watched the episode where they pretend to be gay to me it was obvious they’re just friends.

  21. rip says:

    there is something more than friendship between them and i think sooner or later they will be a couple

  22. LK says:

    Rizzoli and Casey HAVE to be together in season 4! They have such chemistry together, and it’s a really touching story line with so much potential!

    Bring Casey back!

    • Susan says:

      No way! Come on Jane needs someone else. Of course I would prefer Maura but we all know how is that, anyway Jane needs someone new fresh, cool, a bit funny.

  23. Snickers says:

    A romantic relationship between Jane and Maura would end the show. Their friendship is what makes the show what it is. I am straight and have a straight (married) best friend. Our relationship is very much like Rizzoli and Isles. It IS possible to love your bff without being IN love with her. A friendship like that only comes once in a lifetime. Don’t ruin it with romance between them.