CBS Renews Unforgettable for Summer 2013

UPDATE 6/29: Carrie Wells will live to remember another day, now that CBS has officially resurrected-slash-renewed Unforgettable for a 13-episode sophomore run, to air next summer.

ORIGINAL STORY 6/20: CBS is in talks to pluck the Poppy Montgomery-fronted Unforgettable from the cancellation ashes, for a 13-episode Season 2, our sister site Deadline reports.

Said sophomore run would be targeted for a Summer 2013 bow.

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Unforgettable, which aired Tuesdays at 10, drew 11 million total viewers and a 2.0 demo rating with its Season 1 finale, yet it wasn’t among the 19 shows renewed by CBS for the 2012-13 TV season.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I am so thrilled!!!! Fingers crossed!!!

  2. Steph says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this would make me happy. I was sad when they canceled it.

  3. Elyse says:

    love the idea. it’s not that i didn’t like the show i just didn’t have time for it in the fall so i would definitely watch it in the summer.

  4. Dan says:

    Why the change of heart? Are they looking to put out some decent summer shows?

  5. Blah, who cares. ABC should bring back GCB.

  6. Lisa says:

    Would be great to have this back!!! Such a great show!!! And yes ABC needs to bring back GCB!!!

  7. TV Gord says:

    This is one of the cancellations that disappointed me (especially with the addition of Jane Curtin to the cast), so I hope this turns out to be true!

  8. Kara says:

    Love this show – seriously it shouldn’t have been cancelled in the first place!

  9. Nancy Nowalk says:

    “Said sophomore run would be targeted for a Summer 2013 bow.”

    I don’t understand the use of the word “bow” here. Does this mean it won’t air til Summer 2013? If so, once again a really good show isn’t given a chance to grown its audience by being on continually in the same time/day slot. By the summer of 2013, it will have been a year since the show was on the air. *shaking my head*

    That said: I sure wish ABC (or another network) would give “Missing” another chance. What an amazing, high quality show that was.

    • lll says:

      Yes it will air in summer 2013. If negotiations work out. it may end up as a summer show. It can also be a replacement for new dramas that aren’t getting “CBS standard” ratings.

    • Jules says:

      Glad Unforgettable is getting another chance but I agree. Wish ABC would give Missing this same chance. missing was great and could be a great summer 13 episode “miniseries.”

  10. Vegas Guy says:

    No idea why they canceled this… it was a pretty decent show.. plus.. Poppy Montgomery in tight shirts didn’t hurt.

  11. gail says:

    I would be thrilled

  12. Corinne. says:

    It would only work if they got different leads.

  13. tvaddict says:

    Now if ABC would do this for GCB or The CW would do this for The Secret Circle…..

  14. I didn’t like this show. I wanted to, but just didn’t.

  15. Stefanie says:

    Would be really great news…love this show and I was really disappointed when CBS canceled it. Keeping fingers crossed

  16. FairEnough says:

    Take note, NBC — bring back AWAKE!

    • Robin says:

      That’d be nice…but its would be even better if CW brought back RINGER. :)

    • Linderella says:

      I’m with you about Awake – wish a cable channel would sign on for a new season! Glad to hear this news about Unforgettable, though. They had a tough time slot against Parenthood and next season Private Practice would also be on Tuesday at 10. A summer season would be great!

  17. MJ says:

    Please do this CBS, but I don’t want to wait a year for it.

  18. wheee says:

    Oh, goodie. CBS is resurrecting a cop procedural. Stop the presses. (Wanna be daring, CBS? Resurrect A Gifted Man instead. Better cast, different premise, UNLIKE EVERYTHING ELSE ON YOUR NETWORK)

  19. Alex says:

    Even though I never watched the show. I thought it did fairly well in the rating considering that no one really ever talked about it. I was surprised when they cancelled it. I’m glad to see that it might be given another chance at life. This is one of the shows that I felt should have been renewed.

  20. Brandy says:

    Oh this makes me happy :) I liked this show!

  21. Robin says:

    How exciting! I’d much rather watch this than some dumb reality show like big brother…that’s just my opinion of course. ;)

  22. Mikela says:

    Unforgettable was the worst of the new shows on CBS this past season. Where do I begin? The wooden lead actors, the stupid scripts, an inappropriately dressed (for a cop) Ms. Mongtomery recklessly continuing to disobey orders…. yada yada yada.
    I expected so much more from producer Ed Redlich (co-creator of Without a Trace) If TNT and Lifetime (a freakin’ womans channel!!) didn’t want to pick it up, they must believe it’s awful too. Just let it die already.

  23. Suhara says:

    Yes, this makes me happy. It wasn’t a phenomenal show, but it was enjoyable and entertaining and it would be a crime to have ended the show without solving Rachel’s murder.

  24. Velvet says:

    Bring back GCB!

  25. Halena says:

    I hope they save it.

  26. Jeff Foster says:

    Really hope this happens! Great premise, great leads…scripts weren’t always the greatest, but I do miss watching Poppy each week :)

  27. Jean TenBrook says:

    I loved the show, saw every epi and would like to see it back. Same for my most favorite show of all, CSI Miami. I still can’t believe CBS cxl’d either show. Bring them back!

  28. Kim Harper says:

    We really enjoyed this show! One of our favs! Please bring it back.

  29. Risa says:

    Oh, I hope this happens. It would be so awesome!

  30. Sasha says:

    I think CBS is having a change of heart because other networks (TNT, Lifetime) really want it as well as its fans. Agreed, they should never have cancelled it. So excited but that is a long time to wait!

  31. Jackson says:

    Sounds a lot like schedule spackle to me. I’m guessing CBS doesn’t have a lot of confedence in their new shows.

  32. Renee says:

    Wish somebody would resurrect Terra Nova. Or The Finder.

  33. matt says:

    And now the CW should bring back The Secret Circle.

  34. Lynn says:

    This is something they should do for CSI Miami!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Carol says:

    This show was up against Body of Proof (ABC) and I would swap back and forth and this one ‘Unforgettable’ was better than the BoP show by far. I was shocked to see it cancelled. It had a better rating than BoP too. Please bring it back. It is all about numbers!!!!!! $$$$$

  36. Lisa says:

    yes please let this be true. I’ll be so happy

  37. tp1943 says:

    Now NBC should renew Harry’s Law. Oh, they don’t believe the old people audience group counts for anything.

  38. Gogo says:

    Someone please bring back GCB!

  39. a p garcia says:

    CBS should resurect Star Trek!

  40. Elaine says:

    I really enjoyed this show. I missed the first few episodes because I watched so many other things and it just didn’t seem to be that interested. Well, that sure changed when I got around to watching it. It’s really good and the main character is extremely likeable. How she works is quite fascinating. I’ll never how a show with 11 million viewers gets cancelled. Where is the sense in that. I mean it had decent #’s in that all-Godly-18-49 category didn’t it? Wish CBS would do the decent thing and bring it back for a whole season and hopefully being offline for a whole year won’t mean it loses part of the audience it already has. Network executives. Go figure.

  41. tim says:

    NBC please bring back Harry’s Law!!!!! You’re highest rated scripted show in total viewers.

  42. farru says:

    cbs pick up GCB pleeeease! :)

  43. Kathy Chisum says:

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really loved this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad to hear that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. farru says:

    amenda amenda bring back ameeeeeeeenda :( GCB

  45. Elizabeth says:

    I feel like going out and buying Carrie Wells a whole shirt in celebration of this news. (Seriously, costumers? SERIOUSLY?! #iwatchfortheplot) Fingers crossed this comes to fruition!

  46. Marc says:

    Glad to see the update. Do we know if they will still film in Queens or will they be making the show on the cheap somewhere else?

  47. Renee says:

    Do we know if the entire cast will be back? Like Jane Curtain and Kevin Rankin? Would they still be under contract even though it was cancelled?

  48. Erica says:

    super excited!!!! Can’t wait to see Poppy. I loved this show & I was so upset when I head news of its cancellation. but good I am very happy it will be back. :D love her

  49. Cathy says:

    So very happy! I loved this show and was so upset with CBS for canceling it! Of course CBS is good for canceling the good shows! Glad that they had a change of heart with this one! Love Poppy Montgomery and can’t wait till its back on!!!!