Today Host Ann Curry Tearfully Says Good-Bye: 'I'm Sorry... But Man, I Did Try' -- Watch It Here

After a week of very public speculation, Today co-host Ann Curry made her exit official Thursday morning with a teary on-air adieu.

“This is not how I expected to leave this couch after 15 years, but I am so grateful,” she said in a voice choked with emotion as colleagues Matt Lauer, Al Roker and Natalie Morales sat around her.

As a news anchor, Curry was a daily presence on the NBC morning show for 14 years before joining Lauer as co-host last summer. But the veteran newswoman couldn’t seem to recreate the chemistry Lauer had with previous co-hosts Katie Couric and Meredith Viera. And when ABC’s Good Morning America recently bested Today in the ratings for the first time in 16 years, many pointed fingers at her.

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Rumblings about Curry’s possible ouster intensified last week, though she doggedly showed up for work every morning with a chipper smile on her face.

As Lauer rubbed her back, an overcome Curry thanked her show’s producers, crew and fans.

“After all of these years, I don’t even know if I can sleep in anymore. I’m not even sure that I can. But I know that whatever time I wake up, I’ll be missing you,” she said.

She added: “For all of you who saw me as a groundbreaker, I’m sorry I couldn’t carry the ball to the finish line, but man I did try.”

Watch Curry’s farewell here, then read on for more:

NBC’s Savannah Guthrie — who was sitting in Curry’s place when the show came back from commercial after the announcement — is rumored to be the heir apparent, while Curry (UPDATE) will move on to the position of NBC News National and International Correspondent/Anchor and Today Anchor at Large, effective immediately.

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  1. TV Gord says:

    An emotional and classy farewell. Such is the life of a broadcaster. Sooner or later, you’re going to be asked to leave, and that’s never easy. I hope she does amazing work with her new team, and–as Linda Ellerbee says–make ’em regret it! Go out and find something much better than you’re leaving behind!

    • Beth says:

      It was classy, but it wasn’t the farewell she deserved. Meredith, after 5 years on the job, gets fanfare, including a wonderful video montage, while Ann gets a 5 minute goodbye after 15 years as an anchor on the Today Show? I’m personally a much bigger fan of Meredith as co-anchor, but Ann’s contributions to the show are undeniably more significant by a long shot. I know the circumstances were different, but Ann still deserved so much better than what they gave her. She’s too good a journalist to put up with all the crap NBC has dished to her.

      • Jazz says:

        OMG Beth I totally agree. I really was appalled that NBC let her just sign off like that especially after she gave them 15 years of great reporting. I really don’t understand how hard it could have been for them to give her a great send-off that she deserved for all the hard work she has done because after watching this clip, all I could say was, “That’s it? Really after 15 years?”. Honestly, I would’ve preferred if instead of hearing Matt and Al reminisce about her time there that there was actually a video montage of her greatest moments. NBC, you cease to amaze me…

        • TV Gord says:

          I agree with you both. Up here in Canada, our big entertainment show, eTalk, showed the tributes from her colleagues, and when they referred to stories she worked on, this entertainment show found clips of all the scenes and included them. The Toady Show (that’s not a typo) couldn’t be bothered.

  2. renee says:

    Ms Curry has defined class and dignity these past few weeks. I wish her the very best.

  3. Becca says:

    Classy, classy lady

  4. notUPthatEARLY says:

    poor ann

  5. Guest says:

    Ann handled this entire situation with grace and dignity. Shame on The Today show and it’s producers for pushing her out. With all the rumors of impropriety of her co-host, I can’t say I’m surprised this ousting happened. It makes me sad though, for the loss of integrity that we see.

  6. Guest says:

    Very classy. Very disappointed with the way Today handled this situation. She’s too good for them.

  7. Michelle says:

    Is there nothing NBC won’t screw up? Kudos to Ann for maintaining her dignity through this fiasco. She’ll be missed.

  8. mick says:

    Typical media hypocrites. It’s always the woman who gets the ax. Doesn’t matter if it’s a TV show or news/talk show. They should have got rid of that jerk Mat.

  9. Ann always has such an infectious smile. Her coverage of breaking news has always been great. She earned her spot as an anchor on the Today Show. It’s a shame so many can’t see it. She was and is a ground-breaker, just as Barbara Walters was all those years ago. Good luck Ann. You’re an inspiration to many and you’ve been a great role model to your kids, especially your daughter.

  10. Ab says:

    “But the veteran newswoman couldn’t seem to recreate the chemistry Lauer had with previous co-hosts Katie Couric and Meredith Viera”

    You’ve got to be kidding me about his chemistry with Meredith. It was pretty obvious from the get go that the two couldn’t stand each other and it was a daily task to have to tolerate sitting by each other. Body language said it all (and more than a few snipes traded on a daily basis).
    Ann came into a situation that wasn’t great and tried to put that “family” feeling back that was had with Katie. I commend her and hope she knocks it outta the park with her next show, but is able to get back to doing what she loves by being a serious journalist.

    • Ann says:

      Yep. I agree. That’s why I think Matt Lauer is the problem. He needs to leave. But oh well. I hope NBC treats Ann Curry right and gives her a good spot in their news area. We can look at this as a promotion for her to be able to leave the volatile morning show with Lauer to an area of journalism thats suits her better.

    • Beth says:

      Were we watching the same show for five years? Matt and Meredith were fantastic together!

  11. Rachel says:

    Shame on you, NBC.

  12. Jen says:

    Mick I couldn’t agree with you more. I think the way NBC has treated Ann is horrendous. Samantha better pray that the ratings don’t go down again, otherwise she’ll be next. It’s clear NBC refuses to acknowledge that the problem could be Matt.

  13. Forwarddad says:

    Matt Lauer rubbing her neck made me sick. I can’t stand Savannah. NBC reaps what it sows. Epic fail …

  14. freed2012 says:

    Same thing that happened with Jane Pauley back in the 80s. The Today Show/NBC simply can NOT handle transitions well, nor can they do classy farewells. Shame on them. Best of luck to Ms. Curry in her next endeavor.

    • Chloe says:

      I was thinking the same thing. They pushed Jane Pauley out for Deborah Norville & in the process, created a new word: norvilled. Norville was hated because she was seen as the person responsible for the beloved Pauley’s ouster and lasted only a short time. If I were Savannah, I’d say “thanks, but no thanks”.

  15. Marie says:

    Losing a job is never good but I personally did not like her as Meredith’s replacement. From the very start she just did not fit with the group and she is the reason I don’t watch it daily anymore. Maybe I will go back to watching daily. And at least she is not jobless and will probably earn more as a result of being let go from Today.

    • Kate says:

      For me, the problem lies with the way she was let go from The Today Show. Ms. Curry gave 15 years to this job and deserved more than a 5 minute speech and her possible replacement sitting in her place after commercial break. Maybe she wasn’t a good fit with Matt Lauer, maybe there needed to be a change. I’m just saying they could have handled it with a little more class and gratitude!

  16. KND says:

    NBC kudos on your stellar record of classless behavior and awful decision making.

    Ann you are a class act especially after the public beating you have taken. Wish you nothing but the best. Call Conan I’m sure he can help you through this.

  17. Leila says:

    Ann Curry was always my favorite. She’s a real journalist, not a poser or a doofus like the other ones.

  18. Jellymoff says:

    NBC are a bunch of buttholes.

  19. sladewilson says:

    Class, strength and dignity = Ann Curry. GMA here I come!!!

  20. suzi says:

    I used to watch Today every morning, but as my schedule changed the TV stayed off more and more, however when I had the chance I’d put it on. No more. The awful way NBC handled this situation has soured me on the show for good. I wish Curry well in whatever she does next–I think she did a wonderful job with the news and as a co-anchor..

  21. patchouli says:

    My non-favorite network has another reason not to tune in..shameful! I can’t believe no other ladies of the news, or any group for that matter, has come forward making any statement against such a denegrating decision. Good byeAn, you wilolo be missed..and take a 10 mil pay-out!

  22. Mere says:

    So let me guess……the executives at NBC who made the decision to promote her, are all still there? I hope their ratings tank even more. Don’t apologize Ann. Sleep in, do the best job you can and go to another news outlet where they appreciate you.

  23. Marc says:

    Come on, who needs journalism? Especially with great TV personalities like Kathy Lee asking celebs about their great marriage to a spouse who died years ago. Ridiculous.

  24. Carla says:

    BIG MISTAKE!!! But greater things to come for you Ann. Memphis, Tn LOVES YOU!!!!

  25. Kosha says:

    I have always liked Ann Curry and thought she made an excellent addition as a co-host. While Meredith seemed very nice she was terribly awkward. I think NBC failed by not supporting her more. While it is never fun to lose a job, it usually makes you stronger and you find more happiness in your next endeavor. Best wishes Ann and I’m looking forward to your greater success in the future.

  26. Renee says:

    A truly classy gutsy woman. I wish her the absolute best.

  27. Ruth says:

    It’s amazing how people’s opinions differ. I thought she never should have been chosen to replace Meredith. She’s more suited in a supporting role like she had for many years. There was a reason why Jeff Zucker chose Meredith over her to replace Katie. He knew she wasn’t right for the job. Too bad the new producers at NBC didn’t see it. I knew she would never last as co-host.

    • Rachel says:

      I don’t disagree that Ann Curry was not the right fit as co-host, but the way NBC handled letting her go was nothing short of a cluster***k gutless mess.

  28. Abe Froman says:

    “Curry reportedly chose a new NBC News position over a sizeable contract buyout.”

    I think it’s the other way around. Curry wanted out of the network, along with the remaining money in her contract. NBC balked and insisted she stay on in a new position.

  29. Are you kidding? They didn’t even let her finish out today’s broadcast? That’s how you treat a person that has worked diligently or you for 15 years?! Unbelievable. I have no words at how angry this makes me. I wish she’d taken the contract buyout and just moved on. NBC just doesn’t know how to treat people.

    • wmjindsm says:

      She’s not part of the 9AM hour. Neither is Matt. They usually come up for the start of the 9Am hour and then leave but obviously she said her good-bye. But yes, she finished her portion of the show.

  30. Guest says:

    I think I’ll be switching to GMA now.

    • Ashley says:

      Me too! Show your support for Ann Curry by watching GMA instead of the Today Show. Maybe when their ratings drop they’ll finally acknowledge the problem is Matt Lauer.

    • Lori Mondel says:

      I was kind of hoping that Ann took a job with ABC. That’s what both Katie & Meredith did.

  31. Isela Hines says:

    I watched the Today Show because of Ann Curry. She was delightful!
    She always worked with integrity and poise. I loved her! I will not be watching the Today Show after today. NBC, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  32. Kel says:

    Ann proved again today she is a lady with class, grace and dignity. Wishing her all the best in the future!

  33. Gabriela says:

    I Hope they loose more rates now. She is classy (which NBC producers were not), good reporter and ancor and did not deserve that. Shame on you, NBC!

  34. Larc says:

    For their shabby treatment of Ann, NBC richly deserves for Today to tank. The sooner, the better.

  35. Bane says:

    I’m glad Ann curry is gone. She was not a good replacement for Meredith. She always asked stupid questions. I stopped watching because I can’t stand her.

  36. Tiff613 says:

    how am i gonna wake up without my good morning everybody good morning good morning :(

  37. maltru says:

    Very, very classy. She handled that very well. I feel very bad for her; you can tell she really, truly loved her job at the Today show. I even started to tear up a little bit when she said she couldn’t carry the ball over the finish line- poor girl, her heart really is breaking over this.

  38. Larry says:

    Personally, I don’t think replacing Ann is going to solve Today’s problems. The show is overly long and just not interesting. I watched Ann just as much as watched Meredith on the couch. But I think replacing Ann so quickly with Savannah in the same hour is going to backfire. I feel so sorry for Savannah as much as Ann. This feels exactly what happened to Jane and Deborah. Why is it always the woman who has to replaced? Maybe, NBC really needs to see what other male pairing would had worked better.

    • Ed says:

      You are right. It has gotten so bloated with fluff and all the extra regulars are just too much. That us why I switched to CBS. Much more streamlined. Not perfect, but also not a 4 hour version of E!

    • Sara says:

      Thank you Larry for reminding me how NBC has treated the women of the Today show in the past. More reasons not to watch NBC for anything.

  39. greysfan says:

    All i can say is shame on you NBC! I felt bad for her. She thinks its her fault and its not. NBC can’t screw anything else up in their primetime schedule so they target breakfast instead. Its the wrong decision if you ask me.

  40. nickp91 says:

    Wishing the best to Ann Curry, hopefully they really do allow her to ”do the work that most of us got into journalism to do”

  41. Ronda says:

    I quit watching Meredith’s hack interviews. She was as ill prepared as Kathie Lee. Plus I was ticked when NBC fired Conan. I have grown to love GMA with George and Robin. Now that Robin is sick people will continue to watch to see how she’s doing. Weekend Today anchor, Amy Robath, has made the jump to GMA. Here’s hoping Ann Curry does the same.

  42. pb7466 says:

    Ann has never been my favorite; however, it’s crappy the way NBC handled this and treating folks this way is only going to come back and bite them in the @$$. Did anyone else notice during the segment that she WOULD NOT look at Matt? She looked at Al and Natalie when they spoke to her, but she would not look at him when he spoke to her. Very telling…

  43. Mara Cohen says:

    I agree with pb7466. I noticed that too. We all know that Matt made the calls behind the scenes. Ann is a classy lady. She was given little time to grow on the job. Meredith was given time to grow on the job. She was not terrific to start, but boy was she great when she left. BAD move NBC!

  44. I really hate NBC for making Ann cry. She has been my favorite journalist on Today for a long time. Maybe she wasn’t a fluffy piece reporter, but she brought a certain gravitas to the morning show.

  45. Jared says:

    Ann Curry is a class act. Period.

    NBC is a pathetic, disrespectful waste of a TV network.

  46. Humbled says:

    I never even watched the show and that clip had me crying. Watch a gracious, classy lady. We need more people like her. Wow!

  47. GeoDiva says:

    I like Ann Curry but she just wasn’t a good fit as the Today co-host. In the end she will so much happier with her new position. Plus she won’t have to deal with Matt’s BS anymore.

  48. Summer says:

    She may not have been the right choice to replace Meredith Viera, but she’s been nothing but classy and professional about this. In a time where it feels like increasingly more and more television personalities are not, I have to applaud her.

  49. Tom says:

    I was definitely in the “Ann has to go” camp, but I agree she handled this whole situation exceptionally well. By contrast, NBC handled it shamefully. I’m surprised Curry is sticking around at NBC in light of the way she has been treated. I’m obviously not privy to the contractual issues, but Curry might have been better off negotiating her way out of her contract and seeing what other opportunities were out there. Although I suppose it’s possible her agent has been testing the waters without much serious interest. In any case, I hope Curry does start producing some actual news. NBC, and particularly the Today show could use it.

    • Liz says:

      Agreed. She is great at international news, and she seems to be getting a terrific job as an anchor/correspondent. Someone says Matt and Meredith had no chemistry?? Come on. They are good friends and it showed. Ann just isn’t the snappy, back-talking mix that works with Lauer. NBC handled the problem poorly, but it is business and it needed to be handled. Ann likely will come out ahead, given her considerable skills. Why does anyone even want those sucky hours anyway???