Report: Today Offers Promotion to Savannah Guthrie, Ann Curry Not Getting $10 Mil Payout

Over at NBC’s in-transition Today, Savannah Guthrie is moving on up and Ann Curry is not moving out, according to new reports.

Guthrie, who currently co-hosts the morning show’s 9 o’clock block, has been offered a promotion to join Matt Lauer for the program’s opening hours, filling Curry’s imminently vacant seat, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

Meanwhile, Curry — who seemed chipper as can be this morning talking up Magic Mike moneymaker-shaker Channing Tatum — is not leaving NBC News and taking a $10 million contract buyout with her, as has been rumored in recent days. Rather, THR hears, NBC is working to define a “substantial” new role for her within its news division.

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NBC News reps are not commenting on the Guthrie/Curry changes, which also have been reported by the New York Times.

If the trade comes to fruition, Today viewers, do you see Guthrie as an improvement?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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    • Sharon Field says:

      no,show needs real help. it not a funny,or up lifting anymore. wish the Meridth would come back. With all the bad new in the it’s really nice to see or hear a cheerful moment.

  1. TV Gord says:

    What a mess. NBC tried to cultivate the perception that Today is a “family” by promoting Ann from within, but now they are dumping her unceremoniously. What does that say about their sense of family now?

  2. holly says:

    nope won’t watch with out her. Matt is a jerk and even comes off as one on air.

    • Mary m. Myers says:

      I do wholeheartedly agree with your comment. Matt Lauer is really the one who need to find another job. I loved Ann. She was such a lady and always positive and so knowledgeable. I’ll never forget how Matt and Al Roker used to make sly online remarks to Meredith and Ann as well. As far as I’m concerned, Al, and Matt should go…..for good…

  3. Josh says:

    This whole thing is a mess. NBC have and are continuing to treat Ann with zero respect. She’s worked at TODAY for 15 years yet she is being quickly sidelined. Will she get a big farewell, like Meredith or Katie, or will she just quietly leave with a few comments from the team and a bunch of flowers?

    I honestly think that NBC feel like once Ann is gone everything will be great again, but I really don’t believe this. I think Ann leaving could backfire big time. She has given so much service to the broadcast and this whole situation will only make people sympathize with her and NOT the show. Ratings wise, I predict the troubles are far from over.

    Savannah is a fine replacement, but nothing great in my opinion.

    • AJ says:

      Agree that Savannah is fine, but nothing great. They needed to find a way to get Meredith back!

      • TV Gord says:

        She has already said she’s not interested in going back. It doesn’t fit with her family life, which she has always wisely put first.

  4. AJ says:

    Ann is just like Deborah Norville. Remember her? She was between Jane Pauley & Katie Couric (if memory serves). It’s not a slight against Ann; it’s just the chemistry isn’t there. I like Ann, but she is not a morning host. She’s more of a hard news host. I bet she could do the evening news if Brian Williams wasn’t there.

  5. Michelle A says:

    I actually like the Today show less and less. Savannah Guthrie is one of the reasons I switched to GMA

    • wtfnyc says:

      You and me both. She’s so awkward that I find it uncomfortable to watch her. I was actually convinced she was somebody’s niece, because I couldn’t figure out any other way she could have gotten the job…

      • kim says:

        My family and I thought the exact same thing. We thought she must be related to someone to have the role she already had. Savannah Gutherie is very irritating to us. Awkward is a good word for it. I like Anne. She is mature and not goofy like Savannah

      • M says:

        I thought the exact same thing a year ago when Guthrie first appeared on the Today Show. Guthrie used to be a reporter in Tucson, and I didn’t care for her then. When I saw her on the Today Show, I thought she had connections with another national journalist who also worked or lived in Tucson. I told my husband that I thought that that was how Guthrie got that job because I didn’t think she did a good job as a Tucson reporter. So, I was incredibly surprised to see her on national TV.

  6. Shirl Morris says:

    Not convinced Guthrie is an improvement. I may tune in to check her out but I stopped watching regularly months ago because Ann was such a downer to me. Hoda would have been great. I can not watch Hoda and KLG as KLG is so self centered. NBC needs to take a look at its programming and why viewers are deserting them.

  7. Mark says:

    They are being incredibly disrespectful for Ann Curry and making themselves look terrible. Fools. GMA is where it’s at.

  8. Alice says:

    NBC blames the females of the today show for all their woes. It’s about time to look at Matt and the millions they are paying Him.

    • Lori says:

      Totally agree. None of analysts are talking about how Matt has not been able to carry Today since Katie and Meredith left. He is NOT the reason people tune in – but he is the reason people have stopped watching.

      • skilman says:

        and he has no hair.

      • Trent says:

        Matt is the reason I tune in. He can do both hard news and fluff with equal skill. I like Ann, and she seems like a nice person, but she is TERRIBLE as a host. She is so creepily “emphathetic” in every interview and can’t keep her hands off the guests. Savannah seems nice as well, but I can’t stand her teenage valley girl voice. Hoda would have been perfect!

      • kim says:

        Love Matt. He is the reason we tune in. Katie was great, but since then, it’s basically Matt and Al we watch for. But I’d rather it be anyone that Savannah…………

  9. renee says:

    I started watching the Today show in July 2011. It was painfully obvious that Ann Curry didn’t have chemistry with Matt or Al. Her report from Iran was amazing but some of her interviews were painful to watch (especially with the grandparents of those murdered children).
    I personally like Savannah. She can do serious news but has a likeable, goofy personality and she has great chemistry with Matt and Al.
    I hope they do more news and less reality TV interviews.

    • Bethany says:

      Thank you Renee. I do not get all these people hating on Savannah. I really enjoy her. Ann was awful from the get-go. Her sympathy voice and sad face are the worst. I, personally, am so happy to see her go.

    • Barbara says:

      I have always liked Savannah and if given a bit of time believe that she will do an excellent job.

      Comment by Barbara

  10. Carol says:

    When they replaced Meredith with Ann, I never felt that was the right fit. I like Ann, but not as Matt’s co-anchor. Savannah is okay, but not who I would like to see with Matt. I have always wanted Natalie to be the co-anchor. NBC is grasping at straws if they put Savannah as the co-anchor. Today will enjoy the Olympic spike in ratings, but once that is over they can kiss #1 good-bye. GMA’s crew has wonderful chemistry and their set seems fun and spirited. This is coming from a long time Today viewer.

  11. alr says:

    I never understood why people like Meredith so much. I always found her to be vapid and lacking. I thought Ann was going to be great as co-anchor but I didn’t like her in the role as much as I thought I would. I don’t know the answers to NBC’s problems but it would seem that getting rid of KLG is a step in the right direction. She really brought down Hoda, in my opinion.

  12. I wish that they’re have chosen Hoda Kotb.

    • Emily says:

      me too. . .I’m not a Savannah fan and will probably watch GMA but I wish Hoda would have gotten the job. I would definitely have watched that.

  13. MGL says:

    I really like Savannah and wish her the best, but the problem is Matt. I don’t find him charismatic at all. Ann Curry is great with the news and news related items and being goofy was not her thing, and there is nothing wrong with that. I think Matt needs to go. Actually I have been watching CBS lately. Their morning show is actuall pretty good.

  14. Becky says:

    Why are they looking inside NBC for the replacement?! They always do so much better when they bring in established people from other sources. Savannah will not survive long, I suspect.

  15. Corinne says:

    While I think Ann is a great reporter/journalist, her chemistry with her co-anchors is awful. There have also been times when I’ve cringed or had to change the channel out of sheer embarassment of her interviewing techniques and interactions.

    I don’t mind Savannah. I think she will do better than Ann. However, I think Hoda Kotb is the perfect fit for the job. A well respected, award winning, journalist who also has the ability to laugh and joke around. In fact, I don’t know anyone who DOESN’T like Hoda.

  16. april-ann says:

    Ann Curry is beautiful and very smart. NBC would be wise to keep her in a prominent news role. IMO she lacked the on air charisma necessary to be the lead co-host of a network morning show. I’ve seen Savannah only a few times but from that, I think I’d still prefer Ann. I believe the problem is that both Katie and Meredith are incredibly charismatic making it very tough to replace them. Since Meredith has said she’s not interested (I have always liked her very much, and know that her family is very important to her, but find it curious that she decided to put her family first just when her youngest was turning 18 and going off to college, lol, but that’s her business), I think Katie belongs there. (Maybe they can get her back when her ABC daytime talkie tanks). Unless of course they can find someone with that kind of charisma. I wonder if they’ve tried to poach Lara Spencer? (who, by the way, I think would accept considering Robin is the lead over there, not her).

    • Renee says:

      Meredith’s husband has some kind of illness so he is the family she’s putting first.

    • KBC says:

      Lara Spencer will be doing Good Afternoon America with Josh Elliott, I doubt she’d leave now.

      • april-ann says:

        It wouldn’t be now. They (and she) would have to wait until her contract was up. And GAA is something quite temporary from what I understand. Also, the lead co-host of the Today Show is much more prestigious (whether we like it or not) and would pay much more than a secondary host of GMA. Regardless, I like Lara and feel she would have chemistry with Matt.

    • carolyn pierce says:

      Charisma is the operative word here. Let’s face it, Katie and Meredith are hard acts to follow. Savannah has absolutely no charisma at all; I find it annoying and painful to watch here on the Today show. I think she is awkward, humourless, and boring. I don’t watch GMA these days because it seems as if the clown family showed up one day and stayed; CBS is the biggest YAWN in the nation (if I wanted to watch people sitting around a table, I would watch PBS); and the TODAY show seems to be full of, as someone said, fluff segments. Sad to say, but I have watched the Today show for over 30 years – not anymore. I turned it off at 9 this morning when the “new” team was seated. Someone commented somewhere that because Comcast now owns NBC that Savannah is somehow connected to them as a conservative. I don’t know. I appreciate the opportunity to get this off my chest. It is comforting to know that other feel just as jilted as I do.

  17. Rachel says:

    While I think Ann Curry was not the right fit as the co-host – she’s a great news reporter, but totally awkward as a Today host, Savannah Guthrie isn’t the answer either. She’s as bland as a rice cake. I’ve long switched to GMA after getting tired of Today being dumbed down with fluff segments, but I would’ve gained back a little respect for them if they had put Hoda Kotb in Ann’s chair.

  18. s says:

    There are rumours that Natalie Morales will now be leaving because she was passed over for Savannah. I prefered Natalie myself. She is able t speak multiple languages (rare for the U.S.) she is Brazilian/Hispanic in hertitage and brings some much needed diversity to the show. Hoda would have done so as well, having parents from Egypt but growing up in West VA brings you a lot of perspective.
    I think Matt has been fake all week to Ann and you can see it in Ann’s face that something has been going on behind the scenes. I have not liked the bullies that Matt and Al seem to be on this show. You can tell the people who really don’t like them too well either. Have you watched Giata with Matt recently? It is sad.
    During Sarah Palin week I turned to GMA and actually liked what I saw not because of Katy being on (because after how she acted to people at VT while she was here it was a disgrace) but because they seem like they a) like each other and it isn’t forced banter b) they put up the times when you will see the stories they are showing promos for so they don’t string you along all morning saying “up later we have…” and what they really mean is “in two hours we will show you a 5 second clip…” c) they showed you news stories like the today show used to show not just puff pieces about people riding roller coasters but about the NEWS. The ONLY reason I am still watching the today show is that ABC is based in a city 2.5 hours away where as NBC is only 30 minutes so the local news is actually more “local” and I get weather reports I need before I head to work.

    • Parker says:

      Natalie brings “much needed diversity to the show”? Of the four main hosts, Ann is Asian, Al is black, and Matt is white. How much more diversity did they need?

      • Sarah says:

        Ann is gone unless you have missed that. She was a groundbreaker because of her host status. There is also talk of Natalie leaving. If she leaves that would leave a very bland cast.
        Added to that Parker, if you saw the reunion show they recently had…you would have seen that the Today show has a “look” for their co-host gig. Ann was a ground breaker for that as well. Natalie would also bring a bit more and much needed diversity to that line up as well to help follow Ann. So if you want to look at it historically, She, like Ann, is not going to be someone who is most often judged for her looks or her legs but her reporting skills like many of the women in the past were.

  19. Sam says:

    Is this not yesterday’s news with no confirmation of anything

  20. Noelle says:

    Ann isn’t the reason the show is tanking; Matt Lauer has become more terrible with age. With the casts of Spiderman and Magic Mike appearing on every talk show outlet this week, it was easy to see who gave the best interviews comparatively speaking. Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone were flat when interviewed by Matt & Ann, but they lit up on Live with Kelly, Jimmy Fallon, Letterman, etc. I’ve watched Today since Katie & Bryant, and this is definitely an all-time low.

  21. Linderella says:

    I’m not sure why people think they need to hate Savannah in order to support Ann. The writer who said this is just like the Jane Pauley/Deborah Norville situation needs to remember there was another chapter to the JP/DN story – Deborah Norville was dropped like a hot potato as well and Katy Couric was brought in. So Savannah needs to watch her 6 because NBC evidently doesn’t care who they stomp on in their effort to remain number 1. As for Matt, I thought Meredith brought his softer (less pompous) side but that all left when she left. I just can’t get into the AMC vibe (actually Diane Sawyer seemed more pompous than Matt when she was there) so I may just give up on morning TV altogether.

  22. nickp91 says:

    NBC appears to be one step closer to replacing Ann Curry on the Today show

  23. Donna says:

    I really admire and respect Ann as a news reporter, and it seems to suit her demeanor. Morning show host…notsomuch. It’s just not the right fit for her. So I’m glad they’re moving her to where she’s better suited. Win for her and win for the studio. But the one I can’t watch these days is Matt. And I used to like him a lot. When did he become such a self important gasbag? I don’t care who they pair him with. (That said, the new host seems very plug-n-play generic to me…) GMA….I’m all yours!

  24. patchouli says:

    Matt wants to bed everything that moves in NBC, he is such a jerk! NBC should get rid of him instead(and Al Roker, in the process..they say he is a racist!), and leave Ann Curry alone..or better yet, take 10 mil payout, Ann, and get the hell out of there! Brrr, Good Morning meria, here I come! :)

  25. Dana says:

    The proud peacock is a shambles. Didn’t NBC learn anything from their Conan O’Brian/Jay Leno debacle? Seems like the ones who should be let go are the executives who are ruining flagship shows. It’s all about the ratings. When they fall, the executives pick the talent that they put into place.

  26. KBC says:

    This is why GMA is gaining momentum. The team of Robin, George, Lara, Josh and Sam is awesome in the morning.

  27. Nancy says:

    I read on TMZ a couple of months ago when Matt signed his new contract that one of his demands was a new co-host. Must have been true since Ann is now toast. I have to admit I watch GMA but I think it is awful the way Ann is being treated. NBC has no class. Ann, have some self respect and walk out the door.

  28. Amy says:

    Matt Lauer is the one who needs to be fired, not Ann. He comes off rude and arrogant.

  29. Dee says:

    I like Ann a lot but Savannah leaves me cold…she is incapable of doing anything physical or creative. She constantly states that she can’t cook, craft or play sports and she is awful when doing those spots. She should do her homework and be prepared to at least look like she knows what she’s doing. Ann was good at everything they threw at her. I think Hoda would have been a great choice. KLG really cheapens her especially when she calls her Hoda Woman….Natalie is the every-woman and is totally likable, if she leaves it would be a shame.

  30. Bob says:

    Savannah Who? Come on, NBC, you need a name-brand person sitting there with Matt “Where Am I” Lauer. There’s nothing about Savannah that makes me say, “I think I’ll watch Today instead of GMA”. Savannah = Even Lower Ratings.

  31. Kelsey Tape says:

    Reblogged this on Love. Laugh. Always. and commented:
    Savannah moving on up?

  32. sally says:

    No! get rid of Matt Lauer – he totally threw her under the bus! I’ve switched to GMA because of him.

  33. Kelly says:

    I’m sorry, but this article isn’t true — well, at least partially. If you’re going to write a news story, paint the full picture and all the facts. You may not think the information below is important to your article because you basically had the bases covered, but it is important. It sounds more reputable and not just spewing other news organizations information — that you know what you’re talking about and giving your readers accurate information.

    Savannah Guthrie hasn’t been offered the role, it’s hers; she’s already signed the papers and it’s a done deal. By saying she was “offered” the role as co-anchor implies that she has hasn’t accepted it yet. That’s just poor choice of wording, which isn’t a big deal, but your information on Ann is, because it’s not all together accurate. Ann had originally signed a 3 year contract worth $10 million/year — she’s only 1 year in to her role, which entities her to $20 million. Ann wants her $20 million in full & to be let go to do other things. NBC obviously doesn’t want to waste that kind of money on someone who isn’t even working for them so they’re offering her $10 million up front to leave “Today” and work off the other $10 million in a diminished role in the news department as a foreign correspondent. On the flip side, they could give her her $20 million pay out, but not allow her to work another job in journalism/entertainment news for 2 years (like what they did to Conan O’Brien). Ann doesn’t want either of those things, but there has been some movement in the agreement; and even though neither party (NBC & Ann) has struck a deal yet; it’ll happen by weeks end.

  34. EE says:

    I too always liked Ann as a reporter but she has no charisma. Savannah has no personality – try her again in 10 years. What about Natalie ? When I heard that the
    peacock was looking to dump Ann, Natalie was my immediate thought. Actually I
    stopped watching both NBC and ABC – I like what CBS has done – news !

  35. katie Couric says:

    I read another report on a different web site that said something different but Ann would be a fool if she stayed with NBC after the way they treated her. She needs to put this who chapter behind her a moving to a different network like Good Morning America that would show them.

  36. gorblimey2 says:

    I really am tired of them pointing the finger at the women on the show and saying THEY had bad chemistry with the male. Why isn’t it that Lauer had the bad chemistry with Ann? He seemed arrogant and unwilling to be generous to her. I like Ann and I think what NBC is doing is indicative of the way they treat women. I am on my wa to GMA. I hope that Curry is the Phoenix that rises out of TODAY’S ashes.

    • Kelly says:

      It’s not about chemistry, it’s about money & ego. Matt didn’t like working with Ann and never got along with her. When he signed his new contract, one of the conditions was that he demanded NBC replace Ann. That was the only way he was going to stay (plus more money!). NBC is in a clinch because GMA is creeping up behind them and stealing their spotlight, and they felt they couldn’t afford to lose Matt Lauer in this critical time, because whether some may like him or not, he’s a big name & very powerful — he’s the lynchpin of the show. Matt likes Savannah Guthrie and so that’s why NBC chose her, that and the fact they believe Savannah has a better personality & is more accessible. Some insiders at NBC believe Natalie or Hoda would be a better fit, particularly Hoda. The reason why Natalie wasn’t considered is because, although there are reports saying she’s mad she’s been looked over twice and wants out (which isn’t true), she doesn’t want to rock the boat and likes her current situation — it’s out of the crosshairs and less pressure. Hoda, on the other hand, is the best candidate but NBC didn’t want to mess up the success going on there, because believe it or not, dollar for dollar, Hoda’s hour is actually the most successful of all the hours; it costs the least to produce and makes the most revenue, therefore equaling major success that NBC doesn’t want to ruin.

    • Rachel says:

      I agree, @gorblimey2. All this money that he’s being paid and Matt Lauer isn’t even on air every day. I’m sure it’s not a coincidence that both he and Ann both have days off every week. But when you’re making that much money, put on your big boy pants and act like a professional. Chemistry isn’t one-sided. The suits at NBC are arrogant fools if they think only Ann is to blame for that.

  37. hr says:

    Not a savannah fan as cohost..natalie orhoda better…now they might move guiliana rancic to 9am

  38. april-ann says:

    It’s all about chemistry, because that’s where the money is. No chemistry, no viewers.

  39. Suz says:

    I am rarely up early enough to catch the AM shows as I work 2PM-11PM. However, when I do, I flip and see what catches my eye. The past few months its been GMA. They look like they are having fun while giving me the information that is informative and interesting. I think the future rests with three or most hosts on these shows. The View has been successful for years with the five host formats. Even if you hate one, tolerate one, you still have three other. And if one wants to leave or gets a better offer, it’s not such a huge change for the viewer to adjust.

    • Patricia says:

      I think the real problrm is Matts big ego! I really like Anne on the show. She is a real and normal person. I will switch to GMA

  40. shirley Hatfield says:

    I too will switch to GMA daily. I have watched Matt turn very arrogant and puts people down constantly. It was obvious he didn’t want Ann on the show as his co host any more than he did Katie. What does Al reallllllllly give to the show NOTHING time to wake up producers and see how boring your show has become.

  41. Pat Porter says:

    Hoda Kotb was the right choice. The minute she appears on the screen, the day seems brighter! And she can do hard news too. Savannah may be a smart gal, but she does not have a winning personality, and someone is needed to offset Matt’s downhill slide.

  42. Rob Toth says:

    I will not switch to GMA..Suvannah has not paid her dues in the journalist world..1 year on today..come on..Ann was beloved it is Matt who lost his persona…but he blamed Ann and I would not be surprised if he put in his new “Outrageous” contract that Ann goes…we all loved Ann..Remember when Debrah Norville moved in where the fans did not closed..GMA will be the big winner..they respect and care about one another..Here I come..NBC where r u headed..down the tubes with this I say……

  43. Carol says:

    I am so sorry to see Ann gone from the Today Show. She is also putting a mature look and feeling on the show, she had the humiliy that the show needs. When there was a story that neede someone with a heart interviewing people in the story, Ann was the person for this. I hope the best for Ann. I’ll miss her.

  44. Vanessa says:

    I felt really bad for Ann. Matt is a jerk. What is exciting about him. He is not with the money. Hold your own Matt!!! Why do you need a woman to make you shine. They pay you enough to do that.
    Savannah is fake. I don’t care for her. I like Natalie. It is ass that NBC would allow Matt’s wife decide who they hire and not pick Natalie.
    The executives and are the one’s that need to go along with Matt.