TV's Best Bad Boy Tourney Day 2: Leverage Vs. Supernatural! Firefly Vs. Torchwood!

You know they’re bad, they’re bad, really really bad.

Okay, maybe not bad bad, but at the very least a little bit naughty. Yep, we’re talking about the four gentlemen entering the ring on Day 2 of TV’s Ultimate Bad Boy Bracket Tournament, a competition that celebrates 64 classic small-screen roles — from the heartbreakiest heartthrobs to the most deliciously dastardly criminals.

Today, you’ll have to choose between Supernatural‘s Dean Winchester and Leverage‘s Eliot Spencer, and then head to outer space for a showdown featuring Captain Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds of Firefly and Captain Jack Harkness of Torchwood.

Every day for the next month, we’ll kick off a new set of matchups in a single-elimination format that will whittle our field of 64 down to one ultimate champ. So make sure the right choice is made by heading down to our polls to vote for your favorites (Round 1 voting will be open for 72 hours), and hit the comments to justify your picks.

If you’re wondering what criteria we used to pick our players, we cast our net rather wide — including fellas who are dark and a little bit dangerous, truly good guys with naughty, maybe even promiscuous streaks, and actual evildoers who are nevertheless tough to root against. (We also put a cap of two cast members per show for the bracket, which meant some fan favorites had to warm the bench this time around.)

If you’re interested in the match-ups we’ve got planned for the coming weeks, CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE 64-PLAYER BRACKET (then click again for a zoomed-in view) — and sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

Now ready, set, vote!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ribac says:

    Jack VS Mal… I… can’t… even… AAAAAAARGH! This is torture!

  2. Those are some tough match-ups! I had to go with Dean and Mal. But the Mal vs. Jack one was REALLY tough.

    • elr says:

      I agree with you only my tough one was Dean vs. Eliot. But, I had to give it to Dean only because he fought against the devil and lived to tell about it.

  3. Velvet says:

    Choosing between Jensen Ackles and Christian Kane is difficult. I have to vote for both. Christian Kane also sings and plays guitar. I saw him last year in Vegas. He is awesome!

    • Ema says:

      Jensen Ackles sings and plays guitar(not professionally but he can do it, in fact he and Christian Kane are friends, you can find a vid from Kane’s b-day concert a few years ago where Jensen gets on stage with Aldis Hodge and some others and sings with him:)

      • Gilda says:


      • okiecam says:

        Re: “Jensen Ackles sings and plays guitar(not professionally but …”

        Depends on your definition of “professional”. I don’t know that he’s “pursuing a career” in singing, but he’s got professional “cred” as a backup singer on several of Steve Carlson’s recordings. Steve says Jensen’s got a great ear for harmony ( I agree), and Steve should know since he harmonizes with Christian in their band Kane.

  4. Maggie says:

    my heart melted when christian sang on the show, he was soo good!! i hope he sings again this season! he’s also a total badass, so that doesn’t hurt either :)

  5. zakspeak says:

    I love Nathan (ever since OLTL) but Jack Harkness is a bad ass mofo! If you consider how many times he’s been murdered yet continues to fight the good fight., there’s no question.

  6. Manie says:

    Come on Firefly vs Torchwood?! You cannot put Joss Whedon against Russell T Davis… It’s too unfair! That’s like asking for people to vote for their favorite reincarnation of the Doctor.

  7. Linda says:

    Choosing between Dean and Eliot is just cruel!

    • Sally says:

      Totally agree, but Eliot I had to go with Eliot. It’s funny because I’ve heard those two actors are actually really good friends.

    • Mickey says:

      I know! Especially since jensen and Christian are really good friends. I had to go with Dean but I love Eliot too.

  8. anya harris 2 says:

    yes totally unfair re mal and cpt jack new vote please

  9. Juan says:

    Mal versus jack was tough,
    But I chose Jack because he’d be much more liberal with dishing out the bad boy lovin’.

  10. Meg says:

    Eliot v. Dean is so mean.

  11. Amy says:

    Dean and Mal all the way!!!!

  12. SsvenjaE says:

    I can`t, i just can`t. how can i choose between my two favorite captains?

  13. JP says:

    Sheesh, this is like the recent BBCA poll that pitted David Tennant against Benedict Cumberbatch!

    Polls are CRUEL! ;-)

    (Eliot & Jack for me, tho)

  14. JustineK says:

    Dean & Jack. Without hesitation. Even though I lalso ove the other two;)

  15. Ali says:

    Love Captain Mal on Firefly but wasn’t Jayne the true “Bad Boy?”

    • okiecam says:

      You got a point. Mal was the Captain, so had to lead and make tough choices – but Jayne was the bad boy.

  16. Emma says:

    Jack doesn’t deserve to get out so early! But I know the Firefly fans will descend…

  17. Velvet says:

    Hey, Leverage starts Sunday, July 15!

  18. Temis says:

    Dean & Mal (and their matchup is going to be very interesting – two big fan faves head-to-head this early on?)

  19. DeanFTW says:

    Dean and Captain Jack for me.

  20. Renee says:

    Both of those are fricken hard!

  21. Well that hurt but really, the bestest of the bad boys – all of them – Capt Mal and his pretty bonnet.

  22. Becky says:

    Mal versus Jack is horribly unfair. I guess it has to be Mal, but it was painful for me to vote against Jack.

  23. Maro says:

    OMG that’s a tough one! Dean vs. Elliot??!!! Can’t I just have both??

  24. casey says:

    Yesterday I didn’t care about any of the choices in the two match-ups, today you put 4 of my favorite characters against each other. Who decides these things? Looking at your bracket these four might have been my final four…its unfair

  25. Dee says:

    Dean and Captain Jack all the way!!!!!!

  26. Rob says:

    64 people and not a single one of them is Dan Scott? Da heck?

  27. Michelle says:

    None of the above. I vote Jared Padalecki.

    • ninamags says:

      Jared (or Sam) isn’t really a bad boy, though. More nerd, goody-two shoes, puppy-eyed person

      • Elle says:

        Sam isn’t really all those anymore either. I think Sam and Dean are on even ground, either they both are bad boys or both are good guys. What makes Dean more of a ‘bad boy’ this season than Sam?

        • Nia says:

          That bad ass speech he gave to Dick Roman, in Death’s Door. Dean isn’t above threatening something he knows could kill him in a nano-second. It was pretty cool.

  28. Ladybug Girl says:


  29. Ashley says:

    Making a girl choose between Captain Mal and Captain Jack? Cruel!

  30. mentdijinn says:

    Christian Kane— the best bad guy turned good around…:) Leverage is best show on tv!

  31. Beth Kredel says:

    C’mon Kaniacs, we know who the bigest badass on tv; Eliot Spencer of course.

  32. Nikki says:

    Gah!!!! How do you chose between the Captains?!?! Just rude to put Jack and Mal against each other. Gotta go with Jack though, he is bad-assiest IMHO

  33. Spikesgrl says:

    That is just all kinds of wrong putting Jensen against Christian!!! My two favorite men against each other……..Gotta go with Christian just cause Jensen wins everything!!!

  34. Ryan says:

    Jack would have been more of a bad ass if he had fired Gwen Cooper. Jack had the patience of a saint to put up with her.

    • Arthur says:

      I totally agree. Gwen is one of the worst – can’t take orders, used to treat Rhys like crap, never has a thing bad happen to her, and such a Mary Sue.

  35. Allison P says:

    I had to abstain on the Mal vs Jack one. I just can’t choose one over the other!

  36. Miranda says:

    Klaus vs. Spike, and Ryan Atwood vs. Logan Echolls! No fair! Half these pairings I don’t even care about, and you pair those two sets together? You’re killing me!

  37. Gilda says:

    But…but…Mal and Jack! I cant!

  38. Mrs. Peele says:

    I voted for Dean and Mal but I don’t see how you can put Dean Winchester against the guy from leverage (don’t watch leverage) They are not even in the same ball park. And the other two are also opposites. What context do you mean ‘bad boys? Dean may be a bad boy with the ladies but he fights ‘monsters’ and saves the world on a regular bais with his brother Sam and a nerdy (nutty at the moment) Angel – Leverage is about running cons to stop bad people as far as I know. The same thing for the two Sci Fi shows – what made the captains ‘bad boys’? Mal ran a ‘business’ in a very distant future and he was a soldier who fought for a just cause, and Captain Jack was continually saving the earth from aliens and he could live forever.

    • Dana says:

      Eliot, the guy from Leverage, is the “hitter”; he beats people up for a living, and is awesome at it (and I’m not talking knocking out a few guys in a bar fight). And he’s a little bit of a bad boy with the ladies. You should really check it out – it’s a great show! Christian Kane (Eliot) was on the show Angel, but his character on Leverage is the polar-opposite from that. And Jensen and Christian are actually good friends. *Not arguing with your vote, go with what you know/like, but you should really check out the show – it’s a lot of fun:)

  39. Cherish says:

    The first one is a piece of cake, Elliot for sure! Have you seen the intensity and focus this guy has in a fight? He’s not acting; this is real!
    The second choice is a little more difficult, I confess, I haven’t watched Torchwood. (I know, I know), but Nathan is by far one of favourite tv actors, being a bad ass with a grin. So …

  40. Though I love Dean, I’m sorry but its Eliot all the way!! And come on Mal vs Jack??? It’s not even a contest!!!!!

  41. mountain_girl says:

    I call shennigans if Mal doesn’t walk away with this whole thing! Captain Tightpants FTW!

  42. cjeffery7 says:

    is captain mal REALLY a bad boy?? i mean, REEAAALLLYYY?????

  43. The Squatch says:

    Wow. Some of these first round match-ups seem like they should be way further along, like the quarter finals. I think they should have seeded the bracket much differently in order to build towards some of these instead of just throwing them out there right at the start.

  44. Browncoat Crowley says:

    Thank you for not making me choose between Mal and Dean (yet). I was dreading that when I saw the picture…

  45. rowan77 says:

    First off Dean Winchester all the way. Now pitting Mal Reynolds against Capt. Jack is plain mean, but I’d take Mal anyway.

  46. Emgee says:

    Will there be a bad girls’ edition at some point?

  47. elainecleo says:

    I don’t care who you put up against Dean Winchester, he will always get my vote. Went with Capt Tightpants also, loved Firefly.

  48. AliKat7 says:

    This poll doesn’t appear to be working. I have a hard time believeing that the percentages are the exact same from two days ago! Neither one seems to change since I voted 2 days ago.

    Eliot vs. Dean is a harsh one. There are SO many cross over fans from Supernatural and Leverage. Also you’re putting a huge network fandom – Supernatural – up against a smaller cable fandom – Leverage. Its a tough call because Dean has fought demons and angels etc but he needs a lot of help from his brother & an angel. Not to mention the fact he’s died a couple of times (or more) Eliot can clear a room full armed men by himself without a scratch on him so I’m going to go with him and his bulletproof hair!

  49. Casey says:

    Dean is the hottest man on television and one of the best characters! Dean all the way!

  50. Moryssa says:

    This is so not fair! How do I even pick any of the four over the other ones?!